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thorwilgood morning!08:12
shrinihello team08:22
shriniwhat about giving the table of contents on the website?08:22
shriniso that people can know what is there in the book08:22
thorwilshrini: ideally we would have the entire content online08:30
shrinithat too great08:30
thorwilbut currently the worry is about bringing out the next version at all08:31
shrinithorwil: yes08:33
thorwilhumphreybc: so how much fan mail did you receive since your infamous communication disaster disguised as blog post?08:34
vishs/infamous/ /08:35
vishthorwil: he'll survive ;)08:35
humphreybcI just added some stuff here08:39
vishgrr , why does my xchat not open links!08:39
humphreybcthorwil: I got a few more twitter followers and OMG! Ubunu! gained a lot more page views and subscribers, if that's what you mean? :P08:39
vishhumphreybc: ha! so it was a marketing strategy from the start! ;)08:40
vishevery time i'm having to select open link in browser :/ , damn you xchat!08:41
thorwilgreat, the masses are even dumber than i thought, then08:41
humphreybcso now I'm going to make a pretty infographic that should outline our plans and timeline08:42
ChrisWoollardnice e-mail godbyk08:49
godbykChrisWoollard: Thanks.08:50
godbykJust in case I can't make the meeting. :)08:50
godbykI see thorwil's been proofreading the notes on the pad. ;-)08:52
thorwili can't help it!08:52
godbykJust couldn't refrain, could you, thorwil!08:52
ChrisWoollardIt's always nice when information is shared. It helps people to know what is going on and where we are at :)08:58
ChrisWoollardThis seems to be a good time of day. Lots of people are around.08:59
humphreybcdoes anyone know how the quickshot guys are going?09:01
thorwilhumphreybc: i vaguely recall that flan has other worries, currently, but hopes to get at it again, soonish09:03
ChrisWoollardHas anything happened with the maverick manual yet (has it been started)?09:03
jenkinsChrisWoollard: not as far as I know09:03
jenkinsi think we should copy lucid-e2 into it and start09:04
ChrisWoollardThat was my thoughts exactly09:04
ChrisWoollarde2 is almost there so should be good for maverick09:04
jenkinsI also agree with your comments on the etherpad. There are a frew app changes in mavrick09:05
humphreybcjenkins: Quickshot?09:05
jenkinsyea, it may be ready for mavrick but flan and i are rather busy at the moment09:05
humphreybcdo you think you could have a stable release ready by September 10?09:06
jenkinsI am going to try and do some today, I am having to learn loads of new stuff for it at the moment.09:06
jenkinsnot sure09:06
jenkinsI am off the week before09:07
jenkinsbut it also needs the server to be finished09:07
ChrisWoollardgodbyk: Did you set up a build of e2?09:16
godbykChrisWoollard: Oops, I didn't.09:17
godbykI'll build one and upload it real quick, though.09:18
godbykI just haven't updated the script to make a nice link on the page.09:18
humphreybctell me what's missing: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1887929/dev-infographic.png09:20
godbykChrisWoollard: http://builds.ubuntu-manual.org/builds/lucid-e2.pdf09:21
ChrisWoollardWhen do you think you can get a like posted somethere?09:22
godbykChrisWoollard: I'm not sure. The problem is that the html page a builds.ubuntu-manual.org is regenerated by a shell script that creates and uploads all the pdfs.09:23
godbykand since e1 and e2 are completely separate, there's not an easy way for them to have both on the same page right now.09:23
thorwilhumphreybc: if you don't add actual points in time along an evenly divided time axis, just text in the usual vertical arrangement will be better09:24
humphreybcthorwil: nah, i don't want to do that :P09:24
godbykhumphreybc: what's 'team/other' mean?09:25
humphreybcit's like a key09:25
ChrisWoollardYou could always do http://builds.ubuntu-manual.org/e1 or /e209:25
humphreybcmanual stuff on the bottom, everything else on the top09:25
godbykChrisWoollard: yeah, I'll probably turn builds.ubuntu-manual.org into a php script that just pulls in the e1, e2, etc. subpages together.09:25
godbykbut I need to write the php script and update the e1 and e2 build scripts first.09:26
godbyknothing particularly difficult, I just haven't done it yet.09:26
ChrisWoollardor rather lucid-e1 / lucid-e2 to reflect the branches09:26
ChrisWoollardI understand. Time is nobodys friend09:26
godbykhumphreybc: working on the glossary would break the writing freeze for translators.09:28
humphreybcoh right, translators09:28
ChrisWoollardCan we also get that url for e2 sent out to the team to check for bugs?09:28
nisshhhumphreybc: hey, you have alot of people in my loco pissed off about your blog post :)09:29
godbykwe were going to try to give the translators more time this round, but it may not be possible depending on how much work we have to do for maverick.09:29
humphreybcnisshh: ha09:29
ChrisWoollardWhere is the blog post? I feel I need to get pee'd off with somebody.09:30
humphreybcokay, refresh the page or click here09:30
nisshhhumphreybc: a WOMAN said this and i quote "nisshh: kick his ass for me!"09:30
humphreybcnisshh: I bet I know who that is09:30
nisshhhumphreybc: hmmm, have a guess?09:30
humphreybcMelissa Draper09:31
humphreybcwe all happy with the infographic timeline thing?09:31
nisshhlooks cool09:31
ChrisWoollardIt is very pretty. Obviously done by a graphics designer or such like.09:32
humphreybcthat would be me?09:32
nisshhChrisWoollard: lol09:32
godbyksure. we'll see how it works. :)09:33
ChrisWoollardMy point is this. Look at the Ubuntu release schedule and yours and compare. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases The ubuntu one is practical, yours is flashy and pretty.09:35
thorwilChrisWoollard: and now try to copy some text from it09:36
humphreybcI aint stopping anyone from making a plain text one09:36
ChrisWoollardDon't get me wrong though it looks nice.09:36
humphreybcthe idea is that it's just a simple thing so we know what we're doing and when09:37
nisshhid agree with ChrisWoollard IF it was more complicated like Ubuntu's release schedule09:38
nisshhbut its not, so prettyness doesnt matter09:38
humphreybcit's just a bloody internal graphic I made in a few minutes to illustrate our schedule09:38
nisshhhumphreybc: yea, i know, i was just saying :)09:38
* nisshh will shutup now...09:39
humphreybcit's not like we're worse off because it exists09:39
* ChrisWoollard will also shutup09:39
nisshhoh, yea, we are all going to hell now :)09:39
humphreybcEAT MEAT09:39
humphreybcare we all happy with those dates?09:39
humphreybcthey seem feasible?09:39
thorwilhumphreybc: right, it's no reason to get worked up at all, it just embodies the fact that you still have to learn what it means to be a designer ;p09:39
nisshhhumphreybc: well, im not saying change it, but is e2 ready for release by then?09:40
humphreybcthorwil: now you're just trying to wind me up09:40
nisshhthorwil: haha09:40
* ChrisWoollard is rofl09:40
humphreybce2 was ready ages ago09:40
