charlie-tcaquadrapassel will not start in xubuntu when alt 386 is installed01:48
czajkowskiIdleOne: sup?03:21
IdleOneI was telling cyphermox to ping you about changing the topic because I had noticed you were the last to do it but nhandle r took care of it03:22
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aragood morning all!07:19
alouriegood morning ara07:45
aramorning alourie07:55
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pedro_is somebody else not getting the language selection on boot with kubuntu alt 386?15:51
cjwatsonthe Kubuntu people asked me not to show that15:51
cjwatsonbug 60874615:52
ubot4Launchpad bug 608746 in gfxboot-theme-ubuntu (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Kubuntu Maverick CD Boot Changes (affects: 1) (heat: 95)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60874615:52
cjwatsonthe inconsistency bugs me, but not enough to argue about it15:52
pedro_cjwatson, right that's why i was asking since the others alt images are showing it15:53
pedro_but if they decided that, it's ok i guess15:53
pedro_thanks cjwatson15:53
primes2hara: morning.16:08
arahey primes2h16:10
primes2hara: Installing Maverick Beta in Virtualbox I have some text alignment issue in Ubiquity due to the 640x480 fixed resolution.16:10
araprimes2h, can you share a screenshot?16:11
primes2hara: I didn't try with 800x600 on a normal installation.16:11
fader_primes2h: Is it in the slideshow?  (E.g. bug 627623)16:11
ubot4Launchpad bug 627623 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "text in installer slideshow overruns edge of panel (affects: 2) (heat: 10)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62762316:11
araif it is in the slideshow, they are working on it, but it is not going to be fixed in beta16:12
primes2hfader_: Sure. That's the one.16:13
fader_Cool :)  As ara says, it won't be fixed for beta but it will for release16:13
primes2hfader_: Great. That's another important one that should be fixed. bug #58920416:15
ubot4Launchpad bug 589204 in evolution (Ubuntu) "Evolution Setup Assistant dialog too large for netbook screens (affects: 2) (heat: 48)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58920416:15
fader_primes2h: +1; that one's been making me cry for a while :)16:15
primes2hfader_: eheh16:16
primes2hme too :)16:16
charlie-tcaOkay, can not reproduce the static IP bug I filed. Blame it on fatigue last night.16:18
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primes2hfader_: btw, there is also this unpleasant bug #628159 (since Lucid though but reported now) in Ubiquity.17:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 628159 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Some ubiquity slideshow titles goes (smaller) to a new line (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62815917:33
primes2hbut you probably didn't face it because the language ;-)17:34
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fader_primes2h: Indeed, that's ugly17:39
* ara takes a quick break17:44
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charlie-tcafader_: confirmed bug 628221 on resizing18:58
ubot4Launchpad bug 628221 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Partitioner shows Xubuntu as "Ubuntu Maverick" (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62822118:59
fader_charlie-tca: Thanks!18:59
charlie-tcano, thank you. I never saw the Ubuntu side until I read the report19:00
fader_We should have a competition to see who can file the most ISO bugs and who can get the most important one! :P19:00
charlie-tcatook me all night to find just one, and then it was already filed19:00
fader_Heh, yeah I hate that... whenever I find a really juicy one, someone else has already filed it every time :)19:01
bladernr_fader_:  sorry... you can get it this time since I'm not able to do much at the moment...19:05
bladernr_I'll check with you before filing important ones ;-)19:05
fader_bladernr_: Heh, cop out :P19:06
charlie-tcaxubuntu 386 desktop is failing in hardware, passing in VBox19:24
charlie-tcaburned a new cd to try again19:25
fader_Hmm, yeah it worked for me in vbox :/19:25
fader_That's concerning19:25
charlie-tcamight be the cd19:25
* fader_ crosses his fingers.19:25
charlie-tcacouldn't even boot to the live environment with it without errors19:25
charlie-tcawell, crap. Erased the wrong drive19:27
charlie-tcalive cd worked this time19:28
fader_charlie-tca: Sorry about your drive though :(19:28
charlie-tcaThe joys of one too many drives, huh?19:28
charlie-tcame too, sorry19:28
charlie-tcaI guess if the image works, it will be fine. I can always reinstall again19:29
bladernr_charlie-tca:  well, that's ok, you can just restore it from backup, yeah?  ;-)19:31
fader_bladernr_: That's mean, dude19:32
bladernr_me too19:32
fader_Backups are those things we all tell *other* people to make19:32
charlie-tcaoh, the correct answer is "sure"19:32
bladernr_because it could never happen to me19:32
charlie-tcathat's why I have lots of drive space, right?19:32
bladernr_heheh... and if you run out again, you can just make more ;-)19:32
charlie-tcaI am so good, I have room for backups on two different systems, just so I don't lose anything19:33
charlie-tcahmm, Maybe it is time to use that space now19:33
bladernr_heh... why not.  not like you're going to run out or anything19:33
charlie-tcaWell, not any more at least19:34
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charlie-tcaWell, installing from software center is confusing now. It never says "install". How many will know "Use this source" means install this application?19:56
charlie-tcaOh, it doesn't. First you authorize the source, then you have to say install20:00
fader_charlie-tca: It's like authorizing a nuclear strike... you have to have two people click the mouse at exactly the same time20:01
charlie-tcaStarting to think so20:01
charlie-tcaGood thing it was simplified20:01
charlie-tcaOh, well, I crashed it anyway20:05
fader_You have the touch of death20:06
charlie-tcaI learned from the best20:06
fader_Oh, nice... I was holding off on a testcase because it was marked as started, but it's a spammer: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/4500/11720:20
fader_The best part is they actually made an account to do that :(20:21
charlie-tcaThat's neat! :-(20:22
charlie-tcaMaybe ara can delete that one?20:22
fader_Yeah, I am hoping someone can20:22
fader_And the account20:23
araI can do that20:23
fader_But not until I copy that URL down in case I ever need a reebok jersey!  Where else can I find one online?20:23
arafader_, :D20:29
arafader_, sorry, deleted! :D20:29
fader_Oh noes!  My jersey!20:29
fader_ara: Thanks :)20:29
araI hope that that does not start being something common...20:30
fader_Me too... that would be very annoying20:31
fader_It would be much worse if they marked it as something other than 'started'20:31
fader_That's my big concern from this20:31
charlie-tcahmm, true. You have to check each test to see if it really got done.20:32
fader_Yeah.  I can't think of a good way of dealing with that, short of having more stringent requirements to join the ISO testing.  Which would be sad :(20:33
charlie-tcayup, but might be needed in the long run.20:36
araOK, guys, it is 10pm here, I am going to call it a day20:51
fader_ara: Good night!20:51
arahappy testing everybody!20:51

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