* lfaraone waves.00:16
alsrootsatellit_: btw do you know how fedora install a set of packages, afaik it doesn't use meta packages00:27
satellit_alsroot: no I do not....but apt-get install sugar* installs all of the available activities in repo. to /usr/share/sugar/activities/00:31
satellit_.xo files to /home/(user)/Activities00:32
alsrootsatellit_: thanks, sdziallas will know00:33
satellit_USR 830 .iso00:33
lfaraonealsroot, your patch was included in Maverick.00:50
alsrootlfaraone: fine, /me hopes that sugar users don't use Alt+mouse to move windows :)00:52
lfaraonealsroot: well, do we really need to set that value at all?00:53
lfaraonealsroot: long term the fix might be to save the orignal value and restore it, no?00:53
alsrootlfaraone: well, the best way could be not interfere w/ metacity at all, afaik gnome is switcing to new gconf(or so), hope that in new env we can localize sugar goncf settings00:54
alsrootlfaraone: about purpose of setting gconf mouse key, I guess the reason was that alt+mouse is needed for shell00:55
lfaraonealsroot: ah, okay.00:56
lfaraonealsroot: fedora lists the packages manually.01:07
alsrootlfaraone: afaik there is different kind of packaging entities, groups or so, anyway it was manusheel who asked about it, he'd better to ask sdziallas about fedora packaging details01:13
=== bernie_afk is now known as bernie
manusheellfaraone: Hi Luke.13:17
lfaraonemanusheel: somewhat.13:54
lfaraonemanusheel: what's up?14:29
manusheellfaraone: Hi Luke. Can you please let me know about your availability today and tomorrow?14:30
manusheellfaraone: We'll have a discussion on maintaining packages, moving forward.14:31
manusheelWith Neeraj.14:31
lfaraonemanusheel: I'm here til 13h EDT, then back again from 19/20h til 22h/23h.14:32
manusheellfaraone: Great. Thank you Luke.14:34
lfaraonemanusheel: please let me know when you'14:35
lfaraonemanusheel: please let me know when you'd like to meet so I can be sure to be free during that period.14:35
kandarpkmanusheel sir: hello sir16:20
manusheelkandarpk: Hi Kandarp.16:20
manusheelkandarpk: Which issue are we looking at right now?16:22
manusheelkandarpk: Should we change the status of one of the issues to "Won't Fix"?16:23
kandarpkmanusheel sir: we can mark http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2154 as wont fix16:28
manusheelkandarpk: Yes, was not able to reproduce it. Ok, did Bernie tell you the same thing?16:29
manusheelDid you have a word with him?16:29
lfaraonemanusheel, kandarpk, A bug isn't "won't fix" if we can't reproduce the issue, rather, incomplete would be better, no?16:30
kandarpkmanusheel sir: tomeu had commented that alsroot had fixed a similar issue16:30
kandarpkand alsroot suggested that we should wait until its cause is known/it is reproducible16:30
kandarpklfaraone: +116:31
manusheellfaraone: Right. +116:31
manusheellfaraone: Yes, we change the status to Triaged or Incomplete for that case.16:31
kandarpklfaraone: recently came to know that you are a DD now. Congrats.16:31
lfaraonekandarpk: thanks, appreciated.16:33
lfaraonemanusheel: "Triaged" means "we have steps to reproduce, a priority, and it's ready for someone to look at it when it's ready."16:34
lfaraonemanusheel: so if we can't reproduce, triaged does not seem appropreate, to me.16:34
berniekandarpk, manusheel: I can't reproduce it as well, but it's very rare.16:36
berniekandarpk, manusheel: even if you reproduce it, the error in shell.log is not obvious16:38
berniekandarpk, manusheel: #2154 does not seem like the kind of bug for novice developers to cut their teeth with...16:38
berniekandarpk, manusheel: let's just say that if we see it while working on other things we'll follow up. I don't think it can be closed, yet... because nothing changed in dextrose that could have fixed it.16:39
manusheelbernie: Sure, Bernie. Thank you for the pointer.16:47
manusheelbernie: Will add the comment.16:47
manusheellfaraone: I was referring to the status of the bug as incomplete or triaged depending upon the requirements.16:48
manusheellfaraone: Did you get my message on the meeting?16:48
