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RAOFMan, moving i8{4,5}5 to VESA is going to cut down on the bug reports.08:13
tseliotSarvatt: where's the patch for nvidia to enable compatibility with kernel 2.6.36 that you mentioned yesterday?10:14
jcristauRAOF: so you're moving those to vesa?  not trying your luck with ickle's shadow branch?10:54
RAOFjcristau: I think post-beta is a little bit late for trying my luck :).  There are shadow-branch packages in a PPA.13:30
ScottKHow's i865 looking on Maverick?13:32
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ScottKSeems ~as good as Lucid (which for this system isn't too bad).13:56
ScottKI'd be curious what the forecast is for i865 support to the next LTS?  I'd sort of assumed I'd have to leave this system at Lucid, but Maverick live session works very well.14:19
jcristautoo early to tell i think14:20
Sarvatt<Sarvatt> ScottK: should potentially be better off than lucid but i'd be interested in hearing your experience with it if you do try it :) I think 865 is the only 8xx remotely working right these days14:21
Sarvattguess I got booted there14:21
ScottKJust after I said that I got a X crash on logout.14:22
ScottKSo it's not quite there yet.14:22
Sarvattwasn't lucid working for you?14:23
ScottKLucid is working.14:23
ScottKI'm doing this from a maverick live session.14:24
SarvattRAOF: ugh, copyfb patch is what's making sandybridge not work with 2.12.0-1ubuntu3, its not that its fixed in git its just that I dropped the patch in the git ones14:25
ricotzSarvatt, hi, are you planning some upload to the edgers ppa?14:25
Sarvattricotz: yeah going to fix up mesa today14:25
ricotzi need to delete the lucid package of cairo, and upload it again14:26
ricotzthis copying from the primary archive seems to mess something up which prevents ia32libs to build14:26
ricotzSarvatt, the mesa package for maverick is ok?14:27
Sarvattricotz: yup14:28
ricotzSarvatt, i think deleting a package takes sometime until it is really gone?14:29
Sarvattyeah check ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/ to see when it really goes away14:30
ricotzSarvatt, to clean up a bit - do you think the hardy,intrepid,jaunty packages can go?14:33
Sarvatttormod wants to keep those, I suggested that too many times :)14:34
ricotzmhh, he is not around to ask again ;-)14:35
Sarvattthat was before we could filter by release and we got a space bump, i don't really mind anymore :)14:36
ScottKSarvatt or RAOF: Would you please look at Bug #628077 and let me know if there is any additional information I should collect before I bail out of this live session?14:37
ubot4Launchpad bug 628077 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Intel i865 crash on logout with KDM (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62807714:37
ricotzSarvatt, yeah, sure, but they are quite old and not to edgers-like anymore14:37
SarvattScottK: hmm, odd, had the same problem in lucid and we backported a commit that fixed it but thats already in 1.9.014:38
ScottKSarvatt: This is at least slightly different since that one only failed for non-admin users.  This failed in the live session so it was for an admin user.14:39
Sarvattah the gpu did hang14:41
ScottKDo let me know if there's anything else I can add.14:42
SarvattScottK: there are probably *many* of the same bug report already, will try to dig into the others and dupe it, shouldn't need more info14:42
Sarvattdid you use KMS with lucid?14:42
Sarvattit should have defaulted to that unless you explicitly disabled it in case you dont know14:44
ScottKYes.  I did.14:44
ScottK(I did use default)14:44
SarvattScottK: If you want it to just work for the moment I suggest using the fbdev X driver instead of intel14:45
ScottKOK.  I'm not upgrading that machine yet, so I'll just wait and see.14:46
ricotzSarvatt, are you using mutter with edgers nouveau?14:49
Sarvattricotz: nope just compiz14:50
ricotzok, compiz is fine, but mutter (gnome-shell) has some greater issues14:51
ricotzi hope your mesa update will solve some things14:51
Sarvatti need to fix the symbols for the lucid version and refresh the osmesa patch, will be a few hours because i'm doing some bug triage and trying to get a machine running now14:53
Sarvattugh, 865 is in bad shape like the rest of 8xx on maverick it looks like, duping about 30 bugs to one now with the same hang14:54
ricotzSarvatt, alirght, keep in mind cairo is missing now until i'll upload it again14:54
ricotzor isnt mesa depending on it?14:55