godbykhumphreybc: well, it is the new pastime. :-)09:40
nisshhhumphreybc: true, but translations and whatnot for it?09:40
humphreybcthorwil: I have to say this, but just because I don't design things like you doesn't make it wrong.09:41
nisshhhumphreybc: i cant wait till your next rant on OMG09:41
nisshhgonna be a ripper09:41
* ChrisWoollard wants to subscibe09:42
jenkinsI think it is spaced too much there would be a lot of scrolling on a small screen. What about making it vertical?09:43
humphreybcjenkins: I think you should go and die in a fire.09:43
thorwilhumphreybc: you just further confirm what i said. just one point of several: vertical scrolling09:44
ChrisWoollardMaybe it was designed for a 28" Mac screen.09:44
trijntjeHi all, is there any news about the problems with launchpad and translations?09:45
nisshhtrijntje: not as far as i know09:45
nisshhill check09:45
jenkinshow much is left on lucid-e2 godbyk?09:46
trijntjeok, thanks. Is there somewhere I could check these things myself?09:46
nisshhhumphreybc: http://identi.ca/notice/4514904209:47
humphreybcnisshh: yeah, Tim actually rang me about that09:47
nisshhtrijntje: no idea, im just looking at the LP blog and identica feeds09:47
* ChrisWoollard is pmsl09:47
nisshhhumphreybc: interested?09:47
humphreybcnisshh: Interested in the visual part, but not the development part09:48
nisshhhumphreybc: fair enough09:48
godbykjenkins: what do you mean?09:48
jenkinsas far as layout etc09:48
godbykOh, I think we're going to just keep the same layout for e2.09:49
godbykno sense making a lot of extra work for ourselves just yet.09:49
jenkinsok, I will have a flick through and check for visual errors09:50
* humphreybc added a drop shadow09:50
trijntjenisshh, I dont know much about LP or the manual, as a translator I just want to know when its 'safe' to translate the manual again09:51
godbyktrijntje: It never seems to be foolproof.09:51
godbyktrijntje: As soon as we think it's safe, something burps again.09:52
nisshhtrijntje: yea, fair enough09:52
jenkinstrijntje: we have changed the number of people who can change the settings on the project from ~450 to 709:52
humphreybcjenkins: great work on that Luke09:52
godbykjenkins: and then promptly fiddled with the translation settings. :-P09:52
trijntjejenkins, that seems like a good idea ;)09:52
jenkinsthanks humphreybc, godbyk I did not touch them :P09:52
dpmtrijntje, godbyk, last week the import settings on translations were changed to make sure no demotions of translations to suggestions happen09:53
humphreybcI'll blog about what our team is up to on Planet Ubuntu after the meeting09:53
trijntjedpm, that is the problem I bumped into, is this now solved?09:53
godbykdpm: but by allowing automatic import of the translation template, that's precisely what can happen.  (if someone edits the .pot file and commits it to the branch.)09:54
dpmgodbyk, no, the problem was not on the template09:55
dpmediting the pot template and committing is a normal procedure09:55
ChrisWoollardgodbyk: the e2 coverpage. Does something need to happen, because it looks the same at the moment?09:55
godbykI'm not sure what the translation settings were last week (they seem to change occasionally for some unknown reason), but I used to have lucid-e1 as the focused branch and all of the automatic import/export stuff disabled completely.09:55
godbykdpm: That's true. Except that lucid-e1 is in a writing freeze and the pot should never be updated.  The problem is that it *can* still be updated.  And sometimes launchpad burps and seems to reread the pot file for no apparent reason.09:56
dpmgodbyk, I'm not sure who changes the settings (they do not do it by themselves), but prompted by an e-mail on the translators list, I made sure an admin changed the settings to correct ones09:56
trijntjegodbyk, I do know that the focus changed to e2 about two weeks ago and then changed back again to e109:56
godbykdpm: Yeah, I assume it's someone that changes the settings, but the email notifications we receive never specify who.09:57
dpmgodbyk, it's up to the maintainers to make sure no new pot files are never committed during freeze09:57
godbykChrisWoollard: Yeah, I probably need to edit the code to point at the new covers or something.09:57
dpmthat applies for the manual and for any other project09:57
godbykdpm: Sure. Or we can just disable the auto-import of the pot file and be done with it, right?09:57
dpmgodbyk, right, but I think committing changes to a frozen branch is the wrong approach. Rather than continuosly changing the settings, maintainers should simply not commit new POT templates to frozen branches.09:59
jenkinsgodbyk: for the branches that are frozen could we not change the owner to a restricted group? I don't want to stop people contributing but it may help us control it as we have a large team10:00
godbykjenkins: we could, but the restricted group for e1, for instance, would need to include the translation editors (so they can commit directly).10:00
jenkinsgodbyk: thats ok we just do another launchpad team, no clue what to call it :)10:01
godbykdpm: I don't think we've had many problems with the pot files being updated automatically.  I just disabled all the auto-import stuff to remove a couple variables that may have been causing havoc with the translations being demoted to suggestions.10:01
jenkinsanyone in here able to do gtk spinners?10:03
nisshhjenkins: maybe10:04
jenkinsnisshh: could you help me work out how to do it? http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk/stable/GtkSpinner.html is the docs on it10:05
nisshhjenkins: sure10:05
* jenkins still has bugs in his screen10:07
thorwilbugs on screen is bad enough10:08
nisshhjenkins: its really easy10:08
nisshhjenkins: you just grab a new spinner: self.spinner = gtk.Spinner()10:09
godbykI'm gonna go to bed so I can sleep for a few hours before this meeting.10:09
godbykSee ya soon.10:09
nisshhjenkins: and start it: self.spinner.start()10:09
nisshhgodbyk: cya10:09
godbyk(Btw, you should clear up the ever-present #ubuntu-manual/#ubuntu-meeting confusion. Email says one thing, wiki says another, I think.)10:10
ChrisWoollardgood might godbyk10:10
ChrisWoollardwhich is weird because i just had breakfast10:10
nisshhjenkins: the default duration is 1000 ms10:10
nisshhbut that can be changed10:10
nisshhso can a bunch of other stuff10:11
jenkinsthanks nisshh I will have a play , how did you get that all from the docs?10:11
nisshhjenkins: you still there? :)10:11
nisshhah ok10:11
nisshhjenkins: google :)10:11
nisshhthe pygtk docs are pretty crappy10:12
jenkinsi did a google and came up with nothing you must be better than i am10:12
nisshhonly useful for getting methods and finding out EXACTLY what they do10:12
nisshhjenkins: i started with pygtk, so it comes naturally now10:12
nisshhjenkins: your much better at straight python than me10:13
jenkinsnisshh: I learn everything as i need it for quickshot as thats the only thing I have done python with10:13
