nixternalhrmm, in maverick I can't set chrome as my default browser via chrome like i was able to do before...any ideas would be helpful as i dig for a solution00:13
ulyssesno idea, if I try to set Chrome as default in System Settings, it does nothing like I would do it via Chrome00:16
luciowith maverick in freeze is 4.5.1 will be included in B1?00:54
JontheEchidnalucio: nope, won't make it for B101:00
ScottKnixternal: I've seen the same problem.02:26
ScottKapachelogger: FYI, you could go ahead and upload 4.5.1, it just won't get accepted until after the beta freeze is over.02:29
claydohwheee! maverick feels much snappier than lucid w/4.5 wow wow02:39
ScottKUpdated Kubuntu images needing testing: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/05:50
=== _LibertyZero is now known as LibertyZero
* Mamarok hugs apachelogger for having tried that KDE ONE client09:01
* markey hugs too, for good measure09:03
almh, the choqok version in karmic stopped working with twitter, since they made oauth mandatory09:03
markeyyep, I can confirm09:04
alerrm, lucid i meant09:10
markeyit's know, though09:10
markeyknown even09:10
alkarmic and below is affected too of course ;)09:10
nigelbapachelogger: you need to update /topic09:16
nigelbthere is birthday today :D09:16
Mamaroknigelb: who?09:17
* Mamarok checks her Facebook09:18
Mamarokoh, Maco has her birthday today!09:19
Mamarokmaco: Happy Birthday!09:19
* Mamarok hugs maco09:19
nigelbMamarok: ah, I was away for a minute09:23
nigelbLooks like you figured it out :)09:23
agateaumaco: happy birthday!09:24
agateauRiddell: hi, any news on my amarok mpris update?09:25
alah, building maverick's choqok and qoauth in karmic works just fine09:58
almeh, s/karmic/lucid/09:59
apacheloggernigelb: we have an open topic policy here ;)10:07
apacheloggermeaning everyone can change it ;)10:07
nigelbapachelogger: ah10:12
=== apachelogger changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: KDE 4.5.1 packaging http://xn--bdk.tv/4a | Beta candidates need testing http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/kubuntu/all | Maverick Beta Freeze is on - Universe still open for business | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | Milestoned bugs tagged Kubuntu http://tinyurl.com/33p7vu3
=== apachelogger changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: KDE 4.5.1 packaging http://ツ.tv/4a | Beta candidates need testing http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/kubuntu/all | Maverick Beta Freeze is on - Universe still open for business | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | Milestoned bugs tagged Kubuntu http://tinyurl.com/33p7vu3
* apachelogger giggles10:13
* apachelogger hugs Mamarok and markey10:13
=== apachelogger changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: KDE 4.5.1 packaging http://ツ.tv/4a | Beta candidates need testing http://ツ.tv/4b | Maverick Beta Freeze is on - Universe still open for business | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | Milestoned bugs tagged Kubuntu http://tinyurl.com/33p7vu3
=== apachelogger changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: KDE 4.5.1 packaging http://ツ.tv/4a | Beta candidates need testing http://ツ.tv/4b | Maverick Beta Freeze is on - Universe still open for business | Todo: http://ツ.tv/4c | Milestoned bugs tagged Kubuntu http://tinyurl.com/33p7vu3
=== apachelogger changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Happy birthday maco \o/ | KDE 4.5.1 packaging http://ツ.tv/4a | Beta candidates need testing http://ツ.tv/4b | Maverick Beta Freeze is on - Universe still open for business | Todo: http://ツ.tv/4c | Milestoned bugs tagged Kubuntu http://tinyurl.com/33p7vu3
* Trouble unplugs apachelogger's keyboard :D10:16
* apachelogger hugs maco and wishes her a happy and awesome birthday10:16
apacheloggeris it just me or is rekonq forgetting cookies?10:28
Riddellagateau: updated patch is in https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amarok/2:2.3.1-1ubuntu710:41
agateauRiddell: great, thanks!10:42
markeyal: http://digitizor.com/2010/08/31/install-choqok-1-0-beta-2-from-ppa-kubuntu-10-04-10-10/11:03
markeycheck this11:03
markeyfixes the OAuth issues11:03
Riddellhmm, we should get choqok backported11:06
Riddellshadeslayer: fancy investigating that ^^ ?11:07
apachelogger!find kvm-img11:14
ubottuFile kvm-img found in qemu-kvm11:14
apacheloggerRiddell: http://aplg.kollide.net/images/avatar/snapshot5.png is that meant to happen with a kubuntu image?11:16
apacheloggerdoesnt even start -.-11:20
Riddellis bug 61363611:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 613636 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "Kubuntu Maveric ISOs show purple "Ubuntu 10.10" boot splash instead of the blue Kubuntu one." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61363611:21
Riddellnot starting is a larger bug11:21
apacheloggerwell it could be testdrive's fault11:21
apacheloggerit did not get is own dependencies right, that is always a bad sign11:22
apacheloggermhhh, getting pulseaudio errors from qemu11:24
apacheloggerRiddell: never mind that, it seems testdrive had stupid audio default setting that blocked qemu11:26
apacheloggerRiddell: say I have a file Foo.py and that contains a class Foo, how do I import Foo.py not as module (i.e. so I can call the class Foo directly without Foo. prefix)11:45
Riddellfrom Foo import Foo no?11:45
apacheloggeroh that works11:46
apacheloggerRiddell: still a bit strange though ^^11:46
apacheloggersomehow login with qemu fails -.-11:54
* apachelogger tries vbox11:55
apacheloggerI love desktop files like that11:56
sheytanapachelogger what's thestdrive? :D11:57
apacheloggera reason to not follow best practise obviously11:57
apacheloggersheytan: it is supposed to help one test *buntu ISO images in that it rsyncs them and then launches a virtual machine 11:58
sheytanapachelogger, oh, ok ;)11:58
apacheloggerRiddell: is it me or is login broken (inside a vm?)11:59
apacheloggerqemu failed, vbox gets sensible colors but also fails...11:59
Riddellapachelogger: from a live image?12:00
Riddellshould boot up into ubiquity which lets you run 'Try Kubuntu'12:00
apacheloggeryes, but then login does not work12:01
apacheloggersplash comes up goes a couple of steps, then falls back to kdm12:01
apacheloggerwhich sounds pretty much like X is crashin12:01
Riddellworks for me, check your Xsession logs I guess12:01
apacheloggerddxsiggiveup 12:04
shadeslayerRiddell: hmm sure as soon as im done with PIM12:22
shadeslayerneversfelde: pong12:22
nigelbshadeslayer: how did the exam go?12:27
shadeslayernigelb: 15-20/100 in the first one, 2nd one went better .. like 70-80 :P12:28
nigelbshadeslayer: lol12:29
shadeslayeri stuided for ~1 hour for both12:29
yofelmaco: happy birthday :D12:29
shadeslayerbut we shall get grace marks12:29
nigelbshadeslayer: be careful with that stuff when you say it in a logged channel :D12:29
shadeslayermaco: happy birthday !! :D12:29
shadeslayernigelb: dude half the stuff was out of syllabus :P12:30
nigelbNever know if your future employer is going to google you :D12:30
shadeslayerand our teacher broke his leg12:30
shadeslayerso we had no teacher for 2 weeks, and its only been 3 weeks into college12:30
shadeslayernigelb: id rather be self employed :P12:30
shadeslayerthan work under someone who "googles" me ^_^12:31
shadeslayerRiddell: choqok to go into lucid backports?12:31
nigelbshadeslayer: hahaha12:32
ScottKshadeslayer: Since it's totally broken, it should be fixed in an SRU12:32
shadeslayerScottK: oic :)12:32
nigelbScottK: twitter OAuth thing?12:32
shadeslayerScottK: OAuth needs backporting as well then12:32
shadeslayerill do that too :P12:33
ScottKshadeslayer: Nope.  It all needs to be done as an SRU (not backports)12:33
shadeslayeryes thats what i meant...12:33
shadeslayerbackport to SRU12:33
shadeslayertake mav package -> package for lucid -> ask for SRU12:34
nigelbum, no12:34
nigelbI think its take the patch that fixes and bug and request for sru, but I may be wrong12:35
ScottKnigelb: Generally that's the case.12:36
shadeslayernigelb: whole new release :P12:36
ScottKSometimes exceptions get made and entire releases are done, but I'm not on the SRU team, so can't say if this is one of them.12:36
nigelbScottK: but since its entirely broken right now, it might be warranted, unless we have a clean patch12:37
apacheloggera) it is not broken for identica from what I understand12:37
ScottKAgreed, but I'm not the one to decide.12:37
apacheloggerb) there is still the twitter plasmoid12:37
shadeslayerapachelogger: true, just twitter12:37
apacheloggerc) choqok is not released as stable12:37
shadeslayernigelb: some of my friends call it tweeter :P12:38
nigelbapachelogger: A whole bag of worms isn't it?12:38
apacheloggerso IMHO the educated decision would be to get it into backports and once stable try SRU12:38
ScottKapachelogger: We aren't supposed to use backports to fix SRU worthy problems.12:38
apacheloggerScottK: we are not fixing it we are patching it until a fix is available12:39
