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magciusmicahg: ping01:41
micahgmagcius: hi01:41
magciusmicahg: what's the pkg-config package for libmozjs?01:42
srihowdy all... does anybody know how I can get the firefox-js pkgconfig file going?01:42
sriit's a requirement for building gjs for gnome-shell01:42
micahgmagcius: mozilla-js01:42
magciusmicahg: has it changed recently¿01:42
micahgsri: no it's not01:42
magciusmicahg: for us it is.01:42
micahgmagcius: who are you? :)01:43
srimicahg: well it's what jhbuild is telling me..01:43
magciusmicahg: I'm a gnome-shell contributor?01:43
magciusmicahg: gjs looks for firefox-js01:43
magciusmicahg: additionally, you may want to look at http://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-shell/tree/tools/build/jhbuildrc-gnome-shell#n4601:44
micahgthat doesn't exist, it should be mozilla-js01:44
* micahg checks debian01:44
magciushm, looks like it's mozilla-js on my system too01:45
sriyeah, I have that as well, but I think mozilla-js requires mozilla-nspr01:45
magciusmicahg: http://git.gnome.org/browse/gjs/tree/configure.ac#n10201:45
srior mozilla's version of nspr to be succinct.01:45
micahgyeah, it requires nspr01:45
magciussri: there's only one nspr: it's the "NetScape Portable Runtime"01:46
micahgmagcius: yep, that's what Debian and Ubuntu package01:46
magciusmicahg: what about xulrunner-js?01:47
* micahg is checking01:47
magciusmicahg: see the configure.in script01:47
micahgyeah, it's part of libmozjs for xul1.801:48
micahgBTW, I finally have the wrapper installable so there shouldn't be any more can't run gnome-shell in maverick01:48
micahgI just need to test it before uploading01:49
magciusmicahg: we still have to support old versions :)01:49
magciusmicahg: ok, any reason why it looks like the package check is failing?01:49
srixulrunner-js is part of libmozjs for xulrunner 1.8?01:49
micahgmagcius: what error are you getting?01:50
micahgsri: yes, at least in Ubuntu through karmic01:50
magciusmicahg: I'm not on Ubuntu, sri is getting:01:50
magciusmicahg: well, pkg-config/gjs is complaining that firefox-js is not found01:50
magciusmicahg: which means that it can't find either mozilla-js or xulrunner-js01:50
micahgwell, is xulrunner-dev installed?01:51
sriyeah it's looking for firefox-js which doesn't give a lot of hits in google.01:51
micahgsri: what Ubuntu release?01:51
sriI hvae xulrunner-2.0-dev installed01:51
sriI have lucid01:51
sriI think I have some moz ppa's installed.01:51
magciussri: ls /usr/lib/pkgconfig/{mozilla,xulrunner}-js.pc01:52
micahgsri: oh, I don't have that installed ATM01:52
sriI have no xulrunner-js.pc01:52
sribut mozilla-js.pc exists.01:52
magciusit SHOULD find that01:52
magciussri: mozilla-js-2?01:52
micahgsri: right xulrunner-js.pc is gone in lucid01:52
magciusI wonder why people didn't get this error earlier01:53
srionly mozilla-js.pc exists.01:53
magciussri: when did it start happening?01:53
* micahg isn't familiar with PKG_CHECK_EXISTS syntax yet01:53
srium.. I think about 3 weeks ago.01:54
micahgsri: pkg-config --exists mozilla-js && echo 101:54
sridoes not echo 101:54
magciussri: do you have 64-bit?01:55
micahgsri: try install xulrunner-dev01:55
srino, I'm using 32-bit01:55
micahgwhich will be 1.9.2 on lucid01:55
micahgwe haven't started trying to build w/2.0 yet, so I have no idea if there are issues01:55
sriI'm getting thata package form this ppa:01:56
micahgsri: yep, I help maintain that :)01:56
micahgsri: we'll probably start trying to test build later next month after final freeze (Sept 16)01:57
srihmm.. I have some package conflict.01:57
micahgsri: yeah, you have to remove 2.0 to install 1.9.201:57
sriit conflicts with xulrunner-2.0-dev01:57
srilooks like you're way ahead of me.01:57
sriI'll dpkg -r it01:57
micahgsri: do you need it to work with 2.0 ATM?01:57
