timdrakehi guys04:39
timdrakeneed help about printing here04:39
HedgeMagetimdrake: Just ask your question, if someone can answer, they will.04:43
timdrakethe print out is too small, printer model is lx300 im using ubuntu 9.0404:45
HedgeMagewhat program are you printing from?04:46
timdrakeopen office spreadsheet04:46
HedgeMageOkay, one of a couple of things is likely going wrong:04:51
HedgeMageThe font you are using may be smaller than you think, and it looks a reasonable size because you are zoomed in on the spreadsheet in the edit window.04:52
timdrakei tried changing the font tru spreadsheet but still the print out is small04:53
HedgeMageAnother common possibility is that in your page style dialogue, you have set a scaling factor, or forced it to fit something to a page rather than spreading it over multiple pages04:53
timdrakei'll try that04:54
DmoraisHi folks14:23
dgroosHi folks--I thought I ought to say that, since school has started, I can no longer make it to the Wed. 19:00 UTC meetings.17:21
dgroosnot that I always made it before but still...17:21
dindadgroos: would it help if future meetings were moved to evening hours?17:36
dgroosdinda: I would appreciate the option to participate for sure; I can't commit to making it to all of them so I'd say don't just move them for me.  Thanks.17:43
dindadgroos: will add it to the agenda today, see if others have thoughts on the idea - would be easier for me in evenings too17:43
dgroosThanks dinda.  And, I understand that a property of a spherical planet is that all hours are present somewhere on our planet at any one time :-)17:49
alkisgMeeting in 2 hours?18:03
highvoltagealkisg: yeppity19:56
highvoltageEdubuntu Meeting Time!20:00
vmlintudinda: I just realized that there was a discussion on #ubuntu-meeting about Ubuntu usage in schools - here's a map of schools using Ubuntu/LTSP in Finland: http://bit.ly/amFiOO (google maps)21:55
dindavmlintu: awesome - thanks!21:55
vmlintuI doubt anyone calls it Edubuntu, though..21:56
dindavmlintu: that's ok, any school using Ubuntu is on my radar, thanks22:02
vmlintudinda: if you need more information, I have something to do with almost all listed installations..22:05
dindavmlintu: are you a consultant doing installations?22:09
highvoltagevmlintu: that is *really* cool22:11
vmlintudinda: service provider actually22:11
dindavmlintu: nice work!22:12
vmlintudinda: we do only schools and provide full service so that there's no need for ubuntu knowledge at schools22:13
dindavmlintu: looks like you've got a great business success22:17
alkisgvmlintu: are you paid by individual schools, by the ministry, or...?22:17
dindavmlintu: does the government help support and promote FOSS?22:17
vmlintualkisg: depends, sometimes it's cities, something individual schools22:18
alkisgGood work :)22:18
vmlintualkisg: schools are run by cities, so no direct government money22:19
alkisgAh, here we have a team that tries to make ubuntu suitable for greek schools, that runs with government money...22:19
alkisg...we need to make such a map too, though :)22:19
vmlintudinda: government funds some limited time projects, but they pay the money to schools that run the projects. There are some projects that promote FOSS, though..22:20
vmlintudinda: here's something from last spring: http://www.opinsys.fi/en/mista-on-hyvat-koulu-tehty22:22
dindaalkisg: your work in Greece is it funded by the schools or government?22:22
alkisgThere are about 50-100 schools using linux, mostly ubuntu/ltsp, and we're trying to automate/support their installations as best as we can22:23
alkisgI'm sure the user base will grow over time..22:24
alkisgE.g. last here about 120.000 netbooks were given to students, we managed to have them dual booted (windows/ubuntu)22:25
vmlintudinda: there's also COSS (the Finnish Centre for Open Source Solutions) that runs Educoss (http://www.coss.fi/en/educoss) that promotes FOSS for schools22:25
alkisg*last year22:25
highvoltagedinda: do you think we should have a canonical/edubuntu session at UDS?22:25
dindahighvoltage: it won't hurt to put it out there - I've got a family committment on Oct. 26 so won't be able to get out there until the 27th, Wed22:26
dindahighvoltage: and as of right now I don't know if that will just be as a community member or 'something else'22:26
dindahighvoltage: I'm more than happy to keep promoting all things education as 'just a community member' and will do so no matter what happens with my day job :)22:27
dindavmlintu: that is great stuff, just the kind of stories I've been looking for22:28
vmlintudinda: here's one more: http://www.osor.eu/news/fi-over-a-hundred-schools-using-open-source22:29
dindavmlintu: as a service provider is there anything Canonical could do to help you?  anything you'd like to see them promote or offer?  like academic support options?  or is it enough to just send all Finnish language and schools in finland to your company?  :)22:30
highvoltagedinda: ok, I'll make sure it's for later in the week22:33
highvoltagedinda: having you there as a community member will be plenty good enough for me22:34
vmlintudinda: that's a good question22:35
dindahighvoltage: aw, thanks,  it's just so nice to actually have some free time lately to work on some of this stuff22:35
vmlintudinda: I'd guess that most of the schools we work with wouldn't use ubuntu if they didn't get support in finnish. And most of the problems we deal with have nothing to do with ubuntu itself..22:36
dindavmlintu: that's good to know - so like hardware issues?22:37
vmlintudinda: network problems, help with user management, hardware issues, training, openoffice usage, firefox extensions, proprietary software, etc..22:39
dindavmlintu: so the standard technology problems for any deployment22:40
vmlintudinda: you could say so..22:40
dindavmlintu: was there any resistance from teachers?  or have most adapted well?22:43
vmlintudinda: we provide training at first for teachers and pupils so that they feel confident with the system22:47
dindavmlintu: the most successful deployments I've seen take that approach22:47
vmlintudinda: in some cases it takes more hand holding, but usually most of the issues are sorted out quickly22:48
dindavmlintu: I worked on a project for the EU called FLOSS Include that had many case studies about education deployments22:48
vmlintudinda: sometimes teachers have to give up old software which usually makes it harder22:49
vmlintuFLOSS Include is something I haven't heard of before22:50
vmlintuI'll have a look at that22:53

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