lifelessddaa: looks down00:04
lifelesslosa ping: code bounce fell00:04
lifelessmkanat was needing more log data about this00:05
lifelessto debug the cause00:05
spmon it00:08
spmemail unread; do we have a fix for the 10+ min startup yet?00:08
spmhuh, it seems to be working now00:09
spmbetcha that was a rollout or similar...00:09
spmclose. log rotate.00:10
nhainesI need someone to help me figure out the LP translation system so I can get PyRoom rocking again.  :)  Any links to documentation would be awesome.00:25
nhainesExcellent!  Assuming they discuss auto importing and stuff, informed questions to follow in a couple of days.  ;)00:26
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purveshhow to delete launchpad account ?02:43
thumperpurvesh: https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+deactivate-account02:44
purveshthumper, thanx :)02:45
purveshthumper, so other account also deleted with this open id ? like i have only one one.ubuntu.com02:45
thumperI'm not sure sorry02:46
purveshthumper, its k ...02:46
wgrantpurvesh: Deactivating your Launchpad account will not deactivate your Ubuntu Single Sign-On or Ubuntu One accounts.02:46
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wersI'm going to change my LP ID. it's best to make an account to block the old one right? for OpenID security?06:22
wersor has that issue already been fixed?06:22
wgrantIf you've used the old username-based OpenID URL, you could do that.06:23
werswgrant, thanks. I guess, it's the best workaround for now06:23
lifelesswers: huh06:24
lifelesswers: if you rename your account06:24
lifelessthe old openid tokens will fail06:24
lifelessshouldn't be any issue06:24
werslifeless, hmm. as far as I understand, they would work again if someone uses my old nick06:25
wersbecause the OpenID tokens are based on the LP URL06:25
wgrantThat's correct. https://launchpad.net/~OLDUSERNAME could be taken by somebody else.06:25
wgrantBut those are not the tokens used by internal consumers -- they use random IDs.06:25
lifelesswers: they won't have your cookies.06:25
lifelesswers: if they had *your browser cookies*, and *your old username*, then there would be a hole06:26
werslifeless, hmmmm. makes sense06:26
wgrantlifeless: What do cookies have to do with it?06:26
wgrantIf I log into a website as https://launchpad.net/~wgrant and rename my account, somebody can come along and rename their account to wgrant and impersonate me.06:27
wersbecause cookies will give the authentication page that asks you if you want to proceed with that ID06:27
wgrantIt will work fine.06:27
wersI'm not sure if that's how OpenID and LP work, though06:27
spivThey might not be able to log in as wers, but depending on what the consumer does with OpenID they may be attributing things to launchpad.net/~OLDUSERNAME that shouldn't be attributed.06:27
lifelesshmm, thats true06:27
wershow about https://usshop.ubuntu.com/? does it identify also based on LP URL?06:30
wersand http://summit.ubuntu.com/? or if it's ubuntu.com, it doesn't use the LP URL?06:30
spmlogin.u.c and login.lp.net are the same servers06:32
wgrantSome things will identify based on username, others on https://launchpad.net/~username.06:33
wgrantI don't really know how to tell.06:33
wgrantBut most Canonical services will identify based on another URL which will follow your account.06:33
wersspm, does that mean I won't have problems with login.u.c if I change my LP ID?06:33
wgrantSo aren't vulnerable to this sort of thing.06:33
wgrantwers: That's correct.06:33
werswgrant, cool. at least06:33
lifelesswgrant: do they do that even if you type in .../~username ?06:35
lifelesswgrant: its a hidden field, isn't it ?06:35
wgrantlifeless: Most Canonical services don't ask.06:36
wgrantThey just send to you the preconfigured provider, which sends back the identity URL.06:36
* maxb wishes for wait-for-publisher && dput ppa:.....07:51
StevenKmaxb: sleep 20m && dput? :-)07:54
wgrantIt's a bit sad that the publisher takes so long these days.07:54
nigelbUrsinha-afk: Happy birthday :)08:06
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hannieWhat does catalog&#8230 mean? Found in /software-centre/09:02
hannieHello Danilo09:02
hanniedanilos ping09:03
hannieping danilos09:03
daniloshannie, hi09:04
daniloshannie, how can I help you?09:04
hanniedo you know what &#8230 means?09:04
hanniefound in 'software center'09:04
daniloshannie, it's a bug in software centre, it should be a unicode character (… is an XML character entity)09:07
daniloshannie, somebody asked about it yesterday and filed a bug, I'm just trying to find it09:08
daniloshannie, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/62585909:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 625859 in software-center (Ubuntu) "Please fix escaping of UTF-chars in ui file (affected: 2, heat: 14)" [High,In progress]09:09
