hggdhsbeattie: do we really need to have QRT-depends on sudo, lsb-release, ssl-certs, and openssl?00:09
hggdhat least sudo and lsb-release?00:09
hggdhdevildante: see if the references are indeed in the -dev00:10
devildantehggdh: how do I do that?00:11
hggdhdevildante: did you run 'sudo apt-get builddep empathy'?00:11
hggdhdevildante: er... grep -R launchpad_integration_add_ui *00:12
hggdhdevildante: apt-get build-dep00:12
drew212_gah, i hate this web based IRC =X00:13
hggdhdrew212_: try weechat ;-)00:13
hggdhoh, _web_00:13
drew212_hggdh: yeah, i'm at school/work right now =P00:14
drew212_hggdh: i thought i would hop into chat in case one of my mentee's was online and had any questions... all i'm doing is HW right now.00:14
devildantehggdh: yes, I ran build-dep00:15
drew212_hggdh: i work at school, i'm a computer lab assistant/supervisor00:16
hggdhoh cool!00:16
hggdhdevildante: try the grep00:16
drew212_basically i sit at a terminal in the entryway to the lab and make sure nobody has drinks or food...00:16
hggdhdevildante: how did you grab the empathy source?00:16
devildantehggdh: the grep doesn't spit anything (not even an error)00:17
hggdhdrew212_: oh. This is something I did not do while at school...00:17
drew212_hggdh: its pretty nice, $9 an hour to do my homework and triage bugs =)00:17
devildantehggdh: bzr branch lp:ubuntu/empathy (I need to fix a bug introduced by a patch, it seems)00:17
hggdhdevildante: I never built empathy, so I am not sure you have the correct source00:18
devildantedarn :p00:19
drew212_vish: how long do we wait to drop a mentee if no contact is made?00:24
hggdhdrew212_: wait some two/three weeks00:27
charlie-tcahmm, I have to drop mine. One quit and one disappeared00:28
hggdhheh. I think this seems to be the norm, not the exception, charlie-tca00:28
drew212_hggdh: yeah, I'm going to send him an email again at the end of this week just to make sure he got the last one.00:28
drew212_hggdh: that means i was an exception then? lol00:29
hggdhdrew212_: I would say a bit more than 50%00:29
drew212_hggdh: we should keep a running tally/list and document everything so we know how certain mentors are doing, and how the program is working, if its working at all00:30
charlie-tcaI win though. I got one half-trained before he dropped00:30
drew212_charlie-tca: my mentor went MIA, then i got accepted into bug-control and soon after became a mentor myself =P00:31
charlie-tcayeah, that happens to, I guess00:32
drew212_charlie-tca: i doubt thats normal though... especially with someone so active in the community... i hope nothing bad happened =X00:33
hggdhdrew212_: we *do* keep looking at it00:35
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kermiacis anyone else getting a few 'hit n runs' from this user? https://edge.launchpad.net/~muscovy12:45
nigelbkermiac: 1137 bug karma isn't hit and run12:47
kermiachey nigelb... ok maybe it's not 'hit and run'.  I'll just subscribe him to the bugs I noticed before I leave a comment12:50
nigelbkermiac: Maybe he needs to be talked to, yes.12:50
kermiacyeah, but it looks like he is trying to do the right thing :)12:51
nigelbYeah, his wiki page says he's trying to be part of bug control.12:51
kermiacnigelb: ok, I'll send him a quick friendly note reminding him to subscribe to bug reports he comments on12:53
vishkermiac: well, the easiest excuse people have for hit-n-run seeeeeeems to be that, they dint know they wouldnt be subscribed ;p12:53
kermiacvish: yeah, i seem to remember that being discussed recently. I think it was in here12:53
* nigelb notes he made that mistake a few times.12:53
vishits one of micahg's bugs! i think he had filed it.. :)12:54
vishthe auto-subscribe commenters..12:54
nigelbfirst fix unsubscribing because you're subscribed to the package :p12:55
yofelfix both! (I don't care which one first...)12:55