apacheloggeralso mind that libqoauth was not available in lucid12:39
shadeslayerlol @ topic links12:39
ScottKThe usual result in such cases is then the fix is never available.12:39
apacheloggerso apt-get update and kpk will not want to upgrade choqok with a new dep I suppsoe12:39
ScottKWe can get new packages into -proposed/updates if needed.12:40
shadeslayerapachelogger: afaik choqok now deps on qoauth, so that should not be a problem12:40
apacheloggerthat does not change the fact that libqoauth is not available on any stock lucid system and if choqok was installed it will not be upgraded unless the user opts towards installing the new lib12:41
apacheloggerquite frankly I think discussion here is rather pointless anyway ... propose the options to upstream, let upstream pick the one they want and then implement that one12:41
shadeslayerill be doing a SRU for qoauth as well12:42
markeyChoqok 1.0 Beta2 is very laggy here12:43
markeyinterface is like molasses12:43
shadeslayerhahaha :P12:43
markeymaybe check that before putting in backports12:43
ScottKapachelogger: The same is required to upgrade kernels when the abi is bumped, so it should be ~fine.12:43
* markey reads backlog :)12:44
ScottKapachelogger: Upstream will want the latest version in all releases back to dapper.  No need to bother asking what they'd want.12:44
shadeslayermarkey: its slow when fetching updates, works fine after the initial 2 mins of fetching backlog12:44
shadeslayernew choqok release12:44
markeyis it? been running for a while now12:44
shadeslayerworks for me :D12:45
shadeslayerubuntu one kde on the other had does not12:45
shadeslayerapachelogger: *hint* *hint*12:45
apacheloggerlet the ship sink12:45
* apachelogger does not give a foobar12:46
shadeslayerapachelogger: if you ship ubuntuone-kde ill cry12:46
apacheloggerwe wont12:46
apacheloggerseeing as it is broken12:46
shadeslayercan you change the icon here : https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/choqok : to the new one?12:46
shadeslayer( the new ones green :P )12:47
shadeslayerok im updating choqok then12:47
nigelbshadeslayer: the logo has to be updated here https://edge.launchpad.net/choqok12:48
apacheloggersheytan: mtux can12:48
shadeslayernigelb: seeing that apachelogger registered it i asked him to do it12:48
shadeslayerapachelogger: dude the project is registered by you :P12:48
apacheloggerseeing that I transfered maintainership to mtux I do not ahve no control whatsoever12:48
nigelbshadeslayer: no, I mean it has to be done at the upstream project12:48
nigelbI'm pretty sure Mehrdad Momeny isn't apachelogger ;)12:49
nigelbgah, it is registered by him12:49
nigelbI should wear my glasses12:49
shadeslayerapachelogger: oic :)12:50
* apachelogger is wondering where he put the u1kde graphc12:50
shadeslayerchoqok beta 3 building 12:52
shadeslayerthis will require FFe :S12:53
apacheloggerfor maverick?12:53
apacheloggerof course12:53
apacheloggerrekonq's urlbar drives me nuts12:54
shadeslayernigelb: airtel-- :/12:57
shadeslayernigelb: also check out http://www.fakingnews.com/2010/09/with-just-over-a-month-to-go-terrorists-pull-out-of-cwg/12:57
nigelbshadeslayer: airtel rocks for me (so far)12:57
shadeslayernigelb: it rained so heavily here that my connection dropped to 15 KBps :P12:58
shadeslayerits 70KBps otherwise12:58
markeyeh, there's Choqok Beta 3 now :)12:58
shadeslayereither that or the indian mirror is SLOOOOOWWWW12:58
* markey just upgraded to Beta 212:59
shadeslayermarkey: yeah its building :P12:59
shadeslayer( on my machine that is )12:59
nigelbshadeslayer: I never use Indian Mirror12:59
nigelbThere is an option to ping and find best mirror.  Use that.12:59
shadeslayerbest thing about choqok .... it informs you that theres a new release of itself :P12:59
shadeslayernigelb: i know, but indian mirror is now fast, it has push mirroring 13:00
shadeslayerjpds got a request from the server maintainer 13:00
ubottuNinja Time! apachelogger, bulldog98, debfx, JontheEchidna, Lex79, maco, neversfelde, nhandler, Quintasan, rgreening, Riddell, ScottK, stalcup, txwikinger13:03
apachelogger4.5.1 for lucid!!!!13:03
ScottKapachelogger: It'd be good to go ahead and get it in queue for Maverick too.13:04
apacheloggerScottK: if someone fixes bindings13:04
* ScottK looks at NCommander, then bindings meister in chief.13:04
apacheloggerthere is a patch already13:05
apacheloggerbut lex disappeared13:05
NCommanderuh oh, what broke?13:06
apacheloggerNCommander: upstream not speaking cmake13:07
apacheloggerHOLY GRAIL!!!!13:07
apacheloggerthe ubuntu wiki is freaking me out13:07
apacheloggerwhy is it that all the shit we need to use is either slow, bugged or got no usibility whatsoever or all three of them13:07
apacheloggerScottK: the upload order does not matter anymore, does it?13:10
ScottKapachelogger: No.  I don't think so.13:10
ScottKapachelogger: Also, it's going into unapproved, so it really doesn't matter.13:10
apacheloggernew Qt13:10
apacheloggeroh dear13:10
apacheloggerthat could take a while13:10
ScottKapachelogger: I vote new Qt after new KDE.13:11
shadeslayerlex was supposed to return last week wasnt he? :P13:11
apacheloggerwhat if there is ABI breakage? :S13:11
apacheloggerthen we need to rebuild KDE13:11
shadeslayeri vote new qt and then new KDE13:11
ScottKThen we'll find out.13:11
apacheloggerwell, but why would you want Qt after KDE?13:11
ScottKBecause Qt takes to long to build on the slow archs there's ~a day where we can't build KDE stuff at all on some archs13:12
ScottKBetween the time Qt finishes on i386 (and is published) and when it finishes (and is published) on the relevant arch.13:12
shadeslayergive priority to qt* over gtk* ? :P13:13
apacheloggerwell then lets do it that way13:13
* apachelogger moves shadeslayer to start on 451 for lucid13:13
shadeslayerapachelogger: i already am working on choqok -> choqok for lucid -> kdepim beta 3 for maverick and lucid -> exams13:14
shadeslayeradd some rekonq in there somewhere too :P13:14
ScottKshadeslayer: gtk is a legacy technology no longer much developed.  I'm not sure people care about it much anymore.13:15
shadeslayerScottK: so gnome uses qt as well now? :D13:15
apacheloggerInternal error in server13:15
* apachelogger takes a deep breath13:15
shadeslayerapachelogger: yeah im getting that in lunchpad + kubuntu wiki13:15
ScottKshadeslayer: Ask Gnome devs how they feel about the robustness of gtk development.13:15
shadeslayergnome has devs? :D13:16
shadeslayerScottK: apachelogger http://web.archive.org/web/20021108141525/http://www.illusionary.com/GNOMEvKDE.html13:16
apacheloggerin the name of the lord darth vader himself13:16
apachelogger  <title>OpenID transaction in progress</title>13:17
ScottKshadeslayer: As was already pointed out on kde promo, what Ubuntu ships really isn't much like Gnome at all.13:17
apacheloggerlaunchpad in their openid craps can go and play foo 13:17
shadeslayerScottK: kde promo? where?13:17
ScottKapachelogger: I was having openid troubles earlier too, but it passed.13:17
ScottKshadeslayer: kde promo mailing list.13:17
shadeslayeroh i see.. will have to check it ;)13:18
wgrantapachelogger: What is the error message that you get? I don't have permission to see that PPA, but it should work for you.13:18
shadeslayer4.5.1 is in maverick right?13:18
shadeslayeror will be uploaded to maverick right?13:18
apacheloggerwgrant: Internal error in server13:18
apacheloggerthat is it13:19
apacheloggerno more than that13:19
apacheloggerand that is coming from the browser actually13:19
wgrantapachelogger: Can you produce a screenshot?13:19
shadeslayerapachelogger: works for me now :)13:19
wgrantThat's a very odd message.13:19
wgrantScottK: What were the earlier OpenID troubles?13:20
apacheloggerwgrant: http://aplg.kollide.net/images/avatar/snapshot6.png13:20
wgrant(note, though, that the thing branded as the LP OpenID thing is not part of LP at all, but managed by Canonical ISD)13:20
wgrantapachelogger: What if you visit that URL directly?13:21
apacheloggerwgrant: what do you mean by directly?13:21
wgrantapachelogger: Enter it in the address bar.13:21
apacheloggerI click on the link, save-as-dialog pops up, I tell it where to save13:21
wgrantI see.13:21
wgrantAnother browser doesn't work?13:21
apacheloggerthen KDE tries to open a copy job for it which apparently fails13:22
apacheloggerwgrant: let me install konqueror13:22
* shadeslayer tries with chromium13:22
JohnFluxThe ibus packages the ubuntu ships with cause a memory leak in plasma-desktop at a rate of about 250KB/sec13:22
JohnFluxThere's a fix in the ibus ppa, but it seems fairly important to get these fixes out officially13:23
apacheloggerwgrant: it works in konqueror13:23
wgrantapachelogger: Yeah, Chromium and Firefox too.13:23
apacheloggerwgrant: what could be the reason?13:23
apacheloggerwgrant: cookie missing?13:23
wgrantapachelogger: A missing cookie would do it.13:24
wgrantBut I don't know how those bits of KDE work.13:24
* shadeslayer runs in other direction 13:24
