klattimermorning seb12809:09
klattimerdo you have any new bugs for me?09:09
seb128hey klattimer09:11
* klattimer is just starting on the rhythmbox bug09:12
seb128sorry I didn't reply to your email yesterday, I started trying to get some bugs but it was late and stopped09:12
seb128I think you can close this one since we dropped the indicator change09:12
klattimerheh, no worries dude09:12
seb128now the sound menu is used09:12
klattimeryeah, but it isn't about the indicator issue09:12
klattimerit's about the playing/not playing issue now09:12
klattimerso when it's not playing, rhythmbox should exit09:12
seb128oh, I though you were speaking about the ctrl-W one09:12
klattimerI can fix that I believe with a minimum change09:13
klattimerseb128: yeah I am, but if you look at mpt's comment #809:13
klattimerit's no longer about the ctrl-w thing, as that bug is actually fixed09:13
klattimerthe issue is with the behaviour of rhythmbox after the shortcut key is pressed09:13
seb128ok, makes sense09:13
klattimerThe bug should have been renamed tbh09:14
seb128can you do that?09:14
seb128klattimer, while you are on rhythmbox, bug #61894409:14
ubot5Launchpad bug 618944 in libindicate (Ubuntu Maverick) "rhythmbox crashed with SIGSEGV in g_closure_invoke() (affected: 12, heat: 192)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61894409:14
seb128klattimer, I've assigned it to you09:15
seb128not sure if the bug is in rhythmbox or in the indicator stack09:15
seb128it seems to crash this way every time you close it09:15
klattimerseb128: is it reproducible? this might also be the cause of or a duplicate of https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-application/+bug/60605209:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 606052 in Application Indicators "indicator-application-service crashed with SIGSEGV in g_closure_invoke() (affected: 2, heat: 16)" [High,Incomplete]09:16
seb128klattimer, it happens every time I close rhythmbox there09:16
seb128can you try if you have the issue as well?09:17
klattimeri will once my box stops going insane :/09:18
klattimergrr looks like I've got a weird memory leak in gsd09:19
klattimerprobably my fault :/09:19
klattimer85% cpu and 40% memory09:20
seb128klattimer, oh, I noticed g-s-d tends to crash when removing the indicator applet09:21
seb128I guess if you could investigate the leak and that you have enough for today09:21
klattimerok, I'll try and resolve these two issues before i move on to rhythmbox09:21
klattimerseb128: know of a way of getting print messages out of gsd09:23
klattimerI'm still coding it blind09:23
seb128gnome-settings-daemon --no-daemon --debug09:24
seb128stop the running instance before though09:24
seb128klattimer, bug #624477 could be due to your changes as well I'm not sure, it lacks details to be worked right now I think09:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 624477 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Gnome Settings Daemon uses 100% CPU load (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62447709:26
klattimerseb128: yeah I think that's my fault09:26
klattimerpretty sure I know the cause of it too09:28
seb128great ;-)09:28
klattimerxkl_engine_save_state triggers a state-changed signal, which then calls a function which xkl_engine_save_state's again, ad infinitum09:31
klattimerit's a relatively easy fix too09:31
klattimerand may also prevent the memory leak09:31
klattimermy biggest worry is that I might be triggering a leak in libgnomexkb09:32
klattimerhey seb128 you're unassigning my bugs?09:57
seb128klattimer, sorry, I was reviewing your assigned buglist and I figured you would probably not work on those now since we are after freeze and you have other things to keep you busy until the end of the week10:00
klattimerok cool10:01
seb128klattimer, you still want to work on those?10:01
klattimergajim was on my list after rhythmbox10:01
seb128oh ok10:01
klattimerand the keyboard layout sometimes changes is an interesting one I'd like to keep track of10:01
seb128I figured it would be better to do hplip since it's the default installation10:01
seb128where gajim is just yet another im client10:01
klattimerseb128: IIRC we're waiting on something in QT before I can do that10:02
seb128what about apport?10:02
klattimeryeah, I'll do that one10:02
seb128ok, excellent10:02
klattimerthat's kinda important if we want people to help us track bugs10:02
klattimerbecause AFAIK we're removing the notification area soon10:02
seb128next cycle10:03
klattimeroh, right10:03
seb128we still have nm-applet there for this cycle at least so we can't drop it10:03
klattimerhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/627838 < pretty big usability fail10:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 627838 in Application Indicators ""Remove from Panel" removes all of the indicators (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]10:03
seb128yes :-(10:03
klattimerfrom the specs I think it says we want to remove the right click menu from all applets in the end10:04
klattimeris that correct?10:04
seb128klattimer, apport is ui frozen though for maverick now, so if you want to do gajim maybe just do it10:04
seb128I doubt we will do a lot on gnome-panel applets now10:04
seb128in the next cycle we will likely go for the new world10:05
seb128neither unity nor gnome-shell use applets10:05