berniemanusheel: unfortunately, we are at the closing phases of Dextrose development so only the really obscure bugs are still standing16:48
berniemanusheel: not the ideal situation to bring in new developers16:49
lfaraonemanusheel: I'm not sure what you mean. You didn't confirm a time, if that's what you mean.16:49
lfaraone*I did not get a confirmation of a time16:49
manusheellfaraone: My apologies. It seems the message didn't pass through. I did write it. But, had network issues.16:50
manusheelbernie: Ok.16:50
manusheellfaraone: Got logged out a number of times today. So, you wrote you'll be available till 13:00, today? And, from 21:00 - 23:00 hrs.16:51
manusheelkandarpk: How is the second bug coming along?16:52
lfaraonemanusheel: correct. although it will probably be more like 8:30 - 22:30, I'm trying to get to sleep earlier :)16:52
manusheellfaraone: Sure. Absolutely fine.16:53
manusheellfaraone: Let me tell you the timings in 10 minutes.16:54
kandarpkmanusheel sir: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2164 is more of a feature request16:54
manusheelkandarpk: Right. Any help required on it?16:54
lfaraonekandarpk: has work on speak halted?16:55
kandarpkmanusheel sir: some PyGtk control needs to be studied16:55
manusheelkandarpk: Ok.16:55
kandarpklfaraone: actually had some confusion of dependency in it16:55
lfaraonekandarpk: okay, tell me about it :)16:55
lfaraonekandarpk: python-aiml was ACCEPTED today, so you *shoudln't* have issues installing it from the repos in Sid.16:57
kandarpklfaraone: http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar-speak-activity.git;a=blob;f=debian/rules;h=4dbf7bddb4777174bb94e1b877e6fa9edc63ea0d;hb=HEAD16:57
kandarpklfaraone: in line 32, I need to drop hippocanvas only ?16:58
lfaraonekandarpk: that is probably correct.16:59
lfaraonea cursory review of the source supports that statement.17:00
kandarpklfaraone: is python-gtk2 imported using "import gtk" ?17:00
lfaraonekandarpk: Yes.17:00
kandarpklfaraone: I'll push speak-18 in 25-30 min.17:02
lfaraonekandarpk: awesome, thanks. I'll take a look at it.17:02
manusheellfaraone: Let us meet tomorrow at 10:30 am,  EDT.17:02
lfaraonemanusheel: can-do.17:03
manusheellfaraone: Great.17:03
lfaraonemanusheel: I'll create a calendar event and mail it to both of you.17:04
manusheellfaraone: Thanks Luke. Added the event to the calendar.17:08
manusheellfaraone: Can you send it to Neeraj?17:08
lfaraonemanusheel: I did.17:09
manusheellfaraone: Thank you.17:09
manusheelkandarpk: Try reproducing this issue at USR - http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/219517:09
manusheelkandarpk: If you are able to reproduce it, we should work on this bug.17:10
kandarpkmanusheel sir: can I look at it in 25 min ? packaging speak17:11
manusheelkandarpk: Sure.17:14
kandarpklfaraone: speak-activity pushed to git repo.17:48
manusheelkandarpk: Great.17:49
manusheelkandarpk: Which code files are we looking at in http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2195? Some pointers from my side here.17:49
manusheelkandarpk: Look at window.py17:49
manusheeland buddy.py17:49
kandarpkmanusheel sir: this needs to be checked in USR ?17:50
manusheelkandarpk: Yes.17:50
manusheelkandarpk: We have to check things in USR only.17:51
kandarpkmanusheel sir: not debian ?17:51
manusheelkandarpk: Check on Debian too. It is an upstream sugar issue.17:51
ishanmanusheel, sir can anyone provide me with a debian tar ball17:53
ishanwithout any changes17:53
manusheelishan: Let us focus on one thing at a time. We are discussing bug #2207.17:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 2207 in abuse-frabs (Ubuntu) "Icons / pixmaps in wrong directory (heat: 1)" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/220717:54
manusheelLets focus on that.17:54
ishanmanusheel, okay17:54
ishansir i was just asking because all the problems coming up in the moon package are due to the copied debian tarball from neeraj sir which already had changes17:55
manusheelishan: We are discussing bug #2207 right now. Not, moon package. I did see the review. We'll discuss it once we have done bug #2207.17:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 2207 in abuse-frabs (Ubuntu) "Icons / pixmaps in wrong directory (heat: 1)" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/220717:57