nisshhjenkins: this pygtk stuff is for quickshot?10:13
jenkinsI want to make a spinner show whilst the info is being downloaded from the server.10:14
nisshhah yea10:14
nisshhthat should be easy as10:15
jenkinswhat page did you read from?10:15
nisshhi did a google search for pygtk spinner widget10:15
jenkinsthorwil: tell me about it they are annoying as anything and there is three of them10:16
nisshhand came up with this: http://learnpygtk.org/pygtktutorial/spinner.html10:16
nisshhi forgot, but i used to use that site when i was learning pygtk10:17
nisshhits a very good one10:17
jenkinsI have just book marked the site10:17
nisshhi also used one called zetcode10:17
nisshhwhich is not as comprehensive10:17
nisshhbut has tutorials for alot more language bindings and stuff10:18
jenkinscool thanks10:18
nisshhnp :)10:18
jenkinsnisshh any idea on how to set what image it uses http://ubuntuone.com/p/7Xa/ is the largest version avalible of the spinner10:25
nisshhthat could be tricky10:27
nisshhjenkins: i dont think you can, there is nothing like that in the pygtk docs10:30
nisshhjenkins: all you can do with that widget is start stop hide show duration and steps10:30
nisshhpretty basic widget10:30
jenkinsnisshh: there are three versions of that image included in ubuntu icons, each of different sizes10:30
jenkinsthey must have a use, may be I am trying to do the wrong thing with it10:31
nisshhjenkins: what do you mean?10:32
jenkinswell there must be a way to specify what size it is. I might be using the wrong widget10:33
nisshhthe only similar widget is the gtkcellrendererspinner10:35
nisshhwhich you have to place inside a cell10:35
nisshhwhich is not what you would want10:35
jenkinsinside a cell as in a hbox or vbox?10:35
jenkinso no thats not what I wnat10:36
nisshhinside a cell of a treeview10:36
jenkinsjust tried the example10:36
nisshhyou could always create your own custom widget jenkins10:37
nisshhjenkins: http://zetcode.com/tutorials/pygtktutorial/customwidget/10:37
nisshhyou dont even need to create one10:37
nisshhjust modify the spinner widget10:37
ChrisWoollardlooking at the code for the title page. It looks like the images are all pdf's. Thorwil's new images are svg's. I am guessing that they need to be converted to pdf's for it to work. Is that right?10:37
jenkinsnisshh:  that is my challenge for today then10:39
thorwilChrisWoollard: yes, but for all i know, the build script takes care of that. except for the lulu covers, that will be commited as PDFs, too10:39
jenkinsChrisWoollard: iirc inkscape does it during the build, or it might have been changed to doing them before hand10:39
nisshhjenkins: hehe, ok, but be warned, custom widgets are not the easiest thing to code10:40
jenkinsnisshh: hehe I guessed but here goes nothing :P10:40
jenkinsI have to find the original widget file first :D10:41
nisshhjenkins: also, note that you will need to ship your custom widget with quickshot10:42
ChrisWoollardin the ubuntu-manual.cls file there are currently references to all the pdf images. So it looks to me like a manual process to change the images over.10:42
jenkinsnisshh: already on it :)10:42
jenkinsthnaks for your help nisshh10:48
jenkinsnisshh any idea where the widget source is? I have downloaded the source of python-gtk2-dev which i think it should be in but I can't find it11:07
jenkinshttp://learnpygtk.org/pygtktutorial/spinner.html at the top it says it is in the ubuntu version and thats what I am looking at11:08
nisshhjenkins: sorry i was afk there11:26
jenkinsits not very easy to find11:26
* nisshh cant even get the page to laod anymore11:28
nisshhthere we go11:28
jenkinshttp://bugzilla-attachments.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=151763 is the patch but I would like to find the python. so that I can use it as an like the example one11:29
jenkins*as an example11:29
ChrisWoollardI have justed the new coverpages (Revision 148). Feel free to have a look.11:33
nisshhjenkins: dunno, dude11:37
jenkinsthanks for looking nisshh, I will keep digging11:37
nisshhok sure jenkins :)11:39
nisshhChrisWoollard: nice11:41
jenkinslooks good ChrisWoollard11:44
c7pChrisWoollard: there are some duplicated entries in index (i.e F-Spot, Nautilus, Software Center's, Synaptic, Apt, gedit, Mozilla Firefox, Rythmbox ), i think it's considered as bug.11:45
ChrisWoollardcan you log it?11:46
c7pyou mean to file it as bug on lp ?11:47
humphreybchave a good meeting and make sure you email a summary to the list so I know what happened :)11:48
c7pok but I can fix it right now. Should I ?11:48
ChrisWoollardgo for it.11:49
c7pthe tex file is on branch ?11:49
* humphreybc is off to bed11:50
ChrisWoollardc7p: You want to know where the tex file is?11:51
c7pis that the file http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e2/annotate/head%3A/main.tex  ?11:52
ChrisWoollardit' should be /frontmatter/glossary-entries.tex11:52
ChrisWoollardin e211:52
ChrisWoollardi think that is what you mean11:52
c7pnope the main tex file (which includes the main text of the manual)11:53
ChrisWoollardi had glossary in my head11:53
c7pthe link that i gave above isn't what I am looking for11:54
ChrisWoollardi have not looked at the index, so don't really know how it works.11:58
ChrisWoollardMaybe it is best just to file a bug on lp and then we can have a look at it later.11:59
c7pactually i've just found the files but i have trouble submitting them back to branch from my local machine12:00
c7pnevermind i an reporting the bug12:01
ChrisWoollardwhat does it say in the submit error?12:03
c7pfile conflict or something like that12:03
c7pi do what it tells me to but nothing12:04
c7pChrisWoollard: the pdf that you uploaded before is the one that you are working on ?12:04
ChrisWoollardthat is just the latest revision.12:05
ChrisWoollardwhat happens if you do another pull12:05
c7pok ty :)12:05
ChrisWoollardit is possible that because I did a push that it has got it's knickers in a twist.12:06
ChrisWoollardi think last time i had to do an uncommit. then a pull. Then check my changes were still there. Then commit and push12:07
c7pno no i have this problem for two months or so, I have to re-download but there is no need now, the bug is reported12:07
c7pg2g cu on meeting12:08
* jenkins is not having much luck making his own spinner14:46
c7pthe meeting will take place in this channel right ?15:55
MuscovyI believe in #ubuntu-meeting15:55
brandonjthats what the mails said15:55
dutchieno, in here15:56
c7pokey my bad on mail15:56
dutchieeveryone here?16:00
dutchiegodbyk, jenkins16:01
dutchieflan, thorwil, vish16:01
JasonCook599I'm here16:01
semioticroboticready to roll16:01
dutchiei make it meeting time16:01
brandonjme too16:01
semioticroboticand so it is16:01
ChrisWoollardShow is the deal. Here or #ubuntu-meeting?16:01
MootBotMeeting started at 10:01. The chair is dutchie.16:01
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]16:01
ChrisWoollardHere. Lovely16:02
dutchieok, the agenda is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/Meetings16:02
