kkathmanI'm having a problem with my KDE session remembering my display resolution from one login to the next...how can I fix that?00:31
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RickiiBETAanyone in this channel?00:39
kkathmanwell I am but I haven't gotten a response in a while00:42
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harjotkkathman: I am lol01:09
harjotkkathman: but too bad I goto go ;)01:09
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apparlehi guys01:28
|sysop| 01:29
technogeekhi room01:56
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s003aprmy sound does not always work (different each time I restart). Sometimes everything works, sometimes only kde apps and sometimes nothing works. Any pointers?02:22
apparles003apr: check if there is a problem regarding pulseaudio02:24
apparles003apr: not sure of this... also check the logs02:24
s003aprapparle: thanks02:28
apparlewas it useful02:28
apparles003apr: ^02:28
s003aprapparle: no progress yet, pulseaudio may not be the problem. thanks again.02:36
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drunkncrewi recently updated to KDE 4.5 and I'm trying to install a program using cmake, and it's telling me that the KDE libraries aren't installed. Does anyone know the install command to install the KDE libraries? i figured that would come along with the upgrade, but guess not.03:38
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ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!04:07
[[[ACID0]]]esto esta muerto04:08
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illunaticanyone here familiar with activitymanagerrc?08:39
illunaticapparently i'm supposed to delete that along with the plasma-desktoprc, but i have no idea where it is :S08:40
noaXessdoes anybody has also successfully upgraded to KDE 4.5 on 10.04.1?09:10
noaXessi have, also with all the needed packages.. one problem still comes up.. after a while the screen beginns flicker on top right, taskbar doesn't work for few seconds and after eg. 2-3 minutes all works normal09:14
noaXesshave now disabled desktop effects and test it..09:17
noaXessillunatic: find it :)09:17
noaXessor locate it09:17
noaXessillunatic: ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktoprc09:18
hsrAnyone there to help?10:09
hsrhello, anyone there to help??10:15
hsrIs anyone there to help????????????????????10:17
hsr For knetworkmanager in terminal, i am getting following output- QMetaObject::invokeMethod: No such method Monolithic::loadCommandLineOptionsForNewInstance() - Please help.....10:25
hsr For knetworkmanager in terminal, i am getting following output- QMetaObject::invokeMethod: No such method Monolithic::loadCommandLineOptionsForNewInstance() - Please help.....10:26
illunaticnoaXess: i just upgraded to kde 4.5 and it's buggin big time10:37
noaXessillunatic: jep... it' still beta..10:37
noaXesshave disabled effects.. work is better then..10:37
illunatici've found plasma-desktoprc btw, just need to find activitymanagerrc according to a couple of posts i've seen10:37
noaXessso.. wait for release one... when should that be come?10:38
illunaticbut dont' see it naywhere10:38
illunaticnot sure10:38
noaXessillunatic: with locate?10:38
illunaticseems like people are aware of and workin on the bugs10:38
illunaticoh is locate the command?10:38
noaXesslocalte file10:38
illunaticah thanks mate10:38
noaXesslocate file10:38
illunatici was using find10:38
noaXessillunatic: with updatedb you can update the mlocate index...10:39
noaXessbut it will done automatically on software installation/update. or think also on boot..10:39
noaXessso locate is your frind ;)10:39
illunatichm it spits out like a list of every directoryy but doesn't say if the file is found or not10:39
noaXessfriend ^^10:39
noaXesslocate activity | grep manager10:39
illunatichm i don't have that in mine for some reason10:40
illunaticit is a service right?10:40
noaXessillunatic: don't know..10:41
noaXesshm.. think you need to ask later here.. cause it's really silent here10:41
noaXesslater in the day.. people wake up ;)10:41
Torchillunatic: what's the problem you are trying to actually solve?10:46
illunaticTorch: on my main user the desktop doesn't load the K button or any graphics10:56
illunaticall i see is background color and a mouse arrow10:56
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illunatici created a guest account and it works fine10:56
illunatici've tried killing the plasma-desktop, deleting plasma config files and restarting and that doesn't fix it10:57
illunatici have no idea what i did that caused it to happen10:57
mistryniteshis there a kde counterpart of agave?10:58
* mistrynitesh waves to illunatic \0/10:59
krisztyi have a little problem with tvtime11:01
krisztyit doesn't work with channels above 300Mhz11:01
krisztyi don't have a clue why?...11:02