sriI doubt it.01:57
micahgthey're at beta 501:57
sriexcellent work on firefox4.. I'm very happy with it.01:58
micahgsri: I have to run, I'll be back in about 90 minutes or so01:58
magciusmicahg: what exactly have you done so far?01:58
micahgmagcius: will you be here in 90 minutes01:58
magciusmicahg: certainly01:58
micahgmagcius: I'll tell you then :)01:58
sriso pkg-config --exists mozilla-js && echo 1 still doesn't echo 1. :)01:59
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micahgsri: magcius: firefox-js is from Firefox 203:20
magciusmagcius: ok.03:20
magciusmicahg: ok03:20
micahgmagcius: so what was your question before?03:21
magciusmicahg: not much, just smalltalk.03:21
magciusmicahg: I'm curious why he still doesn't have mozilla-js03:22
magciusmicahg: even though he has /usr/lib/pkgconfig/mozilla-js.pc03:22
micahgmagcius: he should if he installed xulrunner-dev03:22
* micahg will have to investigate03:22
magciusmicahg: he said he did.03:22
magciussri: you installed xulrunner-dev, right?03:23
micahgoh, this is new then03:23
srimagcius: I did03:26
srimicahg: oh, really/ firefox2? bleah.03:26
sriwe shouldn't depend on such an old version03:26
micahgsri: dpkg -L xulrunner-1.9.2-dev | grep mozilla03:26
magciussri: no no, we're not03:26
micahgsri: dpkg -L xulrunner-1.9.2-dev | grep pkgconfig03:26
micahgthat's better03:26
magciussri: it uses firefox-js as a last resort03:27
sriah ha.03:27
sriso maaybe firefox-js is a red herring03:27
magciussri: no, it's not a red herring03:27
micahgsri: yeah, if you get it, you have a problem with your install :P03:27
magciusmicahg: I hate Ubuntu because of Debian :P03:27
micahgmagcius: huh?03:27
micahgDebian also has mozilla-js03:28
sriso, what should we do here?  all I got now is still the same aas before mozilla-js.pc03:28
magciusmicahg: APT03:28
micahgapt ftw!03:28
sridude, apt is da shizzle-love.03:28
magciusWait wait.03:28
magciusWhy do you guys love apt?03:28
micahgsri wait, so it works or no03:28
srilet me try compiling gcj03:28
magciusmicahg: basically, if you upgrade a package, it won't mark it as upgraded03:29
micahgmagcius: dependency calculation, self contained packages, PPAs03:29
micahgmagcius: why do you need it marked as upgraded03:29
magciusmicahg: the first two, package managers have done since 200203:29
magciusmicahg: because you want to install it, you'll remove half your desktop.03:29
srisorry, I meant gjs03:29
magciusif you want to remove it03:29
magciusmicahg: you can't downgrade AFAIK03:29
micahgmagcius: ah, yeah, well if you have it from another repo, you can03:30
magciusmicahg: PPAs are basically a hosted repository. The fact that you need a server dedicated to it and building is to show you how complicated it is.03:30
micahgmagcius: I can also build it locally in pbuilder03:30
micahgPPAs let me share03:30
sriI'm still having problems, but I think firefox-js is the wrong way to look at this03:30
micahgsri: what's the output of the command I gave you03:31
srimicahg: can you re-paste?  is this the one with the echo 1?03:31
micahgsri: dpkg -L xulrunner-1.9.2-dev | grep pkgconfig03:31
srioh right, yeaha I did that.03:32
sriso the relevant one is:03:32
micahgsri: I'm assuming you have pkg-config installed?03:32
sriotherwise the gnome-shell toolchain is going to break.03:33
sriI used to do a lot of compiles since the gnome 1.x days03:33
micahgpkg-config --exists mozilla-js && echo 103:33
srianywayas, Ichecked the configure.ac file to see whata it was checking for03:33
magciussri: we already established that :P03:33
srithe comment sys tht it checks for mozilla-js first, then xulrunner-js, anad firefox-js lasat.03:33
magciussri: yep.03:34
magciussri: run pkg-config --exists mozilla-js && echo 103:34
sriyeh, it doean't print "1" at all03:34
sriand it should because it is in /usr/lib/pkgconfig/03:34