dutchieah, we have a thishumphreybc16:02
thishumphreybccan't sleep16:02
thishumphreybcfigured I may as well pop along16:02
* highvoltage waves16:03
dutchiehi highvoltage16:03
dutchieand hi czajkowski as well16:03
highvoltagehi dutchie16:03
dutchieso everyone have an agenda at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/Meetings?16:03
JasonCook599I do16:03
brandonjgot it16:03
dutchiewonder where godbyk/jenkins are16:04
thishumphreybcdutchie: link to the pad too?16:04
dutchiei don't have a link16:04
MootBotMeeting finished at 10:04.16:04
dutchieright, wait until everyone's here16:04
thishumphreybcthat was quick16:04
highvoltageheh @ 10:0416:04
semioticroboticwow, we're really getting efficient with this meeting thing16:04
dutchiegodbyk said he'd be along16:05
dutchieoh well16:05
dutchietry again16:05
MootBotMeeting started at 10:05. The chair is dutchie.16:05
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]16:05
brandonjtake 216:05
dutchieAgenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/Meetings16:05
dutchieetherpad: http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/baZkHCQiMu16:06
dutchieok, let's begin16:06
dutchie[TOPIC] Lucid-e2 or Maverick?16:06
MootBotNew Topic:  Lucid-e2 or Maverick?16:06
jenkinsmavrick has my vote16:06
dutchieThe motivation behind this point is that we've only got 2 months till the maverick release16:06
thishumphreybcwe can still release e216:07
brandonjWe can always delay lucid-e2 until after Maverick16:07
MuscovyI think we ought to really get going on Maverick.16:07
jenkinslucid will be around for a while and can be done in the background16:07
dutchiei aree with brandonj and jenkins16:07
thishumphreybchas everyone seen my timeline graphic?16:07
c7pjenkins: +116:07
dutchiei think we need to shift along with maverick16:07
dutchiethishumphreybc: no?16:07
ChrisWoollardme too.16:07
MootBotLINK received:  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1887929/dev-infographic.png16:07
thishumphreybcWe've already fixed most of the bugs in the Lucid e2 branch. It's just a matter of putting a new cover on and releasing it.16:08
brandonjIs the translation stuff set to go though?16:08
ChrisWoollardthe cover in on16:08
semioticroboticseems like a very small window in which to release lucid-e2 ... can we hit that?16:08
dutchiebrandonj: the translations stuff only takes a few minutes to set up16:08
ChrisWoollardi did that earlier16:08
dutchiei haven't really been keeping up with e2 progress16:09
JasonCook599i think that lucid e-2 should be released. requires little work and will fix many mistakes for the lts16:09
thishumphreybcwe fixed over 250 bugs thanks to the competition16:09
thishumphreybcthere is no downside to releasing e2 in a week16:09
dutchiethere are still 102 bugs targeted for e216:09
jenkinsthere are minor errors that need fixing in it still like there is a graphic worng and a random ) . I haev only looked at the firts bit16:09
ChrisWoollardmost of those are fixed16:09
thishumphreybcwhat status are they?16:09
ChrisWoollardthere are only a handful of open ones16:10
thishumphreybcI thought most of them were fix committed.16:10
dutchieah, most are committed16:10
dutchiewe could probably bring that release forward16:10
ChrisWoollardwe could do with another proof read but that is probbly it16:10
thishumphreybcwe can release e2 whenever16:11
thishumphreybcI just made up the August 16th date16:11
dutchieso we will say release e2 asap16:11
brandonjsomeone should be put in charge of that16:11
ChrisWoollardwe should aim for your suggested date.16:11
dutchiewell, godbyk's normally in charge of releases16:11
godbykOkay, I'm here now.16:12
godbykAnd I just heard my name.16:12
thishumphreybcnext Monday seems fine16:12
* godbyk hurries to read the backlogs. :)16:12
thishumphreybcgives us time to sort out some last things, prep some posts and the website etc16:12
thishumphreybcupload to Lulu16:12
dutchieweek sounds good to me16:12
JasonCook599i think monday is a attainable goal16:12
dutchieif it's ok with godbyk16:12
jenkinsI think it depends on how much time godbyk has16:13
c7pi think someone should list all the open bugs and then put some members of the team to fix them16:13
dutchiec7p: easy enough to get a list off LP16:14
dutchiec7p: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/+milestone/edition-2 is what i'm looking at now16:14
ChrisWoollardI think some people should look at http://builds.ubuntu-manual.org/builds/lucid-e2.pdf to seem if it looks ok.16:14
dutchiethere are 8 which require further access16:14
dutchieso once we've heard from godbyk we can move on16:15
godbykokay, I'm up to speed now.16:15
dutchiegodbyk: so does a monday release of e2 sound good to you?16:15
godbykI'm leaning toward an e2 release primarily because 10.04 is an LTS.16:15
godbykIt'd be good to have a manual that's up to date and as bug-free as possible for the LTS.16:16
thishumphreybcI want to get that behind us so we can focus on Maverick16:16
godbyksure, Monday would be fine.16:16
dutchie[ACTION] lucid-e2 to be released on Monday August 16th16:16
MootBotACTION received:  lucid-e2 to be released on Monday August 16th16:16
godbykFor the release of e2, it should be pretty easy.16:16
thishumphreybcspeaking of maverick, there isn't really that much to be focusing on (yet)16:16
godbykI just have to generate the PDFs, upload to our website and lulu.com, and we're done.16:16
thishumphreybcwhich is a bit of a problem I think we'll always run into16:16
dutchiethishumphreybc: hang on, we'll tidy up this topic then move on16:16
dutchiei'm sure that thishumphreybc can get announcements out in a nice non-inflammatory way16:17
thishumphreybcI can try, not making any promises though :P16:17
dutchieperhaps when you've woken up, you can write a post16:17
godbykI'd say the biggest challenge for e2 is getting the remaining bugs fixed.16:17
dutchieyep, we don't need to devote any more meeting time though16:17
dutchieso, moving on16:18
dutchiei think we can skip discussion of docs/learning collaboration for now16:18
thishumphreybcI'm going to write a post updating the community on our progress this week16:18
dutchie[TOPIC] Documenting the release process16:18
MootBotNew Topic:  Documenting the release process16:18
dutchieIt's important that we have a checklist for releasing both the English and translated versions so we don't forget stuff16:19
c7pwe have already a translation todo list, it's a starting point16:19
godbykHere's our translation checklist: http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/translationtodo16:19
semioticroboticyes, a great idea16:19
thishumphreybcI'd like to put this somewhere more formal16:19
JasonCook599checklists are alwasy good16:19
dutchieideally, it can have proofreading from lots of different people16:19
dutchiea wiki page would probably be the right sort of thing16:19
thishumphreybcwiki page sounds good to me for now16:20
* godbyk is entertained by the notion that a wiki page is considered 'more formal'. 16:20