hannieThank you so much for your quick answer, Danilo09:09
hannie© Is this the character &#8230?09:15
daniloshannie, it's not worth translating the message before the bug is fixed09:18
daniloshannie, though, I think the character is "..." (ellipsis)09:20
hannieyou are right, I just looked it up09:23
hendrik"Launchpad requires a REFERER header to perform this action. There is no REFERER header present."09:48
hendrikFiltering on Referer header is not a reliable way to prevent CSRF attacks because a number of plugins allow to set it to anything the attacker wants.09:49
hendrikInteresting enough the German Wikipedia article has a whole subsection on why this is a bad idea: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-Site_Request_Forgery#HTTP-Referrer-Pr.C3.BCfung09:51
wgrantThe Flash bug was fixed years ago.09:53
wgrantIt's not the best solution, no.09:53
wgrantBut it is safe, excluding long-fixed browser or plugin bugs.09:53
hendrikand excluding user.09:53
wgrantYes, it's somewhat inconvenient for users, but it's not unsafe.09:54
hendrikThere is "just" the risk of exposing session ids on less than perfect web applications.09:56
hendrikAnd it is disabled by default in Opera and and many MS Windows firewalls filter it.09:56
wgrantFirewalls can't filter it -- it's HTTPS.09:56
hendrikthere are webapplications out there which don't do an extra redirect to get rid of it on links.09:57
lifelesswgrant: lies.09:57
wgrantlifeless: Hm?09:57
hendriklifeless, he is right about the common desktop firewalls.09:58
wgranthendrik: Ah, you refer to other web applications which inappropriately store the session ID in the URL?09:58
lifelesswgrant: squid, and many commercial firewalls, use MITM with corp certs to intercept and alter/filter HTTPS09:58
wgrantlifeless: Well, yes, but anybody doing that is crazy and should be... dealt with.09:58
lifelesswgrant: theory and practice, and the difference therein.09:58
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Odd_BlokeHow long should I expect a registration email to take?  I have no confidence in work's email filtering, but don't want to start bugging the IT support guys too early.11:04
wgrantOdd_Bloke: It normally takes just a few seconds here.11:06
Odd_BlokeOur mail server still hasn't received the registration mail. :(11:46
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Odd_BlokeIs there anyone who could help me work out what's going on with my missing registration email?12:07
spivlosa ping to help Odd_Bloke with a missing registration email?12:10
Odd_BlokeThere might be some complication because the email address in question (daniel.watkins AT credativ.co.uk) has been associated to another account in the past.12:12
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Odd_BlokeYet another ping about my missing registration email.13:06
apacheloggerplz fix your product, kthxbai13:15
wgrant(after some chasing, it turns out that the problem rather briefly referenced above was in fact a browser bug)13:24
nigelbheh, in that case: Die kde die :p13:29
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bachi jtv113:34
jtv1hi bac13:34
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bacjtv: i have a translations question!13:34
bacjtv: for my shiny new project, how can i limit the languages it is translated into?  only two or three make sense at this point, but i'm getting well-meaning drive bys into others.13:35
bacjtv: btw, i was amazed at how easy it was to get set up!13:36
bacjtv: i have an open policy now, b/c i want to solicit drive by help, but only in the targeted languages, else people are wasting effort.13:36
jtvbac: the only way to do that right now is to have a translation group.  But it may be more use to edit the template description(s) to say "we're really only supporting these languages."13:36
bacjtv: you mean edit the .pot file?  will a comment be displayed in the UI?13:37
maxbWhat's the story with help contacts these days? As in, there never seems to be one.13:37
jtvbac: Yes.  AIUI the contributions wouldn't be wasted effort if someone came along and did a solid translation to an extra language—so why close the door on that?13:37
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wgrantI too have been somewhat concerned by the lack of OCR.13:38
bacmaxb: there whould be a CHR today13:38
bacmaxb: i will conjure up matsubara now...13:38
matsubarabac, thanks for the reminder!13:39
bacmaxb: i did it on monday but i forgot to announce myself, which is quite unhelpful13:39
bac(there are lots of other CHR tasks besides being helpful here)13:39