nigelbI still get mails from old rhytmbox bugs!12:56
vishno, i would rather prefer the subscribe commenter.. a lot of time i would comment to only realize the person i was answering to was not subscribed ;/12:56
nigelbthe coming from google and subscribing thing must irritate the hell out of kernel team12:56
nigelbnot sure how they deal with it12:56
vishthen i sit and think! should i comment that again ! or do i hooooooope  that after being subscribed that person replies back :(12:57
kermiacvish: yeah, I've done that too12:57
kermiacmost of the time i just subscribe them when i realise they aren't subscribed & hope they look at the bug when they receive the 'you've been subscribed to a bug' email12:58
vishyeah, thats a new feature though ;)12:59
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^arky^Is there bug related to NetworkManager set preferred networks option ?15:42
charlie-tcabug 627902 ?15:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 627902 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "The list of available networks is blank (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 14)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62790215:46
ta_bu_shi_da_yuso if I wanted to move a bug forward, how would I go about it?16:33
ta_bu_shi_da_yuas in - I know what line of code is causing the problem, and I have a proposed fix16:33
nisshhta_bu_shi_da_yu: have you submitted a patch for the bug (link to the bug, please?)16:37
ta_bu_shi_da_yunot yet... just putting this together now16:39
nisshhta_bu_shi_da_yu: ok, well, do that, then ill have a look if you tell me the bug number16:39
ta_bu_shi_da_yuummmm... actually, just looking at it again while trying to generate the patch16:40
ta_bu_shi_da_yunot the issue I thought it was16:40
ta_bu_shi_da_yubut at least I know the general reason16:41
ta_bu_shi_da_yubug 18636616:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 186366 in cpio (Ubuntu) "cpio segfaults with "-E" on a non-existing file (heat: 2)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18636616:41
nisshhah ok16:41
ta_bu_shi_da_yuback to the drawing board :(16:45
hggdhta_bu_shi_da_yu: so you reported it to upstream?16:45
ta_bu_shi_da_yutried to...16:45
ta_bu_shi_da_yunot sure if it happened or not, I sent an email to bug-cpio@gnu.org16:46
ta_bu_shi_da_yudunno if it got filed16:46
hggdhta_bu_shi_da_yu: I will check16:47
ta_bu_shi_da_yumy suggestion is bogus, btw16:48
hggdhta_bu_shi_da_yu: I found this already reported there -- https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?2895416:49
hggdhI will link it in16:49
ta_bu_shi_da_yuthanks :-)16:49
ta_bu_shi_da_yuI know what it is now!16:50
ta_bu_shi_da_yuthat shouldn't be open_error that it's calling16:51
ta_bu_shi_da_yuit should be open_fatal!!!16:51
ta_bu_shi_da_yuer... how do I update a bug on savannah.gnu.org?16:51
drizzleis there a way to tell whether or not a fix has been released or commited?16:52
hggdhta_bu_shi_da_yu: you register in, first; then you log in... then you update it16:52
ta_bu_shi_da_yujust did that16:52
hggdhdrizzle: ultimately only by looking at the changelog and the code16:53
drizzlewhere does one look at that hggdh16:54
nigelbdrizzle: code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches is one place where you can look at both.16:56
nigelbAlso, packages.ubuntu.com if you're only intersted in changelog16:56
drizzlethank you brotha16:58
dyfetI think bug #622545 should be marked invalid17:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 622545 in anki (Ubuntu) "lacks 64-bit build (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62254517:02
jibeldrizzle, did you test that bug 616879 is fixed in lucid ?17:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 616879 in openoffice.org (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 1 other project) "Open Office splash screen's progress bar obscures the text (affects: 3) (heat: 18)" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61687917:04