thishumphreybcwith the new ubuntu-manual.org site that daker is working on, we'll be able to have all this stuff nicely laid16:20
ChrisWoollardit is easy to edit16:20
thishumphreybclaid out, rather16:20
dutchiethishumphreybc: and editable by team members?16:20
thishumphreybcwe can easily make it editable sure16:20
dutchiebecause that's what the wiki has going for it16:20
ChrisWoollardsimple / quick / not over-engineered16:20
thishumphreybcbut if we want to finalize some sort of structure for newcomers16:21
thishumphreybcisn't that what we want?16:21
flanLow beraucratic overhead?16:21
thishumphreybcso someone can get an idea of what they need to do easily16:21
thishumphreybcflan: yeah, exactly16:21
dutchieare you talking about contributions?16:21
flanContributions and updates, I guess.16:21
thishumphreybcwell who are we "documenting the release process" for?16:21
JasonCook599as well a new memebers16:22
thishumphreybcright, but in theory once we find a procedure that works we can stick to that16:22
c7pwe should have in mind that this easy-editable material on wiki should be ready for translation at every time16:22
godbykCan you give me an idea of the things you'd like to see listed in the release process?16:22
JasonCook599fixed bugs?16:22
dutchiebuilding RC versions, getting proofreaders (for different chapters?)16:23
thishumphreybcc7p: yeah that's one of the things that wikis have going against them :(16:23
thishumphreybcso wait16:23
ChrisWoollardoutstanding tasks16:23
thishumphreybcthese are instructions?16:23
dutchiea checklist for when we release stuff16:23
thishumphreybcI'm confused as to what we're talking about now16:23
brandonjdoesnt launchpad fulfill some of this functionality?16:23
thishumphreybccan't we use blueprints?16:23
thishumphreybcand then just update the status as we go16:23
thishumphreybcyou can assign things then too16:23
dutchiei don't think it needs to be that formal as having blueprints everywhere16:24
thishumphreybcit would be nice to have something cool and easy to understand on our website16:24
dutchiei could flesh out an example wiki page this afternoon16:24
thishumphreybcsort of like what the /getinvolved page is going to become (if anyone has seen the designs)16:24
ChrisWoollardHaven't seem them16:25
dutchiei'll do the example of what I'm thinking and then we can continue discussion on the ML/IRC/whatever16:25
c7pthishumphreybc: at this time the release process documentation is more necessary for the translated editors in my opinion16:25
dutchiesounds good to everyone??16:25
dutchiedunno why i put to ?s in there16:25
semioticroboticdutchie, sounds good16:25
ChrisWoollardmaybe you could creat wiki.ubuntu-manual.org for our stuff16:25
godbykworks for me.16:25
dutchieChrisWoollard: no need for that when there's the main ubuntu wiki16:25
godbykChrisWoollard: we could do that easily, yeah.16:25
semioticroboticI thought we were moving away from that main ubuntu wiki?16:25
jenkinswell then the wiki could be in our own style and fit the website16:26
dutchie[ACTION] dutchie to mock up sample release checklist wiki page16:26
MootBotACTION received:  dutchie to mock up sample release checklist wiki page16:26
ChrisWoollardthat would give ben something to design ;)16:26
thishumphreybcmain ubuntu wiki does suck though16:26
ChrisWoollardi hoped it would also get a new theme.16:27
semioticroboticyeah, I seem to recall thishumphreybc expressing an interest in moving away from the "main" wiki and under our own roof at ubuntu-manual.org16:27
dutchiedetailing the process for translations: we've already got the etherpad doc, so i think that's covered16:27
dutchiei think daker wanted to talk about the website, but he's not around16:27
JasonCook599duthie: i think we wanted that done more formally (wiki)16:28
dutchieeasy enough to copy-paste into a translated release checklist16:28
thishumphreybcnew UMP site for anyone who hasn't seen it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/humphreybc/sets/72157624139515783/16:28
ChrisWoollardThe wiki would be good because then you to link to all these various sources of information.16:28
JasonCook599yes, we have the content, just not the page16:28
brandonj                         39515783/16:28
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/humphreybc/sets/72157624116:28
brandonjoops, sorry16:28
thishumphreybcthis was the getinvolved thing16:29
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/humphreybc/4698519305/in/set-72157624139515783/16:29
c7pthe get involved section of the site will be merged with the wiki ?16:29
JasonCook599that looks sharp16:29
thishumphreybcpresenting processes and information to people like that definitely trumps using the ubuntu wiki16:29
MuscovyThose look like nice mockups.16:29
c7pnice design thishumphreybc16:30
jenkinswe need a todo list of some form16:30
thishumphreybclooks better than that now, too16:30
dutchie[TOPIC] Website discussion16:30
MootBotNew Topic:  Website discussion16:30
dutchiesince we're there already16:30
thishumphreybcfor internal todo lists we can just use etherpad I think16:30
dutchieso we've got lots of mockups16:31
dutchiewhich i presume daker is implementing now?16:31
thishumphreybcdaker and I have talked about the site lots16:31
thishumphreybcyeah, he's starting work (or started) already16:31
thishumphreybcalso working on http://quickshot.org16:31
* flan plays the still-doesn't-have-Internet-access-at-home card.16:32
dutchieso that's looking quite cool16:32
jenkinsI think we need more website devs to help daker16:32
jenkinshe does work so hard16:32
dutchiewe probably do16:33
semioticroboticagreed.  that guy must be seriously snowed under16:33
thishumphreybchere's the site with the new ubuntu pictograms16:33
MootBotLINK received:  http://humphreybc.homeip.net/files/ubuntu/ump-index.png16:33
thishumphreybcwe definitely need more web developers16:33
* thishumphreybc worked with Dom Edmunds from the canonical design team on the pictograms16:33
semioticroboticthishumphreybc, I was just admiring those16:34
dutchieare there plans for website content beyond what's on there now?16:34
c7pbtw we should remove the "translated in more than 50 kanguages" feature on site :P16:34
thishumphreybcc7p: haha, yes16:34
thishumphreybcit's a bit of a lie :P16:34
ChrisWoollardmaybe one day16:34
c7pa bit :p16:35
dutchieso the next sub-topic is the bug form16:35
dutchiewhich is something to do with me16:35
thishumphreybcyay bug form16:35
dutchieup and running in some form now actuall16:36
semioticroboticsomething to replace the Google Docs solution we had in lucid-e1?16:36
MootBotLINK received:  http://bugs.ubuntu-manual.org/16:36
thishumphreybcsemioticrobotic: yep16:36
dutchiethis even magically pushes it to LP16:36
jenkinscan we crash dutchies vps by all clicking it16:36
ChrisWoollardit seems slow16:36
thishumphreybcit's super slow :P16:36
dutchieyes, it could probably do with a speed improvement16:37
thishumphreybcso we just need daker to apply some CSS right?16:37
semioticroboticyeah, slow, but otherwise an excellent tool16:37
