nigelbczajkowski: Good morning03:23
nigelbA bit early aren't you?03:23
czajkowskijust in from club/pub03:24
nigelbyour sis better now?03:24
czajkowskiI'd assme so03:25
czajkowskidropped her home after interview03:25
czajkowskiback to limerick03:25
czajkowskiparked car03:25
czajkowskiwent tp pub03:25
doctormoczajkowski: How did your sister's drive go?03:32
doctormoOr perhaps I should read03:32
czajkowskinn folks03:32
* doctormo goes off to sleep before footing mouth some more.03:32
nigelbnight czajkowski :)03:49
=== ara_ is now known as ara
aragood morning all!07:19
dholbachgood morning07:49
nigelbmorning ara, dholbach, kim0 :)08:07
dholbachhey nigelb, hi kim0, hola ara08:08
nigelbfairly silent in here today :)08:09
aramorning all!08:13
kim0nigelb: dholbach ara howdy everyone08:15
huatsmorning !09:18
dholbachhey czajkowski, hey huats09:20
nigelbczajkowski: morning.  I hope you got enough sleep.09:20
* nigelb hugs czajkowski 09:21
duanedesigngood morning all12:14
czajkowskiduanedesign: howdy doody12:17
nigelbduanedesign: morning12:17
nigelbczajkowski: I thought you returned back to bed12:17
czajkowskihad phone ringing most of the morning12:18
czajkowskiI'm going bringing 12 kids to the cinema12:18
* nigelb prays for czajkowski 12:19
cjohnstonczajkowski is taking us all to a movie?12:19
czajkowskiI seemingly agreeed to this last night12:20
Pendulumczajkowski: do you remember what you said/did last night?12:20
cjohnstonI remember she promised me some $$12:21
czajkowskiPendulum: yes,12:22
czajkowskicjohnston: go close bugs :)12:22
nigelbczajkowski: there is a conversation in -locoteams which was very funny12:22
cjohnstonnot feelin it right now12:22
czajkowskicjohnston: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAtConferences/ApprovedTeamGift fill in florida12:22
nigelbYou managed to make a spell error in every word.  Not sure how both of you understood each other12:22
Pendulumnigelb: IRC logs: how to remember what you did while drunk? ;-)12:23
cjohnston22.28.09 < czajkowski> Andre_Gondim: yes team conttact infor theeere12:23
cjohnstonczajkowski: what do you want me to fill in? i dont know his address12:24
czajkowskicjohnston: email addres and name  of person on the wiki12:25
cjohnstonits chris12:26
doctormoHey Pendulum12:49
Pendulumhi doctormo12:49
Pendulumdoctormo: did that guy ever call you again last week? I never heard a thing from him12:49
doctormoPendulum: Used the wifi key while in windows and the hardware came back online.12:50
doctormoBloody hardware switches12:50
nigelbdoctormo: happened to me12:51
doctormojcastro or popey or paultag: Who is our community team member who mostly deals with our relationships with upstream projects?14:14
* popey points to jcastro 14:15
popeyor are you specifically asking for someone who is not canonical?14:15
nigelbdoctormo: what exactly are you looking for?14:16
nigelbmany people are involved in different ways, so if you could point out what you want....14:16
doctormopopey: Don't mind who, nigelb: I have a problem with Inkscape upstream announcing 0.48 release (really awesome) but not providing any way for Ubuntu users to install their new release. I'm concerned that currently they're encouraging art users to compile programs.14:18
doctormoSomething windows and macosx users don't have to do because they provide binaries.14:18
popeyi might be able to help there14:18
nigelbdoctormo: Quickfix, you have to take care of it and provide PPA.14:18
popeyhttps://edge.launchpad.net/~popey/+archive/inkscape i could update that if you want?14:19
popeyand offer that to them?14:19
doctormonigelb: That doesn't help their announcements or download page.14:19
nigelbsee, there are helpful folks aroud :p14:19
dholbachdoctormo, in that case I'd talk to bryce and tedg14:19
nigelbdholbach: Ah, you're around :)14:19
dholbachnigelb, yes14:19
nigelbdoctormo: I'd +1 popey's suggestion14:19
popeyI'd +1 dholbachs :)14:20
doctormoI think the PPA route is the best way and I know they'll get a stable ppa sorted out. Just concerned about the attention to fixing links and such.14:20
nigelbWhat we should do is (a) import code to LP (b) use recipies to have dailies and stable and (c) they should announce about it14:20
doctormopopey: If you can offer the ppa to scislac, then I think that should get it in.14:22