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drizzlei want to update my comment17:06
drizzlebut i cant find it17:06
drizzlehow to update it17:06
drizzlei only tested it in 64 bit mav17:06
jibeldrizzle, you cannot modify comments, you can just add one. but well, it's already fixed in maverick and are looking for testers in lucid.17:08
ta_bu_shi_da_yuhggdh, turns out the Fedora guys have a patch already17:10
ta_bu_shi_da_yuit's actually better than mine :-)17:10
hggdhta_bu_shi_da_yu: yes, Ondrej did it (so it is probably correct ;-)17:10
ta_bu_shi_da_yudunno who he is, but his idea was certainly on the money :-)17:11
hggdhI know who he is...17:11
ta_bu_shi_da_yusomeone expert in Redhat? Am I right?17:11
hggdhand I can assure you: he is *much* better than I am17:11
hggdhand yes, I think he is at RedHat17:11
ta_bu_shi_da_yuwell, he's better than me, for sure :-)17:12
ta_bu_shi_da_yuI was just trying to work out how to debug segfaults17:12
ta_bu_shi_da_yuit was an interesting exercise17:12
hggdhwell, this would be a nice exercise on that, certainly17:12
drosenbeheh, welcome to crash analysis :)17:12
ta_bu_shi_da_yuthanx... so far have worked out where two crashes have occured17:12
ta_bu_shi_da_yuthe other one was in sqlite317:12
drosenbeit's even more tedious when you're causing the crashes on purpose17:13
hggdhkeep on, man, keep on :-)17:13
ta_bu_shi_da_yuI've learned an unbelievable amount of stuff so far17:13
ta_bu_shi_da_yuI just look for segfaults in Launchpad and see if I can repro them17:14
ta_bu_shi_da_yuthen I poke around17:14
drosenbehow's your asm doing?17:14
ta_bu_shi_da_yuterrible :-(17:14
drosenbethere's the holdup then :)17:14
ta_bu_shi_da_yulol x2!17:14
drosenbeit makes crash analysis much easier17:14
ta_bu_shi_da_yuyeah, I read the art of assembly, which was cool17:14
ta_bu_shi_da_yubut I forgot it all17:15
drosenbealthough you can always re-compile with symbols17:15
ta_bu_shi_da_yuthat's basically what I do17:15
ta_bu_shi_da_yubut... uh... try doing that on OpenOffice.org17:15
drosenbefunny you should say that ;)17:15
ta_bu_shi_da_yuthat's when I learned about ddebs...17:15
ta_bu_shi_da_yubloody life saver!!!!!17:16
drosenbei just finished a round of fuzz testing on OOo17:16
drosenbeit was painful17:16
ta_bu_shi_da_yufuzz testing?17:16
hggdhand, hopefully, also learned that apport-retrace can auto-install all needed ddebs...17:16
ta_bu_shi_da_yuyah - absolutely :-)17:16
ta_bu_shi_da_yudamn cool stuff17:16
drosenbeta_bu_shi_da_yu: basically, running a program repeatedly on deliberately malformed input to try to produce crashes, and then analyzing those crashes to check for exploitable conditions17:16
drosenbei do security testing17:17
ta_bu_shi_da_yuah... :-)17:17
ta_bu_shi_da_yufunnily enough, I work for a software company that deals with Windows only17:17
bcurtiswxta_bu_shi_da_yu, you have the record for most underscores used in a username.. congrats...17:17
ta_bu_shi_da_yubcurtiswx, yeah, I can switch the nick if it annoys17:18
drosenbetab completion ftw17:18
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tbsdy_livesI have to say, it's far more fun and interesting to troubleshoot an Ubuntu problem than a Windows one17:19
drosenbeyeah, it's great what open source gives you in terms of transparency17:20
bcurtiswxwindows makes my grandmother look fast...17:20
tbsdy_livesaccess to source code, for one :-) but I find that I actually like their perfmon tool17:20
tbsdy_livesdunno if Linux has an equivalent17:21
tbsdy_livesnah, top doesn't record the sort of counters that perfmon does17:21
tbsdy_livesI'm sure there's something17:21
tbsdy_livesSolaris has something and has it for a while, apparently17:22
drosenbei'm sure, there are lots of system monitoring tools17:22
