bdrungtumbleweed: current state of script foo: http://paste.debian.net/81773/00:05
bdrungtumbleweed: it downloads the patch and the corresponding ubuntu source package00:08
micahgbdrung: what do you think of my requestmerge script idea?01:28
bdrungmicahg: it could be useful for people who needs sponsoring.01:29
bdrungmicahg: you are welcome to write this tool. what should the tool do differently to requestsync?01:29
micahgbdrung: do you think it's worth factoring out common parts of requestsync/requestmerge to requestfoo?01:30
bdrungmicahg: dunno. you have to check how much overlap you will have.01:30
micahgbdrung: basically the same thing except not subscribe spronsors and use the word merge in place of sync01:30
bdrungmicahg: should it be for just requesting a merge without providing a debdiff?01:31
micahgbdrung: yes, I think so, so others can usefully request a merge of their favorite app01:31
bdrungmicahg: hm. do you think that it will make a difference?01:32
bdrungsomeone has to do the work and prepare a debdiff01:32
micahgbdrung: I think makes it easy to title a merge properly and add the changelog01:32
micahgbdrung: true, but people might not realize that merge is necessary/wanted01:33
* micahg guesses that's not what u-d-t is really for though01:33
bdrungmicahg: really?01:33
micahgbdrung: idk, maybe no one would see it then01:34
bdrungu-d-t is mostly used by ubuntu devs01:34
micahgI guess there's no point for random people, but I guess it would be good just for devs with an optional attachment01:34
bdrungi doubt that a normal user will install u-d-t01:34
micahgto create the bug easily and mark in progress at least01:35
bdrungmicahg: if requestmerge is used for requesting the merge and attaching a debdiff, then i support your idea.01:36
micahgbdrung: k, that works, I would make the debdiff optional or add an option to add one to a merge bug in case the merge will be done over a couple days so the bug can be open as a placeholder01:37
bdrungmicahg: requestsync foo -> do you have a debdiff -> either attach it and subscribe u-s or ask if the requester works on the debdiff -> assigning the request01:37
bdrungmicahg: either the patch is given as cli parameter or you ask for it01:38
micahgbdrung: right, but it should still be optional so the bug can get filed at least so people know it's in progress01:39
bdrungmicahg: yes01:39
bdrungmicahg: i need a fake sync01:43
groldbdrung, what is fake sync? (did not find any desc in wiki)01:46
micahgbdrung: k, do you mean a use case?01:48
bdrunggrold: if the md5sums of the source tarballs for one upstream version differ between debian and ubuntu. then we can't sync the package. we have to use our own source tarballs then.01:48
bdrungmicahg: i am working on syncpackage and will test the fakesync part01:49
groldwhy upstream version may be differ?01:50
micahggrold: if it's generated vs provided by upstream01:52
micahgupstream as in upstream from Debian01:52
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bdrunggrold: md5sums of the tarballs. this can happen when you repack the source tarball01:53
bdrungmicahg: upstream as in source tarball :)01:53
micahgbdrung: yes01:53
micahgwas more of an issue before source format 301:54
groldwhy I need to repack it? why not just download the original tarball? (if it's sync?)01:55
groldthis case https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ruby1.9.1/+bug/611251 (i386 package builds in debian, but failed in ubuntu) is a fake sync?01:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 611251 in ruby1.9.1 (Ubuntu) "ruby don't builds on i386" [Undecided,New]01:58
micahggrold: no, just different versions of build-depends01:59
bdrunggrold: no, that just a build failure01:59
groldstill don't understand what is the use case for changing a source tarball...O:-)02:07
micahggrold: http://people.debian.org/~daniel/documents/packaging.html#source-tarball02:09
RAOFgrold: There are a number of times when it's necessary.  Most commonly: when part of the tarball isn't {redistributable,free-software}.02:09
bdrunggrold: in some cases they are repacked by accident leading to a tarball with the same content but a different md5sum02:11
groldRAOF, but debian more strict in issues of free-software, if tarball suitable in debian - it shall be serve for ubuntu, no?02:13
RAOFgrold: Yes, but not if we repack it independently (ie: we package it first, and then Debian packages it again)02:13
groldbdrung, micahg, RAOF - thanks to all, now I have some kind of clarity :) will do more investigation...02:19
ScottLis there a good place to see the packages that FTBFS?  something like person.ubuntu.com/ftbfs ?02:27
