latagoreFenrir: That's how I solved it, hopefully it'll work for you too00:00
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Fenrirthank y6ou00:00
latagoreFenrir: it works?00:01
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Coronadehey fenrir your name just so happens to crash my IRC client :(00:01
ilovefairuzCkhiKuzad: kompozer00:02
ilovefairuzath88: you don't need a "tunnel" for that, just an ssh server00:02
ilovefairuz!sound | r_s___00:02
ubottur_s___: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.00:02
latagore!mp3 | latagore00:02
ubottulatagore, please see my private message00:02
latagoreI can't even see the private message lol. Dunno where to find it00:03
r_s___ubottu, the sound was working fine before updating pulseaudio00:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:03
PresuntoRJlatagore: it must be on another window00:03
PresuntoRJlatagore: are you typing from a Ubuntu desktop ?00:03
latagorePresuntoRJ: The empathy IRC is pretty clumsy; I can't see the people in the room and it doesn00:04
latagorepresuntoRJ: open up new windows when people message me00:04
PresuntoRJI used to have the same problem with empathy00:04
PresuntoRJlatagore: you can try using a ppa to upgrade and add functionality to it00:04
PresuntoRJlatagore: it will get a lot better after you do00:05
Arepiehello.. is there any way to automaticaly change the source.list to others? the current source.list is not working00:05
Arepiebtw, im using ubuntu-server00:05
Sia--Arepie, of corse00:05
Sia--of course*00:06
ArepieSia--: how could i do that?00:06
Sia--edit /etc/apt/source.list00:06
latagorePresuntoRJ: What exactly am I looking for xO00:06
PresuntoRJlatagore: I believe you could type $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:telepathy/ppa00:07
ArepieSia--: to insert 1 by 1, i can fall asleep :) aren't there any auto generated by command?00:07
PresuntoRJlatagore: then a $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get update00:07
Sia--Arepie, of course00:08
macoPresuntoRJ: second one supposed to be upgrade?00:08
PresuntoRJlatagore: that will help you with your telepathy... now regarding your audio, what exactly do you need?00:08
roscogruenjrib: what do you mean, "!hardware"  ?00:08
latagorePresuntoRJ: lol everyone asks me to use command line and I use a GUI program x(00:08
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PresuntoRJlatagore: yes, sorry...00:08
macoroscogruen: things starting with ! are commands for the bot to talk to you00:08
roscogruenthe camera is not on the list given by ubottu00:08
PresuntoRJlatagore: the second has got to be an upgrade00:08
Sia--Arepie, and you can use vim to find replace not one by one or00:08
latagorePresuntoRJ: that's okay, I know how to figure it out from here00:08
roscogrueni doubt a bot could answer this question, if that is what jman suggested00:09
rahdukea couple versions ago 9.04 if i remember correctly had a drive management program that let you view which folders on your drive took up the most space, it broke everything down into directory trees and it was really handy.....anyone know what that was? and if i can get it back on 10.04??00:09
roscogruenor jrib00:09
yoshieHow to have ubuntu auto login instead of requiring password to login ?00:09
stunts513ilovefairuz: ok now anotehr question, why do i have more than one display subsection?00:09
Sia--Arepie, for example " sudo wget http:source.com  -N -P /etc/apt/sources.list.d"00:09
DasEiroscogruen: which camera is it ?00:10
ZykoticK9yoshie, system / admin / login screen00:10
PresuntoRJyoshie: in the system/admin menu , there is a Logon applet00:10
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:10
Cmdr_W_T_Rikerrahduke: i know of a console version called ncdu00:10
ArepieSia--: nice one.. thanks00:10
stunts513only asking cause i havnt seen any examples online that have more than one00:10
hiexpoEdgan, hola00:10
rahdukeCmdr_W_T_Riker: thanks but im looking for a gui00:10
yoshie@presuntoRJ wow awesome, lol i feal stupid00:10
rahdukethe program was sick i have no idea why it was removed00:10
hiexpoevening all00:10
DasEihi hiexpo00:11
Cmdr_W_T_Rikerrahduke: have you looked through the available software packages yet?00:11
PresuntoRJyoshie: you must have the administrator privilegie (able to sudo) and there is an option just for that00:11
stunts513ok uh maybe you dont need to answer that i may have just figured it out, plus i g2geat dinner, bbl00:11
hiexpoheya DasEi00:11
Sia--Arepie, but i never heart that linux admin hate editing the code on by one00:11
rahdukeCmdr_W_T_Riker: i dont even know what to search for, i searched for drive management and hard drive but didnt find anything useful00:11
bpietrohi to all. Lucid don't like Zope? Why I can install bunch of zope utilities and zope related packages but main Zope package is missing. Both, apt-get or Synaptic, nope. But in repository, dir pool/main/z/ there is zope2.11 deb package.  So how I can install it? Or there is some reason of non install it?00:11
Cmdr_W_T_Rikerrahduke: let me give it a try00:11
PresuntoRJyoshie: no problem... it happens to me all the time as well00:11
rahdukeCmdr_W_T_Riker: thanks very much00:11
ArepieSia--: im the "never" type :)00:12
DasEibpietro: try with zope-common00:12
Armymen i have a question, when i move my mouse away from a windows, the windows i have get almost 5% transparent, where can i change how many transparent i want, here a exemple : http://myuploader.net//files/90/Screenshot.png00:13
ilovefairuzbpietro: search the PPAs00:13
ilovefairuz!ppa | bpietro00:13
ubottubpietro: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.00:13
roscogruenDasEi: it is canon powershot d1000:13
PresuntoRJArmymen: it looks like a setting of your compiz...00:14
bpietroDasda, tnx, I'm using italian language for desktop and there is bad translation for this package, so it seems to be one of supprot packages and not main one. tnx00:14
soreauArmymen: PresuntoRJ is right, you need to set it in ccsm>Add Helper most likely00:15
DasEiroscogruen: did you try cheese on it ?00:15
PresuntoRJArmymen: if you don't have it installed yet, you at least should look at the compizconfig-settings-manager package ($ sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager )00:15
Armymeni have conpiz00:15
DasEibpietro: np, nick is DasEi00:16
Armymenbut did not found the option for that i dont even know how to call that feature :d00:16
roscogruenDasEi: i don't have it. yet.  will tomorrow.  cheese is a webcam application???00:16
bpietrosorry, DasEi, ti was automatic tab completition00:16
DasEiroscogruen: try sudo apt-get install gphoto2 cheese , yes, see :00:17
bpietro*it was00:17
DasEi!info cheese00:17
ubottucheese (source: cheese): A tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component main, is optional. Version 2.30.1-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 62 kB, installed size 244 kB00:17
PresuntoRJArmymen: it's enabled when you choose the the visual effects in the apearance (and themes) applet ... the compizconfig-settings-manager usually helps me00:17
roscogruen!info cheese00:17
DasEiroscogruen: found a forum link : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=4528800:17
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DasEiroscogruen: bbut if you want to buy one, why not look up supported ones first ?00:17
hiexpo!cheese > roscogruen00:18
Armymenok i still gona search but did not see any option for :( snif, im looking :)00:18
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Armymenhaa found it :D00:18
Armymensweet :D00:18
DasEiroscogruen: http://tinyurl.com/dcurp00:18
PresuntoRJArmymen: another possibility to prevent the transparency would be to set the focus always on the screen, when yu have to click somewhere else instead of just moving the mouse away00:18
tucemiuxI have a headless machine with no GUI, REPEAT: no GUI here, how do I completely remove and purge CUPS along with its configuration files??00:18
Armymenopacity was the option i just when 1 buy 1 desactivate stuff and try :D00:19
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DasEitucemiux: sudo apt-get remove --purge cups --dry-run , first to see what would happen00:19
tucemiuxDasEi, Thanks!  Let me try that00:19
DasEitucemiux: then cut --dry-run to make it execute00:19
PresuntoRJArmymen: great ... :D00:20
latagorePresuntoRJ: =( I don't know what to install for empathy00:20
DasEitucemiux: errm cups* it should be00:20
yoshieInstalled New hard drive, How to set hard drive to auto mount ?00:20
roscogruenDasEi: this is not webcam are you sure this will be the right path?00:20
roscogruenit is a digital camera00:20
roscogruenhand held00:20
thetimeserm, so..00:21
Coronademy IRC client needs a GUI00:21
DasEiroscogruen: yes I see, well the forum link I posted intends you can usse it00:21
Coronadeand QT doesn't support VS2010 at the moment..00:21
bpietroDasEi, just installed, one small utility, dzhandle. IMHO it isn't Zope main package00:21
DasEibpietro: apt-cache search zope lists zope-packages00:23
wzooffдоброй ночи :)00:23
roscogruenDasEi: thx.  i should have checked for supported cameras.  but that list is very, very old and incomplete.  maybe 1% of cameras sold are on that list00:23
alexeenkoffтут на русском разговаривают? :)00:23
mibberHi can someone help me? i have this error when running 'startx' http://pastebin.com/00:23
maco!ru | wzooff, alexeenkoff00:23
ubottuwzooff, alexeenkoff: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke00:23
tucemiuxDasda, thanks cups* did it, then apt-get autoremove00:23
mibberwoops, here is my error http://pastebin.com/jcSe2r01  -- the problem is with the desktop not working00:23
PresuntoRJlatagore: in my system I have installed a bunch of packages... after the $ sudo apt-get upgrade ; try a $ sudo apt-get install empathy empathy-common00:24
bpietroIt isn't difficult to me download zope2.11 deb package and install it, I want know whether there is some reason for include in official index files bunch of Zope utilities and not include Zope itself. Anybody knows?00:24
tucemiuxyoshie, you can send me a PM if you want00:24
latagorePresuntoRJ: I think you typed update twice before =o But okay00:24
DasEiroscogruen: canon and logilink have good compatibility, most times the handhelds offer cf support, so latest can have a cheap reader then, but usb should also work00:24
roscogruenthe other cameras we have are not on the list and work w/o installing anything.  hope same is true with this new camera.  thx DasE00:24
PresuntoRJlatagore:  nope, there must be a $sudo apt-get update00:24
PresuntoRJlatagore: followed by a $ sudo apt-get upgrade00:25
roscogruenDasEi: i'll be sure to try usb cable first00:25
PresuntoRJlatagore: one gets to know the latest packages available, the other will actually upgrade anything avaiable00:25
latagorePresuntoRJ: I must have misread what you said before00:25
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PresuntoRJlatagore: no problem00:26
WillWork4Foohi all... forgive the probably daft question, but my google-fu seems to be weak tonight because it's not giving me the answers I need. Does anyone know if there's a list of packages (or even a metapackage) that I can install that will give me the Ubuntu Netbook Edition interface as an option?00:26
snow_ruu`te' quyen00:26
sjmWillWork4Foo, try netbook-launcher, I think00:26
latagorepresuntoRJ: Thanks :]00:26
WillWork4Foosjm, looks promising! installing now.00:27
latagorepresuntoRJ: is there any way I can stop the autoscroll in empathy so I can read past messages?00:27
sjmWillWork4Foo, no problem.  Glad to help00:27
PresuntoRJthe newer empathy has an icon on the notification area which helps unhide some of the features, and blinks when you are called privately on a IRC msg00:28
PresuntoRJlatagore: nope, I hate this too, but you can keep looking at the history of the conversation for the same effect00:28
sjmlatagore, PresuntoRJ , My opinion, use empathy for IM and xchat for IRC00:28
PresuntoRJlatagore: have you upgraded the empathy already?00:29
Faissallol mibber, post the link to the actual url of where you pasted the error00:29
latagoreI typed upgrade but 0 upgraded00:29
stunts513hey ifairuz, i just tryed putting some settings in the xorg.conf, and after retarting gdm then x, it still doesnt let me go into 1024x768 and the gui tty is now tty9 (ctrlaltf900:29
stunts513o woops i ment ilovefairuz00:29
fenrir265How do I remove applications and games?00:29
PresuntoRJsjm: could be, but empathy is what most users will have to handle and cope with since its the software preinstalled on their systems ;)00:29
snow_rustunts513, fot you00:29
mibberhttp://pastebin.com/jcSe2r01 here is my error, can someone help?00:29
PresuntoRJsjm: it doesn't suck completely, but its faaaaaaar from perfect00:30
sjmPresuntoRJ, yes, but xchat is "better" for IRC.00:30
coz_mibber,   try  sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop00:30
ilovefairuzstunts513: pastebin your xorg.conf and xorg.log.000:30
coz_mibber,  then  sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start or   sudo restart gdm00:30
stunts513ok, u want the original xorg before i started screwing with it?00:30
snow_rugo to microsoft.com00:31
snow_ruand download windows00:31
mibbercoz_: okay00:31
Coronadethen yo ucan use visual studio 2010 like me00:31
latagorePresuntoRJ: Sorry I didn't tag your name; When I typed upgrade, it said 0 upgraded; maybe the GUI I used for the PPA address already upgraded00:31
Coronadeand make an IRC client.. like me00:31
snow_ruit's the best operating system till now00:31
snow_ruCoronade, it's the best00:31
fenrir265Can someone please tell me how to remove applications?00:31
Coronadebecause C++0x rules (even if it's only TR1)00:31
snow_ruapt-get remove00:31
coz_fenrir265,  sure which application do you want to remove?00:32
snow_ruCoronade, what is C++0x ?00:32
snow_ruCoronade, what is C++0x ?00:32
DasEifenrir265: synaptic or apt, which one ?00:32
Coronaderead the wikipedia page about it00:32
fenrir265a couple of games that i cant figureout00:32
snow_ruCoronade, what is C++0x ?00:32
Coronade@snow_ru:  it's the next version of C++00:32
coz_fenrir265,  ok  if you installed these with apt-get or synatpic  you can type in terminal  sudo apt-get autoremove --purge  nameofgame00:32
DasEifenrir265: you mean these  gnome-games ?00:32
fenrir265i dont know00:33
DasEicoz_:  remove ?!00:33
bpietroDasEi, I tried first apt-cache, returns empty list. No zope, nor zope2, seems not to be in index file. I know workarround, but why it isn't here, that's question (c W.S)00:33
fenrir265ijust got them with the ubuntu application thing00:33
snow_ruCoronade, what is C++0x ?00:33
PresuntoRJfenrir265: you must be aware of what you are doing because you could end up crippling your system beyond repair... any way, you can get any application uninstalled if you know its package name (usually, nut not necessarily, the name of the application)... then a $ sudo apt-get autoremove --purge   will remove the package and autoremove any dependencies installed that do not affect any other program installed, and will clear any config files to get ri00:33
latagorePresuntoRJ: Does it upgrade to the newest version number? What is your version number?00:33
PresuntoRJde of junk that could be left behind00:33
coz_fenrir265,   did you install these or  were they there when you installed ubuntu?00:33
fenrir265i installed them00:33
DasEibpietro: apt-cache show zope00:33
coz_fenrir265,  name one of them00:33
DasEibpietro: apt-cache search zope00:33
snow_ruidoru, dont' kick me, ok ?00:33
coz_fenrir265,  kg is the name?00:33
coz_fenrir265,  is this kde you are running00:34
snow_ruidoru, dont' kick me, ok ?00:34
PresuntoRJlatagore: what was the output from the update ?00:34
huntermhey guies, what is the package name for Xorg?00:34
fenrir265and avida evolution simulator00:34
snow_ruidoru, poshel tui00:34
snow_ruidoru, tui durak00:34
DasEihunterm: xserver-xorg00:34
PresuntoRJlatagore: has it complaint about  missing signatures and other stuff ?00:34
latagorePresuntoRJ: if you mean upgrade, 0 upgraded00:34
coz_fenrir265,  ok the second one.... open a terminal and type  avida and see if that opens00:34
snow_ruru> idoru, dont' kick me, ok ?00:34
snow_ru<PresuntoRJ> latagore: what was the output from the update ?00:34
snow_ru<hunterm> hey guies, what is the package name for Xorg?00:34
snow_ru* slgma has quit (Quit: Connection reset by queer)00:34
FloodBot2snow_ru: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:34
snow_ru* Dfoolz (~dfoolz@ has joined #ubuntu00:34
snow_ru<fenrir265> and avida evolution simulator00:34
RickiiBETAcan anyone help me figure out why a new build won't boot00:34
handjobHi all. What's the name of the script that builds deb packages?00:34
bpietroyeah, with lists zope - empty list, w/o list of zope support packages but no zope main package itself00:34
stunts513originally generated xorg.conf=http://pastebin.com/URfK75vf00:34
FloodBot2stunts513: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:34
stunts513wow thats ironic00:34
fenrir265how do I open a terminal?00:34
muellisoftRickiiBETA: yes. but you need to share the details.00:34
carandraugI am having some trouble restoring from a backup. I rsync from one HD to another. However, when I boot from the new HD, I get an error and am throw into initramfs. In the error I can see that is still trying to use the old HD UUID to mount as root (I already changed the fstab)00:35
muellisoftfenrir265: alt+f2 then gnome-terminal00:35
CoronadeHow do I w00:35
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coz_fenrir265, system / accessories/ terminal00:35
CoronadeHow do I Windows 7?00:35
DasEifenrir265: alt+F2 , enter gnome-terminal00:35
aeon-ltdCoronade: say wut?00:35
latagorefenrir265: Go to Applications at the top, click Accessories and then Terminal00:35
MuelliCoronade: you don't00:35
snow_ruvery good00:35
CoronadeOk ok, how do I shot web?00:35
DasEiCoronade: #windows is there00:35
coz_fenrir265,  yes or  alt+F2   gnome-terminal00:35
mibbercoz_: so i restarted it okay, i dn't see any errors in the console, but i still have my problem - i double click anything on the desktop, and nothing happens!00:35
RickiiBETAk, i have everything hooked up and good to go, the cpu, gpu, cd, and hdd all start00:35
RickiiBETAbut no bios00:35
CoronadeI decided to go to the more Developer friendly (hopefully) room...00:35
CoronadeI'm just making sure my IRC client works properly.00:36
CoronadeWHich it does.00:36
handjobWhat the fuck is this channel?00:36
coz_mibber,  what were you doing  or installing or uninstalling just before all of this occurred??00:36
PresuntoRJlatagore: 2.30.2-1~ppa10.04+100:36
Coronadeand i need lots of traffick00:36
Coronadeto test it fully00:36
Cmdr_W_T_RikerCoronade: it works.00:36
MuelliCoronade: could you please /part this channel then? Thanks.00:36
CoronadeI know.00:36
RickiiBETAi already tried resetting everything, and its all hooked in good00:36
latagorePresuntoRJ: My client didn't update then00:36
CoronadeCan I idle here?00:36
bpietroDasEi, this is on Desktop Lucid, server version the same, zope main package not mentioned00:36
mibbercoz_: i haven't installed anything, i was writing some code, nothing that would really be similar as i can recall00:36
Coronadei'm not a bot, just a shitty client00:36
CoronadeI'm going to idle here all night.00:36
PresuntoRJlatagore: no I really mean UPDATE00:37
mibbercoz_: are there error logs or something?00:37
timewriterim affraid im gonna do that too00:37
zergling_my account is an admin account but when i tried to change the permissions on a read only file so i can edit it, it says "you are not the owner, so you cannot change these permissions." help me please00:37
timewriteras long as i cant do anything just irssi00:37
latagorePresuntoRJ: Could I ask for your instructions on how to upgrade it or how to view the history on Empathy00:37
coz_mibber,  mmm  this is puzzling then....  you can check under system administration for log files00:37
stunts513if the bot says im spamming, does that mean ou guys cant see it?00:37
coz_mibber,  although ...unless you actually ran the code you were creating ...this makes no sense00:37
sjmlatagore, for apt, there is "update" which updates the list of current packages it knows about, and "upgrade" which actually upgrades the packages.  You have to "update" the list first.00:38
stunts513not that im doing it on purpose just wondering00:38
RickiiBETAmuellisoft: you there?00:38
DasEibpietro: I've some extra repos enabled, this is what I get : http://pastebin.com/hcQnqsHu00:38
mibbercoz_: yes it is weird, i don't know whats going on00:38
PresuntoRJlatagore: I will try to talk prv with you00:38
coz_stunts513,   no we see and hear everything :)00:38
latagorePresuntoRJ: Alright00:38
stunts513kk just makin sure thanks00:38
coz_mibber,  is this a new install ?00:38
=== zergling_ is now known as zergling
mibbercoz_: about a month old00:38
=== C210|away is now known as Centurion210
coz_mibber,  ok you could create a new user account and see if everything works in that then remove the old account00:39
snow_ruhow did you know IRC ?00:39
coz_snow_ru,   yes?00:39
mibbercoz_: let me try that00:39
sjm!offtopic | snow_ru00:39
ubottusnow_ru: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:39
tracy69does anyone know if it is possible to display whole hdd in conky instead partition where ubuntu is installed ?00:39
ilovefairuzstunts513: pastebin: xrandr00:40
mibbercoz_: do i just make a new user in teh console, and then run gdm as that user?00:40
snow_ru!offtopic | sjm00:40
ubottusjm: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:40
coz_mibber,  yes if you know how to create a user via terminal that should be fine00:40
mibbercoz_: okay00:40
zerglingmy account is an admin account but when i tried to change the permissions on a read only file so i can edit it, it says "you are not the owner, so you cannot change these permissions." help me please00:40
snow_ruzergling, change the owner to you00:41
DasEizergling: sudo chmod +x   AFile  doesn't work ?00:41
DasEizergling: sudo chmod +w   AFile  doesn't work ?00:41
zerglingsnow_ru: how do i do that (im still a newb00:41
Cmdr_W_T_Rikertracy69: a whole disk doesn't immidiately make much sense, maybe you mean all the linux partitions as seen as a whole?00:41
DasEitracy69: gparted let's you grafically view whole disk00:42
Izinucszergling: DasEi try .. sudo chown <your user name>:<your user name> Afile .. then after if needed use chmod to +xw Afile00:43
tracy69<Cmdr_W_T_Riker> i have one hdd 500gb other 350gb i want to see them both not swap or some hda5 or sda7 i want to see hdd or sda 500gb used 30gb etc00:43
tracy69ubuntu is installed on 500gb where i have made partition 50gb for it00:43
tracy69the partition is called sdb5 thats all i managed to see in conky00:43
DasEilzinucs : I know, zergling asked, and to write w is enough00:44
IzinucsDasEi: k.. didn't catch the previous part of the conversation00:44
stunts513ilovefairuz:going tell you right now thoes are not the only resolutions it can run, because i have been in 1024x768 in windows for a while, i dont have the driver installed on windows right now cause i recently reformatted, and my wifi card now only seems to work on linux.....not because of missing driver, but because windwos cant seem to comprehend my wifi card with the right driver...00:44
sjmtracy69, you might try #conky00:45
Cmdr_W_T_Rikertracy69: okay i get your point. hmmm, i'm not very fmailiar with conky, but i could have a look00:45
ilovefairuzstunts513: pastebin: cvt 1024 76800:46
=== purvesh__ is now known as purvesh
zerglingIzinucs: sudo chown aj:aj +xw Afile didnt work00:46
tracy69<Cmdr_W_T_Riker> ok im waiting :)00:46
stunts513ilovefairuz: http://pastebin.com/qDkekfZA00:46
tracy69sjm i tried #conky buy no people over there00:47
flupkeI need to run a command as root at startup, where can I add it ?00:47
DasEizergling: Afile you must change to the files name, then sudo chown zergling (or whatever username) AFile && sudo gedit Afile should work00:47
zerglingDasEi: ohhhhh00:47
DasEiyes yes :)00:48
ilovefairuzstunts513: : in the monitor section add: Modeline "1024x768_60.00"   63.50  1024 1072 1176 1328  768 771 775 798 -hsync +vsync00:48
ilovefairuzstunts513: and:       Option    "PreferredMode" "1280x1024_60.00"00:48
DasEizergling: but chmod +w will also give write acces, see above00:48
DasEizergling: even if you're not the owner, if done as root (sudo)00:49
DasEi!chmod > zergling00:49
ubottuzergling, please see my private message00:49
bpietroDasEi, thanks, but still don't see zope2.11-....-i386.deb package as in pool/directory of official repos. So I think, (a) somebody forgot insert it in index list or (b) there is some reason, why it wasn't be included. Because all guides start with "install Zope: apt-get install zopeX.XX, where X.XX is major and minor release number" When I do so, result is "can't find this package"00:49
DasEi!chown > zergling00:49
stunts513sorry i had to go in other room , im back00:50
tracy69stunts513, what for did you go to the other room?00:51
stunts513ilovefairuz: you sure i can run 1280x1024?00:51
stunts513o my mom called me00:51
stunts513thats y i was in other room00:51
zerglingis this the right way to word this?  sudo chown aj:aj  /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf00:51
sjmtracy69, why do you need the whole disk rather than the partitions?  Linux works with the filesystems inside the partitions not the disk (there is no filesystem on the disk, it's inside the partitions)00:51
stunts513and im not a child... im a computer tech, but more so on windows..00:52
tracy69sjm cuz i have many partitions so if i wanted to put all of them it will cover whole screen so i wanted to see hdd instead00:52
mibberhow can i create a new user and have it work on ubuntu from terminal? I did useradd, but it says nautilus needs home folders, etc, and this like IECheckfile or something00:52
mibbera command i can use to generate all the necessary stuff besides useradd?00:53
newfedoranoobafter i install the nvidia driver on my machine in ubuntu 10.04 it gives ne a very crappy resolution00:53
sjmtracy69, but the filesystem is what is being filled and those reside inside the partitions.  You might see if you can script (in conky or outside) something to sum the different partitions.00:53
ilovefairuzstunts513: sorry, typo!00:54
newfedoranoobhere is the paste of lspci00:54
DasEimibber: sure,  sudo adduser mibber00:54
newfedoranoobcan some1 help me with this00:54
mibberDasEi: i did that but now when i login as the user it complains that he doesn't have like /home/mibber, /home/mibber/desktop, etc00:54
DasEimibber: adduser not useradd00:55
mibberDasEi: ah okay thanks00:55
sjmmibber, I can't remember the exact switches to create the home directory, but you can "man useradd"00:55
mibber-d maybe?00:55
DasEinewfedoranoob: what's the problem ?00:56
stunts513olovefairuz: ok im assuming i just need to type:sudo stop gdm, then suudo start gdm, and maybe clik restart x if it pops up a message?00:56
newfedoranoobbad resolution00:56
newfedoranoobim on a 42' screen00:56
newfedoranooband it only displays to 1/4 of it00:56
sjmmibber, or "-m"00:57
realubotDo you think it's possible to adjust overscan at a plasma-TV using xrandr to get the Desktop fit the TV screen?00:57
ilovefairuzstunts513: add the line but change it to the same resolution00:57
newfedoranoobDasEi, i installed the recommended driver for nvidia also00:57
stunts513ok got that done00:57
newfedoranoobso i have no idea what the problem is00:57
DasEinewfedoranoob: (please put my Nick when answering) , thats the internal on a lappi you use there ?00:57
newfedoranoobDasEi, yes but the screen is broken so i use an  ex monitor00:58
newfedoranoobwell a tv00:58
stunts513ilovefairuz: so i just run those commands now right?00:59
mibberah so i created a new user but it didn't work - can someone help me? Basically the desktop loads fine, but when i click any icon, nothing happens, the desktop refreshes -- any log files i can check or anything? maybe something isn't loading correctly on start?00:59
DasEinewfedoranoob: sudo apt-get install pastebinit01:00
DasEinewfedoranoob: dpkg -l | grep nvidia | pastebinit                   , give URL from terminal here01:00
sjmmibber, create the directory manually, change ownership to the user and add the home directory in /etc/passwd.01:00
newfedoranoobDasEi,  umm im on fedora rite now cause i cant read anything on ubuntu01:01
mibbersjm: the adduser command worked for that01:01
stunts513ok uh im going to run that command so il be disconnected from my wifi and such, brb01:01
carandraugI am having some trouble restoring from a backup I made with rsync. During boot, I get a initramfs shell because it can't find the root device (it's looking for the old HD altough I already changed fstab)01:01
sjmmibber, ok.  you said above that it "didn't work" .  I'm glad it's fixed now.01:02
ilovefairuzstunts513: just add those to xorg.conf and restart x01:02
DasEinewfedoranoob:I see, will problaby be nouveau-firmware that collides there, but would be good to know which nvidia packages are installed, once the obsolete one are removed, run sudo nvidia-xconfig and restart xserver01:02
mibbersjm: well, the user account was fixed, the desktop still doesn't work though01:02
sjmmibber, did you log out and back in?01:02
mibbersjm: yep01:02
DasEinewfedoranoob: you can do this from terminal, too, so don't need x for it01:03
mibbersjm: its the original problem of why i created a new account, that happens will all accounts, namely i get this error when running 'startx' but i'm not sure if its the problem: 'error setting MTTR (...) inappropriate ioctl for device(25)01:03
newfedoranoobDasEi, thx i will try when i boot ubuntu01:03
sjmmibber, so it's no longer a problem with the home directory?01:04
DasEinewfedoranoob: dpkg -l | grep nvidia shows you the nv-packets, ii means installed on that output01:04
mibbersjm: errr no01:04
sjmmibber, sorry, can't help more right now on that.01:05
mibbersjm: cool thx01:05
DasEimibber: more issues ?01:05
stunts5131ilovefairuz:well that didnt work01:06
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:06
mibberDasEi: the original issue mainly -- desktop loads fine but when i double click programs it just refreshes and doesn't run anything, i ran console and did sudo service gdm stop, then 'startx', and this desktop doesn't work either, when i switch back to console i only have 1 error, namely 'error setting MTRR (base = 0xd00000000 ... ) Inappropriate oictl for device (25)01:07
wcomniskyhow can i secure clean my /var/log dir?01:07
wcomniskyi'm creating a continuous integration server, and i would share the iso without this logs01:08
DasEimibber: approbiate cmd to restart x is sudo service gdm restart; the error you get there I can't predict once, pastebin your syslog : sudo apt-get install pastebinit01:08
DasEimibber: pastebinit /var/log/syslog01:09
mibberDasEi: okay01:09
AntonisHello folks. How can I make the panel in ubuntu 10.04 netbook transparent? I have tried tweaking to theme's config folder but that only worked on ubuntu desktop edition (tried on my notebook). in netbook edition it doesn't01:09
DasEi!ccsm | Antonis01:09
ubottuAntonis: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz01:09
aeon-ltdAntonis: usually transparency doesnt work without compiz01:09
aeon-ltdDasEi: damn you beat me01:10
ilovefairuzstudent7: pastebin the log and the conf01:10
Antoniswill compiz be too heavy on a netbook?01:10
DasEiAntonis: by the way, compiz is very ressource hungry, I wouldn't do that on a nettbook01:10
aeon-ltdAntonis: what kind of netbook?01:10
AntonisI have an HP mini 21001:11
DasEiAntonis: you beat me.. hehe01:11
aeon-ltdAntonis: intel integrated gpu?01:11
Antonisnot sure :p01:11
stunts5131ilovefairuz: hey it didnt work, i restarted gdm and still same old same old01:11
AntonisI have been running ubuntu desktop on it though01:11
ilovefairuzstunts5131: pastebin01:12
aeon-ltdAntonis: we'll have to assume the bare minimum i'd vote against it due to it criplling battery life01:12
DasEimibber: give url of last cmd here01:12
stunts5131ilovefairuz:lemme guess u want the log file?01:12
ilovefairuzstunts5131: and the conf01:12
stunts5131ah ok01:12
aeon-ltdAntonis: not sure its good to use with metacity, but i think tint2 has pseudo-tranparency for a panel01:12
Antonisbut isn't there a way to add transparency without compiz? the interface of it (where all icons are9 is transparent..01:12
DasEimibber: pastebinit /var/log/syslog                <<will show a url in terminal, bring this here01:13
DasEi!pm | mibber01:13
ubottumibber: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.01:13
Antonisis tint2 a theme?01:13
soreauAntiSpamMeta: What is the output of 'ps ax|grep compiz|grep -v grep' from your terminal?01:13
soreauAntonis: ^^01:14
aeon-ltdAntonis: no its a completely different panel01:14
Antonisah :P01:14
stunts5131ilovefairuz: xorg.conf=http://pastebin.com/aw42RwvB01:14
aeon-ltdAntonis: metacity does have its own compositiing manager though i'm unsure whether its powerful and lightwieght enough01:14
stunts5131odd why did that go into two messages01:15
mibberDasEi: should i do the do the restart then do it agian?01:15
aeon-ltdAntonis: supposedly it works http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119752901:16
mibberDasEi: i.e. sudo service gdm stop  // start and then repost syslog?01:16
Antonisthank you very much!01:16
aeon-ltdAntonis: your welcome, i hope it works :)01:16
DasEimibber: no, but restart, then do : dmesg | tail | pastebinit, look like your pulseaudio-server is doing some wird stuff there01:17
ilovefairuzstunts5131: Xorg didn't start at all?01:17
stunts5131ilovefairuz: uh from what i can tell it did01:17
mibberDasEi: restart computer or gdm01:17
DasEimibber: gdm01:17
stunts5131ilovefairuz: theres also an xorg.1.log, maybe im sending wrong log?01:18
DasEimibber: which distro are you using ? jaunty ?01:19
latagoreD: I forgot his nickname01:20
DasEimibber: and aupdated/graded also ?01:20
mibbermmm i woudln't say fully updated but some updates01:20
mibbercan i run the updater manually somehow?01:20
mibberfrom the command line01:20
DasEimibber: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade01:20
nitwitubuntu 10.04.1 64bit hangs at ubuntu logo during live session - no errors on console, only msg is confirmed switching to framebuffer device01:21
AntonisI have one more question. Where could startup script be stored except of /etc/init.d? I can't find it in the "Startup Applications" list. it shows a notify every x seconds andn ever stops.01:21
DasEimibber: there was a bug in jaunty, that prodiced such a lock, but haven't seen it in lucid since01:21
mibberDasEi: here is dmesg output http://pastebin.com/iiiXf2mW01:21
DasEiAntonis: rc.local is a place, or /etc/init01:22
nitwitsame usb disk boots fine on my desktop machine01:22
latagorePresuntoRJ: The about says the same version name01:22
DasEimibber: that just shows a crappy floppydrive01:22
Cmdr_W_T_Riker2:22am .. gonna need lots of coffee tomorrow01:22
mibberDasEi: should i do the whole thing?01:22
mibberDasEi: not just the tail01:22
SuperMiguelso i have a file, that its supposed to be a picture but all i have its its hex... how can i find out what kinda of file i have by looking at its hex?01:23
DasEimibber: try, if pastebin does it01:23
AntonisDasEi, where is rc.local stored? it's not in /etc/init either :\01:23
WinstonSmith_Antonis, locate rc.local01:23
DasEiAntonis: /etc/rc.local, and see :01:23
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot01:23
billy_hi folks - how do i configure nautilus to sort in dictionary order like real apps and not in utf8 code order?01:24
nitwitany known issues with core i3 on h55 chipset? (intel intergrated graphics)01:24
Fr3d0hi good aftenoon01:24
CkhiKuzad!hi Fr3d001:25
CkhiKuzad!hi | Fr3d001:25
ubottuFr3d0: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:25
mibberDasEi: http://pastebin.com/ZGi6WybH here is last few thousand lines of dmesg01:25
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stunts5131ilovefairuz: hey im goint to try something really fast and see if it works, il be online a few min b4 i have to restart gdm01:25
etraskHello, I recently changed my Ubuntu 10.04 login password, but somethings (like Empathy) still make me put in my old password to "unlock" my personal details. How can I change this?01:25
ross_how do you change the screen resolution?01:25
=== WinstonSmith_ is now known as WinstonSmith
PresuntoRJross_: system/preferences menu01:26
Antonisthanks DasEi and WinstonSmith01:26
Fr3d0well i've been using amarok for a while and i'am having annoying issue01:26
PresuntoRJross_: there is a video resolution applete01:26
PresuntoRJross_: unless you are using nvidia, then you need to use the nvidia applet01:26
Fr3d0it's seem every time i boot my machine doesn't have any sound01:26
docidhey guys, got an oddity, was playing with a hotspot controler on ubuntu server 9.10... after a reboot all my network interfaces save for a virtual bridge and lo are gone... lshw sees them and lists them as UNCLAIMED, dmesg has nothing relating to them, although tcpip does come up.... any ideas?01:27
wcomniskywho can help me? i need to clean the /var/log folder before sharing my continuous integration server in an ISO01:27
ross_presuntorj: how do i check if i'm using nvidia?01:27
Fr3d0but when i erase one file in .pulse wich is called .pulse/89d6ae6ee9e76d1cdd7a8e0e4c0707d5-runtime01:27
=== APERSON is now known as aperson
docidlsmod |grep -i nvid should do it01:28
Fr3d0the sound goes back01:28
docidopps, wrong nick01:28
etraskHello, I recently changed my Ubuntu 10.04 login password, but some things (like Empathy) still make me put in my old password to "unlock" my personal details. How can I change this?01:28
PresuntoRJross_: well, it is the brand of the videocard, but if you are not sure, $ lspci should list many hardware including your video card01:28
DasEimibber: is there any floppy in the drive ? remove it; apart from that , you should for a test remve pulse audio, to see if that causes the lock, and also have alook at group permissions, if the lockup just happens to your new user01:28
PresuntoRJross_: if its nvidia, it will say there01:29
DasEilspci | grep -i vga,  PresuntoRJ: ross_:01:29
PresuntoRJross_: you can also try looking for a nvidia green icon on the system/preferences menu... if its not there, its a big clue01:29
Fr3d0in fact i'm using amarok 3.201:29
PresuntoRJDasEi: thanx01:30
