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DanaGArgh, unity is completely broken for me.  As soon as I try to click anything, it hangs.... and then if I vt-switch away and back, the whole screen is blank white!00:39
Volkodavwhat do they plan for final kernel on the 16th ?00:39
DanaGUnknownMethodException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Unknown method: GetGroupProperties is not a valid method of interface org.ayatana.dbusmenu00:42
DanaGERROR:dbus.connection:Unable to set arguments () according to signature u'vvvvv': <type 'exceptions.TypeError'>: More items found in D-Bus signature than in Python arguments00:46
DanaGThat's me trying to d-feet (dbus debugger) dbusmenu.00:46
DanaGSo not only does dbusmenu not work, it won't let you debug it to find out if that GetGroupProperties is really missing.00:47
h00kSo, I keep having telepathy-butterfly crash on me, Empathy keeps respawning it, what's a good way to get a gdb backtrace on this?01:00
h00kOh, hey, "Already running programs"01:01
h00kYeah, not sure that's going to work01:05
brobinson_does anyone know how to display japanese charaters in browsers on meerkat02:16
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avi_Is that PolicyKit bug fixed in the Beta?03:19
switz_Does anyone know whether the nvidia drover issue has been fixed in 10.10 yet?03:34
bjsniderit will not be fixed until the new 256.53 driver is uploaded tot he archive. that will happen soon probably03:38
johnjohn101when will nvidia be supported in 10.10?  I can't seem to get any driver to work03:55
bjsniderit will not be fixed until the new 256.53 driver is uploaded to the archive. that will happen soon probably03:55
johnjohn101within the next week or so?03:56
johnjohn101it's ok, i just miss my wobbly windows03:57
bjsniderwithin the next week certainly04:00
johnjohn101thanks...  I'm enjoying 10.10,  some crashes but otherwise ok04:00
johnjohn101so if I've downloaded all of Monday's updates am I close to the beta or will I have to wait until next week ( via upgrade)04:04
avi_Any reason I can't use Maverick Beta (when it's out) as my main OS? Any glaring issues with it?04:08
bjsniderthe software is updated constantly. you will always have the latest packages if you do updates every few hours04:08
johnjohn101avi_: I'm not supporting ubuntu,  but if it's your personal and you're just messing around I'd say it's ok,  I wouldn't do it for any production or have to have machines04:14
avi_johnjohn101, Yeah, it's my personal machine. I'll probably wait for the RC/GM though.. It's not really worth the risk/hassle I don't think..04:15
johnjohn101i just upgraded my personal machine to 10.10.   it doesn't have nvidia, I had some problems with some apps crashing04:16
johnjohn101I love doing the upgrades throughout the development process.  beta  is much much more stable than alpha 304:17
johnjohn101I was able to compile the lastest nvidia driver and it works with 10.1004:37
edgyHi, I changed the resolution but every time I reboot my screen goes back to a default settings. why?04:54
johnjohn101edgy: what vid card are you using?05:04
edgyjohnjohn101: ATI 585005:04
johnjohn101do this  System -> Preferences -> Monitors  but say no to vendors tool05:06
johnjohn101and chose from there05:06
edgyjohnjohn101: I am using kubuntu05:09
edgyjohnjohn101: what's the command the launch the gnome version?05:10
voss749So whats been the experience so far with 10.1005:23
S4ryvoss749, so far so good for me05:26
S4ry10.10 is , lighter , fast  , stable ...05:27
edgydo fglrx works or not yet?05:31
S4ryedgy, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=152044205:42
edgyany one know how I label btrfs disk?05:42
S4ry -L, --label name05:43
S4ry , Specify a label for the filesystem.05:43
edgyS4ry: the problem is it's already created, I want to change it without removing data05:45
edgyS4ry: what comman you want me to pass -L to?05:48
avi_edgy, Can't gparted do that?05:48
avi_edgy, And that would be the mkfs command he's talking about,05:48
edgyavi_: no, gparted doesn't support btrfs, when the option is disabled05:49
edgyavi_: and mkfs would remove the data so what are my options?05:49
