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thorwilgood morning!07:45
nisshhhey thorwil :)07:45
* thorwil starts to work on the quickshot logo07:46
godbykMmm.. strawberries are delicious.10:10
godbykAnd I have two pounds of 'em.. all to myself!10:10
humphreybcwhat's up?10:11
godbykNot much.10:12
humphreybcnot much is good10:14
godbykI should amend that: not much *at the moment*.. other than eating strawberries and watching hulu. :)10:14
vishhehe, for a sec i thought thorwil was gonna choke someone when they mentioned using a meerkat ;p10:27
thorwilvish: how would you know i didn't? ;)10:28
vishthorwil: I dint say i know you dint.. i thought you would ;p10:28
godbykvish: lol.10:29
godbykthorwil: true.. they haven't replied on that thread since... Hmm...10:29
thorwilvish: actually, the meerkat was nothing compared to turning "at least 3" into a definitive change after 310:32
godbykyeah.. if I remember correctly, the 'at least three' meant that we'd stick with the same design for the whole set from LTS until the next. (changing at each LTS)10:34
vishthorwil: well, i never knew when the plan was to have a new cover every release..  when i had done the alpha version, the plan was to just change the color at the tip alone every release.. and i thought that a single cover of sometime was the basis for rejecting wolter's design..  the sometime being for every LTS10:35
thorwilgodbyk: heh, it was really just 3 in the sense of one more than a pair. you know the way you would put at least 3 elements into an icon, if you mean a group10:35
vishapart from thorwil's fear of the lynx ;p10:36
godbykthorwil: ah, okay.10:36
godbykvish: heh.. yeah. no one wanted to take on the task of drawing the new mascots each time.10:36
vishgodbyk: if we some how convinced thorwil to use a meerkat .. pretty sure wolter will get pissed ;p10:37
thorwilgodbyk: not just that. lynx would have been cool, though not hitting the desired posture/tone. meerkats would be ok. but a narwhal? catastrophe10:37
godbykvish: ha! so true.10:37
godbykthorwil: Hey, now. Don't diss narwhals!10:38
thorwilyaya, they're awesome10:38
thorwiljedi unicorns of the sea10:39
nigelbvish: you must be banned :p you're getting more people addicted :D :D :D11:35
thorwiladdicted? i went 2 weeks without and only started to shiver a little bit11:49
nigelbthorwil: lol12:03
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nisshhzkriesse: i didnt know you ran the Youth Team :)15:06
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flanhttp://chipx86.github.com/gtkparasite/ I fully intend to use this in my next GTK project, if only because of the artwork.15:34
nisshhflan: that project looks awesome, im going to check it out some more :)15:35
flanLemme know if you find any really cool uses for it.17:23
flanI'm thinking it'll allow for better testing of procedural workflow designs.17:23
flanLike what we're doing with Quickshot. So we can bypass my whole insistance on making every window individually runnable.17:24
flanIf a console can hijack the current window at any point, everything would become super-easy.17:24
flanHeck. I'm gonna switch modes and start using it tonight.17:25
flanIt looks like a much cleaner approach.17:25
flanAww... He died. :(17:26
flanHis brain was eated by cute.17:26
flan10:24 < flan> Like what we're doing with Quickshot. So we can bypass my whole17:30
flan              insistance on making every window individually runnable.17:30
flan10:24 < flan> If a console can hijack the current window at any point,17:30
flan              everything would become super-easy.17:30
flan10:25 < flan> Heck. I'm gonna switch modes and start using it tonight.17:30
flan10:25 < flan> It looks like a much cleaner approach.17:30
flan10:25 -!- nisshh [~ryan@ubuntu/member/nisshh] has quit [Ping timeout: 25817:30
flan          seconds]17:30
flan10:26 < flan> Aww... He died. :(17:30
flan10:26 < flan> His brain was eated by cute.17:30
* flan spams.17:31
nisshhflan: my net crapped itself at that point18:02
nisshheverything just went *pop* and dissapeared18:02
flanNope. Brain eated by cute.18:14
flanTrue statement.18:14
flanEnd of discussion.18:15
nisshhlol flan :)18:19
jenkinsflan: ping19:08
vishthorwil: that was a sad little piggy, err. ping! ;p19:33
thorwilvish: well, it worked, without addressee ;)19:34
thorwilbut i fully support a pong for jenkins19:35
jenkinshey thorwil and vish how are you?19:36
vishthorwil: no worries,i'v got your 6! ;)19:36
vishjenkins: hey.. sleepy ;)  [ just about to hit the sack :) ]19:36
jenkinsflan: http://imagebin.org/112298 what is the purpose of the bits circled in red?19:37
thorwiljenkins: good, self?19:37