mibberDasEi: no floppy drives, i had a user that was fine, but one day it just locked desktop for this user (can't run programs) -- what do i do to pulse audio? remove it? how?01:30
DasEiPresuntoRJ: hwinfo gives even more details01:30
PresuntoRJross_: it may even be nvidia but not have the propetary drivers and controls installed...01:30
PresuntoRJDasEi: he was trying to determine only the manufacturer of the video card... ;)01:30
DasEiah, ok01:31
DasEimibber: sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio01:31
Fr3d0sorry i meant amarok 2.3.1 and kde 4.4.201:31
PresuntoRJDasEi: and hwinfo is not installed by default on new systems, so users might need to be able to use lspci before trying other software01:31
nitwitjust built new pc but can't get ubuntu to install. it hangs at the boot logo. very simple hardware setup - just mb (h55) cpu (i3) and sata hd connected by hdmi to lcd tv. can anyone suggest why it wont boot? tested ubuntu flash drive on other hardware and it works fine,01:32
PresuntoRJross_: any news?01:32
DasEinitwit: tried to boot a live cd ?01:32
mibberDasEi: under 'the following packages will be removed', one of them is 'ubuntu-desktop' -- isn't this a problem?01:33
nitwitDasEi: no cd drive just usb stick01:33
DasEimibber: does this happen to all apps you start ;;  yes, don't remove then01:33
weblordpepeqwoah holy crap01:33
weblordpepeqlook at all the people01:33
stunts513ok that didnt work01:34
CkhiKuzadworship them, weblordpepeq, for they can help.01:34
CkhiKuzadoh, and01:34
CkhiKuzad!hi | weblordpepeq01:34
ubottuweblordpepeq: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:34
mibberDasEi: i can open folders, i can right click and go to about, right click works, whenever i double click, say, terminal, notes, browser, etc, it doesn't work01:34
CoronadeC++0x) >01:34
DasEimibber: sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio-module-x11 --dry-run01:34
snow_ruCoronade, why you always mentioned about C++0x ?01:34
Coronadebrb, QT01:34
DasEimibber: does this also suggest half software ?01:35
latagorePresuntoRJ: Thanks for your help from earlier01:35
PresuntoRJlatagore: you are wellcome01:35
PresuntoRJlatagore: is it any better now?01:35
snow_ruPresuntoRJ, yes01:36
snow_ruPresuntoRJ, thanks01:36
mibberDasEi: nope, shall i remove?01:36
DasEimibber: yes01:36
mibberDasEi: okay removed01:36
PresuntoRJsnow_ru: good to know01:36
DasEimibber: then let's have an example-app: sudo apt-get install vlc, if not installed yet01:36
Fr3d0hello i have my desktop with xubuntu and i've installed amarok but i'am having this annoying issue whenever i boot the sound does not work and the only way to make it back is erasing .pulse/89d6ae6ee9e76d1cdd7a8e0e4c0707d5-runtime after that the sound goes back i'm using amarok 2.3.101:37
PresuntoRJDasEi: sudo apt-cache policy vlc should help determine that01:37
mibberDasEi: okay i'm installing vlc,what is an example -app01:37
weblordpepeqsound in linux is a mess01:37
DasEimibber: a program we try to start , so we can examine01:38
PresuntoRJweblordpepeq: it is getting better... what is wrong with your system sound?01:38
latagorePresuntoRJ: To be honest xD I can't see the difference01:38
mibberDasEi: okay01:38
PresuntoRJthere are little ones01:38
DasEimibber: try to launch it, first by gui : > multimedia > vlc01:38
mibberDasEi: oh vlc media player gotcha01:38
PresuntoRJlatagore:  is there an icon onthe system notification ares01:38
PresuntoRJlatagore: mine looks like a green cartoon balloon01:39
DasEimibber: should start by single-click from the menu01:39
latagorePresuntoRJ: Yep, I'm getting a friend to message me01:39
latagorePresuntoRJ: Can you send me a PM01:40
mibberDasEi: it worked! it ran01:40
mibberDasEi: but everything else doesn't work01:40
DasEimibber: like which programm ?01:40
mibberDasEi: it ran vlc media player01:41
DasEimibber: which did not ?01:41
mibberDasEi: but, for instance, right above that 'movie player' failed01:41
mibberDasEi: calculator fails01:41
DasEimibber : in terminal : gnome-mplayer01:42
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:42
mibberDasEi: in the console?01:42
DasEimibber : yes, terminal = console = trml01:42
mibberDasEi: i don't have it installed01:43
mibberDasEi: for instance,i use 'gedit'01:43
Agu10do you know of any cool exciting music under creative commons?01:44
DasEimibber: so gedit, first GUI, then trml01:44
Agu10it's to use on a youtube video01:44
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bpietroDasEi, just posted question on launchpad, thanks for help, nite01:45
DasEibpietro: you found the develop-seection on it, nice01:45
mibberDasEi: didnt' work in GUI, in terminal  i just get a message 'gedit:3815: Gtk-WARNING *** cannot open display'01:46
mibberDasEi: emacs23 worked in GUI01:46
mibberDasEi: and it also works in terminal01:46
Viking667How do I stop Nautilus from starting up?01:46
DasEimibber: so still a problem with x, sudo service gdm restart ,  to get the pulse out01:47
MrJoneshow can I change the system locale (no X/GUI) permanently?01:47
Viking667Every time I try to kill it off, it pops up again.01:47
MrJonesin which file is that setting stored/which command line cmd can permanently change it for me?01:47
DasEiMrJones: system > admin.. > statupcsreen01:47
Fr3d0.pulse/89d6ae6ee9e76d1cdd7a8e0e4c0707d5-runtime when erasing this file in .pulse the sound goes back in my sistem amarok 2.3.1 kde 4.4.2 kernel  2.6.32-24-generic01:47
MrJonesDasEi: as I said, no X/GUI.01:47
SCD[Eire]Offtopic: Anyone know what channel I can go to for GFX help?01:48
mibberDasEi: yeah i restarted it again, no gedit. Emacs works though still in GUI.01:48
Fr3d0i need help i'm bored of doing this every time i boot my system01:48
nitwitHello, I have just built a new Media PC but can't get Ubuntu to live boot from USB flash drive. It hangs at the boot logo. It's a very simple hardware setup, just a motherboard (Intel H55 Chipset) CPU (Intel i3) and one SATA Hard Disk connected by HDMI to an LCD TV. Can anyone suggest why it will not boot? Tested the Ubuntu flash drive on other (older, more complex) hardware and it works fine. Only one messege on the console, confirning01:48
DasEimibber: console based ( emacs) , which g-card do you use ?01:49
DasEilspci | grep -i vga01:49
Viking667hm. Nope... gotta go. Bye01:49
mibber00:0f.0 VGA compatible controller: VMware SVGA II Adapter01:50
MaRk-Initwit: might be this http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/05/06/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup-workaround/01:50
DasEimibber: so a ubuntu-vm01:50
mibberDasEi: yeah running in vmware01:51
DasEimibber: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:51
=== brebrebrebre is now known as |_ocke
mibberDasEi: do i need to back stuff up before running that?01:51
nitwitMaRk-I: Thank you, will try that now...01:52
DasEimibber: sudo service gdm restart01:52
kremlonwhat happened to the #linux channel?01:52
DasEikremlon: still there01:52
kremlonit says ##linux-overflow01:53
DasEikremlon: ##linux01:53
kremlonwhen you join01:53
trimetaI just did /join #linux and nothing weird there...01:53
mibberDasEi: yeah done, didn't change anything01:53
stunts5131hey what do i type to get it to just post pastebin of the terminal01:53
DasEikremlon: registered ?01:53
MrJoneshow can I set the system locale on command line permanently to something else (for all users)?01:53
metaphlexi was used to having the restricted drivers thing automatically install the correct video card, but it's not detecting anything01:54
trimetastunts5131: You mean, you've got some text you want to pastebin?01:54
ross_presuntorj: it is nvidia01:54
DasEistunts5131: you can pipe to pastebinit, like lspci | pastebinit01:54
DasEi!register > kremlon01:54
ubottukremlon, please see my private message01:54
stunts5131uh lets ust say the typical commadn i use makes it say that theres nothing to paste01:54
PresuntoRJross_: do you see the nvidia icon on the system/preferences menu ?01:54
ross_presuntorj: er no01:55
metaphlexi was running linux mint and got the card working, but now on a crunchbang linux install, the restricted drivers app is showing anything01:55
MrJonesanyone? :x01:55
stunts5131thats what i did01:55
trimetastunts5131: Can you be more specific about what you're trying to do? Do you want to have the output of a specific command sent to a pastebin? Try piping it to wgetpaste.01:55
DasEimibber: so idk what is then, and running out of time, maybe just reinstall the whole desktop package and let it run ?01:55
MrJonesI really have no idea where those settings are stored. somewhere in /etc/ I suppose >.>01:55
=== Zeike is now known as brandonj
trimetastunts5131: Maybe do a simple test, then? "echo test | wgetpaste"?01:56
mibberDasEi: just resintall ubuntu-desktop?01:56
stunts5131woa im algging01:56
PyjamaSpankDocky question, how can I change an icon? I use Conky and it shows up as just a bog standard no-icon icon. A bit ugly.01:56
DasEimibber: and let's also bring pulse-x back, as nothing went better01:56
ross_presuntorj: ok i found it but this is01:56
mibberDasEi: thanks for your help, i will backup my files, then would u suggest resintalling everything from scratch? or how can i just reinstall problematic desktop stuff?01:56
DasEimibber: is a shot in the dark, else you might look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log and messages in same dir, I'm gtg soon01:56
noob_1Is it possible to keep a wireless connection connected while a laptop is suspended?01:56
trimetaMrJones: Hold on, let me check the Gentoo wiki, they tell you how to do things like that on the command line...01:57
dougb_freebsdnoob_1: no01:57
DasEimibber: no, no backup or new install, just the whole desktop package01:57
PresuntoRJross_: ?01:57
ross_presuntorj: ok nevermind01:57
ross_presuntorj: er01:57
MrJonestrimeta: are you being serious? lol01:57
PresuntoRJross_: ok01:57
MrJoneswell if that helps :D01:57
ross_presuntorj: how do i install the graphic card's driver01:57
noob_1ok, thank you01:57
latagorePresuntoRJ: I have a problem logging in ubuntu on my laptop01:57
mibberDasEi: so just sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop?01:57
stunts5131what just happened, i started lagging and the next thing i know my terminal says display all 2245 possibilities? (y or n)01:57
=== james is now known as Guest15983
stunts5131and there wasnt a command even in the line01:58
DasEimibber: sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-module-x11 && sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop01:58
Guest15983have a question about chmod 70001:58
PresuntoRJlatagore: what happenend there?01:58
trimetaMrJones: To be fair, I'm generally a Gentoo person, but this is the sort of thing they're good at.01:58
=== Guest9236 is now known as jazzz
latagorePresuntoRJ: The computer freezes at logon01:58
stunts5131hopeim not being hacked via ssh...01:58
DasEimibber: and do a reboot if the update/grade installed a new kernel, myy vm's are fine here01:58
MrJonestrimeta: well I thought you might be just joking that I want to do something not using X since that's something only freaky Gentoo persons do. :P01:58
Guest15983chmod 700 does not work even with sudo any ideas01:58
mibberDasEi: okay - that resinstalls everything right? but leaves files or which01:58
PresuntoRJlatagore:  before or after you enter your name and password?01:58
HeTaLlatagore: Is your partition full?01:58
latagorePresuntoRJ: At the user selection01:59
DasEimibber : yes, no need to worry about userdata01:59
mibberDasEi: okay cool thanks01:59
latagoreHeTaL: It is not, as far as I know01:59
mibberDasEi: hopefully this fixes it! Thanks a lot!01:59
DasEimibber: sry for my time running out, good luck !01:59
trimetaMrJones: OK, on a Gentoo system the global locale is stored in /etc/env.d/02locale. See if you have something like that.01:59
jazzzi just instal lucid and it's very long when i start the computer. i can't find why. can somebody help me?02:00
MrJonestrimeta: no, there's only /etc/environment02:00
skumarathere is a beep sound when i press shutdown. how to remove this sound?02:00
MrJonestrimeta: and that one just contains the PATH var02:00
trimetaHmm...I have a Ubuntu server here, let me see if I can find where it's located in this distro...02:00
jazzzi just instal lucid and it's very long when i start the computer. i can't find why. can somebody help me?02:01
stunts5131if someone is sshing me how do i disconnect them02:01
red2kicstunts5131: Don'02:01
skumarajazzz, first boot is very long.02:01
red2kicstunts5131: Don't give them permissions in first place? :(02:01
trimetaMrJones: Try /etc/default/locale02:01
MrJonestrimeta: that one is already set to English >.> lol02:02
MrJones(the system definitely spits out everything in GErman)02:02
red2kicstunts5131: Run 'w' in the terminal to see if somebody is sshed in.02:02
trimetaMrJones: You sure that you don't have a local setting overriding the default?02:02
red2kicstunts5131: And you could stop ssh service (at least).02:02
hiexpoi see pidgin is having a problem with twitter02:02
MrJonestrimeta: I might have, sure02:02
MrJoneswhere would I find that?02:02
kremlonstunts5131: you should check your /var/auth.logs02:03
jazzz<skumara> yes, every boot and i don't know why....02:03
bpietroJazzz: very long is a little bit vague, can you be a little specific, pls? An on which box it's slow? CPU type & speed, RAM qty ...02:03
zephrtried to run command sudo chmod 700 /home/***/filename and cannot get it to work any ideas running latest ubuntu02:03
trimetaMrJones: Check ~/.bashrc and other things which might be sourced on login?02:03
o-brownHello, I'm trying to install OpenBravo Erp and I get a error message in synaptic02:04
MrJonestrimeta: doesn'T seem so, no02:04
MrJonesno match for LC or LANG02:04
trimetaDoes this happen for other users on the system?02:05
=== randomusr is now known as Guest74431
o-brownCould some one help me with my error message problem please ?02:05
MrJonestrimeta: well, when using sudo yes. but that might be an intended functionality of sudo (passing on locale/env vars), don't know02:05
zephrtried to run command sudo chmod 700 /home/***/filename and cannot get it to work any ideas running latest ubuntu02:06
trimetaMrJones: And "locale -a" give you all the German stuff?02:06
MrJonesyea :<02:06
dougb_freebsdzephr: do you seriously have 3 ***'s there?02:07
zephrno its a name02:07
jazzz<bpietro> ok i boot , then it soend 2 minutes for the loggin window to appears, then the background appear but not the "barre d'outil" up the screen (the place with icon for application).02:07
Guest74431what is the effect of "man -d" ?02:07
trimetaMrJones: I don't know, I'm stumped.02:08
dougb_freebsdGuest74431: man man02:08
o-brownNeed help with an installation problem please02:08
zephrall i want to do is make file executable02:08
n0a1ias" my suggestion to ubuntu natty narwhal is making ipv6 enabled by default and putting as much services on it as possible", UndiFined02:08
jazzzit looks like aving a problem with the battery because of a message of allimentation program, or with usb with the dmesg, but i don't know what to do, can you help find a solution?02:08
MrJonestrimeta: ok, thanks for the research anyway xP02:08
undifinedlol n0a1ias02:08
Guest74431dougb_freebsd, whew thanks02:09
=== jazzz is now known as jazzz25
zephreven tried with gui left click properties has option changed it and it goes right back like it is write protected02:10
latagoreI can't get past the logon screen in Ubuntu, the computer just freezes02:10
bpietrojazzz: today's HW, I suppose, not some retrocomp stuff :) so wait another 5 minutes, then Ctrl+Alt+Del for reboot. If prb persists, something went wrong with installation02:10
jazzz25i think it's something else because of the dmesg02:11
zephralso using sudo in terminal still wont make executable02:11
jazzz25do you want to see?02:11
jazzz25and the problem is with every boot02:11
jazzz25and i reinstall ubuntu because the problem soudently appears with my last version of ubuntu02:12
stunts513hey how do you disconnect someone that is sshing you?02:12
zephrcan anyone help with making file executable02:12
latagorestunts513: I found this on Google http://hintsforums.macworld.com/archive/index.php/t-3701.html02:13
jazzz25oh shit i have been banned from ubuntu-fr, how can i do to join it again? just wait or something better to do?02:13
zeknoxI'm have issues with my apache virtualhost, it goes to my first website in the httpd.conf, here is my config, http://pastebin.com/Cn303xzw02:13
h00k!language | jazzz2502:13
ubottujazzz25: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:13
h00kjazzz25: Check with #ubuntu-fr-ops02:14
zephrcan anyone help with making file executable02:14
o-brownNeed help with an installation problem please02:14
stunts513i thinkk someone sshed me remotely because i hada terminal up, and there wasnt any commands typed in, but i all of a sudden wen tto a new line and sayd something like display all 2423 files (y/n) and it was lagging bad02:15
sabalabageneral terminal question here, how do I chmod 755 a folder? some stuff isn't showing up in my /var/www/ when I symlink it (some symlinks work, others, to a mounted drive, do not)02:15
sabalabai want to chmod 755 /foldername/02:15
sabalababut it doesn't do anything02:15
MaRk-Izephr: sudo chmod +x filename02:15
srdgameAfter upgrade system today, my firefox now becomes a "Namoroka Web Browser".  How could I roll it back?  It is because I added a mozilla daily ppa?02:15
latagorestunts513: did you look into the link?02:15
jazzz25can somebody help me for my starting problem?02:15
hiexpouse sudo02:15
bpietrozephr: chmod u+x <filename> works for me02:16
latagoreThere doesn't look like there is anyone to help out02:16
sabalabahiexpo, doing that..02:16
stunts513huh o i will, im watching tv and doing homework at same time02:17
brobinson_does anyone know how to display japanese charaters in browsers on meerkat02:17
WasserHello people!02:17
=== AlbertoP_ is now known as AlbertoP
spivousim fairly new to linux and having an issue with laptop sound. it works but is only off or on, theres no middle ground. headphones and external speakers work fine just not laptop speakers anyone have a fix for this?02:18
brobinson_@spivous try running "alsamixer" from command line02:18
bpietrojazzz25: pastebin dmesg, I'll take a look02:19
jazzz25<bpietro> ok02:19
jazzz25thank you02:19
mibberhey guys, my ubuntu desktop isn't working, i just did sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop but that didn't fix it, how can i do some sort of full reinstall while keeping the data? like a repair install or something?02:19
o-brownNeed help with an installation problem please02:19
bpietrojazzz25: de nada :)02:19
tadcrazioHey guys, i was wondering if anyone knows of a desktop scheduler that i could manage my classes and work and what not without having to open a program just having it sit on my desktop02:20
dan86Hey, what does everyone in the community use for a compression tool?  (With a GUI)02:20
mrpink57tadcrazio: im sure there is a calendar widget02:20
o-brownit says the following: openbravo-erp: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 102:20
dan86I like being able to drag and drop files to add/subtract from archives02:20
WasserHi, i changed my fstab to automount a partition in my main hard drive in ~/Music. It works fine, but it always shows the icon of the harddrive in the desktop. Is it possible to remove that icon?02:20
bpietroo-brown: don't ask pernission to ask, pls, what's problem02:21
dan86wasser i'd like to know the answer to that question as well02:21
tadcraziothanks mrpink02:21
o-brownbpietro: the problem is this ---> openbravo-erp: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 102:21
zephrbpietro that still did not work02:22
dan86what compression software with GUI do you guys use?02:23
zephrthats all i know to use02:23
o-brownbpietro: sorry I always have the bad habbit of making sure I'm talking to someone before getting into details02:23
jazzz25<bpietro>   http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-9608902:23
=== Centurion210 is now known as C210|away
ritleeI have a script being called from "root's" crontab to run every 5 minutes, it runs for a while but then stops running for no apparent reason.  I'm hoping some one might be able to shed some light on how to keep it running02:24
spivousbrobinson: i tried alsamixer and still have same issue volume looks like it is adjusting but is only on or off02:24
=== [sleepy] is now known as sleepy|food
dougb_freebsdritlee: does it take more than 5 minutes to run?02:25
mibberritlee: which language?02:26
=== branden is now known as Guest24992
ritleedougb_freebsd, shouldn't it just checks a directory for .avi's and moves them to where they should go, also it appears to stop running from crontab when it finds a file... but runs perfectly when executed from cl02:26
ritleemibber, bash02:26
ritleemibber, language correctly defined on the first line02:27
mibberritlee: have your code write to a file at the top of it? maybe there are errors? output stdout / stderr to a file as well02:27
bpietrozephr: what don't work, you can't change exec bit on file or file isn't run either? how you try to run it? is it file's directory in your PATH?02:27
brobinson_spivous: oh sorry Ubuntu is now on pulse audio, what I do is kill it http://www.linuxplanet.com/linuxplanet/tutorials/7130/1/02:27
spivousbrobinson: thx i'll give that a try02:28
stunts513hey is ilovefairuz still here?02:29
stunts513o good02:29
stunts513hes on the list02:29
ritleemibber, how so? haven't learned to use those cmds yet :(... if necessary the script itself can be found at http://pastebin.com/Qk0cUknu02:29
bpietrojazzz25: yes, I saw it, loop of testing some (probably unknown or defect) device. But it's on USB bus. is there some USB stuff connected?02:29
ilovefairuzstunts513: yes02:30
tracy69<stunts513> he was deported02:30
stunts513ilovefairuz: hey i got the screen pretty far, but when it tries to get into the resilution i want it says crtc0 error02:30
ilovefairuzstunts513: what's the exact error string02:30
Coronadehey I have a question, when I installed ubuntu on my old ass laptop it says not-an-authentic copy of Ubuntu?? wth02:31
stunts513uh i gotta open terminal gimme a sec, some weird command got run and it maed computer lag up so bad i had to reboot02:31
bpietroCoronade, LOL02:31
hiexpoCoronade, did u md5sum it /02:31
hartugh can someone give me a list of what i should download to make ubuntu 10.04 better?02:31
IdleOneCoronade: watch your language and I don't know where you got your copy of Ubuntu but that is not official02:31
IzinucsCoronade: really?  <sarcasim>02:31
IdleOnehart: there are tons of Top 10 things to do after you install ubuntu blogs02:32
stunts513ilovefairuz: crap i dont know what happened but its not letting me use that resolution agian..... lemme screw with it02:32
WasserHi, i changed my fstab to automount a partition in my main hard drive in ~/Music. It works fine, but it always shows the icon of the harddrive in the desktop. Is it possible to remove that icon?02:32
hartahh ty ^.^02:32
mibberritlee: i mean do something like this at the top of your script:  date > /tmp/my_task_runtime.txt at the top of your file, so you know that it at least got into your script. Then, in the cron, do this    * * * * * myscript.sh &> /tmp/some_output.txt02:32
hartthat helps02:32
thetimeswell how do I get an authentic copy??02:32
stunts513ok now it says it can idk02:32
stunts513here we go02:32
Coronadewell how do i get an authentic copy??02:32
ritleehmmm good idea02:33
mibberritlee: then you check if the files exist, u know ur program ran02:33
stunts513xrandr --output default --mode "1024x768_60.00"02:33
stunts513xrandr: Configure crtc 0 failed02:33
mibberritlee: then u know its not cron02:33
hanasakiI set appearance / Extra and it works fine.. however when I logout/logback in it is back to Standard... how do you get it to stay on extra between logout/login?02:33
stunts513ilovefairuz: xrandr --output default --mode "1024x768_60.00"02:33
stunts513ilovefairuz: xrandr: Configure crtc 0 failed02:33
ritleemibber, ok i see what your saying, i have something simular, but it's actually at the END of the script02:34
mibberritlee: yep better to place at start before any script logic02:34
ritleemibber, good idea ;)02:34
Coronadeso... about this non-authentic copy..02:36
Coronadedid it have a rootkit in it or something?02:36
red2kicCoronade and thetimes is the same person living in pretty awful small population. Clearly he have no life. :(02:36
CoronadeI know you can't really know for sure, but how does that happen?02:36
thetimeshow often do hackers put a rootkit in a ubuntu image?02:37
stunts513there are rootkits for linux?02:37
tracy69<thetimes> 75/day02:37
thetimesI don't know, but I would imagine..02:37
stunts513i thought linux was supposed to be almost completely virus preoof02:37
IdleOneCoronade: thetimes Please pick a client and stick with it. no need to ask the same question on separate nicks02:37
Izinucsstunts513: yes but you typically have to accept its install02:38
tracy69<stunts513> and it is02:38
jason235im haveing trouble with Flash Plugin crashing in firefox02:38
o-brownI have this problem ---> openbravo-erp: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1, can someone help me ?02:38
thetimesokay, i'll ask elsewhere.02:38
millertimek1a2m3does anyone know why my wireless keeps automatically deauthenticating? is anyone good at wireless here?02:38
millertimek1a2m3 I need some help02:38
stunts513sounds like what happens to me on windows....02:38
chris_osxyou need a better wlan cable02:38
jason235do u have wep password protect ur wireless router millertimek1a2m302:38
dubliskshould /lib be on my LD_LIBRARY_PATH ? I am trying to compile something and the configure script complains about the readline library. I have a readline.so.6 in /lib02:39
stunts513ilovefairuz: u get those messages with tthe commands i sent? just wondering im multitasking and i suck at it02:39
rjt"ip link set eth1 up dynamic on"  throws  'either "dev" is duplicate or "dynamic" is garbage.'02:39
ilovefairuzstunts513: yes, looking it up02:40
rjt i noticed that on Fedora13, dhclient runs much much much more quickly after running "ip link set eth1 up dynamic on" and this LiveCD ipconfig dhcp client times out too quickly.02:40
rjtBusyBox v1.15.3 (ubuntu1.15.3-1ubuntu4)02:41
Izinucsrjt: is this in the live cd or server? or an install?02:42
latagoreHi, I'd just like to know how to modify GRUB so it doesn't auto pick an OS02:42
Izinucsrjt: could be networkmanager interfearing with your manual attempt02:43
stunts513you don't want to fix it manually i dont suppose?02:43
Dr_Willislatagore:  you want it to never auto-start a selection. you want it to wait forever for you to hit enter?02:43
rjtNetworkManager is not even on the CD at this point.  live-initramfs calls ipconfig which does a dhcp that times out.02:43
uRockilovefairuz, You were right in the advice earlier. When changing from 64bit to 32bit without changing the /home there were no problems.02:43
Izinucs!grub2 | latagore Look for the "timing" line02:44
ubottulatagore Look for the "timing" line: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:44
mmnicolasdoes anyone have any experience with live-helper and upstart, im trying to set up root auto-login but /etc/init/tty1.conf gets rewritten by some other scripts, during boot its says these scripts are loaded from /scripts but no such irectory exists02:44
latagoreDr_Willis: considering GRUB autostarts an OS that doesn't work properly at the moment, yes02:44
Dr_Willislatagore:  edit the proper entry in /etc/default/grub  to set the timeout. I think -1 waits for4ever.02:45
WasserHi, i changed my fstab to automount a partition in my main hard drive in ~/Music. It works fine, but it always shows the icon of the harddrive in the desktop. Is it possible to remove that icon?02:45
o-brownI have this problem ---> openbravo-erp: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1, can someone help me ?02:45
latagorelzinucs: I'm not running grub202:45
latagoreDr_Willis: Thanks a bunch02:45
Dr_Willismmnicolas:  ive made a /etc/init/ script taht started a bash terminal as root on a cons0ole at boot time. - if thats what you are trying to do.02:45
Dr_Willislatagore:  if not using grub2. then you will need to edit the /boot/grub/grub.cfg i belive.02:46
Izinucslatagore: then /etc/default/grub is the wrong place.. /etc/boot/grub I seem to remember is close02:46
mmnicolasDr_Willis: this will probably get overridden by the live scripts too02:46
Izinucslatagore: actually Dr_Willis has it right :)02:46
sfearsgrub2 uses /boot/grub/grub.cfg02:46
Quantum_Ionman I hate grub202:46
Dr_Willismmnicolas:  mine dosent.. becasue its not called /etc/init/ttyS1.conf its called /etc/init/SOMTHINGELSE :)02:46
Izinucssfears: except that gets overwritten automatically02:46
millertimek1a2m3jason235 I'm having issues maintaining a connection with an Atheros 928X wireless card02:46
latagorelzinucs: Thanks :]02:47
Quantum_IonI look at grub2 and I don't even want to touch it02:47
latagoreDr_Willis: Thanks to you too :]02:47
* sfears also gets confused by grub202:47
mmnicolasDr_Willis: do you use it in a live environment ?02:47
mmnicolasbut mine needs to show up on tty102:47
* l03a_JR is away, auto-away after 15 minutes, (log\off pager\on)02:47
Dr_Willismmnicolas:  It uses the openvt command thats not installed by default. You can force it to start on tty1 if you w2anted to.02:47
mmnicolasDr_Willis: but then it will also start the other tty1.conf02:48
realcoolguyGrub2 problems may grow more prevelant in dual boot environments as a lot of windows programs are now modifying bytes outside of partitioned space.  So it is a good idea to know how it works.02:48
=== chong is now known as Guest36832
Dr_Willismmnicolas:  here it is for you to look at.02:48
Dr_Willis/etc/init$ pastebinit  sulogin.conf02:48
Dr_WillisGrub2 has a lot of VERY handy features.02:49
sfearsmodifying bytes outside of partitioned space??02:49
IzinucsDr_Willis: glad to see you in tonight.. any solutions for when you ssh -X into an ubuntu/kubuntu box and issue "echo $DISPLAY" with a blank line as a result?02:49
Dr_WillisLets see over the years ive learned Grub, LILO, Syslinux, and Grub2  :)02:49
Dr_WillisIzinucs:  x forwarding on the server may be disabled02:49
latagoreHm, well I guess this is the appropriate time to ask about Ubuntu; I can't get Ubuntu to work at the login screen, it freezes02:49
IzinucsDr_Willis: nope.. set in both ssh_config and sshd_config02:50
Dr_WillisIzinucs:  or the ssh agent/tool isent running when you connect. i recall thats what sets that variable02:50
realcoolguylatagore: any recent changes? has it worked before and now it doesn't?  Also have you ruled out hardwares issues (checking the Ram can be a good idea, memtest86)02:50
sfearslatagore: xorg config problems perhaps?02:50
IzinucsDr_Willis: how do you mean, agent/tool?02:51
Dr_Willislatagore:  can you ssh in, does alt-ctrl-f1 throuigh f5 work?02:51
Dr_WillisIzinucs:  when you ssh in, theres some ssh-SOMTHING that runs and sets those variables02:51
songokuHow do who know what it is mean of this line: pkgdatadir = $(datadir)/@PACKAGE@02:51
Dr_WillisIzinucs:  from what i recall reading in a big book-on-ssh ages ago02:51
latagorerealcoolguy: I just installed it on my computer, but I can test the memory02:51
IzinucsDr_Willis: hummmm02:51
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)02:51
latagoreDr_Willis: It freezes those screens too02:51
Dr_Willislatagore:  it freezes on the consoles also but you can switch back/forth to them?02:52
=== sleepy|food is now known as [sleepy]
Alexander_Wireless internet appears to be connected (showing bars). Wired internet functions normally. Wireless does not load web pages.02:52
latagoreDr_Willis: Uh, I can switch between consoles for a couple seconds before the login screen pops up02:52
IzinucsDr_Willis: even when logging in locally with "ssh localhost" it gives the same result.02:52
Alexander_Seeking advice02:52
realcoolguylatagore: hmmm well I always like to test it on the live cd too.  If I can get in and everything works there, it's usually something I did to the system.02:53
latagoreDr_Willis: a couple seconds later, the SSH freezes as well02:53
Dr_Willislatagore:  so you go to the console... then GDM 'pops back up' eh.. thats odd.. ssh freezing? thats VERY odd.02:53
latagoreTalking to two people at the same time is rather difficult =o02:53
songokuHow do who know what it is mean of this line: pkgdatadir = $(datadir)/@PACKAGE@02:54
Dr_WillisIzinucs:  theres the ssh -v or -vv or -vvv options that give more verbose logging info also02:54
IzinucsDr_Willis: I'll give that a shot02:54
songokuhi tuan02:54
pfifoim trying to write a program that can access data from the clipboard. Im not at all familiar with how ubuntu has implemented a clipboard, can anyone here point me in the right direction?02:54
tuanHi songoku.02:54
latagorerealcoolguy: Lemme just reboot02:54
songokutuan la nguoi viet a02:54
Izinucslatagore: best to use nicks so lines will highlight.. type the first few characters and hit TAB for autocompletion02:54
tuanHas the subject New Ubuntu Wallpaper already appeared for here?02:54
IdleOnesongoku: Please please in English in this channel.02:55
tracy69<IdleOne> i dont speak english i do speak American02:55
latagorelzinucs: Not quite sure how to do that02:56
IdleOnetracy69: that will have to do I suppose02:56
tuanI speak South American.02:56
Alexander_I'm able to connect to my wireless router but websites won't load. The network icon shows bars wazzup with that?02:56
latagorelzinucs: It works on other people's names but not yours02:56
songokuare there anybody know what it is mean of this line: pkgdatadir = $(datadir)/@PACKAGE@02:56
Quantum_IonDr_Willis, I have a problem can you help me out02:56
Dr_Willispfifo:  check the package manager. theres several clipboard manager programs. and i recall one or 2 that worked from a terminal for 'scripting' access tothe clipboard also02:56
Izinucslatagore: I type "lat" then hit TAB to autocomplete your nick.. mine begins with an I as in "eye" not l02:56
Quantum_IonDr_Willis, Do you know where the X configuration file on Ubuntu Linux is located I cannot find mine02:56
sfearsyet another reason i'm not proud to be american...  FYI, american is not a language02:56
Dr_WillisQuantum_Ion:  I got 2 min befor i leave for work.. :)02:56
pfifosongoku, that line is setting a variable02:56
Dr_WillisQuantum_Ion:  by default X auto configrues. IF  xorg.conf exists  (it dosent have to) its in /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:57
latagoreIzinucs: Got it =o Forgot about that02:57
Izinucslatagore: worked that time :)02:57
tuanMost countries aren't languages.02:57
songokuis it variable environment?02:57
Quantum_IonDr_Willis, okay let me check it out02:57
tuanThat's why they're called Countries and not Languages.02:57
songokuwhere do you come from Mr tuan?02:57
Dr_WillisQuantum_Ion:  My intel machines dont have a xorg.conf , my nvidia machines do.. because the nvidia-settings tool makes one.02:57
tuanI'm Brazililian, songoku, and you?02:58
songokuah, i'm from chinese02:58
MaRk-I!ot | tuan, songoku02:58
ubottutuan, songoku: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:58
pfifoDr_Willis, no, im looking for im guessing GTK+ stuff, I want to access the data from a C program not a shell script (and calling programs from programs is frowned upon) Im not exactly sure where to look though and I dont want to scour throught the complete X and GTK+ docs02:58
Alexander_is there a ping like command I can issue in the terminal to test connectivity?02:58
Quantum_IonDr_Willis, I want to transfer my Ubuntu Linux X config file to FreeBSD ?02:58
tuanYah, okay, I'm leaving... Bye, people. Came here by mistake.02:58
IzinucsAlexander_: sure "ping IPAddress02:59
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Quantum_IonDr_Willis, but I cannot find the X config file on my Ubuntu Linux system02:59
tuan(Really, clicked on Xchat on Pinguy and here I'm.02:59
latagorerealcoolguy: I just tried to boot from the live CD, it failed02:59
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Izinucslatagore: did you get the first screen asking for "install / try ubuntu" ?02:59
Alexander_Izinucs do you know what might be keeping webpages from loading despite my connection to our wireless router>02:59
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.03:00
MaahesI just had a problem with my liveUSB install.....It went into suspend when I closed the laptop lid, which is fine, but I lost my touchpad when it came back up, is there some way to reinitialize the touchpad?03:00
latagoreIzinucs: Yep; I did get it working with advice to use nomodeset as a boot parameter03:00
Izinucslatagore: using what parameter?03:00
IzinucsAlexander_: might be a DNS issue.. not sure how to solve that one.03:00
latagoreIzinucs: "nomodeset"?03:00
Izinucslatagore: is it a nvidia chipset?03:00
songokuare  there any document guide about script similar to this script: pkglibdir = $(libdir)/@PACKAGE@03:00
songokupkglibexecdir = $(libexecdir)/@PACKAGE@03:00
songokuam__cd = CDPATH="$${ZSH_VERSION+.}$(PATH_SEPARATOR)" && cd03:00
songokuinstall_sh_DATA = $(install_sh) -c -m 64403:00
songokuinstall_sh_PROGRAM = $(install_sh) -c03:00
songokuinstall_sh_SCRIPT = $(install_sh) -c03:00
FloodBot2songoku: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:00
MaahesAlexander_, my wireless router's dns stops delivering pages for me all the time03:00
Alexander_Maahes what's that mean? dns?03:01
Alexander_can I turn it off/delete it *snicker*03:01
songokui'm researching make file but i don't know that03:01
latagoreIzinucs: Chipset as in graphics card? It's an AMD machine so I would think otherwise. I don't know though03:01
ubottuTo set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/dns.html03:01
Izinucsdns = domain name server = looks up web pages for coorisponding ip addresses then connects you03:01
MaahesAlexander_, Domain Name Server, that's the part of your router that translates example.com into 123.456.89003:01
dougb_freebsdname servers don't look up web pages :)03:02
red2kicAlexander_: http://www.google.com is easier to remember than
Izinucslatagore: I have an AMD machine with nvidia chipset on the motherboard.. that's what I'm wondering about.03:02
Alexander_true but I just tried ubuntu software center = fail aswell03:02
latagoreIzinucs:  Can I check from the BIOS?03:02
hiexpothis is not bsd03:02
MaahesAnyways anyone know how to reinitialize a touchpad in ubuntu?03:02
