bobo123kosaidpo: it didn't work with the startprogram-dialogbox in the System-settings menu?00:03
kosaidpobobo123: its ok im gettin it now00:04
kosaidpo: D00:05
Tempus_Fugitdoes anyone know if there is a specific channel for bash and shell commands01:11
Tempus_Fugitok i mean terminal and shell commands ...my bad01:11
aveilleuxTempu-- DANGIT01:22
stlsaintClassicWizzard: hello03:23
ClassicWizzardoh yah!  the pidgeon has taken flight03:24
ClassicWizzardI have no clue what I am doing03:24
stlsaintClassicWizzard: thats cool..you made it here so thats a good start03:25
ClassicWizzardnot sure how i got here... didn't enter half the passwords .... feel a bit clueless03:25
ClassicWizzardI am running it under windows...03:26
ClassicWizzardcan I ask ubuntu questions here??03:26
stlsaintClassicWizzard: heck yea man fire away03:26
ClassicWizzardwell, I have V8 installed... but I had to reinstall windows XP.  It blew away the grub thing.  I gave up on linux for a while but want to go back at it again.  I made the V10 ISO but I am not sure how to install it over the V8.  I can't boot to the V8 because of the XP install.03:27
zkriessejust stick the disk in03:28
zkriesseErase the partition if you don't want to keep anything03:28
zkriessebut thats all I can say03:28
zkriessemust eat dinner03:28
ClassicWizzardi did, it gives me 3 options: erase the whole disk... install alongside V8 and XP, and custom.  I tried custom but it gives me a "root" error/not identified.. or soemthing03:29
ClassicWizzardI have 4 linux partitions medium one, real small one, ext3 (small) and ext403:30
ClassicWizzardthe ext4 is large03:30
ClassicWizzardthe first one is the boot one but it is like the CD doesn't recognize the /root03:31
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: /root is the user, root's home directory... Do you mean the CD isn't recognizing the partition's root directory?03:33
ClassicWizzardi think so... i went to custom... saw the partitions... I don't need to change them... so I said "forward" and it gave me the error.03:34
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: What are you trying to do, install Ubuntu?03:34
ClassicWizzardyes, V10 over an existing V803:34
aveilleuxI assume you mean 10.04 over 8.0403:35
ClassicWizzardyes, both are LTS versions03:35
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: So you're updating? Hm. What error are you being given?03:35
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: No need to PM me. So you're doing a clean install?03:37
ClassicWizzardsorry, don't know this tool at all03:37
haywireClassicWizzard, If you don't care about any files in your old version, it might be just as simple to run Gparted, and delete the partition where 8.04 is currently, and re-create it.  The good news is that since Windoze(r) was installed first, it will not bulldoze over your Grub this time..03:38
ClassicWizzardwell, yah, i could do a clean install03:38
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: So, can you run it by me again? You installed Windows, and now you're trying to install 10.04 over it, or..?03:38
ClassicWizzardyah, over v803:39
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: So, no. You have 8.04 installed on one partition, and Xp installed on another. Now you're trying to install 10.04 over the 8.04, but leave XP alone?03:39
ClassicWizzardthat is correct03:40
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: So, what error are you being given again? The exact wording (or as close as you can), please03:40
ClassicWizzardI didn't re-partition, since I didn't need to... when I hit the "forward" button it said it couldn't find the root directory or something.03:41
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: You have to select one partition for use as the root directory.03:41
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: You can't just hit "next", you have to select at least one partition03:42
ClassicWizzardwell, i want to use the V8 one... and I couldn't find where I selected it03:42
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: Can you rephrase that please?03:42
ClassicWizzardin fact the reformat boxes were greyed out03:42
ClassicWizzardwell, version 8 has the / directory03:43
ClassicWizzardI want version 10 to use the same one03:43
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: Well, coming from a different perspective03:43
