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mkarnickifunkyHat: I could not withhold myself from fixing it ;d version 0.2.15pa1 should fix the problem. Night!01:24
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duanedesigngood morning08:46
zygadoes ubuntu one keep a log file of what it's doing08:55
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zygaI noticed it started marking one folder as .u1conflict08:55
zygaI have no idea why that is happening08:55
zygaor what can I do to resolve the problem08:56
zygaif I just rename it back u1 will rename it to .u1conflict08:56
zygaI've filed this as https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/61160109:16
ubot4Launchpad bug 611601 in ubuntuone-client "Folder keeps changing to .u1conflict (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]09:16
duanedesignzyga: hello09:16
zygaduanedesign, hell09:17
zygahello :-)09:17
zygaheat 6? that's odd09:17
duanedesignzyga: trying to open the bug now09:18
duanedesignzyga: what type of file is it?09:21
duanedesignhaving trouble opening the bug09:21
zygaduanedesign, it's a directory09:21
zygawith several files inside09:21
zygait's my .vim directory actually (a copy in ~/Ubuntu One/09:21
zygaduanedesign, what kind of trouble do you have?09:23
duanedesignok got it :)09:24
duanedesignzyga: are running Lucid or Karmic?09:32
zygaduanedesign, lucid, i38609:32
duanedesignzyga: have you had another user account on that machine?09:37
zygaduanedesign, no09:37
zygaduanedesign, I had to reinstall this machine after HDD accident09:37
zygaduanedesign, so it's really quite new, under three weeks09:37
zygaduanedesign, how can I help you debug this issue?09:38
duanedesignzyga: mightbe some clues to the issue in your ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log09:40
duanedesignif you could attach it to the bug report09:41
zygaI'll redo the operation to make sure the log will have a chance to include it09:41
duanedesignzyga: you might add debug to the syncdaemon.conf09:43
zygaduanedesign, how exactly?09:43
zygaduanedesign, I added syncdaemon.log to the bug report just now09:44
duanedesignecho -e "[logging]\nlevel = DEBUG" > ~/.config/ubuntuone/logging.conf; u1sdtool -q; u1sdtool -c09:44
duanedesignthat command will add the lines [logging] Debug to your conf file and restart the syncdaemon09:45
zygaloots of things :-)09:45
zygayeah I understand what it does09:46
zygaI'll wait syncdaemon to settle down and redo the conflicting operation09:47
duanedesignzyga: is this your working .vim folder09:49
zygano, to be exact it's a copy I keep in ~/Ubuntu One/DotFiles/dot-vim09:49
duanedesignzyga: not a copy of your .vim but the one vim uses while in operation09:49
zygaI have a symlink to ~/.vim09:49
zygavim is using this09:49
duanedesignis the symlink in the Ubuntu One folder? or is the symlink ~/.vim09:50
zygaI had this setup for months09:50
zygathe latter09:50
zygait's in ~/ and points to ~/Ubuntu One09:50
duanedesignzyga: ok. trying to duplicate it locally09:51
zygaok, my client is still working on metadata09:51
zygaI wonder if it's okay to redo the operation now or should I wait till it finishes09:51
zygaidle, recreating the incident now09:52
duanedesigni am thinking the file is changing between writing the metadata and uploading the file09:52
zygagot it09:53
zygaI don't think that's possible, who would modify it09:54
duanedesignaquarius: ping09:54
zygavim is not running now09:55
aquariusduanedesign, pong09:55
duanedesignzyga: ok.09:55
zyganew log file uploaded to the bug report09:55
duanedesignaquarius: hello. I am helping zyga09:55
duanedesignbug 61160109:55
ubot4Launchpad bug 611601 in ubuntuone-client "Folder keeps changing to .u1conflict (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61160109:56
* aquarius reads the bug report09:56
aquariushm, internal error :(09:56
duanedesignyeah :(09:56
zygais that server side kaboom that got reported to the client?09:56
aquariusI don't know how to debug an internal error; that's a file sync team thing.09:57
zygacan you look up the exception on your side?09:57
aquariuszyga, try copying your vim folder to somewhere else in ~/Ubuntu One (this is a temporary fix)09:57
zygayeah :-)09:57
aquariusso to ~/Ubuntu One/Dotfiles/dot-vim-new09:57
aquariuslet that sync09:57
aquariusand then symlink .vim to that09:57
zygammm okay09:58
duanedesignit is a symlink at ~/.vim that points to the Ubuntu One folder09:58
aquariussomething internally has obviously got confused.09:58
zygajust for the record, I work at canonical so if you need any help with this I'm cool with spending time on this09:59
zygaBTW, just looking at the log file, when it says "got %r ... " isn't it a typo in the python code somewhere?09:59
zygait should have used something there, not %r ;-)09:59
duanedesignzyga: thanks zyga. that makes my explanation of the simple commands funny :)10:00
duanedesignmorning rye10:01
ryeduanedesign, morning!10:02
* duanedesign just watched a couple good sessions on Tracker streaming from guadec10:03
