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MTecknologynewz2000: Is there any chance we could have a style.css on s.ubuntu.ru ?04:39
MTecknologyI LOVE seeing it hosted on nginx... I bet I could improve w/e nginx config they have though.. :P04:40
MTecknologyI was thinking something like http://s.ubuntu.ru/light-{drupal,django,etc.}-style.css04:41
MTecknologymhall119: or if you're around - what's your thoughts on that?04:43
MTecknologycjohnston: You around at all?05:30
MTecknologyIs anyone awake? :P05:32
Mezwb Daviey11:35
Davieyhello Mez11:36
DavieyMez: I'll review your merges today, promise :)11:36
MezDaviey: We're all volunteers, if you don't have time, you don't have time :P11:36
Mezwell, I say all, I mean most11:37
* Daviey raises a fist at Beta.11:37
jpdsBut we all have the same ammount of time?11:37
Mezjpds: but we don't all have the same allocations of time11:37
Mezjpds: and that really depends on your life expectancy11:37
jpdsDay-to-day, I meant11:38
Mezjpds - I could get run over by a bus lter11:38
jpdsMez: That would be unforatunate.11:39
Mezespescialy as my company has a bus factor of 1 for sysadmin stuff11:40
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MTecknologywow... I looked at the dev branch for light-drupal-theme and the diff is up to 1,345 lines22:37

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