ishanmanusheel, yes sir17:57
kandarpkmanusheel sir: facing http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2195? in debian18:06
manusheelkandarpk: Are you facing this issue?18:06
kandarpkmanusheel sir: yes sir.18:07
kandarpkin debian18:07
manusheelkandarpk: Ok, can you send me the steps on how you reproduced the issue in an e-mail?18:07
manusheelkandarpk: No, big documentation. Just write it very concisely.18:08
kandarpkmanusheel sir: the steps are mentioned in the bug report18:08
manusheelkandarpk: Let me send you a sample for writing the steps. The one on the bug are not complete.18:10
manusheelkandarpk: Send.18:11
manusheelKandarpk: Let us open up window.py file.18:11
manusheelI am opening up on my system.18:11
mukulhi manusheel sir18:14
manusheelmukul: Hi Mukul.18:17
manusheelmukul: How are we doing in reference to the bugs? Can you send me an update e-mail? We'll meet in 15 mins at IRC.18:17
kandarpkmanusheel sir: where is window.py located ?18:17
manusheelmukul: Currently, working with Kandarp and Ishan on getting them to fix their bugs quickly.18:17
manusheelkandarpk: In jarabe folder, where do you think window.py file should be placed?18:19
manusheelkandarpk: There are 4 key folders.18:19
manusheelkandarpk: Think on what we discussed last time. You should be able to tell me this very quickly.18:20
mukulmanusheel sir: Ok18:20
kandarpkmanusheel sir: controlpanel ?18:21
* dipankar says hello18:21
manusheelkandarpk: You have control panel folder with you, right?18:21
kandarpkmanusheel sir: hmmm18:22
manusheeldipankar: Hi Dipankar. Let us not only complete the register bug, but the other 3 too :-)18:22
ishanmanusheel, sir i think i have figured out the basic problem-what the bug is about18:22
manusheelishan: Neat. Send me an e-mail on it.18:22
dipankarmanusheel, sir that will be a bit hectic :P18:22
manusheelkandarpk: We should not be taking so much time on this part. Let me know. Otherwise, I'll find this and tell you. Looks very obvious to me.18:23
dipankarmanusheel, sir, shall I ask Bernado Innocenti here itself?18:23
manusheeldipankar: The bugs are simpler.18:23
kandarpkmanusheel sir: browsing the window.py file18:24
manusheelkandarpk: Ok, did you find the right folder?18:24
manusheelishan: Include the steps to reproduce.18:24
kandarpkmanusheel sir: its in jarabe/intro18:25
dipankarhey ishan . :)18:25
manusheelkandarpk: Good. Yes, that is where it should be. Intro is the folder for the window file.18:25
ishanmanusheel, i have not tried to reproduce the same bug but a similar message was displayed while i was trying to reproduce the second bug18:26
kandarpkmanusheel sir: intro ?18:26
manusheelkandarpk: Yes, we keep all window related stuff there. Ok, now tell me, how did you reproduce the issue?18:27
manusheelkandarpk: You started the sugar emulator. After that?18:27
dipankarbernie, Hello. How are you?18:28
manusheelishan: Can you tell me which bugs are we talking here?18:28
manusheelishan: Please use bug links in the conversation.18:28
kandarpkmanusheel sir: in control panel, select date/time18:28
manusheelkandarpk: Ok. Next, step.18:29
kandarpkmanusheel sir: set time to Melbourne18:29
kandarpkmanusheel sir: see time using clock activity18:30
ishanmanusheel, sir 2201 bug18:30
kandarpkit will give the correct time for Melbourne18:30
manusheelishan: Use URL, I meant by links.18:30
ishanmanusheel, okay sir18:30
ishanmanusheel, http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/220118:30
kandarpkmanusheel sir: then select time zone UTC+10 ( time zone of Melbourne )18:31
kandarpkthis time clock will show incorrect time18:31
manusheelkandarpk: Fine. And, for other time zones, what is the result?18:32
kandarpkmanusheel sir: setting UTC+11 worked.18:33
manusheelkandarpk: Ok, check with two more time zones.18:34
dipankarmanusheel, Sir, I think bernie is not here.18:34
ishandipankar, sir hi18:34
ishanmanusheel, sir check the mail18:34
manusheelkandarpk: If it is an Australia time zone issue, we can fix this in 2 minutes with the patch.18:34
manusheeldipankar: Any help required?18:34