avi_edgy, Ah right. That's a toughie.. I'm not really sure about btrfs support.. It's not to be compatible fully with Ubuntu till Natty.. Might I ask what you've got a btrfs partition for?05:50
avi_because if it's mission-critical, you could always dd the partition and then mkfs and dd it back.05:51
edgyavi_: I just created my /home /backup partions in btrfs05:51
avi_hmm. So would it be possible to dd them?05:52
avi_Like I said, btrfs isn't supported in Maverick so it's probably best to stay away from btrfs entirely.05:52
edgyavi_: the problem is my /home and the backup partition is around 500G and I have no other drive to back it up05:52
avi_edgy, Yes that would be a problem :/05:52
edgyavi_: i heard its stable enough and would like to try it ;)05:53
avi_edgy, Well I honestly don't know how to go about helping you if that's the case.05:53
avi_edgy, Sorry :(05:53
avi_edgy, And yeah, it IS stable, but it's not *supported* yet.05:53
avi_edgy, Meaning most disk utilities won't support it, and iirc, you can't even grub directly to it..05:54
edgyavi_: np dear, I thought changing the label is very easy and google should return back a result easily but alas05:54
avi_edgy, You've gotta make some ext4 thing as a cover.05:54
avi_edgy, Yeah sure. Well I've gotta run. Good luck! :)05:54
edgyavi_: bye05:54
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DanaGI've been using btrfs, and it's given me some kernel oopses sometimes.06:34
DanaGAnd even hard-locks on my btrfs usb stick, any time I tried a second time to mount (after an oops).06:34
S4ryDanaG, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs06:37
DanaGI do already have a backup system in place.06:38
DanaGSo if Maverick btrfs dies, I boot Lucid from my HDD and restore SSD partition from backup.  Probably in ext4.06:39
S4ryDanaG, Okay.06:42
Gumbyhi all.  Im looking to get vdpau working.  Is it just the restricted driver I need to enable or do I also need to install a vdpau specific driver?08:34
S4ryMmm ,08:36
S4rydoes it depends on witch software you will use for that08:36
S4ryYou may also want to active your driver through ubuntu's restricted drivers08:37
S4ryI think mplayer may work08:38
S4ryAnd smplayer08:38
Gumbythe restricted driver is enabled.08:39
GumbyI am trying to run mythfrontend08:40
Gumbyand the error is "Failed to open VDPAU backend libvdpau_nvidia.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"08:40
S4rythe Drive is nvidia !08:42
S4ryit sounds like there's either a driver installation problem, libvdpau installation problem08:45
S4ry, or a packaging error08:45
GumbyI think I may have found the problem08:45
GumbyI chose an older nvidia driver from the restricted modules list08:46
Gumbywill install and re-test08:46
S4ryAha ,08:46
S4ryWe must always active the 'Recommended Drive model'08:47
S4ryShould reboot too ..08:48
Gumbyyes.  I got a bit confused there when setting up.08:48
Gumbynormally I would08:48
Gumbynot sure what I was thinking08:48
S4ryAh , yeah08:48
Gumbyor if I even was08:48
S4ry:) easy on yourself .. we all do miss up things08:49
S4ryPut your mind on free :D08:49
Gumbyyep, that was the problem08:53
S4ryYeah , it's always forgetting the simple things .. that whould take it to an issue or something08:55
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zetheroo1is 10.10 going to have Gnome 3?11:16
Saryzetheroo1, not quite sure .. maybe in natty11:17
SaryWell , it looks like it wont11:18
zetheroo1yeah ... just got this link from someone11:18
zetheroo1that is great news11:19
om26er"Firefox will not make 10.10" what does that mean?11:37
nigelbom26er: meaning 4.0 will not make it11:38
nigelbmaybe it needs updating11:39
nigelbjussi: can you add to the topic that "Firefox 4.0 will not make 10.10" instead of whats there?11:40
=== jussi changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Official Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat support/discussion | IRC Guidelines: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | Lucid support in #ubuntu | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule | Alpha 3 Released! See http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/maverick/alpha3 | Firefox 4.0 will not make 10.10 | X is broken for a lot of people please see http://tinyurl.com/2ubbobd