apacheloggerwell, I blame rekonq13:24
apacheloggerbecause the cookies are shared with konqueror13:24
shadeslayerapachelogger: works in rekonq for me :P13:24
apacheloggerand since opening the connection works with konqueror and not rekonq I could imagine where the problem is13:24
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://imgur.com/oCpk013:25
apacheloggershadeslayer: save it13:25
shadeslayerJohnFlux: yes we heard you :)13:25
apacheloggerthe file transfer fails13:25
ScottKwgrant: I was logged out of LP today and when I tried to log in, it said the service was down.13:25
apacheloggernot the save dialog13:25
JohnFluxshadeslayer: so, now what? :-)13:25
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://imgur.com/46OGa13:25
wgrantScottK: login.launchpad.net, or launchpad.net?13:26
shadeslayerJohnFlux: youll need to file a bug report and then we can take it from there13:26
apacheloggershadeslayer: well13:26
ScottKwgrant: I was logged out of LP and login.lp was down.13:26
JohnFluxshadeslayer: where?13:26
ScottKThis was ~90 minutes ago.13:26
wgrantScottK: Aha.13:26
wgrantScottK: ENOTREALLYLP13:26
shadeslayerJohnFlux: on launchpad of course, against ibus and mention that it affects kdebase13:27
ScottKwgrant: The being logged out was really LP, right?13:27
wgrantScottK: Hm, possibly.13:27
shadeslayeror hold on13:27
shadeslayerapachelogger: ^ ibus issue13:27
ScottKIn any case, the normal level of service is such that I didn't consider it remarkable.13:27
shadeslayershould the bug be filed against ibus or kdebase?13:27
wgrantapachelogger, ScottK: So, feel free to complain about LP. But do so in a manner that can be noticed and handled usefully, please.13:28
wgrantapachelogger: (and it's even better if it doesn't turn out to be a browser bug :P)13:28
ScottKwgrant: If LP developers care (as a whole, not you) about how well their service worked, it would.  They don't need me to tell them.13:29
wgrantScottK: Indeed.13:29
apacheloggerwgrant: well ... broken client and broken service is a bit of an overkill for me :P13:31
apacheloggernow that I have a working browser again13:32
* apachelogger continues with 4.5.113:32
JohnFluxshadeslayer: I found a bug there - it's been there for a month13:33
shadeslayerJohnFlux: bug number please13:33
apacheloggerah right13:33
apacheloggershadeslayer: what is with ibus?13:33
shadeslayerJohnFlux: ^13:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 583954 in ibus (Ubuntu) "ibus-daemon applet leaks memory badly" [Undecided,New]13:35
JohnFluxshadeslayer: ^13:35
shadeslayerJohnFlux: ill have a look after kdepim :)13:35
apacheloggergtk -> #ubuntu-desktop13:35
shadeslayerapachelogger: also affects plasma-desktop 13:36
apacheloggerhow is that?13:36
JohnFluxshadeslayer: yeah I just spent the last 4 hours tracking it down from a plasma-desktop leak to ibuys13:36
shadeslayerJohnFlux: id say poke the guy who last uploaded ibus13:36
apacheloggerI do not get it13:37
apacheloggerwhat is leaking there13:37
apacheloggeror the applet13:37
apacheloggeror plasma13:37
apacheloggeror gtk13:37
apacheloggeror what?13:37
apacheloggerhow could it leak into plasma anyway?13:37
shadeslayeribus if i understand correctly13:38
JohnFluxibus, right13:38
apacheloggerso the daemon itself is leaking?13:38
JohnFluxapachelogger: or the ibus systray applet13:38
JohnFluxapachelogger: I don't know how it appears in cause plasma-destop to leak13:38
shadeslayerapachelogger: is there a script to file a FFe?13:38
apacheloggerScottK, Riddell: can one of you upload oxygen-icons ... with my connection it would take like half a day or so13:39
JohnFluxbut plasma-desktop has the systray, and the applet embeds into that13:39
apacheloggershadeslayer: not that I know of13:39
apacheloggeralso I could not imagine how such a script would work13:39
* shadeslayer proceeds to file manually13:39
ScottKapachelogger: Probably later today.13:39
shadeslayerapachelogger: requestsync does have a FFe option 13:39
JohnFluxshadeslayer: anyway, please update the packages if you can13:39
apacheloggerJohnFlux: the gtk applet?13:39
JohnFluxapachelogger: yes13:40
apacheloggerwell, then do not use that :P13:40
apacheloggerthere is a perfectly fine plasmoid for ibus IIRC13:40
shadeslayerJohnFlux: i cant really13:40
apachelogger!info plasma-widget-kimpanel-backend-ibus13:40
ubottuplasma-widget-kimpanel-backend-ibus (source: kdeplasma-addons): addons for KDE 4 Plasma - universal input method widget. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 14 kB, installed size 96 kB13:40
apacheloggerJohnFlux: ^13:40
JohnFluxshadeslayer: but the bug is 4 months old and has lots of people saying that it leaks - at what point do you update packages then? :-/13:41
JohnFluxshadeslayer: if the original guy was active he would have done it by now13:41
ScottKMeh.  This system is too old to boot to usb.13:41
ScottKNeed to burn an actual CD.13:41
JohnFluxapachelogger: cool13:41
apacheloggerScottK: maybe a bios upgrade helps13:42
apacheloggercagibi uploaded13:42
ScottKapachelogger: No.  Circa 2006 Intel motherboard.13:42
apacheloggerScottK: 2006? that surely should have a bios upgrade for usb booting13:43
ScottKI think it was out of support before such things were considered.13:43
apacheloggermy 2006 asus board had usb booting out of the box IIRC13:43
=== schmidtm_ is now known as schmidtm
Riddellfreeflying: what do you make of bug 583954 ?13:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 583954 in ibus (Ubuntu) "ibus-daemon applet leaks memory badly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58395413:46
apacheloggerRiddell also doesnt use vim ^^13:47
apacheloggerwe vim uses know everything :P13:47
Sputstupid know-it-alls13:48
apacheloggerthere comes apport again13:48
shadeslayerRiddell: apachelogger bug 62805113:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 628051 in choqok (Ubuntu) "FFe: Choqok choqok 0.9.90" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62805113:52
shadeslayeruh oh13:53
shadeslayeri didnt close the bug in changelog :/13:53
Riddellshadeslayer: is it suitable for backports too?13:54
shadeslayerRiddell: for lucid? no13:54
shadeslayerhavent gotten around to backporting qoauth13:54
shadeslayer( thats next on my agenda )13:54
shadeslayerand is it final that it should go to backports? no SRU?13:55
ScottKshadeslayer: Other way around.13:56
shadeslayerScottK: i dont understand ...13:56
shadeslayerbackport qoauth -> backport choqok right...13:56
ScottKshadeslayer: Didn't I already say that backports wasn't for fixing SRU worthy bugs?13:57
ScottKshadeslayer: OK, so why do you say no SRU, do backports?13:58
ScottKThat is, AFAICT, pretty much the exact opposite of what I said.13:59
shadeslayeri didnt say that, Riddell asked if it was good for backports, so i got confused 13:59
shadeslayerSRU it is then14:00
shadeslayerScottK: the changelog should still mention backport to lucid right?14:05
shadeslayer( even if its a SRU )14:05
ScottKshadeslayer: Don't use the word backport.  It's confusing in this context.14:05
* apachelogger wants bzr builddeb to work before he continues :@14:06
shadeslayerRelease for lucid?14:06
shadeslayerah ok14:07
shadeslayerScottK: your in the release team right?14:09
ScottKshadeslayer: Yes, but not ubuntu-sru which is the relevant team for this.14:09
* shadeslayer points ScottK to choqok FFe14:10
ScottKBug #?14:10
shadeslayerbug 62805114:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 628051 in choqok (Ubuntu) "FFe: Choqok choqok 0.9.90" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62805114:10
shadeslayerdont use the package in ppa, the changelog doesnt close the bug14:11
shadeslayerhmm.. this is new, if i upload 2 packages, different releases, with same version number, lp doesnt accept the upload :/14:14
ScottKshadeslayer: No.  It doesn't.  This is a feature, not a bug.  Upload to the oldest you want and then copy forward.14:14
apacheloggerbzr builddeb trunk works \o/14:14
ScottKapachelogger: I was able to log into LP using reqkonq just now without a problem.  I think it was LP that was screwing with you before.14:15
ScottKwgrant: ^^^14:15
apacheloggerI am used to being screwed with :S14:15
wgrantshadeslayer: That's not new. It's been the case since... well, since Debian moved to package pools many years ago.14:15
shadeslayerScottK: so what do you think i should version the qoauth package if mav has : 1.0-2ubuntu3 ? ( i versioned it 1.0-2ubuntu1 )14:15
ScottKshadeslayer: ubuntu2.114:16
shadeslayerwgrant: i didnt know, ive never tried this before :P14:16
* ScottK considers apachelogger's last comment, then considers "this is a family friendly channel", then refrains from comment.14:17
nigelbScottK: heh14:18
apacheloggerhttp://aplg.kollide.net/images/avatar/snapshot8.png pinentry has the broken layoutz14:21
SputScottK: I had to spend a full week with apachelogger14:22
shadeslayerapachelogger: whats broken? 14:22
CIA-71[kdelibs] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100901132222-g8vwhnt4f0qz6l99 * debian/changelog releasing version 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu114:22