manusheeldipankar: What is the location of the schoolserver file?18:35
dipankarmanusheel, sir, I have found the problem which is causing the bug18:35
dipankarmanusheel, the path: /usr/share/pyshared/jarabe/desktop/schoolserver.py18:36
dipankarmanusheel, sir, line 9018:36
manusheelishan: I didn't get your explanation. Can you tell me the details of the scenario in an e-mail again? Thank you.18:36
manusheeldipankar: Great. Looking at the file.18:36
ishanmanusheel, sir did you checked the screenshot18:37
kandarpkmanusheel sir: It shouldn't be related to Australia18:37
manusheelmukul: Waiting for your e-mail. We meet in another 10 mins.18:37
kandarpkas setting UTC+10 wasn't working18:37
kandarpkmanusheel sir:^^18:37
dipankarmanusheel, sure sir. The problem is (I think) with the variable 'url= http://schoolserver:8080/'18:37
manusheelishan: You should have send me an edited screenshot in paint. Was tough to read it.18:38
manusheelkandarpk: Ok, what do you think is the problem with the setting?18:38
ishanmanusheel, okay let me resend because the screen shot was important for explanation18:38
manusheelishan: Export the logs and send that to me.18:39
dipankarmanusheel, try opening the link: http://schoolserver:8080/ - Its not opening on my system. Then try : jabber.sugarlabs.org, it should open18:39
manusheeldipankar: Can you elaborate?18:39
manusheeldipankar: Do we have a machine name "schoolserver"?18:39
manusheeldipankar: I don't think so.18:39
dipankarmanusheel, ohk.18:40
manusheelkandarpk: Can you let me know the problem with the setting?18:40
dipankarmanusheel, sir, this I think what alsroot was trying to tell me last time18:40
dipankarit won't open18:40
kandarpkmanusheel sir: setting ?18:40
kandarpkmanusheel sir: I think, instead of calculating UTC+10, it is giving UTC-1018:41
manusheelkandarpk: Yes, you just said that there is a problem with the UTC setting. Kandarp, what I am able to gather is not that. I think that the default time in default time zone is correct. When we change time zone, the mess happens.18:42
manusheelkandarpk: Right?18:42
kandarpkmanusheel sir: same for UTC+518:42
manusheeldipankar: Didn't get you. How is that URL related to our scope of problem?18:43
dipankarmanusheel, sir, line 100 in schoolserver.py: server = ServerProxy(url)18:44
ishanmanusheel, sir check the mail sir18:44
dipankarmanusheel, sir, i think this is making the sugar freeze, not sure though18:45
ishanmanusheel, sir the error comes when the dbus is not able to provide the service for which the user is requesting18:45
dipankarmanusheel, after this step only the register process "try: ..." starts18:45
kandarpkmanusheel sir: hmmm, there seems to be a problem of +/-18:45
manusheelishan: Will do in 10 mins along with Mukul's e-mail. Working with Dipankar.18:45
manusheelkandarpk: Excellent.18:45
manusheelkandarpk: It is a simple issue indeed.18:46
manusheelkandarpk: Try and write a patch, and get it peer reviewed before we upload it.18:46
kandarpkmanusheel sir: Ok18:46
manusheeldipankar: Looking at that line.18:46
ishanmanusheel, okay sir will meanwhile try to figure out the file related to the bug18:46
manusheeldipankar: Give me 2 minutes.18:46
dipankarkandarpk, hello sir, you working on the time zone bug?18:47
dipankarmanusheel, sure sir, no problem?18:47
kandarpkdipankar: yes18:47
manusheelkandarpk: Send me the patch file before we move on to the next bug.18:47
dipankarkandarpk, I searched a bit about it last night. I also think its some problem with sign18:47
manusheeldipankar, kandarpk: Great. Did we identify the file, where the change needs to happen?18:48
kandarpkmanusheel sir: looking for it18:48
manusheelThat is the sign change.18:49
dipankarmanusheel, just a sec sir18:50
berniedipankar: I'm here18:53
dipankarmanusheel, the file location18:55
manusheelbernie: Hi Bernie. Great.18:55
dipankarI think is: sugar-0.88.1/extensions/cpsection/datetime/model.py18:55
dipankarbernie, how are you doing?18:55
manusheeldipankar: Excellent, Dipankar. This was quick.18:56
dipankarmanusheel, actually I forgot where I saw it last night :P. I forgot to write it down. Otherwise, would have been more faster :P18:56
