McPeter<tracy69> and fukk sarcozy why u people still didnnt deport him back to algeria or somewhere02:38
McPeteron #ubuntu-fr ..02:38
McPeteri ban him02:38
McPeterhe is on #ubuntu02:38
McPeterjust for information …02:38
wersHello. I'd like to request for an Ubuntu Member cloak. My Launchpad profile is https://launchpad.net/~allancaeg06:56
rwwPici, jussi, topyli: cloak request from wers ^^^07:09
werssorry got dc07:36
wersrww, did I miss anything? :) got disconnected07:39
rwwwers: Nope. Cloak requests need to be approved by one of the IRC Council members (I pinged them above), and they're not active right now, so it may be a few hours.07:40
wersrww, understood. thanks! :)07:40
rwwYour LP page is set up fine, though, so you won't need to do anything except wait.07:40
wersrww, cool. thanks07:45
jussicould a staffer please cloak wers with an ubuntu/member cloak? niko nhandler VorTechS?10:11
nikojussi: cloaked10:12
jussiwers: congrats10:12
jussiniko: thanks10:12
nikowers: congrats10:12
wersthanks jussi, niko , and rww ! =)10:12
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xhakerI'm the loco leader for ubuntu portugal, using #ubuntu-pt channel. Can someone help me change the founder of the channel to me? The founder doesn't answer to emails, and isn't even a member of the team. He is from the ubuntu brasil team. #ubuntu-br20:50
m4vxhaker: licio seems to be online right now, did you try to contact him on irc?21:01
xhakeroh.. didn't notice he was online.. i had his quit message on my backlog when i attached the session: screen+irssi21:03
xhakerm4v: to answer your question, no i haven't tryed to contact him on irc today21:04
m4vHis /whois says he's been away for almost 5hours, try to drop him a message and wait21:05
xhakerJust so i know, if he refuses to comply what should I do next?21:07
m4vfor get the founder status changed you'll need to schedule a meeting with the IRC council and explain the situation to them.21:12
xhakerm4v: thanks21:13
m4vgetting a recommendation from LoCo council will help21:14
m4vbut that will take time, it would be best if you can reach an agreement with licio21:14
m4vxhaker: why do you need the founder transferred?21:21

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