SaryWhats up with that FF 4 hype :)11:40
* nigelb hugs jussi :)11:41
nigelbjussi: thank you11:41
jpdsjussi: I had no idea Firefox made releases happen.11:42
sab0i am almost new user in ubuntu linux,can any one please tell me how to setup skype from CLI11:58
om26ersab0, download skype from skype.com11:58
sab0om26er, then?11:58
om26ersab0, double click and it will be installed.11:59
om26ersab0, are you using 32-bit or 64-bit Ubuntu?11:59
sab0om26er, i mo not sure12:00
sab0om26er, can you please tell me how could i check my ubuntu version on my machine?12:00
om26ersab0, http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/get-skype/on-your-computer/linux/12:00
sab0i was also trying to apt-get update from cli but to download only 327.2MB it showing it will take 16 hours+,my internet connection is quite good then why its taking to much time?12:03
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om26ersab0, skype installed?12:07
sab0om26er, not yet12:07
sab0om26er, please tell me after download how can i install it from cli12:07
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om26ersab0, you dont need to install it from terminal. if you just double click it will open with the installer12:08
om26ersab0, if you are using Ubuntu 10.04 you can install skype from Softwar-Center12:08
sab0om26er, ok.I was just trying to lear12:09
sab0om26er, ok.I was just trying to learn...:)12:09
S4ryYou can also install it with a command line , sudo apt-get install skype12:11
om26ersab0, the place where you download skype. cd there from terminal and type sudo dpkg- i sky<tab>12:11
sab0om26er, ok12:11
om26erS4ry, in Lucid only :) its not in partners of Maverick yet I think12:11
S4ryWell , lemme check12:12
* om26er wishes for skype to support indicator-applet12:13
Hewanyone using UNE maverick know how to open file browser?12:13
S4ryE: Package 'skype' has no installation candidate12:13
om26erHew, hm. open terminal and type nautilus and add it to the unity launcher12:13
Hewom26er, yea that's what I've been doing for every alpha/beta so far :S, I hope there's a high importance bug about this12:14
nigelbS4ry: enable parter repository from Software Sources12:14
om26erHew, Ya dash only supports access to files. other files operations are a little difficult12:15
S4ryit's enable .. you mean the partner or the partner(Source Code ) ..12:16
om26erskype is not in Maverick Partners Yet: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/skype12:17
Hewwell it displays a pretty layout of my empty home folder, but when the first thing I need to navigate to is /var/crash it's a real pain (especially when crashes are occurring while I'm trying to get there)12:17
Hewroot (or "My Computer") should be an option under "Files and Folders"12:18
S4ryGuys , on Software sources .. does the murriane-daily/ppa partner(Source Code ) should be check!12:19
S4ryi got this from the terminal output .. N: Ignoring file 'murrine-daily-ppa-maverick.list.save' in directory '/etc/apt/sources.list.d/' as it has an invalid filename extension12:20
Hewom26er, do you know which package a bug should be filed against about this?12:48
Hewor anyone12:51
nigelbHew: Places -> Computer?12:52
nigelbwhat more are you looking for?12:52
nigelbThe bookmarks also should have a File System entry12:52
Hewnigelb, netbook edition12:52
nigelbAh, sorry12:53
yofelS4ry: see bug 611925 for the .save files12:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 611925 in apt (Ubuntu) "sources are not recognized " [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61192512:54
S4ryyofel, :) alright12:56
JohnFluxHi all13:14
JohnFluxthe ibus packages in 10.04  cause plasma-desktop to leak memory at a rate of about 250KB a minute.13:14
JohnFluxThe ibus developers have fixed it, but ubuntu ships with the old packages13:15
patdk-wkhmm, I hadn't noticed that, and I do lots of ibus stuff13:17
patdk-wkbut then I don't use plasma-desktop13:17
patdk-wkbut this is the 10.10 channel anyways, and could care less about 10.04 :)13:17
JohnFluxpatdk-wk: where do I talk to 10.04 developers?13:18
patdk-wkmake a backport ticket on launchpad13:18
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JoshuaLgwibber working for anyone else with twitter? :)14:41