jenkinssleep well vish19:37
jenkinsI am good thanks thorwil19:37
thorwiljenkins: i would suspect custom widgets to fill those gaps19:38
jenkinsI suspect so as well but I just want to double check as the window is not organised as I would expect19:38
jenkinsas far as glade goes19:39
thorwilgot 2 artwork requests today, still a lack of those willing to pay, though19:39
jenkinsthats not good, out of interest whats the going rate?19:39
jenkinsI am a poor student :P19:39
thorwiljenkins: varies a lot. from 200 for like a full week to 450 per day, so far :}19:40
jenkinsnice :)19:41
thorwiljenkins: recommendations say one should take at least 60 € per hour as freelancer19:41
jenkinsthere are recomendations for that sort of thing19:42
thorwilof course19:43
jenkinswhats that page that ben added the projects to that tells you its worth if we paid everyone19:43
thorwilif i wouldn't live for cheap as it is already, i would have to move to some place in asia, or something19:44
flanjenkins, they're just spacers. You'll see when you run it.19:44
jenkinsi thought they were any objections to removing them and reorganising the boxes flan?19:45
flanIn the meantime, Parasite. I'm gonna drop the every-window-can-run-itself push in favour of using that. It looks awesome. (Google Parasite + Gnome)19:45
flanYou can do whatever you feel looks good.19:45
flanI just provided my idea.19:45
flanJust make sure it's completely obvious. Like, that the user can't possibly get confused and fill in more information than they have to to complete any specific step.19:46
flan(To that end, I feel that a unique button is necessary for each path)19:46
jenkinsthanks thorwil that was it19:46
* flan AFKs for 1.5 hours.19:46
jenkinsflan: i want to keep the idea just reduce the boxes used etc19:46
jenkinslater flan19:46
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jenkinsgodbyk: ping19:54
bilalakhtarjenkins: hey!20:08
jenkinshey bilalakhtar I was about to contact you20:08
jenkinswhat would you like to help with?20:09
bilalakhtarjenkins: yes! I have branched the quickshot source, looking at it its clear it isn't running on maverick20:09
bilalakhtarjenkins: I am using maverick , can fix bugs20:09
bilalakhtarflan: Thanks for the memo!20:09
jenkinscool well it should work up to the first screen opening and that is as far as the gui goes at the moment20:10
bilalakhtaryes it does work to the full screne20:10
bilalakhtarthen tells me I should be using lucid20:10
bilalakhtarI can easily solve that20:10
jenkinsreally what branch have you got i am using mavrick and do not have that?20:11
jenkinswhat revison is it?20:11
bilalakhtarjenkins: ah, I misused the word 'branch'20:11
bilalakhtarjenkins: I apt-get sourced from the PPA20:11
* bilalakhtar branches it off now20:11
bilalakhtarjenkins: Actually I wanted to look at the deps20:11
jenkinsare thats why its not working, we are rewrting from scratch at the moment so the old version is rather obsolete20:12
jenkinshttp://imagebin.org/112304 is the new first page20:12
bilalakhtarjenkins: cool!20:12
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jenkinsi wrote the lucid thing as a fail safe for the manual team to avoid people taking screenshots on other versoins of ubuntu20:13
jenkinsyou will need to install quickly20:13
bilalakhtarjenkins: really?20:13
bilalakhtarhmm, ok20:14
jenkinswell the project started as a quickly project and we have not worked out / had time to work out how to open the glade files with out doing "quickly design"20:14
bilalakhtarjenkins: Ah, that isn't difficult at all!20:15
bilalakhtarbuilder = gtk.Builder()20:15
bilalakhtarthat's it!20:15
jenkinsis that how to open them in glade to edit them?20:15
bilalakhtarjenkins: to open them in glade a double-click works20:16
bilalakhtarjenkins: you mean for the quickly UIs? I don't know about that20:16
jenkinsyea me nether thats the only reason we are still using quickly o and quickly run but i expect there is an equivalent to that as well20:18
bilalakhtarjenkins: Project QStream on LP started off as a quickly project; in the middle I transitioned it away from Quickly because I don't like quickly20:19
bilalakhtarjenkins: and it appears I am not interested in quickshot any more, sorry20:19
bilalakhtarjenkins: I would contribute to the Ubuntu Manual rather20:19
thorwiljenkins: may i suggest "Welcome to Quickshot!  Capture screenshots in a variety of languages, under specific conditions, to submit them to documentation projects." as short is better20:20
bilalakhtarjenkins: you are free to decline me from the team20:20
jenkinshow come whats worng with quickly. I do all the release stuff?20:20
jenkinsthanks for the suggestion20:20