manusheeldipankar: Ok, Dipankar. Sure. Let us have a word with Bernie now.18:57
dipankarmanusheel, sure sir18:57
manusheelbernie: Around?18:58
dipankarbernie, I am working on the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sugar-0.88/+bug/61781318:58
ubot2Launchpad bug 617813 in sugar-0.88 (Ubuntu) "sugar freezes when register widget is clicked (affects: 1) (heat: 207)" [Critical,Confirmed]18:58
manusheelkandarpk: Now, can you fix the bug, and upload its patch?18:59
kandarpkmanusheel sir: looking for the file18:59
manusheeldipankar: Can you provide the full path of the file?19:01
manusheelFrom / ?19:01
mukulmanusheel sir: I have sent you the mail. Please review.it. Howver I was not able to gomuch further regarding them.19:04
dipankarbernie, we are trying to introduce a small snippet in usr/share/pyshared/jarabe/desktop/schoolserver.py, which will compare the connection time with a preset lag time19:04
dipankarmanusheel, sir, its in the source package of sugar19:04
dipankar*sorry, forgot to tell that before19:04
manusheeldipankar: Absolutely fine.19:05
ishanmanusheel, sir any pointers on how to search for the file relating to the bug 220719:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 2207 in abuse-frabs (Ubuntu) "Icons / pixmaps in wrong directory (heat: 1)" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/220719:06
manusheelmukul: Can you discuss the patch of bug 2064 with alsroot? That is an important one to understand. Let me know what all you have gathered in the discussion after your meeting with alsroot.19:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 2064 in launchpad-foundations "launchpad.conf should support alternative port for database connection (dups: 1) (heat: 13)" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/206419:06
* dipankar : ankur is unable to join us because his hard disk crashed19:07
manusheeldipankar: Fine. I'll ask Ankur to come to the meeting tomorrow. We'll find him a machine to work on.19:09
mukulmanusheel sir: Ok19:09
manusheelishan: Ok, what did you gather. Can you please explain?19:09
manusheelishan: I asked you to write about the scenario. What you did when you find this exception?19:10
manusheelI didn't find it over there.19:10
manusheeldipankar: Let us arrive at a good conclusion on the registration bug. Looking at it.19:11
ishanmanusheel sir: according to me the error message is displayed whenever dbus is not able to find the service which is requested by user19:11
dipankarmanusheel, yeah! lets close this bug down today19:11
manusheeldipankar: I didn't find pyshared19:13
manusheelin share folder.19:13
dipankarmanusheel, sir, are you looking in system or sugar-package?19:14
dipankarmanusheel, sir just try this: cd  /usr/share/pyshared/jarabe/desktop/19:15
manusheelDidn't find pyshared.19:16
manusheeldipankar: Right. I tried this only.19:16
kandarpkalsroot: around ?19:17
alsrootkandarpk: yup19:17
kandarpkalsroot: which file has the info regarding system time ?19:17
dipankarmanusheel, sir, please try this one then: dpkg -S schoolserver.py19:18
alsrootkandarpk: afaik, sugar itself doesn't setup system time (and doesn't show it), so it is regular system stuff19:19
dipankarmanusheel, sir, any result? this is strange19:21
ishanmanusheel, the path mentioned by dipankar sir is correct19:21
dipankarishan, thanks for cross-checking19:21
kandarpkalsroot: 'from datetime imoprt datetime'19:22
kandarpkprint datetime.now()19:22
manusheeldipankar: yes, got it. Sorry, there was a resolution problem at my end.19:22
dipankarkandarpk, try : time.time()19:23
kandarpkalsroot: running this ^^ in pippy is giving wrong time19:23
dipankarkandarpk, oops, sorry, wrong statement19:23
kandarpkalsroot: the control panel has the option to adjust date/time19:23
kandarpkalsroot: how is that maintained ?19:24
dipankarmanusheel, no problem at all :)19:25
dipankarhappens sometime19:25
manusheeldipankar: So, you found the right spot. That func does the registration part.19:26
dipankarmanusheel, :) yes sir. I think the problem is in line 10019:27
manusheelYou need to add a line (conditional statement over there) as we had discussed.19:28
