DanaGI'm waiting for that darn "panda" to become available.00:35
DanaGThough, if I were to have an ARM file server, I'd want one with native gigabit ethernet and SATA, not USB stuff.00:35
persiaDanaG, There are always rumours of new cool stuff.  Currently, I believe you can get this retail for ARMv6, but not ARMv7.00:39
DanaGI know that "Panda" is something that actually exists, but is supposedly under NDA.00:41
dcordesGrueMaster: Yes makes perdect thanks. Thank you01:04
dcordesGrueMaster: Well thanks for the explanation.01:05
dcordesIt seems like I need a break.01:05
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* ogra glares at the kernel mailing list12:27
ograThis patchset enables full support for the 22-inch 3M touchscreen. The12:27
ogracontroller handles up to 60 fingers, and this version can do at least12:27
ogra20 fingers.12:27
* ogra wonders if they also have a geneitc patch for humans to actually grow 60 fingers12:28
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amitkogra: I heard them mention something about a camping expedition to a nukular dump12:30
XorA|gonethere is an assumption there that there is only one user12:34
ograwell, how much of teh display will you be able to see on 22 inch having 6 persons putting all ten fingers in ?12:37
XorA|gone22inch is big enough for RPG games to be played on12:37
lagWho has their ES2.0 to hand?12:50
lagogra: rsalveti: GrueMaster:12:52
ograi do but i'm busy beta testing today12:57
ograi.e. i wont boot it today12:57
ogralag, what info do you need for failing suspend (/me is about to write a bug but there is no trace of info in any logs it seems)13:00
lagJust tell me how I can re-create it13:04
lagMy query was on the same lines13:05
lagHave you tried to shut it down - then reboot it again?13:05
ograit wont shut down with the current kernel since it cant deconfgure the NIC13:05
lagSo you'd expect this kind of thing on re-bootup would you? http://paste.ubuntu.com/486626/13:06
ogralag, to recreate, just click on the shutdown icon in the panel and select susped ... you will only get a gnome-screensaver password prompt13:06
lagogra: Can you use the prompt to re-login?13:07
ograit just behaves like a locked screen13:07
ogra(pm-utils enforces gnome-screensaver --lock before telling the kernel to suspend)13:07
lagAnd when you check the logs, nothing new is in there?13:08
lagDid you check my paste?13:09
ograi see a message abot the screensaver lock dialog having come up, but nothing between that and the last messages from booting13:09
ograyes, looks bad13:09
ograwhich kernel is that ?13:10
zumbi_i am playing with an IGEPv2 board, it does not suspend for me, do you have an idea if PM works fine on such target?13:10
ograthe one in the archive or a special build ?13:10
ograzumbi_, sadly no, might be a kernel issue13:10
lagOh wait13:10
lagYou're Beta testing ES1.0?13:10
ogralag, yep13:11
lagogra: I can't help you with your suspend issue13:11
ogralag, ??13:11
ogralag, i suspect there is a config option missing in our kernel, normally you would at least see *some* message13:11
lagMy Panda's are borked13:12
lagI can have a look13:12
ograthat would be nice13:12
ograi'll try to tickle some more debug output out of pm-utils later13:12
ograbeyond that and an ubuntuone crash the omap4 image looks fine though :)13:13
lagdo: pm-suspend PM_DEBUG=113:14
ograwill do13:15
ograpersia, got any interest to work on bug 613612 ?13:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 613612 in ubuntu-netbook-efl-default-settings (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "Favorites missing from netbook-launcher-efl (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61361213:15
ogralag, filed bug 628029 for now13:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 628029 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "[maverick] panda ES1.0 does not suspend on beta image (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62802913:19
