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rsalvetikirkland: did you have time to look at the merge proposal? or just decided to wait until the qemu next release?01:02
hallynrsalveti: oh no!  kirkland is out today and tomorrow01:03
hallynmathiaz: can you look at a merge proposal ^ ?01:03
rsalvetioh :-)01:03
hallyn(AFAI am concerned i've greenlighted it)01:04
kirklandrsalveti: i'll get it01:07
kirklandrsalveti: haven't yet01:07
kirklandrsalveti: could you send me an email about it?01:08
rsalvetikirkland: sure, thanks :-)01:08
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judgenI have asked in #ubuntu but people does not seem to know.. but i want the text information at boot so i can see what is going wrong. nosplash in grub does not seem to do the trick. Any suggestions?04:09
judgenit was easier before when i could just purge usplash04:09
StevenKjudgen: Rremove 'quiet' from the boot options04:12
judgenStevenK, ok, i will try that. Thanks04:12
judgeni also want my non graphics loaded grub selector (preferably monochrome) would you happen to know how to do that too?04:13
StevenKNot off hand, no, sorry04:14
RAOF /etc/default/grub is where you want to look.04:16
judgenStevenK, i found it "GRUB_TERMINAL=console" is supposed to be added...04:17
judgenI really dislike how my grub.cfg is destrouyed every time the kernel is updated.04:17
judgeni am thinking of making it unwritable, even by root.04:18
judgenby putting grub on an sd card with hardware R/W protection04:19
StevenKjudgen: It's re-written, yes, but there are ways of editting it so your changes are preserved.04:21
judgenStevenK, how do i set it to load the last instance as defaul ALWAYS04:21
judgenand as the number of installed kernels increase, i can not use numbers as i used to in menu.lst04:22
StevenKjudgen: To be honest, I use the default grub config, and the latest kernel appears at the top of the list, which suits me fine04:23
judgenor can i disable the automatic generation of grub.cfg and just edit it manually (like i do now, and have to redo every time i update)04:23
judgenI have 4 OS'es on the system, and i would like BSD to be deafult.04:23
judgenubuntu, BeOS/Haiku and QNX is booted as secondary system.04:26
judgenoh well, this will have to wait untill tomorrow, as it is 05:26 here now and i really need some sleep.04:26
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pittiGood morning07:38
nzmm_good evening :)07:38
dholbachgood morning07:45
mvohey dholbach07:48
ttxHm, PPAs are slow nowadays. Published: 23 hours ago / Build estimated start in 17 hours07:49
dholbachhiya mvo07:49
ttxthat kind of delay makes it difficult to insert in any kind of efficient workflow07:49
micahgttx: stuff uploaded today won't get built until Sunday unless they return the rest of the PPA builders07:49
ttxmicahg: "they" ?07:49
micahgttx: whoever took them :)07:50
ttxAfter the laptop thief, here comes the PPA builder thief.07:50
* pitti NEWs linux-meta to make CDs buildable again07:59
micahgpitti: when SRUing a newer version of an app that's been broken out into new packages, is it better to undo that for the SRU?08:04
diwicIs there a way to automatically subscribe to all bugs you comment on in LP?08:05
diwicor do I have to check that checkbox all the time?08:05
pittimicahg: yes, we avoid new packages in SRUs08:08
micahgpitti: k, will keep in mind, thanks08:08
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happyaroncould somebody have a look at Bug 611224 ?09:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 611224 in ibus (Ubuntu) "Please merge ibus (1.3.6-1) from Debian Squeeze" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61122409:29
geserany main sponsor free for sponsoring bug #607448?09:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 607448 in mutt (Ubuntu) "Drop libtokyocabinet-dev from Build-Depends as it's in universe" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60744809:47
mvogeser: I can do that for you09:51
gesermvo: thanks09:51
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ograjdstrand, can you let ubuntu-netbook-efl-default-settings out of NEW please14:13
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maxbHi, please can I have a give-back on https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/subversion/1.6.12dfsg-1ubuntu1/+build/1853960 - I would like to take advantage of the currently empty sparc buildqueue to test whether the failure is intermittent14:43
pittimaxb: done14:44
StevenKpitti is too fast ...14:44
StevenKI need a neural link to Launchpad, like pitti has ...14:44
pittiStevenK: how can you not have one? you are writing the stuff now :)14:45
* StevenK blames lag.14:46
StevenKYes, that will do ....14:46
ScottKpitti: Would you please rescore xine-lib (again) - should work this time.14:51
pittiScottK: doing14:52