duanedesignrye: have you ever heard of such a thing? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=154071610:13
duanedesigni was just going to recommend they file a bug. Easier to get logs and such that way.10:14
ryeduanedesign, let me check10:15
ryehm, my syncdaemon stopped autoconnecting10:15
rye2010-07-29 23:35:03,277 - twisted - ERROR - Unhandled Error10:21
ryeTraceback (most recent call last):10:21
ryeFailure: exceptions.StandardError: The server doesn't have the requested capabilities10:21
ryeno, that's not it10:23
* rye needs to wake up10:23
ryeduanedesign, just uploaded 23Mb10:25
duanedesigni thought i remember someone saying the maximum file size was rather large10:27
duanedesignrye: also i wanted to confirm, because it has been so long since i set up my Ubuntu ONe setup.10:28
duanedesignTomboy requires seperate authorization?10:28
duanedesignthat is correct?10:28
ryeduanedesign, yes, tomboy uses separate oauth tokens10:29
duanedesignrye: kk, thanks10:30
hebz0rlis there a working way to run the ubuntuone client on debian lenny?10:47
and471sorry if this is in the wrong channel, but:11:05
and471on this page https://login.ubuntu.com/+new_account11:05
and471is there a way to pre-populate the email address field11:05
and471ie. https://login.ubuntu.com/+new_account?email=joe@bloggs.com11:05
ryeand471, https://login.ubuntu.com/+new_account?email=1234 seems to be working11:07
and471rye, oh .. well that is embarassing...11:07
and471rye, thanks :D11:07
ryeand471, you are very welcome11:08
* mandel needs coffee to be normal again11:18
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mandelChipaca, which num?14:12
mkarnickiaquarius: hey aq, please have a look at mail response I sent you14:26
aquariusmkarnicki, hey14:29
mkarnickiaquarius: hi :)14:29
mkarnickiaquarius: I'm sorry for the jerky list :< some ideas awaiting in the mail.14:29
aquariusthe jerkiness was option (1) -- the list appeared, and I tried scrolling it and it was jerky (or ignored my attempts to scroll it at all). Once it had completely loaded, scrolling was not jerky14:29
mkarnickiright. was that list really long?14:30
aquariusmy list's pretty long. I have a lot of stuff in U1 :)14:30
mkarnickino wonder you have :D14:30
mkarnickiwell.. it's a combination of Client filling content provider, and Cursor fetching that data from the content provider into the list14:31
aquariuscompletely understand your argument about two-clicks to load. Can I suggest, instead of a "X is downloading" toast, putting "downloading" on the actual item itself? and then replacing "downloading" with the download time once it's done?14:31
mkarnickithe list itself is implemented well, along suggested Android optimizations14:31
aquarius(better, maybe: "downloaded 2 days ago" or similar, rather than a time?)14:31
mkarnickiaha, on the item14:32
mkarnickiyea, there was an idea to put such stuff on items themselves14:32
* mkarnicki thinks about complexity14:32
aquariusI figured it'd be easy because you're already putting the last-downloaded-time on the item once it's downloaded, no?14:32
mkarnickifor sure, it's doable. but I wonder if I should fix that now, or work on uploading. I think the latter, shouldn't I?14:32
aquariusdepends how long it'll take14:33
mkarnickiaquarius: yea! the time is customizable, it's a timestamp14:33
aquariushaving a really, really nice download/browse experience would be cool :)14:33
aquariusbecause then you could do a release and say: this is a working program14:33
aquarius(it's only for browsing and downloading, though)14:33
mkarnickiperfectly understood14:33
aquariusand then do uploads next14:33
mkarnickiI shall look into the source and say how long it will take, ok :)?14:34
aquariusso you can take the "omg it is pre-alpha beware!!" sticker off it for a bit ;)14:34
mkarnickiI see, that would make sense ;)14:34
* mkarnicki loved the pre-alpha phase hahah14:34
mkarnickiit was an excuse for any possible bugs ;> but you're right14:34
* mkarnicki laughs14:34
mkarnickiI'll let you know in a while.14:35
mkarnickiaquarius: if it's necessary, we can upload the schedule on the proposal (that's a legit action), we'll see.14:35
mkarnickiaquarius: gimme 20 min14:35
mkarnickiaquarius: oh man, I misunderstood you. I was already thinking about some kind of emblems etc. this should be trivial14:37
mkarnickiaquarius: I'm on it14:38
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ryeWe have an issue on sso which may be preventing some of your users from logging in to the u1 web interface17:47
ryeWorkaround: Ask an affected user to log in to https://launchpad.net/ with the same credentials as they use for u117:48
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mkarnickibeuno-lunch: bon apetit :) hit me up when you've finished :)18:27
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* mandel_ is going to the park to run after the squirrels 18:38
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beunomkarnicki, finished, but on a call19:16
beunowill ping you after19:16
mkarnickibeuno: ok19:30
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beunomkarnicki, hi19:50