micahgScottL: see /topic :)02:28
micahgScottL: and if you're referring to the ones you uploaded, see launchpad.net/~you/+related-software02:28
ScottLmicahg, neither are the one that persia showed me, this one was on a ubuntu server i believe :(  but thanks!02:36
ScottLi get an automated email from colin watson and i wanted to check up on why they aren't building02:37
micahgScottL: idk02:54
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rippsHmm... the new compiz in Maverick is looking for libdbus-qt-1-dev, but it doesn't exist in the repos. A libdbusmenu-qt-dev does, though. Is it a missing package, or simply a misnamped dependency?06:04
RAOFlibdbusmenu-qt-dev is quite a different beast.06:06
rippsRAOF: so it's a missing package then06:06
RAOFripps: Looks like it's after libqt4-dev; it seems that the qt4 development packages aren't split out.06:10
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micahgcan we add a binary to a release if a newer version from the next release needs to be SRUd or should I release everything in the same package?06:23
dholbachgood morning07:45
bilalakhtardholbach: good morning07:52
dholbachhi bilalakhtar07:53
bdrungdholbach: why did you assing me to bug #599725?09:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 599725 in ubuntu-sponsoring "Ubuntu Sponsoring Overview has no statistics" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59972509:58
dholbachbdrung: because you fixed the bug09:58
dholbachit was … like … giving you credit for your fix09:58
bdrungdholbach: i use it for marking thing that i work on09:59
dholbachwell it's closed now so it won't turn up, no? :)09:59
dholbachunassign yourself if you want09:59
dholbachI just thought it was fair to credit you for your fix10:00
dholbachthanks again for that10:00
bdrungdholbach: i am subscribed to the bug and i am in the bzr log10:03
dholbachbdrung: as I said: if you don't want this, feel free to change it back10:04
dholbachit's standard practice in other projects I'm part of and I don't think I had this discussion ever before :)10:05
dholbachfor example do I like it in overviews like https://launchpad.net/loco-directory/+milestone/0.2.14 https://launchpad.net/loco-directory/+milestone/0.2.13 etc10:07
bdrungdholbach: how long does one generation run takes on your machine?10:09
chilicuilhi, sry to bother u, but #ubuntu-bugs looks empty (I must be in a wrong UTC), anyway, I'm trying to run $requestsync and I'm getting the following output: http://pastebin.com/6V49HqFC I've tried with both version, the one who's in the repositories and the one who can be downloaded with bzr10:12
tumbleweedchilicuil: That error means it can't find python-debian, it is installed, right?10:14
chilicuilyes it's installed tumbleweed10:15
chilicuilactually it was marked as being installed manually10:15
chilicuil$ dpkg -l |grep python-deb --> "ii  python-debian                                  0.1.14ubuntu2"10:17
bdrungchilicuil: for the bzr version, you have to use a newer python-debian version10:24
chilicuiltumbleweed, bdrung : I've just purge it and reinstall it, and now it works O.o!10:24
chilicuilanother non related question, after featurefreeze I can still play with the packages that ftbfs, right?10:26
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bdrungchilicuil: yes10:30
chilicuilok, great, thx for your time10:30
dholbachbdrung: 11m on the DC machine, and ages locally, somebody in the office is doing a HUGE upload10:37
bdrungdholbach: isn't there a way to speed it up a little bit?10:38
dholbachbdrung: I'm sure there, but I don't have time for it right now10:38
dholbachbdrung: I'm in a bunch of other important projects right now and try to focus on them10:39
dholbachbdrung: one obvious fix would be: get stuff OFF the list quicker10:39
bdrungdholbach: and how can we do that without regeneration?10:40
bdrungdholbach: or do you talk about actual sponsoring?10:40
dholbachI meant: do more sponsoring → list is short → takes less time to rerun the script10:41
bdrungdholbach: i first thought: getting sponsored bugs quicker off the list to avoid clashes10:41
dholbachhttp://blog.launchpad.net/api/three-tips-for-faster-launchpadlib-api-clients might help too10:42
dholbachI don't know10:42
dholbachI just can't put much effort into it now10:42
bdrungdholbach: i was thinking about  splitting the data collection and the page generation into two different parts. what do you think about it?10:43
dholbachit won't speed it up but might make the code prettier, yes10:44
bdrungdholbach: it will make debugging the code output better10:46
