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bazhangfz420, in #ubuntu-cn13:58
fz420大家好,谁能帮你解决个问题?打开http://localhost/blog/   显示Error establishing a database connection这样的信息13:59
bazhangfz420, english here, #ubuntu for english support #ubuntu-cn for Chinese support13:59
bazhang!cn | fz42013:59
ubottufz420: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk13:59
lubotu3In #ubuntu-uk, dutchie said: !isitoutyet is <reply>Yes! It's out!21:25
ubottuYes! Its out!21:32
phillwHi, who / where should I ask about having a channel logger installed?21:33
moshe742hey there, can you please get me cloaked? i am a new member of ubuntu and my wiki page is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Moshenahmias21:37
Tm_Tphillw: which channel is this? there's current usage of the bots in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots21:37
moshe742i want also the ability to use my ubuntu e-mail and as i understand it you can help by making it happen (correct me if i'm wrong)21:38
phillwTm_T it is for #lubuntu, we have recently gotten an ubot, but adding the logging would allow people to search through the logs for answers etc.21:39
phillwat present it is a bit more dependant on my being logged on all the time (which I cannot be) and keeping a set of logs on my own system, which is of no help if I am not active.21:40
Tm_Tmoshe742: IIRC your "ubuntu email" should already work21:41
moshe742how can i check that?21:41
Tm_Tmoshe742: send test email to <lpaccountname>@ubuntu.com21:41
moshe742as i understand i can't send a mail to the ubuntu mail if its re-directed to the same account, is this right?21:42
pleia2moshe742: if you're using gmail, yeah, gmail will eat the message you sent to yourself21:42
rwwphillw: The bot's called ubuntulog, and you'd want to email the Canonical sysadmins at rt@ubuntu.com to get #lubuntu added to its channel list.21:42
phillwthanks rww21:43
Tm_Trww: you quick, you (:21:43
pleia2moshe742: I'll send you a test email if you'd like :)21:43
moshe742i would like it:)21:43
pleia2there you go21:43
phillwwhile I am here, I've been told I should ask to be 'cloaked', why should I want to do that?21:44
* phillw waves at pleia2 :-)21:44
pleia2hey phillw :)21:44
phillwI'm still busy learning :-)21:44
pleia2phillw: you can go to #freenode to get an unaffiliated cloak21:44
pleia2(have to be an ubuntu member before you get an ubuntu cloak)21:45
rwwphillw: cloaking hides your IP address from other users, and expresses affiliation with a project (if you have a project cloak like ubuntu/member/whatever). They're entirely optional, though.21:45
moshe742so now you will give me an ubuntu cloak?21:45
pleia2moshe742: a council member needs to see it and then pass it along to staff, just be patient until one of them comes by :)21:46
phillwpleia2: I've not got testimonails from ubuntu people on my wiki page yet to ask for ubuntu membership :-\ Seems all the people I know are not ubuntu members :-\21:46
pleia2phillw: people don't need to be ubuntu members to give you testimonials :)21:46
rwwtopyli, Pici, jussi: cloak request for https://launchpad.net/~moshegrey ^^^21:47
moshe742so should i stay here till such time or he/she will see it any way eventually?21:47
pleia2moshe742: yep21:47
moshe742yep to staying?21:47
moshe742ok, so what are their names? or which council do you mean?21:49
phillwpleia2: hmm, that was what I read as it being. let me go do this ask for the log-bot and I'll try catch up with you when you are less busy, on a quieter channel. (tries to stay on topic :-) )21:49
pleia2moshe742: the people rww just called to look at your request21:50
pleia2the IRC Council21:50
moshe742ah, ok, thanks:)21:50
moshe742and i got the mail so it works, thanks:)21:51
pleia2great :)21:51

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