nhandlerakgraner: No problem ;)00:26
nhandlerakgraner, pleia2: There is a nice interview with Henrik Omma, but it focuses entirely on his work with Canonical. It would probably be appropriate for UWN, but should we feature it on the fridge?12:20
nhandlerHmm...When/why did we change the ubuntu-news-team to default to reply to list akgraner / pleia2 ?12:22
nigelbgah, bug.  Its happened to classroom list once12:34
nhandlernigelb: It is a setting12:35
nigelbnhandler: I know12:35
nigelbbut it has changed randomly before12:35
nhandlerSome people like it, but the real solution is to teach people to use 'Reply to all'12:35
* nhandler changed it back to having replies go to the sender (the recommended setting)12:52
akgranernhandler, I have no idea why it was changed12:53
akgranerwasn't aware it was12:53
akgranernhandler, yep just read the interview12:53
akgranerIf you haven't added it yet I will in a few12:53
nhandlerakgraner: Think it should go on the fridge or just in UWN?12:53
akgranerand yep I am adding it to UWN in ION12:53
akgranerYep - people are interested in what people do at Canonical12:54
nhandlerakgraner: People are interested in lots of stuff, but that doesn't necessarily make it Ubuntu-related enough to go on the Fridge12:55
akgranernhandler, sigh12:56
nhandlerThat is why I wanted a second opinion12:56
akgranerno worries :-)12:58
akgranerBy default if someone who works on Ubuntu or related to Ubuntu and it's a good interview  - it can be included12:58
akgranerand by good I mean doesn't sound like a conversation you would have in a bar12:59
akgranerand hints at professionalism12:59
akgranerthen we should consider including it12:59
nhandlerakgraner: Consider, I agree. My one hesitance was that this basically appears to be a "Canonical is a great place for me to work, you should get a job here" (which is partially confirmed by being on ubuntu-jobs and by the links they had at the bottom)13:00
nhandlerBut it is up http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/211713:01
akgranerwell it did come through on the jobs mailing list :-)13:01
akgranerso of course they want it to sound like the "Bestest most awesome no other better than here" to work post13:02
* popey doesn't think it's appropriate for UWN, unless it's a slow news week13:02
akgranerI put it in In Other News13:03
akgranerwhich is where Canonical related topics go13:04
akgranerb/c it's other news13:04
akgranerpopey, why do you feel that way?13:04
popeyit's UWN not CWN13:05
popeyand Henriks current role has very little to do with Ubuntu13:05
akgranerwell we include other Canonical related things13:05
popeysuch as?13:05
akgranerbut interviews to me are different for some reason - I like to read about people13:06
akgranerpopey, look in ION the last 10 issues13:06
akgranerCanonical gets mentioned all the time in various ways - Enterprise stuff etc13:06
akgranerfor one13:06
popeylandscape is a product for managing Ubuntu machines13:07
akgranerI  know13:07
akgranerbut it is a paid for service13:07
popeyso appropriate13:07
akgranerwhich I got gripped out for including13:07
popeyi dont see that there's a distinction between paid / free information in UWN13:07
akgranerwell you don't but some people do... just pointing that out13:08
popeygoing back over previous UWN, 207 and 204 mention canonical services which directly relate to ubuntu13:08
* akgraner bangs head on my desk - ahhhhhhhh this is so not my day.... :-) Thanks popey I appreciate the feedback really...13:09
* popey shrugs13:09
popeyjust my opinion, thats all13:09
akgranerI know and I really appreciate it :-)13:09
akgranerMaybe I'll just add it as a sneak peek link then13:10
popeythere is a precident13:10
popeyyou put the interview with sil in ION in ep 20013:10
popeydid you get flak for that?13:10
popeyso put henrik in then :)13:10
akgranerjust on Landscape and Ubuntu one official announcements for the services off the Canonical site13:10
* akgraner needs to get the survey about UWN finished - I really want to know what people want and don't want to read about etc13:13
popeyI expect you'll get a lot of replies telling you what to do and zero offers of help doing it13:14
* nigelb thinks so too13:16
nigelbpopey: for uupc, you're looking for someone physically in UK?13:17
popeywell, I haven't said we're looking for someone yet :)13:17
popeyits some way off yet13:17
popeyhowever if we continue as we are then yes, we'd need someone geographically close13:18
nigelbhm :)13:18
popeywe record all in the same room, we don't do it remotely with skype/sip13:19
akgranerpopey and nigelb I suspect you are correct  - but I also want to know what sections do people read first which ones they never look at and why etc13:20
akgranerhowever, most people won't take the time to give that detailed of feedback so it's gotta be a check a box kinda thing13:21
nigelbpopey: that does make it rather painful :(13:21
popeyi do wonder sometimes how many people actually _read_ UWN13:22
popeyI dont think i have ever read one 'cover to cover'13:22
akgranerbut good to know13:26
popeyi guess I'm not target market, thing is most of the news I will have seen via planets or somesuch13:26
akgranerit's just a consolidated recap13:26
popeysame problem we have with news on the podcast13:26
akgranerand a snapshot in time of what was happening in and related to Ubuntu13:27
akgranerHowever I really want at some point to get the archives set up in a web-based searchable fashion off the Fridge13:28
akgranerand I am hopelessly stalled on the new fridge at the moment13:28
akgranerwe need the SSO stuff added13:29
akgranerand the content migrated over13:29
akgranerwithout breaking the links13:29
akgranerand more content links added - this is on my todo list for the weekend  - but the other two items I need others to help with (above my skill level at the moment)13:31
popeyi did that for popey.com when i moved from drupal to wordpress13:31
akgranerpopey, I can give you access to the development site  - do you have time to help?13:32
popeyyeah, sure13:32
akgranerok one sec13:32
popeyis this the one hosted on jonos host?13:32
akgranerpopey, which email address do you want associated with this13:32
akgranerk we can always change it if need be for the SSO stuff later :-)13:33
akgranerdang SSO has been added  - thanks nhandler (I think)13:34
popeyso you want to migrate all posts from existing fridge to new fridge and keep urls?13:34
akgraneryes :-)13:35
akgranerplease and thank you!!13:35
akgranerI'll work on getting all the tags and stuff added13:36
akgranerdoes it need to be done before you do that13:36
akgranerokie dokie14:11
akgranerhow in the world did I manage to schedule IRC meetings 3 nights in a row23:06
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