alsrootkandarpk: forgot it, sugar sets only time zone, all CP components come from sugar/extensions/cpsection, so see datetime sub directory19:29
dipankaralsroot, I think you are referring to model.py in datetime19:31
dipankarin which time zones are set19:31
alsrootkandarpk: btw are you sure that time is wrong?19:31
alsrootdipankar: yup19:31
kandarpkalsroot: thanks19:31
alsrootkandarpk: it could be just wrong time zone19:31
kandarpkalsroot: yes, UTC+10 gives time for UTC-10 and vice-versa19:31
* alsroot checks19:32
dipankarmanusheel, sir, what should I add then? A little guidance please :)19:37
manusheeldipankar: if (t>45 seconds), a message. This is based on the discussion we had.19:39
dipankarmanusheel, ok sir, but how to get that time :?19:40
manusheeldipankar: Not very difficult. Think a bit.19:45
manusheelkandarpk: Did we change the code?19:47
manusheelAnd, make the patch.19:47
alsrootkandarpk: hmm, looks like problem is that python/Clock-actiivty shown time in time zone set in system all time19:48
kandarpkalsroot: using pippy19:48
alsrootkandarpk: i.e. in time zone that was chosen in CP19:49
kandarpkfrom datetime import datetime19:49
alsrootkandarpk: i.e. *not* in time zone that was chosen in CP19:49
kandarpkprint datetime.now()19:49
alsrootkandarpk: yup, these all using python19:49
dipankarmanusheel, sorry got d/c19:49
manusheelNo worries19:49
dipankarmanusheel, sir any message for me?19:49
manusheeldipankar: Yes.19:50
* dipankar hates wireless routers, have to get up to reset it :(19:50
berniedipankar, manusheel: sorry, I dropped off again :-)19:50
manusheel00:10] <dipankar> manusheel, ok sir, but how to get that time :? [00:15] <manusheel> dipankar: Not very difficult. Think a bit.19:50
berniedipankar, manusheel: I'll be in a meeting in 10 minutes... for about 1.5 hrs19:50
alsrootkandarpk: not sure I understand how this system should work, you can ping the author of commits to CP datetime component, use `git annotate` to see who is who19:50
berniedipankar, manusheel: can you wait?19:50
manusheelbernie: Sure, Bernie. We'll wait.19:51
dipankarbernie, I think i will go to bed:) its past midnight here :P19:51
kandarpkalsroot: didn't get what "time zone set in system all time" means19:51
manusheelbernie: I'll discuss this with you.19:51
dipankarmanusheel, sorry sir. :(19:51
manusheeldipankar: Based on what we have gathered, can you send an e-mail to Bernie?19:52
manusheelAnd CC me.19:52
dipankarmanusheel, sure sir19:52
manusheeldipankar: We'll find the exact code that needs a change. Attach the file too in the e-mail.19:52
alsrootkandarpk: e.g. my system wide TZ is UTC, and in python/Pippy/Clock I see time in UTC (regardless what TZ was chosen in CP)19:52
manusheelalsroot: So, it is an activity specific issue?19:53
kandarpkalsroot: but the time changes on my system when I change the time zone19:53
kandarpkin CP19:54
alsrootkandarpk: yup, and thats why I'm not sure how it should work19:54
alsrootkandarpk: nope, activities shouldn't manage things like TZ on their own19:54
alsrootmanusheel: ^19:55
kandarpkalsroot: cant we change datetime/cpsection/model.py ?19:55
alsrootkandarpk: in my mind, after choosing TZ in CP, all activities should show time in  that TZ (not in system one), but it dones't work, better to ask commits author what he had in mind19:56
berniedipankar: k, sorry for my un-availability19:56
dipankarbernie, no problem :)19:56
manusheeldipankar: Can you quickly ask your question to Bernie now? We have almost arrived at the solution.19:57
alsrootbernie: btw, do you know is there envar to tune TZ?19:57
manusheelkandarpk: Ok, let us write to the author, and copy me, Aleksey and David on it.19:58
kandarpkmanusheel sir: Simon Schampijer has made commits to the file19:58
alsrootkandarpk: he is erikos on #sugar19:59
kandarpkalsroot: is datetime/cpsection/model.py the file we should be looking for ?19:59
alsrootkandarpk: yup19:59
manusheelkandarpk: Sending you his e-mail address.19:59
manusheelbernie: Around?20:00
ishanbernie, hi20:01
manusheelishan: Ok, you can drop an e-mail to Bernie, and copy me on it.20:03
ishanokay sir20:03
ishanalsroot, hi20:05
alsrootishan: hi20:05