mr_pincAnyone know which version of Ubuntu server I need to install for to run on a Zotac MAG with Ion MB?  The AMD64 version or the i386 version?03:03
latagoreIzinucs:  I went into the bios, can't figure it out03:03
Izinucslatagore: you can with sudo lshw .. that'll give a bunch of info about your system03:03
SubCoolcould someone help me with this edit? i knkow its stupid, but i dont get bash.03:04
SubCoolbash -c 'LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype03:04
Izinucslatagore: but if you can't boot the live cd that would make it tough.. you could try a different mod to the kernel line for boot.. put in pci=nomsi before boot splash03:04
SubCoolI am supposed to do that so that skype will work, how come when i run that command i get a bash prompt? lol- i know stupid.. but i dont get it03:05
IzinucsSubCool: does skype load after issuing that line?03:05
latagoreIzinucs: I'm booting from recovery mode03:05
SubCooli get a >03:05
IzinucsSubCool: you have a " ' " mark at the beginning of LD_PR.... but there's no ending ' mark03:06
SubCooloh- didnt notice that.. ok. ill try03:06
IzinucsSubCool: make sure it's in the right place.. check the docs you got that line from03:07
MaRk-ISubCool: try without the bash command see what happens:   LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype03:07
latagoreIzinucs:  I ran the command, but I don't know what I'm looking for xD03:07
SubCoollol- the docs are interesting, i didnt notice the first ' - i though it was for sytation.03:07
MaahesAnyways anyone know how to reinitialize a touchpad in ubuntu?03:07
SubCoolhow about the multi-desktop widget? i accidentally deleted mine03:07
user796hello folks03:08
SubCoolIzinucs, ty- that fixed it..03:08
user796it would seem that the UNR should have an encrypted lvm option03:08
SubCoolThanks MaRk-I03:08
Izinucslatagore: scroll through it and look for chipset/motherboard etc.. or simply look for nvidia where ever it appears and see what it references.03:08
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petersteele111damn it it wont let me join #python again. I already registered my username03:08
IzinucsSubCool: np :)03:08
user796encrypted lvm would be most needed for a netbook which is easily lost03:08
nimbioticshello all. Ive got vbox on ubuntu 10.04. On my windows xp virtual machine, under Devices->USB devices, all the installed devices are grayed out and won't let me use them. How can I fix that behavior? TIA03:08
petersteele111and confirmed it with the code with nickserv03:08
latagoreIzinucs:  Acer motherboard03:09
Izinucsnimbiotics: did you install vbox from the repos?03:09
sfearsnimbiotics: you need vbox server for usb support i believe03:09
MaRk-Inimbiotics: if you're using vbox OSE you cant use USB devices, need to install the vbox PUEL version03:09
Izinucslatagore: ok.. that a brand name.. not the chipset03:09
SubCoolno one? Widget? :-)03:10
Izinucsnimbiotics: the PUEL version is only available on the vbox site.. they do have a deb for ubuuntu03:10
latagoreIzinucs: I can't find anything explicitly under chipset03:11
Izinucslatagore: well you could add pci=nomsi anyway and see if that helps.. won't hurt anything in the live environment03:12
sfearsIzinucs: i think vbox-server has usb support as well03:12
user796will someone pm me if they know how to setup ssh to use keys instead of passwords03:12
Izinucssfears: as far as I know vbox PUEL is the server03:12
sfearsI see03:12
Izinucssfears: you might be thinking of vmware-server03:12
nimbioticsIzinucs: ive got v3.2.8 r6445303:13
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holmserdoes anyone here use ispconfig?03:13
MaRk-I!ssh | user79603:13
ubottuuser796: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)03:13
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Izinucsnimbiotics: doesn't really tell us if you got it from the repos or their site03:13
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SubCoolno one? what is theat multi desktop widget?03:14
DistantStar What should I do, if I lost sound from speaker output from the motherboard? This happend after I installed my new Radeon HD 5670. The speaker out is perfectly fine on Win7 but on Ubuntu, no sound output.03:14
user796checking out the help pages03:14
nimbioticsIzinucs: got it from the site03:14
latagoreIzinucs: No success03:14
Izinucsnimbiotics: then before starting a vm, highlight it and click settings.. enable usb but disable usb 2.0 .. then start the vm03:15
MaRk-I!cn | lxd_03:15
ubottulxd_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk03:15
mibberhi, i have no floppy drive attached, but programs won't run from my desktop, instead this gets put in my syslog: end_request: I/O error, dev fd0, sector 003:15
mibberdoes someone know what that means?03:15
sfearsDistantStar: is ALSA installed?03:15
lucascastrohey. Can someone say me where I can the ipp2p rules on ufw conf and where put in ?03:15
Izinucslatagore: last attempt for me... get rid of quiet splash from the boot line and then you can watch the progress of the boot.. you should see some errors at some point.. usually the last thing is what causes the hang.03:16
DistantStarsfears, alsa-base is installed.03:16
sfearsi have some audio problems when i turn jack on.. do you have jack intstalled?03:17
nimbioticshello all. Ive got vbox PUEL v3.2.8 r64453on ubuntu 10.04. On my windows xp virtual machine, under Devices->USB devices, all the installed devices are grayed out and won't let me use them. How can I fix that behavior? TIA03:17
latagoreIzinucs: The command line finishes and the login screen pops up and that's when it freezes, so I don't think quiet mode changed anything03:17
Izinucsnimbiotics: ask in #vbox too.03:17
latagoreIzinucs: removing quiet mode*03:17
sfearswhy we even try to help03:18
DistantStarsfears, What do you mean by jack on? Is jack a program or GPU setting?03:18
sfearsjack is a program03:18
DistantStarsfears, In that case, no. I do not have it installed03:18
Izinucspulseaudio and jack might not cooexist well together..03:18
sfearsDistantStar: from a command line "apt-cache policy jackd"03:18
avi_Hello, because of some problems I won't get into now, I need to remove Ubuntu from a mutli-boot system. I have spent some time getting tmy Ubuntu system to work the way I like it, and I would NOT like to have to reinstall from scratch and redo everything.. Is there some way of making an EXACT, working, usable copy of my LinuxUbuntu partition, so that I can reinstall Lucid to a new partition, and then simply "restore" to my saved (current)03:19
avi_configuration? Simply backing up my /home/$USER is not what I'm looking for.. I'm looking for a complete and total backup/restore process. Thanks a ton in advance!!03:19
ai am a  new player03:19
sfearsi had luck with a pulseaudio module and jack.. but when i upgraded they stopped working well Izinucs03:19
Izinucs!clone | avi_03:19
awhat are you  find03:19
ubottuavi_: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate03:19
DistantStarsfears, http://pastebin.com/KkApcRGE03:20
Izinucsavi_: also clonezilla and partimage .. those two are like windows ghost03:20
cachedis it safe to delete a /usr/share/doc folder for something i installed and then removed via apt?03:20
ado here have chinese03:20
ai want to take to a chinese03:20
latagoreIzinucs:  Any last advice?03:21
theyranos!cn | a03:21
ubottua: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk03:21
Izinucs!cn | a03:21
cachedapparently the lilypond docs take up 400MB, which I'm not okay with03:21
Maahesmy machine no longer recognizes my trackpad as existing since coming out of suspend, at least its not listed when I do xinput list how might I find the device, reinintialize it, and re attach it to x?03:21
a   thanks   i like linux  and i will use it for a long03:21
avi_Izinucs: Thanks.. but will the aptitude option save my app's configurations, and my desktop UI settings and stuff?03:21
sfearsDistantStar: from the sound control panel can you get a test tone out of any of the alsa/pulse audio/etc options03:22
billy_hi folks - nautilus filename sort order is wrong - how do i fix it to work like real programs?03:22
latagoreI can't get Linux to get login; it freezes before I can choose a user, can anyone help>03:22
Izinucsavi_: no.. just your installed apps.. it's basically a one step reinstall of the programs you have now.. without any customizations.. clonezilla and partimage are more what you're looking for.03:22
avi_Izinucs: Excellent. I'll look into them.. thanks!03:23
* Maahes bangs his head against the wall03:23
sfearslatagore.. did you understand the "quiet splash" option someone mentioned earlier, that could help diagnose03:23
MaahesI wish I had money to buy canonical's desktop support right now03:23
latagoresfears: It gets past booting03:24
latagoresfears: and onto the logon screen03:24
DistantStarsfears, Hm, well I'm not running Gnome. I'm running Xfce4. Also, I tried the test with aplay and Youtube with no feedback. Another thing is, I'm guessing Ubuntu is running the default GPU HDMI setting instead of the motherboard onboard speaker output.03:25
Izinucslatagore: could also be just a bad burn of the cd03:25
latagoreIzinucs: I'm talking to you on a computer installed from the same live CD03:26
IzinucsDistantStar: gnome has a setting section for changing the default for audio from hdmi to others.. perhaps you have a menu item like that03:26
Izinucslatagore: ah.. well. bad cdrom?  <I'm shooting in the dark here>03:26
latagoreI actually installed it on the other computer first and then this one03:27
sfearslatagore: you said your tty screens freeze as well??03:27
latagoresfears: Yep03:27
DistantStarIzinucs, I'm curious if Xfce4 has that setting and if not, what would you recommend?03:27
IzinucsDistantStar: it may be there.. or it may be a supplemental program you install to change the settings.. it's been a long time since I've run Xfce03:28
DistantStarIzinucs, Ok, I'll install gnome on here and report back. Brb03:28
theyranosI'm having trouble enabling the root account. I've tried passwd and passwd -l, with apparent success, but still can't su. I get the "Your account has expired" message. Any suggestions?03:29
Maahesmy machine no longer recognizes my trackpad as existing since coming out of suspend, at least its not listed when I do xinput list how might I find the device, reinintialize it, and re attach it to x?03:29
Izinucs!root | theyranos03:29
ubottutheyranos: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:29
Micheal`hmmmm like gnome is a 3 min install?03:29
sfearslatagore: perhaps some kind of script is being executed pre-login crashing your system?  i wouldn't know where to start with that.  does recovery mode freeze as well?03:29
Maahestheyranos, why would you want to enable root?03:30
theyranosMaahes, liznucs: Because I need to do apt, and a recent apt-get dist-upgrade broke sudo03:30
DistantStarMicheal`, Well, I'm running Ubuntu remember. :) I'm not compiling from source.03:30
Micheal`even then03:30
latagoresfears: Recovery mode works fine03:30
Izinucstheyranos: boot to the recovery kernel.. you're root there by default03:31
Maahestheyranos, you might be better off using a live CD, Chrooting into your drive, and dist-upgrading from there.03:31
Maahesor rolling back, however you prefer03:32
theyranosi'm chrooted into the drive from its host machine03:32
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=== whosjose is now known as whosjose[busy]
theyranosunfortunately, I can't get to the recovery console thanks to the way the virtual machines are set up here03:32
latagoresfears: Do you know what nomodeset does as a boot parameter?03:33
Maahestheyranos, eek.03:33
MaahesI'm not qualified to help at that point ^_^03:33
theyranosmy choices are chrooting as i have done, or ssh. But I can't ssh in as root for obvious reasons, so I have to ssh in as my normal user, who can no longer sudo03:33
Maahesmy machine no longer recognizes my trackpad as existing since coming out of suspend, at least its not listed when I do xinput list how might I find the device, reinintialize it, and re attach it to x?03:33
latagoreHeh, I feel sorry for you Maahes, no one has answered your question03:34
=== les_ is now known as les
mibberhi guys, when i double click a program on the desktop while simulatenously watching syslog, i dont see any changes to syslog -- shouldn't this be logged?03:34
Jordan_Utheyranos: What happens when you try to use sudo? What package do you think broke sudo?03:34
theyranosMaahes: I assume you've already tried this, but do you know what kernel module is driving your trackpad? You might be able to reinit with a simple rmmod followed by modprobe.03:34
sfearslatagore: looks like it loads vesa display configs.. i've had problems at login before with nVidia chips, that's why i asked if your tty's freeze03:35
latagoreMibber: shouldn't you refresh or something?03:35
Maahestheyranos, THANKYOU, I had forgotten the damn command, the only thing I could remember was depmod03:35
theyranosJordan_U: Something to do with NFS. Sudo itself works, but I'm no longer in the admin group... or any group for that matter.03:35
mibberlatagore: refresh what03:35
latagoremibber: your log viewer03:35
mibberlatagore: i am using tail -f /var/log/syslog03:35
JabDesignso it looks like ubuntu's epiphany cannot connect to AIM anymore03:35
JabDesignanyone else experience that?03:35
sfearslatagore: since your tty's freeze i would say it's not a display driver problem, but nVidia stuff is pesky sometimes.  Try loading a generic xorg.conf file and see what happens03:36
latagoresfears: I wouldn't know how to do that03:36
Jordan_Utheyranos: Is your /etc/group on NFS?03:36
sfearswell.. first try the nomode set boot option03:36
latagoremibber: I don't know from here; I'm only a beginner at Linux03:36
theyranosJordan_U: NIS, sorry, and yes.03:36
latagoresfears: I tried it before and I know it works03:36
theyranosJordan_U: The existence of my user account, and the fact that it should be in admin, are both NIS things.03:37
sfearslatagore: it sound kind of like the nomodeset option loads generic display options which might solve your problem, if so we've diagnosed your problem and can play with your xorg settings then03:37
latagoresfears: Alright, though I wouldn't know how to change xorg03:38
theyranosI can probably just tweak /etc/group on the virtual machine to get back in...03:38
sfearsohh.. well then latagore, "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg"03:38
Tater3000I need help, when my computer goes into suspend I can't get it out, how can I fix this, its a hp pavillion dv800003:38
sfearslatagore: execute that from your recovery mode and reboot.. see if it works03:39
AlbertoPis there an automated tool to build live images (personalized) based on ubuntu?03:39
Jordan_Utheyranos: That's what I would recommend, at least it should let you have access to debug NIS.03:39
latagoresfears: gonna do that03:39
harthey guys is there a way i can use my webcam in chatrooms? it doesnt seem to have the drivers our soemthing03:39
AlbertoPI basically need a standard live + some pre-compiled tools03:39
Jordan_U!remaster | AlbertoP03:40
ubottuAlbertoP: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility03:40
avi_hello, does anyone know if Clonezilla supports ext4 fully?03:40
Micheal`i would sure hope so03:40
Micheal`but i dont know honestly03:40
AlbertoPJordan_U: thanks03:40
avi_Yeah, it would be a REAL bummer if it didn't..03:41
Micheal`parted-magic worked ok last i used it too03:41
latagoresfears: Yep, same error as when I asked someone else03:41
latagoresfears: there is no output for the command03:41
latagoresfears: maybe my xorg package doesn't exist at all03:41
avi_Perhaps you could suggest a similar tool? I need to do a backup of my Lucid system, so that when I wipe the HD and reinstall Lucid vanilla, I can just restore to the exact state my computer is in right now.03:41
Jordan_UAlbertoP: You're welcome.03:41
sfearsthat command should create a xorg.conf file03:42
avi_Partimage won't do it because it can't support ext4.. :/03:42
latagoresfears: Well someone said it should give a bunch of output03:42
latagoresfears: But I'm getting nothing03:42
sfearslatagore: "apt-cache policy xorg"03:43
mr_pincquestion: what is 'ubuntu basic server' in the ubuntu server menu.  do i need to install this?03:43
latagoresfears: Yep03:43
upgrdmananyone know of a good gui for syncing folders between two linux boxes?03:43
sfearsok.. "lspci" what does it say by VGA?03:43
xanguaupgrdman: ubuntu one, dropbox¿03:43
i_is_brokecan i safely remove konqueror from my system, and if so whats the easiest way?03:44
Micheal`avi_, chack here: http://clonezilla.org/03:44
latagoresfears: ATI Radeon HD 420003:44
Izinucsrsync has a gui.. look in synaptic03:44
sfearsi_is_broke: "sudo apt-get remove --purge konqueror" maybe?03:44
Izinucsthat's it !!03:44
avi_Micheal`, That's what I'm angling at right now. Can you personally vouch for it's success?03:44
Micheal`you're welcome03:44
i_is_brokelatagore, i have the same onboard graphics card and it sucks...bought an nvidia and works like a charm..03:45
Micheal`i havent done those in a while i just backup my home and rebuild03:45
latagorei_is_broke: lol Mine is the netbook version03:45
Micheal`grsycn it to be exact lol03:45
theyranosi can now sudo su -  on the virtual machine thanks to some config file tweaking from the host machine, but I would still like to enable root on this machine so I have a backup for when this happens again.03:45
avi_Micheal`, Right. But i'm concerned about apps and settings not data.. all my media/documents I have on an external ext4 drive specifically for that. :D03:46
Izinucstheyranos: create a secondary user account for backup..03:46
sfearslatagore: did you say you currently have no "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" file?03:46
i_is_brokelatagore, sorry about your luck...lol i left my laptop running win 7 just for that reason. i didnt want to mess with it.03:46
=== Guest45235 is now known as chazz
latagoresfears: That's just my conjecture; I'll look for it now03:46
latagorei_is_broke: It03:46
Micheal`what app settings? they should all be in your home , well in most cases03:46
* sfears is looking up the definition of conjecture03:46
latagorei_is_broke: It's apparently one of the best netbook graphics cards lol03:47
adantehow can i disable compiz from the command line, when the gnome-session/x display is not running (ie next time gnome starts i don't want it to start compiz)03:47
DistantStarIzinucs, I have played around with the sound settings, between the on board and the HDMI, but no sound still. Is this a problem with the asound.conf issue?03:47
Izinucsadante: metacity --replace03:47
soreauadamx: chmod -x `which compiz`03:47
avi_Micheal`, I mean like, all the apps I've installed, custom settings, server config files, and other settings that (I don't think are in /home/$USER03:47
* sfears adds conjecture to his dictionary03:47
Jordan_Uadante: Easiest way is "sudo apt-get remove compiz"03:47
sfearsthe world is flat, that is my conjecture03:47
theyranosIzinucs: Thanks. Donno why I didn't think of that :-)03:47
i_is_brokelatagore, oh i love it on win 7, just not for my linux box... its got great graphics, just amd needs to make it easier for everyone to install them right.03:47
IzinucsDistantStar: sounds like a mystery to me.. no pun intended :).. sorry I don't have the answers03:47
adanteIzinucs: that requires an x display03:47
Micheal`avi_, well cloning the wholedrive wont help you03:47
=== jdef is now known as johnmn3
DistantStarIzinucs, Ok, thanks anyways. :)03:48
avi_Micheal`, Oh no?03:48
latagoresfears: I checked the directory; it's empty03:48
latagoresfears: I mean the file is not there; wtf am I saying03:48
adanteJordan_U: thanks... any idea if it is possible to disable it, not remove ?03:48
Izinucstheyranos: simple is best :)03:48
theyranosDistantStar: Have you already ruled out something locking your sound devices? sudo fuser -v /dev/snd/*03:48
Micheal`avi_, well if you clone the whole drive and them reinstall the whole system are you just going to copy parts over?03:48
i_is_brokelatagore, did you use the alternate disk to load ubuntu on your laptop?03:48
sfearsalright latagore, does anyone know how to create a generic vesa xorg.conf file if "dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg" doesn't work?03:48
Micheal`avi_, and if you restore the clone well you gain nothing from reinstalling03:49
Izinucsadante: I realize that.. however I think he was mixing gnome with x.. if gnome doesn't load or hangs X may still be running.03:49
DistantStartheyranos, They are all controled by pulseaudio, if that's what you're asking.03:50
latagorei_is_broke:  I installed it onto my hard drive and then booted03:50
avi_Micheal`, No I don't intend to like "drag" the files over. I am hoping for a system where I can click "backup/clone" in my current install of Lucid, then, after i've wiped the HD and set up the partiton map as I like, install vanilla lucid to the partition i've assigned for it, and simply hit "restore" and walk away. Then I'll come back and my system will be *exactly* as I left it.03:50
avi_Micheal`, Yes, I should've mentioned that, the reason I'm reinstalling is not about Lucid.. it's actually about OS X.03:50
avi_Micheal`, But sadly I can't just reinstall the OS X partiton, because OS X03:51
Micheal`freebsd gotcha03:51
nimbioticsi downloaded a file with extension .bundle How do I install this package?03:51
avi_Micheal`, 's restore CD crashes when it has to deal with ext4 cds.03:51
Micheal`thats right03:51
latagoresfears: I'll google it03:51
adanteIzinucs: the person who asked was me - and x isn't running. I want to disable it so the next time i run gnome-session in my X session it does not try to start compiz (and hopefully no longer crashes)03:51
Izinucsavi_: simply backing up /home will retain most if not all of your settings.. then the aptitude line to clone the packages that are installed should do it..03:52
Micheal`avi_, are you looking to duel boot?03:52
theyranosDistantStar: unfortunately I'm not familiar with pulseaudio, so I'm out of my league. Sorry03:52
soreauadante: Jordan_U has the best probable solution with 'sudo apt-get remove compiz'03:52
avi_Izinucs, It probably will. Wait a sec I need to explain my situation more to the both of you.03:52
Izinucsadante: then uninstall compiz..03:53
Baxniei'm trying to connect using ssh, but after connect, server instantly closes connection03:53
theyranosDistantStar: May want to try to kill pulseaudio and test with aplay again just to be sure that's not it, if that's what came up from that fuser command.03:53
Izinucsavi_: I think I got it..03:53
adantesoreau, Izinucs, Jordan_U : ok, thanks guys03:53
sfearslatagore: "apt-cache search envy" does a program envyng-qt still exist?03:53
Izinucsavi_: you want to save your programs and settings for a future reinstall with manual partitioning..03:53
latagoresfears: Nothing03:54
Micheal`ok the wife and her boobies call me later yall03:54
greezmunkeyBaxnie: Are you connecting locally?03:54
j3rgwats up everyone03:54
j3rgone small question03:54
j3rgnothing hard03:54
greezmunkeyj3rg: put it on one line, and ask away. :)03:54
Baxniegreezmunkey: i've a dedicated server, i'm connecting to it, it was normal then a friend told me to use 'screen', after it a could not connect again03:55
DistantStartheyranos, No, it doesn't seem to be it. I must say, I'm confused.03:55
Jordan_Uadante: There is also a gconf key for setting the default window manager.03:55
j3rgwhat's the term when one computer gives another computer internet access?03:55
Baxniedonno if screen has any relation03:55
j3rgI know it involves port forwarding03:55
greezmunkeyj3rg: connection sharing03:55
avi_Micheal`, Izinucs, Okay. I currently have a tripleboot system that works fine mostly, on my mac. (Win7, Lucid, latest OS X). Except my OS X partition needs to be reinstalled. To do that, because of complications/limitations with Apple's reinstall functions, I need to basically WIPE the whole drive and then set up 3 partitions.. then install OS X+Win7+Lucid. So naturally there's nothing wrong with my Win7 and Lucid partitions, hence my desi03:55
avi_re to retain their EXACT state. I'm explaining this because i want to make sure that it's understood that I have NO need to resintall the Ubuntu base system at all..03:55
j3rggreezmunkey: thanks alot03:55
j3rgof to google it in Ubuntu03:56
Agu10if I want to make a virtualbox machine to run without having to install virtualbox on ubuntu, what can I do?03:56
greezmunkeyBaxnie: The connection drops as soon as it gets connected, or you just see a blank screen?03:56
Izinucsavi_: how many partitions are you currently using for your ubuntu install?03:56
Agu10is there any virtualbox portable for ubuntu?03:56
pseudomorphcan anyone tell me how to disable an addon via about:config? updates seem to have killed access to menu's03:56
Agu10or is there any offline installer so I don't need internet?03:56
sfearslatagore: i see something else here, but i'm hesitant to try becuase i don't want to leave your recovery gui useless, but if you kill your xserver session, in ubuntu "/etc/init.d/gdm stop" then run "X -reconfigure" you may get to manually setup your xorg.  Just make sure you choose VESA drivers03:56
pLrAgu10, no. You must install virtualbox to run it03:56
Baxniegreezmunkey: after it connects, i get a message talking about last login, etc and then it closes connection03:56
Baxniestrangest thing is that i just connected with filezilla with no problem03:57
avi_Izinucs, Well I'm pretty sure just an ext4 partition for my system and a swap file. I installed Ubuntu to use the remaining free space.. so whatever sort of partition scheme that would be is what I've got.03:57
greezmunkeyBaxnie: ok. Can you access the target machine via console, to run // sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog // so you can troubleshoot further??03:57
latagoresfears: That's okay, I can always boot from USB (hopefully there is a command line)03:57
sfearslatagore: see here http://blogs.koolwal.net/2009/04/24/howto-resolve-x-server-video-driver-errorscrashes-in-debian-linux/03:58
Baxniegreezmunkey: didnt understand ur point03:58
Baxniei cant acess it via terminal cause i disconnects as soon it connects03:58
greezmunkeyBaxnie: do you have keyboard access to the target machine?03:58
theyranosDistantStar: Okay, when you start alsamixer, what do you get for Card and Chip? Does that correspond to your sound card or the new card you installed?03:58
Izinucsavi_: ok.. if you let the installer do it's own thing then you have 2.. one that is everything but swap and then a swap partition.. if clonezilla will do ext4 then that's the way to go. the answer to that though is a bit nebulous03:58
theyranos\me is still guessing03:58
latagoresfears: I can't seem to stop it03:59
greezmunkeyBaxnie: what command are you issuing to access the box? (dummy up the actual IP address)03:59
sfearsyou need to be in a tty screen, you can't kill X if your using it03:59
negersany nederlanders here?03:59
Izinucsavi_: another way is by using dd but I have no experience with it.03:59
Baxniegreezmunkey: ssh root@ip03:59
Baxniethen i enter password03:59
DistantStartheyranos, According to pavucontrol, ALSA plugin-in reads [npviewer.bin]. Alsamixer shows the on board sound card being read and active and maxed out.04:00
avi_ Izinucs, from what i've found out, Partimage does _not_ currently support ext4, while dd (i think that's more trouble than it's worth) and CloneZilla support ext4.04:00
greezmunkeyBaxnie: And, this is a Ubuntu box? Do you have another account that has remote access permissions?04:00
theyranosDistantStar: aaaand I'm out of ideas.04:00
sfearsdd if=/dev/sr0 of=/place/of/file/filename.iso04:00
iShanwnWHey is there a way to add a panel to second monitor in 10.04?04:00
latagoresfears: I'm using the recovery console; it says no service found, so I think I'll be able to modify it04:00
DistantStartheyranos, That's fine. Thanks for your help. :)04:00
Izinucsavi_: ah there you go.. sfears gave you the line above04:00
sfearslatagore: try "sudo X -reconfigure"04:01
TiKsfears: what about bootable iso's?04:01
kerdalwhat do i use to put video files on my IPOD04:01
Baxniegreezmunkey: its a debian box but i'm using ubuntu, and yesterday everything was going fine04:01
Baxniei noticed the issue after entering the screen command04:01
avi_Izinucs, Okay. So let me get this straight. Now that you know what I'm looking to do.. I right now go and install clonezilla and tell it to clone my whole HD to some file/folder on an external HD I've got. Then once I set up the other OS's as I like, I install Lucid from a normal install CD, install CloneZIlla, and then hit "restore" or something?04:01
sfearsdd makes an exact copy.. so if the iso is bootable DD will make a bootable copy04:01
latagoresfears: I did -configure and my console terminated04:02
Maahesanyone know what kernel module besides psmouse drives the synaptic driver?04:02
holmserhow do I allow my new server to access the mysql database on another network machine?04:02
iShanwnWHow can I add a panel in 10.04?04:02
avi_Izinucs, sfears, I think my problem is that I don't know how to go about "restoring" a partiton from a .iso I make of it. So let's say I used dd to save my current machine's HD to an ext HD, how can I go about restoring that?04:02
greezmunkeyBaxnie: wierd. Have you ever tested logging into the box multiple times before you installed screen?04:02
red2kiciShanwnW: Right-click on an existing panel and "Add New Panel"04:02
holmserI have already edited the config files so it is listening, but I am still getting denied04:02
mibberhi guys can someone help plz, i can't run icons from my desktop04:02
mibberi've tried so many things but i can't figure this out04:03
avi_!details | mibber04:03
ubottumibber: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:03
greezmunkeyBaxnie: I mean concurrent logins that is...04:03
sfearsdd (disk dump) if (input file) of (output file)  dd if=/place/of/file/filename.iso of=/dev/hda104:03
latagoresfears: It's not responding to my power button either; usually it would start turning off by bow04:03
iShanwnWred2kic: non-exsistant04:03
red2kic!resetpanel | iShanwnW04:03
ubottuiShanwnW: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »04:03
Baxniegreezmunkey: oh!!!04:03
Baxniethe screen command keeps a connection alive right?04:03
sfearsnot sure what that would be latagore04:03
latagoresfears: I forced it to turn off04:03
greezmunkeyBaxnie: usually :)04:03
Sonjahow do i make a folder password-protected so only i can access it?04:03
Baxniegreezmunkey: how do i get this screen back?04:04
iShanwnWred2kic: I want to add a pannel to my second monitor.04:04
mibberI have version 10.04 inside vmware, i've been debugging this all day, the problem is with my desktop, when i double click an icon nothing happens, it doesn't run the program, mouse cursor goes busy, then goes back to normal and nothing happens04:04
kerdallooking for video to ipod04:04
Izinucsavi_: ah.. but you said earlier that you weren't going to reinstall... clonezilla will put back all data in the same partition.. no choice.. so if you don't want to reinstall then clonezilla will do it for you maintaining the same partitioning sceme you had previously.. if you want to separate /home to its own partition after the restore you can do that anytime.04:04
red2kiciShanwnW: Hold ALT and drag the panel to second monitor.04:04
xanguaiShanwnW: right clic>new panel04:04
sfearsavi_: there may be some permission issues04:04
latagoresfears: I rebooted the console04:04
avi_sfears, Wait wait. So I guess I'd need to boot into a LiveCD to do that, right? Because I can't restore to the partition that I'm running dd from..04:04
sfearsavi_: you may need to use su in order to copy some of the files at which point may cause issues when you put them back becuase you wil be a different user04:04
greezmunkeyBaxnie: you have to issue the ssh command in such a way as to reconnect to that session. I'd have to look that up, but I'm sure there are others here who can give that up off the top of their heads.04:04
Izinucsavi_: clonezilla has it's own live cd04:04
iShanwnWred2kic: xangua: nope still don't get another panel or move exsisting one04:05
latagoresfears: I have one question; if someone is trying to use my computer, and they use root; they don't even need to put in a password O_o04:05
sfearsi would say that's correct avi_04:05
Baxniegreezmunkey: i'll restart computer :P thanks for ur help04:05
velociostrichI've got a bit of a hardware conundrum that I'm struggling to solve: I'm building a machine for someone and I can't get the darn thing to even light up the display. It's got an ASUS M4N75TD motherboard that has a "DRAM" LED that (I think) is supposed to show when the RAM isn't quite right, and it lights up with both sticks of (matched) DDR3 are in; it blinks when only one is in. The manual is kinda vague; anyone know what the LED sho04:05
velociostrichuld be doing or where I could find out, and if there's some way of pinpointing whats wrong?04:05
greezmunkeyBaxnie: btw... uh, ok.04:05
sfearslatagore: recovery modes do boot into root04:05
sfearsi think04:05
velociostrichsfears: they give you the option of dropping to a root shell or w/e04:06
Izinucsavi_: the other issue you'll have to deal with is grub.. it most likely will have to be reinstalled.04:06
avi_Izinucs, Ahhh. I see. That makes much sense. So to "save" the current partiton i need to boot from the CD... then, once I need to restore, I boot to the same CD again, and point it in the right direction of where to load/save from/to.. correct?04:06
latagoresfears: So what would stop someone from accessing my computer and deleting everything04:06
sfearsyou need to remove the recovery mode lines from your grub file04:06
Izinucsavi_: basically.. the clonezilla cd will make use of the external usb drive to store the image.. and restore the image04:06
avi_Izinucs, I think i'll go with CloneZilla.. I think it is more suited for my purpose and makes things a bit easier.04:06
latagoresfears: Okay; I'll ask about that after I get this silly thing solved04:07
sfearsavi_: i've had mixed results with the dd, i use it mostly for copying cds04:07
avi_Izinucs, Well that's exactly what I'm looking for then! Thanks a ton, I think i'll burn that CD and poke around with it before I make a commit.04:07
sfearsand for low level formating drives04:07
kerdallooking help/assistance for video to ipod, rythmbox not acceptable.04:07
ordermy laptop doesnt connect to wifi after I upgraded to lucky lynx, both wifi and wired stopped working04:07
sfearssudo dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sda104:07
latagoresfears: It doesn't understand the option reconfigure04:07
sfearsturns all bits to 004:07
avi_sfears, As do I, I would've assumed that cloning/resoting a WHOLE drive with dd would cause a whole mess of problems.04:07
* undifined hits sfears with a cluebat04:08
Izinucsavi_: you can use dd for partiitons too.04:08
sfearslatagore: try X --reconfigure04:08
latagoresfears: I tried configure again and it stopped responding04:08
negerslatagore: try X --reconfigure04:08
negerssfears: I tried configure again and it stopped responding04:08
avi_Izinucs, Right right. Well I think that i'm going to go with CloneZilla any how. Thanks very much!04:09
negersIzinucs, Right right. Well I think that i'm going to go with CloneZilla any how. Thanks very much!04:09
avi_Uhm... negers..04:09
negersUhm... negers..04:09
Izinucsavi_: :) have fun04:09
negersavi_: :) have fun04:09
latagoreSome annoying prick made it here04:09
negersSome annoying prick made it here04:09
realcoolguy /quit04:09
velociostrichlatagore: if you remove those lines, you can still access the recovery modes (and make it secure) by putting a password on your bios and disable booting from removable media, then when you want to use a recovery mode, log into the bios, re-enable booting from removable media, then use a live CD to chroot into the HD, edit the grub lines, and re-install grub so that they're visible, but that's only necessary if you're really paranoid.04:09
velociostrich At that rate, you should put a padlock on your comp, too :)04:09
Izinucs!ops negers bot04:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:09
avi_Can we not kick him?04:10
Izinucs!ops | negers04:10
negers /quit04:10
ubottunegers: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!04:10
pseudomorphadd-ons ruled out.04:10
negerslatagore: if you remove those lines, you can still access the recovery modes (and make it secure) by putting a password on your bios and disable booting from removable media, then when you want to use a recovery mode, log into the bios, re-enable booting from removable media, then use a live CD to chroot into the HD, edit the grub lines, and re-install grub so that they're visible, but that's only necessary if you're really paranoid.04:10
negersHEIL HITLER04:10
avi_Oh dear.04:10
pseudomorphAnyone have any idea why firefox will not allow me access to menus/browsing history?04:10
ordermy laptop doesnt connect to wifi after I upgraded to lucky lynx, both wifi and wired stopped working04:10
avi_Can we ban his IP?04:10
velociostrichwtf is up with negers? he a bot or something?04:10
latagorevelociostrich: I did that that already, thank you very much XD04:10
red2kicNothing to see here. Move on.04:11
velociostrichlatagore: the padlock? lol04:11
sfearswell latagore i think your issue is with your xorg file, or lack of /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.  you need to load a generic xorg.conf using vesa drivers, from there you can install functional ATI drivers to get good resolution and 3D rendering.  since your "dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg" doesn' t seem to work i'm not sure what your next step is, but figure out how to get your vesa drivers in your xorg.conf file04:11
latagorevelociostrich: no disabling USB boot and putting a password on the bios04:11
sfearsgot to go... peace04:11
latagorevelociostrich: Was planning to get a lock for it too04:11
velociostrichlatagore: ohh lol04:11
latagoresfears: thanks for the help04:12
Baxniegreezmunkey: it do not work ! donno what to do anymore04:12
velociostrichlatagore: not a bad idea in this day and age; that, or you could booby-trap it (jk)04:12
Baxniei tought restarting would close ssh connection and then just work04:12
latagoreThat's one DAMN good idea04:12
greezmunkeyBaxnie: Chack this: ssh -t user@machine.com screen -r, see if that format works.04:13