=== matsubara changed the topic of #launchpad to: "The Google Maps API server rejected your request" is a known bug and it's being worked on: bug 624981 | http://launchpad.net/ | Read https://help.launchpad.net/ for help | Help contact: matsubara | Join https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-users | This channel is logged: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Launchpad is open source: https://dev.launchpad.net/
maxbmatsubara: Odd_Bloke needs either a LOSA or an ISD person, I'm not sure which13:39
matsubaraI'm having a little trouble here since my wireless mouse's battery is gone and I don't have a replacement.13:40
matsubaraI lost the backlog. what's the issue?13:40
matsubaraOdd_Bloke, Hi, how can I help you?13:40
bacjtv: i understand about closing the door, but this project is very specific to a handful of languages.  i'll try editing the .pot file13:41
jtvbac: ah!  Well, not literally the .pot file (we tend to equate them…) but the template details.13:41
maxbmatsubara: It's a registration confirmation email which has apparently not arrived.13:41
Odd_Blokematsubara: I registered with daniel.watkins@credativ.co.uk, and our mail servers haven't seen the registration email yet.13:41
jtvbac: I should've made the distinction; I can only apologize.  Go to the UI for your template, and set the description.13:42
bacjtv: as is often the case, you've confused me.  :)13:42
Odd_BlokeI believe the problem to stem from the fact that the email address in question was related to my daniel-thewatkins account and, indeed, I merged an automatically created account for daniel.watkins@credativ.co.uk into my daniel-thewatkins account some time in the past.13:42
jtvbac: where in Launchpad is the template in question?  Or are the templates in question?13:42
Odd_BlokeAnyway, I'm going to grab lunch now, I'll be back in about 30.13:44
matsubaraOdd_Bloke, so, were you trying to register a new account or add daniel.watkins@credativ.co.uk to the daniel-thewatkins account?13:44
Odd_Blokematsubara: Register a new account.14:01
Odd_BlokeSo I can keep my work and personal development separate.14:01
matsubaraOdd_Bloke, and when you go to https://launchpad.net/~daniel-thewatkins/+editemails you don't see your credativ.co.uk email, right?14:02
nigelbbug 62498114:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 624981 in Launchpad Registry "The Google Maps API server rejected your request (affected: 42, heat: 220)" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62498114:04
Odd_Blokematsubara: Correct.14:05
Odd_Blokematsubara: Any advance?14:21
matsubaraOdd_Bloke, still chasing. I'm talking to Tom (LOSA). will let you know once I have more info14:22
Odd_Blokematsubara: Cool, thanks. :)14:23
seb128could somebody tell me why bug #622926 has that heat number?14:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 622926 in indicator-session (Ubuntu) "Switch User fails on return trip (affected: 1, heat: 577)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62292614:23
seb128it has no comment, no other affected user, no duplicate, it's not a crash, not a security issue, not a private bug14:23
seb128in theory it should not get any heat but it's ranked first on the indicator-session bugslist14:24
deryckseb128, let me take a look now....14:25
seb128deryck, hey14:25
seb128deryck, thanks ;-)14:25
derycknp :-)14:25
seb128I will check for bugs about heat14:25
seb128https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-session/+bugs has it with color over the heat icons14:25
seb128where the bug page has not14:26
seb128and clicking on the "?" in the bug list gives a "Lost something?" indication rather than explanation about heat14:26
seb128it works on the bug page thoug14:26
deryckseb128, so about the heat number first...  all the subscribers will add heat, and recent activity adds heat, so if someone recently subscribed then you get more heat for it being a longer standing bug....14:28
deryckthat kind of heat should decay quickly though with inactivity14:28
seb128the bug has 1 subscriber and subscribe add 2 to to the heat14:29
seb128and the bug didn't get touched for a week14:30
deryckseb128, bug several subscribers via the structural subscription14:30
deryckbugs on the mind I guess14:30
seb128ie bug #62380414:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 623804 in indicator-session (Ubuntu) "Enable users to configure on the previous 'shutdown timer' feature (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62380414:30
seb128that should get the same heat14:30
seb128the also subscribed are the same14:30
seb128it's newer than the other one14:30
seb128and has the same number of subscribers14:31
seb128but heat is only 6 there14:31
seb128that doesn't make sense to me14:31
seb128or bug #62008214:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 620082 in indicator-session (Ubuntu) "Lock screen shortcut not changed dynamically (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62008214:31
