IdleOnethank you00:00
Nece228hi funkyHat00:00
ubottuIzinucs called the ops in #ubuntu (negers)04:10
Nece228hi funkyHat07:54
jpdsHmm; OWDH in -server looks familiar.08:25
ikoniacan someone with ops in -server please remove OWDH it's balzac ban dodging again08:30
ikoniahe's using freenode webchat but as #xubuntu and #ubuntu-server don't use the floodbots to validte banned IP's he can ge aroun them08:31
ikonia!staff | OWDH user balzac serial ban evader just removed from #ubuntu-server and #xubuntu for ban dodging using freenode webchat again08:31
ubottuOWDH user balzac serial ban evader just removed from #ubuntu-server and #xubuntu for ban dodging using freenode webchat again: hey Christel, Dave2, Gary, KB1JWQ, Levia, Martinp23, Pricey, SportsChick, VorTechS, jayne, jenda, marienz, nalioth, niko, nhandler, rob, stew or tomaw, I could use a bit of your time :)08:31
jpdsMy word, a soren.08:38
ikoniaa rare one08:40
ikoniasoren has -ops in server doesn't he ?08:40
lhavelundmorning all11:46
gordgood morning12:14
gordoh wait, afternoon now, darn12:14
bazhangjungli is on12:15
marienzanywhere he shouldn't be?12:35
bazhangnot so far, from what I've seen; just saw him go onto #freenode12:41
lhavelundis not, gord!13:17
bazhangugh he was here?13:22
bazhangjusoe / crivit/ buzag/ etc etc etc13:22
PiciThat was from a week ago.13:22
Piciubottu reminded me.13:23
bazhangmr. "I'm from a net cafe"13:23
bazhangoh okay13:23
bazhanghe's just trolling (Fendaril)13:47
lhavelundmaco: Happy birthday. :)16:16
h00kHappy Birthday!16:26
PiciThat was pleasant.18:44
IdleOneI am a little sad about it to be honest.18:45
IdleOneI was hoping to beat jrib to the ban18:45
PiciI don't know who that was either.18:45
jribyeah, no idea18:45
IdleOnetroll is troll18:46
IdleOnedoes it really matter18:46
jribIdleOne: I even threw in an "ugh"18:46
PiciOh, looks like it was my ban.  It wouldn't have matched him anyway, the ip changed.18:46
IdleOnejrib: I was air drumming and had to switch channel18:46
h00kI like the appealprocess link18:50
h00kI should append that to mine in auto_bleh18:51
gosHi, I need a program like  gshutdown but lubuntu because gshutdown not work with desktop lxde19:00
gossorryb for lubuntu19:01
charlie-tcagos: have you asked in #lubuntu ?19:01
goscharlie :lubuntu has much limitations like desktop19:02
gosmany limitations19:02
IdleOnegos: this is not a support channel. /join #lubuntu19:03
PiciHes being banforwarded here from #ubuntu19:04
ubottuIn ubottu, trijntje said: !foo is bar22:40
jpdsThat happens to be true...22:49

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