dfarning_rgs_, ping00:22
rgs_dfarning_: pong00:40
dfarning_rgs_, how are you00:40
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* lfaraone waves14:15
kandarpkdfarning, lfaraone: Good morning.14:44
lfaraonehello kandarpk14:44
kandarpklfaraone: I've updated poll, please see if it is Ok when you review it next.15:02
manusheeldipankar: Hi Dipankar.15:10
manusheelkandarpk: Hi Kandarp.15:10
dipankarmanusheel, Hello Sir15:11
manusheelkandarpk: Around?15:11
lfaraonekandarpk: will do.15:11
kandarpkmanusheel sir: hello sir15:11
manusheelkandarpk, dipankar: hello15:11
kandarpklfaraone: thanks.15:11
lfaraonekandarpk: in poll, you don't have any mention of the copyright of debian/*15:12
kandarpklfaraone: in git commit ?15:13
lfaraonekandarpk: and, based on reviewing the package contents, there is no claim by OLPC of copyright, I think it's safe to say that everything is © Collabora / WWWF / Morgan Collett15:13
lfaraonegrantbow: in debian/copyright.15:13
lfaraonegrantbow: oops, soryr.15:13
lfaraonekandarpk: in debian/copyright. see how other packages have a "Files: debian/*" etc section?15:14
kandarpklfaraone: Oh, was thinking something else.15:14
kandarpklfaraone: yeah ogt your point15:14
kandarpklfaraone: debian/* section is there in copyright15:16
lfaraonekandarpk: huhhh. I wonder what file I was looking at, then. my apologies!15:18
kandarpklfaraone: np.15:18
lfaraonekandarpk: although I think the comments about OLPC I made above are still valid :)15:18
kandarpklfaraone: I rather appreciate that you reviewed it instantly when I requested15:19
kandarpklfaraone: yeah, correcting them15:19
lfaraonekandarpk: well, I had just finished jigsaw and was looking for another victim. :D15:20
kandarpklfaraone: :)15:20
kandarpklfaraone: done.15:22
manusheelkandarpk: Can you put an r? in front of Speak?15:23
dipankarlfaraone, hey. how are you doing?15:23
lfaraonedipankar: good, you?15:23
kandarpkmanusheel sir: not sure if it is ready.15:23
dipankarlfaraone, I am good too15:24
lfaraonedipankar: great.15:24
manusheelkandarpk: Ok. What steps are left in packaging Speak?15:24
kandarpkmanusheel: I completed all the steps.15:24
kandarpkmanusheel: just didn't refine it.15:25
manusheelkandarpk: Ok.15:25
manusheelkandarpk: Could you please explain on what would need refinement here?15:25
kandarpkmanusheel: didn't run lintian.15:25
manusheelkandarpk: Ok.15:26
kandarpkmanusheel sir: Oh, I had done that.15:26
kandarpkmanusheel sir: I'll go through the package for 10 min and add a r? after that15:27
manusheelkandarpk: Sure. That would be great.15:28
manusheelAre you working with Luke on something now?15:28
dipankarlfaraone, did you get a chance to look into log-activity?15:28
lfaraonedipankar: currently.15:28
kandarpkmanusheel: no sir, was trying to make the documentation15:28
manusheelkandarpk: Sure.15:29
kandarpkbut am finding it very tough15:29
manusheelkandarpk: Documentation, really ? :-)15:29
kandarpkmanusheel sir: yes sir15:29
kandarpkmanusheel sir: there are so many things which causes errors/warnings15:30
manusheelkandarpk: Ok.15:30
kandarpklintian is the biggest culprit15:30
lfaraonedipankar: can you convert the format of log's copyright to the newfangled DEP5 copyright file used elsewhere?15:40
dipankarlfaraone, you mean the thing I asked you before?15:40
dipankarabout copyright being old format15:41
lfaraonedipankar: right. what'd I say then?15:41
dipankarlfaraone, you told "Thats nothing serious to be concern right now. It will work for now"15:42
dipankarlfaraone, I guess it won't work from 'now'15:42
lfaraonedipankar: ugh, sorry about that, I hate it when I'm inconsistant.15:44
dipankarlfaraone, hey. Nothing to apologize for. :)15:44
lfaraonedipankar: and I realize it can be frustrating to have the goalposts changed in the middle :)15:44
dipankarlfaraone, I just need to look for the format again15:45
