akgranernuboon2age_, the review articles are great but when they list prices or seem to be more of an advert then I hesitate to use them  -I haven't read the links for the items on the etherpad yet01:45
akgranerHowever- you need to find out what other people are looking at as well - and see if they are following some of the same links you are01:45
nuboon2age_akgraner: that's good to know (about prices)01:46
nuboon2age_akgraner: i shy away from adverts also01:46
akgranerbut I like what you have there now  - I'll read them in detail in just a little while01:46
akgranerthanks btw!01:46
nuboon2age_akgraner: i'm thinking that with a little more info its easier to select what you want to use at a glance01:47
akgranerI just got home a few minutes ago - so gotta feed the family  - but when the house gets quieter I'll look through them all and add them in the right places on the newsletter so you can see where they go01:48
akgranerso it will be easier for you to decide what areas you can add them too01:48
nuboon2age_akgraner: i'll watch you. :)01:49
nuboon2age_akgraner: how you handle them that is.01:50
nuboon2age_akgraner: educational for me.01:50
akgranernuboon2age_, that's how I learned  -01:50
akgranerthat and people posted links in sections for me to summarize until I learned what to pull and where it goes01:51
akgranernuboon2age_, I really appreciate you help btw - as well as everyone else who puts in their time01:53
zkriessehey akgraner hows it going01:53
akgranerzkriesse, great!  Just got back from OSCON and trying to see about making it to LinuxCon01:54
nuboon2age_akgraner: i was concerned to hear the challenging things that your family has been dealing w/ in the last few days.01:54
akgranerahh yeah  - it was a little nuts01:56
akgranerbut that's the way life is  - gets in the way of all my Ubuntu time :-)01:56
nhandlerI marked that Fridge bug as Won't Fix. Feel free to change if you disagree13:48
akgranernhandler, which bug was that?15:48
nhandlerakgraner: The one about the typo that got filed today21:48
akgranernhandler, ahhh  - I didn't see that one ;-/21:56
pleia2so, I've got http://blog.launchpad.net/meet-the-devs/meet-benji-york and the new ubuntu women inteview from FCM released today22:16
pleia2we are pretty interview heavy at the moment, but not a bad thing I guess?22:16
akgranerpleia2, I have two more interviews for next week as well23:12
akgranerSpanish Translations23:12
akgranerScott Lavendar23:12
akgranerOf wait  - I'll have more than that23:12
akgranerStormy Peters23:12
akgranerKen Vandine and Scott Richie as well23:13
akgranerand I am sure I am forgetting someone else in there as well23:13
pleia2hmm, maybe we should strive to look for more community news so we don't get fridge all flooded with interviews? :)23:30
akgranerpleia2, yep23:32
akgranerwell we add one a day23:32
akgranerbut look for other stuff to go in between23:33

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