IzinucsBaxnie: can you log in with ssh <username>@IP ?  not with ssh root@IP04:13
sunbeamhey, guys04:13
avi_Izinucs, Wait one more thing.. I should download the "Ubuntu based one" rather than the "Debain based one", correct?04:13
velociostrichso... anyone know how to find out if my problems are with RAM or the motherboard or what...? is there some cheap way of getting accurate POST codes without a monitor?04:13
BaxnieIzinucs: i've no other user04:13
Izinucsavi_: doesn't matter..04:13
latagorevelociostrich: I'll put a grenade at the case lid so you can't open it04:13
greezmunkeyBaxnie: Chack this: ssh -t user@machine.com screen -r, see if that format works.04:13
IzinucsBaxnie: so when you setup the machine and created an account you called it root?04:13
greezmunkeyIzinucs: debian target box...04:14
ikarHey, how do i uninstall samba from comand-line?04:14
GerbilSoftvelociostrich: you'd need something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Elston-Systems-Post-Card-Tester/dp/B000RXTKVA04:14
Izinucsgreezmunkey: ah..04:14
avi_Izinucs, Ah okay. I just found a diff table and apparently the Ubuntu one just has some non-free compatibility, is a bit larger in size, and drops i486 support.. So ubuntu it is.04:14
velociostrichlatagore: just hope the theif's family doesn't sue you (heh heh heh)04:14
Baxniegreezmunkey bash: screen: command not found04:14
BaxnieConnection to xxxxx closed.04:14
velociostrichGerbilSoft: I've seen one of those before in MCM's catalog, I was hoping that's not what it would take but I'm running out of options... ugh04:15
heizmannGood evening, everybody. A question concerning to the framebuffer using :)04:15
greezmunkeyBaxnie: you will need keyboard access to do much more I'm afriad...04:15
Izinucsikar: sudo apt-get install -purge samba04:15
latagorevelociostrich: They can't sue me if the laptop is in pieces and the thief is in pieces as well ;]04:15
Baxniegreezmunkey: a friend can connect to ssh =x04:15
Baxniei cant04:15
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!04:16
velociostrichlatagore: I think we should stop before the NSA stops us... from stealing their ideas04:16
ikarIzinucs, ok, thanks :-)04:16
SubCoolanyone familiar with x11vnc or VNC? I followeed karlrunge.com - but its not working...04:16
latagorevelociostrich:  Wise advice.04:16
Izinucsgreezmunkey: is Baxnie saying someone else can connect to the same machine but she can't?  could be the keys on her machine are corrupt.04:16
heizmannIs it possible, in a tty, to play a movie with mplayer for example, with a video playing at the top left corner, then during this time, working in the tty (on bottom)? :)04:16
SubCoolwell, it is working, but not properly04:17
heizmann(with using framebuffer ^^)04:17
BaxnieIzinucs: im 'he' :(04:17
Baxniehow can i reset rsa keys?04:17
greezmunkeyIzinucs: Heh, donno. Baxnie maybe you can use your friends login to get in and troubleshoot further??04:17
IzinucsBaxnie: sorry :).. no offense..04:17
SubCooloh- nvm- my bad.. i installed KDE wrong i think-04:17
velociostrichheizman: interesting question... I'm the least qualified to answer but I'd think that if you had a screen session you might, if you can even play video with mplayer at the command line at all (can you...?)04:17
SubCoolif nayone knows- PM me.04:17
latagoreHow can I edit a text file from command line>04:18
heizmann<velociostrich> heizman: interesting question... I'm the least qualified to answer but I'd think that if you had a screen session you might, if you can even play video with mplayer at the command line at all (can you...?) <== not all understand :) (I'm french), but, perhaps by spitting the screen04:18
theyranoslatagore: nano (text file path)04:18
Izinucslatagore: sudo nano <text file>.. or if it's in your /home just nano <text file>04:18
kk9822pl help me i want to update my ubuntu ulitmate edition04:19
heizmann<velociostrich> ^^ splitting*04:19
kk9822but when i do the normal way it gives PG error: http://wine.budgetdedicated.com edgy Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 58403026387EE263Failed to fetch http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/dists/edgy/mai/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found04:19
kk9822how do i solve this04:19
kk9822pl help me04:19
Izinucsheizmann: you could try to run screen.  split the screen session and in the upper half run the video and the lower continue working from the bash prompt04:19
velociostrichheizmann: sorry, I didn't realize English wasn't your first language. I meant that you could try splitting the screen, but I don't know if that would work04:19
heizmannkk9822 :) just add the pub_key04:20
kk9822what is it04:20
orderhow do I instart wlan0, it showing now Network is down04:20
kk9822i mean pub key04:20
heizmannIzinucs but how to proceed? ^^I can split a vim-session, not a tty term =)04:21
RQ-170kk9822 ?04:21
neil_dI have a laptop connected via wi-fi :) .... I can mount a drive using mount via smbfs no problems... but when I got the the Places->Network menu item and click on the 'Windows Network' icon I get the error "Failed to retrieve share list from server" :(    any ideas what is wrong?04:21
heizmannkk9822 :) one moment, please, I'm searching the good command for you :)04:21
* heizmann just moment... AFK :p04:21
kk9822thanks heizmann i love it04:21
Izinucsheizmann: sure you can :).. the screen utility will allow you to split a tty term04:22
heizmannIzinucs I'll see that next time =) thanks!04:22
RQ-170I know this is off topic but does anybody know any free pop accounts for security ? PKI gnupg, etc ?04:23
Izinucsheizmann: sure.. I do it occationally04:23
heizmannkk9822 baack !04:23
luke-jrRQ-170: who uses pop?04:24
kk9822any luck heizmann about my prob04:24
RQ-170for PGp what do you use IMAP ?04:24
latagoreDoes anyone know where I can get a generic xorg.conf file?04:24
=== ganderson is now known as ganderson-afk
greezmunkeylatagore: I can paste one.04:25
kk9822how do i update in terminal04:25
kk9822pl give the command04:26
latagoregreezmunkey: Would be appreciated04:26
luke-jrRQ-170: PGP just does encrypt/sign, it doesn't care what protocol or program you use04:26
luke-jror service04:26
heizmannkk9822 just type in a term the command: $ gpg --recv-key 58403026387EE263 && gpg --export --armor 58403026387EE263 | sudo apt-key add -04:26
orderhow can I restart my wifi, the wlan0 interface is down04:26
heizmannkk9822 open a term, please :)04:26
Izinucsheizmann: http://wiki.xdroop.com/space/Linux/screen/Split+Screen04:27
=== order is now known as order12
heizmannIzinucs :) noted thanks04:27
hammertimeIs it possible to prevent users from mounting certain drives? I have a FAT32 partition that I want to make unmountable from Ubuntu04:27
RQ-170If you are using IMAP its a mute point , Its not secure04:27
luke-jrRQ-170: … IMAP is plenty secure with SSL, and the point of PGP is that it doesn't need to be04:27
greezmunkeylatagore: when you ran the xorg reconfig, did you look in your home directory for the output?04:28
luke-jrif the transports could be assumed to be secure, you wouldn't *need* PGP encryption04:28
RQ-170luke-jr: Your telling me pgp with gmail is secure i beg to differ04:28
greezmunkeylatagore:  do a locate xorg.conf04:28
SuperMiguelif i have a ASCII text file that is compressed, is there a way to find out what kind of compression it has?04:28
order12hello, when I do ifconfig, it only shows lo, not wlan0 , how can I fix this please help04:28
kk9822yes i did04:28
heizmannkk9822 :) the command is in two parts :). 1st: gpg --recv-key 58403026387EE26304:28
kk9822i did04:29
kk9822same way04:29
latagoregreezmunkey: I haven't, I've been more concerned over the crashes it has been giving me04:29
heizmannkk9822 :) and 2nd: gpg --export --armor 58403026387EE263 | sudo apt-key add -04:29
kk9822 first i got end pgp public key block04:29
Izinucsheizmann: this one is better..http://www.gnu.org/software/screen/manual/screen.html#Regions04:29
kk9822next onegave ok04:29
heizmannkk9822 ^^ that's all! have fun. (don't forget the "-" at the end of the 2nd command :))04:29
logyati /j #zimbra04:30
qldvic217Is it possible to prevent users from mounting certain drives? I have a FAT32 partition that I want to make unmountable from Ubuntu.04:30
heizmannIzinucs :-/ it's possible but I can't load the page wire firefox ><" !04:31
order12hello, when I do ifconfig, only lo shows up, doesnt show my wlan0, how can I fix this, I think the wifi interface is down04:31
Izinucsheizmann: wire firefox? not sure what that is...04:31
latagoregreezmunkey: It doesn't have a file in my home directory04:31
heizmannkk9822 :p so, all is ok?04:31
heizmannIzinucs :-| I don't know...04:32
greezmunkeylatagore: run: locate xorg.conf - see what you get back.04:32
kk9822pl give me what is the command for update in terminal hezzman04:32
heizmannIzinucs :-| it's the first time that it makes that...04:32
heizmannkk9822 sure : here the command: sudo apt-get update04:32
kk9822is it sudo apt update04:33
heizmannkk9822 it's: sudo apt-get update04:33
latagoregreezmunkey: The first one /usr/lib/X11/xorg.conf.d04:33
EvilPhoenixhow do i restart x04:33
qldvic217order12: Have you had this problem before>04:33
IzinucsEvilPhoenix: sudo service gdm restart04:33
heizmann<EvilPhoenix> how do i restart x <== X-window ???04:34
order12qldvic217, no, I think I am having this problem since today04:34
EvilPhoenixheizmann:  no the x server...04:34
kk9822: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/edgy/universe/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found [IP: 80]04:34
kk9822E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.04:34
EvilPhoenixlemme try what Izinucs said04:34
order12qldvic217, please help04:34
kk9822pl help me out04:34
xanguakk9822: use lucid04:34
heizmannEvilPhoenix :) well, you have the answer by Izinucs ^^04:34
kk9822what is the command04:34
kk9822for using lucid pl04:35
heizmannkk9822 are you sure that your connexion is good?04:35
kk9822yes it is04:35
qldvic217order12: Was your wifi card supported out of the box or did you have to install a proprietary driver?04:35
theyranosanybody know offhand the command for getting the uid and gid that owns a particular pid?04:35
kk9822itis working04:35
heizmannkk9822 just try another once04:35
kk9822ok i will04:35
order12qldvic217, not sure how can I check ?04:35
heizmannkk9822 tell me what the result is :)04:35
kk9822no luck same thing repeats04:36
greezmunkeylatagore: try this as a starting point then: http://pastebin.com/LkQM7RCc04:36
heizmannkk9822 ;) it's good, pretty good!04:36
qldvic217order12: Go into the administration tab and go into Hardware Drivers. Tell me if there's anything listed there04:36
greezmunkeylatagore: you will likely have to make changes...04:36
* heizmann has just been join another chan :)04:37
order12qldvic217, nothing, I had two there I remember, one for video cards and possibly one for wifi, why are they gone now, I upgraded to 10.04 is thats the reason ?04:37
latagoregreezmunkey: This will be unpleasant. Is there any special program for editing them?04:37
kk9822should i restart the comp04:37
SuperMiguelif i have a ASCII text file that is compressed, is there a way to find out what kind of compression it has?04:37
qldvic217order12: Did you start experiencing the problem after you upgraded?04:38
SubCoolOk- this is a valid issue. I just install KDE via CLI- and now when i login KDE, all that happens is a a terminal window pops open04:38
nocturnuscan someone help me boot ubuntu live from a 150G usb hardrive?04:38
nocturnuseverythign is installed correctly with unetbootin, but it won't be recognized as a bootable device04:38
nocturnusi have no idea why04:38
order12qldvic217, yes first my mouse in the thinkpad stopped working, then I had some graphics problem, now this wifi04:38
greezmunkeylatagore: nino, or gedit should be fine.04:38
heizmannkk9822 no, it's the good trick with linux, you needn't restart your computer :)04:38
upgrdmani use one of my NICs to share my network connection to my laptop. my laptop's domain name is not available on my router's DNS, unless i use wireless. any way to make domain names work through a shared NIC connection?04:38
kk9822that is great04:39
heizmannkk9822 another command: for a upgrade of your system, the command (magical) is: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y04:39
order12qldvic217, I dont have inernet access to the computer now, how can I fix this ?04:40
qldvic217order12, I'm afraid this is a problem when upgrading between versions, proprietary drivers often break. I'm not really that experienced in this field but your best bet is to try and reinstall the drivers.04:40
timdrakehelp on printing04:40
heizmannkk9822 generally, I use this: sudo su -c "apt-get update; apt-get -y --force-yes dist-upgrade" && sudo -k04:40
order12qldvic217, how can i do that ?04:40
nocturnussomeone please?04:41
heizmannAnybody for explaining to me the effect of prelink and preload? ^^04:41
kk9822 sudo su -c "apt-get update; apt-get -y --force-yes dist-upgrade" && sudo -k04:42
kk9822this came with u r new command04:42
order12qldvic217, is there anyway I can downgrade the ubuntu ? how do I reinstall the drivers ?04:42
qldvic217order12: Are you sure there's nothing listed in the hardware drivers window? Try looking again after you've refreshed your sources and make sure you enable the restricted repository04:42
heizmann<kk9822>  sudo su -c "apt-get update; apt-get -y --force-yes dist-upgrade" && sudo -k <== that's upgrading all your system, except packages for languages support :)04:43
heizmannAnybody for explaining to me the effect of prelink and preload? ^^04:43
adminewbnocturnus, have you accessed the USB drive with any machine able to treat it as a boot device04:43
kk9822is it ok no prob for general working heizmann04:44
nocturnusadminewb: yes04:44
heizmannkk9822 ;) term is very powerful!04:44
latagoreHow can I create a new text file with command prompt?04:44
=== eddie is now known as Guest62976
Izinucsheizmann: why not just sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?  what's the difference?04:44
adminewbnocturnus, so it seems likely then that the culprit is the bios on the offending system no?04:44
kk9822i did not understand term is very powerful04:44
pie_timewhat's the command to find out how many watts my power supply is04:44
=== miter is now known as mitermayer
heizmannIzinucs: update : update the cache... upgrade : update programs ; dist-upgrade : update the system (kernel, and programs, and so on) ;)04:45
nocturnusadminewb: oh i read that wrong  --- i set it as 'active partition' from windows, which is supposed to be the 'boot' flag that fdisk shows04:45
order12qldvic217, yeah I did those nothing in the window still04:45
adminewbnocturnus, that is, regardless of whether your media can actually boot anything on a given host04:45
Tempus_Fugithow do i update clamtk for GUI and virus definitions??04:45
nocturnusadminewb: the reason im on this machine is because my main laptop broke, so now i have to install ubuntu on this one04:45
Izinucsheizmann: yes.. but does my line do the same as yours?04:45
greezmunkeylatagore: "touch {filename}"04:46
adminewbnocturnus, oh i see, so you have limited access then to alternate test rigs04:46
heizmannIzinucs I prefer one "sudo" command :p !04:46
nocturnusadminewb: 'limited' would be fantasizing04:46
qldvic217order12: Is reinstalling out of the question?04:46
Tempus_Fugitanyone know how to update clamtk antivirus???04:46
SubCoolanyone? CLI prompt only after login?!04:47
order12qldvic217, what should I re-install to ? I need to find an older version ?04:47
SubCooli just spent the last few hours getting it to this point-04:47
adminewbnocturnus, maybe your diagnostic ideas are better than mine, but it seems hard to isolate bootability issues without access to other hosts04:47
nocturnusadminewb: i know the laptop is USB bootable because it boots my 8G usb stick04:48
heizmannkk9822 You can control your softwares very finely04:48
nocturnusadminewb: and people have reported mjy model laptop being able to work with usb hard-drives04:48
=== jofo__ is now known as jofo
adminewbnocturnus, ok then, so your BIOS is already enabled however it needs to be for USB media to boot the system04:48
shcherbakIzinucs: to make file - touch name_of_file , u do not need upgrade b4 dist-uprgade04:49
heizmannIzinucs perhaps you know what is exactly "preload" and "prelink"??? :-|04:49
nocturnusadminewb: what?04:49
Izinucsshcherbak: that wasn't for me04:49
adminewbnocturnus, is it possible your BIOS boot menu has provided you an option to boot USB, while effectively disguising that option as such?04:49
pie_timewhat's the command to find out how many watts my power supply is04:49
SubCoolok- then help me on how to google it!?04:49
nocturnusadminewb: huh?04:50
shcherbakIzinucs: ups04:50
timdrakehaving trouble printing in spreadsheet04:50
Izinucsheizmann: sorry no good explaination..04:50
nocturnusadminewb: what are you talking about - i proved you usb booting works because i can do it with a pen drive04:50
adminewbnocturnus yes04:50
timdrakein epson lx 30004:50
nocturnusmaybe the bios don't like booting hard-drives through the usb interface, though i've never herad of that04:50
greezmunkeySubCool: what are you looking for?04:50
nocturnusitcan't bios update04:50
qldvic217order12: I meant installing a fresh install over your existing one. Upgrade breaks things so thats what I normally do.04:50
adminewbnocturnus, my question had to do with screen presentation04:51
Roasted_Hey guys. I'm going to look into rsyncing 1 ubuntu box to another for backup purposes. What do I need to know to get started? I've used rsync heavily, but only with local drives. With networking it, I'm kind of lost.04:51
nocturnusadminewb: i press f12 and then select 'boot form usb'04:51
SubCoolgreezmunkey, i installed KDE via CLI on ubuntu 9.1,, after the computer boots and i login, - all that occurs is i get a Command prompt. - no desktop, nothing.04:51
nocturnusadminewb: then it fails, and i have to press the power-button, no error message given04:51
adminewbnocturnus, ok that's plain enough04:51
SubCoolgreezmunkey, well i get a background- thats it.04:52
heizmannanother question :) Anybody knows a script which install all git component for the Compiz Fusion system??? :) an example of a such script can be downloaded from http://phatandfresh.free.fr/cfinstall.sh (it is in french, very interesting but non maintaining)04:52
greezmunkeySubCool: what kind of background?04:52
nocturnusadminewb: what now?04:52
nocturnusadminewb: should i kill myself?04:52
heizmannIzinucs :-/ bad news :-/04:52
SubCoolgreezmunkey, normal kde blue04:52
adminewbnocturnus, i gather from what you said that your USB disk is partitioned in the old fashioned MSDOS scheme, true?04:52
order12qldvic217, I am thinking installing 8.04 again04:52
order12that was the most stable04:52
Izinucsheizmann: as I remember prelink and preload were used to speed a system up but isn't necessary these days04:53
greezmunkeySubCool: can you do a ctrl+alt+F2 to get to a console prompt?04:53
SubCoolgreezmunkey, i think i forgot a package while installing KDE, but- i cant figure out which one.04:53
SubCoolim already at a console prompt-04:53
qldvic21710.04 is quite stable as a fresh install, plus its a LTS so you won't have to upgrade and still get updates for 3 years04:54
SubCoolthats all that shows up- the blue background, and a console prompt. Thats it04:54
heizmannIzinucs :) okay... Personally, I do not see the difference before and after the installation of preload and prelink.04:54
soreauheizmann: It's just called compiz now, the 'fusion' part has been dropped. This is how to use the compiz build script for git:  sudo apt-get install git-core && git clone git://anongit.compiz.org/users/soreau/scripts && ./scripts/build_compiz++04:54
greezmunkeySubCool: Try typing startx04:54
SubCoolgreezmunkey, ya- that worked04:54
adminewbnocturnus, as in fdisk sets up as many as 4 primaries, or 3 primary + extended, etc04:54
SubCoolgreezmunkey, it brings me to gnome- well it does if i exit out of the kde, and then type startx04:54
nocturnusadminewb: what?04:54
nocturnusadminewb: its primary04:54
order12qldvic217, whats the difference between the normal and LTS version ? 8.0404:55
nocturnusadminewb: its partioned in 10G block fat32 starting at the first sector04:55
heizmannsoreau :) good news !!! :D !! All is in 1 script???04:55
adminewbdo you have more partitions that just the 1 primary, which is marked as active/bootable?04:55
SubCoolgreezmunkey, in kde when i type that, it says user not authorized to run the X Server04:55
soreauheizmann: That repo has a set of scripts to do different things04:55
greezmunkeySubCool: ok, that's more info than I had to start with...I think you broke it.04:55
soreauheizmann: but yes, it builds all compiz components from git with that sscript04:55
qldvic217order12: LTS is supported for much longer. 8.04 was an LTS too, but that will only be supported for another year while 10.04 will be for three04:56
SubCoolgreezmunkey, lol- broke it? all i did was install kde!!!04:56
adminewbnocturnus, I follow on the fat32, but not clear what 10G block means04:56
SubCoolgreezmunkey, gnome works04:56
greezmunkeySubCool: how did you install KDE?04:56
nocturnusadminewb: 10G partition, starting at the 'front' of the drive, sector 004:56
nocturnusadminewb: the disk is 150G, but the partition is 10G04:56
SubCoolsudo apt-get install kdm, kubuntu desktop kdecore04:56
greezmunkeySubCool: can you back it out, and try again?04:56
SubCoolblah lah04:56
order12qldvic217, I dont want 10.0404:56
heizmannsoreau :p hum, good!!! Very good! No problem with this script??? (updating, locales (e.g. french locales), special configurations of x11... ?04:56
SubCoolidk- how do u do that?04:56
order12will wait another year for it to become stable04:57
adminewbnocturnus, so then you have some 140Gb free on disk, undedicated to any partition04:57
order12I think its eating up my system04:57
soreauheizmann: If it fails in any way, it should guide you to the compiz forums or the compiz channels here on irc04:57
nocturnusadminewb: yes, but its at the end04:58
bsmith093Is there a definitive list of dvd ready codecs for a video file, so i dont have to waste time transcoding it04:58
nocturnusadminewb: and its not partiition, so it wouldnt attempt to boot it04:58
adminewbnocturnus, I may be mistaken on this, but it seems ill advised to start a FAT32 partition at sector 0, which is the boot sector04:58
samoangunnerHI need some help04:58
greezmunkeySubCool: sudo apt-get remove -purge ... ... ...04:58
nocturnusadminewb: no its okay, the partitioner reserved space for the MBR04:59
heizmannsoreau :) thanks!... but before to exec the command ./scripts/build_compiz++ may I uninstall my actual (git)compiz? :)04:59
SubCooloh my- lol04:59
soreauheizmann: But there is no special configuration.. if compiz 0.8 is already working for you, this should install compiz 0.9 into a nonstandard prefix, leaving your 0.8 install in tact04:59
samoangunneranyone having problems with the desktop crashing.04:59
bsmith093for example this: DivX MS-MPEG-4 Version 3 is what my file says under video codec and the audio is mp304:59
adminewbnocturnus so then your FAT32 starts at the next cylinder boundary or some such04:59
NeverCastHey question, What's up with the naming of so libraries ?04:59
heizmannsoreau :) ok... my actual compiz is installed on /usr/local04:59
soreauheizmann: You can do whatever you want but the script should be able to install and run regardless what ever else you have installed04:59
samoangunnerwhen it happens I can still move the mouse and thing more.04:59
nocturnusadminewb: yes, probably04:59
samoangunnerI cant even reboot05:00
soreauheizmann: The script default it /opt/compiz++ but you can change the PREFIX in the script if you like05:00
adonishello can anyone help me with VMware player and how to resize the VM window???05:00
heizmannsoreau :) but if is intalled on /usr/local ??? no problem wih that? Actually, I'm using the smo-script05:00
NeverCastin /usr/lib there are libraries, <somename>.so, but they have like version numbers appended to them? Why? and is there a way I can just keep the latest version or something? Because I'm having to go change config files with all these names.05:00
samoangunneran error comes up when I try reboot05:00
adminewbnocturnus in that case the question comes up about how grub2(?) may have set up your bootability05:00
samoangunneran I/O error05:00
heizmannsoreau (if you know what is it, of course ^^)05:00
soreauheizmann: you shouldn't have a problem other than having to setup ccsm after everything is installed05:00
nocturnusadminewb: unetbootin uses grub105:01
nocturnusadminewb: actually there is no boot manager05:01
Proxhotdogdoes anyone know why when i tried to boot with live cd, it said i8042.c: No controller found05:01
heizmannsoreau :) I backup my datas, and let's go =)05:01
adminewbnocturnus, hmm haven't dealt with grub legacy for a long time05:01
samoangunnerI have reloaded many times and still the same05:01
nocturnusadminewb: there is no boot manager since there's only one partition05:01
adonisanyone know how to get VMware player to run full screen when running ubuntu????05:01
adminewbnocturnus not familiar either with netbootin05:01
soreauheizmann: Great, let me know if you have any trouble with it, in #compiz05:01
pie_timewhat's the command to find out how many watts my power supply is05:01
nocturnusadminewb: unetbootin is the official way to install this distro!05:01
SubCoolgreezmunkey, idk- doesnt look promising- that would take out my xorg, and xserver-org05:02
samoangunnerI also have it running on 3 other computer and all have the same problem05:02
samoangunnerplease help05:02
adminewbnocturnus that was not my impression05:02
heizmannsoreau ;) okay... bitchx is my friend in a tty, if all crash lol05:02
greezmunkeySubCool: you are right, that would be a pain...05:02
=== phurl__ is now known as Phurl
adminewbnocturnus can't imagine how you can boot lucid without grub2, when you at least need to be able to choose a certain kernel?05:03
tracy69<adonis> hello05:03
SubCoolgreezmunkey, im logging into gnome now- so .. its something stupid. If its anything, the KDE splash never occurs... the console pops up when the splash should05:03
fred2040@Adonis, VMWare have an utility...  http://www.vmware.com/support/ws55/doc/new_guest_tools_ws.html05:03
nocturnusadminewb: because the bios is able to boot a device from reading the MBR, installing a partiiton manager installs it to the MBR05:03
tracy69how are u <adonis>05:03
greezmunkeySubCool: the best thing you can do then is to try to start kde, and then check your logs. Maybe you'll get lucky and find what the system is missing. You can backtrack it from there.05:03
SubCoolim missing something stupid- which is sad because im looking at a lot of tutorials, and they all say the same thing05:03
nocturnusso instead of seeing "grub2" in mbr, it will see "partition begins at space 123"05:03
heizmannsoreau so... it's time to go (continue my encoding with x264 ^^)... and test your script05:04
adonisim good thanks how are you05:04
Tempus_Fugitdoes anyone know how to update the AV Engine in clamtk antivirus05:04
SubCoolgood idea- where is that log? /var/log ....05:04
adminewbnocturnus ok05:04
tracy69tired a bit <adonis>05:04
adonisim new to ubuntu this is first time i logged onto IRC thru it :D05:04
adminewbnocturnus so you have no choice at boot time which kernel it loads for you05:05
Tempus_Fugitadonis: Once you go Ubuntu you wont go back to windows05:05
SubCoolgreezmunkey, IT WORKS!!!05:05
greezmunkeyok, good. What did you do?05:05
SubCooli didnt do anything!!! lol05:05
heizmann<Tempus_Fugit> does anyone know how to update the AV Engine in clamtk antivirus <=== download the clamav-freshclam, and launch it :) (please remove your firewall if you have one)05:05
DistantStartheyranos, I found the solution. It was completely stupid that I'm embarrassed to say. The stereo cable was connected though to my motherboard. :P05:05
nocturnusadminewb: yes ... but since there's only one it should work05:05
greezmunkeySubCool: you threatened to remove it...05:06
SubCooltried to reinstall a couple things, logged out- logged into gnome, logged out- logged into kde05:06
adminewbnocturnus fair enough05:06
adonisi hope so! Im actually running back tracker 4 atm.. but just waiting for the month to end so i can download ubuntu!05:06
theyranosDistantStar: If you think that's stupid, then we're all morons. Glad you figured it out :-)05:06
Tempus_Fugitheizmann: why do i need to remove my firewall??05:06
adminewbnocturnus the burden in that case for making a bootable device is with the tool you used partitioning it, to lay down a workable MBR for linux05:06
SubCoolgreezmunkey, THANKS!!!!05:07
greezmunkeySubCool: bookmark this: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=60184805:07
adminewbnocturnus and sounds as if you believe that grub legacy was not a factor there either?05:07
heizmannTempus_Fugit :) to open several ports I suppose... I'm not sure that it is useful05:07
Tempus_Fugitheizmann: why are you having a hard time hacking me???05:08
greezmunkeySubCool: this also: http://forum.soft32.com/linux/Novell-Enterprise-Desktop-blank-screen-KDE-update-ftopict434395.html05:08
heizmannTempus_Fugit ><"!!!05:08
SubCoolclose-but not it.05:08
meh3hey guys, does a repo DVD exist?05:08
greezmunkeySubCool: I know - the first one is for future reference...05:08
meh3if i was away and had no access to interent for example05:08
meh3and wanted to install something off the default repos05:09
Tempus_Fugitheizmann: well sorry for your troubles but i believe that is the purpose of a firewall is it not??05:09
adoniswhere is the best place to learn all of the commands to run ubuntu?? is there a site with shell commands?05:09
th0radonis: check the documents available in synaptic, I think there is a bash reference05:10
heizmannTempus_Fugit Sure, but I do not intend to hack you ...05:10
th0radonis: in the System menu....the software repositories software05:11
greezmunkeySubCool: Additionally check out .xsession-errors in your home directory...05:11
ubottusynaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto05:11
adonisthanks :D05:12
Geoffrey2is there a website for setting ubuntu up to run on a PowerPC?05:13
Geoffrey2I tried google, but a lot of the results are several years old...05:14
adminewbnocturnus, not meaning to waste your time or anything, but what I see of the unetbootin package description, it hardly sounds like the standard way of installing lucid05:15
pfifoGeoffrey2, im not entirely sure that ubuntu is built for ppc, i think its i386 and amd64 only05:16
nocturnusadminewb: no it's the way to install usb sticks05:16
adonisi downloaded ubuntu 10.04 and booted it off USB but it ran so so so slow i couldnt even move the mouse properly! should i d/l a diff version?05:16
adminewbnocturnus, actually for that you can use Startup Disk Creator utility05:16
nocturnusadminewb: in windows?05:16
adminewbnocturnus in Ubuntu, the System / Admin menu05:17
adminewbin gnome that is05:17
nocturnusadminewb: im in windows, why are yout elling me about ubuntu05:17
nocturnusare you even trying?05:17
KE1HAGeoffrey2:  https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/powerpc/pr01.html05:17
Tempus_Fugitman we are getting a hella storm here in MO05:17
adminewbok, just thought you were starting from a LiveCD basis or something05:17
nocturnusadminewb: no man, i told you im in windows and i told you im using the equivalent of fdisk in windows05:18
m1ck3ynocturnus: what are you trying to do?05:20
Coronadeahhh, no one here but me...05:20
Coronadeoh there you all are05:20
nocturnusm1ck3y: what do you mean? You've been here at least 15 minutes so which part are you confused about?05:21
th0ryeah...that attitude will get him lots of help05:21
m1ck3yThe part where you specified what problem it was you were having. Check the logs, I seem to have just missed it.05:21
m1ck3yth0r: lol05:21
S4ryTo burn Ubuntu iso ,  try Infra Recorder , ISO Recorder. or in Windows 7  just Right-click the iso and burn disc image'05:22
m1ck3yInfra works well for me, and if that's the problem you were having, you should have check the useful "How do I make a live cd" part of ubuntu's website.05:22
sticky_imgburn is the only way to go on windows05:22
nabcoreI'm ssh'ed into a live booted 10.04.1 machine. I want to reboot it remotely with out it waiting to hit enter after ejecting the cd... any ideas on how to do this?05:22
S4ryTo burn the iso to a USB flash stick .. Download the Universal USB Installer05:23
S4ryYeah , imgburn as well05:23
m1ck3yAnd do a system check, I bat about 40% with usb sticks.. :(05:23
nocturnusth0r: are you useful?05:23
adminewbmore useful than I of course :)05:24
S4ryburning to a CD , make sure the speed is set to 2-4x05:24
m1ck3yth0r: It's a test, he won't re-ask the question, and you have 30 seconds to get it right.05:24
stunts513ilovefairuz: hey you still here05:24
stunts513anyone know what to do when u are configuring you display with xrandr and you get an error saying "error configruing crtc0"05:26
adminewbnocturnus, you may have better luck if you use a utility to mount your ISO image as a virtual optical drive05:26
nocturnusadminewb: that will not write the MBR, which is in fact the problem05:26
nocturnusi can see the files being placed correctly on the drive05:26
adminewbok scratch that05:26
=== th0r is now known as Guest31597
adminewbnocturnus so can you describe how unetbootin acquires control in your scenario?05:28
H4ck3rhello freinds05:28
=== brebrebrebre is now known as |_ocke
Tanvirhello, i am having problem with my pc.. the os is ubuntu and the pc is restarting after mouse and keyboard get freezed..05:30
Tanviris it a problem of some virus?05:30
nocturnusadminewb: i specify which drive letter, and it does the rest05:30
nocturnusadminewb: i then reboot and expect to see ubuntu load screen but then i contemplate existance of my laptop and me05:31
Coronadeone time05:31
Coronadein the 90's05:31
Coronadei had this virus, and it did nothing but show me porn.05:31
adminewbnocturnus presumably it's a conventional windows install, it handles your partitioning as part of its lucid install process... ?05:32
m1ck3yCoronade: Being 15 is not a virus :P05:32
nocturnusadminewb: no - but it can install succesfulyl without partitoning05:32
Coronadelies! fascism!05:33
Coronadeoh well, i'm still downloading my "authentic" ubuntu..05:33
Coronadei'll keep you posted05:33
Geoffrey2KE1HA, thanks for the info!05:33
adminewbnocturnus does your installer tell you when it's putting the grub legacy or other bootstrap on?05:34
pfifoTanvir, yes you definatly have a virus05:34
Tanvirpfifo, how can I solve this problem?05:34
infidwhy does ubuntu.com say the 64-bit version of ubuntu is 'Not recommended for daily desktop usage'05:35
infidi've used it on my desktop for a year05:36
adminewbinfid, that seems to be a source of much contention05:36
Coronadebecause with C and C++ developers get to mess with the size and location of memory.05:36
Coronadeso when 64 bit comes along, oh .. the processor's word size is now 64 bits...05:36
AlbertoPinfid: actually that's not the reason :)05:37
Coronadelet's just port everything to 64 bit (including the assembly) and hope it just works absolutely fine :) ?05:37
nocturnusadminewb: no05:37
IdleOne!ot | Coronade05:37
ubottuCoronade: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:37
Coronadeok ok05:37
AlbertoPinfid: basically because flash and some other plugins are not available out of the box and ubuntu does not provide an automated solution for it :)05:37
infidAlbertoP: so it doesnt mean that even 64-bit users should download the 32-bit version?05:38
Coronadeflash is kind of important05:38
pfifoflash works fine in amd64 tho05:38
AlbertoPinfid: well, if you want a complete, out of the box, experience sort of yes05:38
Coronadeok i get it, g'night sry. no more i promise but somsone (the open source community) should pwn flash entirely.05:38
noisewaterphdi've got a working 64bit flash so if anyone needs it05:38
AlbertoPinfid: or you get the 64 bit and work a bit on it05:38
infidpfifo: i dont know about 'fine' but it works :P05:38
infidCoronade: html505:39
AlbertoPpfifo: yes I just meant there is no immediate way to get it ;-)05:39
AlbertoPinfid: not sure about acroread, skype...05:39
* AlbertoP is new to ubuntu too05:39
pfifoAlbertoP, what do you mean? you just download it and pop it in you plugin directory05:40
adminewbnocturnus, sorry just not familiar with the unetbootin animal; could you mount it and try running wubi.exe instead?05:40
Tanvirpfifo, do you know how can I remove this virus?05:40
AlbertoPpfifo: nope, you need a plugin wrapper, since it is built at 32 bit :)05:40
pfifoTanvir, you dont have a virus, ubuntu will never get a virus.05:40
AlbertoPpfifo: I mean in apt however05:40
zkriessepfifo: don't say that05:40
noisewaterphdI've got a pure 64 bit flash binary working great05:40
pfifolet me rephrase05:41
Tanvirpfifo, then what it is?05:41
pfifoTanvir, you dont have a virus, ubuntu will never get a virus, unless I make a virus for ubuntu05:41
zkriessepfifo: There is the remote possibility..but that exists on ANY operating system as nothing is ever truly secure 100%05:41
seidosTanvir, did you download software other than from the repositories?05:41
noisewaterphdTanvir: what is your issue05:41
AlbertoPhehe well pfifo that's optimistic ;-)05:41
m1ck3yTanvir: Did you just install ubuntu? It's possible something went wrong during install05:41
Tanvirseidos, yes.05:42
montatherhi guys05:42
nocturnusadminewb: no, it doesnt work for live usb sticks05:42
montatherhow are you ?05:42
noisewaterphdoh restart after mouse and keyboard freeze05:42
montatheris any body here ?05:42
noisewaterphdno, NOT a virus05:42
Tanvirnoisewaterphd yes05:42
pfifoTanvir, we need to know what version of ubuntu your running, and can you be a little more specific on what happens05:42
montatheri want to chat with some one05:42
seidosTanvir, what did you download?05:42
IdleOne!ot | montather05:42
ubottumontather: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:42
Tanvirseidos, i can't remember..05:42
adminewbnocturnus, so wubi will only install to a hard disk on ATA interface or the like?05:42
montatherhi idle one05:42
montatherhow are you ?05:43
nocturnusadminewb: in fact wubi is just a WM05:43
Tanvirpfifo, its 10.0405:43
noisewaterphdmontather: this is a support channel, not a chat 4 fun channel. Go to the offtopic channel if you don't need technical help05:43
seidoswhois Tanvir05:43