dipankarlfaraone, can I refer to flipsticks' format : http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar-flipsticks-activity.git;a=blob;f=debian/copyright;h=39990edfb49f51a9c88a05219b1b1fb78959305a;hb=HEAD15:49
dipankarI think it is according to DEP515:49
lfaraonedipankar: it looks right. http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/ is the authorative reference, though :)15:49
* dipankar is back in a couple of minutes15:49
kandarpklfaraone: getting 'sugar-speak-activity: executable-not-elf-or-script ./usr/share/sugar/activities/Speak.activity/bot/PyAIML-0.8.5/setup.py'15:53
kandarpkvery much like Ankur got for IRC15:53
lfaraonekandarpk: right, we discussed that on the mailing list.15:53
kandarpklfaraone: is adding rule mentioned here sufficient15:53
kandarpklfaraone: yeah, it was being discussed that it needs to be reported upstream, is that required ?15:54
lfaraonekandarpk: yes, but our immediate fix is to add something to debian/rules' install rule to remove the exec bits on the files at build.15:55
kandarpklfaraone: Ok then, I am just adding the rule for now.15:55
lfaraonekandarpk: yeah, just make a note to go back and submit the patch later.15:55
kandarpklfaraone: Ok. thanks.15:56
kandarpklfaraone: Ok, please review speak when you find it convenient16:08
lfaraonerofl: http://www.df7cb.de/debian/free_beer/16:08
lfaraonekandarpk: mark it r? .16:10
kandarpklfaraone: oh yes.16:11
kandarpklfaraone: sure.16:11
kandarpklfaraone: done.16:19
lfaraonealsroot: did you author the icons in sugar-write-activity?16:21
alsrootlfaraone: nope, I just reordered existed icons for new toolbars design16:22
* dipankar is off to dinner16:41
* dipankar is away: Be Right Back16:41
lfaraonekandarpk: congrats, sugar-connect-activity was sponsored.16:41
kandarpklfaraone: thanks to you.16:41
kandarpkall praise16:41
lfaraoneneeraj: please file sync requests for  sugar-{artwork, base, tookit, presence-service}-0.88 and sugar-pippy-activity when you have a chance.16:44
kandarpklfaraone: will the sync request require uploading debian.tar.gz16:48
kandarpkthe packages you mentioned aren't in debian yet16:48
lfaraonekandarpk: no, a sync is juuust a bug report.16:48
lfaraonekandarpk: they are, last I checked, no?16:49
kandarpklfaraone: but I uploaded debian tarball for poll and connect16:49
kandarpkas patch16:49
lfaraonekandarpk: right. that's because poll and connect were not in debian.16:50
kandarpklfaraone: Ok, sugar-pippy is in debian ?16:51
lfaraonekandarpk: yes.16:51
kandarpkI was supposed to package it16:51
manusheelkandarpk: Congrats on the sponsorship of sugar connect activity. Neat work. Keep it up.16:51
manusheellfaraone: Thank you.16:52
manusheelAppreciate your great support and guidance given to the dev team.16:52
lfaraonemanusheel: happy to help.16:52
kandarpkmanusheel sir: thanks sir, Luke has played a big role in it.16:53
manusheeldipankar_: Hi Dipankar.16:53
manusheelkandarpk: Great.16:54
manusheelSo, connect activity is the second activity that has been sponsored.16:54
manusheelThat is neat.16:54
manusheellfaraone: Is Turtle Art available in Debian?16:54
lfaraonemanusheel: not as current.16:55
kandarpkmanusheel sir: poll and speak are in queue16:57
lfaraonekandarpk: poll looks good.16:57
kandarpklfaraone: I wish you like speak as well.16:58
lfaraoneneeraj: record has this lintian warning: "W: sugar-record-activity source: debhelper-but-no-misc-depends sugar-record-activity". Per discussion on-list, this warning can probably be ignored, but to do so we should override it.16:59
lfaraoneneeraj: see http://lintian.debian.org/manual/ch2.html#s2.416:59
lfaraonekandarpk: well, we'll find that out later this afternoon. I'm off for today, I'll see you all in the PM (EST)17:01
kandarpklfaraone: Sure.17:01
kandarpklfaraone: thanks for your help.17:01
lfaraonekandarpk: my pleasure.17:02