bilalakhtarjenkins: I will see tomorrow; I have experience with Python and can definitely help; okay I will work20:21
jenkinsyou should give feed back to didrocks in #quickly he always want its. thanks that would be great20:21
jenkinslook forward to talking to you tomorrow20:21
bilalakhtarThanks jenkins !20:23
jenkinsno problem thank you have a good evening/day (depending on time zone)20:23
bilalakhtarjenkins: I have decided; just managed to run quickshot, looks good, don't have a good bandwidth right now so cannot install quickly, I will surely help now, starting from tomorrow. its late night in here20:24
jenkinscool, I will try and find out a way of not using quickly run and quickly desgin so you don't need to use them20:25
bilalakhtarbye, going20:26
jenkinsflan: for some reason now the .ui files open in glade by clicking them20:27
flanI removed the legacy dependencies from the files.21:06
flanTheir broken-except-by-opening-in-Quickly-ness bothered me.21:06
jenkinshey flan i tried to assign the start from url to the button but I could not get the button to do anything how do I get it to import into the bin/quickshot file? I tried the normal way21:08
flanI don't like Quickly, either, for the record.21:08
flanLike, at all.21:08
flanI think it embodies the same things I hate about using IDEs.21:09
flanAnd Glade over GTK calls.21:09
flanBut I'm a control freak.21:09
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jenkinswell as the .ui files now open by clicking. what is the quickly run eqivilent command and we can stop using it21:11
flanIt should just be ./quickshot21:11
flanOpen the script in Python.21:11
flanYou can continue using quickly run and quickly design, if you want.21:12
flanI've servered the core dependencies on Quickly.21:12
flan(I broke them all last night 'cause I didn't install Quickly before getting into my dad's truck, aos I had to develop stuff offline)21:13
jenkinsI would like to know the equivlients as I would like to stop using quickly as i do all the release stuff and thats the hard bit21:13
flanDon't worry too much about wiring the buttons for now. I'll implement the main page tonight, to give you a working model for further development.21:13
flansc source21:13
flancd source #*21:14
flanIt should "just work".21:14
jenkinso right we can stop using quickly21:14
flanBut a better solution would be to move quickshot out of bin/ and add a file-specific rule to the Debian path information.21:15
* jenkins does sudo apt-get remove quickly21:15
flanWe still want the quickshot/ package in python-shared. But we also want to avoid import-path-mangling.21:15
flanWhich using bin/ requires us to do.21:15
flanI'd advise against that.21:15
flanKeep using Quickly until we've got this working for the Maverick launch.21:16
flanThen we'll remove all legacy references to it in time for the official 1.0 release.21:16
jenkinswell i can soon change the rules file so that the bin/quickshot file is some where else in the source21:16
flanMaverick will likely be server:1.0.0-preview and client:0.9.x.21:16
jenkinsinstalled quickly again21:17
flanWe'll fix bugs in each as they appear.21:17
flanAnd simultaneously commit non-critical enhancements to get the client up to 1.0.0 around the same time we release the manual.21:17
flanSo, for now, getting it working's the biggest thing.21:18
jenkinssounds good. anything else I cna do21:18
flanI see you didn't like my separators. =P21:18
* flan has a habit of using <hr/>s in web pages, too.21:18
jenkinsI am going to redo the about window when I get the time. I could not decide on the separators I decided against them in the end21:18
flanIt looks good without them, though.21:18
flanFor now, an error-reporting window is a must.21:19
flanI don't care if we just use GTKDialog (if you think it looks good) or subclass it or create a totally new window.21:19
flanBut we need to be able to tell the user that a problem occurred, that details are available, and ask them to tell the program what to do to recover.21:20
jenkinshow much do we want to display to the user? can we just say "an error occured pleas click "file a bug" to tell us what went wrong"  ?21:20
jenkinsI have no clue how they would recover the program but as we have apport support the bug stuff should be easy as it pulls in the last three logs21:21
flan"Oops! Something went wrong." "The gist of the problem is <...>" "The gory details follow." ("This error is non-recoverable", [send bug report] [make the developers guess at the problem] | "You can try contacting the server again" [Do it] [Nah] | "Your system's messed up beyond repair" [that sucks])21:23