seb128so that's an issue that will go away by itself10:05
klattimerseb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-ubuntu/+bug/59984410:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 599844 in Ayatana Ubuntu "Port the keyboard indicator in gsd to use the app. indicator protocol (affected: 1, heat: 12)" [Medium,Fix released]10:22
klattimernew patch for fixing the cpu/mem issue10:23
seb128it combines the previous change and the fix then?10:23
seb128klattimer, hum, you added the wrong change10:24
seb128klattimer, the content doesn't seems to be g-s-d code10:25
klattimeroops :/ sorry10:25
seb128no worry ;-)10:25
klattimerone double click off by a few pixels10:25
klattimerthe right one has been uploaded now10:26
seb128I will test that locally and get it in after the beta freeze10:26
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klattimerdavidbarth: do you want me to draw these icons soon? or do you want me to concentrate on proper bugs?13:10
davidbarthklattimer: hi karl13:12
davidbarthklattimer: i just wanted to record that this icon story has been going for a while, but now it feels really late to me13:12
davidbarthklattimer: so to answer your question, yes, i'd rather have you concentrate on proper bugs13:13
davidbarthklattimer: that's what this part of the development cycle is for now ;)13:13
klattimerdavidbarth: there are TWO icon stories13:13
klattimerthe ibus one, which is the old one13:13
klattimerand the new g-s-d one13:13
davidbarthklattimer: oh, and the m17 icons are ibus?13:15
davidbarthugh, i'll never get used to it13:15
davidbarthanyway, both are late13:15
klattimerfor ibus, there's probably another 50 or so icons which aren't in m17n13:16
klattimerbut m17n covers the majority of the icons which would be used13:16
klattimerdavidbarth: I only just produced the patch to add flag support as a result of some community members kicking up a fuss about not having them anymore13:16
klattimerthe g-s-d patch would need a little reworking to make it even better but as for now, the people who want flags, can have flags13:17
davidbarthklattimer: i don't think we'll want to land that patch; it's fine that it's available, but what we really want is the letter code solution mpt described13:18
klattimerdavidbarth: the patch also fixes a CPU and memory bug now13:18
klattimerso it needs to be landed13:18
klattimerthe show flags is not the default however13:19
klattimeras it's set in a hidden gconf key13:19
davidbarthi'd rather not had that key if we know we're not going to support it in the next version13:19
klattimerwhen we want to have the letter code/box solution mpt described all we need to do is slightly modify the patch and set the default key to on13:20
davidbarthas soon as you add a key, it means people will use it and be annoyed when it gets removed13:20
klattimerdavidbarth: the key has existed for some time13:20
klattimerit's not something I've added13:20
davidbarthah ok13:20
klattimerbut having it, gives us a clear route to the solution we want13:20
davidbarthbecause if brings back some dynamic icon code path?13:21
klattimerwell, we have a way of displaying themed icons in the indicator right now13:21
klattimerdavidbarth: also, I have a feeling that someone has already created symbolic icons which match mpt's spec13:22
davidbarthklattimer: technically, the new patch should be added to a new bug that explains the CPU and mem issue you fixed13:23
klattimeras per the icon in this screenshot13:23
davidbarthbecause of the freeze process now13:23
klattimerdavidbarth: there is another bug for the cpu/mem issue13:24
klattimerthe patch was added to the gsd bug because it seems more appropriate a place to put it13:25
klattimeras it doesn't just deal with the bug itself13:25
klattimerdavidbarth: here's the cpu/mem bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/62447713:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 624477 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Gnome Settings Daemon uses 100% CPU load (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Low,Fix committed]13:25
davidbarthseb128: ok, to keep the patch on the old bug? or would you prefer it to move to the cpu/mem issue one?13:27
seb128davidbarth, klattimer: let g-s-d things as they are bug wise, no need of extra comments on bugs13:27
seb128we will just get the updated patch in after beta, it adds support for something that was in lucid and not ported yet and which is not on by default13:27
seb128there is no need to bother asking exception for it, we will just update as a bug fix after beta rather13:28
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davidbarthklattimer: btw, i'm reviewing your bugs quickly14:46
davidbarthklattimer: cleaing up the n-osd assignments in particular14:46
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klattimerdavidbarth: I think I only took on two notify osd bugs14:52
klattimerthe ones I thought could be fixed fastest14:52
klattimerapp-indicators took priority so I only managed a fix for one14:52
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klattimerseb128: I'm checking out this rhythmbox bug15:34
klattimerand I can confirm it happens15:34
seb128that's a start ;-)15:34
klattimerthe only thing is, I can't find a patch which enables the sound menu indicator in rhythmbox15:35
klattimerany hints as to where the code lies would be most appreciated15:35