seb128I fail to see what parameter makes the first one different14:32
deryckseb128, I'm not sure either, but I would guess some recent activity on the higher bug that is not reflected on the activity log.  Maybe someone unsubscribed and we counted that as activity and added points when we shouldn't have?  (Just a guess)14:33
seb128well that sort of activity would have been adding small amount of heat14:33
seb128subscriptions, etc should be only 2 points of heat14:34
seb128and that would have generated bug emails14:34
seb128hum no, not subscription...14:34
deryckseb128, yes, for the thing itself, i.e. the subscriber isn't worth much, but there is a percentage of the packages total heat that is added for every day of recent activity.14:34
deryckthis was added to make the hot bugs list more responsive to daily activity.  There is also a percentage that is substracted from heat for every day of inactivity.14:35
seb128well that bug is less active that the 2 others i listed which got triaged14:35
seb128well I would understand it hear had doubled14:35
seb128well I would understand it the heat had doubled14:36
deryckseb128, but I'm suggesting perhaps the higher heat bug has more recent subscriber changes that aren't reflected in the mail or activity log for the bug.14:37
deryckseb128, I would give it a couple days and if the bug heat doesn't drop, then we should file a bug to try and track down exactly what has happened.14:37
seb128ok, thanks14:37
seb128I will watch for other cases14:37
seb128ideally the heat would give details on click14:37
seb128like 6 = 3 subscribers * 2 point14:38
seb128so we would know exactly why the bug is heated ;-)14:38
deryckseb128, thanks, more cases would help, too!  and I'll file a bug about the heat help pop not showing on the bug listing.14:38
seb128deryck, thanks14:38
seb128deryck, there is bug #587542 about the other issue I mentioned before14:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 587542 in Launchpad Bugs "Bug listing heat is different to "in bug" heat? (affected: 1, heat: 2)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58754214:43
seb128just for info14:44
deryckseb128, yes, thanks.  The problem is that heat is really context specific, rather than just bug specific.14:45
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seb128deryck, ok14:47
seb128deryck, do you give extra heat to bugs open using apport compared to those open manually on launchpad?14:48
deryckseb128, no, the reporter is not figured into the heat calculation.14:48
seb128ok, weird14:48
seb128bug #614817 has a similar issue to the previous one14:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 614817 in indicator-messages (Ubuntu) "Set up chat text changed (affected: 1, heat: 153)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61481714:48
seb128I though maybe an extra 150 was added due to apport or something14:49
seb128bug #623312 seems buggy as well14:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 623312 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Problem with typing filenames (affected: 1, heat: 495)" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62331214:50
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deryckseb128, I'm wondering if the percentage of heat added for activity isn't overly high for packages, because it's using the max heat of the distro to get the percentage rather than max heat for package.14:52
seb128do you have any way to figure that from your side?14:52
seb128ie to know the detail of a bug heat?14:53
deryckseb128, it's a trigger in postgres that runs on any number of actions.... so we could figure it out, but it would take a combination of searching activity and subscriber activity to work out14:58
seb128I will keep observing and probably open a bug about it14:59
seb128heat numbers are mostly useless right now on ubuntu sources14:59
seb128lot of bugs without any subscriber, comment or change get high heat for no visible reason14:59
deryckseb128, but is it bad comparably speaking?  i.e. even though the numbers are high, are the lower heat bugs even less active?  Or there appears no difference in the high and low heat bugs?15:01
seb128deryck, well, bugs with ten of duplicates and affect user get three time less that the one I just listed15:05
seb128taking the nautilus example15:05
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seb128see bug #6123715:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 61237 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Drag 'n Drop in list view doesn't work (affected: 23, heat: 60)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6123715:06
deryckseb128, ok, so yeah, please file a bug.  List 1 or 2 with high heat and 1 or 2 that should be high but are not.15:06
