ComradeHaz`I just used the screen size wizard to adjust my screen as it didn't seem to be fitting quite correctly even though the resolution was correct, but it's gone mad00:00
ComradeHaz`it's somehow reduced the size of teh picture while maintaining the original resolution but eac time I try to adjust it, even if I move the arrows outrside the new small picture it gets smaller and smaller00:01
ComradeHaz`and I cnnot set the display area back to the full 'native resolution' of my projector00:01
ComradeHaz`How do I clear the screen size settings?!00:01
* ComradeHaz` spanks Gibby00:13
Gibbyouch, uhhh don't know on that 1 buddy00:23
Gibbycheck the mythtv-users channel00:23
ComradeHaz`http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1310498 answered my question00:35
Zinn[ubuntuforums.org] [SOLVED] Screen Appearance Wizard - missing reset option in 9.10 - Ubuntu Forums00:35
ComradeHaz`all I needed to do was adjust overscan to max on my projector00:36
ComradeHaz`Is it a known bug that brackets (square or round) cause a filename to be truncated at the point of said bracket in myth frontend?00:50
ComradeHaz`Anyone around?01:31
ComradeHaz`mythfrontend crashes everytime I try to update the database (ie scan for changes). Really need some help. I have just reloaded a load of files given the above bug about brackets and it seems to have upset it greatly01:37
ComradeHaz`*renamed a load of files01:37
ComradeHaz`OK, si I am going to have to give up and go to bed, but if someone can please tell me how I can fix this I would appreciate it. Essentially can play no videos on my box and it's only the first night! Not the best stability!02:03
fluvvellComradeHaz, have you done a repair on your database?02:07
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ComradeHaz`fluvvell, don't think so, how do I do that/11:57
ComradeHaz`hmm, trying to accessphpmyadmin fails....12:13
ComradeHaz`it seems it's installed though afaict...12:14
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ChaorainHey all, I'm haveing a problem, I don't have any audio on wmv files, help?21:14
Chaorainbtw this is the video I'm trying to view21:16
Zinn[www.accursedfarms.com] Accursed Farms » Freeman’s Mind: Episode 2921:17
tgm4883Chaorain, sounds like you need to install the codec for it21:18
Chaorainthats a cool bot feature21:18
Chaorainok, how do I find which codec I need, BTW it plays fine with VLC21:19
Chaorainand I get audio for all my other files21:20
tgm4883you probably need w32codecs from the medibuntu repo21:20
tgm4883I would think that the w32codecs package would cover it21:21
rhpot1991or stop using silly formats21:22
tgm4883rhpot1991, do you watch hulu?21:23
rhpot1991evil flash21:23
tgm4883dang, couldn't catch you in that21:24
rhpot1991tgm4883: gonna be tough to catch me with anything along the lines of that21:24
Chaorainoh how do I add mediabuntu?21:25
* rhpot1991 doesn't even use mp3 anymore21:25
hugolpChaorain: http://medibuntu.org/21:26
Zinn[medibuntu.org] Medibuntu :: Multimedia, Entertainment & Distractions In Ubuntu21:26
Chaorainah found it21:26
tgm4883well i hope so, it lit up bright red21:28
fluvvellComradeHaz, if you have mythweb installed, its easy to do a database repair, there is an option in the system/tools menu. If not, you could install it. Or use phpmyadmin21:32
hugolptgm4883:  btw, I got that solved, now the root does not point to mythweb21:41
hugolpbut I dont really know how it happened21:41
hugolpyesterday it was not working, this morning (without restarting apache) it worked21:41
hugolpits very weird21:41
hugolpbut I have been reading apache docs and now I know how the redirect is done21:47
hugolpusing virtualhost21:47
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ComradeHaz`Thanks fluvvell, nothing I triedwould make it see the changes and many times it caused frontend to die.22:32
ComradeHaz`Eventually though I just moved the files in question out of the videos directory, rescanned, popped them back, scanned again, and there they were22:33
ComradeHaz`all correctly named.22:33
ComradeHaz`Anyway, new problem found. If I try to fastforward faster than 3 times the playback crashes and drops me back to the video selection menu. Any clues on how to fix that?22:34
fluvvellComradeHaz, I know the answer, give me half an hour and I'll get back to you23:56
ComradeHaz`Awesome, cheers :)23:56

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