mkarnickihi beuno , let's priv19:50
beunoverterok, ping20:16
beunocan you go to wiki.ubuntu.com from your G1 real quick20:16
verterokbeuno: pong20:16
verterokbeuno: in case it matters: my G1 is now @ Froyo \o/20:16
mkarnickiverterok: \o/20:16
* verterok hugs his rooted G120:17
beunoverterok, wooooo20:17
verterokbeuno: using default browser?20:18
verterokbeuno: I'm in20:18
beunoso it 2.2 is fine20:18
mkarnickithat means 2.1 problem20:18
beunoanyone around with an android 2.1 phone?20:18
mkarnickithanks verterok20:19
verterokmkarnicki: np :)20:19
mkarnickiverterok: we're trying to pinpoint a 'certificate' issue (2.1 phones can't access wiki.ubuntu.com)20:19
mkarnickior 2.1 issue (Certificate is probably legit ;d )20:19
beunomkarnicki, http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1456655.html20:19
verterokmkarnicki, beuno: what about using the emulator?20:20
beunomkarnicki, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-docs/+bug/56672820:20
ubot4Launchpad bug 566728 in ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Official Ubuntu Documentation wiki pages Inaccessible from Android (affects: 4) (dups: 1) (heat: 51)" [Undecided,New]20:20
mkarnickibeuno: /me reading the read20:20
beunoverterok, someone else with a phone with 2.1 has this problem20:21
mkarnickiargh :<20:21
mkarnickithanks beuno20:21
mkarnickiI'll subscribe20:21
verterokbeuno, mkarnicki: ok, but what about using a 2.1 emulator to test :)20:21
mkarnickiI can try that in a sec20:22
beunoverterok, ah, good point20:22
mkarnickibeuno: looks like somebody found the problem, see bottom of the bug report you pasted.20:23
beunoyeah, I wonder if I can report that20:23
* mkarnicki launches 2.1 emulator20:23
* mkarnicki changes network connection20:24
bladernr_Hey... anyone know anything about bug 568453 ??20:28
ubot4Launchpad bug 568453 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "[lucid beta2] Ubuntuone-syncdaemon using enormous amounts of ram (affects: 2) (heat: 44)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56845320:28
bladernr_I opened that back during the Lucid beta and started seeing it again in the last couple of weeks... I finally got a run with some debug logs, but the debug log itself is almost 500MB...20:28
bladernr_that was created by starting syncdaemon with --debug and pointing the output to a file...20:29
bladernr_I also have a tarball of the .cache/ubuntuone/log directory, and THAT one is 42MB in size.20:29
bladernr_so what do I need to do with this?  I am going to have to just kill U1 for good as I can't just keep restarting it every few hours when it decides to eat up 80% of my RAM20:30
duanedesignhello bladernr_20:30
mkarnickioops, was I offline for long?20:31
bladernr_hey duanedesign ... been a while (I think we've chatted before)20:31
* mkarnicki resends last msg20:31
mkarnickibeuno: wiki.ubuntu.com not accessible from 2.0.1 on the emulator20:31
duanedesignbladernr_: did you get the 0 value for write_limit changed in ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf20:35
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mkarnickibeuno: you know Ubuntu design team irc channel?20:58
beunomkarnicki, they don't have a public one20:59
mkarnickioh :<20:59
mkarnickiI'll check out lp, they must have a group or something. I need to contact them.20:59
mkarnickifound, canonical-ux team21:01
bladernr_duanedesign:  sorry, didn't catch your reply till just now... my writelimit is set to -1 (maybe rye set that when he was looking at it during UDS??)21:15
bladernr_duanedesign:  or perhaps that was changed in an update... not sure which21:15
duanedesignbladernr_: that is a bug21:18
duanedesignbladernr_:  set it to 204821:19
bladernr_duanedesign:  gotcha... I'll do that and see what happens.21:19
bladernr_hrmmm... but if on=false is set, does it really matter what writelimit is set to?21:20
bladernr_ahhh... ok.21:20
duanedesignbladernr_:  you can quit the syncdaemon with u1sdtool -q21:21
duanedesignbladernr_: fix the number, or better yet just throw the file away. When you launch Ubuntu One it will be rec reated21:21
bladernr_it's running and logging.21:22
bladernr_it has to run 4 or 5 hours before any real trouble starts though, so I'll get back to ya when I can (or if I don't, assume that fixed it)21:22
duanedesignbladernr_: can you check the file to see if saved the right settings21:35
duanedesigncat ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf21:35
bladernr_yeah, gimme a sec21:35
bladernr_read_limit = 209715221:35
bladernr_write_limit = 204821:35
bladernr_on = False21:35
duanedesignbladernr_: looks good21:36
bladernr_duanedesign:  cool :) It's doing a local recan now, so like I said earlier, I won't know if this happens for several hours (usually about 4 - 5) but I'll keep monitoring it21:37
duanedesignbladernr_: ok look forward to hearing how it goes21:37
duanedesignbladernr_: if i am not in just leave me a message and i will se it when i get back to my computer21:38
bladernr_duanedesign:  will do! thanks for the help21:38
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