popeybe preferable for someone who uses inkscape to do it14:24
popeysomeone with a passion for it... like... bryce!14:24
popey(he has a ppa for it too iirc)14:25
popeydholbach: to what do we file bugs against canonical partner packages?14:25
* nigelb didn't know bryce was inkscape passionate14:25
popeysun-java6-plugin for example14:25
popeynigelb: i have seen him blog about it14:25
nigelbpopey: :)14:26
popeydoctormo: if you can't find someone I'll update mine14:26
dholbachpopey, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sun-java6/+filebug14:26
duanedesignmorning popey14:27
* nigelb notes popey might need a noredirect14:27
* popey hugs dholbach 14:27
* dholbach hugs popey back14:27
duanedesignpopey: was wondering if you had a quick second to answer a question or two about uploading to screencasts.ubuntu.com?14:28
popeyscp file popey@static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/~14:28
doctormonigelb: Bryce Harrington? one of the folks that lead the fork from sodipodi with MentalGuy, Ted Gould and a few others. I swear Canonical loves hiring inkscape devs.14:28
popeyscp file popey@static.screencasts.ubuntu.com:/~14:28
duanedesignpopey: ok, that is what i was looking for :)14:29
nigelbdoctormo: hahaha14:29
nigelbdoctormo: I only new bryce was an X guy and rocks with lp :)14:29
nigelbI've worked with him on a bunch of scripts I wrote :)14:29
nigelbok, going back home now.  Catch y'all later :)14:30
doctormonigelb: Have a good journy home.14:31
nigelbdoctormo, popey: thanks :)14:31
* dholbach is walking back home and working the rest of the day from there - see you14:34
jussi /o\14:41
dholbachkim0, should we have a call now? :)16:00
kim0indeed we should :)16:00
dholbachah, there jono is16:00
dholbachhey jono16:00
jonoall set?16:01
kim0jono: morning16:01
jonocool, lets do skype16:01
jonokim0, http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/08/23/getting-more-developers-interested-in-participating-in-ubuntu/16:21
doctormojono: Would GC feature at all in your plans for the 11.04 cycle?16:32
dholbachthanks james_w`16:37
james_w`thank you16:37
dholbachjames_w`, you think I should release 0.2.1 with that fix already or wait?16:37
james_w`might as well roll it in if it makes deployment easier?16:38
dholbachalright, I'll do 0.2.116:38
dholbachjames_w`, ok, done - let's hope IS gets to it RSN :-)16:48
dholbachok my friends - I call it a day - see you tomorrow!16:53
* dholbach hugs you all16:53
nigelbnn dholbach :)16:54
dholbachbye nigelb16:54
sensegood afternoon17:33
doctormojono: ping18:00
jonodoctormo, hey18:02
doctormojono: Did you get my question above?18:02
jonodoctormo, no?18:02
nigelb'Its a piece of cake of bake a pretty cake' :p18:03
doctormo11:32 jono: Would GC feature at all in your plans for the 11.04 cycle?18:03
nigelbs/of cake//18:03
jonodoctormo, not mine - but you should talk with Rick Spencer18:03
nigelbjono: got a min?18:04
jononigelb, sure18:04
doctormojono: I understand18:04
popeyhahaa nigelb outed as a Sporticus fan!18:06
nigelbpopey: I blame JFo  and jono18:06
* JFo owns all of the badness18:06
nigelbJust can't forget the tune18:07
nigelbI'm sure all of us who've heard haven't18:07
nigelbpopey: See? ^^18:09
nigelb(he hasn't forgotten either)18:09
nigelbJFo: don't tell me you got the tune out of your head, I know you haven't :p18:10
JFo\I never do, there are a number of songs in there with it18:11
paultaghey all18:46
paultagdoctormo: what were you talking about?18:47
doctormopaultag: when?18:47
paultagdoctormo: 13:15 #ubuntu-community-team:18:47
jonohttp://www.ustream.tv/channel/at-home-with-jono-bacon in 10mins18:47
paultagdoctormo: you pinged me18:47
doctormopaultag: It got cleared up, sorry for the ping18:47
JFooye como va19:39
JanCczajkowski: you asked about the exact FOSDEM date some time ago; it was announced to be "Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 February 2011" about a week ago19:57
JanC(if you didn't see that yourself yet)19:58
dindaedubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 3 minutes19:58
czajkowskiI did, but thanks19:58
dindacome join us if you can19:58
dindapleia2: ping23:10
pleia2dinda: swamped at work today, I should be available in a 1.5h or so23:19
dindapleia2: thanks will ping later23:20

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