dholbachbdrung: yeah10:49
coolbhavihi all is there a separate ubuntu-sru channel on irc?11:03
coolbhavibecause this SRU https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/mobile-broadband-provider-info/+bug/607788 fixes a lot of bugs like this https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/mobile-broadband-provider-info/+bug/497319 so I asked11:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 607788 in mobile-broadband-provider-info (Ubuntu Lucid) "Please SRU mobile-broadband-provider-info into lucid(SRU exception)" [Undecided,New]11:07
coolbhaviLaney, so mailing the devs in the team is the only way for a quick upload11:12
kaushalis there a way to get php5.3 on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 ?11:13
coolbhavikaushal, yes you need a backport or so I think11:14
kaushalcoolbhavi: please point me to the URL ?11:14
bdrungkaushal: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports11:16
coolbhavikaushal, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports11:16
coolbhavibdrung, hey typed the link at the same time :)11:16
bdrungcoolbhavi: yes :)11:17
bdrungcoolbhavi: s/typed/pasted/11:17
coolbhavibdrung, I sent you a mail yesterday :)11:18
Laneycoolbhavi: The SRU team members don't do the sponsoring themselves11:18
bdrungcoolbhavi: yes, it's on my todo list11:18
coolbhavibdrung, thanks11:19
bdrungcoolbhavi: yesterday i worked on "foo"11:19
coolbhaviLaney,  so contacting a dev might help?11:20
bdrungcoolbhavi: subscribe ubuntu-sponsors and get me finishing "foo"11:20
kaushali dont see php5.3 there11:20
* coolbhavi checks11:21
coolbhavibdrung, which was that foo package?11:32
bdrungcoolbhavi: "foo" is a script that will end up in u-d-t and currently looks like this: http://paste.debian.net/81799/11:33
coolbhavibdrung, great /me fires up python-interpreter11:35
kaushalcoolbhavi: please suggest11:36
coolbhavikaushal, please follow backport workflow there11:37
bdrungcoolbhavi: can you fix the typo in the url: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bhavani_Shankar/MOTUrApplication11:44
coolbhavibdrung, yeah11:45
bdrungcoolbhavi: and can you use lists in the "Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of" section11:45
coolbhavibdrung, you mean segregation?11:46
coolbhaviof the bugs or links to the devel-changes list?11:48
bdrungcoolbhavi: segretation? i was thinking about one list entry per bug11:48
bdrungcoolbhavi: do you want to join ubuntu-sponsors once you are MOTU?11:49
coolbhavibdrung, okay... I meant New upstream under one heading merge on another ftbfs on another and so on11:49
coolbhavibdrung, yes11:49
kaushalcoolbhavi: I have followed it already11:50
coolbhavikaushal, once those processes are followed please report a bug adhering to those processes11:51
kaushalcoolbhavi: so hardy wont have php5.3 in it ?11:52
bdrungcoolbhavi: the bug lists should look like: http://paste.debian.net/81801/11:53
kaushalcoolbhavi: is there a existing bug for it ?11:53
coolbhavibdrung, got it will reformat once I get home11:53
coolbhavikaushal, please search hardy-backports :)11:54
coolbhavibdrung, thanks for the comments11:54
kaushali dont have it there11:57
coolbhavikaushal, then you need to request a backport11:58
coolbhaviI think11:58
kaushalhow can i request it ?11:58
porthosecoolbhavi, thx for the list will leave my endorsement today :)11:58
coolbhavithanks porthose11:58
bdrungcoolbhavi: renamed your application: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bhavani_Shankar/MOTUApplication12:00
coolbhavithanks bdrung will reformat it tonight12:00
coolbhavikaushal, please follow the backporting process in the ubuntu backporters wiki page12:03
bdrungcoolbhavi: you have my endorsement12:21
coolbhavithanks bdrung :)12:21
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LucidFoxI have a problem when creating an armel pbuilder image14:50
LucidFoxthe .tgz does get created, but it spams the console with lots of "qemu: Unsupported syscall: 335"14:50
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LucidFoxOkay, so it does build after all15:04
LucidFoxdespite the console spam15:04
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ari-tczewTheMuso: ping18:43
andreserlHi guys I have a quick question. is it possible to have a binary package that only recommends other packages like: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/471212/19:58
micahgandersk: sure, they're usually referred to as meta packages IIRC19:59
micahgandersk: sorry, tab complete failure20:01
micahgandreserl: ^^20:01
micahgandreserl: see the -desktop packages for examples20:01