neerajlfaraone, Ok17:02
neerajlfaraone, I cloned my record repo using gbp-clone and ran git-buildpackage --git-ignore-new17:15
neerajlfaraone, its failing to build with.. Error- http://paste.ubuntu.com/471151/17:16
neerajas line 17 say's there is problem in parsing Depends: filed content but the control file's Depends field seems fine to me..17:17
kandarpkneeraj_gupta: can you please paste the depends line from control.in17:36
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neerajkandarpk sir ^^.. Luckily I have last running record activity source code, But I think on git we have to remove the cause of bug and commit changes17:40
kandarpkneeraj: dont know much17:41
kandarpkhave you tried regenerating control ?17:42
neerajkandarpk, yes..17:42
dfarningneeraj, hello.17:46
neerajdfarning, He :)17:46
dfarningneeraj, how are you?17:48
neerajdfarning, I am good.. and u?17:50
dfarningneeraj, Good.  Did luke talk to you about requesting syncs into ubuntu?17:51
neerajdfarning, he asked me to file sync request for sugar-{artwork, base, tookit, presence-service}-0.88 and sugar-pippy-activity17:52
neerajI had a word with kandarp sir how he filed sync request. Also I read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess17:53
kandarpkneeraj: debian.tar patch won't be required here17:54
kandarpkthese packages are there in debian17:55
neerajkandarpk sir, Yeah.. you told me that :)17:55
kandarpkneeraj: Ok.17:55
neerajkandarpk sir, as for memorize u filed a bug on LP asking them to upgrade it, I have to do it the same for these packages using request sync tool?18:02
kandarpkneeraj: haven't used request sync tool, but I think thats the way18:03
kandarpkneeraj: today only someone had requested for syncing memorize18:03
kandarpkplease look for it in the mailing list18:04
kandarpkneeraj: yes18:04
dfarningneeraj,  great.  From now on can you key an eye on the version diff page and make sure that they are always in sync?18:14
neerajdfarning, sure.. Once I get comfortable with sync request, I think I can maintain this task :)18:15
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dfarningneeraj, thanks.  have you read the wiki pages about the issues.18:17
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neerajdfarning, for sync yes..18:18
neerajI read about creating patches and submitting them on LP when I fixed some bugs with lfaraone's help18:19
lfaraoneneeraj: are you still having the control problem?18:25
neerajlfaraone, yes..18:25
neerajlfaraone, I removed $(cdbs:Depends) filed and the package is building successfully now..18:27
lfaraoneneeraj: it's supposed to be ${cdbs:Depends}18:27
neerajlfaraone, yes18:28
lfaraoneneeraj: and that line should be there.18:28
neerajit was the {} see this http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar-record-activity.git;a=blob;f=debian/control.in;h=46c1378c2c26e9c2e8e809b59c49fe801a728d05;hb=0f14896cf08e583397a65b1647816623357a6ba318:28
lfaraoneneeraj: okay. don't remove that!18:32
neerajlfaraone, ok18:32
dfarningneeraj, great.... this step needs to become second nature....  To to point where every morning while checking you email you process the syncs.18:39
neerajdfarning, ok :)18:47
neerajlfaraone, there is some problem in Depends field only..18:53
lfaraoneneeraj: okay, what are you getting as an error?18:53
neerajlfaraone, wait..18:54
neerajNow I am changing the control.in file and after regenerating control file I will again run git-buildpackage --git-ignore-new18:57
kandarpkneeraj: your depends field reads :18:59
kandarpkDepends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${python:Depends}, ${cdbs:Depends}, {misc:Depends}18:59
neerajNow after removing last dependency:- ${misc:Depends}, the package is building without ny error -> Control file http://paste.ubuntu.com/471181/18:59
kandarpkshouldn't it be ${misc:Depends}18:59