ishanalsroot, i am working on bug 220120:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 2201 in bugsquish (Ubuntu) "Bugsquish / Bug Squish has no .desktop file (heat: 1)" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/220120:05
manusheelishan: We just discussed that we should always provide the URL.20:06
manusheelkandarpk: Did we find a result to the bug?20:06
ishanmanusheel, sir when we write bug -number the ubot2 displays the bug sir20:06
ishanalsroot, http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/220120:06
manusheelishan: Just check what bug did ubot displayed above?20:07
kandarpkmanusheel sir: the timezone is set using "tz = 'GMT%d' % offset"20:07
ishanmanusheel, okay sir my fault20:07
kandarpkwhen offset < 020:07
ishanmanusheel, will definately take care of that20:07
manusheelishan: Thank you Ishan. Appreciate it.20:08
kandarpkmanusheel sir: and "tz = 'GMT+%d' % offset" when offset > 020:08
manusheelkandarpk: Right.20:08
kandarpkmanusheel sir: no idea what to do next20:08
ishanalsroot, the bug is http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/220120:08
manusheelkandarpk: Change + to - and see if it works.20:09
kandarpkmanusheel sir: that reorders the list in the control panel20:09
alsrootishan: look if max chars is set properly for gtk.Label component that is used inside clipboard palette, http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk/stable/GtkLabel.html#GtkLabel--max-width-chars20:09
kandarpkmanusheel sir: UTC+10 appears before UTC-1020:09
alsrootishan: I think proper value should fix this issue20:10
ishanalsroot, okay20:10
kandarpkthats it, the behaviour doesn't changes20:10
kandarpkmanusheel sir: I should leave now if we can look at it tomorrow.20:11
kandarpkmanusheel sir: have written to Simon.20:11
manusheelkandarpk: Sure, can you please reply to my e-mail with the info. you looked at it.20:11
manusheelThe e-mail was incomplete.20:11
manusheelkandarpk: I had replied to you on it.20:12
manusheelalsroot: What would be a proper value of max chars?20:13
ishanmanusheel, sir can you tell me the feature used that displays the copied text when we move mouse over the clipboard20:14
manusheelishan: Did you look at the clipboard?20:17
ishanyes sir20:17
alsrootmanusheel: counting how many pixel will require "W", and calculating final value from screen width20:17
dipankarmanusheel, sent the e-mail20:18
manusheeldipankar: You didn't write about the function there.20:18
manusheeldipankar: Also, the file was not attached.20:19
manusheeldipankar: Generally, no one has the time to dig into the function, and go to the file, and then provide solution.20:19
manusheeldipankar: You have to make it easy for others to go through your question in seconds.20:20
manusheeldipankar: If a question cannot be browsed in seconds, there are little chances of getting value added replies.20:20
manusheelalsroot: Screen width should be independent of screen mode, right?20:21
dipankarmanusheel, oops, sorry sir. about the function, are you referring to the line, def register_laptop(url=REGISTER_URL):20:21
alsrootmanusheel: yup, just taking current screen width20:21
manusheeldipankar: Yes, Dipankar.20:21
manusheeldipankar: Also, attach the file.20:21
dipankarmanusheel, sure sir20:22
manusheeldipankar: Always think like, how can I reduce the time of the person, who would be providing pointers in solving the issue?20:23
manusheeldipankar: You need to reduce the lead time of understanding and replying to an e-mail.20:23
alsrootishan: to get char width in pixels, use something like http://pastebin.com/QY5T0Pwq20:24
manusheeldipankar: Generally, everyone gets lot of e-mails on any given day.20:24
manusheeldipankar: At the same time, a trade off has to be maintained. Not to make the e-mail very detailed too.20:25
manusheelJust all the requisite details.20:25
ishanalsroot, okay20:25
manusheelishan: Did you look at http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk/stable/GtkLabel.html#GtkLabel--max-width-chars20:25
ishanmanusheel, yes sir but let me first reach to the line where i have to make the changes20:26
ishanalmost close20:26
manusheelishan: Ok20:26
