darkmattericon text is evil, because having a dvd-r say dvd-r would be a travesty!11:59
* darkmatter smacks lazy icon people around11:59
iainfarrellhey Lauree__16:43
MarkDudeNotice any similarity with F13?20:31
MarkDudehttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/2424094/F13%20or%2010.10%20wallpaper.png   RLY? Is that the 10.10 wallpaper? Or is it F13?20:32
MarkDudeThis has to be a mistaken report that the globes are the final wallpaper20:32
MarkDudePlease tell me that is NOT the final pic20:33
* MarkDude is begging ya'20:33
MarkDudeAlso look on the front of Fedora's live desktop media- the rocket trail is very similar to the 3 planets20:37
* thorwil recalls the CoC and finds himself unable to react to that in any way20:41
MarkDudeThe CoC prevents noticing a similarity here?20:45
* MarkDude is just hoping that is NOT the final pic.20:45
MarkDudeMy guess is that if it is, that people were not aware of Fedora's prior art20:46
MarkDudeNobody is bad here, or being accused of anything20:46
thorwilactually, i do have one thing to say: this would be a great story for OMG UBUNTU20:48
* MarkDude has signed the CoC & the leadership CoC, I will withdraw anything that I have said that is offensive, I dont know how a *question* regarding if the pic that is supposedly the final for 10.10 violates the CoC20:49
* MarkDude is genuine in his question20:49
MarkDudecomparing me a to  site that trolls sometimes for reactions, is NOT fair20:49
MarkDudeIF I was OMG - I would post & ask questions later20:50
thorwilMarkDude: ok, so if you are serious and genuine: my remark wasn't about you being offensive, but me being offensive20:51
* MarkDude will idle here and see if there are other folks willing to not compare me to a trollsite20:51
* MarkDude bites tongue20:51
thorwilthat wallpaper overlay does not make any sense to my eyes and i'm frustrated to have spend any time with looking at it20:55
MarkDudeThe orange spots are too similar to the rocket trails on Fedora's installable media, IMHO20:56
MarkDudethorwil, sry if I took what you said the wrong way.  My intent is to see if Ubuntu is locked in to using that paper, or if we can avoid the inevitable teasing that the FOSS universe will give :)21:07
thorwilMarkDude: to my eyes, you could as well claim that santa clause looks too much like a smurf (excluding papa smurf!)21:09
thorwilgood night! :)21:09
MarkDudeFair enough :)21:09

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