neerajkandarpk, Ohh :(18:59
neerajlfaraone, kandarpk I don't know how I didn't noticed that :(19:00
neerajsorry for that.. correcting the control.in file..19:01
kandarpkneeraj: np19:02
dipankarlfaraone, /i have made the new copyright: http://paste.ubuntu.com/471182/19:03
dipankarif you can just crosscheck it once.19:03
lfaraonedipankar: line six, typo "ttp"19:07
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neerajlfaraone, lintian on my system is not giving this warning "W: sugar-record-activity source: debhelper-but-no-misc-depends sugar-record-activity" , http://paste.ubuntu.com/471185/19:08
neerajny reason for this?19:08
lfaraoneneeraj: which file are you running lintian on?19:08
neerajlfaraone, while building package, lintian automatically runs in between..19:09
dipankarlfaraone, there are actually different license in the package. how to handle them19:10
lfaraonedipankar: look at how the other packages handle them.19:11
dipankarlfaraone, here is the updated one: http://paste.ubuntu.com/471188/19:11
dipankarthe problem files are : logcollect.py and logviewer.py19:12
neerajlfaraone, I ran lintian -iIv on *.changes file.. still no "W: sugar-record-activity source: debhelper-but-no-misc-depends sugar-record-activity"19:13
dfarningmanusheel, lfaraone ping19:15
lfaraonehm, odd.19:15
lfaraonedfarning: actually, I'm on my way out to give the dog a walk, it's been a while. can I get back to you in 15?19:15
manusheellfaraone: Sure.19:16
dfarninglfaraone, sure.  I am having network issues..... I also need to read the links you sent.19:16
lfaraonefair enough.19:16
dfarningmanusheel, I ping you when I get done reading.19:16
manusheeldfarning: Sure.19:16
dipankarmanusheel, dfarning : I need help with the first license19:19
dipankarhow to include two license in a copyright file?19:20
dipankarI am unable to find such example in chat -speak -connect -activities19:20
manusheeldipankar: Kindly ask this question at debian olpc mailing list.19:23
manusheelCopy Luke.19:23
manusheelneeraj, kandarpk: Do you know the answer to this question?19:24
neerajdipankar ^^19:24
kandarpkmanusheel sir, dipankar : I am not able to understand what problem dipankar is facing19:25
neerajdipankar see Standalone License Section19:25
dipankarkandarpk, neeraj, the problem is : I am unable to find the proper name of the license used here (the first one) : http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar-log-activity.git;a=blob;f=debian/copyright;h=b5ec0e031d0ae259c63e1f61c901e605afed5b19;hb=HEAD19:27
neerajdipankar, did u tried copyright_hints?19:29
kandarpkneeraj: that might not help much19:29
kandarpkdipankar: no idea.19:30
dipankarthere is no copyright_hints file too19:32
neerajkandarpk, dipankar goggling  the text help :)19:32
neerajits under MIT License http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIT_License19:32
neerajsee License Terms19:32
dipankarneeraj, great19:33
dipankarI never thought two paragraphs can be searched online now19:33
dipankarthis is X1119:35
dipankarlicense :)19:35
neerajyes.. other-X1119:37
dipankarlfaraone, I have made changes in the copyright19:55
* dipankar says a good night and great day to all19:56
* lfaraone is back.20:00
manusheellfaraone: great.20:02
lfaraonemanusheel: do you ever sleep? :)20:02
manusheellfaraone: Lately, I have been sleeping very little :-)20:03
manusheellfaraone: CTCP time ?20:04
dfarninglfaraone, can you send me the list of patch types you sent on gchat a few minutes ago?20:05
lfaraonemanusheel: it queries you for your local time.20:07
lfaraonedfarning: let me see.20:07
manusheellfaraone: 12:37 am20:07
lfaraoneA. only useful in ubuntu20:08
lfaraoneB. useful for debian20:08
lfaraoneC. useful for upstream (and debian)20:08
lfaraoneD. cherrypicked from upstream or debian20:08