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: Have you tried installing GRUB onto the drive, then booting into 8.04 and upgrading?03:44
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: You can do a dist-upgrade03:44
ClassicWizzardI was thinking about that.... but after reading the grub fix documentation I decided that I would never get that right03:44
ClassicWizzardit starts with running V10 then trying to figure out what version of grub I used before03:45
ClassicWizzardit was pretty complicated03:45
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: It's not hard, just boot into the LiveCD and then run sudo grub-install /dev/<name of hard drive>03:45
ClassicWizzardyou have to know the drive partition number and some other stuff03:46
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: Well, what partition is Ubuntu installed onto? /dev/sda1,2,3?03:46
ClassicWizzardit doesn't say... it is in the second logical partition03:47
ClassicWizzardI have an NTFS (XP) and then the rest is linux03:47
ClassicWizzardI have the root (125Gig) a real small partition (forget what that is for) .ext3 which is small, then a ext4 for files03:48
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: Um, can you look at the drive in GParted? It should tell you what filesystem is is, as well as the partition number.03:48
ClassicWizzardgparted runs in windows?03:48
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: No, it's on the LiveCD.03:48
ClassicWizzardI gave up on the live cd when I couldnt get the IRC chat client to work03:48
ClassicWizzardit wanted to use somethign like mimibit or something03:49
ClassicWizzardit got on but it was like I was the only person on03:49
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: Are you sure you entered the room information correctly? Any misspelling would result in an empty room.03:49
haywireClassicWizzard, check out the video by NixiePixel over on Youtube.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtBBl6HvdpM&p=7EF60DF0E207125C&playnext=1&index=2     You might be able to reinstall GRUB and get your 8.04 back without deleting anything.03:50
ClassicWizzardI clicked on it from the ubuntu web site... it asks for an application, offers mimibits (or something like that) .. freenode fails the first time then the second time you are in ghost town03:51
ClassicWizzardok, i'll watch it then be back after... thanks03:52
haywireClassicWizzard, I ran into the same problem - it only happens when Windows is installed AFTER linux.  It takes over the MBR.  If windows is there first, and you resize and create a partition for linux, etc. - Grub works properly, but there is a way to regain GRUB's control over the MBR - see the vid...03:52
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: I find text guides are better ;-) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows03:53
haywireaveilleux, I agree... I am a newbie myself, and if there is a 50/50 chance of something going wrong, guess which end of it I usually end up on ;-)03:54
aveilleuxhaywire: There's a 99% chance anything you need to know is covered in the Ubuntu community docs03:54
ClassicWizzardI will backup my XP then try to re-grub my version 803:55
ClassicWizzardthe nixie~chick has inspired me03:55
haywireI am finding that out... Linux support = great, and growing :-)  Linux OS - Very Stable and Desirable... Linux apps.  Very acceptable (to me)... Linux supported hardware :-(03:56
ClassicWizzardthanks for the help03:56
haywireNixiePixel is not hard to look at either, and SMART!03:56
ClassicWizzardwell, ubuntu for gamers might not be the trick but for basic computer users it is good and I really want to conquer it better the second time03:57
aveilleuxClassicWizzard: Well hey, Source games work fine through WINE, and that's all I care about really03:59
ClassicWizzardI get excited about linux but then when I get stuck I feel stupid compared to windows.... it is just something I need to conquer04:00
haywireI have one machine with an unsupported video card (yuck) and an HP All in One 5610xi printer that is on a windows machine I have been unable to print to from any linux machine... I hate the hardware situation.  Also, Magicjack is Yet unsupported natively in linux, even though their website promised 1st quarter 2010 support... Hmmm I wonder when their 1st quarter starts, 'cause I am tired of rebooting my windoze machine runnin04:00
haywireg the MJ.04:00
aveilleuxhaywire: 1st quarter fiscally is June04:01
