elkyAlanBell, ooh nice01:19
elkyAlanBell, the logo in the bottom right is overlapped a bit by the bottom toolbar. you might want to fix that.01:31
pleia2AlanBell: wow, cool02:42
rwwAlanBell: This is probably the HTML version of grammar nazism, but in HTML 4.01, <img> tags shouldn't be <img /> tags (it technically means the image tag plus a ">" text character), so whatever turns {{attachment:...}} into actual HTML is slightly wrong.07:04
macoi thought / was ok in html but required in xml?07:04
rwwmaco: Nope. Note the rather confusing validation warnings at http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http://libertus.co.uk:88/uw07:05
AlanBellyup, plenty to fix with it07:18
elkyMy hands don't do normal html, they do xhtml kthx.07:20
elkyand no, iv've not validated yet07:20
elkyI think i might have wrong headers07:21
elkyno, headers are xhtml07:21
AlanBellrww: I think you can file a bug against moin for that one07:52
AlanBellthe img files are just07:53
AlanBellmoin does the rest07:53
AlanBellI will pop it in bzr and attempt to write up some followable instructions for installing a local moin for hacking on it08:15
AlanBellbzr push https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-women/ubuntu-women.org/mointheme08:26
AlanBellbzr: ERROR: Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()08:26
AlanBellsilly me08:30
AlanBellok, README file on installing the theme08:38
AlanBellthat kind of almost works as moin installation instructions08:41
AlanBellthe README is now in the bzr branch08:41
AlanBellnow with added footer fu11:41
AlanBellhttp://libertus.co.uk:88/uw/Footer?action=edit&editor=text which is editable like that11:42
nigelbAlanBell: Nice11:44
nigelbAlanBell: did you notice the header on the links?11:45
nigelbhovering makes them orange :(11:45
AlanBellah, looks like elky has fixed that on the static one, I will bring that in, I couldn't quite see what they were supposed to do11:49
elkyyou might need to be a bit more generous with the line padding on those too since you're using a smaller text there11:59
AlanBellnot intentionally12:09
AlanBellhey, cool, someone has been fixing links for me!12:11
AlanBellok, I am done with this for the time being12:59
elkyI fixeI fixed footer stuff13:51
elkydpkg is giving my laptop a coronary I think13:51

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