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smoserAnyone know where netboot/ubuntu-installer/amd64/initrd.gz comes from on an ISO ?14:59
sorensmoser: debian-installer somewhere, I believe.15:10
SpamapSany moderators for ubuntu-devel available?15:49
SpamapSI sent a message yesterday, need it to be approved15:49
mterryLutin, ping about your netbook-launcher-efl patches16:02
SpamapSccheney: ping?16:13
ccheneySpamapS, hi16:13
SpamapSccheney: so, I need my gearman-interface package sponsored into debian.. do you know anybody who could help me with that?16:14
* ccheney takes a look16:14
ccheneySpamapS, i can take a look quick and see if it looks sane and upload it if so16:15
ccheneySpamapS, sorry i was out sick tue-thu this week16:15
SpamapSccheney: that would be amazingly amazing. :)16:15
SpamapSccheney: you uploading, not you being sick. You're well now I hope?16:15
ccheneyheh, yea much better today, they gave me antibiotics and some other things to see if it would help and it appears to have worked16:17
* ccheney is setting up a sid chroot and then will do the build and check it out before uploading :)16:18
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SpamapSccheney: sweet.. I do see actually, that there are two changes I didn't put into that upload.. both are minor source package things (a copyright addition, and README.source) ..16:21
ccheneySpamapS, email me a debdiff of the changes and i can add them before upload16:22
SpamapSScottK: note, I'm tasking ccheney with the upload for now because the group has been so slow to respond. Hopefully DPMT can take it over in the future.16:24
ScottKSpamapS: Sure.16:27
mterryasac, ping about new EFL stack16:28
SpamapSccheney: ok, debdiff sent16:28
Lutinmterry: pong16:30
mterryLutin, hi :)  Where can I grab the latest EFL stack to compile/test against?16:30
Lutinmterry: actually, my patch was only partial, I had some time yesterday to make a complete patch. you can find it here: http://people.dunnewind.net/lutin/files/0001-Update-Netbook-launcher-efl-to-make-it-work-with-the.patch16:32
Lutinmterry: then, you can just grab the packages from debian unstable, they install just fine on ubuntu16:32
mterryLutin, ah.  OK will do so16:33
Lutinmterry: would you run into any unexpected into, please let me know. I compile and tested it yesterday, seemed to work fine, but I did'nt check extensively16:35
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mterryLutin, k16:35
mterryLutin, I get "ERR:elementary elm_win.c:541 elm_win_add() Cannot create window." when running n-l-e after patch and debian stack17:15
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Lutinmterry: is that the only error ?17:17
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SpamapSmathiaz: ping!18:14
hallynman, that's a ping<BANG>18:24
hallynmathiaz is probably hiding now18:24
SpamapSone ping only18:26
mathiazSpamapS: o/18:36
SpamapSmathiaz: Updated the ceph merge proposal18:36
mathiazSpamapS: cool thanks18:37
wcomniskyhi! can i read the serial number of my HD using dbus-send?18:40
SpamapSmathiaz: UUGGH18:42
SpamapSmathiaz: it looks like the tarball we were using as "0.21" was not "0.21"18:42
mathiazSpamapS: that's anooying18:42
SpamapSmathiaz: very, there are a number of source changes .. 0.21 wasn't actually official released until yesterday, which I just figured out...18:43
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mathiazSpamapS: hm - ok. Just update the branch then.18:44
SpamapSmathiaz: thats what I'm doing.. just trying to be careful. :)18:44
SpamapSmathiaz: the cavalier attitude that the ceph project has toward licensing bothers me somewhat.. I hope it doesn't come back to bite them.18:48
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mterryasac, Lutin: n-l-e 0.3.2 released19:25
superm1kees, by chance did you run into any problems when you upgraded to lucid with your sbuild/schroot setup?19:28
superm1kees, i just jumped hardy->lucid on my build box, and for some reason every invocation of schroot is giving me "E: default: Chroot not found"19:29
sdahi all19:37
sdai would like help for ubuntu dev, but i don't know my level and what i can or cannot do. help19:39
SpamapSsda: There are a number of wiki pages that may be helpful.. one moment..19:40
SpamapSsda: for server, there's https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/GettingInvolved19:41
SpamapSsda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu   that one is good too19:43
ubottuTo contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate19:43
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Lutinmterry: neat21:10
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facundobatistaHello everybody!21:12
facundobatistaI have this project, magicicada (https://launchpad.net/magicicada) that is in Universe for Maverick21:13
facundobatistaElliot Murphy did the first work to get it uploaded21:14
facundobatistayesterday I released 0.1.3 of it, and I'm following Elliot's instructions that say21:14
