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micahgasac: there's some movement on the gstreamer backend for FF40, so there's a chance we'll get H.264 support06:40
magciusmicahg: have you filed the nVidia bug on Mozilla's bug tracker (and/or nVidia's)?07:14
micahgmagcius: not yet, I've been busy, it's on my list to do soon07:15
magciusmicahg: is the mozconfig you use posted anywhere?07:18
micahgmagcius: I don't think we use one, we use the debian/rules file to declare what flags to pass07:19
magciusmicahg: uh oh07:19
micahgmagcius: why?07:20
micahgit could be it's written out as part of the build, I haven't looked into that07:21
magciusmicahg: hold on. I have no clue where to get a .tar.gz of the package07:21
micahgmagcius: for what?07:21
magciusmicahg: I want to see the build config you're using :P07:21
micahgmagcius: easiest way is to go to the daily PPA and grab the orig.tar.gz and the diff.gz07:22
magciusmicahg: hm ok.07:22
micahgmagcius: the firefox one is all-in-one (FF+xul), firefox-4.0 is still split07:22
magciusmicahg: unfortunately, I can't browse Launchpad right now due to the impending nVidia issue07:22
magciusmicahg: ok... are you going to fix the spidermonkey issue that's been around for a while?07:23
micahgmagcius: in that case,07:23
micahgbzr branch lp:firefox/3.6 firefox07:23
micahgcd firefox; ./debian/rules get-orig-source07:23
magciusyep yep07:23
micahgmagcius: what issue, the lack of mozjs?07:23
magciusmicahg: lack of the /usr/lib/xulrunner dir being in ld.so.conf07:24
micahgthat was never there AFAIK07:24
micahgwe don't want it used as a system lib, that's why tehre's no conf file07:24
magciusmicahg: well yes, but some things that build with it use it07:24
magciusmicahg: there are plenty of things that use the SpiderMonkey API alone.07:25
micahgmagcius: yes, and we have ways to make them work (rpath + rebuild or runtime wrapper)07:25
magciusmicahg: rpath?07:25
micahgbuild time path linking07:25
micahgmagcius: yes, there's an open upstream bug to make a spidermonkey that we can actual use as a system lib07:26
magciusah, ok07:26
magciushm, does building Firefox really require autoconf2.13? I don't remember this07:27
* micahg doesn't remember07:27
magciusoh hell no07:28
magciuswhy was I denied checking out something out of lp07:28
micahgyou shouldn't be07:28
magcius$ bzr branch lp:firefox/3.6 ubuntu-ff07:29
magciusPermission denied (publickey).07:29
magciusbzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.07:29
micahgdo you have an ssh key set up w/bzre07:29
magciusmicahg: I did. I don't see why I would need one to just make a brnach07:30
micahgmagcius: oh, well checkout is anonymous unless you have a key associated with bzr in which case, you need that key on LP as well07:30
magciusoh wtf07:30
magciuswhy did my id_rsa disappear07:31
magciusthat's not good07:31
magciusmicahg: eh, I think it should be anonymous all the time07:31
micahgmagcius: I agree :) I think it's a known bug07:31
magciusmicahg: now to ssh-copy-id all over the place07:32
magciusI've probably forgotten half my passwords07:32
micahgmagcius: create a new user and check it out as that user07:33
magciusmicahg: it would be cool if Launchpad supported ssh-copy-id07:34
micahgmagcius: Launchpad is open source :)07:36
magciusmicahg: yeah, I know07:37
magciusmicahg: doesn't mean if I code up an extra ssh server they'll deploy it07:37
magciusmicahg: uh, unfortunately, I'm not on Ubuntu or Debian07:55
magciusmicahg: I'm curious how you can use the official Firefox branding when you're making patches to the source distribution07:57
micahgmagcius: the patches are approved by upstream before inclusion07:57
magciusmicahg: ok.07:58
magciusmicahg: so they are slated to go into the next minor release?07:58
micahgmagcius: one of my goals is try to get them accepted upstream in a future release07:58
magciusmicahg: may I ask what this "abrowser" stuff is?08:01
micahgmagcius: a non-Firefox branded firefox08:01
micahgour version of Iceweasel08:01
magciusmicahg: ok, where is this used?08:02
micahgmagcius: by people who don't want firefox branding, but want the browser08:02
magciusmicahg: ok08:02
czrhi all. what PPA would you recommend for getting TB3.1.1?09:40
czr(for lucid/32)09:40
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chrisccoulsonmicahg - i'll have the bot for pushing the crash symbols working later today hopefully, but i'm not going to switch it on straight away. i want to do some testing on it during next week to make sure it behaves properly. i'm not sure if you're interested in helping out with that?15:47
chrisccoulsoni was just going to set it up at home to push the symbols to another machine of mine15:47
chrisccoulsonand have it watch the daily builds15:48
micahgczr: on Monday, the daily PPA should have a 3.1.2pre, next Friday, Maverick will get it 3.1.1, then if, there are no bugs by Monday/Tuesday after, I'll push to thunderbird-stable16:07
micahgchrisccoulson: cool16:07
chrisccoulsonmicahg - i'm just uploading our first set of symbols now16:09
chrisccoulsoni can't wait to get this in to the data center. 200MB upload from my connection takes a long time ;)16:09