* ogra submits http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/4495/696 :)13:20
ogralag, in your paste, the first issue it shows is sound related, i think there was some work going on to include ASoC fixes we are missing yet ( lrg might be able to tell you more )13:21
ogracould well be that the subsequent oopses are just fallout of thet13:22
lagCould well be13:22
lagI'll touch base with lrg13:23
lagWhat time is he normally in?13:23
ograhe is in the UK, normally he is here during our workday13:23
ograno idea why he isnt atm, XorA|gone might know ... but he seems to be gone :)13:24
XorA|gonelrg is UK timezone13:24
XorA|gonebut he has ADSL problems at moment13:24
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* ogra takes a break13:25
lagogra: It looks like our ti-omap4 branch has been upgraded to 2.6.3513:27
XorAif thats ASoC issues on panda lrg isnt looking at that board at the moment13:27
XorAbuest bug prpplague and other board bringup dudes13:28
lagXorA: Thanks for the info13:28
XorAlrg is working on 4430sdp so if you can repeat it on that13:29
lagogra: This answer your question: debian.ti-omap4/config/config.common.ubuntu:# CONFIG_PM is not set13:30
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: would you care to look at http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.kernel/1027380/focus=34838?  It affects pxa3xx_defconfig13:34
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, ok13:34
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, how's it going to affect pxa3xx_defconfig?13:36
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: thanks13:36
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: pxa3xx_defconfigs currently has NFS_V4 but not CRYPTO so it fails to build13:36
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, would your patch finally include fix to that, I guess it would be better to include then?13:37
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: -ENOPARSE13:39
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, heh13:40
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, guess a simple fix would to have CRYTO selected in pxa3xx_defconfig?13:40
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, and I doubt only pxa3xx_defconfig has this issue13:40
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: there are many symbols that select CRYPTO13:41
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: see my mail, only mx1, pxa3xx, qil-a9260, usb-a9260 and usb-a9263 are affected13:41
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, so will you include fix to these _defconfig(s)?13:42
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: no need to13:42
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: I really wonder about how many people understand these defconfig targets wrong13:43
ukleinekTrond Myklebust though the defconfigs need fixing, too13:43
zumbi_where can i find info on unity and anataya?13:45
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, what is a proper fix?13:45
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: my patch13:47
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, ah I see13:48
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, so it looks nothing needs to be done at pxa3xx_ side, no testing building/run even needed, the patch looks right to me13:49
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: the only thing you can do is seeing that pxa3xx is broken13:50
ukleinekand see it fixed with my patch13:50
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, cool13:51
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, thanks13:52
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ogralag, yeah, it has been upgraded to .35 but not been uploaded (since it defaults to ES2 which we cant use in beta yet) ... mind reporting the missing option on bug 628029 ?14:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 628029 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "[maverick] panda ES1.0 does not suspend on beta image (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62802914:53
