zkriesseHello manual-sies!07:35
thorwilgood morning!09:47
dutchieguten morgen thorwil10:38
dutchieich spreche gut Deutsch10:43
thorwildutchie: do you have regular training? i found that even daily reading and writing english doesn't help much with speaking it :}10:49
dutchiei used to10:51
dutchiestudied it at school up to AS level, so I gave up last year10:51
* thorwil -> mittagessen10:58
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=== daker_ is now known as daker
* humphreybc now has a company. http://ohso.co14:13
dutchiewhat happened to "Danger Hump"?14:13
humphreybcwasn't short enough lol14:14
dutchiewhere is it registered?14:15
humphreybcnot registered just yet, but in the UK soon14:15
humphreybcnot a lot of point registering it right now14:16
* dutchie tries out the android u1 app14:16
humphreybcthat was seriously the fastest A name DNS resolution I'veseen14:19
humphreybcregistered the domain like 15 minutes ago lol14:19
nisshhhumphreybc: you have a company?14:23
nisshhhumphreybc: and what does this company do?14:23
humphreybcgo to the website and have a look :)14:24
nisshhyou and joey14:24
dutchieappropriate time for the jaws theme to come on shuffle14:25
nisshhhumphreybc: that post must be about the red-hat canonical GNOME contrib thing?14:26
humphreybcyes nisshh14:26
nisshhstrange way of putting it if you ask me14:26
nisshhhumphreybc: are you guys planning on hiring people eventually?14:27
nisshhor is that part a joke?14:27
humphreybcWe already have a couple of people "hired" but they're not being paid at the moment. Eventually we'd love to pay them and more people.14:27
dutchiedo you want to pay me?14:27
humphreybcRight now we simply don't have any money to pay anyone14:27
humphreybcnot even ourselves14:28
humphreybcand Joey works full time on this14:28
nisshhhow are you planning on making money?14:28
humphreybclots of ways14:28
humphreybcbut if I told you, I'd have to kill you ;)14:28
nisshhah i see the part about the store14:28
nisshhhumphreybc: id love to help you guys out, if i end up getting paid at some point, then great14:29
* nisshh is broke and desperate for monies :)14:29
humphreybcjoin the club dude14:29
nisshhthe broke club or work for humphreybc and joey clob?14:30
humphreybcthe broke club haha14:31
nisshhdamn! :)14:31
nisshhhumphreybc: im saving up for a new comp, about $150 bucks to go, but my parents refuse to help me out :(14:32
* nisshh shakes his fist at his parents14:32
humphreybchaha bummer14:32
* humphreybc wants a motorbike14:32
nisshhhehe, its ironic, my dad doesnt want to "waste" money buying me a computer, but he is buying me my bro and himself, a motorbike each for christmas :)14:33
thorwilhumphreybc: check the kerning of T on http://www.ubuntugamer.com/wp-content/themes/omgholding/images/elegant-blue-block.jpg14:33
nisshhwell, he said he was going to anyway14:33
humphreybcthorwil: I know14:34
humphreybcthat's an older logo14:34
humphreybcthere's a newer one that I need to replace it with but Joey has to give me the login details so I can do that14:34
dakerhey guys14:36
dakeri need review on this http://ubuntuone.com/p/B3h/14:36
nisshhdaker: you want to know what we think?14:38
dakerif you want14:39
humphreybcdoes anyone know how I log in to a wordpress site admin thing that's not hosted on wordpress?14:39
popey /wp-admin14:39
humphreybcyou rock Alan14:39
humphreybcthree cookies for you!14:39
popeyom nom nom14:40
nisshhdaker: i think it looks good, but i know jack shit about design14:40
* popey updates his wp to 3.0.114:40
dakernisshh, thanks14:40
nisshhnp :)14:40
nisshhhumphreybc: the countdown on the gamer site is when it goes live?14:41
humphreybcnisshh: that would be the idea, yes14:41
flanWhat fixes does 3.0.1 bring?14:45
popeyoutlined in the changelog at wp.com14:45
* flan continues to exist in a state of still-not-moved-in limbo.14:45
flan(No home Internets)14:45
humphreybcright, i'm off to bed14:50
humphreybchave a good friday everyone, night!14:50
nisshhnight humphreybc :)14:50
dutchieback \o/14:50
humphreybcnow you just need it to do cool things like the omg!ubuntu! bot14:51
trijntjeHi all, LP is acting up again. Yesterday I reviewed all suggestions for the manual for Dutch but now it shows 347 suggestions again21:58
trijntjeI'm quite sure those are not all new suggestions done by the dutch team21:58
trijntjeI have to go now, I'll repost tomorrow22:56

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