shadeslayerhahaha :D14:22
apacheloggershadeslayer: don you notice that the red warning thing overlaps the lock icon14:22
SputScottK: can you imagine that, having to cope with that for days!?14:22
apacheloggerbesides it being completely disaligned14:23
shadeslayerapachelogger: i thought that was intentional 0_o14:23
shadeslayeri mean the x indicates the lock was not opened14:23
ScottKSput: I hope you showered thoroughly afterwards.14:23
SputScottK: I bathed myself in pure alcohol14:24
apacheloggershadeslayer: you think?14:24
apacheloggercause I think it looks awkwardly silly14:24
shadeslayeryeah ... 14:24
shadeslayeri think thats not broken :P14:24
apacheloggerand is non-standard anyway, since the main overlay ought to be bottomish (also the size ratio does not fit if it is intentional)14:25
apacheloggershadeslayer: well, at the very least it is eww14:25
apacheloggerpossibly even *gross*14:25
apacheloggersince the colors are, well, not exactly attracted to each other14:26
apacheloggerI do not see them children any time soon14:26
shadeslayerScottK: seems qoauth built in my ppa, SRU'ing choqok noq14:26
apacheloggerchoqoknoq ^^14:26
shadeslayerhehehe 14:26
apacheloggerkdelibs up14:27
apacheloggerkonqueror 14:28
apacheloggerbeautiful konqueror14:28
* apachelogger should write a poem about konqueror one day14:28
apacheloggeronce I have learned how to do that14:28
shadeslayeruploading choqok for lucid 14:33
apacheloggerI luv my fancy commands ^^14:34
shadeslayernice :D14:34
shadeslayerim content with debuild -S -sa 14:35
apacheloggerway to horrible to write14:35
apacheloggerI also have "I command you to install"14:36
apacheloggerunlike "Install please" that will not do make install but sudo make install ;)14:36
apacheloggerkdepimlibs up14:36
CIA-71[kdepimlibs] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100901133841-l4vwc9g0wheqt4a7 * debian/changelog releasing version 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu114:38
shadeslayeri shall reformat my system now14:39
apacheloggerthat sounds like fun14:39
shadeslayerapachelogger: yeah ill be installing something called windows 7 promising me moar games :P14:40
apacheloggerI doubt it14:40
apacheloggeryou cannot play brood wars on it14:40
ScottKdantti_work: When I add a new repository using kpackagekit, it's not at all clear I need to check for updates before I can use it.14:40
* shadeslayer wants steam on ubuntu ... NOW14:40
apacheloggeranything you cannot breed on is not qualified for being used14:40
apacheloggerkdegraphics up14:41
shadeslayerapachelogger: how do you test build so fast? 0_o14:41
shadeslayer( assuming you do test build )14:41
apachelogger-j21 :P14:41
shadeslayerapachelogger: that shall kill my machine14:42
apacheloggercompile cluster14:42
shadeslayerapachelogger: you have a compile cluster? :O14:43
apacheloggeryou can have one two :P14:43
apachelogger!info icecc14:43
ubottuicecc (source: icecc): distributed compiler (client and server). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.4-2 (lucid), package size 260 kB, installed size 968 kB14:43
shadeslayerapachelogger: that will distribute compile stuff to where?14:44
apacheloggernp: Doctor ? by Orbital14:44
apacheloggershadeslayer: network14:44
shadeslayerapachelogger: the interwebz?14:44
shadeslayerwhat network? :P14:45
apacheloggerprecisely to each node that is registered to the icecc scheduler14:45
dantti_workScottK: sure, but iirc the software-properties-kde asks you to refresh it14:45
apacheloggerand has free resources14:45
apacheloggershadeslayer: the local one :P14:45
ScottKdantti_work: Not today.14:45
shadeslayerapachelogger: im the single user on my LAN :P14:45
shadeslayer( not really a LAN you see )14:45
apacheloggerScottK: maybe jonny broke it :P14:45
shadeslayerits just me and my Modem14:45
apacheloggershadeslayer: well, then get some nodes and you can have a compile cluster :P14:46
dantti_workdantti_work: hmm weird, well we need to look at software-properties code then, since kpk just lauches it with a patch from Riddell afaik14:46
dantti_workScottK:  ^14:46
ScottKOK.  Thanks.14:46
* dantti_work is getting old, talking to himself...14:46
apacheloggerone must be old to do that?14:46
* apachelogger needs to stop doing it then ...14:47
shadeslayerone must be sane enough to do that :P14:47
CIA-71[kdeaccessibility] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100901134714-63uyo42htj7za7zt * debian/changelog releasing version 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu114:47
dantti_workor not :P14:47
jussiapachelogger: hang on, I thought you were old... :P14:49
* jussi hugs dantti_work14:49
* apachelogger is only 1914:49
CIA-71[kdemultimedia] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100901134859-hhx0yjpizgdkp88d * debian/changelog releasing version 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu114:49
dantti_workapachelogger: someone told me there is a create_tarball in kdesdk that grabs an app from kde svn and it's .po, you told me something about a way to create a tarball is it the same?14:49
apacheloggermy approach is superior14:49
apacheloggerand will soon replace create_tarball14:49
dantti_workjussi: well I'm only 24 :P14:50
apachelogger(once I have dropped of the new supreme OOP version)14:50
jussicripes... now Im feeling old14:50
dantti_workjussi: but you know I have wife, 2 kids... you get old faster :P14:50
apacheloggerdantti_work: create_tarball is going to die with move to git since no one seems to crea to port it btw14:50
apacheloggerwhich is pretty much why I will replace it14:50
* jussi is 28, and getting married in 3.5 weeks...14:50
shadeslayerjussi: i can make you and everyone here feel old14:51
shadeslayerme and Quintasan that is :P14:51
shadeslayerim 19 and Quintasan is 18 :D14:51
jussishadeslayer: go talk to blueskaj in -offtopic...14:51
dantti_workjussi: nice, hope you like it :)14:51
shadeslayerjussi: how old is he?14:51
jussishadeslayer: 60 something...14:51
shadeslayerhmm :)14:51
dantti_workapachelogger: right, so where do I get you super tarball creator :P so that I can release kpk in kde-apps14:51
shadeslayerive worked with blueskaj during my intial days :D14:52
* ScottK files moar bugs.14:53
shadeslayerScottK: i updated the choqok FFe .. have a looksie when your free :)14:54
apacheloggershadeslayer, dantti_work, jussi: I think smarter is still one year younger than Quintasan14:54
apacheloggerdantti_work: sec14:54
shadeslayerapachelogger: ever heard of bilalakhtar ?14:54
shadeslayerhes 14 -15 i think ... 14:54
apacheloggerwell, smarter was 14 when he started contributing I think14:55
apacheloggeryoung family we have14:55
apacheloggerexcept for ScottK :P14:55
shadeslayerapachelogger: bilalakhtar has been contributing for a year, and hes 14-15 now :P14:55
apacheloggerdantti_work: https://code.launchpad.net/~apachelogger/+junk/extragear-release-script14:55
apacheloggerwrong one14:56
apacheloggerdantti_work: https://code.launchpad.net/~apachelogger/+junk/release-script-refactor14:56
apacheloggerthat one14:56
ScottKapachelogger: Right.  I'm even older than nixternal and that's saying something.14:56
apacheloggerdantti_work: I am writing a scripty for you14:56
dantti_workthese will probably be the next younger kde devs :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75l_N0VK1kk  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZudyFAM26S4&feature=channel14:57
apacheloggerdantti_work: how/where do you define your version number?14:58
apacheloggerin the source 14:58
dantti_workapachelogger: version.h14:58
shadeslayerScottK: \o/ choqok ready for SRU, just lemme generate debdiffs :D14:58
shadeslayerand i need testers 14:58
apacheloggereasy enough14:58
dantti_workapachelogger: I was thinking in moving to config.h.cmake but don't know what's best14:58
ScottKshadeslayer: I've got nothing to do with SRU stuff, so I'm not the one you want to tell.14:59
apacheloggerdantti_work: it seems most popular to set it via cmake these days14:59
apacheloggersee digikam for example14:59
shadeslayerScottK: just saying ;)14:59
shadeslayerany lucid users here? :D14:59
shadeslayerchoqok (0.9.90-0ubuntu1.1~ppa1) maverick; urgency=low << how did maverick get there15:00
shadeslayerthat is not good :/15:00
apacheloggerdantti_work: bzr branch lp:~apachelogger/+junk/release-script-refactor15:05
apacheloggerrun ./kpackagekit.rb15:05
apachelogger./kpackagekit.rb -b trunk -v 0.1 -p ssh -u sitter15:06
apacheloggerlike that for example15:06
apacheloggeralso see --help and readme for more information15:06
dantti_workapachelogger: many thanks :)15:06
apacheloggerif you want to create a tag in kde svn run with -t etc.15:06
apacheloggerif you want to strip translations that do not have a certian level of completion you can use  -m <percent to have at least>15:07
dantti_workapachelogger: one thing that I don't get with svn is taging, is it just to mark the revision for a release version for example?15:08
dantti_workis there any other benefit?15:08