facundobatista    * Prepare the source package and ask for a sponsor.21:14
facundobatistaI have the source package21:14
facundobatistais this a good place to ask for a sponsor?21:14
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mterryfacundobatista, I'm guessing that Elliot meant file a bug with a debdiff and subscribe ubuntu-sponsor?  Let me find wiki documentation21:16
facundobatistamterry, thanks!21:16
mterryfacundobatista, at what level of ubuntu development are you comfortable?  You say you have a source package, but what does that mean to you?  A tarball for magicicada or a new version of the ubuntu source package that uses that tarball?21:18
mterryfacundobatista, I believe this will help: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/PackageUpdate21:20
facundobatistamterry, I'm just learning, but I branched lp:ubuntu/magicicada , merged my own upstream new release, fixed the changelog, and prepared magicicada_0.1.3-0ubuntu1* files (.diff.gz, .dsc, _source.build, and _source.changes)21:21
mterryfacundobatista, ah...  You're using the fancy new bzr method.  OK.  So you have two options.  Prepare an old-school debdiff and follow the instructions here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess21:23
mterryfacundobatista, or, push your changes to lp:~USER/ubuntu/maverick/magicicada/0.1.3-update and point to that instead of uploading a debdiff (but still do the other sponsorship steps)21:24
mterryfacundobatista, I can review when you've filed, if you do it within the next hour or so21:24
facundobatistamterry, will do, thanks21:25
mterryfacundobatista, ping me when filed  :)21:27
facundobatistamterry, I think I did all the necessary steps, the bug is #61184821:33
facundobatistamterry, please let me know if I should have done anything different (even if it's good enough like this, maybe I could do something to make you work less)21:34
facundobatistamterry, thanks!21:34
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ari-tczewmterry: reffering to bug 461987 your patch will be useless21:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461987 in antlr3 (Ubuntu) "Enable testsuite (and fix resulting failures)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46198721:38
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mterryfacundobatista, a little tip.  if you type "bug XXXXX" like "bug 611848", ubottu will make a nice link21:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 611848 in Ubuntu "Update magicicada to 0.1.3 in Maverick" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61184821:51
mterryfacundobatista, one thing: don't assign to the sponsors team, subscribe them21:52
facundobatistamterry, oh, ok, thanks21:53
facundobatistamterry, so, here ends my "request for sponsorship"? should I do something else? just let me know! thanks!21:57
mterryfacundobatista, yeah, I take it from here.  Normally you wouldn't need to ping anyone on IRC or anything.  subscribing ubuntu-sponsors puts it in the sponsorship queue.  If it's urgent or you know someone who wants to sponsor it, feel free to ping someone on IRC21:58
facundobatistamterry, ok, thank you very much for the help!21:58
mterryfacundobatista, one last tip.  In your changelog, if you put the string  "LP: #XXXXXX" in your message, Launchpad will automatically mark the bug fix committed when I push it.  I did it for you this time, and it's a bit of a chicken-and-egg thing since you often do the changelog entry before you file, but it's nice to have22:11
highvoltagesabdfl: nice, your blog entry got slashdotted22:13
ionNothing prevents one from editing the changelog entry when there is a bug number. :-)22:13
mterryion, yar, agreed  :)22:14
* micahg hand edits the debdiff sometimes before adding to LP22:14
ionWhy hand edit a diff?22:14
mterryfacundobatista, there ya go: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/magicicada/0.1.3-0ubuntu1  Thanks for helping make Ubuntu (One) rock!  :)22:17
micahgion: faster than regenerating the whole debdiff after the patch is good22:17
micahgion: just to add (LP: #XXXXXX) :)22:17
ionOne can regenerate it with a single command, and you’ll have the changelog change nicely in the version history. :-) And one might want/need to edit the patch further anyway.22:18
mterryfacundobatista, oh, and one other thing I noticed.   You filed the sponsorship bug against the whole of ubuntu.  But you should have filed it against the magicicada package *in* ubuntu:   http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/magicicada/+filebug22:19
facundobatistamterry, thanks! taking note of all these details22:20
micahgfacundobatista: you can also run 'ubuntu-bug PKGNAME' to take you straight to the proper filebug page22:24
sabdflhighvoltage: that will draw in the opinions, then :-)23:54
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