lagWhy have you made it incomplete?14:55
ograbecause it needs info14:56
ogra(you asked for pm debug logs, remember ?)14:57
lagogra: I didn't14:58
ogra<lag> do: pm-suspend PM_DEBUG=114:58
lagFor your info14:58
ograthus my second comment on the bug and the marking as incomplete14:58
lagAnyway, it's not a problem14:58
lagI've changed it14:58
lagI'll make a kernel for you to test14:59
ograah, nice14:59
ogralag, slow down14:59
ogralag, lets better revisit it with ES214:59
ograafter beta14:59
lagSo you don't need it for Beta?15:00
lagI'll concentrate on ES215:00
ograright, its just a remonder that we check it again after beta on ES215:00
ograit surely has to work but i dont want to put more work than necessary into ES1 now15:01
lagFine by me15:02
lagI've assigned myself anyway15:02
lagprpplague: Pounce!16:13
lagprpplague: http://paste.ubuntu.com/486626/16:14
* prpplague looks16:14
prpplaguelag: you need some updated pulse and alsa config files16:15
lagAre they in our builds currently?16:15
prpplaguei do not know, let me forward them to you16:16
* prpplague checks to see if he has lag's email16:16
ograprpplague, kernel configs ?16:16
prpplagueogra: no state files16:16
lagogra's problem :)16:17
ogralag, ??16:17
lagSounds like userspace to me :)16:17
* ogra doesnt get how pulse configs can prevent kernel oopses before pulse can even run16:17
ogralag, oops on kernel init cant be userspace :)16:19
lagMy teflon shoulders not working today!16:19
lagprpplague: ?16:20
prpplaguei thought the log showed that it was already booted16:21
* prpplague checks the log again16:21
ograprpplague, pulse only starts with the desktop on ubuntu, no way that can have any effect here16:21
prpplagueogra: yea, my bad, i saw there that the mmc section had detected the partitions, on first look i assumed that the root fs had booted16:23
prpplaguelag: which kernel are you using?16:24
prpplaguelag: that doesn't look like the L24.9 audio configuration for the panda16:24
lagIt should be L24.916:24
ogralag, i think we're one version behind TI16:24
lagThis is L24.916:25
* ogra saw some discussion about having to backport ASoC fixes from the TI branch to the ubuntu one last week16:25
lagprpplague: Give me a sha id to look up in the log to confirm16:25
prpplaguelag: http://dev.omapzoom.org/?p=integration/kernel-omap4.git;a=summary16:26
prpplaguelag:  you can check the tags/id's there16:26
prpplaguelag: but anything about L24.9 should be functional16:27
lagprpplague: http://paste.ubuntu.com/486816/16:29
lagprpplague: http://paste.ubuntu.com/486817/16:30
lagprpplague: Looks fairly up-to-date to me16:30
prpplagueone sec, let me check the git repo16:31
lagprpplague: This is the one I'm currently using: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=rsalveti/ubuntu-maverick.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/rsalveti-ti-omap4-es216:32
GrueMasterogra: oem-config crashed on panda for me.  20100901 image.16:32
ograGrueMaster, hmm, worked fine here16:33
ograXM doesnt boot with MMC errors for me :/16:33
prpplaguelag: checking the git repo now16:36
prpplaguelag: give me a minute or two16:36
prpplaguelag: looks like in the merge/rebase something has gotten broken, the L24.9 works fine, but it looks like the ubuntu integration tree is broken16:39
prpplaguelag: give me about 5 minutes to look it over16:39
ogralag, any reason you dont use the kernel team git repo ? afaik it should have everything for ES2 including all display patches16:41
ogra(the one the package will be built from)16:41
lagogra: Yes, when I started using this tree our tree wasn't rebased16:41
prpplaguelag: looks like you might be missing a couple of panda related patches16:42
ograi'm not sure what additional patches ricardo has in his tree vs the packaging tree16:42
lagThere are no differences16:42
ograor is missing...16:42
lagNo significant differences16:42