apacheloggerwhen done the script spits out various information about the generated tarball and a packagernotification.txt file which might be of use for packagers (i.e. that stuff got requested back in the days when I used to be amarok's release mgr)15:08
apacheloggerdantti_work: actually it copies the tag target to /tags/somepath15:08
apacheloggerunlike bzr or git which just mark a certain revision as tag 12315:09
apacheloggerdantti_work: there is no particular use from tagging other than history value maybe15:09
apacheloggerand larger software packages might have to rebuild the tarballs from tag (e.g. when a change needs to go into a KDE release tarball between actual tagging and release, the change will be merged into the tag and a new tarball gets created from the tag directory rather than trunk)15:10
dantti_workapachelogger: I see thanks :)15:10
CIA-71[kdegames] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100901141220-z4cafr15zbw99h3e * debian/changelog releasing version 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu115:12
shadeslayerapachelogger: CIA-71 reads bzr commits as well now? :D15:13
apacheloggerit gets told about them15:13
ScottKhttp://blog.volker-lanz.de/2010/09/01/release-kde-partition-manager-1-0-3/ looks worthwhile.15:26
apacheloggerubuntu wiki - no body is slower15:42
apacheloggerubuntu wiki - because user experience is secondary15:43
ScottKapachelogger: ubuntu wiki - there to make launchpad feel fast.15:45
shadeslayerubuntu wiki - slowest/mundanest wiki eva!16:00
shadeslayer\o/ choqok  built for lucid16:02
jussiScottK: love it :D16:05
shadeslayerjussi: your on lucid?16:05
jussishadeslayer: right now, yes16:05
shadeslayerjussi: good, do you have choqok installed?16:05
shadeslayerok can you install it? :D16:06
jussishadeslayer: Im at work, limited amount I can do.16:06
shadeslayerwell...postponed then16:06
shadeslayerhttps://edge.launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/kde-extra/+packages << choqok 0.9.90 packages for lucid16:07
shadeslayerim off for now16:07
jussishadeslayer: they need testing?16:07
apacheloggerScottK: oh, that one is good ^^16:08
bulldog98apachelogger: is the package ok now?16:20
ScottKclaydoh: The usb-creator fix is going to lucid-updates, so instead of telling people to use the usb-creator from lucid-proposed, we need to tell them to make sure they install lucid updates before trying to create a maverick USB stick.16:20
apacheloggerbzr: ERROR: The dirstate file (DirState(u'/home/me/src/bzr/kdebase-workspace/.bzr/checkout/dirstate')) appears to be corrupt: Bad parse, we expected to end on \n, not: 0 : (('', '', ''), [('', '', 0L, 0, ''), ('', '', 0L, 0, '')])16:21
apacheloggerthese days I wonder16:21
apacheloggerwhat is actually not broken?16:21
shadeslayerjussi: yes16:24
ScottKapachelogger: My quassel is working very nicely.16:24
shadeslayersabdfl: Riddell a friend just called up to say that he wanted to pay for development if K/Ubuntu ..... im at a loss as to what i should say to him :D16:24
apacheloggeroh, true, that is one of the few working things16:25
apacheloggerI wonder why CVE-2010-0436_fix_kdm_local_exploit.diff is not upstreamed16:25
ubottuRace condition in backend/ctrl.c in KDM in KDE Software Compilation (SC) 2.2.0 through 4.4.2 allows local users to change the permissions of arbitrary files, and consequently gain privileges, by blocking the removal of a certain directory that contains a control socket, related to improper interaction with ksm. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2010-0436)16:25
apachelogger4.4.2 :O16:26
ScottKapachelogger: IIRC upstream did part of it and I wasn't sure if the remaining bits were needed, so being unsure and in a hurry, I left it.16:26
ScottKThen, being ancient, promptly forgot about it.16:27
apacheloggerunless check_c_source_runs is called somewhere I doubt this is needed16:27
ScottKOK.  Feel free to use your best judgement on it.16:28
apacheloggerbzr qlog says that patch only got touched by jon for "Recommend polkit-kde-1, not policykit-kde-1 (non-existent)"16:28
ScottKshadeslayer: Your friend should give apachelogger and I fat consulting contracts to work on Kubuntu development so we can be more professional and focused.16:28
apacheloggerScottK: you are just jealous that I can mess aorund so much :P16:29
shadeslayerScottK: you me and apachelogger :P16:29
ScottKThat or send some money to nixternal to continue to do nothing.16:30
Riddellshadeslayer: either offer your services for a suitable fee or point them at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/get-involved/donate16:30
markeyChoqok Beta 2 still isn't working right for me, I think it's borked16:30
markeyan earlier version did the same thing16:30
ScottKshadeslayer: I wasn't kidding about if he wants to pay for development, he should fund someone to do it.16:31
apacheloggersomething is wrong about the workspace thing16:31
shadeslayerScottK: ill forward him the donate links and your suggestions :D16:32
apacheloggershadeslayer: http://jointhegame.kde.org/16:32
apacheloggershadeslayer: http://ev.kde.org/getinvolved/supporting-members.php16:32
* shadeslayer has a jointthegame pamphlet from akademy 16:33
apacheloggerScottK: the remaining part of the patch was just applied at a different position in the file ;)16:35
ScottKapachelogger: OK.  Bad me.16:36
apacheloggeryeah :P16:36
apacheloggerI am all confused from the history here16:36
ScottKshadeslayer: You might ask kevinvandine what they are doing with Gwibber and oauth as it has a similar problem.  16:36
ScottKCoordinate your stories for fixing lucid.16:36
apacheloggerrgreening removed the patch at some point16:36
apacheloggerand as said jon re-added the trimmed down version in a completely unrelated change16:36
shadeslayerScottK: ubuntu-devel ?16:37
almarkey: choqok 0.9.85 is working fine here16:39
shadeslayerScottK: things just went fugly16:45
shadeslayerdont upload choqok 0.9.90 right now16:46
* smarter waves16:47
shadeslayerhey :)16:47
smarterhey everyone!16:48
smarterapachelogger: yep, I think I was 14 when I made my first patch :)16:48
smarterhow's everyone doing?16:49
apacheloggerahoy smarter o/16:50
smarterhowdy apachelogger!16:50
apacheloggerScottK is getting older, nixternal is getting lazier, apachelogger is getting rantier... ;)16:50
shadeslayertrue :P16:50
smarterbusiness as usual then :p16:50
ScottKshadeslayer: You'd need to complete the FFe first in any case.16:51
apacheloggersmarter: yeah ^^16:51
apacheloggersmarter: how is life?16:51
shadeslayerScottK: apachelogger Riddell : ideas! http://paste.ubuntu.com/486830/16:51
smarterfine, high school is finally over, college starts in a few weeks :)16:51
apacheloggersee how I did not get a :16:52
* apachelogger feels special now16:52
Nightroseyou're always special apachelogger ;-)16:52
apacheloggersmarter: to me that reads like "I am going to become super star contirbutor now"16:52
smartermaybe yes :p16:52
apacheloggerNightrose: not as special as you are to me <316:52
smarterapachelogger: I saw you did a GSOC, I'm jealous :p16:53
apacheloggerno need to be, I might have taken serious brain demage from it16:53
shadeslayersmarter: a GSOC project that is now absolutely broken :P16:54
apacheloggersmarter: also that reads like "I am going to be doing gsoc next year"16:54
ScottKshadeslayer: Good luck.  I don't have enough caring to express an opinion.16:54
apacheloggershadeslayer: it is not really16:54
apacheloggerin fact it would be working better than ever16:54
apacheloggerthe underlying crap stack is broken right now16:54
smarterapachelogger: I wish! According to the rules you have to be 18 in April, I turn 18 in May :/16:54
shadeslayerapachelogger: no i mean the auth mechanism changed, not really your fault16:54
smartercanonical changed the server part?16:54
apacheloggersmarter: oh ... well then the year after that ^^16:54
shadeslayerotoh the app is completely useless :P16:55
apacheloggershadeslayer: I already adapated to the auth mechanism16:55
shadeslayerthen why doesnt it work? or did you not do a new release? :D16:55
smarterapachelogger: no idea who I should ask to bend the rules? :p16:55
* apachelogger did not go to toilet for a week and then suddenly presented a whole gui ... go figure :P16:55
apacheloggersmarter: well...16:56
Riddellshadeslayer: I don't understand kenvandine's solution, he still ends up with a key in the source code as I read it16:56
apacheloggeryou could always write a letter to chris I suppose16:56
apacheloggera real letter16:56
* ScottK could have done without that imagery.16:56
apacheloggernot an email16:56
apacheloggerNightrose: or you could go bribe someone ^16:56
shadeslayerRiddell: yes but theres a override mechanism... see when he packaged it he put in the new key16:56
apacheloggersmarter: I recon if Nightrose bribes someone you will have to make a project for KDE or you will be in serious trouble :P16:57
Nightrosethis is most certainly true16:57
Riddelluh huh, so the new key is in the source code surely16:57