manusheelalsroot: Is the list view unavailable in Sugar emulator?20:28
manusheelalsroot: At the Journal.20:29
manusheelalsroot: Mukul wrote the following analysis for http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/222920:29
manusheelBug #2229: Using Journal to rename an entry sets entry size to "Empty" when sort mode is "View by size"  This is what is the screenshot should be like.  http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/attachment/ticket/2229/Journal%20renaming%20sets%20size%20to%20Empty.png  However, I do not see any list view icon on my sugar-emulator.20:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 2229 in update-notifier (Ubuntu) "update-notifier pops up a notice despite an ongoing upgrade (heat: 1)" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/222920:30
alsrootmanusheel: hmm, at least it should  be available20:30
dipankarmanusheel, sir, sent the email20:30
manusheeldipankar: Thanks Dipankar.20:30
manusheelWe'll talk tomorrow. Good night.20:30
dipankarmanusheel, good night sir20:31
alsrootmanusheel: I guess Andreas(aa) takes care of this bug, he is author of sorting feature20:32
manusheelalsroot: The problem is that no action has been taken since last 7 days.20:33
alsrootmanusheel: btw, this splitting #sugar/#ubuntu-sugar sounds pretty useless20:33
manusheelalsroot: Can you provide me his e-mail address?20:33
alsrootmanusheel: just ping aa on #sugar20:33
alsrootmanusheel: imho, would be better to move all not ubuntu specific discussions to #sugar20:34
alsrootall sugar devs are there20:34
ishanmanusheel, sir i am not able to figure where is gtk used for text max length20:35
ishani have found this only for the display on clipboard icons formed on the left corner20:35
ishanand it imports gtk in each file20:35
ishanhow do i find gtk20:36
manusheelishan: Search for sometime.20:36
ishanmanusheel, okay20:36
manusheelalsroot: Send you a message. I hope you agree with me on the feedback.20:38
alsrootmanusheel: dfarning: what about creating #sugar-newbies e.g. like http://kernelnewbies.org/, I mean #ubuntu-sugarteam restricts possibly useful discussions only to ubunut devs20:40
dfarningalsroot, I hope that once the first version of USR is release ubuntu will pick that up.20:48
dfarningalsroot, if not, we will do it:(20:48
alsrootdfarning: I mean not related to ubuntu related discussions, only sugar development related20:50
dfarningalsroot, are we big enough to need another channel -- we have #olpc, and #sugar for upstream and #dextrose and #ubuntu-sugarteam at our level.20:52
dfarningalsroot, if you think we need another please feel free to create it.20:53
alsrootdfarning: thats why I proposed to move sugar dev related questions to #sugar20:53
alsrootdfarning: discuss them here, we make this discutions less useful20:54
alsrootsince restrict possible participants20:54
dfarningalsroot,  The big problem is that #sugar is not logged and this is.20:55
alsrootif every distro team will discuss sugar dev related stuf (not distro) in their own..20:55
alsrootdfarning: thats why I proposed #sugar-newbies :)20:56
dfarningalsroot, +120:56
dfarningalsroot, do you know how to set up logging?  I don't.20:56
alsrootdfarning: will take care of it right now20:57
ishanmanusheel, sir still no leads sir20:57
alsroot..and will announce it on MLs20:57
ishani have found the line from where we could change the length of display on box but not for wrapping the text20:57
ishanon box/box20:58
dfarningalsroot,  thanks, where will the logs go? ... and could you log #dextrose in the same place?20:58
alsrootdfarning: not yet figure out it, but will take care about #dextrose as well20:59
dfarningalsroot, thanks20:59
manusheelishan: Ok.21:00
ishanmanusheel, is that something to do with palettes21:01
ishandont think so21:01
ishanthat the thing being used for the size of box21:01
manusheelishan: No.21:01
ishanthought so21:02
ishanmanusheel, sir but i searched writing gtk in each file in jarabe/frames but no results21:02
ishanfound only one place where it was being used for displaying clipboard icons on left in vertical row21:03
manusheelishan: Ok.21:06

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