tbsdy_livesdrosenbe, do you know if Linux has an equivalent to dtrace?17:22
drosenbeif you're looking for system call tracing17:23
drosenbeltrace is for library calls17:23
drosenbestrace is in binutils i believe17:23
drosenbenope, wrong17:24
drosenbeit's in its own package17:24
yofelthere's also valgrind for a more intesive analyses (memory allocation, function calls, ...)17:24
drosenbedefinitely, i <3 valgrind17:24
tbsdy_livesinteresting... I'm still very much a newbie on all this stuff17:24
hggdhsudo apt-get install apt-file; apt-file search $(whereis strace)17:24
tbsdy_livesI've used strace, but don't think it's quite the equivalent to dtrace17:25
yofelhggdh: you forgot the apt-file update :P - sudo apt-get install apt-file && sudo apt-file update && sudo apt-file search $(whereis strace)17:26
hggdhyofel: I thought it did an auto update on install...17:26
tbsdy_livesanyway, it's been fun folks :-) but it's about 2:30AM in my neck of the woods, so gotta go17:27
tbsdy_livesnight all!17:27
yofelhggdh: hm, maybe now, didn't when I installed it last time17:27
* hggdh does not really know, just expected the obvious17:27
* yofel wants contents.gz for ppas :'(17:34
hggdhthat would be nice, yes17:41
yofelhggdh: and yourself to bug 33516117:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 335161 in soyuz "PPAs should export Contents-amd64.gz files (affects: 4)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33516117:53
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hggdhyofel: done18:19
yofelthx :)18:19
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devildantebdmurray: around?19:23
bdmurraydevildante: yep19:24
devildantebdmurray: why do you assign bugs to software-center, even though there are storage related?19:27
bdmurraydevildante: could you give me an example?19:28
bdmurraydevildante: so if it is bug 575617 I'm working on an automated script to look at no package bugs and that was reported by apport and the sourcepackage was software-center19:33
rsajdokHi, I have some questions about this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gogoc/+bug/622705 On the site http://packages.qa.debian.org/g/gogoc.html I can see "ubuntu 1 bug" Does it mean that bug was sent to upstream?  Should I change the status to 'Triaged'? Should I add tag 'patch-forwarded-upstream' ?19:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 575617 in ubuntu "ERROR CDF2-6BE2 7.9 GB FLASH CAN NOT OPEN (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57561719:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 622705 in gogoc (Ubuntu) "wrong references in README.Debian to "gw6" (affects: 1) (heat: 497)" [Undecided,New]19:33
devildantebdmurray: yes it was that one and bug 62748019:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 627480 in linux (Ubuntu) "vfat file time incorrect on usb stick (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62748019:36
devildantersajdok: no, it's just that debian can track the number of bugs that an Ubuntu package have19:38
devildantersajdok: so you should forward the bug upstream19:38
rsajdokdevildante: thanks19:40
devildantersajdok: np, you're welcome!19:40
devildantebdmurray: so with your scripts, we could possibly bring down the number of no package bugs to 0?19:41
devildanteif so, that's awesome!19:41
bdmurraydevildante: well, that's a bit optimistic but it might help19:42
devildantebdmurray, shouldn't you try in staging lp?19:43
bdmurraydevildante: well, I think the script was doing the right thing and the reporter did the wrong thing. ;-)19:45
devildantebdmurray, yeah :p19:45
devildantebdmurray, this should help a lot :)19:45
* devildante will be afk for a while19:46
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hggdhQA meeting starting in 1 minute at #ubuntu-quality19:59