montatherokay noisewaterphd05:44
montathersorry , bye05:44
shawnboyHow do I remove latest multi-boot installation without removing grub2?05:44
ZombieI have a Dellbuntu laptop and I have a Display issue with TV output.05:46
Tanviri was just restarted again.. damn05:46
latagoreThanks for all the help I've gotten today! Good day everyone!05:46
ljsoftnetZombie: does your TV output display TV signal?'05:46
pfifoTanvir, dose it give any messages? at what point in the boot process dose it reboot?05:46
noisewaterphdZombie: detail your problem a bit05:46
xp_prgdoes ubuntu work well as a live cd?05:46
Tanvirwhat kind of message pfifo ?05:46
ZombieYes. I have extremely jittery video when playing videos in full screen.05:47
S4ryxp_prg, of course05:47
ZombieIts almost like the sync rate is wrong.05:47
seidosTanvir, perhaps you should backup your data and reinstall ubuntu 10.04 if you believe you have been infected or hijacked?05:47
ljsoftnetZombie: have u tried setting up Contrast?05:47
pfifoTanvir, what point in the boot process dose it reboot?05:47
pfifoTanvir, can you login?05:47
ZombieI am running Lucid on an Intel i945.05:47
coldboot|homeIs there a decent music player that's not a bloated piece of crap like Amarok?05:47
noisewaterphdZombie: sounds like a driver issue, what is your video card, and what driver are you using05:47
Tanvirpfifo, yes I can.05:47
brandon420coldboot|home, banshee05:48
ZombieIts the stock Intel Driver.05:48
Tanvirpfifo, and i am using it now05:48
ljsoftnetcoldboot|home: have u tried VLC?05:48
pfifoTanvir, so your mouse and keyboard work, they let you login, and then after you login what happens?05:48
ZombieSomeone using an Nvidia card said he fixed it by setting XVideoSyncToDisplay = 005:48
coldboot|homeljsoftnet: Not for music, is it well designed for music, or does it merely play music?05:48
noisewaterphdZombie: This happens with any video you try in fullscreen?05:49
brandon420coldboot|home, banshee organizes everything really well, noting fancy, but has all the features that you would want, without using too many resources05:49
=== th0r1234 is now known as th0r
Tanvirpfifo, i can work fine.. everything.. after few minutes the mouse and keyboard got freezed, don't moves.. everything on the screen freezed and then it starts restarting05:49
tucemiuxbranden792, does banshee automatically find your mp3s like a virus?05:49
ljsoftnetcoldboot|home: it has a very simple interface, it plays a huge amount of list of video, audio files and disks05:49
brandon420lol, no, but you can set it to scan folders.05:50
Tanvirseidos, that's my last choice :(05:50
ljsoftnetZombie: but what?05:50
noisewaterphdcoldboot|home: banshee is definitely slimmer than amarok, but still has nifty web integration. Rythmbox is great if you just want a straight up player05:50
tucemiuxim installing banshee05:50
noisewaterphdI use banshee these days and like it fine05:50
seidosTanvir, well, if you can't recall what you downloaded outside the repositories, how can you possibly verify you haven't been hijacked?  did your system ever work?05:50
tucemiuxrhythmbox is awesome except it now automatically finds your music which acts like a virus and I hate that05:50
noisewaterphdamarok can perform a lot better if you use the mysql backend too05:50
brandon420thats all i use, im running a p4 with a gig of ram, and it does great, not to mention i have over 30gb of music05:50
Lenin_Catcan I change the frequency of my CPU?05:51
ZombieThat solution was valid for Nvidia chips only.05:51
noisewaterphdtucemiux: you can turn that off in rythmbox though I think05:51
ZombieI use Intel chips.05:51
ljsoftnetLenin_Cat: if your CPU supports changing CPU frequency, its possible05:51
coldboot|homenoisewaterphd: I already have mpd for web integration, just want a player that's slim.05:51
Lenin_CatLjL, intel atom?05:52
pfifoTanvir, your problem is way too general to just solve, there are way to many things that could create this problem. THat leaves you with 2 choices, #1 reinstall ubuntu. #2 Go through your system and troubleshoot on your own and come back to us once you have a more (and highly detail) information regarding your problem05:52
Tanvirseidos, i downloaded skype only i think05:52
noisewaterphdLenin_Cat: are you talking about changing your kernel timer frequency, or your actual cpu frequency?05:53
ljsoftnetLenin_Cat: intel atom processors have a full ID, did u search for it?05:53
matthewopersicoHello. I have a laptop - AMD Sempron2800+  .755 GH and 640 RAM. Yeah it's old and XP takes forever to boot. Can I put Ubuntu on this with reasonable performance? Do I use Desktop or Netbook version. Thanks05:53
shawnboyI have an easy problem to solve. How do I remove latest installation without removing grub2?05:53
ljsoftnetZombie: did you connect your TV cable to your laptop?05:53
th0rmatthewopersico: you might consider xubuntu or lubuntu...better for old equipment05:54
adminewbnocturnus, if you get desperate enough, a poor solution may seem better than none, or trying BSD or something... care to entertain more on this?05:54
xp_prgcan anyone recommend a good laptop that runs ubuntu, is a netbook good?05:54
seidosTanvir, you think?  well you have to know, not just think.  reinstall if you suspect your system has been compromised.05:54
noisewaterphdmatthewopersico: desktop version...but with your low ram, and I'm assuming shared memory integrated video, you should look into xubuntu instead05:54
ljsoftnetmatthewopersico: i recommend the Netbook version, which meant for low powered devices05:55
nocturnusadminewb: what is that supposed to mean, entertain you?05:55
avi_xp_prg, I've got to go like NOW, but check out system76.com05:55
adminewbnocturnus no05:55
avi_xp_prg, Their new Starling is supposed to be great, and I've got their lemur ultrathin, which rocks.05:55
Zombieljsoftnet: Yes.05:55
deepuwat is the major functions of kernal?05:55
ZombieIt works when not in full screen.05:56
ljsoftnetxp_prg: i heard netbooks hardly play flash videos like youtube, is this true guys?05:56
Slasher_______ _     _ _______   ______ _______ _______ _______05:56
Slasher   |    |_____| |______  |  ____ |_____| |  |  | |______05:56
Slasher   |    |     | |______  |_____| |     | |  |  | |______05:56
Slasher                    Has been lost!05:56
FloodBot2Slasher: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:56
xp_prgthat is 100.00 more then a dell mini05:56
noisewaterphdxp_prg: I run ubuntu on my macbook pro, and it works awesome, literally all of the features are supported by ubuntu05:56
ljsoftnetZombie: you can change the picture settings rigth, like Contrast, Brigthness???05:56
Lenin_Catljsoftnet, No, but im pritty sure its alllowed05:56
Lenin_Catnoisewaterphd, actual cpu05:57
matthewopersicoThanks for suggestions. Netbook seems the way to go.05:57
adminewbnocturnus entertain me, as in consider what I say, even though it's not been so gratifying for you thus far, when others here may have better tech chops here but haven't tended to your issue?05:57
ZombieIts like the X.org driver de-syncs laptop normal out and S-video out.05:57
ZombieIts not that.05:57
ZombieIts frame skipping and jitter.05:58
Tanvirpfifo, it makes a sound before freeze (sound that makes when we insert a disk in ROM).. and yes I have a problem with my DVD ROM's SATA port. sometimes it said (in windows) its not pluged in.. is this information has any value?05:58
noisewaterphdmatthewopersico: i would say it depends more on your personal needs for the machine. I can't stand netbooks, but the ubuntu netbook version is really cool05:58
deepuwat is the major functions of "kernal"?05:59
Tanvirpfifo, thats all info I got05:59
noisewaterphddeepu: kernel?05:59
ljsoftnetLenin_Cat: i recommend you to search the intel website if, your intel atom processor supports changing CPU frequency05:59
Lenin_Catljsoftnet, I figured it out, it works. :)05:59
nocturnusadminewb: just forget it dude05:59
GHHI am downloading ISO file with this command wget -c but sometime show this error:Read error at byte 1235873408/2015311872 (Connection timed out). Retrying.05:59
nocturnusi'm not into poetry05:59
Lenin_CatBut thanks anyway.05:59
ljsoftnetZombie: what TV software are u using?05:59
pfifoTanvir, yes, that very well could be it, what type of harddrive did you install to?05:59
adminewbnocturnus suit yourself05:59
GHHis it problem?06:00
nocturnuswhy would you even tell me that?06:00
noisewaterphddeepu: odd question, but use google, explaining what a linux kernel is and does isn't really the purpose of this channel06:00
Tanvirpfifo, SATA06:00
pfifoTanvir, internal or external?06:00
Tanvirpfifo, internal06:00
Tanvirpfifo, i am telling this, because if it made the error then reinstall will not be a solution for it (i think)06:01
GHHhep me any one?06:02
pfifoTanvir, if your harddrive is coming unplugged for one reason or another that will imadetally freeze your system.06:02
=== pbarros is now known as turt1e
coldboot|homenoisewaterphd: I'm impressed, Rhythmbox looks like it's not crap.06:02
S4ryGHH, help us to help you ..06:02
noisewaterphddeepu: if you are doing homework, make sure you spell kernel right eh?06:02
noisewaterphdcoldboot|home: good deal06:02
Tanvirpfifo, how can I fix that or check that?06:03
coldboot|homenoisewaterphd: Nevermind, it doesn't properly scan the folder I told it to, and it's got a ton of import errors on the first attempt. It also seems to not have a file system browser.06:03
coldboot|homeLooks like crap.06:03
ljsoftnetGHH: have u tried downloading from a web browser?06:03
coldboot|homeI loved XMMS, it was the best.06:04
Tanvirpfifo, in widows the warning was "SATA Driver not pluged in" then the dvd rom disappeared06:04
noisewaterphdTanvir: open computer, check that your sata cables are all plugged in properly, and that the cables themselves aren't bad06:04
noisewaterphdmatthewopersico: awesome06:04
pfifoTanvir, replace cables, RMA your drive, the issue is hardware, nothing in software can fix that06:05
Tanvirpfifo, okay. what is RMA?06:05
noisewaterphdcoldboot|home: are you running gnome?06:05
S4rycoldboot|home, you need to install some plugin's first for Rhythmbox06:06
=== _LibertyZero is now known as LibertyZero
pfifoTanvir, RMA means to send the drive back and get a replacement or your money back06:06
noisewaterphdcoldboot|home: look into ario06:06
noisewaterphdcoldboot|home: and goggles06:06
th0rcoldboot|home: the old xmms is repackaged as audacious now06:06
coldboot|homenoisewaterphd: Ario is a front-end to mpd.06:06
noisewaterphdcoldboot|home: maybe those will behave better for you06:06
Tanvirpfifo, okay. thanks.06:07
noisewaterphdcoldboot|home: ya06:07
noisewaterphdcoldboot|home: is that a problem?06:07
coldboot|homeI already have Ario, it's alright for an mpd front-end. But I want something local that has more features.06:07
noisewaterphdcoldboot|home: see if you like goggles06:07
coldboot|homenoisewaterphd: mpd front-ends tend to not have many features.06:08
coldboot|homenoisewaterphd: Okay, thanks.06:08
coldboot|homenoisewaterphd: Amarok has lots of features, but it seems to have been written by idiots, because it barely performs.06:08
pfifoi like amarok06:08
S4rycoldboot|home, how about Enna ..06:08
coldboot|homepfifo: It was better before Amarok 2 came out. Now it's a bloated POS.06:09
noisewaterphdcoldboot|home: ya, amarok sucks in performance. But if you like it otherwise, it might be worth trying out the mysql backend for it, it does speed it up substantially06:10
noisewaterphdcoldboot|home: and banshee is good if you haven't already tried it06:10
coldboot|homeThere shouldn't be any reason for it to need MySQL...06:10
pfifothe new version dose have too much stuff, but the basics are all i use06:10
noisewaterphdcoldboot|home: i have never used goggles, but I have always wanted to, it looks cool. Might be just what you are after06:10
noisewaterphdcoldboot|home: agreed06:11
Meshezabeeldoes gparted or any other partition manager come with the live cd?06:11
coldboot|homenoisewaterphd: Where is goggles? It's not in the apt-cache at all.06:11
S4ryHow about .. Moovida Media Center ..06:12
frobisherMeshezabeel ,gparted is a live cd06:12
coldboot|homeS4ry: Enna's way too slow, all those stupid transitions feels like using an iPod. Looks more like a TV interface, with no option to fullscreen.06:13
coldboot|homeHoly shit almost every music player for Linux is a complete piece of crap.06:14
meh3hey guys, can someone help me with ubuntu server network problem? it gives me "Host desitination unreachable" when i try to ping my router or any device on the network06:14
meh3any suggestions?06:14
coldboot|homeThere's like 400 morons out there each trying to make their own, and eventually it gets bloated.06:14
sticky_coldboot|home, Have you tried audaicous?06:14
coldboot|homeThey all have showstopper bugs in them that you can find in two seconds.06:14
sticky_or however it's spelled06:14
coldboot|homesticky_: Yeah, when you click+drag move the Audacious window around, it's extremely laggy. Disqualified.06:15
hartwhere in the world am i?06:15
noisewaterphdmeh3: did you plug it in to the network and configure it properly?06:15
coldboot|homeThe original XMMS was much better, but clearly some idiot messed it up.06:15
sticky_How about Songbird?06:15
harti downloaded Xchat but GNOME version06:15
coldboot|homesticky_: I think I tried that a while ago, I remember it not being total crap.06:15
noisewaterphdsongbird had so much potential, but it sucks06:15
hartis songbird ok for apple devices?06:15
meh3noisewaterphd, it is plugged in yes, and i think its configured properly06:15
noisewaterphdmeh3: is it plugged into the ethernet port that you configured?06:16
coldboot|homesticky_: Songbird's website doesn't seem to have a Linux version.06:16
sticky_They must have done away with it =(06:16
noisewaterphdsongbird is worse than amarok06:16
coldboot|homeYeah they dropped Linux support.06:16
sticky_It used to support the big 3, linux, windows, osx06:16
noisewaterphdor was, apparently06:16
=== may is now known as Guest25070
Guest25070hi there. I am trying to chroot into my system thats not booting via live cd. However update-grub isn't available...any help?06:17
meh3noisewaterphd, yes, it is plugged in.. i forgot to mention that this is a virtual machine06:18
noisewaterphdmeh3: is your router configured to allow pings06:18
noisewaterphdmeh3: so can the host OS ping the router?06:18
meh3noisewaterphd, yes, the hostos can ping the router and get online fine, i cant ping the guest os from the hostos06:19
meh3the router allows pings locally, yes06:19
noisewaterphdmeh3: what virtualization technology are you using06:19
meh3noisewaterphd, vmware06:19
coldboot|homesticky_: They dropped support a while ago, probably because barely anyone uses Linux.06:19
noisewaterphdmeh3: did you choose nat/bridged/etc...which one06:19
meh3noisewaterphd, Bridged06:19
ChaoRhiHi. I'm trying to route my Wifi on my Lucid box so that my connection goes in one Wireless adapter and out the other. I found some community documentation online but it's about as clear as mud. Help?06:19
noisewaterphdassuming this is a server that you want to access from the outside world that may not work out great06:20
meh3noisewaterphd, im using this localy06:20
meh3and for my local network only06:20
noisewaterphdmeh3: you have oficially entered the realm where this is more of a vmware issue06:21
meh3so it should atleast b accessed by the hostos06:21
meh3noisewaterphd, actually they said its an ubuntu issue06:21
noisewaterphdmeh3: been a long time since i used vmware06:22
meh3noisewaterphd, ifconfig shows eth0 is up and it has its ips correct06:22
noisewaterphdmeh3: but try hostonly, and nat methods06:22
ZykoticK9sticky_, coldboot|home <OT> i miss songbird </OT>06:23
noisewaterphdmeh3: as long as you have it configured correctly it will work fine06:23
coldboot|homeHow do you get Banshee to read the file system?06:23
mxe5What's the easiest way to change the boot sequence on a 10.04 Lucid & Windows on the the other partition - Booting to Lucid 1st - Want to have Window as 1st boot ? ?06:23
thune3Guest25070: could you explain a bit more. not available?06:24
noisewaterphdmeh3: and if it is indeed configured correctly, then it is a hardware issue...in your case the hardware is vmware, which is why i say it is a vmware issue06:24
TiKmxe5: edit /etc/default/grub and run pdae-gru06:24
pfifomxe5, edit grub.cfg so it reads 'default="4"' inb4 everyone jumps down my throat06:24
TiKmxe5: edit /etc/default/grub and run update-grub06:24
meh3noisewaterphd, hmm is it possible that vmware nic drivers require an update?06:25
meh3or the wrong ones installed06:25
ZykoticK9mxe5, edit /etc/default/grub (as stated above) and change GRUB_DEFAULT=0 to your windows06:25
meh3because i know for a fact that ubuntu 10.04 server works fine with vmware including the network06:25
TiKmeh3: I use virtualbox i's faster :P06:25
noisewaterphdmeh3: assuming that you just barely installed vmware tools in your ubuntu vm, then they should be the latest on that side06:26
turt1emxe5:  or just install startup manager and set windows as default06:26
noisewaterphdmeh3: as far as vmware itself needing an update, I have no idea06:26
ZykoticK9meh3, VB is much faster - it's why VMware doesn't allow benchmarks to be posted06:26
thune3mxe5: many options, i recommend renaming /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober to /etc/grub.d/09_os-prober06:26
Guest25070thune3, well I rebooted last night and got a "kernel panic not syncing vfs" error. So I assumed that there is something wrong with that kernel and wanted to boot using another kernel. The thing is that grub2 is skipping because timeout is set at 0 by default. So I wanted to chroot into my system so I can change /etc/default/grub and run update-grub06:26
noisewaterphdZykoticK9: and XEN is even faster than that06:27
ZykoticK9noisewaterphd, i image kvm is as well06:27
IzinucsGuest25070: either shift or esc on boot will give you the boot menu..06:27
mxe5turtle: tried that but did not work for some reason - This is actually running the Netbook version of Lucid.06:27
Izinucsforgot which06:27
thune3Guest25070: you can hold down shift during boot to get grub2 menu, and maybe try older kernel06:27
Guest25070thune3, didn't know that just a sec lemme try06:28
noisewaterphdZykoticK9: in aserver environment under moderate load I've never really seen a difference between recent vmware offerings and vbox06:28
ljsoftnethow do i add shutdown in Main Menu?06:28
=== apstanto_ is now known as astanton
noisewaterphdZykoticK9: that being said, i don't personally use either of them in a server environment06:28
ZykoticK9noisewaterphd, it's an OT issue really.  but VMware doesn't allow benchmarks for a reason!06:28
Madpilotljsoftnet, kill the power-symbol applet in the top right corner, and the shutdown/logout/etc stuff re-appears in the System menu like it used to06:29
=== ZNC_DoubleString is now known as DoubleString
ljsoftnetMadpilot: thanks man, gonna rigth it down, so that i wont forget06:29
noisewaterphdZykoticK9: ya, but they are making their move into paravirt. your right tho..OT, I'm just very easy to sidetrack sometimes :)06:29
=== DoubleString is now known as Guest34467
Guest25070thune "Error 0210: stuck key"06:31
Guest25070thune3,  "Error 0210: stuck key"06:31
Guest25070thune3 cool it worked. thanks man06:31
mxe5ZykoticK9: Ah I'm running the netbook version of Lucid 10.04 - the file mgr is fairly simple - not sure how to get to folder you mentioned as root etc. ?06:32
pfifowhy dosent ubuntu have a full featured mingw32 cross compiler like back in the day?06:32
ZombieAnyone else willing to help me with my Intel Graphics card issue?06:32
ZykoticK9mxe5, "gksu gedit /etc/default/grub" should give you a gui editor as root06:33
ZykoticK9pfifo, as that is not a support question you really should ask in #ubuntu-offtopic and yes i know, there are a lot fewer people :(06:34
thune3Guest25070: i stepped away, glad you figured out to press shift after bios checks keyboard06:35
mxe5ZykoticK9: Cool - will look above what you posted and change accordingly - Thanks much~!06:40
ZykoticK9mxe5, glad to help06:40
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest34759
Karen_mI am trying to resolve my sound issues.  After a reboot, my headphones do not play my music.  The sound is not muted, i have checked that.06:43
mxe5ZykoticK9: This my current configuration < GRUB_DEFAULT=6 > Just change to < GRUB_DEFAULT=0 > and be good to go ? ?06:44
thune3Karen_m: headphones were working? did any system changes happen before headphones stopped working?06:44
=== _dinya__ is now known as dinya_
ZykoticK9mxe5, you need the number that corresponds to windows - 0 is the first partition for example, 1 is second, etc. etc.06:45
Karen_mthune3, , the only change I did was installed festival beforehand.  I had rebooted, I wanted to try text-to-speech06:45
ZykoticK9mxe5, if you want to pastebin your output of "sudo fdisk -l" or if you can figure out which partition it is from that output.06:46
S4ryKaren_m, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting06:47
mxe5ZykoticK9: Ah - Yes my 1st and main partition was loaded with Windows - After installed then resized - and installed netbook 10.04 on 2cnd partition.06:47
thune3Karen_m: is anything other commands listed in the right column of "sudo fuser -v /dev/dsp* /dev/snd/* /dev/seq*"06:47
Karen_mthune3, no :(06:48
Karen_mS4ry, i did all that already06:48
thune3Karen_m: is anything other than "pulseaudio" listed in the output06:48
Karen_mthere is no output06:48
S4ryKaren_m, O' okay.06:48
ZykoticK9Karen_m, <just a test, not a solution & assumes 10.04> if it was due to a kernel update, hold shift while computer starts to get the Grub2 menu, then select an older kernel to see if your sound works.  Good luck.06:50
Karen_mdoes the headphones port auto-sense?06:51
ZykoticK9Karen_m, depends on the hardware06:51
ZykoticK9Karen_m, see if you have a headphone/front level in pulse that might be turned down or muted06:51
Karen_mi don't06:52
mxe5ZykoticK9: What's the site for pastebin - Do not have bookmark handy ?06:52
thune3Karen_m: the fuser command has no output? so pulseaudio isn't running or the snd device doesn't exit. Did you do anything to sound system to get festival running?06:52
ZykoticK9!paste | mxe506:52
ubottumxe5: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:52
ZykoticK9mxe5, have you tried 0 - that's the most likely i think.  I'm really not good with Windows interoperability issues by the way.06:53
Karen_mi'm going to reboot and see if this fixes it06:54
Karen_mZykoticK9, I edited a /etc/festival.scm file that some documentation said.. i removed festival and am goign to reboot to see if that resolves it06:55
Karen_mbrb, and thna kyou06:55
bnixy7I have setup my latest ubuntu version and setup my network for my home.  When I transfer a file from XP to Ubuntu (documents folder), it has a lock which opens into read only.  How can I fix this?  i am new so explain exactly.06:56
jlwDoes anyone have any ideas as to why audio would be coming out of both the front audio jack and the rear audio jack simultaneously?06:56
mxe5ZykoticK9: < http://paste.ubuntu.com/486608/ > Looks like I would need to change to " 1 " - correct ?06:56
ZykoticK9mxe5, you got it, 1!06:57
pLrjlw, there is a volume control for each one06:57
Karen_mwhy o' why does a reboot sometimes end up taking you to be logged out and at the login window.  Then you click the button in the bottom right to restart or shutdown, and nothing happens?06:58
jlwpLr, in sound preferences?06:58
pLrjlw, yes but it could vary depending on your sound setup06:58
ZykoticK9Karen_m, are you using ubuntu or xubuntu?  i've only personally experienced that with mythbuntu.06:59
jlwI've been playing with it for a while and can't seem to find the right setting.06:59
noisewaterphdjlw: type alsamixer from the cli06:59
pLrjlw, you have a default install?06:59
Karen_mI'm using ubuntu06:59
noisewaterphdjlw: you should be able to turn off the reaer if you need06:59
jlwplr, yes06:59
ZykoticK9Karen_m, sorry, i have no idea - but it's a bug really07:00
ZykoticK9^guess it worked the second time (i don't see join/parts)07:01
mxe5ZykoticK9: Cool this stuff a bit more of a challenge trying to do this stuff in a smaller real estate of a 10" netbook and trying to learn how to use this other Netbook version of 10.04 lucid - I'd personally rather have lucid start 1st but have to use windows more for one of my business apps - thanks a bunch!07:02
ZykoticK9mxe5, glad to help.  enjoy ubuntu.07:02
Black_PhantomMy ubuntu sometimes freezes and the window goes gray, that especially happens when youtube is on, even though am on good hardware specs.07:02
pfifodose the LiveCD (10.04.1) search for any extra partions to mount under its aufs during bootup (ie, can i get it to save changes to my harddrive instead of memory)07:02
Black_PhantomWhat could be the root of the problem ?07:03
turt1eBlack_Phantom,  most likey it's the flash plugin, which one are you using, gnash or adobe's07:04
Black_Phantomand everything is updated07:04
Black_Phantomand am not that heavy user to blame myself07:04
Black_PhantomAm using Google chrome btw07:04
ZombieIts almost like the sync rate is wrong.07:05
pfifoBlack_Phantom, and this also happens when your not running a browser/flash?07:05
Black_Phantomvery rarely, I can blame the heavy multi-task at that time07:05
=== Weust`afk is now known as Weust`
ZombieI was wondering if I could replace it with an alternate driver.07:06
shawnboyDoes Lucid take much more resources than Jaunty? I'm thinking about upgrading my 4 yr old notebook.07:06
mxe5ZykoticK9: Is there a way to save this session of Xchat for future reference of some of the shell commands I used ?07:07
pfifoBlack_Phantom, ok you might have to report back on this one. When your screen goes grey, is your system still functioning properly aside from no picture?07:07
=== bimo is now known as mo_bledhoz
dz2what are some good network monitoring tools?07:08
bnixy7I have setup my latest ubuntu version and setup my network for my home. When I transfer a file from XP to Ubuntu (documents folder), it has a lock which opens into read only. How can I fix this? i am new at this also.  Maybe I do not have full permissions.07:08
ZykoticK9mxe5, i know that all #ubuntu logs exist online - if you search for your nic and/or date, otherwise i imagine your client would have to be setup to be logging already.07:08
Black_Phantompfifo, sometimes the system freezes and the mouse stops moving for like 6 sec, sometimes goes gray and comes back fast, sometimes freez the tab and I should close the page. It happens mostly on youtube.07:08
pfifoBlack_Phantom, can you reproduce this problem at will?07:09
Black_PhantomIs like flash still facing nightmares with linux ?07:09
Black_Phantompfifo, no it just happens07:10
Black_Phantomsometimes I can even load a 720p without no troubles07:10
turt1eBlack_Phantom,  try installing htop  and have it running before you go to youtube.  then see what happens when you go youtube07:10
Black_Phantomsometimes even a 360p freezes07:10
pfifoBlack_Phantom, im thinking it might be ACPI or your screensaver07:10
v4vijayakumarchrome update is failing,  http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/pool/main/g/google-chrome-beta/google-chrome-beta_6.0.472.41-r56471_amd64.deb07:10
turt1eoh... so it's intermittent on youtube.07:11
v4vijayakumarany idea ?!07:11
mxe5ZykoticK9: I just figured out a way - If you click on "Window" on top toolbar it drops open and there's a "save text..." command - Saved it as text file I can edit later.07:11
=== sailerboy is now known as zz_sailerboy
Black_Phantomturt1e, ok I installed htop07:11
seezedanyone had any experience groupoffice on server 10.04 ??07:11
Black_PhantomTyped htop in the terminal07:11
ZykoticK9mxe5, nice!07:11
Black_Phantomturt1e, now just go to youtube ?07:11
turt1eBlack_Phantom, yeah and watch the firefox processes cpu usage when you do07:13
Black_Phantom31% CPU usage for Google Chrome07:13
Black_Phantom8.8% Mem usage07:13
Black_Phantom2 GB ram07:14
turt1eBlack_Phantom,  now this won't fix the problem.  but you may be able to zero in on what process is spiking when it freezes07:14
mxe5ZykoticK9: I went back and forth on trying to decide to run the Netbook version or the regular Gnome desktop version I'm running on one of my desktops - have you ran the regular desktop version on a smaller 10" or so screen before ?07:14
Black_PhantomI leave my laptop on for days07:14
Black_PhantomDoes that affect the problem ?07:14
Black_PhantomBut I think its linux :/07:14
pfifoBlack_Phantom, ohh its a laptop, that makes it even more likely that its ACPI07:14
ZykoticK9mxe5, i chose to run regular desktop on my EEE1005pe with a 10" screen (i used to really like UNR, but am not a fan of UNE the 10.04 version)07:15
Black_Phantompfifo, I see, if it was the ACPI, how can I fix it ?07:15
pfifoBlack_Phantom, dose this happen more ofern when your running on battery or AC07:15
turt1ebnixy7, the files probably just got copied over as read only,  do you just want to know how to change the permissions on them?07:15
Black_Phantompfifo, I always run on AC07:15
bnixy7turtle, they are regular files on windows, not read only.  They are basic word documents.07:16
pfifoBlack_Phantom, System - Pref - Power Managment07:16
Black_Phantomthen ?07:17
sambamountanyone know where the default mountpoint is in ubuntu 10.04 for samba shares (like the mounted folders in the Places menu)?07:17
mxe5ZykoticK9: Yup - Water under bridge as of now - might wipe this partition and try the newer 10.10 gnome desktop when it's final.07:17
pfifoi would say adjust everything to take longer and possibly NEVER put your display to sleep07:17
Black_Phantomeverything is never except Blank screen when laptop lid is closed07:18
Jordan_Umxe5: GRUB_DEFAULT= can either be a number or a full menu entry title. If it's a number it refers to the Nth menu entry, not the Nth partition. http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html#Simple-configuration07:18
Black_Phantomand there is no othe option lol07:18
=== ara_ is now known as ara
turt1ebnixy7, if you right click a file and select properties what are the owner permissions set to?07:18
Black_PhantomI this this is offtopic, but installing Debian *might* solve the problem ?07:19
ZykoticK9mxe5, may i PM you?07:19
bnixy7turtle, Owner:nobody,  Group: nogroup07:19
pfifoBlack_Phantom, blacklist the ACPI module07:20
Black_Phantompfifo, how to do that ?07:20
bnixy7turtle, sounds like a permissions issue?07:20
mxe5ZykoticK9: Yup07:20
DragonZuluIs Wubi a fair way to see how the OS would behave with hardware?07:20
DragonZuluWithout messing with partitions07:20
pfifoBlack_Phantom, first type 'lsmod' into your terminal, find the name of the acpi module and add it to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf07:21
Black_Phantompfifo, my cpu is 1.73 ghz intel core duo, and I can Google chrome already using 31% with 15 tabs open07:22
sambamountDragonZulu: both Wubi and LiveCD should test the hardware, though the speed is said to be slower using both than an actual install (especially with ext4)07:22
DragonZulusambamount: But it should give a general idea?07:22
turt1ebnixy7,  yeah...  how exactly where these files transfered?07:22
ZykoticK9DragonZulu, using the LiveCD is probably a "better" test actually07:22
pfifoBlack_Phantom, I dont think heavy CPU usage or low memory would cause your screen to go grey07:22
sambamountDragonZulu: it will give hardware compatibility, but not benchtesting speeds of things, such as graphics cards, etc.07:23
pfifoBlack_Phantom, my crappy eeepc dosent do that atleast07:23
DragonZulusambamount: So I couldn't really get a good idea if my games would run under wine worth anything in Wubi ?07:23
Black_Phantompfifo, fair enough lol07:23
Black_Phantompfifo, i cant figure out which one it is there are many *stuff*07:23
ZykoticK9DragonZulu, check the winedb, much faster07:23
sambamountDragonZulu: you could see if they run, but not their speeds of running from an actualy install07:23
bnixy7turtle, I have a netbook, I use these documents daily for general purposes... i setup samba, shared the documents folder on ubuntu, got on my netbook, opened the shared folder on my xp machine, and drag/drop the document onto ubuntu.  opened it on ubuntu and says read only07:24
pfifoBlack_Phantom, try 'lsmod | grep acpi'07:24
sambamountanyone know where the default mountpoint is in ubuntu 10.04 for samba shares (like the mounted folders in the Places menu)?07:24
thune3Black_Phantom, low memory could cause the issue, i'm running of a flash drive and i/o stalls do cause application to become unresponsive (grey/dim) while waiting for io07:24
ZykoticK9sambamount, check ~/.gvfs07:25
Black_Phantompfifo, no results07:25
pfifoBlack_Phantom, dose the application turn grey/dim or is it your whole monitor that does it?07:25
Black_Phantomthune3, I think 2 GB is very good for ubuntu :/07:25
_mrn_ver_i installed "wine" 2 days backto use offline oxford dictionary .the system has got too slow.what to do?07:25
DragonZuluZykoticK9: All they tell me in wine is "never crysis, maybe unreal 3, source will run fine"07:25
sambamountZykotick9: thanks, thats the location, wish it would also mirror a symlink in /media07:25
Black_Phantomand sometimes other applications get unresponsive too and sometimes only the greyed one07:25
pfifoBlack_Phantom, ok in that case, it has nothing todo with ACPI, its just cause your computer is slow07:26
Black_PhantomPerhaps the 1.73 ghz ?07:26
ZykoticK9DragonZulu, i tried crysis and failed, never tried unreal 307:26
DragonZuluZykoticK9: what about Half-Life to HL2:EP2 ?07:26
ZykoticK9sambamount, those ~/.gvfs aren't "real" mounts sorta thing.07:27
_mrn_ver_i installed "wine" 2 days backto use offline oxford dictionary .the system has got too slow.what to do?07:27
turt1ebnixy7, Ahh.. that's probably why they have been set to nobody.   Did the permissions tab allow you to change the file to read/write?  If not you will have to make the change as root07:27
pfifoBlack_Phantom, if you know how, try compiling your browser by hand with optimizations and tailored to your CPU, I did that on my mom's machine and she gets better respons time07:27
ZykoticK9DragonZulu, i haven't tried either - more into native games really my page at http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/gaming07:27
Black_Phantompfifo, normal compiling, or I should so some customized stuff ?07:28
DragonZuluZykoticK9: Source doesn't have a native linux client (yet)07:28
DragonZuluZykoticK9: Steam*07:28
bnixy7turtle, it will not let me change the permissions of the document.  How do I set up my user as root so these problems do not occur?07:28
thune3Black_Phantom: i guess I'm saying that the most likely candidate for the cause is i/o stall/wait. This can happen for several reasons.07:28
DragonZuluZykoticK9: Q4 I have the disk for.  UT04 comes on steam.07:28
ZykoticK9DragonZulu, it's not coming :(  rumors where recently denied by a VP or something :(  </ot>07:28
DragonZuluZykoticK9: I have the Q3 disks too07:29
ZykoticK9DragonZulu, steam i mean07:29
DragonZuluZykoticK9: Maybe it was "Too hard and needed to be scrapped"07:29
Black_PhantomYou think its the CPU or the graphics memory ?07:29
DragonZululike the PS307:29
pfifoBlack_Phantom, its complicated, but you need it to compile with -O3 and -march=i686 or similar07:30
DragonZuluThen in about 2 years Dug or whoever will show up at a pengiun place screaming "Portal3 is coming to linux!"07:30
DragonZululike he did the Playstation 307:30
ZykoticK9pfifo, lol - is this gentoo all of a sudden?07:30
DragonZulubut that's another story07:30
Black_Phantomok thanks pfifo and turt1e :)07:31
pfifoZykoticK9, nice to know someone know where i learned that trick07:31
DragonZuluAlso, I've wondered if I need to install the Dell version of Ubuntu?07:31
DragonZuluOr is the regular CD fine?07:31
whosjoseregular is fine i believe07:32
DragonZuluwhosjose: I can't find the dell ISO for jack07:33
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:33
turt1ebnixy7,  well, I don't think you want to always run as root.  but in a terminal window you can run "sudo chown username:username filename" to change it's ownership to your username07:33
ljsoftnethow do i know the size of my swap partition?07:34
pfifoljsoftnet, 'free' on command line07:34
bnixy7turtle: well what do I need to change so whenever I send a document over my network, I will not have to do that07:34
i_is_brokeljsoftnet, try fdisk -l07:34
whosjoseDragonZulu: Dell only goes up to 9.04, so I do believe that the Ubuntu 10.04 should work without any problems07:34
ZykoticK9ljsoftnet, or "free -m" to see it in MBs07:34
DragonZuluwhy not df -h ?07:35
DragonZuluwhosjose: Yeah I'm only seeing 9.04 too07:35
pfifodf-h wont show swap07:35
ZykoticK9pfifo, swap is memory07:36
whosjoseDragonZulu: Yea that's all what I see even on the Dell communities and wiki07:36
pfifoZykoticK9, are you saying df -h WILL show swap?07:36
whosjoseDragonZulu: Are you using a desktop or notebook?07:37
ZykoticK9pfifo, no, but "free" the memory command will07:37
DragonZuluI see.07:37
ZykoticK9pfifo, "sudo fdisk -l" would work as well07:37
pfifoZykoticK9, thats what i recommended07:37
whosjoseDragonZulu: I'm off to sleep perhaps someone here can help you, but I'm pretty sure that you will be okay with the original.07:37
DragonZuluwhosjose: Desktop07:37
whosjosegoodnight everyone07:37
ZykoticK9pfifo, lol sorry, you actually beat me too it - didn't notice your reply07:38
turt1ebnixy7, that part I'm not real clear on.  can you explain again the setup07:38
pfifoZykoticK9, lol07:38
DragonZuluI'll just install wubi with the regular disks07:38
bnixy7I use xp for these documents.  I want to pass them over to ubuntu just over the basic network.  I shared the "documents" folder on ubuntu to throw files from xp onto it.  I open documents folder in ubuntu, and on the document, there is a lock on the upper right area of the file.07:39
bnixy7i installed samba to share the documents folder07:39
DragonZuluOdd, I put the disk in and got Execption Processing Message c000000013 Parameters 75b...07:40
u-fokaHy! After I used alt+sysrq+r to disable raw input on Xorg, how can I revert the effect without restarting X??07:40
DragonZuluCancel , Try Again, Continue07:40
ZykoticK9u-foka, "compiz --replace" perhaps?07:40
DragonZuluIt's not letting me use the disk07:40
u-fokaZykoticK9, it didn't help :(07:41
DragonZuluSays "No Disk"07:41
u-fokasomehow I need to reenable raw input from keyboard07:41