krisztyi use custom(pal) channels11:02
timhi, how can i change the default pdf viewer for kde from acroread to okular?11:15
collabraone sec,...11:16
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collabrai would right click on a pdf and choose open with... then choose ocular and then click rmember application association11:18
collabraremember application association11:18
collabragot it?11:19
timcollabra, thanks!11:19
illunaticmistrynitesh: not familiar witha agave11:23
illunaticwhat's it for?11:23
mistryniteshillunatic: i anyways installed it11:24
mistryniteshit wasn't heavily dependent on gnome... so gelled in well with kubuntu11:26
illunatici'm checkin out kcolorchooser to see if it's similar11:27
illunaticnope not the same thing11:28
illunaticagave is workin ")11:29
mistryniteshits nice and handy11:30
illunaticcool lil tool11:31
bms20Hello all - have an annoying problem here: IBM x60s wants to lower the screen brightness during inactivity.  Anyone know how to turn this off?11:59
collabrasystem settings>advanced tab>power management12:01
illunatichow to i kill a tty terminal?12:01
collabrano clue12:01
illunatici'm running ssh shell in it and want to shut it down12:01
collabrasystem monitor???12:02
illunaticbut i'm trapped in screen12:02
collabrano clue,...12:02
collabrado a: man kill12:03
bms20collabra: its not that obvious - I have turned off "Dim display when idle"...12:03
bms20collabra: and disabled "Enable display power management"12:03
collabrathe different power schemes will all have separate dim display when idle... customize. take your time to figure it out.12:04
hyper_chhow can I import a X.509 (.p12) cert into kleopatra?12:06
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mistryniteshillunatic: when you are in ssh, press enter a couple of times > then press '~' (without quotes) > then '.' (again without quotes) - it will end the ssh session12:07
mistryniteshdid it work?12:08
illunatici'm in ssh using screen on a remote freeBSD12:08
mistryniteshi tried it on the same setup12:09
illunaticyeah i don't remember how to get out of the screen and back to the shell hah12:18
servalsltr a tous12:36
servalje suis sur le canal francais?12:37
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cuznt!fr serval13:01
floownChoqok does not refresh the streamlife my twitter account, the program ask me always my password. It's the same13:03
floownI have try to delete all configuration files but the problem is still here13:04
illunaticchoqok? sound vulgar13:17
JohnFluxHi all13:18
JohnFluxThe ibus packages the ubuntu ships with cause a memory leak in plasma-desktop at a rate of about 250KB/sec13:19
JohnFluxThere are fixed and updated packages in the ibus ppa repositories13:19
JohnFluxWho do I ask about getting these fixes into 10.04?13:19
illunaticJohnFlux: i'm guessing you just have to make sure the ppa is added to your repository source list and then check for software updates13:20
JohnFluxillunatic: correct13:20
JohnFluxillunatic: and I've tested and fixes the leak13:21
JohnFluxillunatic: so how do I get kubuntu to provide these fixes officially?13:21
JohnFluxA leak of 250KB/sec  gives KDE a really bad image :-/13:21
TorchJohnFlux: #kubuntu-devel13:22
illunaticis this you? http://chanux.wordpress.com/2010/07/29/how-to-install-ibus-sayur-on-ubuntu-10-04/13:22
JohnFluxme? no13:23
illunaticwell thanks for the bugfix. can you fix kde next? :)13:23
JohnFluxI do slowly - I work on the task manager13:24
JohnFluxso I find these bug leaks :P13:24
illunaticJohnFlux: maybe you can help me. desktop doesn't load for my main user. i tried deleting plasma-dektoprc and all that, but all that loads is background color and a mouse arrow13:27
illunaticcreated a guest account and it works fine13:27
illunaticany ideas?13:27
JohnFluxillunatic: do you have an old install of kde from svn or something?13:31
JohnFluxillunatic: I had a problem to do with a mix of old and new libraries :-D13:31
JohnFluxillunatic: you could drop to alt+f1  and run  DISPLAY=:0 xterm      and then run plasma-desktop    from the command line and see what it says13:32
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illunaticsorry JohnFlux was afk13:48
illunatici tried that and got "unable to open X serv"13:48
illunatici've gotten that error with other programs before too13:49
illunaticlike dolphin and kate/kwrite13:49
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* cuznt is awake. kind of....14:06
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SteBohey! Anyone here using the Translatoid plasma applet?15:10
SteBoIt looks very useful to me, but I cannot get it to translate a thing.15:11
SteBoI'm using Kubuntu 10.04 LTS with KDE 4.5.015:12
SteBoand Translatoid 1.3.015:13