apacheloggerNightrose: can I bribe you so I can make a KDE project next year?16:57
Nightroseapachelogger: if you have a good proposal and a mentor sure16:57
smarterI wasn't considering anything but KDE anyway :p16:57
* Nightrose pets smarter16:58
apacheloggerNightrose: do you want to be my mentor?16:58
apacheloggersmarter: that is actually very wise16:58
apacheloggermy dearest minions16:59
* shadeslayer sees alot of KDE GSoC'rs next year... me also being one of them16:59
* apachelogger notes that he did not call the minions minions recently16:59
* shadeslayer runs to apachelogger16:59
apacheloggeralso why do we have so few?16:59
apacheloggerwell, nevermind, my dearest minions please go find a maintainer for ubuntuone-kde!!!16:59
shadeslayerRiddell: ^16:59
kenvandinehey Riddell17:00
smarterapachelogger: Also, I started watching Doctor Who during the holidays :p17:00
ali guess there's no api to dev.twitter.com?17:00
apacheloggersmarter: uhhhh, sweet :D17:01
kenvandineal: for registering an app? no17:01
alkenvandine: yea17:01
apacheloggershadeslayer: do you have a maintainer already?17:01
shadeslayerapachelogger: for what? :D17:02
shadeslayeru1-kde? 17:02
kenvandineal: they are very focused on developers of web apps, not desktop clients17:02
apacheloggershadeslayer: aye17:02
shadeslayerapachelogger: no.... :(17:02
shadeslayerScottK: i dont understand what im missing :(17:04
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
nixternalapachelogger: I am not getting lazier, I have a personal life, I cycle 200 miles a week. I don't think that is lazy17:12
nigelbnixternal: going pro with cycling?17:12
nixternalno, I just like cycling17:13
* nigelb hugs Nix17:13
neversfeldeshadeslayer: you synced qoauth and choqok?17:13
nigelbI would cycle when I was in school.17:13
nixternalhopefully get my team racing bike today, or at least my future team racing bike17:14
shadeslayerneversfelde: yes17:15
neversfeldeshadeslayer: upstream told me, that the latest choqok version needs qoauth 1.0.1 and we only have 1.017:15
neversfeldeso it is probably broken in Maverick17:16
shadeslayerneversfelde: currently we have a bigger problem17:16
shadeslayerneversfelde: http://paste.ubuntu.com/486830/17:16
shadeslayerand why doesnt it say so in the CMake  o/p ?17:17
shadeslayerthat it needs this particular version17:17
alqoauth from maverick works fine fwiw :>17:18
shadeslayerneversfelde: how do you contact mtux ? :P17:18
shadeslayeral: likewise here17:18
neversfeldeshadeslayer: email or #choqok17:18
neversfeldeshadeslayer: so if you are working on this problem, could you have a look at the 1.0.1 problem, too?17:19
shadeslayersure :)17:19
shadeslayercurrently we need to work out a way to get the proper consumer key17:19
\shapachelogger, ubuntuone-kde was a kde project...at least it uses some kde libs ;)17:20
* stalcup checking in17:21
apachelogger\sh: just that no one but kubuntu has particular use for it :P17:22
\shapachelogger, hmm...fedora? opensuse?17:22
\shoh they don't ship ubuntu one ;)17:22
neversfeldeshadeslayer: thanks17:23
\shapachelogger, I could need someone who writes a (DC)² KDE client...some xmlrpc calls + UI , you could even s/xmlrpc/json-rpc/ if you need an adventure :) c++ or python 17:26
stalcupapachelogger: ツthingy is nucking futs17:26
stalcupit's all done :(17:27
stalcupI'll start on backports17:27
apachelogger\sh: json is the sweetest in Qt ;)17:27
\shapachelogger, but json-rpc which is something special ;)17:28
apacheloggernever did that ^^17:28
\shapachelogger, everything goes POST...17:29
stalcupquick qestion, where do we upload the backports for the stack?17:29
apacheloggerstalcup: yus17:29
apacheloggeroh why17:30
apacheloggerdput again decided to crap out one kb before finish17:30
apacheloggerspecially since the upload was kdebase-workspace that big fat beast17:30
* apachelogger goes :@17:31
apachelogger\sh: is there documentation somewhere?17:32
* apachelogger could probably poke a bit into it17:32
apacheloggerseeing as I only have 5 projects I am working on :P17:32
\shapachelogger, don't do that now...I'm working on an API doku when the project is ready to release as public beta...right now it's alpha stadte17:33
\shstate even17:33
apachelogger\sh: just give me a poke when I shall take a look at it :)17:34
\shapachelogger, count on me...17:34
\shapachelogger, just started with a mono c# gtk based desktop client ... just for the fun of learning c# 17:37
shadeslayerreformat time17:38
shadeslayerciao everyone17:38
apachelogger\sh: you could use qyoto :P17:39
apacheloggerfor the fun of fixing kdebindings17:39
apacheloggerbecause apparently the qyoto foo is broken17:39
\shwell...you know me, I don't care about ui widget sets...at least it does what I want ;) I started to wrote also a (DC)² plasma widget...which works half way 17:40
\shin c++ that is ;)17:40
apacheloggeryeah well, dont trust aseigo when he says javascript is awesome :P17:41
apacheloggerin fact is rather insufficient right now :S17:41
\shapachelogger, yes...17:42
apachelogger\sh: soaping in Qt does not strike me as terribly difficult ^^17:42
\shapachelogger, well, soap I don't like..I'm using django + rpc4django as backend, which brings playin xmlrpc + json-rpc for ajax stuff...it works, you write one method and it exports both formats17:44
apachelogger\sh: is there that much difference between soap and plain xml-rpc?17:45
\shapachelogger, yes...xmlrpc doesn't have a WSDL which is the first difference17:45
apachelogger\sh: well, that only makes things on easier on my part I suppose ;)17:46
\shapachelogger, so you have as inital documention only a systems.methods() call...no type introspection by default, you have to do type checking on the backend 17:46
\shapachelogger, well, it's more difficult for java and c# developers, who could use the respective wsdl class generators more easily17:46
apacheloggerlook what I just found http://api.kde.org/4.4-api/kdepimlibs-apidocs/kxmlrpcclient/html/index.html17:48
shadeslayer_whose responsible for the slideshow in the installer?17:55
apacheloggerbulldog98: kdeadmin should be fine btw17:56
apacheloggerwe will see once I get to its review at any rate ;)17:56
bulldog98apachelogger: ok than everything is fine again17:57
bulldog98apachelogger: are we planing to package beta 3 of kdepim (release tomorrow)17:58
yofeldidn't shadeslayer_ do that already?18:00
apacheloggerat least shadeslayer had it on the todo18:02
apacheloggerbulldog98: what would be better right now is backporting 4.5.1 to lucid18:02
ScottKdantti_work: the "Refreshing software ..." dialogue takes up the entire screen width in plasma-netbook.  I suspect you aren't defining a max width.18:30
bulldog98apachelogger: I backport kdelibs18:31
apacheloggernew ktorrent bufix release out18:32
apacheloggernew grantlee out18:33
apacheloggerit seems to be release season18:33
apacheloggerbulldog98: sweet18:33
dantti_workScottK: you mean when you "apt-cache update"?18:33
ScottKdantti_work: Also I get the queue to update if I add a new repository from scratch, it's just not if I enable one that's present and disabled.18:33
ScottKdantti_work: Waiting for authentication is the same.18:34
dantti_workScottK: what's the screen size?18:34
ScottK576 X 102418:34
ScottKActually all the package install dialogues.18:35
dantti_workScottK: sure they are all the same transaction dialog, but if you reduce teir size they get smaller don't they?18:36
ScottKdantti_work: the netbook windeco makes everything without a max size specified full screen.18:37
ScottKIt looks like you have max height, but not width.18:37
dantti_workScottK: sure because you will probably want a wider window18:38
dantti_workwhen you look at details you want that, and then it's a bug in netbook windeco imo18:38
dantti_workif it's not fullscreen then how would it be? would it have window decorations?18:39
dantti_workalso it should respect the max height18:39
dantti_workthere is no point in limiting the width18:40
ScottKNo idea, but it look very odd full width.18:41
dantti_workThat's why the height has max set :P18:43
dantti_workScottK: it will probably look better if you show the details18:44
dantti_workScottK: btw didn't you had this problem with older versions of PK?18:44
ScottKdantti_work: I don't often use the gui package manager except when explicitly testing, so no idea.18:45
dantti_workthe windeco must be fixed.. I could even try to work around but other apps might have the same problem18:49
ScottKdantti_work: Not a bug, it's a feature.18:49
=== hunger___ is now known as hunger
dantti_workScottK: well it should respect the max height so it's a bug18:51
ScottKIt does.18:52
ScottKThe dialog isn't full height.18:52
dantti_workit's full width?18:52
shadeslayeryofel: apachelogger was waiting to correct my system and then work on it, installing sbuilder now :D18:52
apachelogger  Uploading kdebase-workspace_4.5.1.orig.tar.bz2: 64140k/64141k18:53
apacheloggerdput hates me18:53
dantti_workScottK: well in this case I don't really know what to do.. kio dialogs and probably others will have this problem...18:53