micahgsri: something's wrong03:34
srias we establieshed in the dpkg -L xulrunner-1.9.2-dev | grep mozilla03:35
magciussri: echo $PKG_CONFIG_PATH03:35
sriI just did a env | grep PKG03:35
sriand there is no pkg_config_path defined03:35
magciussri: env won't show it03:35
* micahg doesn't have that set either03:35
sriit is blank03:35
magciusSomething's wrong then03:35
srireally? env should show it..03:35
micahgmagcius: pkg-config output should work03:36
sriyeah looks like it.03:36
micahgsri: sudo apt-get install --reinstall xulrunner-1.9.2-dev03:36
srimozilla-js                       JavaScript - The Mozilla JavaScript Library03:36
micahgmaybe there's a trigger that was misseD?03:36
sriis what pkg-config --list-all hs03:36
sriokay, I"ll try tht.03:36
magciussri: huh03:36
micahgsri: that's even weirder03:37
micahgsri: and you're on lucid?03:37
magciussri: reboot03:37
srioaky, let me do one other thing.. I ran this from a regulra shell.03:37
magciussri: regular shell == tty?03:38
micahgsri: what shell?03:38
srifrom jhbuild, which sets env values, I'll try your commands gain03:38
srijhbuild let's you exec a shell03:38
micahgyeah, try from a terminal03:38
srithis is my PKG_CONFIG_PATH under jhbuild03:38
sriI ran: pkg-config --exists mozilla-js && echo 103:39
sriand I still got nothing03:39
sriit's trying its best to screw with me, I swear.03:39
magciussri: can you pastebin your /usr/lib/pkgconfig/mozilla-js.pc?03:39
micahgthe only patch we have for gjs is an ltmain patch03:40
micahgsri: sudo aptitude install xulrunner-dev=
micahgso they did bump nspr :(03:42
srioh is that wht the problem is?03:42
sriI was looking at that nspr thing03:42
sribecuse that failed earlier.03:42
sriI tried to link firefox-js to mozilla-js to see what it would do03:43
micahgsri: you only have nspr 4.8.403:43
micahgsri: should still fial03:43
sriyeah it still fails03:43
micahgwe're going to need to bump nspr03:43
micahgsri: but if you install the version from lucid-security, it shoudl work03:44
srihow do Iget that particular package ?03:44
srilet me check my sources-list03:44
micahgsri: I gave you the command before03:44
micahgsri: sudo aptitude install xulrunner-dev=
srioh I did that already.03:45
magciusmicahg: wait what?03:45
magciusmicahg: they bumped NSPR in pkg-config but you didn't?03:45
micahgmagcius: that's in the daily PPA03:46
srimicahg: do I need to get rid of xulrunner-2.0?03:46
micahgsri: you already did that03:46
micahgsri: I was talking about the 3.6.10pre daily03:46
srithat's what I thought too, but apt-get upgrade wants to upgraade it.03:46
micahgsri: upgrade what?03:47
magciusmicahg: wait, what?03:47
magciusmicahg: so he reinstalled firefox from repo, but it didn't update the pkg-config file?03:47
srimicahg: Thttp://pastebin.ca/193022803:48
micahgmagcius: I think the issue was he was using the one from the daily that requires nspr 4.8.6 which is only at maverick atm03:48
sriwell crap, dpkg -l tells me that xulrunner-2.0 still exists.03:48
* sri gets rid of it.03:48
micahgmagcius: xul-2.0 is fine03:48
magciusmicahg: but he uninstalled the PPA...03:48
magciusmicahg: and THIS is why I hate PPAs.03:48
srino no, I didn't do that yet.03:48
magciuser, this is why I hate APT03:49
micahgmagcius: well, hopefully, I'll be able to make a plugin for software-center to at least handle the mozilla PPAs03:49
micahgmagcius: BTW, there's ppa-purge to get rid of a ppa03:49
micahgit downgrades :)03:49
magciusmicahg: but that's limited to PPAs.03:49
srithe PPAs can be confusing, which iswhy you should know what you're doing when you add it.03:50
magciusThey shouldn't be confusing. They should WORK.03:51
micahgmagcius: we're working on it :)03:51
sriwell.. no.. because PPAs are bleeding edge, they'll introduce instability03:51
magciussri: they shouldn't introduce bugs in a package manager03:51
