len_I just added another hvr1250 card to my myth box, but it won't load the cx23885 driver because the card is reporting a new id number not listed in the list of reported id's the driver checks for.  The card reports an ID of 1259.  Does anyone know if the driver has been updated to include the new id reported by new hvr1250's, or do I need do mod and recompile the driver?01:31
len_linuxtv.org seems to be down too.  Is there a mirror for v4l-dvb somewhere?01:32
Zinn[linuxtv.org] LinuxTV.org - Television with Linux01:32
len_I can't get through to the site.01:32
len_I don't know why the do the damn ID check anyway hauppauge is always adding new id's, even though there are no changes made that effect the drivers, so this keeps happening.01:35
Zinnlen_: Please watch your language.01:35
len_I wonder if mythtv.org is paying their hosting fees.  The site is unreachable now.  Hope they are not gone for good.  Anyone know of an alternative repo?01:38
Zinn[mythtv.org] MythTV, Open Source DVR01:38
dewmanlen_, mythtv.org is up....01:49
Zinn[mythtv.org] MythTV, Open Source DVR01:49
len_Yeah, I just noticed that just came back up01:49
tgm4883Zinn checks the site if you say the link, so if he responded then it's up01:50
ZinnHi tgm4883, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.01:50
len_He's an active little bot :)01:51
dewmanhe also has 2 personality's at time...01:51
dewmanerr some time01:52
dewmananyone feel like helping me troubleshoot why my front end wont start up? Here is the issue...I installed a new video card and sense I have no clue what I was doing....6 hours later, I have the display working fantastic....But....mythfrontend is broke.... Here is the pastebin for my log collection.....   http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/6iJyQ7AQ03:00
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hot_wheelzHow does somone attach a nick to the logs that mythbuntu log grabber produces and then posts to mythbuntu.pastebin.com so you can id them easyly rather than being Anonymous all the time?09:29
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ryan_555do I have to install any packages under 10.04 LTS if I wnat to play DVDS within MYTHTV frontend?23:55
ryan_555such as xubuntu-restricted-extras or otherwise23:55
tgm4883you would need to activate dvd support in MCC23:56
tgm4883which basically just installs the css package that is needed23:56
ryan_555where is that in MCC now?  I don't seei t23:59

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