haywireThey're a little behind...if ever...I'm anxiously awaiting.  If more hdwe were supported, I'd literally pull the plug on windoze.04:02
aveilleuxhaywire: An HP printer not working on LUbuntu? That's really weird04:02
aveilleuxhaywire: Have you seen this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HpAllInOne04:03
haywireYeah... I think (but haven't taken the time to prove) it would work fine hooked to the linux box locally, but is unable to use the printshare from my Vista machine.04:03
aveilleuxhaywire: Have you set up printer shating in Samba?04:03
haywireAll the doc's say the HPLIP printing package works fine on this as a local printer, but share printing is not supported.  I suspect it may even be more of a Vista issue than a print driver issue, 'cause the thing came with a seperate install disk for Vista.04:04
aveilleuxhaywire Ohhhh yeah, I remember printer sharing with Windows is a HUGE hassle04:04
aveilleuxhaywure: Er, I mean, shared printers with HP04:05
haywireYes, print share easily confirms the communication, wakes up the printer then everything hangs, and I have to kill the spooler on the vista machine04:05
aveilleuxhaywire: I have an HP printer as well; it's the reason I don't use Windows for printing anymore04:06
haywireFunny thing is, my XP os on this same machine is o.k., and wife's Laptop can share it (Vista) too (Sometimes :-) -  too bad we can't get a linux driver able to do the same...04:06
aveilleuxhaywire: HP likes Windows more :-P04:07
haywireYeah, at least they make the effort to support linux, but their loyalties go where the royalties are...ryme intended...04:08
haywireI impressed some friends today at work with Puppy... had a Dell laptop ughhh... i know... with it's 2nd bad hard drive in 4 months...booted up Puppy, pulled out the CD and was on the web with NO drives in the machine...had 'em all scratchin' thier heads ;-)04:10
kerdal_what do i need to put videos on my ipod using rhythmbox or sojmething else?04:15
aveilleuxkerdal_: What model iPod?04:15
kerdal_80g hold on not the touch one04:18
aveilleuxkerdal_: The generation is very important in determining compatibility with Linux04:19
kerdal_let me see what it says.04:19
seidoskerdal_, was it formatted in a windows machine?04:20
seidoskerdal_, i think we have the same ipod.  i have an 80GB, i think it's a 5th gen04:20
kerdal_yes, a very long time ago. and then stop using it04:20
seidoskerdal_, well, it's good because ubuntu can't format it.04:21
aveilleuxseidos: There are several generations of 80GB iPods :-P04:21
seidosat least not presently04:21
seidosaveilleux, and ubuntu probably can't format any of them \o/04:21
seidosaveilleux, how many?04:21
aveilleuxseidos: Actually, Ubuntu can handle almost all of them. And... Three? Four? More than one, I know that much04:22
seidosaveilleux, what do you mean by "handle" do you mean "format"?04:22
kerdal_let me check kk04:22
aveilleuxseidos: No, not at all. I mean manage the media. Songs, videos, etc04:22
kerdal_sorry didn't know I would need to know.04:22
seidoskerdal_, knowing is good04:23
kerdal_fifth gen classic04:30
nhandlerkerdal_: Rhythmbox will work for Music. gtkpod will handle music+videos. Banshee either supports it (or the new version that comes out in < 24 hours will)04:31
kerdal_okay, i will take a look as fiddle around with it. now to update my software, an hopefully it doesn't wipe out my ipod.04:32
kerdal_i have two computers, one that runs windows (which I don't like to much) and UB for this one.04:34
kerdal_thank you very much have a good night.04:34
seidoshow do i import music from my ipod to the filesystem?05:51
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duanedesigngood morning all12:14
augustkWith the Language Support application I have chosen English for menus and windows and Swedish for numbers, dates and currency amounts, still Firefox and Thunderbird use Swedish menus. any clues?13:18
duanedesignhello augustk13:22
augustkhi duane13:23
duanedesignaugustk: i am no master of locale settings, I just started using them recently13:25
duanedesigndo you have the package:   mozilla-firefox-locale-sv-se13:25
duanedesignoh i see, you have the opposite problem.13:25
duanedesignIt is showing Swedish properly13:26
geirhaaugustk: Run the following in a terminal:   echo "LANGUAGE=$LANGUAGE"; echo "LANG=$LANG"13:26
augustk$ locale13:28
Puck`augustk: http://paste.ubuntu.com please pate it there and give us the link13:29