micahgmagcius: I use apt-pinning so I don't get unwanted stuff from PPAs03:51
srias soon as you add a PPA, you're off the reservation03:51
micahgmagcius: I want to write a plugin for SC to make it easily configurable for people03:51
magciuswait, wait, if you're a bug tester, you can't have support?03:51
srimicahg: yes, that's wht I should do.03:51
micahgmagcius: PPAs are supported by the people who make them03:52
magciusI'm so confused.03:52
magciusWhat exactly happened?03:52
srimagcius: it's like using someone elses git brnch03:52
magciusNo, no.03:52
micahgsri: do you want all PPAs to require explicit install?03:52
magciusI'm not talking about bugs in the software. I'm talking about why removing a PPA didn't reinstall the pkg-config file03:53
sriI'm not sure I understanad what you mean.03:53
micahgmagcius: he didn't remove the PPA :)03:53
srimagcius: ah yes, that's a problem, you have to apt-get purge or something like that.03:53
sribut in this case, I didn't purge it..03:54
sriso, if I remove your PPA, micahg will it fix the problem?03:54
sriwill I lose firefox4? :D03:54
micahgsri: yes, that's why I'm suggesting explicit install either for that PPA or all PPAs depending on your preference03:54
magciusmicahg: why can't he keep the daily?03:54
magciusmicahg: it should still have a mozilla-js package, right?03:55
micahgmagcius: he can with apt-pinning (the daily will break ATM)03:55
magciusmicahg: do you not have a recent NSPR in that PPA?03:55
micahgmagcius: yes, but that's not the issue03:55
micahgmagcius: we don't keep a daily nspr03:55
micahgmagcius: we'll bump in the repos03:55
magciusmicahg: do you have a backlog for a recent nspr?03:56
sriso, what is the right step in getting the nspr from lucid-security?  I'm not sure how to do that..03:56
micahgsri: no, the xulrunner-1.9.2-dev from lucid-security03:56
sriI'm okay to wait for nspr to be bumped if it will happen in the next couple of daays03:56
micahgmagcius: it's only required for 3.6.9/ and up03:56
srimicahg: ah, okay03:56
micahgsri: add http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/486575/ as /etc/apt/preferences and you won't be prompted to upgrade firefox 3.6 or xulrunner to the daily versions03:58
micahgjust run sudo apt-get update afterwards03:58
srithere is stil the matter of getting the lucid-security xulrunner-dev right?03:59
micahgsri: you said you did that already03:59
micahgsri: if you have that's the correct version04:00
sribut the mozilla-js.pc file still requires the same nspr version04:00
micahgsri: :(04:01
sriactually, looking at the pc file I have04:01
sriRequires: mozilla-nspr >= 4.8.604:01
srilet's do that command again04:01
sriok, let's see what it did now04:02
micahgmine requires 4.8.404:02
micahgsri: yeah, you need the
srihm.. looks like doesn't really change the pc file04:02
sriSetting up xulrunner-dev ( ...04:02
sriI ran the aptitude command from above04:03
micahgsri: sudo aptitude install xulrunner-1.9.2-dev=
sriand it installed xulrunner-dev again04:03
sribut the pc file doesn't seem tohave changed04:03
micahgxulrunner-dev is a transitional package :)04:03
micahgtry the command I just gave you04:03
* micahg thought it would pull in xulrunner-1.9.2-dev...04:03
srithat looks a lot better from the output04:04
sriRequires: nspr >= 4.8.404:04
srigcj passes configure!04:04
srier gjs04:04
sriI totally owe you guys a beer04:05
* micahg will make sure nspr is bumped for 4.8.604:05
sriyou put a lot of time into it, I really appreciate the help04:05
micahgoops, 3.6.904:05
micahgsri: np04:05
sriof course now gtk3 is broke so no rest for the wicked :)04:05
sriglad we got pinning in there so we don't have any more breakage.04:06
micahgsri: personally, I pin all PPAs at 450 except for certain ones, all below 500 except mozilla-security which I want to override the repos, that way, I only get what I want from the PPA and nothing else04:07