lagOnly his LED patch and my edits (suspend and sound debug)16:43
prpplaguelag: ok one sec16:44
prpplaguelag: ok http://paste.ubuntu.com/486626/  , checkout line 23716:45
prpplaguelag: I2C write to TSP61305 failed16:46
prpplaguelag: notice it is spell TSP6130516:46
prpplaguelag: http://dev.omapzoom.org/?p=integration/kernel-ubuntu.git;a=commitdiff;h=3136e1a1a34e1197c8ee363b77e5a2ce1c98c2a716:46
prpplaguelag: that patch fixes that spelling mistake16:46
prpplaguelag: which leads me to believe you don't have the current source building16:47
lagprpplague: http://paste.ubuntu.com/486828/16:49
prpplaguelag: can you paste the sound/soc/omap/4430sdp.c file?16:51
prpplaguelag: look - Linux version 2.6.34-903-omap4 (buildd@hawthorn) (gcc version 4.4.5 20100728 (prerelease) (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.4.4-8ubuntu1) ) #7-U16:51
prpplaguelag: this can not be the L24.9 kernel16:51
lagGive me a mo16:52
ograyeah, thats definitely the packaged kernel16:52
prpplaguelag: the L24.9 kernel will report something similar to:  Linux version 2.6.35-00002-gfe2d3db-dirty (danders@ccd-dev) (gcc version 4.3.3 (GCC) ) #17 SMP PREEMPT Mon Aug 30 11:06:07 CDT 201016:52
ograwell, it would be  2.6.35-90*-omap4 for us16:53
ogralikely 90416:53
prpplagueogra: right, just pointing out that it would 2.6.35 not 2.6.2416:53
lagprpplague: [    0.000000] Linux version 2.6.35-903-omap4 (root@tangerine) (gcc version 4.4.5 20100728 (prerelease) (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.4.4-8ub)16:53
ograunless it gets reset to 900 because fo the version bump16:53
lagI was using it earlier16:53
prpplaguelag: ok that doesn't match what you pasted16:54
lagWhy on earth have my script just decided to grab another kernel16:54
ograprpplague, correct16:54
* lag investigates16:54
ograwell, good to know our packaged kernel wors so far on ES2 even though its not supposed to *g*16:55
lagCan someone remind me why x-loader hangs?16:56
ograwrong u-boot ?16:57
lagIt worked earlier16:57
ograbefore you did what ?16:57
* lag shrugs16:58
lagThat's what I'm trying to find out16:58
prpplaguelag: paste the log16:58
lagI'm using u-boot-with-ubuntu-patches.bin16:58
lagprpplague: Which log?16:58
* ogra doesnt know what that is16:58
prpplaguelag: of the x-load hang16:58
lagIt's rsalveti's16:58
lagThere isn't a log16:58
ografor ES2 i suppose16:58
lagU-Boot 1.1.4-gcebe815a-dirty (Aug 20 2010 - 02:44:51)16:59
ogra1.1.4 ???16:59
lagIt's what was given to me16:59
lagAgain by rsalveti16:59
ograwe dont use 1.1.4 anymore16:59
lagDo you think he has it in for me?16:59
lagLet me download Linaro's one17:00
ograi'm noit sure that has the ES2 patches yet17:00
ograstuff we need to care for next week17:00
lagrobclark: Do you have a u-boot.bin I can use?17:01
robclarkhi lag17:01
lagHello mate17:01
robclarkyeah, I suppose so.. let's see here17:01
lagEmail would be my preference :)17:01
robclarklag: es2?17:01
lagYes please17:02
lagI'm going to pick this up tomorrow17:02
lagI have to get ready to take the long haired general out for dinner17:02
ograi dont want to go to dinner with you !17:02
robclarklag: sent17:03
lagNot the long haired floor sweeper ;)17:03
lagThe big-gun17:03
lagThe Mrs17:03
lagThanks robclark17:03
ogralag, enjoy ... and send long haired greetings17:04
lagPerhaps I should try this once, before you lot go to bed17:04
lagogra: Will do17:04
robclarklag: probably a good idea17:04
lagLooks promising17:07
lagprpplague, ogra: I think my scripts failed to mount the MMC card after the dd, hence leaving the old kernel on the card17:07
sebjanprpplague: did you find anything with your latest x-loader? When it is fixed for all ES2.0, your tree could be used as reference to start on ES2.0 on coming days (+after adding the support for 1GB ;))?17:08
ograsebjan, we'll switch the world over to ES2 starting on friday (after beta is out)17:09
prpplaguesebjan: just started looking, i suspect that i missed something on the fref_clkout for the EHCI phy17:10
GrueMasterIs there a software difference between the two ES2 boards?17:10