semioticroboticand it pushes to LP?  amazing16:37
* thishumphreybc seriously needs to find more web developers16:37
MootBotLINK received:  http://docs.google.com/a/ubuntu-manual.org/Doc?docid=0ARIi6BtbYjOIZGhiNndmbjlfMDR6aDN4YnBy&hl=en_GB16:37
dutchiesuggestions in there please16:37
MuscovyI guess that can't integrate with Launchpad, can it?16:37
dutchieit is integrated with launchpad16:37
thishumphreybceveryone, ask around if you have any web developers!16:38
dutchiei think that's the main reason it's so slow16:38
dutchiebecause launchpadlib is SLOOOOOOOOOW16:38
thishumphreybcMuscovy: dutchie is clever. He created a new user who reports bugs from the form.16:38
MuscovyThat's cool. :D16:38
semioticroboticyeah, really cool guys16:38
thishumphreybcI think we can probably incorporate that nicely into the new website16:39
thishumphreybcbut yeah, daker has so much on his plate16:39
thishumphreybche's doing the job of at least 3 people in half a reasonable amount of time16:39
JasonCook599thishumphreybs: I am a *very* amature web developer. I may be able to help (or more likely, hinder) daker16:39
thishumphreybcit's quite hard working with daker because he speaks little english16:40
thishumphreybcbut hey, that's half the fun of open source :P16:40
JasonCook599I speak english and a *little* french16:40
dutchieand the final subtopic is "Forum or not"16:40
brandonjwhat would be the goal of a forum?16:41
c7pi've just reported a test bug about a Spelling, grammar or punctuation error of a translated edition, it worked but it worth daying that i can't see anywhere on the title which language the bug refers to16:41
semioticrobotica forum for the new website?16:41
c7pFORUM !16:41
dutchieif that's "should we install forum software on ubuntu-manual.org", the answer is "almost certainly not"16:41
jenkinspeople don't use the mailing list that  people barely use16:41
dutchiei believe it's possible to get a subforum on ubuntuforums.org (the main ones)16:41
thishumphreybcno we do not need a forum16:41
* semioticrobotic is not a fan of forums16:41
ChrisWoollardi vote no16:41
jenkinsa forum would be fun but not needed16:41
brandonjdon't need a forum16:41
dutchiethat seems fairly unanimous16:42
dutchieno forums16:42
dutchieor even fora16:42
semioticrobotickeep in mind that once we have a forum, we also need someone to TEND that forum16:42
thishumphreybcis everyone quite happy now with what's happening?16:42
godbykwhat would be the purpose of a forum?16:42
* flan speaks broken conversational French.16:42
thishumphreybcgodbyk: I have no idea16:42
dutchie[TOPIC] Regularly scheduled meetings16:42
MootBotNew Topic:  Regularly scheduled meetings16:42
c7pit is very helpful for the translation process, people don't submit to MLs anymore16:42
ChrisWoollardWhat was the point of a forum?16:42
MuscovyWhat would we do with a forum? We've got the official forums for help and LP for bugs already.16:42
dutchiei think meetings are pretty important16:42
jenkinsyep agreed16:43
dutchieyeah, we don't need a forum, let's discuss meetings now16:43
* semioticrobotic agrees heartily with dutchie16:43
thishumphreybcthis time sucks.16:43
godbykI'm for having regular meetings.16:43
brandonjscheduled meetings would be wonderful16:43
dutchiewithout meetings, the whole team sort of slows down and gets bored16:43
* ChrisWoollard sweeps forums under the carpet16:43
godbykAs long as they're not so frequent that we never have anything to say/discuss.16:43
brandonjperhaps we can rotate times?16:43
thishumphreybcit would have to be at 2000 - 2200 UTC.16:43
JasonCook599this would be wonderful16:43
thishumphreybcrotate times16:43
thishumphreybcevery fortnight16:44
thishumphreybctwice a month16:44
thishumphreybconce every 14 days16:44
godbykJasonCook599: I was thinking that every other week sounds about right.16:44
thishumphreybcetc etc.16:44
dutchieevery other week then16:44
MuscovyI like the sound of rotating the times.16:44
semioticroboticsounds good to me16:44
godbykthishumphreybc: Every 336 hours?16:44
thishumphreybcevery 20,160 minutes16:44
brandonjenough of this madness16:45
ChrisWoollarddon't calculat miliseconds16:45
thishumphreybcevery 1,290,600 seconds?16:45
* semioticrobotic 's head is going to explode16:45
vdquynhHi everybody. Sorry I'm late16:45
c7phi vdquynh16:45
brandonjhi vdquynh16:45
dutchiei've got lots of holidays coming up soon, so i can't really commit to much16:45
thishumphreybcChrisWoollard: every 120 960 000 milliseconds?16:45
ChrisWoollardso, moving on16:45
c7penough of the sec stuff, move on16:45
thishumphreybcI'm going to be super busy from now till October, i'm afraid16:46
dutchie[ACTION] Meetings to be scheduled every 2 weeks16:46
* ChrisWoollard slaps forehead16:46
MootBotACTION received:  Meetings to be scheduled every 2 weeks16:46
thishumphreybcbut then I have three months of summer holidays where I can work full time on Ubuntu.16:46
dutchiethat's pretty much all of the agenda gone through then16:46
thishumphreybcand my plan is to get USLC started over summer16:46
semioticroboticnice work, dutchie16:46
dutchie[TOPIC] AOB16:46
MootBotNew Topic:  AOB16:46
dutchie(any other business)16:46
thishumphreybcas I was saying16:46
thishumphreybcI'm going to be really, really busy till October16:47
brandonjare we actually going to schedule the meeting?16:47
dutchiebrandonj: after AOB16:47
c7pis there any list of UM's members and their roles ?16:47
thishumphreybcis everyone happy with the timeline for maverick?16:47
JasonCook599what day of the week? mondays?16:47
thishumphreybcc7p: probably the credits in the manual16:47
thishumphreybcor ubuntu-manual.org/credits?16:47
godbykc7p: I don't know that there's an up-to-date list.16:47
brandonjmaverick timeline seems fine16:47
semioticroboticSimilarly, I begin my doctoral work in two weeks.  I might initially struggle to help with the project, but I'd like to do whatever I can in the editing department16:47
thishumphreybcis it /credits or contributions... not sure16:47
godbykJasonCook599: I think weekends work best.16:47
dutchiecan we get the maverick time line published somewhere obvious?16:48
thishumphreybcweekends suit me16:48
brandonjon the etherpad there was talk of people being assigned specific jobs.  I think we need more of that.16:48
thishumphreybcdutchie: It will be in my blog post16:48
ChrisWoollardput it on the wiki16:48
dutchiethishumphreybc: thought so16:48
thishumphreybcI'll do a summary of everything and stick it on planet ubuntu16:48
thishumphreybcand planet UMP16:48
thishumphreybcand email it to the list16:48
dutchieif that's all the AOB, then...16:48
thishumphreybcand sing it on the mountaintops16:48
c7pstring freezing date for 10.10 ?16:48
brandonjon the etherpad there was talk of people being assigned specific jobs.  I think we need more of that.16:48
JasonCook599godbyk: I don't know how many weekends I can attend. I am very busy on weekends. perphaps a poll on the mailing list16:48
thishumphreybcc7p: I think Sep 10th?16:49
thishumphreybcbrandonj: we sort of had a structure of teams16:49