magciusAnd THAT'S why I hate APT from a tech support perspective. AND why you never use a one-armed man to teach a lesson.04:09
micahgmagcius: well, that's why I want to make pinning easier from software-center so it *is* supportable :)04:10
magciusmicahg: I don't believe in creating hacks to fix broken software :)04:11
micahgmagcius: it's not broken, it works very well, there's just not an interface for it that regular users can easily use :)04:11
srimicahg: nod04:44
[reed]now on maverick07:13
[reed]but there are bugs07:13
micahg[reed]: with?07:13
[reed]the kernel07:21
[reed]and gobi-driver07:21
micahgoh :(07:21
micahgonce again, I can't really help with those07:22
[reed]I just want my mobile broadband to work07:25
fta2micahg, chrisccoulson: could you please have a look at http://codereview.chromium.org/3221007/show ? there are some questions about ubuntu's firefox package(s)07:49
fta2(in the comments)07:50
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micahgfta2: looks right I think07:51
* micahg didn't read the messages yet, sorry07:52
fta2there are questions about the locales07:52
* micahg needs to create a google account for this07:54
micahgfta2: answered08:01
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dupondjeThunderbird doesn't give any popup here anymore when new mail arrives ... any idea whats causing that ?16:08
gnomefreakthe coolins extension for Chromium doesnt work. it says it doesnt support Linux yet16:42
gnomefreaki cant do anything with thunderbird16:55
gnomefreakthis time i can connect to 5 emails. going to gmail.com i can login just fine.17:03
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micahggnomefreak: maybe gmail limits the # of connections?17:05
gnomefreakmicahg: no it doesnt as it works sometimes and was working fine for maybe 4-5 months17:08
gnomefreakthis started agin recently17:08
ubot2Factoid 'dpkglock' not found17:08
ubot2Factoid 'lock' not found17:08
ubot2If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »17:08
gnomefreakok think i fixed teh chromium default setting17:12
micahgchrisccoulson: ugh, I would've preferred guidance rather than do what you want :-/17:13
gnomefreakyou cant use custom it seems. you have to use chromium from drop down17:14
chrisccoulsonmicahg - from ted?17:15
micahgchrisccoulson: yeah17:16
gnomefreakmicahg: for example it seems to work this time17:17
micahgas you pointed out, that would explain why maverick builds in the dailies17:17
gnomefreakoh this is good. upstream  lost a l10n contact. thunderbird and calendar. seems he took a big work load off others17:22
micahgchrisccoulson: so, which is it, patch the file or bump NSS and NSPR?17:28
gnomefreaknope damnit chromium is still prompting me to set as default and it already is and has been for a while17:33
chrisccoulsonmicahg - i'm ok with patching the file17:52
micahgchrisccoulson: k, I'll try a test build then17:53
micahgchrisccoulson: where's the tarball for xul192?  I see it released in the changelog17:56
chrisccoulsonmicahg - which changelog? we haven't done a release for xul1.9.2.9 yet18:00
micahgchrisccoulson: oh, I'm seeing things then ;)18:01
chrisccoulsonmicahg - i do have a tarball, but it's probably quicker for you to create a new one than for me to upload it somewhere18:02
micahgk, generating18:03
micahgpatch applied, lets see if it builds :)18:20
micahg\o/ it seemed to work, now to try on maverick, bbiab19:02
chrisccoulsonmicahg - so, xul1.9.2 built ok then?20:35
chrisccoulsonfeel free to just upload to maverick20:35
chrisccoulsonit will sit in the queue until after the beta release then20:36
micahgchrisccoulson: k, I'll do it tonight, I just want to test w/maverick pbuilder (first test was lucid)20:36