ZykoticK9u-foka, do you need to restart compiz or are you trying to do something else?07:41
turt1ebnixy7, can you tell me what the "writable" line in your /etc/samba/smb.conf file says?07:41
u-fokathe prob is after raw input is disabled, alt+f1, alt+f2 keys switches tty's07:42
bnixy7turtle, writeable = yes07:42
lundhI have installed windows xp then windows 7 on a different parition and now lastly ubuntu, why doesnt grub2 ket me boot windows xp?07:43
ZykoticK9u-foka, oh, sorry, thought you where looking for something else.  I'm no help at all with that.  Best of luck.07:43
foolguyin xchat, how do I display multiple windows at once? like multiple channels07:43
turt1ebnixy7, what about the "creat mask" and "directory mask" lines?07:43
pfifofoolguy, right click the channel name and choos detatch07:44
S4ryfoolguy, #xchat07:44
bnixy7turtle,  create mask = 0700 directory mask = 070007:45
ljsoftnetjust did a fresh install of ubuntu, on a 500GB hard disk, when i open Disk Usage Analyzer it says 3.2GB used, 452.5GB available, but when i go to File Browser(nautilus) and click on "File System" the status bar says Free Space: 429.3 GB, where can i find the 30 GB which is not recognized?07:45
bnixy7how do i edit the smb.conf file?  sudo gedit etc/samba/smb.conf?07:45
joljamI am about to finish installation of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx on my desktop. Towards the end I am getting a fatal error saying "unable to install GRUB in /dev/sda. What should I do?07:46
ruckuushello everybody07:46
turt1ebnixy7,  sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf07:47
pfifoljsoftnet, by default 5% of your disk space is reserved for root, use tune2fs to adjust this07:47
adminewbpfifo ok if I pm something off topic here?07:47
turt1ebnixy7,  change  create mask to 0666 and directory mask to 0777,  but make a backup of the original file with sudo cp /etc/samba/smb.conf /etc/samba/smb.conf.bak first07:48
Jordan_Ulundh: What is the output of "sudo os-prober"?07:48
foolguywhoever told me to uninstall xchat gnome and install regular xchat, thanks07:49
lundhJordan_U: only windows 7 I belive, can double check07:49
S4ryjoljam,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub207:49
turt1ebnixy7, oh and make sure you are making the changes under the "[shared_local] setting for your share07:50
i_is_brokehmmm anyone have win 7 running in vbox, and if so, did it activate no problems for you? cause mine didnt give me any trouble, and it was activated twice.07:51
lundhJordan_U: yes, only win 7: /dev/sda1:Windows 7 (loader):Windows:chain07:51
kimi_s hi all!07:52
baltazarI have a computer without internet connection and I want to install emacs to it, can I do it from ubuntu cd?07:52
thune3joljam: looking through the forums, the recommendation is to consider the os installed and then try to fix grub from livecd. There may be some complicating factors if you are installing to a RAID array.07:52
ljsoftnetpfifo: thanks man07:52
joljam S4ry: thank you07:52
bnixy7turtle, as strange as it sounds, I do not see a shared-local07:52
Jordan_Ulundh: And selecting the windows 7 entry doesn't give you another menu with an option to boot XP? (they may be sharing the same boot partition)07:52
lundhJordan_U: no07:52
logan_wolfbaltazar, yes you can you need just the deb file07:53
Jordan_U!offline | baltazar07:53
ubottubaltazar: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD07:53
lundhJordan_U: I had dual booting between 7 and XP working before07:53
pfifoljsoftnet, np, leave root a little tho, syslogd and stuff may need it07:53
bnixy7turtle, I also searched the document for both names, and nothing.07:53
lundhJordan_U: XP was installed first so there is no special small windows 7 partition07:53
Jordan_Ulundh: Can you run boot info script as explained here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and pastebin the results?07:54
ljsoftnetpfifo: im just gonna leave it as is, tune2fs is kinda complicated, and i dont know how to use it07:54
=== PsyTrance_ is now known as PsyTrance
lundhJordan_U: will do07:54
kimi_sWhen i check my updates from update manager of Ubuntu 10.04 (updated) some of package information are not downloading (i mean they are failing) but the update manager works fine. Why some of them are failing? How to understand which are the softwares who are not updating for me ?07:55
Jordan_Ujoljam: Can you pastebin the output of "mount"?07:55
baltazarso downloading the .deb and doing dpkg -i is the same as installing from aptitude?07:55
=== matt___ is now known as xzwerm
xzwermfrom the interior07:56
turt1ebnixy7,   actually that may be ok.  It's been a while since I've messed with samba shares.  Just looked at my current one also and don't see that either.  you can either try the value I gave or go with the 0755 values now given in the comments of the smb.conf.  I'd actually try 0775 first, reboot and see if that fixes it07:56
joljamJordan_U After the installation, I am booting with the live CD. What should I do? Should I type mount in the terminal?07:57
pLrkimi_s, use the terminal try sudo apt-cache show pkgnamehere07:57
Jordan_Ujoljam: Yes.07:57
S4rybaltazar, you mean apt-get = aptitude ..07:57
pfifokimi_s, I believe you can see errors by looking at the contents of the file /var/log/dpkg.log07:57
bnixy7turtle, for your authentication section, do you have "security = user"?07:58
Kane_HartI'm having a crap load issues with my ATI card I think I got it installed right but apparently a few games I'm trying to run hate my ati card it's a 4870 and glxgears gives me a score of like 30k and that was per 5 secs and I don't think that is high from other people who used nvidia cards 5 times older lol. If I reset my pc now and install my nvidia card 8800GX2 will I have issues with driver conflicts betwee07:59
Kane_Hartn ati/nvidia or ubuntu take care of that?07:59
kimi_spfifo: the log file is empty. i use a cleaner for ubuntu. i think the cleaner has delete it. but i have check many times the updates after the last time i use the cleaner.07:59
Jordan_Ubaltazar: Basically, yes. Just make sure that the .deb files you download are the same that apt-get/aptitude would be installing. You can do that by using Synaptic's package download script option or by getting them from packages.ubuntu.com and making sure you choose the correct Ubuntu release.07:59
thune3kimi_s: if i'm understanding you, some repository listings aren't downloading. running "sudo apt-get update" should give you an idea of what repos aren't downloading.07:59
jespervHi, I know this is not a windows channel but i hope you will answer my question anyway. I'm using winddows xp on work and want to move a window. In Ubuntu i just use <ALT> and drag the window. Can i do something similar in windows xp?07:59
S4ryKane_Hart, what is n ati !07:59
kimi_spLr: can you please give me a command ? i can use the command which you gave me...08:00
matt___whats the difference between #ubuntu on irc.freenode.net and irc.ubuntu.com???08:00
yubahaqi dont have a bigger resolution how can i add it08:00
Jordan_Umatt___: Nothing, they are different servers that connect to the same network.08:00
ljsoftnetpfifo: hey man i change my mind, how do i use tune2fs?08:00
lundhJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/48662308:01
kimi_s thune3: hmm i see them. should i delete them ?08:01
pfifoljsoftnet, i completely agree with you, tune2fs is complicated08:01
turt1ebnixy7,   I do, but by default it seems to be commented out08:01
yubahaqhow i add a new resolution08:01
pfifoljsoftnet, 'man tune2fs'08:01
thune3kimi_s: if you could pastebin the info, i'll take a look08:01
maco!resolution | yubahaq08:02
Kane_Hartback to windows I guess08:02
ubottuyubahaq: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution08:02
joljamJordan_U: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/8iKBE7Mr08:02
Jordan_Ulundh: Did you move the XP partition? I don't think that XP can boot from an extended partition.08:02
lundhJordan_U: no, did not move it08:02
kimi_sthune3: http://textsnip.com/f960ff  but nautilus elementary theme is not updating. this is something bad for me ?! :( i have to fix it... but i dont know why is not updating.08:03
adminewbjesperv afaik Windows doesn't allow windows to move unless you drag it by the title bar, i.e. no special control keys to drag from any part of the window08:03
pfifoljsoftnet, i think its 'tune2fs -m 1% /dev/sdXX'08:04
Jordan_Ujoljam: Can you follow this guide: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide and tell me what the exact error from grub-install is?08:04
pLrkimi_s, sry i was gone.. did u fix it?08:04
bnixy7turtle, no luck08:05
kimi_spLr:  no . http://textsnip.com/f960ff08:05
=== mcl0vin_ is now known as mcl0vin
thune3kimi_s: were there errors listed after that output? everything looks ok there if i'm not missing something08:06
Jordan_Ulundh: Your XP partition is not in (hd0,2) it's in (hd0,5).08:06
pLrkimi_s, the ubuntu software center does always include detailed information for all packages08:07
kimi_sthune3:  no error. there is no another output from this command. but it is not ok now. opera is not updating from that i understand.08:07
kimi_sthune3: i remeber i update many times the opera. how it is possible now to ignore it ?08:07
pLrkimi_s, but using the command i gave you earlier would08:07
joljamJordan_U: when I type in sudo fdisk -l in the terminal i get the message saying "Unable to seek on /dev/sda08:08
kimi_spLr: i know the software center. but i am talking about updates now...08:08
pfifoadminewb, you can select move from the dropdown menu and then grab it at any loction08:08
turt1ebnixy7,  you mean you tried the settings change and the files are still getting copied over as read only after a reboot?08:08
lundhJordan_U: triend hd0,5 aswell08:09
kimi_spLr: my system's all packages are not updating. that is a big problem. opera is not udpating. this is not possible..08:09
adminewbpfifo I stand corrected08:09
Jordan_Ujoljam: Something is definitely odd then. Is your hardware special in any way that you can think of?08:09
bnixy7turtle, yes.  I just made one other change, I went to samba under system, and went to the shared folder, properties, and under access i clicked all the boxes.  so im going to reboot again and see what happens08:10
joljamJordan_U: its a HP Pavilion 64 bit onto which i am installing a 32 bit ubuntu08:10
ljsoftnetpfifo: 'tune2fs -m 1% /dev/sdXX' where do i refer /dev/sdXX do i put the main partition or the swap?08:11
pLrkimi_s, ok. whats the output of : sudo apt-get install opera08:12
joljamJordan_U .. last time I installed ubuntu 10.04 it was an upgrade from 9.10 not a full blown install08:12
pfifoljsoftnet, type mount or df -h at the command line to track down which partition it is that your looking for08:12
kimi_spLr: it says is already installed latest version.08:12
thune3kimi_s: and after that "apt-cache policy opera". the latest version from your repo is 10.61.643008:12
Jordan_Ujoljam: What is the output of "sudo blkid"?08:13
=== pbarros is now known as turt1e
kimi_sthune3: ture.08:13
kimi_sthune3: true.08:13
pLrkimi_s, ok now tell me the output for: sudo apt-cache show opera | grep ^Ver08:13
kimi_sVersion: 10.61.6430 pLr:08:14
thune3kimi_s: if it says that's installed, you have the latest version. it hasn't been updated since Aug 13, but 10.61 is the latest08:14
joljamJordan_U: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/QuwiVhBE08:15
kimi_sthune3: yes i know it the latest version. but the main problem is why they are not updating. i mena there are other packages which are ignored (failed) when i check the udpates.08:15
thune3kimi_s: ign means that there is no new information from the repository to be downloaded. ign==up-to-date08:15
bnixy7turtle, I have under samba, properties, for anyone to access the folders and write/viewable08:16
thune3kimi_s: but i think i'm misunderstanding you08:16
kimi_s thune3: i think you are not true. because after i check the updates, update manager says that there is no update. so why some one them are ignored ?08:16
kimi_s thune3:  yes you did not understand me.08:16
kimi_sanyway i will ask to forums.08:17
kimi_s thune3:  thank you!08:17
pLrkimi_s, the repositories are not made for lucid08:17
pLrkimi_s, thats y08:17
kimi_spLr: but how i update the Opera 2 weeks before ?08:17
Jordan_Ujoljam: Ok, so you have some type of RAID (or at least blkid thinks you do). Do you know anything about it?08:18
bnixy7turtle, now it is saying that I need to type a username and pw to connect to ubuntu.  and it will not let me access the folders anymore.  bah hum bug.  i need to re install ubuntu08:18
HBSCdoes anyone know how to set up an ftp with vsftp behind a wired router?08:18
thune3kimi_s: i have not seen anything which indicates an error of any kind. it would help if you actually show some kind of error. Your opera IS the latest version.08:18
kimi_spLr: also i had installed nautilus-elementary theme from this way.08:18
kimi_sthune3:  ok tank you!08:18
joljamJordan_U: I do not know about it08:18
pfifoHBSC, yes08:19
turt1ebnixy7, you said you checked EVERYTHING in the samba settings?  you may want to double check that you didn't check off a setting for requiring a valid user08:19
pLrkimi_s, u chose deb.opera.com/ stable non-free. this is the latest version in there08:19
Low-dang the ubuntu room is full08:19
Jordan_Ujoljam: Can you pastebin the output of "ls -l /dev/mapper/"?08:19
turt1ewhat version of Ubuntu are you running btw?08:20
HBSCpfifo, should I forward anything beside port 20-21 ?08:20
kimi_spLr: ok tahnk you!08:20
pLrkimi_s, if you move to the unstable non-free you can update more often w/ more problems08:20
pfifoHBSC, tcp port 21 is all that is needed, unless you changed what port number it listens on. tcp/udp 20 is for something else (i forget what)08:21
Jordan_ULow-: It's always this way. If you have a question don't wait to ask :)08:21
thedudesterthe ubuntu CD doesnt load when i reboot, its fixed on the ubuntu loading animation and stays that way forever08:21
joljamJordan_U: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/GWdxBQrW 08:21
Antonisgood morning folks. a friend of mine did something on my netbook (for fun) which shows a notification every x seconds (think its 15) but I can't find where or what to turn it off.. could you please help me? it's not a script or something in "Startup Applications"08:22
thedudesterthe ubuntu CD doesnt load when i reboot, its fixed on the ubuntu loading animation and stays that way forever08:22
pfifoAntonis, Yes, i have the solution, find any sharp or blunt object and 'correct' your friend manually08:22
HBSCpfifo, i can login with my internal ip address, but now with my external ip... so i forwarded ports 20-21. am i missing anything else??08:23
Antonispfifo, haha08:23
ljsoftnetpfifo: this is the code is use, 'sudo tune2fs -m 1 /dev/sda1' and it fixed it, thanks man08:23
Jordan_Ujoljam: You should be able to do "sudo fdisk -l /dev/mapper/pdc_bcdhdijdfb"08:23
thedudesterthe ubuntu CD doesnt load when i reboot, its fixed on the ubuntu loading animation and stays that way forever08:23
pfifoHBSC, you may need to adjust /etc/hosts.allow hosts.deny08:23
bnixy7turtle, i went to samba, preferences, server settings, security, says user and no encryp pw, I went to samba users, made up a user.  clicked the shared folder, went to its properties and selcted that anyone can access it08:23
pfifoljsoftnet, enjoy08:23
Jordan_Ujoljam: Continue following the instructions from there.08:23
thedudesterthe ubuntu CD doesnt load when i reboot, its fixed on the ubuntu loading animation and stays that way forever08:24
Antonisis there a way to see what processes / apps start at startup except of that dialog?08:24
pfifoHBSC, if i remember correctly vsftp uses inetd which respects those files08:24
bnixy7trutle, when i am on windows xp, and click the shared folder, it wants me to enter username/pw and i use the one i created in samba for that, but get an error and will not connect08:24
thune3Antonis: is there an icon or identifying text  associated with it? i'm guessing some evolution calender thing but i'm not sure.08:24
joljamJordan_U: Thanks . let me try it out08:24
Antonisno, there is no icon.. only title not even a message08:25
turt1eAntonis, you are going to need to run top or htop and wait for it to pop up again and see what the program is called08:25
olskolirchey cool cats and dolls i would like to watch tv in my terminal,  Im using hauppauge pvr 150 with vlc ivtv drivers08:25
thedudestercan anyone help me?08:25
thedudesterthe ubuntu CD doesnt load when i reboot, its fixed on the ubuntu loading animation and stays that way forever08:25
Antonisturt1e, hm.. will try that right now08:25
thedudesterthe ubuntu CD doesnt load when i reboot, its fixed on the ubuntu loading animation and stays that way foreverthe ubuntu CD doesnt load when i reboot, its fixed on the ubuntu loading animation and stays that way foreverthe ubuntu CD doesnt load when i reboot, its fixed on the ubuntu loading animation and stays that way forever08:25
Chr|sWhen I hover over an audio file, it doesn't preview the audio anymore, How come? I just recently installed a fresh copy of the latest ubuntu release08:26
pfifothedudester, try booting without splash or quiet, sorry i dont know exactly how todo that08:26
thedudesterwhats splash?08:26
pfifothedudester, the splash screen is the place its stuck at, and its probbally hiding an important error message behind it08:27
turt1ebnixy7,  can you back out the changes you made?  I'm at a lose at this point.08:27
thedudesteroh right... interesting08:27
bnixy7ive deleted all of my samba shares at this point.  I am also at a loss.  This is not making any sense.08:27
thedudesteri tried installing ubuntu with wubi08:27
thedudesterand i get a really weird error message right near the end of the installation08:28
olskolirc!flood | thedudester08:28
ubottuthedudester: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:28
Antonishm.. nothing :\08:28
thedudester"Permissions denide" and its right near the end of the installation08:28
turt1ebnixy7, and the only lines you modiefied in smb.conf were the two mask entries?08:29
akaruzHello everyone!08:29
bnixy7turtle: am I able to PM you my complete file?08:29
akaruzCan someone tell me ! Which Os is good ? Linux ? or Mac OS ? and why?08:29
olskolircthedudester, take the cd out and when you don't have X, drop to a terminal and type: sudo dpkg --configure -a08:29
olskolircsee if that will finish the install thedudester08:30
Jordan_Ujoljam: You're welcome. Even if it does work you may want to consider disabling RAID in the BIOS and re-installing Ubuntu with the "nodmraid" option. What you have is called Fake RAID, called that because companies try to pass it off as true hardware RAID when all it is is some code in the BIOS and software raid. It's often a pain to deal with as Fake RAID is generally proprietary and poorly documented (if at all).08:30
turt1ebnixy7, sure08:30
Jordan_Ujoljam: The only real advantage is that you can boot windows from it. While linux can boot from pure software RAID, windows can't.08:31
S4ryI remember saving someone data files to back it up from his Windows through Ubuntu live-cd :)08:32
joljamJordan_U: In fact I do not want to have the ability to boot Windows08:32
thune3Chr|s: the control is found in Nautilus (the file browser) under Edit->Preferences|Preview|Sound File. If it is on, i would guess you don't have a codecs installed for that sound type, or it is not a type recognized.08:32
S4ryWhen he lost his windows user password !08:32
Ubuntu-monitorhow can I setup two monitors for my Ubuntu, one is laptop the other is LCD08:34
pfifoUbuntu-monitor, System -> Prefs -> Monitor08:36
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Jordan_Ujoljam: I need to leave so I can't walk you through disabling Fake RAID in your BIOS and booting the install CD with the "nodmraid" option but I will be here tomorrow and maybe someone else can help you also.08:37
nogienugzhi guys, I have a problem with java jre. I often visit a site  ---> www.citiseconline.com, this website site doesn't display well, when i'm using ubuntu. but doesn't show any problem if i use windows... Second, in the website, when it always ask to install JAVA, but i ALREADY HAVE java installed... is anyone familiar w/ this problem?08:37
pfifonogienugz, you have to install the java-plugin part of java as well as the jre08:38
Ubuntu-monitorpfifo, I am using 8.04, dont see monitors there08:38
pfifoUbuntu-monitor, upgrade to 10.04 OR write your own xorg.conf08:39
Ubuntu-monitorpfifo, 10.04 ate all my stuffs, first mouse, then wifi then nvidia08:39
Ubuntu-monitorhow can I change the xorg.conf08:39
nogienugzpfifo, huh? but in the synaptic package manager, i already checked all the "java6" related packages, and installed,, is the java plugin different from those?08:40
pfifoUbuntu-monitor, writing your own xorg.conf is complicated, but there are pleny of resources on google and you can also view the manual by typing 'man xorg.conf' into a terminal08:40
pfifonogienugz, yes08:40
mosnoso in 10.04, if i change the user account password, shouldn't the system also update the gnome keyring password? if not, is there a way to enable this functionality?08:41
nogienugzpfifo, i'll try to search for that java package at home. thanks.08:42
pfifomonzo, i think the answer is no and no, but i rarely use the keyring and never change my password, so i may be wrong08:43
monzopfifo, you probably mean mosno instead of monzo ;)08:44
joljamhow can I disable Fake RAID in my BIOS with nodmraid option08:44
pfifomonzo, yes, in fact, i did!08:44
pfifojoljam, what type of motherboard do you have?08:44
mosnomonzo, thanks08:45
mosnopfifo, i don't seem to remember having to worry about gnome-keyring falling out of sync on fedora, but i could be wrong08:45
mosnowill need to research further08:45
Andr00if any thing gos wrong with linux, blame linus torvalds. he created the hole linux thing08:47
pfifoi send him hate mail atleast twice a day08:48
joljampfifo. my machine is AMD Phenom(TM) II X4 920 quad-core processor [2.8GHz, 2MB L2 + 6MB L3 shared, up to 4000MT/s]08:48
seidos!ot | Andr0008:48
ubottuAndr00: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:48
pfifojoljam, no thats not what im looking for, your motherboard itself will have a model number. I need to find the documentation for it08:49
Andr00oh ok...08:49
joljampfifo. where can I get the model number from08:49
pfifojoljam its usually printed on the motherborad, you may have to open your PC and grab a flashlight08:50
Andr00lets DELETE the linux kernel then see what ubuntu is now?08:50
pfifono, dont delete it, use dpkg to safely remove it08:50
Andr00ubuntu - linux kernel = a bunch of useless code08:51
rwwAndr00: Do you have an Ubuntu support question somewhere in there?08:52
pfifoAndr00, it should be possible to use a bsd kernel with the files ubuntu provides, but i would expect some problems08:52
whosjoseI have a question, I'm running VirtualBox and Windows XP. I'm trying to get a USB Storage picked up but it doesn't get picked up. Now what gets me is that it states the name of the drive but it's basically disable, it won't let me access it.08:53
Vampireis this Ubuntu official channel, i mean for ubuntu.com ?08:53
rwwVampire: yes08:53
whosjoseVampire: yea08:53
whosjoseany help?08:54
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SGHi7Hello. I seem to be having input issues. This happens in games, desktop, everywhere. I can move my mouse perfectly fine (touchpad), but if I input something on the keyboard and move my mouse, it takes 2-3 seconds to respond. Any suggestions?08:55
cromagwhosjose: is that an ubuntu issue ?08:55
whosjosei'm unsure08:55
ReadPleaseA virtual machine was installed on this system, and it's supposed to have 'mini' ubuntu installed, but it seems it's got desktop edition.  I'd like to remove desktop and move to mini....08:55
ReadPleaseI didn't see the option to do minimal install during the install process, though08:55
cromagi would try in the vbox channel08:55
grayhamehow can I turn off the screen save so it stops locking me out ?08:56
ReadPleaseOkay, cromag.  You go do that, and I'll try here.08:56
ReadPleaseMeet back in 5 minutes.08:56
Cmdr_W_T_Riker-win 208:56
cromagif i were talking to you, you would know.08:56
Cmdr_W_T_Rikerargh.. stupid keyboard08:56
ReadPleaseAh, my mistake.08:57
ReadPleaseAnyway, I think I can handle the 'reformat', but it took like 2 hours to install on this computer, and I really don't want to screw up twice.08:57
SGHi7do you mean the netbook edition VS desktop edition?08:58
S4rygrayhame, system - Preferences - Screensaver08:58
pfifograyhame, System -> Prefs -> Screensaver08:58
S4ryUncheck / look screen ..08:58
pfifoSGHi7, what hardware are you using?08:58
apctrI'm getting some error to install packages using synaptic package manager08:59
S4ryapctr, whats that error saying ..08:59
SGHi7Intel 2.26GHz C2D, Nvidia 9600M GT, 10.0408:59
joljampfifo: Motherboard model number is PAXHD0B9VY40CT08:59
whosjoseugh no help in the vbox09:00
pfifojoljam, google that number and see if you can find a PDF manual09:00
apctrSGHi7: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)09:00
joljampfifo: nops09:01
pfifoSGHi7, im looking for the touchpad and keyboard info, try 'lspci' and 'lsusb'09:01
joljampfifo: google is not returning any results09:01
pfifojoljam that may not be your motherboard model then.09:02
apctrS4ry: Did u get the problem09:02
=== ashish_ is now known as Guest27080
pfifojoljam, who made your computer?09:02
joljamits a HP PAVILION09:02
S4ryapctr, First thing you need to check Synaptic Package Manager open at the same time09:02
SGHi7pfifo, I peeked through both and it doesn't seem to show.09:02
pfifojoljam, and dose it have a model number associated with it?09:03
Guest27080Gwibber is not fetching twitter updates09:03
SGHi7It's the HP HDX X16-1040US if that helps any09:03
S4ryapctr, or09:03
S4ryThat happens when synaptic or another package update / installation application is already running. Close any other package managers09:03
ohirjoljam: go to hp.com site and search for P/N number09:03
SGHi7pfifo, it may be this one 00:1f.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation ICH9M LPC Interface Controller (rev 03)09:04
ohirjoljam: P/N stands for part number and thats the number that interests you09:04
S4ryapctr, Otherwise, issue this command ' sudo killall dpkg09:04
apctrS4ry: there is no any running process and i just installed on my system and i'm reloding packages09:05
pfifoSGHi7, im guessing that the hardware isnt fully supported, have you tried with any other version of ubuntu or a different distro?09:05
joljamohir: mine is a HP Pavilion Elite e9200z09:05
joljamI am in the HP website09:05
S4ryapctr, try the command , sudo killall dpkg .. then reload again09:05
SGHi7No, just 10.04. Guess I could try a live kubuntu09:06
joljamwhat should I search for09:06
ohirjoljam: so there under 'service' tab you should be able to find manuals09:06
=== Greysc[a]le is now known as Greyscale
ohirjoljam: as well as any firmware (for windows sometimes also for linux) updates09:06
apctrSGHi7: it shows that no process found...and i think u r telling me the solution for /var/lib/dpkg/lock09:07
apctrS4ry: it shows that no process found...and i think u r telling me the solution for /var/lib/dpkg/lock09:07
nogienugzguys, one more thing, i'm using sip in empathy to connect to my smsdiscount account. I'm using my logitec webcam both as a camera and as a MICROPHONE. But in empathy, the person on the other side of the line can't hear me. I can make calls and can hear the person on the other side, but he/she can't hear me... any ideas? I've check empathy's sound settings, but it doesnet show my sound devices in it....09:07
joljamohir: I got it H-RS880-uATX09:07
joljampfifo the motherboard is H-RS880-uATX09:08
S4ryapctr, close Synaptic & try .. sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/lock09:09
pfifojoljam, yeah now i need the manual09:09
SGHi7pfifo, haha. did more googling, and it was as simple as having "disable touchpad when typing" unchecked :)09:09
joljampfifo .. this is what I got http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&lang=en&docname=c01925486&product=4007354#N106709:10
pfifoSGHi7, lucked out on that one then09:11
S4ryapctr, how did that go ..09:11
Antonisaaaaah can't find it anywhere.. where else should I look for this notification??09:11
apctrS4ry: thanks bro..it works09:11
bennymAntonis, ask your friend?09:12
Antonisit's a "game we play"... do something through ssh and let the other solve.. :p but this drives me crazy09:13
pfifojoljam, can you talk here on the channel on a different computer than the one were troubleshooting?09:13
AntonisI can't see the history causeh e removed it..09:13
jetienne_i look for a small iso for a live cd, any suggestion ?09:13
joljampfifo I am talking on my laptop09:13
theadminjetienne_: This is not the right channel. But try TinyCore Linux or DamnSmallLinux09:14
HBSCpfifo, remember how earlier you told me to edit /etc/hosts.allow for vsftpd to work? is the proper syntax ALL:ALL?09:14
pfifoHBSC, i forget09:15
=== Harry is now known as Guest20338
pfifojoljam, you need to reboot your HP and go into the CMOS settings09:15
S4ryapctr, glad to know09:15
hauxI just finished upgrading to 10.10. When I start Ubuntu, it takes me to command prompt. How do I load the window manager?09:16
theadminpfifo, HBSC: hosts.allow syntax is daemon_list:client_list:shell_command (last one is optional)09:16
theadminhaux: Try "sudo service gdm start" or "startx"09:16
hauxI tried startx, I haven't tried the other thing09:16
HBSCpfifo, thanks!09:16
=== emc_ is now known as emc
hauxtheadmin, One I get it loaded, how do I set it up to load every time?09:18
joljampfifo done...I am in BIOS SETUP UTILITY now.. thats what u mean by CMOS . is that correct?09:18
Antonisbennym, it's more like a tooltip than a notification09:18
pfifojoljam, yes09:18
i_is_brokewhats a good tool to keep track of fan speeds and cpu temperatures?09:18
theadminhaux: Hmzzzz... Use this in terminal: "sudo update-rc.d gdm defaults"09:18
theadmini_is_broke: lmsensors09:18
i_is_broketheadmin, is it a pain in the arse to config?09:19
bennymAntonis, I'm assuming you've googled it? I'd try to find out how to do it myself, then use that knowledge to beat the old one.09:19
theadmini_is_broke: Not even the slightest idea - I never worried about my CPU temperatures09:19
pfifojoljam, under 'intergrated peripherls' and then under 'IDE Configureation' you will see 'OnChip SATA Type' correct?09:20
Guest20338Hello, I've running Lucid-Server on a USB-Stick and after some days the rootfs is no more accessible. It looks like the stick has been ejected. What can I do?09:21
jasonmchristosis this ok to do in ubuntu lucid?: After the installation you may start daemon from the konsole manually:09:22
jasonmchristos   "sudo /usr/local/bin/zfoned start" or add it autostart using update-rc.d09:22
jasonmchristos   utility: "sudo update-rc.d zfone defaults"09:22
joljampfifo there are five menus namely: MAIN , ADVANCED, POWER, BOOT, EXIT09:22
bennymGuest20338, Resinstall. If that's a problem, make a second liveCD/liveUSB and use it to reconfigure the first.09:22
martinerHello everyone... How many runlevels do we have in Ubuntu? is it 6?09:22
theadminmartiner: From 0 to 6, that makes 7.09:22
theadminor no, 6 still09:22
pfifojoljam, I may be looking at the wrong manual then, one minuter09:23
theadminMy brain is melting, sry09:23
martinerhehe, so, 0 - 5?09:23
theadminmartiner: nah, 0 - 6, it's right. But 0 is halt and 6 is reboot09:23
jasonmchristosis it ok to do for lucid?09:23
theadminmartiner: On my distro runlevel 4 is weird - it's not even configured by default hehe09:23
S4ryRemember guys to join your Ubuntu loco team .. to help getting Ubuntu Shape09:23
pfifojoljam, ok, we will have to find this on our own then, look under advanced for IDE/sata options09:24
jasonmchristosis it ok to do for lucid? sudo update-rc.d zfone defaults09:24
martinertheadmin, Ok, i see.. Thanks alot :)09:24
sburjanhello. I want to use Terminal Server Client to connect to a remote host .. on other computers around me works, but on my laptop doesnt work. I get "Autoselected keyboard map en-us. Error: machine : Unable to connect09:24
theadminjasonmchristos: It's okay to update-rc.d whatever defaults on ANY version09:24
S4ryjasonmchristos, it is09:24
theadminjasonmchristos: Weird question to be honest :D But it's okay, everyone was new to this command mess at some point09:24
jasonmchristoswill it start automatically then09:24
theadminjasonmchristos: Should.09:25
joljampfifo under ADVANCED there is SATA1 Controller [enabled] and SATA Controller mode [RAID]09:25
jasonmchristosi thought ubuntu was moving away from that towards init.d09:25
Guest20338bennym: reinstall? I can reboot the machine and it works again for 3-4 days...09:25
theadminjasonmchristos: Uh, no, it was moving away from init.d to /etc/init, but whatever with that09:26
jasonmchristosis it simple to resize an encrypted lvm?09:26
jasonmchristoswhat command should i issue?09:27
pfifojoljam, yeah thats it, make it say enabled and something besides RAID, you probbally want something like 'Native IDE' or failing that list what you do have available09:27
=== Greyscale is now known as Greysc[a]le
joljampfifo IDE is there besides RAID can I choose it?09:27
jasonmchristosi see i have stumped the experts with that question...09:28
theadminjasonmchristos: There are no experts here heh, just volunteers09:28
S4ryjasonmchristos, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemLVMHowto09:28
pfifojoljam, Yes that should work, make the change and then before you SAVE, its only fair to warn you that you will probbally have to format your harddrives (but i beleive you said you couldnt boot windows anyway)09:28
joljampfifo thanks let me give it a try09:29
jasonmchristoshow much does volunteer work pay nowadays?09:29
S4ryThats what the Ubuntu community is all about :)09:29
pfifojason_m, double what it used to ;)09:29
theadminjasonmchristos: Nothing. We don't get paid.09:29
S4ryZero , nothing09:29
theadminThat's the point.09:29
pfifooops i meant jasonmchristos09:29
jasonmchristoslol better tell canonical to share09:29
theadminNUL, nil, nothing, None... :P09:29
rooksdoes anyone know how to enforce extra groups in /etc/security/groups.conf ?09:29
Sc00t3rCanonical is a donation-based company that uses all of its funds for the enhancement of Ubuntu and its other developed products.09:30
S4ryrooks, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LDAPClientAuthentication09:30
jasonmchristosi volunteer for the taking donations part09:30
crekarasuHi ! how can I install an anti-ddos for my linux please09:30
theadminjasonmchristos: I myself am not even an Ubuntu user yet am still trying to help :D09:30
theadmincrekarasu: You mean a firewall?09:31
rooksS4ry, i followed it, but for some reason it doesnt work for me, did it work for you?09:31
crekarasutheadmin yes with ddos protection09:31
jasonmchristosok having to restart now guys09:31
S4ryrooks, i didn't have to ..09:32
pfifojoljam, ok once your done there, you will have 2 normal plain jane harddrives, you can use a software raid with linux, but windows will nolonger be an option, or you can not use any raid at all, and just use the 2 hraddrives as is09:32
theadmincrekarasu: There are a few, try gufw for instance09:32
rooksS4ry, ah, i think i have offender, i used default pam in ubuntu, and this modified listing i nao looked at has 'use_first_pass' clause09:32
crekarasutheadmin where I can find?09:33
pfifojoljam, so the question is do you NEED to have a RAID?09:33
rooksgotta check it out09:33
nogienugzguys, one more thing, i'm using sip in empathy to connect to my smsdiscount account. I'm using my logitec webcam both as a camera and as a MICROPHONE. But in empathy, the person on the other side of the line can't hear me. I can make calls and can hear the person on the other side, but he/she can't hear me... any ideas? I've check empathy's sound settings, but it doesnet show my sound devices in it09:33
theadmincrekarasu: just run "sudo apt-get install gufw" in terminal09:33
Guest448any weedgrowers here?09:33
pfifonogienugz, unmute you microphone09:33
S4ryrooks, it's alright , we all do offend in some point :)09:34
theadminGuest448: Wrong channel :/ Go to #ubuntu-offtopic09:34
Sc00t3rnogienugz, Have you checked to make sure that the webcam's microphone is set as the system's default sound input device?09:34
JimmyBoihi all09:34
rooksS4ry, :D09:34
S4ryhey JimmyBoi09:34
nogienugzpfifo, i already checked that.. everything is working fine, except when i tried to call using emphaty09:34
crekarasutheadmin tank you09:34
martinerOk, another noobish question.. So how do I change Runlevel in ubuntu?09:35
JimmyBoihi any one here using backtrack09:35
Sc00t3rnogienugz, Make sure that your empathy client is set to use that input device. you should be able to set up the cam/microphone in the settings.09:35
nogienugzSc00t3r, that's what i was asking, i can't see that option in empathy, it doesn't show any info about my sound devices..09:35
pfifomartian, on ubuntu < 9.10 you just type 'sudo init X' where X is the runlevel, in 10.04 im pretty sure runlevels dont exist09:35
S4ryJimmyBoi, Jump to #backtrack09:35
captivusGood evening, all09:35
HBSCdoes anyone know how to set up vsftpd behind a router? I'm about ready to use UPS to send this file...09:35
captivusI have a fairly embarassing question09:35
theadminmartian: On Ubuntu, all runlevels are equal except 0 and 609:36
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
JimmyBoikk ty lol09:36
captivusI seem to have forgotten how to use my gnuPGP key09:36
Sc00t3rnogienugz, I'm not too familiar with Ubuntu's IM clients (I don't use them for stuff like this lol)09:36
pfifomartiner,  on ubuntu < 9.10 you just type 'sudo init X' where X is the runlevel, in 10.04 im pretty sure runlevels dont exist09:36
captivusCan someone please advise?09:36
S4ryJimmyBoi, :)09:36
martinerpfifo, Then my info is correct... Thanks09:36
pfifoHBSC, why vsftp?09:36
martinertheadmin, Thanks alot... this helps :)09:36
theadminmartiner: This is weird, I know :D09:37
HBSCpfifo, which one do you recommend?09:37
pfifoHBSC, cuteftp is 10 times easier to setup09:37
S4rycaptivus, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GPGKey09:37
ljsoftnetpfifo: hey man, do u have a picture on how to unplug a sata cable, i'm kinda scared i migth break something09:37
pfifoljsoftnet, what? you just pull it out like unplugging a lamp09:38