lfaraoneideally, all of our ubuntu-local patches fit into A or D, ie they're either not useful outside of Ubuntu or they've already been included in Debian and/or upstream trunk.  (.. and are just being backported)20:09
lfaraoneif we follow the upstream first policy for anything that could possibly have a value outside of Ubuntu, we will have very few problems.20:09
lfaraoneif you push the changes as far as debian, patch management is easier.20:09
dfarninglfaraone, thanks20:09
manusheellfaraone: Is "git repo already exists" the reason behind not packaging Chat?20:11
manusheelI think we should be packaging Chat.20:11
manusheelGit repo exists is a use-case, right?20:11
lfaraonemanusheel: I didn't write that, but it probably means that Chat is already packaged.20:12
lfaraonemanusheel: -> http://packages.debian.org/sid/sugar-chat-activity-0.8620:12
manusheellfaraone: Ok. For 0.88?20:13
manusheelIs it packaged?20:14
lfaraonemanusheel: yes, in http://packages.debian.org/sid/sugar-chat-activity-0.86.20:14
lfaraonedfarning: so, two new packages were sponsored by LI Daobing today into the archive, and are currently in NEW.20:31
dfarninglfaraone, I saw that.  Thanks. Are the more activities in your queue that are ready to be pushed?20:34
lfaraonedfarning: poll.20:35
lfaraonedfarning: should we clear out comments for activities / their ITP bug number when they're uploaded?20:36
lfaraonedfarning: (having r+s on uploaded activities makes it hard to grep through the table.20:36
dfarninglfaraone, I think so.  Once we are done with the initial package I think we will be done with the table.20:38
dfarninglfaraone, on second though maybe we should keep the table to help the new team members work through the process as they work though new packages.20:39
manusheellfaraone: Thanks.20:39
lfaraonedfarning: maybe create a [[Sugar/tasks/archive]]?20:40
dfarninglfaraone, +120:40
manusheellfaraone, +120:41
manusheellfaraone: We would like to package Turtle Art and sugar pippy too.20:44
lfaraonemanusheel: Pippy is already packaged.20:44
manusheelWhat is stopping pippy? I think it has been packaged.20:44
lfaraonemanusheel: nothing is stopping Pippy, because it's already in Debian and Ubuntu.20:45
manusheellfaraone: Yes, this is what I wrote above. However, we do need to update it.20:45
lfaraonemanusheel: not if I recall correctly.20:45
manusheellfaraone: Ok. I'll check this part. How about Turtle Art and Paint?20:46
lfaraonemanusheel: you'd have to ask ankur about Paint.20:47
manusheelDo you have Matt's e-mail id?20:47
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lfaraonemanusheel: mattva01 SWIRL gmail POKE com20:47
manusheellfaraone: Thanks.20:49
manusheelWill write to Matt.20:49
manusheellfaraone: Turtle art too has not been pacakaged, right?20:49
lfaraonemanusheel: he's doing that, yes.20:49
dfarningmanusheel, will you write to matt on the sugar team mailing list? He is subscribed.20:51
manusheeldfarning: Yes, will write to him asking on updates.20:52
manusheellfaraone: Thanks Luke for the info.20:52
manusheeldfarning: What is the status of browse?20:53
dfarninglfaraone, is it possiable to reassign all bugs currently going to olpc-debian to sugar team in launch pad?20:54
manusheellfaraone: e-toys marked for review by Ankur.20:55
manusheelWish if you could review it.20:55
neerajlfaraone, what should I do with s-record-a (as I have told you I am not getting that warning which you told me to override.)20:55
lfaraonemanusheel: do you want me to drop what I'm doing and take a look at it right now?20:55
manusheellfaraone: Meeting Kandarp, Ankur and Neeraj in some hours from now.20:55
manusheellfaraone:Luke, you can have a look at it after what you are doing now.20:56
manusheelMy apologies.20:56
lfaraonemanusheel: no worries. he just marked it for review 4 minutes ago, so I'll get to it eventually, unless you want to make it a priority.20:56