geirhaRight, forgot that locale also outputs those two variables :)13:29
geirhaLC_MESSAGES is set to swedish. Try (with firefox closed):  LC_MESSAGE=en_GB.utf8 firefox13:30
augustki think the language selector should set LC_MESSAGES to english as well13:30
geirhaI think it should too.13:31
augustkyes, this works: LC_MESSAGES=en_GB.utf8 firefox13:32
augustkon the other hand gedit e.g. uses english menus13:33
augustkseems like some applications are looking at LANGUAGE and others at LC_MESSAGES13:33
augustki have actually reported this "bug" in launchpad (if it is a bug that is)13:35
augustkok, thanks geirha and duane for your help so far13:40
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kosaidpohello guys15:32
duanedesignhello kosaidpo15:32
kosaidpois ther an officiel source so ican get the latest info developement aqnd stuff15:32
kosaidpoand all featured apps15:33
kosaidpoyou kno15:33
kosaidpoduanedesign: any idea from where15:33
kosaidpoi saw ubunutu planet and found nethin15:34
duanedesignkosaidpo: you are interested in what is coming up in Maverick?15:34
duanedesigneach team creates its own blueprints15:35
duanedesignmost of the roadmap for the next release cycle is discussed and created at UDS15:36
duanedesignall the blueprints from UDS-M can be found at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/sprints/uds-m15:37
duanedesignkosaidpo: also you can see some of the sessions and keynote speechs from UDS-M at http://ubuntudevelopers.blip.tv/posts?view=archive&nsfw=dc15:39
duanedesignif you are just looking for more general news, in addtion to Planet Ubuntu, their is the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/15:40
kosaidpoduanedesign: im back the electricity  was gone15:51
kosaidpocan you anyone  tell me from where ican get all the new info of development of maverick and featured apps15:53
duanedesignhello kosaidpo15:54
duanedesignmost of the roadmap for the next release cycle is discussed and created at UDS15:54
duanedesignall the blueprints from UDS-M can be found at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/sprints/uds-m15:55
duanedesignkosaidpo: also you can see some of the sessions and keynote speechs from UDS-M at http://ubuntudevelopers.blip.tv/posts?view=archive&nsfw=dc15:55
duanedesignif you are just looking for more general news, in addtion to Planet Ubuntu, their is the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/15:55
kosaidpoduanedesign: how can i subscrib to lauchpad15:57
kosaidpoi got an  account there15:57
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duanedesignkosaidpo: If there is a particular bluprint or bug you are interested in you can subscribe to it by going to the page for that item and their should be a link in the top right "Subscribe"16:02
kosaidpoim new to this16:04
kosaidpon packages names means nethin to me16:04
kosaidpo kno16:04
kosaidpou kno16:05
duanedesignkosaidpo: you only need the package name if you are submitting a bug report16:05
kosaidpowell me16:05
kosaidpoiwanna feed up a blog with news of ubunhtu16:06
kosaidpou see now ?16:06
kosaidposo im lookin for some officiel source16:06
kosaidpou got me16:06
kosaidposo anyidee : d16:07
duanedesignCanonical Voices is an aggregate of the Ubuntu Developers who have blogs16:08
duanedesignPLanet Ubuntu is good for news on Ubuntu as well. http://planet.ubuntu.com/16:08
duanedesignkosaidpo: also the Fridge16:09
kosaidpoyeh but thersnethin16:09
kosaidpoin planet ubuntu16:09
bjfsI've been using Ubuntu for years, but can't figure the reason why the kernel gets upgraded with a very brief version about updating the ABI16:09
duanedesignkosaidpo: PLanet Ubuntu is all Ubuntu Member blog posts16:10
duanedesignkosaidpo: if you are looking for news from Canonical and not from the community Canonical Voices and the Canonical Blog are good http://blog.canonical.com/16:12
kosaidpoim still tryin16:12
kosaidpoto see how16:12
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Guest17003do anyone has an experience with asus 1201N?17:42
philinuxLooks ok http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2009/dec/22/asus-1201-netbook-review17:48
philinuxplenty of reviews out there17:49
helpneed help installing linux18:29
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Guest8534can someone help me>?18:29
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harrisonkGuest8534: what is the problem?19:13
harrisonkwhere would be a good guide for using the ubuntu wiki?19:42