tseliotSarvatt: where's the patch for nvidia to enable compatibility with kernel 2.6.36 that you mentioned yesterday?14:56
Sarvattwait wrong patch14:56
Sarvattricotz: nope mesa doesnt need cairo14:57
tseliotSarvatt: Thanks. I asked as I think I'll upload the new driver today14:58
Sarvattthanks tseliot, that should stop a bunch of bug reports :) (LP: #616023) is one for the new abi problem14:59
tseliotSarvatt: yes, also I'll make sure to disable the workaround in Jockey15:00
Sarvattbryceh: any idea whats going wrong with the graphs? http://www2.bryceharrington.org:8080/X/Reports/ubuntu-x-swat/totals-maverick-workqueue.svg15:04
Sarvattthink its too late to get a new intel-gpu-tools snapshot into maverick? not having to run intel_error_decode on every bug report to decode PGTBL_ER would be nice :)15:10
Sarvattthen again i'm starting to memorize what each one means15:10
Sarvattneed to make arsenal script one of these days that grabs i915_error_state.txt from every bug, decodes it with intel_error_decode and puts the first 15 or so lines into the bug info15:13
Sarvattricotz: updating mesa now15:37
ricotzone sec15:37
ricotzSarvatt, i want to start the rebuilt of ia32libs for lucid first15:37
ricotzi still need to wait for the cairo packages to publish15:39
Sarvattlet me know when, i'll just upload maverick15:40
ricotzSarvatt, nevermind just push it15:40
ricotzthe currently broken mesa source would break the ia32lib aswell15:41
Sarvattah right15:41
tseliotSarvatt: does -ati in edgers require the new xserver? Or will it build against lucid's default X?15:42
Sarvattlucid? hmm15:42
Sarvatttseliot: http://sarvatt.com/downloads/patches/xsfbsrevert.patch15:43
Sarvattwill need that + lowering the xserver-xorg-dev build dep in control15:43
Sarvattbut it should be fine with that15:43
tseliotSarvatt: thanks a lot15:43
Sarvattricotz: argh, sorry, now the vmware build is busted on lucid16:48
tseliotSarvatt: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/486826/ I guess that patch wasn't enough16:48
Sarvattneeds an explicit xinerama proto dep there16:49
Sarvattlooking now tseliot 16:49
Sarvattah darn, you do need xutils-dev16:49
Sarvattit's safe to just use maverick's in lucid though16:49
Sarvattit's just a build time dependency, it wont affect the binaries16:50
tseliotare you talking to ricotz now?16:51
ricotzSarvatt, no problem, i dont bother so much about lucid ;)16:52
Sarvatttseliot: nope that was about radeon16:52
Sarvattany most every other x package from git16:53
tseliotSarvatt: ah, thanks16:53
Sarvatttseliot: sorry about that, I update xorg-edgers automatically with scripts and don't bump the build deps most of the time since everything builds against xorg-edgers where I have the updated deps16:54
tseliotSarvatt: np, I appreciate your work and your help16:55
Sarvattricotz: ok new mesa for lucid with an explicit x11proto-xinerama-dev dep uploaded, its not in xserver-xorg-dev for lucid16:58
tselioterr... I guess I'll upload nvidia tomorrow17:00
Sarvattthis intel copyfb patch is a mess, I have a feeling its causing a large number of the x-x-v-intel bugs at the moment :(17:01
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brycehSarvatt, yeah I think I know, just been busy and didn't think anyone else was using the graphs :-) ; I'll try to square it away tonight17:32
Sarvattbryceh: no worries at all its not important, I just like to see it go down when i knock out a big chunk :)17:33
Sarvatt(or get depressed when knocking out a big chunk doesn't outnumber the incoming bugs)17:33
SarvattRAOF, bryceh: What do you think about this for making fglrx/nvidia work without an xorg.conf? http://sarvatt.com/downloads/patches/0001-Attempt-to-get-nvidia-and-fglrx-working-without-an-x.patch18:32
Sarvattall thats needed is that darn DefaultDepth18:33
brycehSarvatt, works for me, but be sure to run it by timo as well; I remember we attempted this once before but ran into some blocker (but I can't remember what it was)18:34
Sarvattthe defaultdepth 24 line yeah :( it'd be something for natty anyway18:35
brycehSarvatt, hey tell me about http://sarvatt.com/downloads/piglit/nouveau/ ?18:57
Sarvattwhat about it?18:57
SarvattI dunno what ya mean, got a question about the nouveau results specifically?18:58
brycehwhat is it? is it a good X test in general?18:58
brycehis it nouveau only, or could we use it for any video driver?  where'd you find it?18:58
Sarvatthttp://cgit.freedesktop.org/~anholt/piglit/tree/README has a decent description of it18:58
Sarvattoh if you go up a level you'd see the other tests I did, http://sarvatt.com/downloads/piglit/18:59