seb128I think mostly metrics are right, out of cases like the ones I pointed which get highly ranked for no reason15:06
seb128ie if you ignore those buggy cases other bugs seem ranked in a correct order15:07
seb128ok, I will15:07
derycknp, thank you15:07
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yofela question about team ppas: is every member of the team notified about build failures?19:04
yofelor just the uploader?19:04
yofeland what about recipe builds?19:04
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mfraz74What is happening with the Google Earth API change?19:34
sorenDo you guys know of any working daily, recipe-based builds for maverick?19:44
sorenAh, I see the problem now. Never mind.19:47
yofelmfraz74: from what I know the maps were disabled for now until the issue is solved19:50
mfraz74yofel: thanks19:51
sorenabentley: Launchpad says I've exceeded my quota for recipe based lucid builds. I just need one more, can you help me out? :)20:27
sorenabentley: (Asking you since, AIUI, you work on that part of lp)20:28
lifelesssoren: general thing - ask the CHR first (help contact in the topic)20:28
abentleysoren, sorry, I can't add to your quota.  You can work around it by targetting a different PPA or distroseries, or by creating a new recipe with the same contents.20:29
lifelesssoren: avoids interrupts on folk when there is a designated interuptee for the day20:29
abentleysoren, we recommend testing locally first, to avoid wasting build farm resources and exceeding your quota.20:31
sorenabentley: I am targetting a different ppa.20:35
sorenabentley: One to which I have not uploaded today.20:35
sorenabentley: Understandable. I didn't even realise there was a quota.20:35
sorenlifeless: Fair point. My terminal was far from wide enough to reveal that bit of info from the /TOPIC, but I do see it now.20:36
=== lifeless changed the topic of #launchpad to: http://launchpad.net/ | Read https://help.launchpad.net/ for help | Help contact: matsubara | Join https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-users | This channel is logged: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Launchpad is open source: https://dev.launchpad.net/
lifelessthat should help20:37
sorenIt does :)20:37
abentleysoren, my bad.  The quota is 5 per person/distroseries/recipe/24hours20:38
sorenabentley: Sliding window or UTC date or some such?20:38
abentleysoren, I don't understand.  Builds that were created in the past 24 hours count against the quota.  Builds that are older don't.20:39
sorenabentley: Ok. That's the "sliding window" option. "UTC date" roughly means "counter resets at midnight UTC time".20:40
sorenabentley: But great, thanks for clarifying.20:40
abentleysoren, I thought 24 hours implied that.20:41
sorenabentley: It should, but it wouldn't be the first time someone said "last 24 hours" and really meant "on the same day".20:42
abentleyfair enough.20:43
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cody-somervillethats very odd21:21
yofelcan someone tell me wth went wrong here? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/54550518/upload_1940040_log.txt22:24
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yofelcan't open https://edge.launchpad.net/builders/ - Error ID: OOPS-1705EB2401 - the button to disable edge redirect does nothing and after disabling the redirect I get Error ID: OOPS-1705A2026 on production23:16
yofel(after disabling the redirect from my profile page)23:16
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lifelessyofel: I can't see that oops yet; should be able to soon23:19
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lifelessyofel: ok I have your 2401 oops up23:28
lifelessI think its a dup23:28
lifelessabentley: sorry to interrupt23:29
lifelessLocationError: (<lp.code.model.sourcepackagerecipebuild.SourcePackageRecipeBuildJob object at 0x12dcac10>, 'build')23:29
lifelessdoes that ring any bells ?23:29
abentleylifeless, it's not a problem I've seen before.  I'd be very surprised to see that fail.23:30
lifelessabentley: 23 this week according to lpoops. Will file a bug23:30
lifelesslaunchpad-code ?23:30
abentleylifeless, sure.23:30
abentleylifeless, tag it "recipe".23:30
lifelessthere are three similar ones23:31
lifelessI think they are all different though23:31
lifelessabentley: done - bug 62842723:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 628427 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "oops on /builders - LocationError(SourcePackageRecipeBuildJob, 'build') - BuilderSet:+index (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62842723:33
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bman2how can i unsubscribe from all bugs im watching on launchpad.net?23:52

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