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lookok i need some help with my KDE it has disabled the network manager and i have no idea how to enable it once more, i also have no idea how this happened or if this is a bug that has come up but i cannot access the internet with KDE network manager.16:28
lookok i need some help with my KDE it has disabled the network manager and i have no idea how to enable it once more, i also have no idea how this happened or if this is a bug that has come up but i cannot access the internet with KDE network manager.16:34
macocheck /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf does it say managed=false?16:34
macothsi tends to happen after bad shutdowns, in my experience16:34
lookmaco: ill check it one sec16:35
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lookmaco: it says false so i just change that to true?16:35
looktanx mate16:35
macoreboot may or may not be needed afterward16:36
rascranasinghaOk So It Works16:37
rascranasinghaThanks For The Reply <SteBo>16:38
rascranasinghaHi There16:39
rascranasinghaCan Someone Help Me Out With A Problem16:40
rascranasinghaIt's With QtCreator16:40
rascranasinghaIn That Case16:42
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:42
rascranasinghaOh, Sorry16:42
rascranasinghaThis Is My First Time On IRC16:42
rascranasinghaYeah I Had Downed QtCreator16:43
DarthFrogRealise then, that we know nothing about you or your situation other than what you tell us.16:43
DarthFrogIf you tell us nothing, we know nothing to help you.16:43
lookchangeing it to managed=true didn't work i still can't connect16:44
lookmacode|afk: crap your not there16:45
rascranasinghaSorry Guys My Connection Just Broke16:45
rascranasinghaAnyway I Think It's A Problem With The Libraries16:45
rascranasinghaCan Someone Please Tell Me What Libraries I Need To Compile A Normal Qt Program16:46
rascranasinghaFrom QtCreator16:46
gnomefreakis knetwork-manager working?16:46
rascranasingha(Kill Me If I'm Being Stupid)16:46
* gnomefreak doesnt want to kill you but give me time ;)16:47
DarthFrograscranasingha: You may not get the help you need here.  This channel isn't really developer-oriented.16:48
harjotrascranasingha: Try #qt16:48
rascranasinghaThanks Harjot16:48
harjotNo problem ;)16:49
rascranasinghaAnd Thanks DarthFrog And Everyone Else For Bearing With This Idiot16:49
rascranasinghaThanks For Attending16:50
rascranasinghaSorry For The Idioticy16:51
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Torchrascranasingha: qtcore and qtgui, normally17:08
Torchrascranasingha: try #qt17:08
rascranasinghaThanks Torch17:08
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kiryyes, I realize I can try to figure out the FAQ but18:12
kiryI'm trying to copy info from an ext windows drive to my kubuntu laptop18:13
kirythey *should* be part of the same network but I never really tested it18:13
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patarokhi there!18:33
patarokplease, tell me how to automount an iphone or ipod-touch in "K"ubuntu so that i can access the volume with dolphin-file-manager..18:34
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patarokand another question... please, tell me how to install a shell or shell extensions that autocorrects wrong typed commands by hitting the tab key and completes input like the standard bash(but instead of hitting the tab completes with hitting the right-cursor-key18:40
patarokjoin #kubuntu-de18:40
mr_chrisThe answer to this seems to change with each distro. How do I disable tap-to-click in Kubuntu 10.04?19:25
mr_chrisWith each release, I mean.19:26
DarthFrogWhat is "tap to click"?19:26
mr_chrisTrackpad clicking19:28
zsocy2Do you speek hungarian?19:28
mr_chrisSorry, no.19:28
DarthFrog!hu | zsocy219:29
ubottuzsocy2: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál19:29
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MIRV-trying to boot the CD but desktop doesn't load (ATI Video) any way around? I tried a couple vga= flags to no avail..20:06
harjotATI should load, ati have good compatibilty?20:07
harjotMIRV-: Have you verified the checksum thing of the cd20:07
MIRV-I doubt its a checksum issue20:08
MIRV-i got sound and everything20:08
MIRV-desktop black when it loads20:08
MIRV-I wonder if the dual head could be screwing with it?20:09
harjotDesktop black?20:10
bunyanjoin #ubuntu20:10
harjotMIRV-: Which cd are you trying to boot the 10.04 i386 one?20:10
harjotWhat did you mean by dual head?20:11
MIRV-2 monitors connected20:11
harjotIt doesnt come up on either screen?20:12
harjothave you tried disconnecting one?20:12
MIRV-nope see a really crappy looking loading screen (low res) and then when it goes to boot desktop it goes blank20:12
MIRV-not yet..20:12
harjottry it20:12
harjotMeanwhile im gonna upgrade to 10.04 now so cya later :)20:12
harjotIm gonna miss you kubuntu 8.04 kde 3.520:21
harjotKubuntu 10.04 you better be nice to me, especially you, kde 420:22
harjotMIRV-: Any luck yet?20:22