charlie-tcaJoshuaL: see this - http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/211614:44
Volkodavhmm is google docs down or is it me ? can't upload anything for 2 days now15:33
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VolkodavI have troubles with third-party repos lately - none of them seem to fetch and even when they work always get the message about in directory '/etc/apt/sources.list.d/' as it has an invalid filename extension17:34
Volkodavwhat's up with that ?17:34
gnomefreakVolkodav: we do not support 3rd party repos please see the authors of those repos17:35
VolkodavI mean they are all ppa repos17:36
yofelVolkodav: the messages are just apt being too verbose since recently17:36
yofelthose file are created when the ppas are disabled on upgrade17:36
Volkodavok I can ignore messages that';s fine17:36
Volkodavlike .new or .old those I can remove/ignore17:37
yofelI'll look at it again, there's a setting to turn them off, but most users don't use the command line so it shouldn't be much of an issue17:38
yofel(there is about about them)17:38
yofel*is a bug17:38
Volkodavppa's are disabled on each upgrade ?17:39
gnomefreakVolkodav: yes they are not official repos and can break things17:40
gnomefreakwouldnt the setting be in software sources menu17:41
jpdsVolkodav: They should all end in .list I believe.17:51
yofeljpds: yes, but disabled ppas have an empty .list file and the old .list file is saved as .list.save17:52
* gnomefreak went through */sources.list and remove all # disabled.... update and everything works fine. mind you i have over 10 PPAs17:52
yofelright, but we're talking about files in sources.list.d17:54
yofelapt didn't complain before, but the new up is being uneccessary verbose :/17:55
gnomefreaki guess its a good thing i dont have any in there17:55
gnomefreakthis was just upgraded on monday17:55
gnomefreakthat would make 6 upgrades and 4 fresh installs and havent seen that issue ever17:56
yofelwell of course, as that's new in apt 0.817:58
yofel(or do you mean 6 upgrades to mav?)17:58
* yofel handles all sources in sources.list too so I only saw that warning when I tried to reproduce an update-manager bug once ^^17:59
kklimondadisabling ppas on upgrade isn't really good enough - do we also downgrade all package to official versions before upgrading?18:00
gnomefreakkklimonda: no18:01
gnomefreakgoing from Lucid to Maverick it should only need to run up not down18:02
kklimondaI'd actually add something like /var/lib/warranty and first time user adds some PPA or 3rd party repository I'd delete this file ;)18:02
kklimondaand then I'd make it impossible to report bugs without this file or asking for help.. mmm.. a perfect world..18:02
gnomefreakproblem alot of people have is they think PPAs are stable because they are from Ubuntu communilties and they are not stabole18:03
yofelhaha, we already make sure apport doesn't report ppa bugs (can be overriden somehow I think though)18:03
yofeland now that ppa-purge is in the archive maybe we should work on embedding that into update-manager for natty18:04
kklimonda(removed CoC-violating comment about people as general)18:05
gnomefreakyofel: that was thought to be enabled at one point but hell you can file bugs on PPAs i just dont remember the link at least for mozilla team and apport should run *-collect and add the info. well did for gwibber and such18:05
kklimondagnomefreak: heh, that's probably one of the problems - the other being that people want to run the latest and greatest18:05
gnomefreakkklimonda: yep and if you ant fix it or dont understand it DONT USE IT18:06
gnomefreak:) not you but people in general18:06
yofelgnomefreak: actually there are projects for mozilla or kde ppa's that are used for bug tracking, and iirc apport can be told to use those instead of ubuntu18:06
kklimondathe problem with PPAs is that there are PPAs created by Ubuntu developers and PPAs created by random people. Some of them may even be authors of software that is in PPA but they have no idea about packaging.18:06
kklimondaI still think we should have something like "Trusted PPA"18:07