shadeslayerapachelogger: use something else?18:53
apacheloggerwhat else is there18:53
ScottKdantti_work: You might chat with notmart about it.18:53
* apachelogger probably could upload using kio_ftp18:53
apacheloggerthough that would be sickish ^^18:53
shadeslayerlets see18:53
shadeslayerapachelogger: dupload ?18:54
dantti_workScottK: k, I'll try to poke him them :)18:54
shadeslayeror does that work only for debian?18:54
dantti_workScottK: and you said something about enabling repos does not fire refresh cache right?18:54
dantti_workScottK: that is kpk settings not software-properties-kde settings right?18:55
yofelah ^^18:56
ScottKdantti_work: It's whatever I click on in kpk18:57
dantti_workScottK: I can make kpk refresh your sources whenever you enable/disable repos, but whe you open the edit sources dialog that's  another app18:57
ScottKRight.  This was just clicking on enabling existing repositories that were disabled.18:58
shadeslayerwhy is everything so slooooww18:59
nixternalhave to say maverick is shaping up nicely, except for compositing being suspended after logging in. clean, smooth, and fast, just how I like my bikes :)18:59
shadeslayernixternal: its laggy for me :(19:00
shadeslayermaybe because i dont have nvidia-current19:00
shadeslayerthat usually speeds my system up19:00
shadeslayernixternal: did the installer slideshow work OK for you?19:04
shadeslayermine didnt show the second slide19:04
nixternali did an upgrade. i will install to my netbook in the next day or so, but I am sure you will get feedback before then19:06
shadeslayeroic :D19:07
Riddellclaydoh: ping19:22
apacheloggerSput: lock layout seems a bit unlocked?19:32
apacheloggerSput: in the view menu, when setting lock layout19:42
apacheloggerit really just locks the topic19:42
apacheloggereverything else is just as movable as ever19:43
apacheloggerdbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied: Rejected send message, 3 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.117" (uid=1000 pid=15616 comm="python) interface="(unset)" member="disableSourceCodeSources" error name="(unset)" requested_reply=0 destination=":1.110" (uid=0 pid=15510 comm="python))19:46
apacheloggerthat worked 3 days ago19:47
apacheloggeris there a reason python likes to mess with me?19:47
ScottKapachelogger: Could you have a look at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kdebase-workspace/ubuntu/annotate/head:/debian/patches/kubuntu_34_kdm_plymouth_transition.diff rev 387.  It seems it broke stopping plymouth.19:56
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=387&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 387 | rwilliam: added news and removed some old news.19:56
ScottKubottu is an idiot in this case.19:57
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:57
ScottKNo chance of that.19:57
ScottKapachelogger: See bug #618450 or bug 628195 for details.19:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 618450 in kdebase-workspace (Ubuntu Maverick) "plymouthd does not quit on starting kdm" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61845019:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 628195 in kdebase-workspace (Ubuntu) "plymouthd keeps running after entering into kdm (not with gdm) (dup-of: 618450)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62819519:57
apacheloggerscary code19:57
ScottKkdm.  by definition scary.19:58
smarterthere's no lib to communicate with plymouth?19:58
smarteralso, gotos, nice :p19:58
apacheloggerthere is nothing wrong with a good goto19:59
ScottKSo it look like that's actually just whitespace changes, but the patch isn't working anymore.20:00
smarterimperative programming as a whole is doomed anyway :P20:00
apacheloggernonesense :P20:00
\shhow many gotos were in the linux kernel code?20:00
apacheloggerScottK: my bet is that something changed in plymouth20:01
ScottKapachelogger: slangasek says not.20:01
apacheloggerthat is odd then20:01
ScottKgdm still works, btw.20:01
ScottKAs further supporting evidence it's not plymouth.20:01
apachelogger+    int plymouth_is_running;    /* Plymouth's status */20:02
apacheloggerwho wrote that patch?20:02
apacheloggerthat person should learn to obey surrounding code style20:02
* apachelogger grumps away20:02
ScottKAlberto Milone20:02
ScottKHave fun.20:03
smarterthat's old school C style20:03
apacheloggerScottK: do we have a kdm.log?20:03
* ScottK looks20:04
smarterAt least it's C89 compatible :p20:04
\sh"old school" means "old people can read"...like scott and me;)20:04
ScottKDoesn't seem to provide any relevant info.20:05
* ScottK is waiting for his bifocals to arrive.20:05
apacheloggeroh right, one would have to run it in debug mode I suppose ^^20:05
* apachelogger downloads workspace20:06
apacheloggerScottK: btw, I also cannot upload workspace20:06
ScottKneed to run.20:06
apacheloggerI think upload.ubuntu.com times out on me being slow or so20:06
ScottKI can upload it later from bzr if needed.20:06
apacheloggertried with dput, dupload and kio_ftp20:06
ScottKOne of them made it because it's in queue.20:06
* apachelogger did not get no mail20:06
apacheloggerbut all the better20:06
shadeslayerapachelogger: your pbuilder hooks should work with sbuild as well right?20:15
Quintasanoh god20:17
Quintasanschool tomorrow!20:17
shadeslayerQuintasan: whee.. i have a holiday :P20:19
shadeslayerQuintasan: btw new kdevelop release20:20
Quintasanoh well but I have tons of fun in school?20:20
Quintasanshadeslayer: can't do much about it now, I still do not have the books and notebooks to school and it is 21:20 here20:20
apacheloggershadeslayer: they are pbuilder hooks20:22
shadeslayerso wont work in sbuilder?20:24
shadeslayeranyways im off to sleep20:27
bulldog98if someone want to take over kdelibs, take it I need to much time for it20:46
bulldog98I‘ll try to finish it nevertheless20:56
ScottKapachelogger: Any word on kdm/plymouth?21:00
apacheloggerScottK: yeah there is some weird crap going on21:04
ScottKOK.  Sounds good.21:05
apacheloggerthe condition that ought to be met to even look for plymouth craps is not met21:05
ScottKOhhh.  Sounds like progress.21:05
apacheloggerScottK: if I had any clue what that thing is doing...21:10
apacheloggerd->reqSrvVT >= 021:10
ScottKMore to whine about.  You should be happy.21:10
apacheloggerScottK: are we sure that patch every worked?21:10
ScottKapachelogger: Yes.  Worked with KDM 4.421:11
apachelogger2010-09-01 22:22:16avatarkdm[1076]plymouth is running21:24
apachelogger2010-09-01 22:22:16avatarkdm[1076]playmouth has an active vt21:24
apacheloggerand yet21:24
apacheloggerand yet it does not get killed21:24
apacheloggerthat strikes me as odd21:24
apacheloggerScottK: are you sure this precise patch worked?21:26
apacheloggerI have serious doubts about that21:26
ScottKI'm sure that I have no plymouth running in lucid.21:26
apacheloggermaybe it gets killed by other means21:26
* apachelogger takes another look21:27
ScottKThat was meant to be the means.21:27
apacheloggerthat would be strange21:27
apacheloggeryou see21:28
apacheloggerif plymouth is running and has an active VT21:28
apacheloggerkdm is meant to transit to that VT rather than starting a new one21:28
apacheloggeras to prevent flickering I suppose21:28
apacheloggerthe thing is21:28
apacheloggerthat transition consits of apparently two function calls21:28
apacheloggerone that prepares plymouth for being taken over and one that actually carries out the quitting21:29
apacheloggerthe one that is quitting is *only* called from a function named abortStartServer(struct display *d)21:29
apacheloggernow I do not know about you, but I do not think that a function named abortanything gets called if startup was successful21:30
apacheloggerit actually gets called21:39
apacheloggerstrange world21:39
claydohRiddell: pongs21:48
* apachelogger pours Nightrose and himself a glass of schilcher wine21:51
Nightroseapachelogger: already have tea and hot chocolate but thank you ;-)21:52
apacheloggeroh :(21:52
apacheloggermore for me to drink I suppose21:52
* ScottK looks up21:52
apacheloggerScottK: I do really think that patch is incomplete ... that abort thingy would only transit to a failsafe session if I understand this correctly21:52
apacheloggerScottK: does gdm have a similar patch? and has anyone tempered with our patch maybe?21:53
ScottKapachelogger: gdm has some magic for this.  I'd ask slangasek for help.21:54
* apachelogger pulls21:54
apacheloggerthe thing is21:54
ScottKLooking at the bzr history, I think our patch is untampered.21:54
apacheloggerkdm and gdm both derive from xdm21:54
apacheloggerso their code base ought to be somewhat similar21:55
apacheloggeror not21:57
apacheloggerwell, they also have a starter, and theirs, unlike ours does transit from plymouth21:58
* apachelogger changes source and reboots21:58
apachelogger2010-09-01 23:00:06avatarkdm[1127]Quitting Plymouth with transition22:01
apachelogger2010-09-01 23:00:07avatarkdm[1127]Is Plymouth still running? no22:01