dfarningmanusheel, something in one of the browse dependancies is causing sugar to crash...  Raul and lucian are looking at it.20:56
lfaraoneright now I'm looking at speak.20:56
lfaraonedfarning: I'm pretty sure it's py-gi.20:56
lfaraonedfarning: tomeu recommended either having py-gi updated to a newer version or using an older version of py-gi.20:57
lfaraone(pygobject too)20:57
dfarninglfaraone, yes that is it.20:57
lfaraones/older/ older stable version/20:57
lucianlfaraone: newer pygobect has pygi included, so that's the logical step forward20:57
luciannote that pygi is not a browse dependency atm20:57
lfaraonelucian: it's a surf dep, though, right?20:58
lucianlfaraone: no20:58
lfaraonelucian: oh?20:58
manusheeldfarning: Ok. Thanks for the update.21:02
manusheellfaraone: Yes, please try to review e-toys today. Would like Ankur to spend quality time on its documentation as soon as we get r+.21:03
dfarningmanusheel, at this point browse is at a point where it is a technical decsion between lfaraone, lucian, rgs_ and tomeu how to proced with pygi package.21:05
lfaraonemanusheel: well, pygi / pygobject isn't maintained by anybody I know.21:05
lfaraone* dfarning21:05
lfaraonedfarning: so it'd be a discussion with the maintainer.21:05
manusheeldfarning: Yes, David. Wish to get some idea on its roadmap.21:06
lucianGot disconnected, chatting from my phone21:08
dfarninglfaraone, +1 and that is a discussion for you guys to have with the maintainer.  neither manu or I understand the tech well enough to have a opinion on how to procced.21:08
dfarninglucian, ^^21:08
lucianLost some backlog21:09
lucianLast thing I saw was my own message about pywebkitgtk21:09
manusheellfaraone: Ok. Pygobject is very useful.21:09
manusheelAnd Pygi too.21:10
manusheelNot, sure, why it has not been maintained.21:10
manusheellucian: send me your e-mail id.21:10
manusheelWill send you the logs21:10
dfarninglucian, http://pastebin.org/43416621:10
lucianIn case you didn't know, pygi was merged into pygobject21:10
lfaraonelucian: so I've heard :)21:10
lucianLucian dot branescu at gmail dot com21:11
manusheellucian: I didn't heard that. Thanks for the update.21:11
lucianPygobject 2.14.5 or so has pygi21:11
lucianBut it's still far from being able to replace pygtk for example21:12
manusheellucian: Ok.21:12
lucianSo nothing in sugar uses pygi right know afaik21:13
lucianAnd surf will have to use it in order to ever be merged back to mainline21:14
lucianBecause pywebkitgtk is buggy and unmaintained and libsoup has no usable python binding (but it's required for feature parity with browse-hulahop)21:15
lucianI fear that surf will spearhead porting to pygi21:16
lfaraonemanusheel: etoys rejected, small change, but a large issue.21:38
neerajlfaraone, filling sync request  for sugar-pippy-activity, using requestsync21:41
neerajrequestsync --lp -s -d unstable sugar-pippy-activity21:41
neeraj^^ seems fine or I need to change something?21:42
lfaraoneneeraj: sure.21:42
lfaraonedfarning: right now speak embeds pyamil and pyalice. Should I mention that in my review email, and tell them to go package those components, or should I just leave them embedded?21:46
dfarninglfaraone, I think we need to split it up or it will not meet debian standards.  Is that correct?21:49
lfaraonedfarning: while it's technically possible to ship it this way, I would not personally sponsor such a package unless it was impossible or infeasable to unbundle.21:50
dfarninglfaraone, then let's try to split it up.21:51
neerajlfaraone, some has already requested for sync for s-pippy-activity :) https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sugar-pippy-activity/+bug/60876621:53
lfaraoneneeraj: mk then :)21:54
lfaraonedfarning: okay. should we task someone with it, or should I do it?21:58
dfarninglfaraone, please ask manusheel to assign someone.22:03
lfaraonemanusheel: ^^22:03