yofeldoes anyone know https://edge.launchpad.net/~alex-harkema ? he's the one that added the no-redirect link at the top of the ReportingBugs page20:02
charlie-tcaIs he the same one arguing about it on the mailing list20:02
yofelno, David Thombs was the one that started the discussion20:04
yofel*David Tombs20:04
micahgbdmurray: why are you reassigning random bugs to firefox?20:22
pedro_because we're going to assign all the bugs to you now?20:24
* pedro_ runs20:24
* micahg starts throwing the bugs after pedro_ :)20:24
thekorn_haha, this reminds me... micahg, what's the state of python xpcom ;)20:25
* thekorn_ tries to find the bug20:26
micahgthekorn: I don't know if we can take it, it's in unstable now, but we're not sure if we can support it20:26
micahgchrisccoulson: ^^ anything to add?20:27
chrisccoulsoni don't think we'll be supporting it in maverick - it's not really supportable in its current form20:27
chrisccoulsonand with the transition to xulrunner-2.0 next cycle, it's probably just going to disappear again anyway20:28
chrisccoulsonheh, i just noticed the random bugs being assigned to firefox too20:28
thekorn_okidoki, thanks guys20:29
* micahg thinks a bdmurray bot is running amuck20:29
bdmurraymicahg: it has stopped and the criteria was no package bug with the tag apport-bug and only comments from the reporter assign to the package listed in the apport content20:30
micahgbdmurray: that's a bad script, since people commonly choose the wrong package and it gets removed with a needs-reassignment tag (or no tag)20:30
hggdh!seen kangoroo20:31
ubot2I have no seen command20:31
hggdhoh, this is not gnome ;-)20:31
bdmurraymicahg: it also checks for needs-reassignment so it should be less bad20:33
micahgbdmurray: so only w/out the tag?20:33
bdmurraymicahg: the criteria was a no package bug with the tag apport-bug without the tag needs-reassignment and only comments from the reporter assign to the package listed in the apport content20:34
chrisccoulsonhopefully we should get less random bugs assigned to firefox now the apport menu entry has gone20:34
micahgbdmurray: ah, ok20:34
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kamusinquestion: MootBoot-UK is saving irc logs?22:04
hggdhkamusin: yes22:25
hggdhfor *some* channels22:25
kamusinohh would be nice if we can save history of ubuntu-quality channel :)22:30
charlie-tcaogging for non-LoCo channels is done by ubuntulog, which is controlled by Canonical. Email rt at ubuntu dot com.22:34
charlie-tcahmm, ogging is really logging22:35
hggdh!info lighttpd22:58
ubot2hggdh: lighttpd (source: lighttpd): A fast webserver with minimal memory footprint. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.26-1.1ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 278 kB, installed size 956 kB22:58
hggdh!info lighttpd maverick22:58
ubot2hggdh: lighttpd (source: lighttpd): A fast webserver with minimal memory footprint. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.26-3ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 278 kB, installed size 976 kB22:58
yofelerm... that's wrong, maverick has 1.4.26-3ubuntu222:59
kamusinaham.. thanks charlie-tca23:08
charlie-tcaYou are welcome23:08
hggdhsbeattie: apache was not installed23:21
sbeattiehggdh: then, no, test-lighttpd.py is not expected to fail.23:24
* sbeattie digs in to see what's going on.23:24
hggdhsbeattie: failed both under checkbox and running alone23:24
sbeattiehggdh: yeah, I think it's cuz some jerk tried to make it easier to setup test apache ssl environments.23:25
sbeattieI thought I'd tested lighttpd after making my changes but apparently not.23:26
hggdhsbeattie: I am happy :-)23:26
hggdhI did not screw up ;-)23:26
hggdhsbeattie: freeradius is still kaput, no?23:27
sbeattiehggdh: I'm unaware of anything having been done with it.23:35
hggdhsbeattie: K. I will try it on Maverick23:41

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