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chrisccoulsonyay! our symbols finally uploaded17:06
chrisccoulsonhopefully they are useful ;)17:06
chrisccoulsoncool, the upload script seems to work ok17:44
chrisccoulsonmicahg - if you want to test it, it's hosted here: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~chrisccoulson/+junk/mozilla-symbols-uploader17:45
chrisccoulsonand the official configuration data will be here too: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~chrisccoulson/+junk/mozilla-symbols-uploader-config17:45
micahgchrisccoulson: k, maybe over the weekend, thanks17:56
chrisccoulsonasac - do you think we should switch the crash reporter on in lucid?18:28
micahgchrisccoulson_: \o/ they solved the gcc compiler issue, now we just need to wait for the fix to land in maverick20:10
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chrisccoulson_micahg - cool. i'll look at the other build failures over the weekend hopefully20:37
chrisccoulson_the crash reporter still isn't working in maverick btw :/20:37
chrisccoulson_it built with it enabled at the sprint, but the in-archive version is still building with it disabled20:38
chrisccoulson_it's missing a "Enabled=1" from the application.ini still20:38
micahgchrisccoulson_: ugh, I'll keep an eye on uploads, if they get the new gcc up, I'll retry the failed armel builds20:38
chrisccoulson_micahg - we can't retry the builds unfortunately (LP bug)20:38
micahgchrisccoulson_: huh?  It works for me20:39
chrisccoulson_oh, maybe they fixed it20:39
chrisccoulson_it used to be the case where i could only retry stuff in universe, and not the things in main that are in packagesets i can upload to20:39
micahgchrisccoulson_: yeah, I think they fixed that20:39
chrisccoulson_but i've not needed to retry a build for a while20:40
chrisccoulson_i'll probably just switch off the crash reporter for the other failed architectures, i don't think mozilla support them anyway20:40
micahgok, that makes sense20:40
micahgso, we'll get apport reports for them then?20:41
chrisccoulson_micahg - are we going to keep building FF4.0 with system libraries?20:41
micahgchrisccoulson_: no, that's my project for next weekend, unless you want to do it20:41
chrisccoulson_micahg - i don''t mind. it will make it easier to get crash reports to mozilla if we change it20:42
chrisccoulson_i'm not sure how we'd handle those with external libraries20:42
micahgchrisccoulson_: right, also give us feedback on and regressions in mozilla libs vs system libs in enough time to fix before 4.0 is released20:42
micahgand make a beta PPA easier :)20:43
chrisccoulson_i think your idea about renaming the branches to -current and -next makes sense too20:43
chrisccoulson_i had a think about it, and it will make it easier to transition between packages too (we can have a single set of package relationships that works all the time)20:43
micahgchrisccoulson_: actually was asac's idea from almost a year ago when we went to minimal system libs :)20:43
chrisccoulson_ah, ok. but, still it seems like something we should just do20:44
micahgchrisccoulson_: right, and people with firefox-trunk can always have trunk20:44
micahgchrisccoulson_: k, also by the look of the schedule, we should probably hold off on Thunderbird 3.1.2 in maverick until after beta20:47
micahg3.1.1 can go in after alpha3 though20:48
chrisccoulson_yeah, we should aim to get that in after A3. when is 3.1.2 scheduled for?20:48
micahgchrisccoulson_: sept 7 release20:48
micahgwell not true actually20:48
micahgthat's the FF35/36/TB3 tentative release date20:49
chrisccoulson_yeah, it says that for 3.1.320:49
chrisccoulson_sept 7 is good, it gives us a little bit of breathing space ;)20:49
micahgI just don't want a potentially bad build on teh beta CD20:50
micahgI'm glad I have a month of hopefully calm to fix the gjs/gnome-shell issue20:50
chrisccoulson_yeah, that point in the cycle is when we start thinking about putting it in maverick-security20:50
chrisccoulson_else we risk releasing with an unreleased build20:50
micahgchrisccoulson_: IIRC, -security doesn't open until after release20:50
chrisccoulson_yeah, that's true, but we can still put it in the PPA20:51
chrisccoulson_we did that for lucid20:51
micahgto stage? yeah, we could do that20:51
chrisccoulson_although, 3.6.4 ended up being released quite a long time after lucid was released20:51
chrisccoulson_but the original schedule was around the same release date as lucid, so it got staged in the PPA during beta20:52
micahgyeah, that sounds good for the next round of releases20:53
micahgI just need to try to get everything else updated before feature freeze, last cycle I cut it WAY too close20:54
chrisccoulson_i think feature freeze is pretty close isn't it?20:54
micahgas in an upload the day before final final final release freeze :)20:54
micahgchrisccoulson_: aug 1220:54
micahgI still want to try to get some dpkg-vendor foo pushed up to debian for the rdepends20:55
micahgbut that I can do after FF20:56
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