ograGrueMaster, i think ricardo said he had issues with the 8 layer17:10
prpplaguesebjan: i've been so swamped doing board validation, code for production testing, and getting handoff repos maintained, that mistakes are starting to creap in17:10
ograwell, someone mentioned it and i think it was him17:10
sebjanprpplague: yes, I know that :). I can do some testing when you have something.17:11
GrueMasterhrm.  If not, I can use both for testing.  Otherwise one is useless (not even good as a paperweight).17:12
prpplagueogra: any idea what issues he reported?17:12
sebjanGrueMaster: there are some changes required in the x-laoder and kernel. Without those, you cannot use the USB/ethernet ports.17:14
GrueMasterrsalveti: What problems did you see between the two different ES2 boards?17:14
ograprpplague, not really, he'll be back tomorrow from his conference and we can ask17:14
rsalvetilag: the u-boot binary I sent you is based on the es2 tree from gitorious17:14
ograhe's here :)17:14
rsalvetiGrueMaster: I still didn't test es2 8 layer17:14
rsalvetinow yes :-)17:14
GrueMaster(helps if you use his id instead of his name).17:14
rsalvetiyep :-)17:14
rsalvetiGrueMaster: I got the board at home, but I'm at linuxcon now17:15
rsalvetiwill test it tomorrow17:15
prpplaguersalveti: ahh ok17:15
GrueMasterOk, no problem.17:15
lagrsalveti: I'm sure it worked at one point17:15
rsalvetiogra: lag: I didn't test the upstream u-boot, so that's why I built only the tested one17:15
lagrsalveti: It just stopped working17:15
rsalvetiso we could test it17:15
rsalvetilag: the ubuntu-patches at u-boot is the one we had with the older package17:15
ograrsalveti, ah, k, i guess we'll need to bug jcrigby on friday then17:15
lagrsalveti: robclark's one works, so I'll keep with that one17:16
rsalvetijust setting default parameters and etc, nothing important17:16
rsalvetiogra: yep, but I first need to find time to test the upstream one17:16
rsalvetiand first report it to sakoman17:16
prpplaguersalveti: the gitorious omap4_panda_L24.9 branches should work for both the 6 and 8  layer ES2.0 boards, sebjan reported an issue with the 6-layer not bringing up the usb EHCI, i'm looking into that now17:16
rsalvetithey don't have es2 boards, I guess17:16
rsalvetiprpplague: hm, ok, good to know, thanks17:16
ograrsalveti, you mean linaro ?17:16
robclarkfwiw, my MLO/u-boot.bin/uImage's are all for 6-layer boards..  I've not upgraded yet17:16
rsalvetilag: yep, for now it's the best one17:16
ograthey dont even have ES117:16
rsalvetiogra: yep (linaro is basing on upstream from sakoman)17:17
rsalvetiso first I need to try sakoman's tree17:17
rsalvetithen linaro17:17
rsalvetiwill do that tomorrow17:17
rsalvetiwhen I get home after my visa interview :-(17:17
lagrsalveti: Where to we email to tell them not to let you our of the country?17:18
rsalvetifor es2 8layer let's just wait prpplague to test it17:18
rsalvetiand give us a valid tree17:18
sebjanrsalveti: for 8 layers, if you build a kernel, you'll also need a patch from prpplague tree (L24.9 branch)17:18
rsalvetilag: haha :-)17:18
rsalvetisebjan: yep, I saw that on gitorious17:18
rsalvetisebjan: prpplague: are we going to have just one kernel, u-boot and x-loader for both es2 6 and es2 8?17:19
rsalvetiit'll make our life much much easier :-)17:19
prpplaguersalveti: yes17:19
prpplaguersalveti: the current handoff should work on both17:19
sebjanall: fyi, I am preparing a patch series to goes on top of Bryan pull request, and that integrates all patches from prpplague tree and new updates from our dev teams.17:19
prpplaguesebjan: dandy17:19
rsalvetisebjan: awesome17:19
rsalvetisebjan: can you send an email or ping us at the irc when you're done?17:20
rsalvetiso we can build it and try with our boards17:20
rsalvetithen package them17:20
sebjanrsalveti: yep, sure!17:20
rsalvetisebjan: cool, thanks :-)17:21
sebjanrsalveti: np17:21
* ogra wonders why we have 6 layer boards at all17:21