dfarningmanusheel, lfaraone to prevent confusion, I am going to merge the https://launchpad.net/usr and https://launchpad.net/sugar they are very reduntant.22:11
dfarninglfaraone, manusheel does ^^ sound sane?22:12
lfaraonedfarning: ideally /sugar is for the upstream sugar projecft.22:12
dfarninglfaraone, it seems rather confusing?22:13
lfaraonedfarning: agreed.22:13
dfarninglfaraone, how should we fix the problem?22:13
lfaraonedfarning: well, we could disambiguate "this is for upstream sugar. sugar devel is coordinated at URL. if you're looking for sugar on Ubuntu, see URL"22:14
dfarninglfaraone, need to go will be back in a couple hours22:16
neerajlfaraone, I have requested for sync for sugar-(toolkit,base,artwork,presence-service)-0.88. requestsync is indeed a very useful and easy to use tool :)22:21
lfaraoneneeraj: yepp :)22:21
* lfaraone is currently planning for DebConf.22:21
dfarningneeraj, ping23:19
neerajdfarning: yes23:19
dfarningready for the next task?23:20
neerajdfarning: sure :)23:21
dfarningneeraj, next thing I would like you to start on is bugtracking and patch tracking.23:23
dfarningneeraj, do you remember the bug where when you start sugar the mouse buttons no longer work in gnome?23:24
neerajdfarning: I didn't faced the bug. Ankur and other team member faced it.23:25
dfarningneeraj, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sugar/+bug/47917923:26
dfarningneeraj,  That bug still exists in 10.10./23:27
neerajThough I remember that Dipankar used a patch to fix it23:28
neerajdfarning: ok.23:28
dfarningneeraj, We are going to have to find out which patch dipandkar used to fix the patch and apply it to 10.1023:28
neerajdfarning: sure. Give a min to search logs and previous progress report.23:29
neeraj* now looking for exact patch23:32
dfarningneeraj, A good way to find the patch is to download the source package and look in the debian/patches dir.23:35
neerajdfarning: ok I think I knw what needs to be done :)..23:35
neerajhttp://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/jhconvert/repos/mainline/blobs/master/patches/0.86/1544.patch see this23:36
dfarningthis is why we keep the patches the special dir.23:36
neerajdfarning: in sugar-0.XX/bin folder there must be a sugar-session file23:37
neerajIn that I need to change client.set_string field (line 7 and 8)23:37
neerajline 7 and eight*23:38
neerajand create a debdiff file.23:38
dfarningneeraj, there should allready be a patch in the sugar package in the ppa.... we can reuse that patch.23:42
neerajdfarning: Ok. I can also try to see the exact patch from patches directory.23:42
dfarningneeraj, +123:43
neerajdfarning: Ok. Lemme check the sugar ppa then23:43
dfarningneeraj, I am also downloading the package but am on a very slow connection.23:43
dfarningneeraj_gupta, I can not download the source package23:47
dfarningdget -ux https://launchpad.net/~sugarteam/+archive/ppa/+files/sugar-0.88_0.88.1-2ubuntu3.dsc fail for me.23:48
neeraj_guptadfarning, same here23:49
neeraj_guptadfarning, lately I fixed dependency issue for a sugar-0.88 package..23:50
neeraj_guptaI have the source code it.. I checked the bin/sugar-session file23:50
neeraj_guptasee line 22723:50
dfarningneeraj_gupta, ok look inside debian/patches .  what files are in that dir?23:51
neeraj_guptadfarning, there are 3-4 patches23:52
neeraj_guptaAlso I am talking about the source which I downloaded from ubuntu-universe not sugarteam ppa23:53
dfarningneeraj_gupta, hmm what patches are in that dir.23:54
dfarningneeraj_gupta, this is exactly the problem..... we need a system to keep from losing patches.23:55
=== neeraj_gupta is now known as neeraj
neerajdfarning, sure.. But now the problem is due to launchpad about which we can't do anything23:57
neerajI have mailed  the content patches dir23:57

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