flanNot every problem will need a bug report.21:23
flanIf the Qs server crashes mid-op or the user's network connection drops, we don't really care, from a bug-fixing standpoint.21:24
flanIf it's an unhandled exception, then we'll need to ask for a report/let apport handle that/however whatever works.21:24
jenkinsI think a gtk dialog is fine21:25
flanWe can just use TextWrap to make it multi-line, as necessary.21:25
flanI'll write the convenience class behind it tonight, too.21:26
flanSo, then, I guess the next thing you'll need to do is prototype the "Okay, the server's up and it told me I need to be a user named 'Juan Giseppe'. Why is this important and how can I set it up?" window.21:27
flanShould the user be given the option to skip this step?21:27
jenkinsso the manual user case of a consitant user name on the pc or they need to give us details to do the project21:28
flanThe manual user for consistency.21:29
jenkinsalso can we remove the http://imagebin.org/112311 bit please. alot of our windows are fixed dimensions so do not/can not be resized21:29
flanWe can't collect contributor details this early, since they may need to change to another user.21:29
flanAnd then ~/.quickshot will change.21:29
flanIf we let them skip this, there should be a warning that'll tell them that the project administrators may not be able to accept all uploaded screenshots.21:30
flanIf we don't let them skip it, then, obviously, there won't be a warning.21:30
jenkinswell we should only show it if the project needs it and not allow skiping21:31
flanThat thing you pointed out is actually a status bar. I always find them a good way of providing background information to users about what's going on.21:31
flanFor example, "Attempting to contact server..."21:31
flanOkay. No skipping.21:31
flanusername = details['config'].get('username')21:32
flanif username:21:32
flan  if not-current-user:21:32
flan    show_window21:32
flanProbably also if it is the current user, but the Common attribute differs from what's expected.21:33
flanThis is normally the user's "real name".21:33
jenkinsok can we remove the right hand dots form the status bar?21:33
flanI think so. I'll look into that tonight.21:34
jenkinsit makes sense to keep the status bar. kay thanks21:34
flanI'm kinda surprised that calling set_resizable(False) leaves them enabled.21:34
jenkinsI don't know its strange21:34
flanThat's easy.21:34
flanIn base.py, add the following:21:35
flan(Anywhere that makes sense after self._sbr... has been declared)21:35
flanActually, no.21:35
flanDon't do it there.21:35
flanFind the code that says "self.set_resizable(...)"21:36
flanImmediately below that, add this line: self._sbr_<...>.set_has_resize_grip(self.get_resizable())21:36
flanWhere <...> is whatever I called the status bar in base.py.21:37
flanReplicate that through all the new .py files.21:37
jenkinsok thanks will do21:37
flanReference: http://www.pygtk.org/docs/pygtk/class-gtkstatusbar.html#method-gtkstatusbar--set-has-resize-grip21:38
jenkinsyep that works, There is one window that is allowed to be expanded so i will not take it off of that21:39
flanAdd the code anyway.21:39
flanIt only disables it if the window is itself unresizable.21:39
flanIf the window's resizable, the code's a no-op, effectively.21:40
flanIt's just more consistent and it leaves full control in the Glade layer.21:40
flan(In case you ever want to make the window fixed-size-y.21:41
jenkinsdone, i will do a very rough user account set up window and tidy it up tomorrow.21:41
flanThe next step after that is screen-resolution.21:42
flan(Maybe it's uploader details)21:43
flan(But we can inject uploader details later)21:43
jenkinsI will look at those tomorrow I need to go to bed soon. uploader one is there already21:45
flanI'll probably retouch all the Glade files today to make sure all the objects have conventional names.21:46
flanI probably won't mess with layout.21:46
flanI'll just get the welcome screen working and move some logic into modules/comments in appropriate modules.21:46
flanAnd get an error-reporting system in place.21:47
flanAnd the recent-projects system.21:47
jenkinscool I have done a rought window that looks awful but will do fine for if you want to impliment it will push it in about 10 mins21:51
flanI'm leaving aesthetics to you.21:52
flanHopefully, we'll be able to maintain pace with each other until we're ready for the next UMP burst.21:53
jenkinswe should be able to if i can get all the windows you want implace with all the boxes etc in it I can paly with the lay out untill my heart is content21:55
jenkinsright night flan and all21:56
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