martinertheadmin, Yes it really is, haha... I've been searching and googling like crazy....09:38
Sc00t3rljsoftnet, Those things are not easy to break. Just pull it out, shouldn't be hard to do it.09:39
ljsoftnetpfifo, Sc00t3r ok thanks09:39
S4ryljsoftnet, have you seen any on google images09:39
theadminmartiner: Well np09:40
ljsoftnetS4ry i did, i just taugth there would be an easy way09:40
S4ryah , careful though ..09:40
ljsoftnetS4ry i tried pulling it, and pulled it with nothing broken09:40
ljsoftnetpfifo, S4ry, i just taugth there would be a proper way of doing it09:41
captivusS4ry: Ok ... so I have the following files:  pubring.gpg secring.gpg09:41
captivusS4ry: Are these the files I need?09:41
pfifoljsoftnet, nope, treat it like its a usb cable09:41
captivusS4ry: It seems that this box has forgotten the keys that I once created09:41
ljsoftnetpfifo ok09:42
mutlucan96bura ne kadar da kalabalık!09:42
theadmino_O what the heck was that09:42
S4rycaptivus, http://www.gnupg.org/documentation/manuals/gnupg/GPG-Configuration.html09:43
S4ryljsoftnet, i never really do that .. so good luck09:44
tandkzyhow to manger service gdm?09:44
mutlucan96Bura manyak kalabalık işi olmayan gitsin böle iş mi olur?09:45
ohir!tu | mutlucan9609:46
S4rymutlucan96, English please09:46
mutlucan96Ubuntu turkish server?09:46
pfifowhat language is that?09:46
=== mrod is now known as airurando
Sc00t3r!az  mutlucan9609:46
ohirpfifo: turkish09:46
Sc00t3rI thought it was Azerbaijani, Ohir.09:47
S4rymutlucan96, you mean Ubuntu turkish channel :)09:47
captivusS4ry: I'm dreadfully sorry ... but I can't make top nor tail of how to work with these files.  Background:  I've created a repo on github and I want to use the same key I used with my LP account for github09:47
captivusS4ry: I don't know what values to give github ... and I want to check my passphrase for my private key before I upload the pertinent details09:48
mutlucan96Ok ok ok. I've found. : #ubuntu-tr09:48
captivusS4ry: I know that this is a rather daft series of questions ... but here I am. </embarrassment>09:48
mutlucan96by by alll!.09:48
S4rymutlucan96, hold on09:49
falmogI got a question =]09:49
S4rycaptivus, hold on :)09:49
captivusS4ry: Cheers, mate.  Thanks.  <holding>09:49
falmogHow do i know which apache2.2bin to use?09:50
Coronadeoh hell you could all use a gander at this:09:51
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=== jcadam is now known as adamjiang
captivusS4ry: Yessir?09:54
pfifoCoronade, I can program my way out of a paperbag09:54
Excell-Homehi all Is there anyway to increase the default screen brightness without playing with the monitor09:55
shcherbak 09:57
pfifoIs ubuntu going to become self-aware and start a human-machine war that ultimately ends in Armageddon?09:58
villevnot by 10.10 anyway09:59
* Guest20338 get coffee09:59
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matttttto yay10:01
trijntjepfifo, yes, and you'd better be on its friendly side ;)10:02
pfifohi hsr10:03
pfifowhat command do I run to compute the winning lottery number for tomorrow?10:04
hsrFor knetworkmanager in terminal, i am getting following output- QMetaObject::invokeMethod: No such method Monolithic::loadCommandLineOptionsForNewInstance() - Please help.....10:05
captivusS4ry: Thanks for your help!10:05
rocodepfifo, when you find it, clue us in, okay?10:05
hsrAnyone there to help??10:06
pfifohsr, i think you might want #kunbuntu10:06
rocodehsr, yes. Please ask your question.10:06
hsrFor knetworkmanager in terminal, i am getting following output- QMetaObject::invokeMethod: No such method Monolithic::loadCommandLineOptionsForNewInstance() - Please help.....10:06
pfifohsr, knetworkmanager is KDE isnt it?10:07
=== PHANTOM is now known as Guest83115
akaruzguys i have installed Chromium Web Browser and why he using pc 60-75% when im watching a video ?? O_O :(10:08
freyHello. I work at a university which uses Active Directory and offers CIFS shares. What convenient way can you recommend to mount the shares on a laptop?10:08
pfifofrey, google for cifs and smbmount10:09
joljampfifo I was able to install ubuntu 10.04.. but then GRUB did not install properly10:09
pfifojoljam, what was the error?10:09
joljamso I am trying to install GRUB only from the live CD,  need help on this10:09
freypfifo: I've looked at a few solutions, but I think many of them are crude.10:09
joljampfifo. Towards the end I am getting a fatal error saying "unable to install GRUB in /dev/sda.10:10
pfifofrey, i personally used to add entries to my fstab to automount things at boot, you can also write a shell script if you want it to be easier todo10:10
madjoeafter sudo apt-get update, I got this: W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com karmic/partner Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_karmic_partner_binary-amd64_Packages) - HOW can I resolve this issue?10:10
falmoghey ubuntu noob here.... trying to watch a movie with 10.04, but im having some trouble. can anyone help?10:11
pfifojoljam, your MBR may have sometype of security on it preventing you from modifying it10:11
joljampfifo how can i rectify that10:11
freypfifo: That's also possible, yes.10:11
S4ryakaruz, see whats  spiking the cpu ..  with the command ' ps aux10:12
freyDo you know how well LikewiseOpen works?10:12
pfifojoljam, im not entirely sure that is the problem, follow a tutorial to install grub manually.10:12
branden792falmog: what kind of movie are you trying to watch (home movie or a purchased movie)?10:12
pfifofrey, sorry im a cli type10:12
freypfifo: LikewiseOpen has cli tools too.10:13
branden792falmog: Is it  a DVD or a download?10:13
pfifofrey, i mean ive never used anything besides 'mount' to access shares10:13
S4ryUbuntu 10.4+Likewise Open+Active Directory combination is perfect with no issue on network resource access, sso process, password changes...excellent.10:13
pfifofrey, give it a try if you think youll like it, it cant hurt anything10:14
freyS4ry: What about credential caching?10:14
SLierFoxhey peeps i cant seem to boot ubuntu on a toshiba satellite 1130 just blank screen after ubuntu logo and red loading dots also used i915.modeset=1 and does not boot ? has anyone got the skills here to help me ?10:14
branden792falgmog: Did you install the codecs:10:14
madjoeafter sudo apt-get update, I got this: W: Duplicate sources.list entry ... the answer to this issue was: sudo apt-get clean ; sudo apt-get check10:14
akaruzS4ry, sorry? i didn't understand... please explain from simple way10:15
falmoghmmmm yea it searched for them on its own.10:15
ddavidsfalmog: i dont think you got all the codecs right. u probably need to add the medibuntu repository10:16
branden792falmog: Try opening the ubuntu software center under application and searching 'avi codec' and it should show you available codecs to install.10:17
hsrAnyone there to help minor KDE issue here?10:17
ddavidsfalmog: can u remember install ubuntu-restricted-extras after your installation?10:18
joljampfifo I am getting a message saying that I am attempting to install GRUB to a partition instead of the MBR10:18
pfifohsr, you really should ask in #kunbuntu10:18
madjoeAfter "sudo /usr/games/pokerth" I received this error: "pokerth: /usr/include/boost/shared_ptr.hpp:419: T* boost::shared_ptr< <template-parameter-1-1> >::operator->() const [with T = SessionData]: Assertion `px != 0' failed."10:18
falmogddavids: yea i believe so10:18
madjoeany clues?10:18
hsrpfifo: i tried,,, no respomse..hence hereAnyone there to help minor KDE issue here?10:18
pfifojoljam, double check, you probbally chose /dev/sda1 instead of dev/sda10:18
ddavidsfalmog: did you try vlc player?10:19
S4ryakaruz, Alright , type this command on the terminal ..  ps aux10:19
joljampfifo... to begin with my linux is on /dev/mapper/pdc_bcdhdijdfb110:19
falmogddavids: theres vlc for ubuntu?10:19
joljampfifo that is where  I installed grub10:20
S4ryelundril, Hey10:20
branden792falmog: You need to make sure you have the GStreamer ffmpeg video plugin installed10:20
S4ryfalmog, indeed10:20
hsrpfifo: If you are not willing to reply, let others reply atleast10:20
pfifojoljam, what? that dosent seem correct. Ive never seen anything like that before10:20
pfifohsr, what do you mean?10:20
joljampfifo .. even after we changed the CMOS settings it remains like that..10:20
hsr For knetworkmanager in terminal, i am getting following output- QMetaObject::invokeMethod: No such method Monolithic::loadCommandLineOptionsForNewInstance() - Please help.....10:20
ddavidsfalmog: yep, check synaptic...10:21
falmogokay so ---- gstreamer, vls, and search for avi codec.10:21
S4ryhsr, easy .. people here are Volunteers10:21
branden792*VLC, but yes that is correct10:21
elundrilim currently trying to find my Audio-Chipset, but "zless /usr/share/doc/alsa-base/driver/ALSA-Configuration.txt.gz" and "zless /usr/share/doc/alsa-base/driver/HD-Audio-Models.txt.gz" wont work. What to do now?10:21
akaruzS4ry,  here ps aux10:21
akaruz* Anzor (~anzor_qas@ has joined #ubuntu10:21
akaruz<joljam> pfifo... to begin with my linux is on /dev/mapper/pdc_bcdhdijdf10:21
falmogvlc yes lol.10:21
hsr For knetworkmanager in terminal, i am getting following output- QMetaObject::invokeMethod: No such method Monolithic::loadCommandLineOptionsForNewInstance() - Please help.....10:21
akaruzS4ry,  here akaruz    1760 61.6  5.3 475752 109808 ?       Sl   11:44  96:22 /usr/lib/chromi10:22
akaruzS4ry, 61%.... ()(10:22
pfifojoljam, go back into your CMOS and check that you actually saved the settings.10:22
ddavidsfalmog: go to synaptic package manager and check if ubuntu-restricted-extras is installed, if no, the install, if yes, try installing and using vlc and report back10:22
falmogddavids and branden: thank you10:22
falmogddavids: okay ill be right back then10:23
branden792Your welcome! Good Luck :)10:23
S4ryakaruz, so , chromi is  spiking10:23
* falmog is a happyman10:23
* falmog cant wait to watch topgun10:23
elundrilim currently trying to find my Audio-Chipset, but "zless /usr/share/doc/alsa-base/driver/ALSA-Configuration.txt.gz" and "zless /usr/share/doc/alsa-base/driver/HD-Audio-Models.txt.gz" wont work. What to do now? Can anyone help me?10:23
S4ryGuys ,10:23
S4ryFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinypic.com/10:23
q_a_z_stevehey. web server issues: what user is default to view pages when you run httpd?10:25
hsr For knetworkmanager in terminal, i am getting following output- QMetaObject::invokeMethod: No such method Monolithic::loadCommandLineOptionsForNewInstance() - Please help.....10:25
pfifoq_a_z_steve, should be 'apache' with uid of 25 or 9910:25
q_a_z_stevewhat about 48?10:25
joljampfifo... yes the settings were saved10:26
=== gui_ is now known as kryl
hsr For knetworkmanager in terminal, i am getting following output- QMetaObject::invokeMethod: No such method Monolithic::loadCommandLineOptionsForNewInstance() - Please help.....10:26
pfifojoljam, what happens if you run 'sudo fdisk /dev/sda'10:26
krylis there a virtualized project hosted on cluster environment ?10:26
joljampfifo I will boot from live cd again to try that out10:27
pfifoq_a_z_steve, its possible, the nuber dosent really matter, but it should run as apache, you can  'cat /etc/passwd' to find the uid of apache10:27
akaruzS4ry,  so what browser u advice  ? :D10:27
q_a_z_stevepfifo: well the question actually might still be unresolved. I don't know whether my system would have had apache installed if it weren't for my CRM. httpd != apache. Right?10:29
S4ryakaruz, Chromium works fine for me , although i prefer FF10:29
akaruzS4ry, so what should i do ? :( i wan't to use chromium but it uses much % from pc10:29
S4ryakaruz, have you used Chromium ..10:29
pfifoq_a_z_steve, there are other http daemons available, which one did you install?10:29
baltazorHello , where I can find and download driver for MegaRAID 9240-4i for ubuntu 10.04 ? In official site I can download driver only ubuntu 9.10 :(10:30
akaruzS4ry, im also using chromium... and it using 60%+ from my pc10:30
=== Mike___ is now known as Mike__
akaruzS4ry, how to fix it?10:30
S4ryakaruz, lets see10:30
Kingsy101ok this is annoying me slightly.. why is it that in the GUI I don't have permission to copy files around?10:31
Kingsy101do you need to use the terminal?10:31
S4ryakaruz, please jump to #Chromium10:31
pepeBonjour à tous10:32
S4rytype /join #Chromium10:32
joljampfifo it says " unable to see on /dev/sda10:32
S4rypepe, OUI , English please :)10:32
joljampfifo it says " unable to seek on /dev/sda10:32
pepe1 petit question , est ce que je peux sauvegarder les commande que j'ai mit dans le terminal ?10:33
linux_infernoHELLO HUMANS10:33
fepi have 6gig ram and 640 gig hd, how big should my swap space be? i chose 6300mb of swap, but ubuntu wont start, freeze at the bootup. and before that i had 300mb swap space, and it was too lottle to hibernate. so when i install for the third time, what should i do?10:33
S4ryHey Human10:33
pfifojoljam, that is weird, try going into the CMOS and where it said SATA, change it to disabled. It seems that that would turn off SATA support, but perhaps its refering to SATA RAID support10:34
pepevous savais les commande enregistrer et qu on fait délireravec les fleche pour refaire une commande , j'aimerai toutes les avoir par écris !10:34
pfifofep, 0 bytes10:34
feppfifo: what do you mean?10:34
pepeS4ry, tu a 1 idée ? :)10:34
linux_infernoFep I use double the system memory for swap. But that might be overkill for you. try a couple gigs10:35
pepeS4ry, tu a 1 idée ?10:35
pfifofep,  i mean dont use swap, you have 6gb of ram10:35
S4rypepe, You mean sudo ! .. what command you're looking for10:35
hauxOk, tonight I upgraded to 10.10. gdm will not load. startx yields some warning about the nvidia video card driver, and other errors such as "Fatal server error: no screens found." And... "xinit: no such file or directory (errno 2): unable to connect to X server10:35
pepesorry , fr , bey10:35
hauxShould I try to sudo apt-get install gdm?10:36
feppfifo: are you sure? what about hibernate?10:36
feplinux_inferno: so 2 gig should be enough? why is it freezing with 6 gig`?10:36
q_a_z_stevepfifo: let me ask this instead. chown apache:apache is that dangerous at all?10:36
S4ryhaux, did you active you're nvidia card10:36
pfifofep, hibernat shouldnt use swap but rather a file on your harddrive, but im not 100% sure of that10:37
hauxS4ry: how do I do that in command mode?10:37
pfifoq_a_z_steve, no you can always change it back later, do a ls -l to see who owns the files now10:37
hauxI can follow instructions, but I'm not very proficient in a non GUI environment10:37
S4ryhaux, go to system - Admin - Additional Drivers10:37
dabukalamHi I've just switched out the motherboard on my laptop, and when turning it on, it gives me "Unable to Mount Filesystem". Yet, "ls /" shows the contents on my HDD, what's gone wrong?10:37
hauxS4ry: x will not load10:38
hauxS4ry: command prompt only10:38
linux_infernoFep 2-6 GB should be enough. I can't say for sure why it's freezing.10:38
q_a_z_stevepfifo: I don't know who owned it originally. I did too much as root, then I used a 1000 uid user to test...10:38
hauxEverything worked fine before the upgrade.10:38
pfifoq_a_z_steve, no matter who owns it, root can always change to another user, so its safe to ply with file ownership, its not like your going to lock yourself out10:39
S4ryhaux, did ya try the command .. sudo dpkg-reconfigure --p high xserver-xorg10:40
=== chong is now known as Guest52542
q_a_z_stevepfifo: right, but I want to set this and forget it... ;)10:40
DeFican anyone help me figure out why audio isnt outputting on a server installation insite VirtualBox? I've installed alsa and alsa-util10:41
hauxS4ry: I have not.10:41
erdnaseGood day. I have a problem with my external hard drive. When I plug it, ubuntu doesn't make a shortcut of the drive on the desktop. Same thing for my mouse, if I plug it after ubuntu boots, it doesn't work. I have to plug it before i boot ubuntu. Any solutions?10:41
hauxS4ry: I have only tried "sudo service gdm start" which lead to the errors10:41
=== nikolam_ is now known as nikolam
pfifoq_a_z_steve, do a 'ps aux' and look for the httpd process, then look at the user who is running the process. then chmod all files and directories in you wwwroot to that user10:42
hauxS4ry: if that does not work, is there anything else I can try?10:42
hauxS4ry: is sudo apt-get install gdm worth a try?10:42
hauxIn case there's an issue with it10:42
linux_infernoHELP! - I am trying to run a program (Autodesk Maya 2011 Hotfix 3)  when I go to launch I get an "error loading shared libraries: libXp.so.6"   I tried softlinking /usr/lib32/libXp.so.6 but then I get the error "wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32" Am I missing something? is there a 64bit version of libXp.so.6?10:43
S4ryhaux, it may10:43
hauxAlriiight, back I go.10:43
falmogddavids: is it the FFmpeg plugin for GStreamer (debug symbols)10:44
=== name is now known as Guest97073
pfifolinux_inferno, it looks like you need a 64bit version of libXp thats for sure.10:44
S4rylinux_inferno, have ya looked for that bug on launchpad ..10:44
* erdnase dance10:44
S4ryI mean related to that program ..10:44
ddavidsfalmog: in the search box type in ubuntu-restricted-extras10:45
ddavidsfalmog: check if it's there?10:45
ddavidsfalmog: is it?10:45
linux_infernopfifo Thats what it seems with the ELFCLASS32 error. Next Step?10:45
linux_infernoS4ry I've been at this for like 4 hours10:46
falmogddavids: yes (unchecked)10:46
ddavidsfalmog: check and install that10:47
pfifolinux_inferno, well, the logical next step is to install a 64bit version of that library and its dependacies. if you cant find a package for them there is alwys the old fasioned way10:47
ddavidsfalmog: once installed, try ur video again and report back10:47
falmogddavids: roger that10:47
S4rylinux_inferno, thats way to much !10:48
ddavidsfalmog: so far so good then10:48
linux_infernopfifo Yea. I need to find the proper library....10:48
falmogddavids: yea lookin good so far...10:49
linux_infernoS4ry yea man, eyes are starting to haze over...10:49
S4ryif thats so , give it a rest10:50
linux_infernoS4ry I'm determined to start a render before I go to sleep10:51
pfifolinux_inferno, isnt there a 32bit version of maya? that seems like it would be the easy route10:51
fepwhen i added 2 gig swap, i also got an dva2 extended partition with same size, why?10:52
fepdev2 even10:52
linux_infernopfifo I fixed it...10:53
fepsd2 i mean, sorry10:53
umcguys, besides installing samba and sharing a folder, do I need to do anything to be able to map a network drive in windows 7 to access my home folder ? I did these steps, I can see my share in the network, but I can't figure out what users to use. I'm trying my ubuntu user and password and it won't accept it10:53
pfifofep, a swap PARTITON is a PARTITON on your harddrive10:53
logan_wolfumc, I don't think samba works well for win 710:53
umcit worked before I installed ubuntu. I had mandriva before and I could access my shared folder without problems10:54
umcbut there I have set up the share with some gui, not like here10:54
umcthere I had to add a user and password10:54
pfifoumc you need to set user/pass using smbpasswd10:54
linux_infernoS4ry pfifo - I hate myself... sudo apt-get install libxp6 did it... i didn't see the libxp6 package before because i was trying to autocomplete libX.... and blah blah blah case sensative eat a chode-sicle10:54
feppfifo: yes, and i gparted i have one swap (2gig), the main system partition (150gig) and some unalocated free partition, BUT i also got an extended partition (2gig) wich i didnt make, why ?10:54
falmogddavids: installed successfully. i played movie but it suggests to search for a plugin10:56
umcpfifo: ever encountered this ? http://pastebin.com/j6LeQmhf10:56
pfifofep it sounds like you chose to create your swap partition as a logical drive in the extended partion but you were expecting to create your swap partition as a primary partition10:56
fepi should have unallocated, system partition and swap partition, not an extra extended partiton too10:56
fepoh, ok10:56
dabukalamHi I've just switched out the motherboard on my laptop, and when turning it on, it gives me "Unable to Mount Filesystem". Yet, "ls /" shows the contents on my HDD, what's gone wrong?10:56
pfifoumc run smbpasswd as root by using sudo10:56
feppfifo: what should swap partition be? ext or prim?10:57
pfifofep either way will work, depends on your setup, if you only want 2 partitions then both as primary should be optimal10:57
umcpfifo: indeed, that doesn't error out, except that it says it can't find an entry for my user. so it's not the system user... I guess I need to create it somehow...10:57
feppfifo: i see, and someone says i should have the same as my ram, someone say the double, and some say no swap at all... what is the standard?10:58
fepwhen i have 6gig ram10:58
umcsmbpasswd -a user. got it :)10:58
pfifoumc, you were trying to set the password for root, you need to supply smbpasswd with the username you want to change the password for, read the help file for smbpassword to get a better idea of how the system works10:58
umcpfifo: I did smbpasswd umc10:59
umcbut samba didn't have that user10:59
umcbut I googled that I had to add it first with smbpasswd -a umc10:59
umcnow all works, even from windows 711:00
umcthanks for the tips11:00
skumarai have a bug (i think). My sound system was working well until just now when i start my pc i get no sound. when i open gnome-volume-control from terminal i get this error ** (gnome-volume-control:3280): WARNING **: Default sink stream not found. In the volume control i see my hardware internal audio but in output tab i dont see this hardware!!11:00
pfifofep, well double is the standard, the way pages work you need to have double or more for it to be completly effective, but in your case with 6gb of memory, you will probbaly never use swap unless your running some serious server daemons11:00
pfifoumc, enjoy11:00
fepsorry guys, i need an answer. what should the swap partition be? extended or primary?11:00
rwwfep: doesn't matter whether it's extended or primary11:01
pfifofep, go logical in your extended partition if you are unsure11:01
hauxS4ry: I have been able to boot into failsafeX11:01
hauxS4ry: http://pastebin.com/4tCe01WV11:01
hauxS4ry: The command you provided me did not do anything.11:01
fepok, thanx11:01
pie_timewhere can i find dictionary sources to add to the dictionary panel?11:02
skumara!hi | pie_time11:02
ubottupie_time: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!11:02
skumaraanyone expert in audio system here?11:03
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins#Using11:04
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pie_time!pl | jozef11:04
ubottujozef: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.11:04
pie_time!cz | jozef11:05
ubottujozef: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.11:05
pfifowhat is #ubuntu-en11:06
harrzI've running Lucid-Server 64bit, installed on a USB stick. It works well but after 3-4 days I got this message appears repetitive on console EXT3-fs error (device sdb1): ext3_find_entry: reading directory #2 offset 0 (sdb1 contains the root-fs)11:07
harrzOpen services are still running (iscsi-target is still responding, ping the server works) but i can't logon until next reboot (neither ssh or the console).11:07
harrzThe USB-stick seems to be in suspend mode...How can I prevent this?11:07
q_a_z_steveget a real hard drive?11:07
xevioxhow can I mount a samba share which contains a "#" in the password?11:07
xevioxI've tried11:07
Slyerfoxhey peeps i cant seem to boot ubuntu on a toshiba satellite 1130 just blank screen after ubuntu logo and red loading dots also used i915.modeset=1 and does not boot ? has anyone got the skills here to help me ?11:07
xevioxmount ... -o "user=....;password=...." .... but it didn't work11:08
linux_infernoxeviox = xevious?11:08
pfifoharrz, Im pretty sure there is a mount option for that, something like noatime or async, but itll fry your stick alot quicker than usual, review the mount manpage for all the possible options11:08
xevioxlinux_inferno: nope11:08
linux_infernoxeviox - There is no way around that issue. Can't use @ either I don't think11:09
xevioxI also tried "mount ... -o user=...;password... ... but that didn't work, too11:09
skumaraproblem solved by google and ubuntu sound troubleshooter. just reload alsa... bye.11:09
Name141is FGLRX the best ATi driver for the 4670?11:09
linux_infernoxeviox I think it has to do with the fact that samba has to translate characters to windows11:10
xevioxlinux_inferno: oh, so there can't be an "#" in the password? Can I use a variable to set it up?11:10
Name141or is there one that would provide better 3D support?11:10
skumaraName141, FGLRX works fine in ATI 4500.11:10
pfifoxeviox, no, you simply have to escape the # on the command line11:10
linux_infernoxeviox what do you mean use a variable to set it up11:10
Name141skumara, I tried Half-life2 on wine, and it was choppy11:10
xevioxlinux_inferno: the password itself works without problem, if I use just "-o user=..." it asks me for the password and everything works fine ..11:10
pie_timewhere can i find dictionary sources to add to the dictionary panel?11:10
pfifoxeviox, mount -o user=xev;pass=pass\#word11:11
skumaraName141, sorry i'm not a gamer.11:11
=== S4ry is now known as Sary
xevioxpfifo: I also tried that, didn't work :(11:11
linux_infernoName141 hehe I was in your boat... Have fun!11:11
linux_infernoName141 I got tf2 working11:11
Name141linux_inferno, how so?  I think I might have to stick to XP11:12
linux_infernoewwwww xp11:12
Name141and you'd rather run that total pile of junk they call 7?11:12
skumarapie_time, dict sourcers. hope this help u http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=54415211:12
pfifoxeviox, are you using a colon or semicolon? its supposed to be a colon11:12
linux_infernoNo I'd rather run ubuntu jeez11:13
Name141OK .  So how did you fix it?11:13
xevioxpfifo: ah ok, that might be the error I'm using semicolons, I'll give it a try, thanks ;)11:13
linux_infernobut win7 does a good job.  Oh, mine wasn't choppy, I have dual quad xeons, 24gb of ram, and 2 gtx 470 cards11:14
pfifosemi colon is a line seprator and pound is the start of a comment11:14
zetheroo1I hope Gnome-shell is not going to be in 10.10 .... :P11:14
Name141linux_inferno, I didn't mean choppy as in FPS.. I meant choppy as in something didn't look like it displayed properly11:14
xevioxpfifo: ah damn, you're right ^^ THANKS11:14
pfifoxeviox, np11:14
linux_infernoName141 like what?11:14
Name141and I'm not sure what a nVidia has to do with ATi11:14
=== claw_ is now known as claw
linux_infernoName141 like video corruption?11:15
Name141linux_inferno, I guess.  It didn't display the Gman right11:15
Name141was flashing more than anything11:15
linux_infernoHmmm... I'll dig around11:15
guniatahi guys11:17
=== Misterio_ is now known as Misterio
guniatacan i get some help with some X problems?11:17
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:17
guniatahi eyal11:17
eyalwguniata: hi11:17
guniataok, sorry11:18
guniataim a noob11:18
eyalwguniata: start typing a user name, then tab to complete, to send me a direct msg11:18
Name141linux_inferno, the people in winehq look dead11:18
yeastwarswhat process handles volumeup/volumedown keyboard events? I'd like to give it higher priority so I can actually control the volume even when firefox decides to go haywire and eat 99% of the cpu.11:19
pfifoyeastwars, gdm i believe11:19
guniataI connected my laptop to an external screen, and then shut the laptop down when i was done. next morning i tried to boot it up, and it did, but it wasn't responsive at all11:20
guniatai can't do anything at all11:20
pfifoguniata, what do you mean by unresponsive?11:21
guniatai can move the mouse, but that's it. clicking is useless11:21
pfifoguniata, so, you have a picture and everything just your input dosent work?11:22
guniatayes, keyboard and mouse11:22
guniatai just can't do anything11:23
rytyare they bluetooth?11:23
rytyor, wireless?11:23
pfifoguniata, did you do anything to configure your external monitor?11:23
guniatanot wireless11:24
guniatadid configured using the nvidia inteface11:24
pfifoguniata, did you choose to overwrite you xorg.conf11:24
guniatai'm preety sure i didn't11:25
guniatano, im sure11:25
ddavidsfalmog: now that is established, try and get vlc11:25
pfifocan you use ctl+alt+F2 to get to a tty?11:25
pfifoguniata, can you use ctl+alt+F2 to get to a tty?11:25
guniatawhat is a tty?11:25
ddavidsif vlc doenst play ur video, then you should get a refund,lol11:26
guniatai did ctrl+alt+f1 and tried to restart my X11:26
pfifoguniata, tty is a terminal, press ctl+alt+F2 and see if it works11:26
pLrpfifo, yes11:27
guniatabut then i wouldn't be able to talk to you guys...11:27
pfifoguniata, no, on your laptop you want to goto a terminal, im assuming your not talking to us on your laptop due to keyboard dosent work11:28
pfifopLr, what?11:28
guniatai am talking with u using the laptop11:28
guniatai am able to get to a tty11:28
pLrpfifo, i think u were talking to guniata nvm11:28
ddavidsfalmog: u there?11:29
guniataand i did, and i tried to restart my X using: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg11:29
pfifoguniata, ok I am confised, you are able to type in the chatroom using a keyboard and mouse that do not work?11:29
guniatano - they don't work when i am in GNOME11:30
guniatai pressed ctrl+alt+f1 and i got to the tty11:30
pfifoso your using irssi or another command line client then, ok11:30
guniataand then i installed irssi, and then i could talk to u11:30
pfifoguniata, dose the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf exist on your system?11:31
guniatawhen i'm in GNOME - i can't do anything but getting to a tty with ctrl+alt+f111:31
guniatai think so11:31
pfifoguniata, check now to be sure11:31
guniatahow do i do that? i need to exit this chat somhow, and then do what?11:32
kpkarlguniata: you can use ctrl+alt+f211:32
pfifoguniata, press ctl+alt+f2 to switch to tty2 and when your finishe press ctl+al+f1 to switch back to the chat on tty111:32
guniataok, great11:33
guniatahow to check if it exist??11:33
=== denny_ is now known as denny
pfifoguniata, ls /etc/X11 and see if its listed11:34
guniatai have xorg.conf & xorg.conf.failsafe11:35
pfifoguniata, copy those files somewhere safe and remove them from that directory DO NOT copy them to your home folder (put it in a subdirectory of your home folder)11:36
adi11hi all. i have a 8 gb mp3 player but ubuntu lucid cant recognized when i connect it with a mini usb to usb. any help please11:36
guniatahow do i do that??11:36
guniatacp somthing?11:37
pfifoguniata, try this instead 'sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/old-xorg.conf'11:37
kpkarladi11: what brand mp3 player?11:38
adi11mediacom me-mp3800g11:38
adi11here: http://www.youbuy.it/ipod-e-lettori-mp3--mp4--mp5/lettori-mp3--mp4--mp5/lettore-mp3-wma-8gb-mediacom-audiokey-nero-rosa-mp3-special-p7578.htm11:39
guniataand now what??11:39
pfifoguniata, double check to ensure that you do not have a file name xorg.conf in you /etc/X11 directory, once you have confirmed this reboot your computer11:39
kpkarladi11: do you see a setting somewhere on the player for the USB connection type?11:40
adi11kpkarl | it does not appear on nautilus or rythmbox11:40
adi11let me see11:40
kpkarladi11: I meant on the player itself11:40
guniatait's ok to have the "OLd" files, right??11:41
adi11no it does not have anything like that11:41
pfifoguniata, yes it wont even look at that11:42
guniatarestaring now11:42
kpkarladi11: alright, does this player recognize in Windows?11:42
comicinkerhi, is there a program to execute planned tasks and/or reminds me of appointments? cron is for root, evolution is way too heavy. Is there a reminder software somewhere?11:43
pfifocomicinker, i believe you can do that with the calender app, double click the time11:43
pl18could I divide current partition into several partions with smaller sizes? Of course I can't reinstall Ubuntu. I have only one partition11:44
pfifocomicinker, n/m that is technically evolution11:44
comicinkerpfifo: not in gnome11:44
filoxbhello boys11:44
adi11kpkarl | it so strange cause it says on the website i google that support all win macs and linux 2.411:44
filoxbi need an help please: is there a way with iptables or similar to do this: an host A contact host B and B put the connection to C    (so A contact C)11:45
adi11i dont have a win OS and never tried before11:45
kpkarladi11: I know, I saw that part. I was wondering if maybe it was something with the player (e.g. needed a new battery, etc)11:45
pfifofiloxb, yes you can do masquerading from an external to an external connection11:46
=== unix is now known as Guest30448
adi11kpkarl | someone gave it to me cause i wanted to use it like a track to move files and floder from one pc to another11:46
adi11its about 8 gb11:46
* dddw off for today11:46
filoxbpfifo could u make me an example?11:46
kpkarladi11: do you have gparted installed on your computer?11:46
adi11as i rember i have a disk utility...is taht it?11:47
kpkarlno, but try opening that. Can you see an entry for your player in there?11:47
adi11i did but no it dows not show in hee11:48
pfifofiloxb, i could if I had enough computers to do that, but alas, i do not, but its prettyy simple, just google for an iptables NAT?Masquerading script and instead of using an internal to external, make them both on the external interface.11:48
filoxbpfifo thanks i try11:49
pfifofiloxb, however, if you can explain what your actually doing the may be a better way todo it11:49
kpkarladi11, alright, just a moment11:49
adi11ok thanks11:49
kpkarladi11: ok, so can you plug in your player can then run  lsusb   in a terminal?11:51
adi11kpkarl | the player itself playes song ok with a a AAA battery or without a batter when connected from mini usb to a usb port via cable11:51
adi11let me try11:51
pfifoi wonder if guniata got it to work or if hes stuck with no way to communicate11:52
adi11kpkarl | http://paste.ubuntu.com/486696/11:53
awkhi, I want to rdesktop to a windows box, what package can I use?11:54
ectospasmawk: terminal server client (Applications/Internet/...)11:55
kpkarladi11 | ok, can you try running   sudo lsusb   and see if anything changes?11:55
comicinkerI found a planer application: gnome-schedule. well that question was trivial11:56
_mrn_ver_hi all ,can anyone please tell me the name of channel on c language discussion?11:56
adi11no nothing changes. tha output is the same.11:56
ectospasm_mrn_ver_: have you tried #c?11:56
adi11i think i am missing some libs probably11:57
pfifo_mrn_ver_, i always ask in #gcc cause the guys at #c and #c++ can be real jerks at times11:57
adi11what libs might them be11:57
DexterF_got an HP CP1215 color laser attached by USB to a 9.04 machine. it sees the printer, it's all configured but all print jobs stop with "stopped at: novalue"11:57
kpkarladi11: usually that's not the case11:57
DexterF_what's going on here?11:57
_mrn_ver_thank you guys i got  #gcc11:57
kpkarladi11: it looks like your player isn't being seen as connected11:58
adi11what if i change usb port11:58
S4ryDexterF_, this the Ubuntu main support channel11:58
kpkarladi11: you could try that11:58
DexterF_S4ry: captain obvious!11:59
bazhangDexterF_, what does linuxprinting.org say about the drivers for that11:59
pfifoS4ry, i lold hard11:59
DexterF_bazhang: "mostly supported", it's even listed in cups so I'd expect it to work at least to the degree that it prints something11:59
S4ryHum ! :)12:00
erdnaseExcuse me, what folders do I need to backup when I want to format my laptop? They said I only need to copy everything in home; will that include the installed programs though?12:00
S4ry!seen bazhang12:00
ubottuI have no seen command12:00
ectospasmDexterF_: you should look into HPLIP (HP Linux Imaging and Printing) drivers, my (brand new) HP OfficeJet 6500 just... works...!12:00
adi11kpkarl | nothing hapend12:00
fodder70ive caused a issue, i logged out and chose KDE, now it boots to a blank screen, how can i get gnome to boot plz12:01
bazhangS4ry, stop that12:01
bazhangDexterF_, just checking the forums now, hang on a second12:01
kpkarladi11: ok. ubuntu comes with all the drivers and libraries needed to connect an mp3 player. Could you try a different usb cable?12:01
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7674417 DexterF_ seen this?12:02
adi11kpkarl | i dont have another usb cable :(12:02
S4rybazhang, that what ! i was looking for ya12:03
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »12:03
bazhang!it | cfs_12:03
ubottucfs_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:03
pfifoadi11, perhaps you mp3 player has a mode for when you want to connect to USB, i have todo that with my PSP and until I do, it looks like its unplugged12:03
jeeperszhow do I connect to the internet in ubuntu with dialup?12:04
bazhang!dialup > jeepersz12:04
ubottujeepersz, please see my private message12:04
adacHow can I add some jars to the classpath?12:04
DexterF_bazhang: worth a shot if all else fails, but have to go right now. thanks anyway12:04
kpkarladi11: ok. unless there is a USB mode on the player itself, I'm not sure what it could be. If you ask someone else, im sure you'll find someone who will know what to do :)12:04
cfs_adobe illustrator12:05
zyxhello! Ican't see any timelines in Gwibber 2.30.1 . Does anyone else have this progblem?12:05
adi11pfifo | i have checked the menu several times for a sub mode12:05
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
adi11i will try to look again :)12:05
bazhangcfs_, wrong channel, no file sharing here12:05
jeeperszhow am I supposed to get the stuff to connect with a modem if I need the internet to get it? That's stupid12:05
pfifoadi11, unplug the device, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in, wait a few more seconds andf then pastebin the output of 'dmesg'12:05
astutillohi everybody I own an internet key, huawei e1800 and I have issues to make it work properly on ubuntu. I copy the installation files from the key, as the installer has no execution permit, then I launch the install program that apparently completes its work just fine. The thing is I can browse only if I launch (for instance) firefox with sudo, otherwise my pc seems not to be connected. can anyone please help me figuring out what the pro12:05
astutilloblem is?12:05
S4rycfs_, you can jump to #adobe12:06
adi11ok pfifo12:06
