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TakyojiYay, I have good karma tonight01:34
TakyojiI bought a used $13 LCD monitor with internal speakers for my mother's desktop01:34
TakyojiShe originally had a dying CRT monitor where one or two of the cathodes were a bit weak (and couldn't be compensated via the monitor settings)01:35
Takyojiand replaced her ball-based mouse with an optical one01:35
TakyojiI guess I might be getting a Palm Pre instead02:26
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TakyojiActually, it just hit me05:23
TakyojiF-Spot should have a plugin that makes it easy for uploading pictures to Facebook05:24
tonyyarussoI thought it did?05:24
TakyojiDoesn't seem to, be default05:26
Takyojiby default*05:26
kermitwho wants to look at the worst resume they'ev ever seen!05:26
kermiti'm so going to be flipping burgers05:26
TakyojiThen show us already; in an open format. :P05:27
* kermit hides in embarassment05:27
TakyojiMonospaced? :P05:27
kermitit needs to be shortened, i just finished adding everything i could think of05:31
TakyojiOnce I finish my current volunteer projects, I'll have an actual resume/portfolio05:33
TakyojiI haven't had anything for a showcase much at all aside from Aqua Eden, which is like 2-3 years old as of work05:33
TakyojiI don't quite comprehend the differences between RBAC, MAC, and ACL05:46
Takyojior the concept of "role" and "group". I'm assuming that "role" is where it's all the privileges defined, and one-per-person. While group-based privileges are a few privileges defined (like tweaks) and many-per-user.05:49
TakyojiOr perhaps roles are specific to an object, while group privileges are global05:51
_diablokermit: what is your main distro? ubuntu? seems odd that 'linux' gets 7 +s but all distros are below that06:14
kermit_diablo: no other OSes are mentioned, what's odd?06:17
kermiti use ubuntu on my laptop, slackware on my servers06:17
kermitbut if i made a new server it'd probably be ubuntu i guess06:17
kermitno reason not to be06:17
kermitthe slack servers are 10 years old06:18
kermit_diablo: and thanks for looking at it06:19
_diablokermit: huh? I see 2 distros (debian,slack) under it. And then 3 other OSs besides linux06:19
kermitoh hm06:19
_diabloanytime :)06:19
kermitoh, there, i'll add ubunt, thanks06:19
kermiti probbaly didnt list it becausue its not a skill06:19
kermitubuntu is too easy06:19
kermitalso, ubuntu is a debian derivative, debian generally is a skillset06:20
kermitie, the package management and boot up sequences are generally still debianish06:20
_diabloI agree I guess, but since some distros are listed, seemed odd that linux would be higher than any of its subsets06:23
kermitalso i listed linux seperately because i'm pretty familiar with man(2) sections, the kernel calls06:23
kermitand higher, as in, the particulars of distributions i'm not as familiar with06:24
kermitie, i know more about linux memory paging than dpkg06:24
kermiti'll change it so its clearer, thanks06:25
lubotu1Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:30
_diabloI've never understood that. It makes things much more clear and faster if people hit enter as they type06:35
kermiti count a line as 70 characters in a channel moderator bot06:35
kermit(in addition to the number of characters)06:35
_diablokermit: lol, love the essay :)06:47
kermit_diablo: thanks06:55

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