brandonj"sort of"16:49
thishumphreybcediting team, writing team, design team, translators, web development, quickshot16:49
thishumphreybceach team had a head too16:49
thishumphreybcwe even have a team lead mailing list16:49
c7pone month for translation ... i hope will make it till 10th of October16:49
godbykthat may have to be revisited depending on who will be around for this release.16:49
thishumphreybcI think that worked okay provided everyone actually had time to work16:49
thishumphreybcbut unfortunately this lull was created because we all got busy16:50
dutchie[TOPIC] Next meeting date/time16:50
MootBotNew Topic:  Next meeting date/time16:50
godbykc7p: yeah, I think (hope) we'll be able to reuse a lot of the existing translations.16:50
thishumphreybcthere shouldn't be that many textual changes for maverick16:50
thishumphreybcand we're removing a lot of stuff anyway16:50
dutchieif we aim for 2 weeks, that's around the 22nd16:50
c7pgodbyk: so do I, i hope lp won't mess things up again !16:50
ChrisWoollardWas lucid e2 going to be copied to maverick?16:51
thishumphreybcChrisWoollard: yeah16:51
dutchieChrisWoollard: yes16:51
dutchiehow about 22nd at 2000 UTC?16:51
c7psounds good to me16:51
thishumphreybcdutchie: what day is that?16:51
godbykdutchie: works for me. saturday at that time is fine, too.16:51
dutchie2 weeks yesterday16:51
dutchiei won't be around on the saturday16:52
godbykChrisWoollard: 2000 UTC16:52
thishumphreybcwhich is... what day for me. Monday for me at 10am right?16:52
godbykdutchie: fair enough16:52
dutchiethishumphreybc: your time zone, you sort it out :P16:52
ChrisWoollardthat is good16:52
godbykthishumphreybc: I've decided that you're just on the wrong side of the planet. :-)16:52
thishumphreybc8am is gay16:52
dutchieawwwww diddums16:52
thishumphreybcgodbyk: i'm on the right side :P16:52
dutchieok, 22nd at 2000UTC16:52
dutchieand we're done16:52
ChrisWoollardbut i wondered when the e2 to maverick would be copied16:52
MootBotMeeting finished at 10:53.16:53
thishumphreybcChrisWoollard: ASAP16:53
dutchieooh, sorry c7p16:53
godbykChrisWoollard: after we release it, I'll copy the files over.16:53
c7pwhat about the other translated editions16:53
c7pdutchie: np16:53
thishumphreybci haven't checked the branches recently.. how much cruft is still in them?16:53
ChrisWoollardok thanks16:53
dutchiethishumphreybc: if i write up the minutes, will you email the list/blog?16:53
thishumphreybcI remember we ended up having huge branches. Can we remove all the unrelated stuff?16:53
semioticroboticanyone heard from Jamin Day lately?16:53
dutchiethishumphreybc: no16:53
thishumphreybcdutchie: sure16:53
thishumphreybcdutchie: no?16:53
dutchieno, it's a DVCS, the big files are in there forever :(16:54
thishumphreybcwe should have more smaller branches rather than less large branches. minimizes stuff like merges when it gets busy16:54
godbykdutchie: there's no way to start a clean/fresh 'branch'?16:55
c7pwe need a Serbian,a Galician,a Asturian, a Vietnamese and a Tamil editor for the translated editions, mail to LoCo teams ?16:55
thishumphreybcmaybe we should start a fresh branch for maverick and just copy over the relevant things for the first commit.16:55
thishumphreybcwhat is currently in the branch that shouldn't be there?16:55
thishumphreybcold website files, quickshot stuff, old readmes, screenshots etc?16:56
godbykc7p: I think we have a few of those: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/TranslationEditors16:56
godbykthishumphreybc: that's what I did for lucid-e2 and maverick.16:56
thishumphreybcgodbyk: great16:56
thishumphreybcso the branch isn't like 2GBs anymore16:56
thishumphreybci swear it took a day to download for me from fresh because my ISP throttles bzr or something.16:57
c7pgodbyk: great so mail them and if they need some help with the latex syntax errors etc, I'm available16:57
godbykc7p: I'll send an email today about it.16:57
thishumphreybcoh and everyone, as for the docs and learning team, let's forget about that until after maverick16:57
c7pgodbyk: nice16:57
semioticroboticokay, thishumphreybc16:57
brandonjthat sounds reasonable16:57
* thishumphreybc thinks that thishumphreybc might not have been the best choice for a nick. It's meant to be a reference to OOP in python...16:58
JasonCook599thishumphreybc: will you be sendng them an emai?16:58
semioticroboticyeah, once the pressing release is out the door, we can focus on collaborations :)16:58
thishumphreybcJasonCook599: when I have a break over (my) summer starting in november, I can work full time with them on stuff.16:58
c7pany idea how will we attract more developers ? (maybe a post to OMG!Ubuntu would help)16:58
brandonjc7p: we can just kidnap them from other projects16:59
thishumphreybcI think we really need more web developers16:59
godbykI think we need to lay out clear goals/plans/etc. before recruiting developers.16:59
thishumphreybcpoor daker :(16:59
semioticroboticgotta run, friends.  thanks for a good meeting16:59
godbyk(Just so we have things lined up and ready for them to work on.)16:59
thishumphreybcthe new site might entice people :P16:59
godbykSee ya, semioticrobotic.16:59
JasonCook599thishumphreybc: just to let them know we will postphone colaboration16:59
thishumphreybc"look at this sexy project!"16:59
c7pgodbyk: I agree16:59
c7pcu semioticrobotic16:59
thishumphreybcJasonCook599: At the pace they work, they won't notice that nothing has happened till November anyway.17:00
godbykthishumphreybc, JasonCook599: I don't see why the collaboration discussions can't continue. It's not as if they're terribly time-consuming at the moment, after all.17:00
JasonCook599thishumphreybc: cool17:00
brandonjI agree with godbyk on this17:00
thishumphreybcgodbyk: the discussions can continue but I'd rather we focus work starting later17:00
thishumphreybcideally I'd like to have all the plans and specs laid out BEFORE maverick is released17:00
godbykthishumphreybc: At the rate the discussions are going, I don't think anyone's rushing in to start coding anything at the moment. ;-)17:00
thishumphreybcand then we just kick up a huge stink, get all these people working on it17:01
thishumphreybcif you guys could keep that up17:01
* thishumphreybc isn't in the collaboration discussion because he just gets angry and isn't technical enough to make decisions on languages etc17:01
c7pi think the learning centrer is huge milestone for our project, keep on ;)17:02
godbykIn other words, I think that no change is necessary, ergo, no need to notify anyone of anything.17:02
JasonCook599that sounds right17:02
thishumphreybcwe need to advertise USLC as the next best thing since sliced bread17:02
thishumphreybcso we can get developers17:02
thishumphreybcbut we can advertise it until we know what we want17:02
c7pgood idea17:02
slidinghornI apologize for my tardiness, was there anything big I missed?17:03