Sarvattits used to spot regressions in mesa, it's pretty sweet18:59
Sarvattwhen they spot major bugs they add test cases to it to make sure it doesn't regress and such18:59
Sarvattcan run it on any driver, that one was just nouveau specifically19:00
brycehis it hardware specific at all?  i.e. is there value on running it on several different radeon cards or would it produce the same results in all cases?19:00
Sarvattyeah it's really hardware specific, the results aren't comparable across generations or anything19:02
Sarvattati has problems with it, there's a bunch of ati specific tests to work around them in there19:03
Sarvattit'd be nice if the test names mapped to fdo bugs they were taken from more obviously though :)19:10
cndRAOF, I've found a bug in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf19:33
cndI've cloned the git repo for synaptics19:33
cndshould I fix the issue in the file itself in conf/50-synaptics.conf19:34
cndor should I add a patch in debian/patches to fix it?19:34
cndI don't believe the file is shipped by upstream19:34
Sarvattcnd: conf/* is shipped by upstream so patch it is :)19:35
cndoh it is?19:35
cndhrm, I need to poke whot then...19:35
jcristauwhat's the bug?19:35
cndjcristau, the matches for synaptics doesn't specify MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*"19:36
jcristauthat's intentional19:36
cndjcristau, why?19:36
cndwhot said it was a bug19:37
jcristaubecause that would break !linux19:37
jcristauwhy is it a problem?19:37
cndok, bear with me as I explain, it's not obvious19:37
cndtwo touchpad devices A and B19:37
cndX enumerates A before B19:37
cndthey both have a /dev/input/event* node and a /dev/input/mouse* node19:38
cndI want A to use evdev instead of synaptics19:38
cndI set up xorg.conf to do that properly19:38
cndA gets handled by evdev, everything is fine19:38
cndB's /dev/input/mouse* node gets probed by synaptics19:38
cndit doesn't match /dev/input/event* in the synaptics probe function, so synaptics runs the eventcomm AutoDevProbe callback19:39
cndthe AutoDevProbe callback finds the first evdev node that isn't grabbed by synaptics19:39
cndin this case, it finds A19:39
jcristaui'd argue that the bug is to go trolling random devices when it doesn't like the one it's given19:40
cndone could make that argument19:40
jcristaualso who has 2 touchpads? :)19:40
cndummm, I do?19:40
cndI actually have 3 :)19:40
jcristaudidn't know that existed :)19:41
cndnot that I actually use them all at the same time :)19:41
jcristauyou don't have 3 hands?19:41
cndinternal synaptics trackpad, magic trackpad, bamboo touch19:41
cndI'm still trying to grow a third19:41
cndso yeah, the eventcomm interface probably shouldn't even have an AutoDevProbe callback19:41
cndbut I just want to fix things for maverick right now19:42
cndthe simplest solution, as pointed out by whot, is to ensure synaptics is only called on evdev nodes through MatchDevicePath19:42
cndso I'll just create a patch to add the match clause19:43
jcristauin debian i'd like to avoid installing a different file on different archs..19:43
cndoh yeah, hrm19:43
cndthat's a paiin19:43
cndjcristau, I could make a patch to not register the eventcomm callback19:43
jcristaumaybe i can add an option to the driver to disable auto-dev thing, and set that in the xorg.conf.d snippet19:43
cndare you volunteering to fix it? :)19:44
jcristauso that a regular InputDevice section still works, but the hotplugged ones don't go crazy19:44
jcristaui'd say go with your MatchDevicePath for maverick19:44
jcristaui don't know when i'll have time for this19:45
jcristauare you going to toulouse btw?19:45
cndI assume you'll be there/19:45
jcristaui should get up my ass and look at trains/hotels19:46
cndif only I could ride a train there19:46
cndor anywhere for that matter...19:46
jcristauseems to be 5h30 from paris to toulouse19:47
cndhmm, that's quite a bit longer than I would have thought19:47
cndthough I'm not that familiar with france :)19:48
jcristauhmm, or i could take a plane.  flight is 1h10.19:50
SarvattRAOF: yeah its definitely not hw cursor init it's hanging in, thats just where the log stops normally - http://sarvatt.com/downloads/xorglog-snb.txt21:05
* Sarvatt kicks the copyfb patch some more.21:07
SarvattRAOF: so, a refreshed copy-fb applied to xserver-xorg-video-intel git master works. argh! http://sarvatt.com/downloads/patches/101_copy-fb.patch22:11
SarvattI tried bringing back the changes from that vs our 101_copy-fb.patch to 2.12 but no luck there22:13
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