rsalvetiogra: well, probably because they didn't know they would get the 8 layer so fast17:21
ograi think everyone who has the 6 layer has the 8 layer too now17:21
robclarkogra:  I don't :-(17:21
rsalvetior, we didn't get the 6 on time17:22
prpplagueogra: long story17:22
rsalvetirobclark: but you're ti! ;-)17:22
prpplagueogra: basically they were a intermediate platform for testing the ES2.0 silicon before the 8-layer board were ready17:22
ograwe should just ignore the 6 layer then i guess17:23
ograand move right away to the real stuff :)17:23
rsalvetiogra: if we get just one binary for both boards, then we could use them for other purposes17:23
rsalvetisend for other teams, builders, don't know17:23
robclarkwell, I assume there will be 6-layer boards floating around for a while..  best option is single binary if possible17:24
ograrsalveti, send them to robclark :)17:24
ograoh, wait you have a 6 layer ...17:24
rsalvetiogra: well, I can use them for my build cluster ;-)17:24
rsalvetiwith an external usb hd things gets quite fast17:25
rsalvetiand I can easily build kernels and stuffs17:25
* ogra is sad that they are not black though17:26
* rsalveti still didn't see his own es2 817:26
rsalvetiblack was nice17:26
ograbut its easier to tell them apart that way17:26
hrwyou guys did not have other problems? I do not have any panda so no panda problems (yet)17:26
rsalvetiogra: another subject, how things are going with our image?17:27
rsalvetiGrueMaster: ^17:27
GrueMasterhrw: that sounds like  a bigger issue.17:27
GrueMasterrsalveti: Looks good.  basic (fixable) bugs, but it boots through w/o issues.17:28
ograwohoo, my XM just finished17:28
* GrueMaster could have sworn he'd filed a bug about lack of dvi support.17:28
rsalvetiGrueMaster: ogra: nice17:29
ograhmm, i suspended it ...17:29
ograhow the heck to i wake it up17:29
ograhmm, the reset button wakes it up ... kind of ...17:32
ogranot really the way i want it to :P17:32
ograrsalveti, btw, i dont seem to have RAM issues on my XM rev A17:33
=== hrw is now known as hrw|gone
sebjanrsalveti: fyi, you can start looking here for updates on ubuntu kernel with latest patches from prpplague: http://dev.omapzoom.org/?p=integration/kernel-ubuntu.git, in branch for-ubuntu-2.6.35. I was able to boot on both panda 6 and 8 layers and blaze with this kernel image. This branch may still move a bit before I send it to Bryan.17:40
rsalvetiogra: random results :-)17:41
ograsebjan, awesome, you rock !17:42
rsalvetisebjan: yeah, I'm always following this tree :-)17:43
sebjanogra: thanks, but most of the work is from prpplague, robclark, ... thanks to them! :)17:43
rsalvetithanks you all then :-)17:43
rsalvetiogra: we'll have problems with x-loader for xM17:44
rsalvetiwe need an extra patch for Numonyx memory17:44
ograrsalveti, why ? works here with todays image17:44
rsalvetisome xM will have this memory17:44
ograwell, x-loader is in our hands17:44
rsalvetiogra: just got that from beagle mailing list17:45
rsalvetiogra: sure, but no time for beta17:45
ograoh, i think i got a mail too17:45
rsalvetiogra: will create a bug and push the update17:45
ograwho cares for beta :P17:45
rsalvetihaha :-)17:45
ograas long as the final image has it17:45
rsalvetisure, and the good part is that it should work by just changing a binary, at the first partition17:45
rsalvetiso, easy to workaround by the users17:46
rsalvetijust need to provide the correct binary around17:46
rsalvetiand post that at blogs/etc17:46
rsalvetiogra: yep17:46
ograneeds http://gitorious.org/beagleboard-validation/x-load/commit/ead751e4a361ce19552ac94bbeba232f1284924417:46
rsalvetiogra: yep17:47
ograrobert sent that to me and lool today17:47
rsalvetiogra: saw that, it was because I said the beta was going to be supported for xM17:47
rsalvetithen Jason pointed that out :-(17:47
ograwell, just say its supported for the XM's that have been out there two week ago ;)17:48
ografinal product will have to use final images :P17:48
rsalvetiogra: :P17:49
