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ttxcjwatson, pitti,slangasek: any of you could re-trigger a Server ISO build ?13:44
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DavieyIs there an ETA on the new server iso?14:39
ttxDaviey: it wasn't triggered yet14:42
slangasekttx: looking16:43
slangasekttx, Daviey: scheduled16:54
Davieyslangasek: rockin'16:54
ttxslangasek: thanks16:55
ttxsmoser: ^16:55
smoserwhoowhoo. of course all will work this time around.16:55
smoserno wammies16:55
Davieysmoser: BTW you were wrong about it never, *ever* stop raining in Prague.  So i'm not confident that your prediction of this roll being without warts :)16:58
bjfanyone else notice the daily live isos have not changed for 3 days?18:29
slangasekyes - failing because the kernel metapackages are uninstallable ;)19:03
mvoslangasek: just fyi, the apt from experimental is now in maverick, rdepends are currently building20:46
slangasekwhoo \o/20:51
slangaseknow to figure out where my ppa upload of a multiarch eglibc went20:52
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slangasekaha, it landed in the wrong ppa21:25
* slangasek fixes21:25

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