harrisonkanyone here?19:45
hobgoblinharrisonk: in what respect?19:51
philinuxHi all, Ok, portrait photo's in nautilus get turned the right way up, is there a way to not do this19:52
harrisonkcreating pages and the such19:53
hobgoblinharrisonk: not sure what information you had previously - been here? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/19:53
hobgoblinbut if it just a page here and there I think just produce them - it is a community affair after all19:54
harrisonkyes I have been there.19:54
hobgoblinreally depends how deep you want to go I would say19:54
harrisonkwhat I want to do is create my own wiki page.19:55
hobgoblinthen - just produce it19:55
harrisonkfollow this motto I guess: try and if it works great, if it doesn't then try again.19:56
hobgoblinif you have an openid - eg launchpad account - login - go to the page you want - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/harrisonk for instance - it will tell you it does not exist and ask if you want to create one19:56
hobgoblinthen away you go19:57
hobgoblinyou could use someone elses as a template and then edit it19:57
hobgoblinbasically open someone else's - while logged in - then pretend to edit - copy it then edit yours and paste it19:58
hobgoblinit's how I started mine off19:58
harrisonkwhere is yours?19:58
hobgoblincopy it if you wish, then add stuff etc20:00
hobgoblinthe world is your oyster as they say :)20:00
hobgoblinevening MichealH20:00
MichealHEvening hobgoblin20:00
hobgoblinharrisonk: obviously don't make any changes to anyone else's wiki :D20:04
bleytrinHi, I was fixing my ubuntu netbook dual boot partions for alignment, and somehow lost ability to automount usb & fixed disks.need some guidance to repair.20:47
suprengrto whoever asked: flash to mprg... found on a google search>  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/convert-flv-google-videos-to-mpg-using-ffmpeg.html20:57
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aveilleuxhello satyajeet21:48
satyajeethi aveilleux21:48
satyajeetwell lucid runs slow on my computer... so i21:49
satyajeetinstalled ubuntu server 10.04 64 bit..21:49
zkriessesatyajeet: need help?21:49
aveilleux!ask |satyajeet21:49
ubot2satyajeet: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:49
satyajeetand then21:49
satyajeeti did sudo apt-get install lxde21:49
satyajeetcuz i knew lxde was lightweight21:49
satyajeeti dint want gnome21:50
satyajeetso on my next reboot the computer runs fine21:50
satyajeetlxde starts automatically.21:50
satyajeetsometimes when i am seeing a movie or something like that in vlc21:50
aveilleuxsatyajeet: Can you try typing your problem all on one line? It makes it easier to follow21:51
satyajeetaveilleux,  it'll be a one big line21:51
satyajeetaveilleux,  but i willll21:51
satyajeetso sometimes when i see  a movie or something like that it unpredictably removes the default panel, also only the current windows that are open stay responsive, i cannot open anything else or start any other thing, if i close the responsive active windows i cannot start them again, and just after i have closed all my active still resposive (good) windows the whole desktop reverts to the openbox window manager (the right click menu and all..) ,21:56
satyajeet but even after that i cannot start any application,21:56
satyajeeti also cannot reboot/shut down21:57
satyajeeti am forced to do a hard reboot21:57
satyajeetthis has been observed only while running vlc media player,21:58
satyajeetthat too like after an hour of watching video21:58
satyajeetsometimes less sometimes more..21:59
stlsaintway to go aveilleux scare off the op22:03
stlsainti dont suggest using lxde as package install....go with lubuntu :D22:04
aveilleuxThat just sounded... not a great setup22:06
aveilleuxs/sounded/sounded\ like22:06
stlsainti use different DE's also but its all in how you config :D22:15
aveilleuxstlsaint: I use XDM for my manager... it's so much easier to configure non-GNOME or -KDE environments to use XDM22:16
Gekehello people23:19
Gekedo you actually reply to messages?23:20
GekeOk...I have a problem creating an Ubuntu USB...while creating the USB I get an error message saying that filesystem.squashfs is broken...do I have to download Ubuntu AGAIN?? or what can I do?23:21
geirha10 minutes is pacient23:32
geirhabut just a minute more and I could've replied ...23:33
duanedesignhello geirha23:37
geirhaHowdy :)23:39
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