thishumphreybcso we figure out what we want including details about language it's written in, specifications for use, content, workflow, etc etc, and then when we have all the specs laid out in some fancy PDF file we can advertise it.17:03
thishumphreybcslidinghorn: not really. I'll do a summary post in the next couple of days.17:03
c7pslidinghorn: check the logs if you want http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/08/09/%23ubuntu-manual.html#t16:0617:04
thishumphreybcI'm going to sleep now, well, i'm going to try to.17:04
godbyk'kay. g'night, thishumphreybc.17:04
c7pthishumphreybc: bye17:04
c7pg2g too cu later17:05
vdquynhOK. I'll report towards the Vietnamese community. Bye evrybody17:05
JasonCook599bye everyone. I'm going to go have lunch. it noon here and I'm very hungary17:05
ChrisWoollardso you later everybody17:05
brandonjI'm with JasonCook599.  Lunch time!17:06
godbyklunch for me, too.  bbiab.17:12
jenkinssorry we had to turn the electrics off so the internet went17:23
jenkinssorry flan17:23
flanNo need to appologize.17:30
flanI have work to do anyway. =P17:30
slidinghornok just read over the meeting log -- basically what I gained from it was that the main point to which I'd be able to contribute is helping out with the web development for daker17:31
jenkinswould you like to help slidinghorn ?17:33
slidinghornany way I can17:33
=== Zeike is now known as brandonj
jenkinsslidinghorn: let me find his e-mail for you17:39
slidinghornjenkins, cool17:40
flanOr we could teach him Python~17:49
jenkinswe have to teach me first :P17:51
jenkinso flan we need to rewrite the debian rules file the one quickly gives is not any good18:06
jenkinssomething I am working on as well18:07
jenkinsI will be back later as I need to do some stuff around the house18:07
jenkinsbye all18:07
jenkinshey flan can you do your explanation another night please as we have a water leak to find in the house :(19:10
* jenkins goes to try an work out whats causing it. I may be back at about 11 pm utc19:14
dakersorry i were unable to attend the meeting :s19:18
thorwilnot even the language of implementation for the ULC has been decided on? i thought it could only by python. or scala. or erlang :)19:41
ChrisWoollardping godbyk19:59
godbykChrisWoollard: (belated) pong21:29
jenkinsis there anyone out there who knows python and would like to help with quickshot? We are always looking for new help22:25
godbykHey, ChrisWoollard.22:28
ChrisWoollardEarlier I modifed the title pages with the e2 designs. Can you check that I didn't miss any?22:28
ChrisWoollardand or that i did it right22:29
jenkinsChrisWoollard: did you translated second edition for all the languages?22:30
ChrisWoollardno, just english. I thought that was up to the translation teams22:31
ChrisWoollardso maybe i didn't finish it right22:31
askhl_jenkins, I know python.  I don't have all the time in the world though22:32
godbykChrisWoollard: That'll work for the English stuff.  The the translations, you'd need to modify lines 434 and 435 of the ubuntu-manual.cls file.  (Or just ensure that the filenames for the cover pages stay the same as they are.  There's really no need to add 'e2' to the end of them since they're in the e2 repository.)22:32
jenkinsaskhl_: none of us do at the moment :( . If you have time I can explain about quickshot and the code as it is at the moment22:33
ChrisWoollardi just didn't want to over right the old ones. But I can sort that if you want22:33
askhl_jenkins, can I take a quick look first?  As in 'bzr branch...'22:34
ChrisWoollardi guess they don't matter though. they are in e122:34
jenkinsaskhl_: server or gui ?22:34
askhl_oh my, it involves all sorts of networking?22:34
askhl_Well, I don't mind helping, but depending on how much code there is, it might be unfeasible in the near future22:35
jenkinsgui lp:quickshot sever lp:quickshot/server . the server is to store and approve images and manage projects22:35
godbykChrisWoollard: yeah, feel free to overwrite the old ones.  no sense cluttering up the repository with copies of old stuff.22:35
jenkinsaskhl_: both are being written from scratch this release last release was a rush22:36
askhl_I'm taking a look22:37
ChrisWoollardgodbyk: thanks22:40
askhl_(Isn't the directory name supposed to be etc/appoRt rather than etc/appot?)22:42
jenkinsaskhl_: you are right that was a typo I made yesterday22:43
jenkinsgood spot22:43
jenkinsthe branch does not have an ideal layout yet those folders are there so i remember where in the file system the apport files go. I need to write the debian rules file so that they get installed correctly. the current one by quickly is rubbish22:45
askhl_I don't know much about some of these libraries (networking stuff, pylons, ...).  It'll take a while before I can really look into it though (next two weeks will be quite busy)22:50
jenkinscool no rush askhl_ let us know when you have time. flan_ does the server stuff22:52
askhl_So what sort of things need to be done?22:52
jenkinsI can only cover the gui but, theres the debian rules file, a setup.py file, interaction with the server, the proper detection of peoples graphics settings and restting them if the change does not work.22:53
jenkinstheres packaging for other distors22:54
jenkins* distros22:54
jenkinsbut thats more of a long term goal22:54
jenkinsdesigning a logo22:55
askhl_Doesn't it use distutils?  Is it difficult to make an rpm for example?22:55
jenkinsI don't *think* it uses distutils I haev not written all of the gui. I have a link some where for rpms but have not got around to making one22:59
askhl_In any case, I'll stay around this channel.  These next two weeks I'll be preoccupied (or at least I'm supposed to be), but we can always talk later22:59
askhl_Well, the client-side one has a setup.py which uses the 'distutils extra'.  It has a command that generates an rpm.  Probably some extra tinkering is required to deal with dependencies (I know almost nothing about rpms).23:00
jenkinsthat sounds great askhl_23:00
jenkinsI will only be on in utc evenings very soon as I start work23:01
jenkinsI like this shape http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/kitchen/c4b5/ as part of the quickshot logo but it may be too much lie the fspot one23:04
jenkinsclick on the second image23:05
jenkinshttp://tinyurl.com/qslogo is the image23:06
* jenkins likes thorwils stack off screenshots23:07
jenkinsanyone got any ideas for a quickshot logo? perhaps ben could do a less controversial blog with a competion23:13
jenkinsok this is a very rough idea for a logo I am no artist http://imagebin.org/108868. any thoughts any one?23:33
jenkinsflan_: ^23:33
jenkinsthe black will be transparent23:33
jenkinshey other flan23:39
jenkinsare flan will not be at work any more . doh!23:42
nisshhjenkins: Rick appears to be back now, do you want to talk to him now?23:46
jenkinsnisshh: if he is around i can23:46
nisshhjenkins: ok, hes in #quickly atm23:47
jenkinsso am i lets see if hes is able to talk23:47
askhl_Now past 50% on Danish translation.  Booyeah..!23:50

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