MIRV-trying to figure out 1 other problem with the drive shrink before i give it a go20:26
harjotIm going to wipe this drive and install kubuntu 10.04 now so bye20:27
MIRV-ah ya unplugging the other monitor worked to get desktop up..\20:31
Apollonovichis there a reason why kmail and okular all refuse to print, whereas I can print without difficulty from firefox and thunderbird, and the system-config-printer-kde applet can print a test page without difficulty?20:55
hellwinterme llamoo hugo y necesito ayuda21:01
hellwinterSOY NUEVO EN ESTO21:02
hellwinterHAY ALGUIEN SABIO QU ME PUEDA AYUDAR?????????????21:02
xenthralhellwinter: no hablo espanol muy bien21:03
xenthraldiga o problema21:04
hellwinterHOLA COMO ESTAS?21:04
xenthralhellwinter: va para o canal ubuntu-es21:05
vbgunzI added this ppa:kernel-ppa/ppa to kpackagekit cause I need kernel version 2.6.33 or greater and nothing is available there. is there a ppa that can upgrade my kernel on lucid?21:08
gamer_can any one know where i can find coll themes for my kubuntu21:10
godmokvbgunz: there are packages for of the vanilla kernel on ubuntu.com21:11
gamer_i will see it21:11
vbgunzgodmok: im downloading from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.33.5-lucid/21:12
godmokgamer_: look in the systemsettings where you can change the themes. there is a button to install new ones21:12
vbgunzwas hoping a ppa could make it quicker and easier21:12
gamer_i will see how to install it21:13
godmokwell, it isnt that hard :)21:13
gamer_because im new here21:13
godmokyou just klick then on the install button :)21:13
gamer_and where i can change the theme i have installed21:22
dukefxyo, anyone here who could help with getting my kubuntu to boot? (probably installed grub in the wrong place)21:26
alacerdukefx, got errors?21:27
dukefxjust a blinking cursor21:27
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dukefxroot is on sdb21:30
dukefxgrub on sda21:30
dukefxthat's probably the problem21:30
alacernot necessarily, as long as grub points to sdb as the default boot option21:30
dukefxwell, I installed it on sdb, it asked me where to install grub, by default it was sda, so I clicked OK21:31
dukefxand now it doesn't boot21:32
dukefxmy problem is similar to this one http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=6232821:32
dukefxbut I'm on a live CD atm21:32
dukefxand my old puppy linux can't even mount the linux partitions21:33
dukefxwhich is ext4 if I remember correctly, I used the one the installer suggested21:33
alacerwhat does /boot/grub/menu.lst have?21:39
dukefxI have no clue21:39
dukefxwhen I try to mount, it says I should specify what filesystem it has21:40
dukefxI used Linux like a year ago21:40
ownerhi every 121:43
dukefxok, I managed to mount it21:43
owner does any 1 know any thign a bout skype21:43
dukefxlemme see...21:43
alacerwhat about it?21:43
owner i open konsole21:43
owner  and type21:44
ownermv ~/.Skype ~/.Skype.bkp21:44
owner and trying to open back skype21:44
owner eveey time i sign in  sign me back off21:44
alacerdoes it automatically recreate the dir?21:44
owner i  always type that then it is ok21:44
owner but now it wont work21:45
dukefxthere is no menu.lst21:45
dukefxthere are tons of mod files21:46
alacertry the grub instructions from that link you pasted21:46
dukefxI tried before mounting and got an error, but lemme try again21:48
dukefxselected disk does not exist21:48
dukefxroot is on sdb21:49
dukefxthe entire disk is 1 partition21:49
dukefxwhatever 'hd' I try it says selected disk does not exist21:50
Apollonovichhas anyone else had printing issues under lucid?21:51
dukefxaccording to grub.cfg it should be hd(1,1)21:52
dukefxit has all the menus and everything, it just won't load21:53
alacerso you are seeing the grub menu?21:53
alaceron boot?21:53
dukefxthat's the problem21:54
dukefxI'm on live CD21:54
dukefxmounted the root partition21:54
dukefxand that's where I checked grub.cfg21:54
alacerand doing the "root (hd1,1)" and "setup (hd1)" doesn't work..........hm......21:55
dukefxsetup (hd1) says invalid device requested21:56
alacerwhat about hd0?21:58
dukefxmight be the live CD's fault21:58
dukefxit used to have a 'boot into linux' or something option21:58
dukefxI might try a Kubuntu 6.0621:59
dukefxI think it has that option21:59
dukefxI'll be back shortly21:59
technogeekhi room22:03
MIRV-can the installer not read a win7 64 partition map ? It's displaying incorrect information..22:08
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dukefxI managed to get it to work by reinstalling, but this time setting grub to sdb122:29
dukefxthanks for the help22:29
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TNZHi ... any news for KDE 4.5.1 in ppa backports ?22:49
nicolaciao a tutti23:45
lucituis lucid affected by maverick freeze?  where is 4.5.1?23:55

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