lfaraonecjwatson: the goal of having it be part of man-db is that it's runtime, rather than buildtimne.02:26
lfaraonecjwatson: we could even make it be an installtime hook02:27
ScottKcrimsun_: Last cycle you fixed slicer to build with a newer vtk.  It needs similar treatment again ....05:57
micahgwgrant: any idea why my ubuntuwire page seems to be the only one broke?06:25
wgrantmicahg: What in particular is wrong with it?06:25
micahgwgrant: it's been blank for almost a week :)06:25
wgrantSources with multiple versions published might be a bit confused.06:25
wgrantI bet it's because Maverick is frozen now, and it's looking for a development series.06:26
* wgrant sighs at LP.06:26
micahgwgrant: java works fine06:26
wgrantmicahg: Yeah, but it's not packageset-based.06:27
micahgwgrant: ah, ok, anything I can do to help fix it?06:27
wgrantmicahg: It's rerunning now.06:28
wgrantJust hardcoding maverick this time.06:28
micahgwgrant: thanks :)06:29
* micahg is going to try to stay as close to Debian as possible06:29
wgrantmicahg: Looks happy now.06:29
* micahg hugs wgrant06:30
* micahg didn't miss much action apparently :-/06:30
micahgwgrant: would it be hard to add a column for experimental?06:31
* micahg figures it won't matter much next cycle after squeeze is released though06:32
wgrantmicahg: It is unfortunately non-trivial.06:32
wgrantBut we'll hopefully have all this in LP in a few months. We might be able to do something then.06:32
micahgwgrant: k, thanks06:32
Zombieanyone awake??07:03
micahg!ask | Zombie07:04
ubottuZombie: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:04
ZombieI have a Dellbuntu E1505, running Lucid Lynx.07:04
Zombieand, I am getting a great deal of "jitter" using Analogue TV out via S-video.07:04
micahg!support | Zombie07:05
ubottuZombie: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Please be aware that this channel is for development only.07:05
ZombieIts almost like the sync rate is wrong. I was wondering if I could replace it with an alternate driver.07:05
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dholbachgood morning07:49
ajmitchmorning dholbach08:06
dholbachhi ajmitch08:07
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bilalakhtarMorning Laney !08:42
AnAntpersia: when's the next DMB meeting ?09:07
bilalakhtartumbleweed: around?09:12
persiaAnAnt, Unless something exciting happens in the next day or two, likely 14th September 15:00 UTC.  If something does happen, likely 13th September at one of 12:00 or 19:00 UTC.09:13
persiaI'll publish it as soon as it's confirmed.09:13
bilalakhtarThanks persia ! You mean, on the devel-permissions?09:13
persiaI meant on the wiki.  I suppose I could send something to devel-permissions, if folks find that significantly easier.09:14
cjwatsonlfaraone: right, I understood the goal, just not quite sure whether I agree that it's the right thing to do, though there's no harm in experimenting.  The obvious difficulty seems to be that help2man often needs slightly different arguments for different commands, and thus this would need some help from each package anyway.09:14
cjwatsonperhaps -devel-announce for a change in routine DMB meeting times09:14
persiaThat does seem a bit more wide read, indeed.09:14
LaneyIs the DMB problem a lack of manpower, unsuitable meeting times or both?10:42
wgrantdholbach: The packageset fix is on edge.10:44
dholbachwgrant, yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw - will test in a bit :-D10:46
geserLaney: mostly busy members and not the best meeting times; it's hard to find a good time which suits all members (US, Europe, Japan)10:47
LaneyYeah, so both. You could consider calling for some more members.10:48
sebnerLaney for DMB \o/10:48
persiaWe did, about 6 weeks ago, and only got a couple nominations.10:48
LaneyI thought that was just to replace nixternal10:48
geserthere is a free seat, but cjwatson is currently too busy to setup the voting10:49
geseryes, but still only 2 nominations10:49
persiaI'd not expect more folks to be nominated just because more seats were open.10:49
dholbachwgrant, thanks muchly - will let you know how it goes10:49
LaneyFancy re-opening them? :)10:49
persiaBut the unsuitable meeting times is really the key issue at the moment.10:50
persia4/7 of the members have a firm conflict, and it's really late for another.10:50
wgrantdholbach: Great.10:51
persiaLaney, Hrm?  re-open which?10:51
geserLaney: if you increase the size of the DMB, you also increase the quorum and it's already hard to find a time to reach quorum (at least 4 members present)10:52