andreserlmicahg, ok thanks :)20:01
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ari-tczewquestion to main sponsors: if we will upload/attach a patch for merge any package before FeatureFreeze and you'll review patch after start FF, do you will require FFe process?21:40
simarWhat is quilt package in ubuntu and in general from where can we know that what a package is about?21:43
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ari-tczew!quilt | simar21:46
micahgsimar: apt-cache show PKGNAME is a good way to find out about packages21:47
simarmicahg: Thanks a lot. You cleared a bug hurdle in my life .. huh21:48
simarmicahg: I have fixed a FTBFS now where to submit the debdiff and how? Should I create a bug and then close it?22:09
micahgsimar: file a bug, attach the debdiff, subscribe ubuntu-sponsors22:10
micahgsimar: you should close the bug in teh debdiff22:10
micahgLP: #XXXXXX22:10
micahgsimar: here's teh document on requesting sponsorship: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess22:10
simarmicahg: thanks, one more doubt. I have modified the source and created the ..ubuntu1.dsc. Now when I run dch -i again it will create ubuntu2.dsc I think. So Should I delete a new modify log that will be created and append changes to the old one ??22:14
micahgsimar: to edit the current changelog (i.e. fix something before you upload) use dch -e22:15
simarmicahg: thanks , I will try :)22:16
bluefoxicymy net is slow22:30
* bluefoxicy has spent 20 minutes trying to get logged into launchpad so he can upload an strace for a system-crashing bug in Thunderbird ~_~22:30
simarmicahg: I have done the process but one thing, the bug is still present in the list http://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu_ftbfs.cgi . Should'nt it be removed so that someone else should not waste time on it?22:32
micahgsimar: it will once the debdiff is uploaded22:33
micahgto the archive, not launchpad22:33
simarmicahg: ya but, now I have a intuition that the next bug I will try may be already fixed. How to check that its not fixed by someone.22:34
simarmicahg: Whats the normal updation time in archives ?22:35
micahgsimar: well, depends on who can sponsor when, anywhere from a few hours to a couple weeks or longer22:36
micahgsimar: what's the bug #?22:36
simarbug #61186722:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 611867 in kball (Ubuntu) "FTBFS in maverick. Error: 'mkdir' was not declared in this scope" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61186722:37
bluefoxicyI still can't get logged in.22:37
bluefoxicyAND I can't use thunderbird without it turning itself into a fork() bomb22:37
simarmicahg: I have a intuition that the next bug I will try may be already fixed. How to check that its not fixed by someone.22:38
micahglook at the bugs for the package in Ubunut22:38
micahgsimar: a few things, one the  changelog is targetted to Lucid, I'm guessing you meant it for maverick22:39
simarmicahg: ya sure for maaverick22:40
micahgsimar: the way to open a changelog for maverick is to do 'dch -i -Dmaverick' from lucid22:41
micahgsimar: did you do a test build?22:41
simarmicahg: k22:41
simarmicahg: ya in a pbuilder for maverick22:42
micahgsimar: does the package have a patch system?22:43
simarmicahg:  Should I upload again. I think I should start everything again for kball to make a clean debdiff22:43
simarmicahg: I'm not sure as i'm a new to packaging.22:43
micahgsimar: yeah, you should attach a new debdiff, also, you can just say modify includes in teh files, no need to add the include directives in teh changelog22:44
micahgsimar: also, the package has a quilt patch system, so you'll want to add the changes as a quilt patch22:45
simarmicahg: k22:45
simarmicahg: ya had to install quilt to make source22:46
simarmicahg: But how to add changes to quilt. Is there a wiki page22:46
micahgsimar: 'quilt help' is useful22:47
simarmicahg: k22:47
micahgsimar: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete#quilt%20%28Example%20Package:%20xterm%2922:48
simarmicahg: Should I add changes of quilt patch system to same bug report?22:48
micahgsimar: well, we usually note the patch name and what it does22:48
micahgsimar: example: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vlc/1.0.5-2ubuntu222:50
simarmicahg: Thanks, I think i really need it  :)22:51
simarmicahg: Now I will study it :)22:51
micahgsimar: you're doing great :)22:51
simarmicahg: :))22:52
micahgsimar: I'll unsubscribe -sponsors for the moment, please resubscribe when ready22:52
simarmicahg: k22:52
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