czajkowskiugh someone wrote to me about a private conversation but posted it to a mailing list10:30
nigelbAlanBell: \o/11:17
nigelbw00t to Eleanor Chen! That's organic growth :)11:18
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pleia2hey folks, ivanka invited the team to ubuntu-font-beta-testing (which means anyone in the team can do font beta testing) - is there any reason you can see why we shouldn't accept?17:17
pleia2I think it's great, I'll accept in an hour or so unless anyone objects17:25
pleia2and I'll drop her an email to see if there is any text she wants us to send along to the list with accepting this17:33
IdleOnepleia2: I see no reason not to accept the invite.17:36
IdleOneit is an Ubuntu font, U-W-P is a part of Ubuntu :)17:37
macoand the font is part of our logo17:38
IdleOnenot to mention it's nice17:38
IdleOnethe font and the helping test parts17:38
* pleia2 nods17:39
AlanBellu-w is an open team is it not?17:47
macoi suspect one person will object, but that person already has access as an ubuntu member17:47
macoAlanBell: yes17:47
AlanBellwhich means anyone who wants the font can join the team to get it17:47
macothis was just discussed in #ubuntu-women17:47
macoubuntu-accessibility is also open and was also invited17:48
AlanBellI am not objecting, just clarifying17:49
pleia2oh look, it's been an hour18:37
pleia2'course now lp is giving me timeout errors, I'll try again in a few18:38
macolooks like it went18:39
pleia2there we go18:39
macoi got an email saying as much18:39
maiatodayso did I18:39
pleia2we should add to our agenda talking about who/what should be the contact addy so everyone doesn't get nudged every time18:39
pleia2(unless everyone likes it this way)18:40
maiatodaythe link in the email doesn't work tho18:41
pleia2works ok for me, try to reload?18:41
pleia2might just be lp being slow18:41
maiatodayNope: error page not found18:43
AlanBellworks for me18:44
AlanBellhttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-font-beta-testing that link?18:45
AlanBellmaiatoday: are you a member of the ubuntu-women group?18:45
maiatodayyes but wait maybe because I'm not logged in18:45
maiatodayyes re member18:45
AlanBellah, that would do it18:45
maiatodayI am almost always logged in to LP but this time somehow I wasn't sorry for false alarm18:46
maiatodayit works now18:46
pleia2also went ahead and added a note about creating an lp team for the leadership trio so there is an easy way to contact leaders and someone to own the ubuntu-women lp team so we don't need to toggle admin status with each new election cycle :)18:51
pleia2aaand another reminder, if you have anything to add to our July report, please do it soon, I'm copying it to the full report tomorrow: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/ReportingPage18:52
AlanBellpleia2: I will run the stats and add to the report18:53
pleia2AlanBell: thank you :)18:53
macoooh slight progress19:56
AlanBellvery slight19:56
pleia2if the 2% mark for most projects still rings true, 4.7 is nothing to sneeze at, I'm pleased :)19:57
pleia2it certainly *feels like* I work with a lot more women in Ubuntu than elsewhere19:57
AlanBellpleia2: I was surprised at how low it actually is when objectively measured19:58
macoi dunno yesterday i tried to find women to ask a clothing question, and pleia2, akgraner, and MichelleQ were the only ones in the US i could think of to ask... my PM list is really :(19:58
pleia2and I couldn't answer because I fail at clothes questions :)19:59
pleia2but yeah, when I want girly advice I don't typically ask techie community people19:59
macoit was midnight here...i couldnt call my mum20:00
macoshe'd think i was in the hospital. all my other friends are people-on-the-internet20:00
AlanBellyour perception (and mine) is skewed by the people you talk to20:01
AlanBellso at conferences and so on (including proprietary ones) I figured it must be 20% or so20:01
AlanBellbut it is actually more 20% of the people *I* spoke to which isn't an objective sample20:02
AlanBellbut anyhow, I think it would be healthy to exceed 10%20:04
* pleia2 nods20:05
pleia2tempting to dissolve this project when we hit 10%, but I think we'll have to wait and see ;)20:05
AlanBell"wait and see" isn't the most effective management strategy for delivering a change to a key performance indicator20:06
pleia2AlanBell: the trouble is that it's not all about numbers, a sexist environment may remain even when we hit a percentage goal, then our job won't b edone20:07
AlanBellit might (and I was teasing with the pointy haired boss language)20:07
AlanBellhowever I think the two are linked20:08
pleia2yes, they're certainly linked20:08
AlanBelland both related to Ubuntu going mainstream20:08
AlanBelland being a proper professional and grown up operating system with a professional and grown up community20:09
pleia2yeah, there are a lot of factors20:11
* AlanBell hugs the nice fast u-w wiki20:16
pleia2that's the /real/ reason we have our own ;P20:16
pleia2actually, it was quite telling when we suggested we'd move back to the main wiki and canonical IS was all "NOOO, it can't take it! I'm sorry we'll fix yours! right now!"20:17
AlanBellI offered to help fix the main one but nobody seemed interested20:17
macopleia2: hahahaha20:17
macoif they wanted to shrink what they have to hold, they could put wiki.kubuntu.org as actually a separae wiki that just holds whats currently at wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu/20:18
macoinstead of it just being another A record20:19
macoor is that CNAME?20:19
macoi get these confused20:19
pleia2~$ host wiki.kubuntu.org20:19
pleia2wiki.kubuntu.org has address
pleia2A record20:19
pleia2~$ host wiki.ubuntu.com20:19
pleia2wiki.ubuntu.com has address
macoround robin?20:21
pleia2a rr should show up in a host request (unless they're doing a non-dns-based one)20:23
AlanBellevening czajkowski21:23
czajkowskiA Team rocks :D21:24
AlanBellit does21:24

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