ograanyway, i need to vanish ...17:49
rsalvetisee ya17:49
* ogra submits all testing results to the isotracker and calls it a day17:49
* prpplague wonders if people are using four letter words to talk about prpplague on the lists right about now17:55
lagprpplague: Only in the private channels18:07
prpplaguelag: hehe18:10
prpplaguelag: well if they are, make sure they use really good four letter words18:11
lagprpplague: I'll be sure to tell you otherwise :)18:12
sakomanogra, rsalveti: I know that the x-load in my tree works with both the Numonyx and Micron versions of the xM18:20
devilhornswhat is the typical --seed used to create the ubuntu-netbook-efl rootstock stuff ?18:21
rsalvetisakoman: but did you include the http://gitorious.org/beagleboard-validation/x-load/commit/ead751e4a361ce19552ac94bbeba232f12849244 patch?18:21
rsalvetior something simliar18:21
devilhornsshould I just seed with ubuntu-netbook and then add the efl stuff ?18:22
sakomanrsalveti: yes: http://www.sakoman.com/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=x-loader.git;a=summary18:23
sakomanfifth commit down18:23
rsalvetisakoman: cool, nice to know18:24
rsalvetididn't know you are also maintaining a x-loader tree18:25
sakomanrsalveti: heh, there is even a kernel tree :-)18:25
rsalvetihaha, yep, you always start with just one tree, and at the end you have your own tree for everything :-)18:26
sakomanrsalveti: most of the xM support patches came from my x-load tree18:26
rsalvetisakoman: cool, didn't know18:26
rsalvetisakoman: do we have a kind of upstream x-loader?18:27
rsalvetior just basically trees all around, like beagle validation and yours18:27
sakomanrsalveti: as far as I know, there is no official "upstream" for x-load18:27
sakomanPersonally I would like to see it die18:27
sakomanIt is really horrid code18:28
rsalvetiyeah, it'd be nice to kill it18:28
rsalvetiand about the direct u-boot support for panda?18:28
sakomanthat is waiting for me to get a new panda with a processor ES2 or later18:29
sakomanearly processors have broken config header support18:29
rsalvetihm, ok18:30
loolsakoman: let's kill x-loader then18:59
loolsakoman: How much work would it be to merge it back into u-boot, with two build modes?19:00
loollike one config for x-loader mode, and one config for full mode19:00
loolsakoman: That sounds like a good Linaro topic, even if a bit biased towards OMAP  :-)19:00
* rsalveti out again19:17
prpplaguesebjan: ping19:43
prpplaguesebjan: http://gitorious.org/pandaboard/x-loader/commit/a41abea82b5f02265cd9f7140f0f10be3a9c97e719:49
sakomanlool: that is not a trivial task :-)19:57
jcrigbylool, I think the avenue to take would be  nand_spl like other arch's do20:17
jcrigbylool, I think the avenue to take would be  nand_spl like other arch's do20:18
devilhornsrunning apt-get upgrade in my arm qemu image causes a segfault :(21:04
devilhornsanyone experience this before ?21:04
orbarronhey guys... where is the omap daily build releases? can some one send me a link plz21:05
GrueMasterorbarron: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-preinstalled/21:05
devilhornsnvm, found that it appears to be a common problem :(21:15
looljcrigby: nand_spl > interesting bit22:13
tmztpersia: is that the new zaurus? is it msm or something else?22:54
rsavoyehow would I make Unity launch instead of gnome ? this is on an armel system23:44
GrueMasterYou can select it at login from gdm.23:46
rsavoyeah, let me try again23:46
GrueMasterafter selecting the user, but before entering password.  Bottom of the screen.23:46
rsavoyehum, I have no bottom of the screen unless I can figure out how to adjust my hdmi monitor horizontal setting23:50
rsavoyeanyway to make it launch directry ?23:50
rsavoyeis there a meta package to remove all of gnome ?23:55
GrueMasteryou could run sudo /usr/lib/gdm/gdm-set-default-sesion une.23:56
GrueMasterThat would launch unity, I believe.23:56
GrueMaster(after a restart).23:57

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