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oliizmeHi guys, I just bought A sony Saio laptop model : vpcf120fd , and the touchpad doenst work anyone can help me?12:06
bazhangS4ry, he's asking for warez(file sharing) there is none on this network12:06
S4ryAh , though it's about adobe12:07
pfifocfs_ try inkscape, its free and very powerful12:07
=== om26er is now known as om26er_
adi11pfifo | do you want me to turn on the device after i connect?12:07
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
jeeperszubuntu is pretty much worthless for anyone with dialup12:07
pfifoadi11, yes12:08
pfifojeepersz, thats not true, linux practically invented dialup12:08
jeeperszI can't download all the dumb stuff it says because I don't have an internet connection to do it12:09
arunkumar413hi friends12:09
pfifojeepersz, yes that can be a problem, download from elsewhere and then copy them to your computer12:10
jribjeepersz: how are you here now?12:10
jeeperszjrib: windows12:10
jribjeepersz: that's fine, use that12:10
jeeperszthose programs don't work in windows12:10
jeeperszI can't look at the website in ubuntu, either12:10
jribjeepersz: what programs?  Don't you just need some debs.12:10
jeeperszIt looks like i have to compile drivers12:11
jeeperszand identify my modem12:11
jeeperszand blah blah blah12:11
HeTaLWell, you didn't pay for it. If you don't like it, don't use it.12:11
jribjeepersz: well that's what you need to do.  It's possible, just seems like you don't want to do it.  Which is fine, you don't have to12:11
jeeperszI also didn't like the install. It was resizing my partitions before I even knew what it was up to. It could have said that was what I was agreeing to12:12
erdnasejeepersz, it took me 3days just to connect through my wlan. linux isn't windows.12:12
adi11pfifo | http://paste.ubuntu.com/486706/12:12
jribjeepersz: it doesn't resize partitions unless you tell it to12:12
erdnasejeepersz, ubuntu actually tells you everything.12:13
Stefanos90how does it slap?12:13
jeeperszjrib: I clicked on "install side by side" and the next thing I knew, it was resizing partitions and making new ones12:13
erdnasejeepersz, you should've read everything in there.12:13
HeTaLjeepersz: There is a bar there that you can slide to choose partition sizes.12:14
HeTaLThis is linux, not OSX.12:14
HeTaLAlbeit userfriendly, not idiot friendly.12:14
bazhangHeTaL, that's uncalled for12:14
pfifoadi11, it looks like your missing a huge portion of your dmesg, try this instead "dmesg|tail -n100"12:14
jeeperszit's just retarded. I could use a real partition manager just fine, but it's dumbed down to the point of being obtuse12:14
adi11ok thanks12:14
HeTaLbazhang: Did I say somethign wrong?12:15
jribjeepersz: I always thought the install was fairly explicit but if you think it should warn you more, file a bug12:15
bazhangHeTaL, the part about idiot12:15
jeeperszand then grub wouldn't install. That failed. So now i have ubuntu on a partition I can't boot to, and if I do, dialup doesn't work12:15
jeeperszyay, ubuntu!12:15
jribjeepersz: so what do you want help with now?  You seem to be going all over the p lace12:15
HeTaLbazhang: I understand. Just showing the difference between user-side interactions.12:15
erdnasejeepersz, Jeep this isn't windows.12:15
adi11pfifo | http://paste.ubuntu.com/486707/12:16
jeeperszerdnase: clearly. Windows isn't such a terrible mess ;)12:16
erdnasejeepersz, so why did you try ubuntu in the first placE?12:16
HeTaLjeepersz: If you don't like it, don't use it.12:16
kpkarljeepersz: because Ubuntu is a separate operating system, it is not possible to install it inside your windows partition12:16
bazhangkpkarl, sure it is. using wubi12:16
jribkpkarl: you can with wubi12:17
HeTaLkpkarl: you can12:17
hiexpojust got my twitter back working in pidgin what a pain12:17
pfifothats weird, dmesg isnt working like I expected it to, i guess it changed in 10.0412:17
kpkarlbazhang: I meant the actually system files12:17
jeeperszerdnase: I didn't know, going into it, that it would resize my partitions when I clicked "install side by side" I didn't expect it to fail at installing grub, and I thought that it was pretty obvious to include things like dialup drivers12:18
pfifoadi11, try 'sudo blkid' and 'sudo fdisk -l' paste that12:19
HeTaLbazhang: I think now my comment sounds in place.12:19
erdnasejeepersz, try going through the installation process again. I'm positive that you can see that ubuntu is goin to resize your partition.12:19
kpkarljeepersz: I'm sorry you're having trouble with Ubuntu, may I recommend you try installing inside a virtual machine next time12:19
bazhangHeTaL, no it is never in place here. lets move on.12:19
adi11this are two difrentt  commands or just one?12:20
pfifoadi11, 2 different commands12:20
adi11root@adi-desktop:~# sudo blkid12:20
adi11/dev/sda1: UUID="fdc8a3f0-b51b-452c-8928-ec84ef5f97b0" TYPE="ext4"12:20
adi11/dev/sda5: UUID="79a80956-4fe0-43da-bfd8-860820ff9021" TYPE="swap"12:20
erdnaseGtg, dinner.12:20
jeeperszso why did grub fail?12:21
adi11pfifo | http://paste.ubuntu.com/486709/12:21
adi11pfifo | i think i have two swap partitions. am i right?12:22
kpkarljeepersz: how were you installing Ubuntu? via Wubi.exe or cd or usb?12:22
jeeperszkpkarl: cd12:22
LXCC-Vincenzohi all , i want take a byte from a file (not-textfile), using bash, anyone can help me?12:23
adi11pfifo | i think i forgot to delete the old swap :)12:23
pfifoadi11, it definatly looks like this device is not using the standard usb flash drive setup. You said that this thing said its compatable with linux, did it come with a CD?12:23
kpkarljeepersz: did you get an error message?12:23
jribLXCC-Vincenzo: try #bash12:23
pfifoadi11, no you have a extended partition and inside that partition you have a logical partition with a swap filesystem on it12:23
jeeperszkpkarl: Something vague about the grub pkg fialing to install12:23
jeeperszfailing, even12:24
LXCC-Vincenzook,ty jrib12:24
adi11pfifo | yes i google it and every where says its compatible with wins macs and linux 2.412:24
pfifoadi11, yeah, but did it come with a CD?12:24
adi11no cause some gave it to me to use it as pendrive12:25
adi11it was not new12:25
adi11 i dont have any usermanual or cd12:25
kpkarljeepersz: ok, I see. well, I know there was a problem with 10.04 and grub that has sense been fixed. Other than that, I can't really say much12:25
pfifoadi11, ok, weve run out of things to troubleshoot here. If i were you I would try a different usb cable, and also try it on a windows machine. And this is a longshot but who knows, try to boot from the device. If all that fails, you might have a broken peice of hardware12:27
adi11pfifo | the guy gave it to me told me that win xp recongized but his ubuntu not12:28
adi11pfifo | concerninc the logical partion swap do you think i can get that space back?12:28
pfifoadi11, when you try it on XP check to see what filesystem is on it, normally those things use fat32 but if its using something wierd that would explain it12:28
pfifoadi11, yeah you can delete both the logical and extended partition, then resize you main partition to use the whole drive12:29
jeeperszkpkarl: So what am I supposed to do? try to install grub manually?12:29
kpkarlpfifo: but if that were the case, wouldn't the player show in lsusb?12:29
=== lorenzosu_ is now known as lorenzosu
adi11pfifo \ with disk utility? i dont want to delete any data on this hdd...12:30
pfifokpkarl, im leaving that one as undefined, with dmesg borked all to hell, im asuming the lsusb and related utilities are broken12:30
adi11do you think i can do it without reinstall ubuntu?12:30
kpkarljeepersz: you could. Do you want to try that?12:30
jeepersznot really12:31
pfifoadi11, yeah use a livecd to do that, you dont want it to be mounted12:31
pfifoadi11, use gparted on the livecd12:31
jeeperszbut I have to do something at this point because I have partitions with ubuntu 10.04 on them that I can't get to ;)12:31
kpkarljeepersz: I can give you the command. Otherwise, to remove ubuntu you can delete the ubuntu partitions with gparted, then expand the windows partition, then use your windows CD to reinstall the windows bootloader12:32
adi11ok thanks pfifo12:32
hmcaraid6 md0 out of 9 devices with no partitions , mdadm assemble fail, worked before reboot!12:32
zzzed_jeepersz, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub12:35
kpkarljeepersz: to install grub run(using the cd): sudo grub-install /dev/sda12:35
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youngbloodI have a new Dell laptop with release 10.04 installed. I can't get any internet connection. My network card is a broadcom 4727. My ethernet card is Atheros Comm AR8152.v1.1. The package manager shows that module bcmwl-modaliases is installed. what should i look for next to get net connected?12:37
jeeperszthanks, I'll go try that stuff.12:37
tracy69good morning12:38
pfifoyoungblood, wait a minute, can you rephrase that.12:39
timewriteryeah , its me again12:39
youngbloodpfifo, what would you like rephased?12:40
psyt7how do I enable / disable headphone jack sense in lucid?12:40
pfifoyoungblood, network card and ethernet card12:40
youngbloodpfifo, nwweork card is broadcom 4727, ethernet card is Atheros AR8152 v1.112:42
pfifobroadcom = wired and atheros= wireless, right?12:42
slin_any ide, why cups does not logs local users to page_log ?12:42
youngbloodpfifo, yes12:42
slin_remote sessions are logged, this is since cups was updated to 1.4 from 1.312:43
pfifoyoungblood, did it come with 10.04 pre-installed?12:43
youngbloodpfifo, no. I burn an iso image 64 bit.12:43
pfifoyoungblood, did the livecd have network access12:44
youngbloodpfifo, how would i know that?12:44
ectospasmyoungblood: you could have tested the browser in the LiveCD GUI12:45
pfifoyoungblood, did you try to surf facebook or anything during the install?12:45
studentHi. In emacs i need to use a command whose shortcut is: C-.  (pressing CTRL and . at the sime time). But it only diplays the . (the command doens't trigger) what to do?12:45
youngbloodactospasm, can i do that now?12:45
studentcan i configure the ubuntu terminal somehow?12:46
youngbloodpfifo, no12:46
jribstudent: trying the emacs channel might yield better results12:46
pfifothe atheros card should work just fine, i have that card as well. my laptop has a buttong I can press to turn it on and off. Look and see if yours is the same12:47
kangkang 哎?12:47
pfifoyoungblood, the atheros card should work just fine, i have that card as well. my laptop has a buttong I can press to turn it on and off. Look and see if yours is the same12:47
bazhang!cn | kangkang12:47
ubottukangkang: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk12:47
_mrn_ver_what  is an offset alignment?12:48
pfifo_mrn_ver_, something us gurus made up to help us instantly identify newbies12:49
adacIs it now possible to encrypt the whole disk on installation?12:49
bazhangadac, using the alternate installer?12:50
youngbloodpfifo, I have a dell 17" inspiron and it does not appear that I have such a button. where is yours located?12:50
adacbazhang, not tried yet? is it possible twith that one?12:50
kpkarladac: yes, however you will need to use the alternate installer12:50
_mrn_ver_pfifo:  as u said i am a newbie but can u please answer the questtion?12:51
adacok kpkarl thx12:51
pfifoyoungblood, well i have an EEEPC, firs i have to hold down a special function key, then i pressF212:51
pfifo_mrn_ver_, well it depends on where you saw that12:51
youngbloodpfifo,  how did you find that?12:51
pfifoyoungblood, n/m if you had one it would be obvious. Lets move on. Goto the terminal and type in 'iwconfig' pastebin the output if its more than 3 lines12:52
zerverhey guys12:53
_mrn_ver_pfifo: i  got it in intel manual in pointer validation or invalidation .i searched for it but failed12:53
_mrn_ver_so now can u please?12:53
zerveris there a img burning program for ubuntu like imgburn for windows ?12:53
pfifo_mrn_ver_, an offset alignment in programming?12:53
kpkarlzerver: you can burn an iso by right clicking on it then clicking "write to disk"12:54
youngbloodpfifo,  I'm going to have to re-type the info in this laptop. be right back.12:55
iX315hi to all12:55
_mrn_ver_pfifo: u got  the issue12:56
howieHi trying to download either Campcaster or Radio Warwick's digiplay playout system but cant seem to get me head round it. I'm running Ubuntu 10.04LTS12:56
pfifo_mrn_ver_, it has todo with the way memory is accessed, each byte of memory is identified by a number. when you create an array, it uses many bytes of memory. take for example a string "Hello World" the letter H would be stored at location x, e would be stored at x+1 and so on, thats called an offset12:57
youngbloodpfifo,  what is pastebin web pointer?12:57
_mrn_ver_that much i know but what mean of alignment?12:58
_mrn_ver_and what is the  advantage of alignment?12:59
pfifo_mrn_ver_, im not exactly sure where the alignment part is referring to, I would really have to have eiter a more detaild description of what your doing, or a code sample.12:59
pfifoyoungblood, are you typing all that into pasebin?13:00
iX315I have a problem with all the distros of linux... i have an esprimo mobile (laptop) and i see the loading screen like a tv with no signal... xD xD any help?13:00
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!13:01
kk9822i need some pfifo13:01
pfifodont we all13:01
kk9822i want to use one software from a company which uses pda13:02
kk9822it is called angel pda13:02
tonysanwhat if the minimum sys req of Ubuntu Minimal 10.04?13:02
pfifox_ please use english only in this channel. if you want help in chinese,japanes or korean there is a room for that13:02
kk9822they say it works only with windows not with linux platform13:02
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk13:03
kk9822so what should we do whouse ubuntu 10.113:03
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:03
kk9822are u there13:04
pfifotonysan, something like pentium 2 with 128M ram, it says on the download site.13:04
x_I can't install the nvidia driver13:04
pfifokk9822, i have no idea what your talking about, sorry13:04
kk9822no prob13:04
tonysanpfifo: thanks13:04
kk9822any one can help me13:04
x_my notebook is asus A42JV13:04
tonysanpfifo: I am going to setup a linux VM only to serve ssh tunneling traffics13:05
ibrahim-kasemHow can I burn mp3 disc ? i used k3b but I cant see the mp3 option !13:05
x_when i installed the driver..restart is black13:05
pfifotonysan, a virtual machine? if thats the case your system spec can be whatever you want13:06
kk9822i need some software help13:06
bazhangkk9822, then ask a question13:06
bazhangkk9822, all on one line13:06
kk9822i am using ubuntu ulitmate edition13:06
bazhangkk9822, not supported here13:06
bazhang!ultimate | kk982213:06
ubottukk9822: The following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes; please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ultimate Edition13:06
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pfifotonysan, if you want a simple routerbox, ubuntu is not for you, tyhere are a handful of distros that can fit on a floppy and will run on even the oldest hardware13:07
tonysanpfifo: I want to run it with least RAM and least CPU, so It won't eat my CPU time while I am using13:07
x_I'm a fresher13:07
tonysanpfifo: and not to setup another machine to serve...13:07
tonysanpfifo: maybe I want some more, but prefer it light and flexible?13:08
ragaxxciao gente13:08
ragaxxho bisogno di aiuto su ubuntu13:09
bazhang!it | ragaxx13:09
ubotturagaxx: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:09
ragaxx /join #ubuntu-it13:09
pfifotonysan, look into a minimal distro it maybe quicker and smaller than ubuntu can provide you http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini_Linux13:10
youngbloodpfifo,  i posted the output in pastebin, but i did not a reference for you.13:10
bazhangibrahim-kasem, libk3b2-mp3 installed?13:10
pfifoyoungblood, im sorry, what was the link?13:10
youngbloodpfifo,  i posted the output in pastebin, but i did not a reference number for you.13:10
youngbloodpfifo,  pastebin.com13:11
bazhangibrahim-kasem, belay that, searching for a more recent option13:11
pfifoyoungblood, ok, well can you go back to that page in your browser and give me the url?13:12
youngbloodpfifo,  sure13:12
bazhangibrahim-kasem, libk3b6-extracodecs13:12
pfifowhat dose the word 'ubuntu' mean?13:12
youngbloodpfifo,  http://pastebin.com/4Phd4jAq13:13
clone1018What do you guys recommend. Ubuntu x32 or x64?13:13
bazhang!ubuntu > pfifo13:13
ubottupfifo, please see my private message13:13
ibrahim-kasembazhang, this one is not installed libk3b6-extracodecs I will install it now thnx.13:13
bazhangclone1018, how much ram13:13
pfifobazhang, lol thats not what i meant13:13
ibrahim-kasempfifo, humanity :)13:13
bazhangclone1018, up to you; if you install linux-generic-pae with 32bit it will use all 4GB13:14
clone1018I am assuming x64 which I am currently running. And boy is it awesome.13:14
pfifoyoungblood, you ran ifconfig, i wanted the output of iwconfig13:14
wesselhello, I'm downloading ubuntu netbook edition, will this also work on a notebook? I will be using the 13.3" Acer Aspire Timeline 3810T13:14
pfifowessel, yes13:15
bazhangwessel, sure, but made for much smaller screens13:15
youngbloodpfifo,  your right. shit!13:15
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.13:15
bazhangyoungblood, language please13:15
pfifoyoungblood, dont worry about typing it into pastebin, just run it and tll me if there are any interfaces13:15
wesselThere will be windows installed on the hard disk, it it possible to see if all the hardware works correctly with ubuntu before I remove the windows? I would like to do a windows refund.13:15
bazhangwessel, try the live cd13:16
ibrahim-kasembazhang, installing this package  libk3b6-extracodecs will add new options to the application ? k3b ? so i can create mp3 disc13:16
bazhangibrahim-kasem, correct13:16
wesselThere will not be a CD/DVD player, but I can install from USB stick, did this before.13:16
=== lousygarua_ is now known as lousygarua
bazhangwessel, that will work too: live usb13:17
youngbloodpfifo,  output from iwconfig, lo     no wireless extensions13:17
pfifowessel, you can boot from a USB stick and Install to a different USB stick if you really wanted to13:17
wesselubuntu-10.04-netbook-i368.iso will this also be a live USB?13:17
ibrahim-kasembazhang, in the new project list, I can only see create audio cd project no mp3.13:17
wesselpfifo: well I want to check if all the hardware works, I'm worried that if the netbook is broken somehow they will blame me for installing linux13:18
pfifoyoungblood, somehow the modules for your network adapters are not being loaded.13:18
wesselbut I can't run the pre installed windows, because after I accept the EULA I can't get a windows refund anymore.13:19
youngbloodpfifo,  can i do that manually?13:19
pfifowessel, linux will not 'break' you computer the worse that can happen is that it will delete all your files, in which case you can just format and reinstall windows13:19
wesselI can not reinstall windows, its really silly13:20
bazhang!id | miyak13:20
ubottumiyak: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia13:20
wesselIf I need to reinstall it I need to send it back to the manufacturer13:20
JohnFluxwessel: technically, how would they know that you accepted the eula ?13:20
wesselyou need to make photos13:20
wesselwith a camera13:20
jeeperszwhen I use the cd and boot to it, I get this error about the installer failing, and it going into a desktop session so I can figure out what's wrong (This is without even trying to install... just booting off the cd) COuld that be causing the true install problems that causes grub to fail?  I don't have a /dev/sda13:20
pfifowessel, when you boot from the livecd, it will not make any change to your computer unless you specifically tell it to install onto your harddrive13:20
wesselJohnFlux: after you denied the EULA you need to make a photo13:21
wesselif you accept it, you can no longer make this photo13:21
pfifoyoungblood, type lsmod and look at the drivers that are loaded. im guessing there wont be anything related to networking13:21
Pici!ot | wessel13:21
ubottuwessel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:21
bazhangwessel, I don't recall if the netbook edition has a live function; you'll quickly be able to see it though13:21
castwessel: one way to work out if linux supports your netbook is to google, either the whole netbook or the parts. wireless is the main issue13:22
wesselpfifo: :P I know Linux will not break my computer, but its not the first time that I have been sent a not fully working laptop (hardware problems)13:22
wesselah, k13:23
youngbloodpfifo,  nothing seems to make reference to a network module.13:23
sotheHallo, long time since i were on ubuntu. I have a small problem with installing Steam(CS). Any help? :)13:23
pfifowessel, hardware support is getting better all the time, chances are that 99% of it will work.13:23
jeeperszwhen I use the cd and boot to it, I get this error about the installer failing, and it going into a desktop session so I can figure out what's wrong (This is without even trying to install... just booting off the cd) COuld that be causing the true install problems that causes grub to fail?  I don't have a /dev/sda13:23
pfifoyoungblood, run 'modprobe ath5k'13:23
pfifoyoungblood, run 'sudo modprobe ath5k'13:23
jrib!appdb | sothe13:23
ubottusothe: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help13:23
youngbloodpfifo,  side note: my screen times out quite frequently, do you  know hoe to extend the time?13:24
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wesselcast: there seem to be thousands of posts related to the Acer Aspire Timeline 3810T + Linux, not sure if this is a good or bad thing :-/13:25
youngbloodpfifo,  module not found.13:26
bazhang!it | evox13:26
ubottuevox: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:26
timewriteri love ubuntu13:26
timewriterciao francesca , ma che fai13:27
bazhangkk9822, what?13:27
pfifoyoungblood, im starting to think you install may have failed. Reboot to a livecd and test your network connection, if you can get onto the network, then you need to reinstall. if you cant then ill see you back here in 10 minutes13:28
kk9822bazhang i want to down load jre 1.6.0 and above how do i do for using in ubuntu13:28
bazhangkk9822, you're using ultimate. that's not supported here13:28
flupkeanyone managed to get suspend / hibernate working on an asus u35jc ?13:28
Pici!it | timewriter13:28
ubottutimewriter: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:28
dugan_Hi all. Someone know if there is a "control panel"/console to manage POSTFIX ?13:28
timewriter!ro pici13:28
Pici!ro | timewriter sorry13:29
ubottutimewriter sorry: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro13:29
kk9822no no sorry i am using ubuntu 10.0413:29
youngbloodpfifo,  thanks for your time. See you later13:29
timewriternu dorim ajutor , multumesc13:29
bazhangkk9822, you just said you were using ultimate13:29
kk9822i miss took my lapy  thing for desktop sorry13:29
kk9822sorry bazhang13:29
timewriteryoungblood , my screen goes blank every minute also13:29
timewriterand its set up to 30 mins13:30
krylI have a font problem, but it's curious I supposed it's a problem of license but I'm not sure can you give me some advices please : http://pastebin.com/F8YZLAji (the problem came after an update on lucid)13:30
kk9822pl help me13:30
youngbloodtimewriter, did you find out how to extend the time?13:30
timewriteri dont bother anymore13:30
erdnaseGood morning, I want to test ubuntio studio because the "multimedia" part is very intriguing. Anyhow, is there a major difference between xUbuntu and ubuntu studio?13:30
timewriteri barely managed to install the nvidia drivers13:31
erdnaseubuntu studio*13:31
bazhangerdnase, install ubuntustudio-desktop  the realtime kernel would be one major difference13:31
pfifoyoungblood, i know you can do that, but havent done it since gentoo days, one sec13:31
erdnasebazhang, I'm downloading ubuntu studio atm. Do I need to do anything else before I install ubuntu studio?13:32
bazhangerdnase, no need for the separate iso, the -desktop package will do it13:32
erdnasebazhang, thanks. :) I'll give it a try.13:33
timewriterwhats a realtime kernel ?13:33
pfifoyoungblood, http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-disable-screen-blanking-screen-going-blank.html13:33
bazhangtimewriter, used for audio production, for example13:33
timewriteri might need it13:33
erdnaseThe more I study ubuntu, the more it makes me want to ditch windows.13:34
youngbloodpfifo,  it seems that other people are having the same issue. thanks13:34
timewriteri already did13:34
casttimewriter: for?13:34
timewriterlast night i deleted my windows13:34
dv_hey people13:34
timewritercast  , reason , cubase and mixmesiter studio13:34
erdnasetimewriter, I will too, soon. :P13:34
timewriteri just need to get world of warcraft working on linux13:34
timewriterand thats all13:34
timewritergot rid of 7 and the license i paid lol13:35
=== mcl0vin_ is now known as mcl0vin
pfifotimewriter, WoW works perfectly with stock wine1.213:35
kk9822bazhang any soln for me pl13:35
castuh you don't need a RTOS for WoW13:35
timewriterpfifo , im gonna test it13:35
erdnasetimewriter, God, the license. :P13:35
timewriterscrew the license13:36
wesselubuntu-10.04-netbook-i368.iso <-- can this deal with 4GB ram?13:36
pfifowessel, yes13:36
aronaliagadonde esta el chat en español?13:37
dgeary2real root filesystem is squashfs image on httpfs mount (fuse), when initramfs does switch_root it kills httpfs and loses access to root filesystem, any ideas?13:37
pfifo!es aronaliaga13:37
bazhangaronaliaga, #ubuntu-es13:37
pfifo!es | aronaliaga13:37
ubottuaronaliaga: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.13:37
timewriterhttp://img185.imageshack.us/i/screenshotmf.png/ <---- better than any microsoft license13:38
castdgeary2: yeah, ask somewhere else ;)13:38
bazhang!ot | timewriter13:38
ubottutimewriter: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:38
timewriterthanks bazhang13:39
dgeary2cast, any ideas where to ask?13:39
castdgeary2: not really sure, haven't ran into anyone who's done anything like that before13:40
pfifodgeary2, try asking in #linux13:40
dgeary2cast, pfifo, thanks13:40
castdgeary2: just seems you're unlikely to get any answer here...#linux may, but i wouldn't count on it13:41
pfifodgeary2, the syslinux guys can probbally hepl to, they are masters of the boot process13:41
timewriteris 35GB enough for / partition ?13:41
pfifotimewriter, minimum is 4gb i believe13:41
erdnasetimewriter, that's big already.13:42
timewriterits good then13:43
WebDawg_What is a good ftp server that allows me to add users?13:43
=== schmidtm_ is now known as schmidtm
timewriteri have 35 Gb for / , 4096 for swap and 600 Gb for /home13:43
jribWebDawg_: no, 4096 gb for swap13:45
timewriter4096MB for swap13:45
jribtimewriter: you reasonable person you13:45
GuiTorissomebody can use the youtube-dl program?13:45
timewriterthank you sir13:45
jribGuiToris: failed for me last time i tried13:45
pfifoWebDawg, i use cuteftp, i dont know if it has a package in ubuntu13:46
timewritertime for a Camel13:46
panpansh4 GB is the max ...13:46
GuiTorisjrib and is there any other solution?13:46
panpanshhow much ddram ?13:46
timewriterseems that Vmware works better on ubuntu than on windows 713:46
jribGuiToris: I don't know, I used to use sites like keepvid but they ask to install some java stuff now and I refuse13:46
timewriterpanpansh , 4GB13:46
pfifoGuiToris, make your own13:47
panpanshddr2 or ddr313:47
timewriterim legacy13:47
panpanshif you have free disk space ... no pb ... elseif just 2GB it's ok ;)13:47
panpanshfor the swap ...13:47
panpanshesleif => else13:48
timewriteri read some articles and they said that its good to have the swap with same amount of ram13:48
panpansh(sorry i'm french)13:48
timewriterso i did 4 GB13:48
timewriteryeah , i have more 600 GB for /home13:48
timewriterspace isnt a problem , but time is13:48
mtx_inittheres no reason unless you are a very ram heavy user13:48
panpanshyes but it's for old config ... when you have 1GB of ram => 1GB of swap13:48
panpanshbut now it's not a probleme because hardware rox13:49
timewriteri see13:49
undifinedtimewriter, actually its even better to have a swap twice the size of your ram13:49
timewriterundifined thats an old idea , i use to apply it too13:49
undifinedbut nobody want to use it13:49
timewriterbut 3 times ago , the guys in here said its not necesarry anymore13:49
dt_hello, what is the little chat bubble with an x inside of it called ? the one next to the clock13:49
dt_also, how do I restore it. the indicator applet doesn't show it anymore13:49
timewriter3 days ago* , sorry13:50
dt_i think it has something to do with a package i removed13:50
panpanshxchat-aqua ?13:50
undifinedtimewriter, there is some work in moving to swap files13:50
blue_annahey - my audio slider used to work just fine until recently (I think, I dont use it that often) -- now, if I turn it down a tiny bit, its gone. its like all or nothing13:50
timewriterwhats the best encryption software for ubuntu ?13:51
panpanshok undifined ... no pb from space now in 2010 ... ;)13:51
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory13:51
pfifoif you really want to know about the why/how much issues, do the research and learn what a swap partition dose, and how the kernel uses it as a supplement for lack of physical memory.13:52
EmryWhich package is df in?13:52
timewriteris there a way to encrypt the entire hard drive ?13:52
PiciEmry: coreutils13:52
mickster04timewriter: theres little point13:52
undifinedpanpansh, ?13:52
blue_annaits like 100% volume became 0% , and 150% became 100%13:53
EmryPici, O.o  I just realized that it would let me run it with sudo, but it gives me file not found with normal privileges.  Strange. :P13:53
panpanshyes undifined13:53
panpanshwhat ?13:53
timewriterthey really did some work on the avant-window-navigator13:53
timewriterits awesome13:54
theconartistis it normal for empathy to forget all of my info?13:54
undifined<panpansh> ok undifined ... no pb from space now in 2010 ... ;)13:54
undifinedpanpansh, what do you mean13:54
EmryPici,  thanks for the info though. :)13:54
binasis there any possibility of deleting a key from keyserver.ubuntu.com?13:55
jribbinas: you can revoke it13:55
binasok, but that wouldn't delete my email adres right?13:55
undifinedjrib can we revoke someone elses key ?13:55
panpanshheu I speak too bad english ... I'm french ... I say : "it is not a problem anyway disk space either in 2010 ... So if you want to see 4GB 8GB swap you can: D"13:55
jribundifined: no you need to have the private key to generate a revocation certificate13:56
binasok, thx13:56
mickster04panpansh: if you want there is #ubuntu-fr?13:56
panpanshyes I'am here too13:56
PrestonConnorsHello, I am trying to get unattended-upgrades to NOT install and only notify me of packages that are available for upgrade via E-Mail. I noticed the option APT::Periodic::Unattended-Upgrade "1";  in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10periodic via Google searching but this is not an option in my installations of Ubuntu 10.04; what does APT::Periodic::Unattended-Upgrade "1"; do and if I set it to 0 will it NOT install updates and still notify me abou13:56
dv_someone can help me13:57
undifinedjrib how can easily ignore an archive for which I have no valid pgp and I cannot ask for revalidation13:57
timewritercan i use VMware on ubuntu studio ?13:57
mickster04!anyone | dv_13:58
ubottudv_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?13:58
jribundifined: remove it from your sources.list13:59
dv_Does anyone can help me i want work with vpn connetion in ubuntu 10.413:59
ubottuFor more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN13:59
mickster04dv_: ^^13:59
frandoHello. I'm experiencing a strange problem. Just updated from 9.04 to 10.04 LTS. Then de-installed fglrx and installed xserver-xorg-video-ati. Restarted and now when X wants to start up, a very strange thing appears on screen, some green color that then fades to white and then when it's all white it freezes and i also cannot switch to other ttys.14:00
krylI have a font problem, but it's curious I supposed it's a problem of license but I'm not sure can you give me some advices please : http://pastebin.com/F8YZLAji (the problem came after an update on lucid)14:00
frandoI tried reinstalling xserver-xorg-video-ati and libgl1-mesa-glx (someone suggested that to me) but no change14:00
frandoI also tried to purge everything fglrx related that I found14:00
frandostill the same14:00
frandoany ideas?14:00
yessir_turanHi, I'm on Nvidia card, is there a way to enable/disable twinview using command line, rather than going to nvidia-settings and then doing that..14:02
binasfrando: Does it say 'Unsupported hardware'14:02
yessir_turanWould be REALLLLY grateful if someone knew that.14:02
frandobinas: no it says nothing14:02
frandobinas: and my hardware is definitely supported, i've been using the radeon driver before14:03
frandobinas: mobility radeon hd2600 is what i have14:03
binasfrando:sorry, much knowledge about this topic14:04
Tafffashgood afternoon everyone14:04
rgnrhi all14:04
rgnra question14:04
frando /j #xorg14:04
rgnrsimple enough14:04
pfifofrando, well, can you get access to a command line on your system?14:04
frandopfifo: yeah I can get into a root shell14:05
rgnri wanna partition my hdd  so that base system and installed  apps will reside on separate partitions14:05
rgnrlike in windows14:05
pfifofrando, try deleting your xorg.conf file and then start X with its built in defaults14:05
rgnrsystem and storage14:05
frandopfifo: did that, no help14:05
youngbloodpfifo,  I'm on a liveCD, when I select firfox i get a pop-up that tells me I need the broadcom drivers. I then install the drivers, but still no connection.14:05
rgnrso in case of failure i'll have to reinstall only os14:06
sebsebsebyoungblood: you can try Ndiswrapper with a Windows driver, if can't do it natively14:06
bazhangrgnr, separate home14:06
frandopfifo: weird thing, also tried a failsafe xorg.conf with driver "vesa" and I *still* get that very weird thing where the screen is first filled with some green-ish color and then slowly fades to white and then freezes14:06
bazhang!home > rgnr14:06
ubotturgnr, please see my private message14:06
pfifoyoungblood, yeah thats what i was going to suggest14:06
sebsebsebyoungblood: I just joined, what was the actsaul issue?14:06
pfifofrando, are you dual booting this machine?14:07
frandopfifo: however, when I select an older kernel in grub (right now 31-11-rt) I can get X to start with driver "vesa"14:07
frandopfifo: yeah also have an windows 7 installation on the machine14:07
pfifofrando, so its definatly not faulty hardware?14:07
youngbloodsebsebseb, I have a new Dell laptop with release 10.04 installed. I can't get any internet connection. My network card is a broadcom 4727. My ethernet card is Atheros Comm AR8152.v1.1. The package manager shows that module bcmwl-modaliases is installed. what should i look for next to get net connected?14:08
frandopfifo: nope, windows 7 works everything fine, and also before the update to 10.04 + switch from fglrx to radeon driver everything worked perfectly, including dri and compositng (with fglrx)14:08
pfifofrando, you should do a fresh install.14:08
Planet8What is the name of the desktop used in Ubuntu 10.04 netbook version?14:09
frandopfifo: hhrrm. yeah maybe. thought there might be a way. really not too fond of doing a reinstall, there's a lot of stuff installed and configured on the machine that I need..14:09
youngbloodpfifo,  it looks like the system see the wireless, but I still can not connect.14:09
bazhang!une > Planet814:09
ubottuPlanet8, please see my private message14:09
frandopfifo: i might try to swith back to fglrx first14:09
TafffashGuys Im sick of windows, can i dual install ubuntu? If so what do i need to download please?14:09
sebsebsebTafffash: of course14:10
timewriterfrando , boot rescue mode , drop to terminal , remove any drivers , blacklist some modules , and install the latest drivers14:10
Tafffashsebsebseb what do i need to download?14:10
timewriterthats how i did today , after x failed14:10
nastasyoungblood: could you post the output of lspci -vv iwconfig and ifconfig in pastebin please?14:10
sebsebsebTafffash: to install a Linux distro be that Ubuntu or another one,  you will  need install media,  easy way is to download the ISO, check that is a good download, and burn your own CD14:10
lucenutHi peeps. I have a machine with 10.04 installed and I want to make it dual boot with windows 7.14:11
frandotimewriter: so what i did is apt-get remove --purge fglrx and also apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-ati libgl1-mesa-glx14:11
sebsebsebTafffash: in the case of Ubuntu can  order a free CD, but they take a while to get sent14:11
frandotimewriter: what else do you suggest? blacklist some modules - what do you mean?14:11
pfifoyoungblood, its hard to believe that theres a card out there thats not supported, but its starting to look that way14:11
lucenutI booted into a live cd and tried gparted but it says you have to have root priviledges to run gparted.14:11
frandotimewriter: my /etc/modules lists just "lp"14:11
lucenutWhat do I do?14:11
jriblucenut: gksudo gparted14:11
ubottuTo add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo14:11
ddavidspls does ebox necessarily have to be installed on ubuntu server?14:11
sebsebseb!install | Tafffash14:11
ubottuTafffash: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate14:11
ubottuYour home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome14:11
youngbloodnastas, I can, but give me some time i have to re-key in the info.14:11
sebsebseb!md5sum | Tafffash14:11
ubottuTafffash: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows14:11
timewriterfrando  , fglrx drivers may fail to install without blacklisting some modules14:12
pfifoyoungblood, try ubuntu 32bit14:12
Tafffashthanks all14:12
timewriteri dont know about ati , but this happened with my nvidia card14:12
Tafffashtime to read up lol14:12
frandotimewriter: actually, i want to use the open source radeon driver14:12
frandotimewriter: what do you mean by blacklisting some modules? how would I do that?14:12
timewriterjust a second14:12
youngbloodpfifo,  i'll give that a try in a sec.14:12
timewriterneed to do a research14:13