seb128it's very simplist15:35
klattimerseb128: surely that can't be ALL of the code?15:36
klattimeri was looking at that exact file15:36
seb128it is, we don't have an appindicator15:36
seb128it's just doing registration15:36
klattimeryeah, I thought there'd be a plugin or something15:36
seb128then doing mpris over dbus15:36
seb128with indicator-sound15:36
klattimeroh, right now it's starting to click15:37
klattimerhmm, so this is a difficult bug to fix then, as it seems impossible that the ayatana patch could cause that crash to happen15:37
seb128that's why I assigned that to libindicate and not rhythmbox15:37
seb128tedg might have an idea there?15:37
klattimeroh, I thought it was assigned to rhythmbox15:38
seb128klattimer, if you think it's rather a ted bug feel free to bounce him back to him and focus on things you can do easily15:38
seb128there is no point for you to dive into code you don't know for half a day to fix that15:38
klattimerseb128: in that case, it is a duplicate15:38
seb128of what bug?15:39
klattimerhang on I marked them the other way round15:51
klattimerseb128: bug 60605215:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 606052 in Application Indicators "indicator-application-service crashed with SIGSEGV in g_closure_invoke() (dup-of: 618944)" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60605215:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 618944 in libindicate (Ubuntu Maverick) "rhythmbox crashed with SIGSEGV in g_closure_invoke() (affected: 14, heat: 202)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61894415:52
klattimerI checked the stack trace, they have slightly different causes, but they're the same bug15:52
seb128ok, nice catch15:53
seb128it's rather a bug for ted I guess, right?15:53
klattimerlooks like it15:53
klattimerI can still work on it if tedg is busy?15:53
seb128tedg, ^15:56
seb128klattimer, do you know the concerned codebase or not?15:56
seb128klattimer, I think it would make sense to focus on things you know so you can some extra ones done rather than spending a day learning some new part of the stack to debug it15:57
seb128tedg, do you think you will have time to debug that one?15:57
klattimerseb128: have I known any codebase I've encountered so far? no... but it doesn't bother me much15:57
seb128right, it's just that efficiency might be better working on things you know15:58
seb128klattimer, maybe start on another until ted replies?15:59
seb128you can still investigate that one tomorrow if the has no time for it15:59
kklimondahum, why there is no indicator-sound-dbgsym package?16:15
klattimerseb128: I added a slightly updated patch to the g-s-d bug16:33
klattimerthis time to either/or the icon/label16:33
klattimerI think this way is best, as it means one gconf change and a new set of icons added to the theme in order to display the [ GB ] or [ RU ] as mpt specified16:34
klattimer... the question is, can something like that be done mid cycle if the code is identical, or do you prefer that it's left until the next cycle?16:34
kklimondatedg: ping16:37
seb128klattimer, I doubt we will change that in stable update16:38
seb128but we will get it next cycle16:38
klattimerit would be nice in LTS16:38
seb128well the lts was 6 months ago16:39
seb128well not exactly yet, but last cycle16:39
seb128we don't have libappindicator supporting icons there etc16:39
kklimondaseb128: what is important at this stage? crash fixing or functionality fixing?16:42
seb128kklimonda, whatever is an issuer for the userexperience fixing16:43
seb128crashes being annoying issues and high on the list usually16:43
seb128wb tedg16:43
seb128ok, I'm away for an hour16:43
kklimondaseb128: tedg: indicator-sound crashes when rhythmbox is playing something mounted over gvfs, I can fix the crash easily but getting art to display may take more work16:43
seb128kklimonda, conor is working on that16:43
seb128it's the artwork fetching16:44
ronockklimonda: hi, I'm working on a fix right now for the remote arturl16:45
ronocwill be in tmrw's release16:45
kklimondaronoc: thanks, I can't use sound menu since I've imported my library ;)16:46
tedgkklimonda, Okay, so is that the one that's a libindicate bug?  Do you have a fix for that?16:46
ronockklimonda: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~cjcurran/indicator-sound/remote-art-handling16:46
ronochave it working just need to tidy a few things16:46
kklimondaronoc: hmm.. why do you check http:// ? that's not the only case :)16:48
ronockklimonda: true, I have more code to push this is just a first cut16:49
kklimondaronoc: why not use Gvfs?16:50
kklimondatedg: nah, ronoc is working on it - I can poke him now! :)16:50
kklimondaseb128: and in bug 626379, would it be enough to stop g-s-d from crashing? That's pretty simple fix for an edge case (that should never happen but obviously it does)16:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 626379 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in g_main_context_dispatch() (affected: 1, heat: 1736)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62637916:51
tedgAh, okay.  kklimonda you'd be surprised how much work I pass off on ronoc ;)16:51
kklimondaunfortunately I can't reproduce g-s-d crash so investigating it isn't simple..16:51
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ronocCimi: ping !20:17

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