gnomefreakif you cant fix it dont use it. If you dont understand it than dont use it. dont ev ery use it during devel cycle if the above apply18:08
yofelkklimonda: you might want to read the discussion about rejecting ubuntu-tweak in universe on the motu ML, they discussed preferring one ppa over others there too18:08
gnomefreaki trust my packaging. but like mozilla team daily PPa it is built by bots not people18:08
kklimondagnomefreak: but some ppas like ~x-swat/x-updates or ~ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa are crucial for some users and the former is actually the only way of getting updated drivers on stable releases18:09
gnomefreaki have 5 or 6 PPAs that are not my personal that i can upload to :)18:09
kklimondayofel: I did18:09
gnomefreakkklimonda: they can download the .debs ;)18:09
gnomefreakbut can still break no matter how stable. you forget 1 depends and you can be in trouble18:10
kklimondagnomefreak: but they are being tested by the same people that are responsible for X stack in ubuntu itself :)18:10
* gnomefreak wonders if the sound one will fix my sound issue18:11
kklimondagnomefreak: or (in case of ~ubuntu-audio-dev) by people responsible for sound stack18:11
yofelIMHO ppa's aren't better or worse than -backports. As the only requisite for that is that it builds on the release it should be backported to18:12
kklimondagnomefreak: and there are good reasons to use both of them - that's the second thing I recommend when people have problem with sound (first being installing linux-backports-modules-<release>-<kernel>_18:12
kklimondayofel: -backports are done by MOTU, are limited only to "leaf packages" and are being tested for upgrades18:12
kklimondayofel: you can add some PPA with "elemental nautilus" and get a gazilion of libraries that either conflict now or later.18:13
gnomefreakif i dont know the people that upload to the PPAs and the userts wanting them it is unlikely that i will suggest them. the minute you get someone without a clue than you get blamed for giving it to them18:13
yofelright :/18:13
gnomefreakbrb smoke than figure out googleearth-package.18:14
* gnomefreak looking to not spend all day on packagin it if i can avoid it18:14
gnomefreakmight be easier to grab for mediubuntu and customize it and add a PPA for it18:19
gnomefreakthat is tomorrow during coffee i think18:19
vishhehe , i wonder why i read kklimonda mail to BC as "they just want to get their itch fixed"  ;p19:32
tembraehello, can anyone help me with compiling screem? i get an error exit code saying GLIB version is incorrect but it says GLIB is wrong version. also its not in the repo, would the karmic one work? how would i add karmic repo?19:38
tembrae*it says GLIB package not found :)19:39
antonpiatekAnyone know how to install a maverick vserver on a debian box? upstart is causing it to fail19:45
kklimondahmm.. ctrl+l to reply to list in Evo just broke o.O20:23
kklimondahmm.. maybe because Evo doesn't recognize the message as originating from ML..20:24
Sary'Sup Maverick21:00
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* guntbert tries to decipher that code ... in vain :)22:06
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bcurtiswx_i have an issue with my comp that maybe people in here would be able to help with22:35
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:36
bcurtiswx_im trying to install maverick alpha through CD rom.. i've verified the CD has burnt correctly (not a CD problem), but when attempting to load ubuntu, it gets to plymouth and the dots start going across when all the sudden my cd stops spinning and the dots stop moving22:36
bcurtiswx_guntbert, i was getting there, lots to type ;)22:37
yofelthat sounds like X failing to start, or maybe it starts on vt8 but doesn't switch you there22:37
bcurtiswx_yofel, it freezes the entire computer, have to hard reboot22:38
yofelsysrq+k doesn't work?22:38
bcurtiswx_yofel, whats sysrq?22:38
ubottuIn an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key22:39
bcurtiswx_i can try that, but any tips on debugging?22:39
BUGabundowiki ?22:39
* bcurtiswx_ slaps BUGabundo with a large skyscarper22:39
yofelwell, you could replace quiet splash in grub with --verbose, witch should make upstart show what it's doing when the system freezes22:39