chrisccoulsoncool, thanks20:36
micahgchrisccoulson: I'll do the same for thunderbird then20:37
micahgchrisccoulson: and I'll add the patch upstream and request landing20:37
micahgchrisccoulson: that should make umd green except for prism (I still need to look at it) and ff3.6 (you need to look at it (breakpad))20:39
chrisccoulsonmicahg - that ones being tracked in mozilla bug 59133120:39
ubot2Mozilla bug 591331 in Breakpad Integration "Allow Linux dumper to work on PTRACE-hardened kernels (Ubuntu 10.10)" [Normal,Reopened] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59133120:40
micahgchrisccoulson: oh, so our side is fixed, but upstream needs to fix then?20:40
micahgchrisccoulson: no flags set20:40
chrisccoulsonmicahg - well, half and half. we are carrying the patch that was landed on mozilla-central and then backed out because it fails with gcc4.320:41
micahgchrisccoulson: right, but you didn't request review on the new patch20:41
ftaok, bye bye sbnc, i use bip now21:26
gnomefreakfta: is there a way to bypass the set as default option in chromium? it is set as default but it keeps asking anyway21:28
Dimmuxxany easy way to run 32bit firefox in 64bit ubuntu? I'm so tired of this flash mess :/22:15
micahgDimmuxx: no22:15
Dimmuxxtoo bad22:16
Dimmuxxmaybe time to use a pae kernel instead then22:16
micahgDimmuxx: what video card?22:19
micahgI haven't had issues since I upgraded to lucid22:19
Dimmuxxcore i3 gpu ;)22:19
Dimmuxxthe issue is when right clicking on some flash stuff22:20
Dimmuxxit locks up firefox22:20
Dimmuxxworks great in 32bit22:20
Dimmuxxtry right clicking when in google street view for example22:21
Dimmuxxbe sure to have a terminal with killall npviewer.bin ready ;)22:21
micahgDimmuxx: lucid?22:22
micahgDimmuxx: try the 2.11 driver from x-updates PPA22:22
Dimmuxxso you are saying it's a video driver issue?22:22
micahgDimmuxx: possibly22:22
Dimmuxxit happens to ati users too22:23
DimmuxxI'm pretty sure it happens with nvidia too22:23
micahgATI KMS is pretty broke in Lucid I thought22:23
Dimmuxxdoes it work for you?22:23
* micahg tries in a clean profile22:23
DimmuxxI don't see why this specific issue would be video driver related22:23
Dimmuxxmicahg: updating drivers didn't fix it22:46
ftai don't have any problem with flash & chromium, neither maverick 32 not 64 (using the 32bit plugin with npviewer)22:52
Dimmuxxright clicking doesn't work at all for me in chromium beta on google maps street view22:54
Dimmuxxit doesn't seem to register it at all22:54
micahgDimmuxx: well, it doesn't work for me either, nspluginwrapper 1.3.0 might fix it, but I haven't had time to get it to build in Ubuntu yet23:10
micahgDimmuxx: I've seen a bug about this before23:10
Dimmuxxmicahg: okay, the proper solution would be to force adobe to release a 64bit version again ;)23:11
micahg1.  you can't force adobe to do anything, 2 that's unlikely since there aren't many 64 bit browsers in the windows world23:12
micahgDimmuxx: the proper solution might be to use a 32 bit plugin-container for flash23:13
Dimmuxx32bit oopp would probably work yes23:14
dupondjeSomebody here noticed Thunderbird doesn't give any popup when new mail arrives ?23:27
micahgdupondje: what releasE?23:28
micahgand waht version23:28
dupondjelatest :)23:29
micahgdupondje: well, is there an option to disable it?  I still see them on Lucid w/3.1.223:29
micahgdupondje: the old style popup23:30
dupondjethere is a setting to disabled it, but its enabled ...23:30
dupondjeno sound neither btw23:33
* micahg hasn't tested sound in TB3.1 yet23:34
micahgdupondje: sound is an old bug, just don't remember if it was fixed for 3.123:35
dupondjequite boring I don't see any notice when new mail arrives :p23:36
dupondjeso no idea how to solve ?23:43

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