apacheloggerwho is the supreme dalek now?!22:01
smarterYou successfully exterminated plymouth? :P22:02
apacheloggerEXTERMINATE!!!!!! EXTERMINATE!!!!!22:02
smarterso, what was it?22:04
ulyssesapachelogger: are you a dalek?:O22:05
apacheloggersmarter: incomplete patch22:06
apacheloggeras I understand it kdm does the following...22:06
apacheloggerit has a primary and a couple of secondary screens it could occupy (as defined in the kdmrc)22:07
apacheloggernow if kdm starts it will try to get hold of as many VTs as it has screens it could be occupying22:07
apacheloggerso by default it is greedy to save time in case a screen fails, then it will try to start again on the next VT ...22:07
apacheloggerthat will trigger the abort calls I was talking about22:08
apacheloggernow the thing is, for one reason or another the first (or maybe any successful startup) will never call abort in a condition that would lead to a transition of the plymouth VT22:09
apacheloggerthe issue is easy to be resolved by also transiting in the explicit startServer() function that as I recon will consequently start the X server on the VT that is currently targeted22:09
smarterin conclusion, kdm is scary :p22:12
smarterDoes the gdm solution make use of tons of system calls to plymouth too?22:12
apacheloggerthey just wrap it nicely in some glib thing22:12
apacheloggeractually their thing looks almost the same just that everything got 2 line calls because glib functions do not work with less than 24 arguments :P22:13
smarterand glib functions have_long_and_uncomprehensible_names22:13
ScottKapachelogger: If you get a working fix, just upload workspace again and I'll reject the old one.22:24
apacheloggerthat leads me to the question ... does soyuz keep the tar22:24
ScottKNot in this case.22:25
apacheloggerbecause I am so not going to spend 5 tries on getting that thing upped22:25
ScottKOK.  Put it in bzr and ping me.  I'll do it.22:25
ScottKGotta run.22:25
apacheloggeraye aye22:25
apacheloggerNightrose: honey?22:26
apacheloggerNightrose: ^ did you see what super kdm haxx0r I am?22:26
Nightrosei just saw it22:27
* apachelogger hugs Nightrose22:27
apacheloggerScottK: I'll sneak format streamlining in22:27
smarter'night all22:31
smarterapachelogger: any idea what I could hack on in the next few days?22:32
yofeldoes anyone know where the ubiquity translations are?22:33
apacheloggersmarter: what language do you want?22:35
smartereither C++ or python, I'm not too difficult :p22:35
apacheloggersmarter: failesafeX would be something that needs work (which I started somewhere)22:35
apacheloggerI also started detatching software-properties-kde from the need of kdesudo  (i.e. create a dbus interface and use that for write actions)22:36
apacheloggerAlso ubuntuone-kde needs someone22:36
apacheloggerlike really urgently22:36
smarterthe s-p-k one seems interesting, especially if that means we can integrate it in the KCM22:37
apacheloggersmarter: aye, that is the intention22:37
smarterwhat's needed for ubuntuone-kde?22:37
apacheloggersmarter: generally making it work22:38
apacheloggerand taking over long-term maintainership or finding someone to22:38
smarterwell, I'm not even sure I know what ubuntu one is, but I could try making it work :p22:38
smarterIs the API well documented?22:38
* apachelogger cant breath no moar22:39
apacheloggerin and out in and out22:40
apacheloggersmarter: well, no, not exactly, though I have been complaining and apparently that is going to change22:40
smarterI guess that means you just look at the GTK client source code to figure out what to do? :p22:40
apacheloggerwell, actually the clients are pretty much there22:40
apacheloggersmarter: well, I can explain you in detail if you want to check that one out22:41
apacheloggerthat sort of explains the general concept22:41
apacheloggerexcept everything about authentication/sso basically changed22:41
apacheloggerby a 100%22:41
smarternice :p22:41
apacheloggerwell, already did the hard part, with a super ugly kdeui :P22:42
smarterDid you go for python or C++?22:43
apacheloggerc++ mostly22:44
apacheloggersome python around the edges22:44
smarterIf I want to start working on this tomorrow morning, what bzr branches should I check?22:44
apacheloggersmarter: https://code.launchpad.net/~apachelogger/ubuntuone-client-kde/trunk is the main kde client22:46
apacheloggerwhich technically should work as it is with the new auth part (ubuntu-sso-client)22:46
apacheloggerI was however not able to test this because ubuntu-sso-client and the syncdaemon of ubuntuone were in disagreement about whether auth is possible22:47
apacheloggersmarter: https://code.launchpad.net/~apachelogger/ubuntu-sso-client/kdeui is the new kdeui for ubuntu-sso-client22:47
apacheloggerwhich is primarily writte in C++ and exposes a python module created via SIP which is wrapped in a handcrafted python module to added semi-constant strings22:48
apacheloggerit is interface compatible with the GTK gui except that it requires ubuntu-sso-client to grow a run() method on the gtk gui and call that after setting up callbacks...22:48
apacheloggerotherwise there is a blocking issue since obviously the kdeui does not use the same mainloop22:49
apacheloggerand I think that is pretty much it22:49
smarterso, where does it b0rke?22:50
apacheloggerlast I tried outside my scope22:50
apacheloggerubuntu-sso-client was successfully getting authentication 22:50
apacheloggerand storing that in gnome-keyring22:50
apachelogger(I should note that the ubuntuone web interface did not know about this authentication)22:50
apacheloggerthen the ubuntuone syncdaemon tried to connect and failed22:51
apachelogger(supposedly because ubuntuone did not know about the auth, as indicated by the web ui)22:51
smarterand what are the ubuntu one guys saying?22:51
apacheloggeradditionally I must warn you that the ubuntuone team is incapable of getting their deps right, nor getting missing deps added after I reported them missing22:52
apacheloggersmarter: I didnt ask22:52
apacheloggersmarter: that caused anger overload and me giving up on it22:52
smarterthat reminds me, I need to install maverick22:52
smarterI see22:52
apacheloggersmarter: indeed, since it will only work on maverick ;)22:52
apacheloggeryou see, ubuntuone also likes to change things around in a completely non-backwards compatible way22:53
smarterso, the GTK ui is broken too?22:53
apacheloggerI dunno22:53
apacheloggerlast I used the GTK ui I was using gnome and they do not exactly have visual feedback on whether the daemon is connected or not22:54
smarterwell, I'll do a clean install of maverick tomorrow and see if anything works22:54
apacheloggersmarter: good luck ;)22:55
smartereven if that means I'll have to install gnome :p22:55
apacheloggersmarter: vertok in #ubuntuone is a very helpful person22:55
smarter(and thanks (: )22:56
apacheloggernini smarter22:56
CIA-71[kdebase-workspace] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100901215925-zwzvijst9fcuj0ug * debian/ (changelog patches/kubuntu_34_kdm_plymouth_transition.diff) Update kubuntu_34_kdm_plymouth_transition.diff to quit plymouth when startServerSuccess is called, which should be called whenever successful startup was archived. Failure cases seem to be covered properly22:59
CIA-71[kdebase-workspace] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100901220805-wwk87l8ii5iqydq1 * debian/patches/kubuntu_34_kdm_plymouth_transition.diff supreme dalek whitespace fixes23:08
CIA-71[kdebase-workspace] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100901221811-9k08glo88mipftz3 * debian/patches/kubuntu_34_kdm_plymouth_transition.diff make public variable and function naming comply with surrounding code23:18
apacheloggerScottK: ^ I am positive the revised patch exterminates plymouth properly23:22
CIA-71[kdebase-workspace] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100901222509-i04khj06k3bpueu1 * debian/changelog add bug no to kill bug dead23:25
Riddellclaydoh: ping again, are you able to do us a beta release page?23:47
claydohRiddell: beginning work on it in a few moments 23:48
claydohRiddell: i have some info from scott k, anything important you want mentioned?23:49
* claydoh likes it when Riddell sez 'lovely' :)23:50
claydohin us-english, the word \often has a bit of sarcasm attached23:51
Riddellclaydoh: bluedevil instead of kbluetooth23:51
Riddellqapt-batch instead of install-package23:52
Riddellkpackagekit has fast new backend and shiny new categories startup screen23:52
Riddellnetbook is on the same image as desktop, should use right workspace for your machine23:53
Riddellplasma netbook uses global menu23:53
claydohooh yes plus installer bling - already hace screenies of that23:53
* apachelogger is wondering how to translate lovely to german23:53
apacheloggerulysses: oh, we still need to publish the august report to the public, dont we?23:53
Riddellapachelogger: "ubersnuggle"23:53
apacheloggerlol, yeah, something like that ^^23:54

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