lifelessgeser: you can choose not to increase quorum10:52
persiaI really don't think size is the issue.  There exist times of day that aren't problematic.10:52
geserpersia: sounds like Laney want to self-nominate himself for nixternal's seat10:52
LaneyNominations. If you wish to have more... perhaps some people simply neglected to understand the situation...10:52
* Laney remains aloof10:52
persiaLaney, Please feel free to send additional nominations.  I don't believe we've specifically closed them (although the stated preferred deadline has passed)10:53
cjwatsonI would welcome somebody else setting up the voting10:53
cjwatsonat this point I will certainly not have time for it until after beta10:53
cjwatsondon't we only have one nomination?  One of the two I saw declined10:54
persiaWe only have one confirmed nomination, which makes me unhappy about "voting" as such.10:54
LaneyThen I think it would be a good idea to fill this seat, try the new times and see how it goes then.10:55
cjwatsonwell, yes, but there's a word for not holding an election because you're unhappy about the nominations and it's not a nice one :)10:55
LaneyIf there's a problem then try expanding the size of the board by one or two10:55
persiacjwatson, Well, true.10:55
* persia adds "Set up a confirmation poll for the nominee" to the things-to-do-soon list, hoping someone else is faster10:56
bilalakhtarLaney: Good for you!11:09
* Laney pleads ignorance, guv'nor11:09
* bilalakhtar wishes Laney good luck for him to succeed in his desire11:11
tumbleweedbilalakhtar: hi11:12
bilalakhtarhey tumbleweed !11:12
bilalakhtartumbleweed: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BilalAkhtar/MOTUApplication Endorse when you have time, I suppose you are on vacation or something11:13
tumbleweedbilalakhtar: hah, no I was busy with pyweek.org11:13
* bilalakhtar visits pyweek.org11:13
bilalakhtartumbleweed: don't you have a website already? tumbleweed.org.za11:13
tumbleweedbilalakhtar: correct, I do (although I seem to have stopped blogging). http://pyweek.org/e/boomslang/ - my team's pyweek entry11:14
bilalakhtartumbleweed: is this a game?11:15
tumbleweedbilalakhtar: yes11:15
bilalakhtartumbleweed: you are lucky to be living in a place that has so many ubuntu users :|11:15
tumbleweedbilalakhtar: unfortunatly I'm the only ubuntu developer in the city (to the best of my knowledge)11:16
bilalakhtartumbleweed: ah, that's nothing11:16
bilalakhtartumbleweed: I am the only Ubuntu member in the country!11:16
bilalakhtartumbleweed: hey, you are using Drupal for a blog?11:17
tumbleweedbilalakhtar: yeah, but I really should do something about it (i.e. theme it or something, and write some new posts)11:24
bilalakhtartumbleweed: If you wanna blog, go for WordPress11:24
* tumbleweed used to use wordpress, but it sucked for non-blogging things (and it's a security disaster waiting to happen)11:25
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dholbachwgrant, thanks muchly! it works great!12:28
wgrantdholbach: Excellent.12:29
dholbachthis will make Harvest deployment a little easier too :-D12:30
dholbachalright, lunch time - see you later12:30
mhall119hi everyone14:29
mhall119if I add a choice of two dependencies, say "foo-gnome | foo-kde", will apt choose the one that has the fewest uninstalled dependencies?14:30
jpdsI think it picks the first one, if it can't find that, the second.14:30
ScottKmhall119: No.  It will install the first one if neither are installed.14:30
jpdsand if it can't find that THE WORLD ENDS.14:31
mhall119hmmmm, darn14:31
ScottKand, as jpds says, install the second if it can't find the first.14:31
mhall119so, for celestia: Depends: celestia-kde | celestia-gnome | celestia-glut14:33
mhall119it'll install celestia-kde?14:33
mhall119cause I'm pretty sure when I installed it on my kid's computer, it installed the -gnome variant14:33
mhall119maybe I specified the -gnome, but I didn't think so14:34
mhall119hmm, I must have done that14:35
mhall119would have been awesome of apt could pick the one with the least new dependencies14:35
Zombiehttp://cgit.freedesktop.org/~ickle/linux-2.6/commit/?h=drm-testing&id=bd17d356a91b33a9e9d0cd2cd57f164dc9cbc0d9 Are you familiar with this patch/17:04
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ScottKZombie: If it's a kernel patch, you probably want #ubuntu-kernel.17:55
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ajmitchmorning all21:23
geserHi ajmitch22:21
jonosiretart, ping?22:41
jonostgraber, ping?22:42
stgraberjono: pong23:28

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