bcurtiswx_how do I access this from a live CD?22:40
DaekdroomI wish there was a Dichotomy variation of maverick's ambience..22:40
yofelgood question, press left shift maybe? but I seriously don't know. anyone?22:41
voidmagewill the oauthpocalypse fix for gwibber make it in 10.10?22:41
bcurtiswx_voidmage, yes, after beta tomorrow22:41
voidmagewhat about nvidia drivers 256.52 or 256.53?22:42
bcurtiswx_voidmage, that i do not know22:43
yofel256.52 is available in the x-updates ppa and should be uploaded to the archive sometime after beta22:44
bcurtiswx_so nobody knows how to access grub menu from a live cd.. i'll have to give the shift key a try.. thx yofel22:47
yofelI haven't tried the *ubuntu* live disk since they changed the boot so I don't know sry22:48
BUGabundothere's no grub in the live cd22:49
BUGabundoits just ubiquity22:49
BUGabundogrub is only on installed disked22:49
bcurtiswx_BUGabundo, so how would I disagnose my boot issues?22:49
bcurtiswx_from the liveCD22:49
BUGabundowhat !?22:50
BUGabundofrom the live cds?22:50
yofelBUGabundo: how do you edit the kernel command line on the live dis22:50
bcurtiswx_yeah, look above for whats happening to me22:50
yofelexp. since the syslinux menu is hidden by default today22:51
* yofel is getting tired...22:51
BUGabundoyofel: F622:51
BUGabundoadvanced sub menu22:51
BUGabundopress ESC then, and edit at will22:51
bcurtiswx_so what would I edit?22:51
* bcurtiswx_ is doing a network upgrade so has to wait about 40 more minutes to try22:52
BUGabundono idei22:52
bcurtiswx_yofel, what TZ are you?22:53
yofelmeaning 12:53PM here ;)22:53
bcurtiswx_Ah, Germany22:53
bcurtiswx_you mean AM?22:53
yofelme being tired again... 11:53PM22:54
bcurtiswx_dinner time here in the states22:54
bcurtiswx_+02:00GMT ?22:54
BUGabundogmt+1 here22:55
charlie-tcabcurtiswx_: will it boot to the live cd desktop23:08
bcurtiswx_charlie-tca, nope, this is all before23:08
charlie-tcahmm, much harder than. the beta is being tested for release tomorrow, it works better than the alpha did23:09
charlie-tcaI think you can hit the shift key during the seconds the two symbols are at the bottom to access the menu23:10
bcurtiswx_OK, once my network upgrade is done i'll test that23:11
bcurtiswx_about 15-20 minutes left23:11
broti am trying to bisect a bug in the kernel, and need to compile my own kernel packages to do so. running "make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=bisect1 kernel-image kernel-headers" for the vanilla kernel sources fails with: http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/398861/ . can someone tell me what i am doing wrong?23:23
kklimondabrot: you will have more luck if you ask in #ubuntu-kernel and use LC_ALL=C make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=bisect1 kernel-image kernel-headers so it's in English23:25
brotthanks for the informations kklimonda, i will try that.23:26
bcurtiswx_charlie-tca, OK, im in the menu after hitting shift.. where would I go here to try a verbose boot?23:33
bcurtiswx_found it23:35
charlie-tcahit F6, delete quiet splash from the end of the line that appears23:37
bcurtiswx_stdin: error 023:37
charlie-tcaand, if it fails, the /var/log/syslog should contain the errors23:39
bcurtiswx_charlie-tca, well it freezes.  so I can't go grab that23:40
bcurtiswx_im trying a pastebin.. and its not working.. LOL23:41
Some_PersonHow (un)stable is maverick at this stage?23:41
bcurtiswx_charlie-tca, http://paste.ubuntu.com/486991/23:41
bcurtiswx_i typed all that out... its frozen on my screen.. lol23:42
bcurtiswx_sysrq doesn't allow me to access the system23:43
kklimondaSome_Person: pretty stable but YMMV23:44
Some_PersonAre intel graphics working for the new X server?23:45
yofelhere yes, but I get some rendering issues with my 945GME and kwin compositing enabled23:45
bcurtiswx_hmm, it's trying to load btrfs, should i?23:46
bcurtiswx_should it*23:48
bcurtiswx_anyone know the differences between the netbook iso vs the desktop iso... because the netbook one is working fine so far23:55
bcurtiswx_is there a way I can start a wireless network up through command line?23:59

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