scott-upstairsdownloading the new beta ISO image for testing...with the updated gnome-network-admin for moderating network connections :)01:28
scott-upstairsi really should send a "thank you" email to chris coulson if it works ;)01:29
ckontrosReally? Why hasn't someone else tried to give Chris (on the list) a clue besides me?21:56
scott-workhmmm?  new email?21:57
ckontrosscott-work: From this morning.22:00
ckontrosReally? "Hire someone" He's just being defensive.22:01
ckontrosscott-work: I'd appreciate if you stepped up a bit here. I kinda feel like I'm twisting in the wind.22:02
ckontros scott-work: People have to know that examples of their work in a necessity. We can't just accept whatever anyone brings to the table. Even Louie needs to.22:03
ckontrosWell, I shouldn't say "we". It should be "you". In any event, things shouldn't take a step backwards.22:05
scott-worki agree with not stepping backwards and saying something to chris, when i get home tonight i will send an email22:07
scott-workckontros: ^22:07
scott-workckontros: damn, i only saw his last email and didn't read the one before it...i clearly understand why you are upset22:08
ckontrosOk. Don't be afraid to say "no". Makes some people think I'ma dick but at least there's no ambiguity and folks know where they stand.22:08
scott-workhell, i'm upset now22:08
* ckontros shrugs.22:09
scott-workit pisses me off when someone from the outside comes in with that kinda attitude without understanding the players or the situation22:09
ckontrosscott-work: Well, what upsets me is the attitude. I asked a simple question. Fuck who I am. It's a legitimate question if some guy who joined the list a day ago asked.22:11
ckontrosAnd dammit he's sending stuff right to me AND the list. So my reply just want to him. Dammit. Ill fix it.22:14
ckontrosOk. It's there: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-studio-devel/2010-September/002524.html22:16
ckontros@? :)22:18
ckontrosscott-work: And actually, when shit like this happens it's usually because English isn't their 1st language. But I assumed he's just in AU and English was fine. Maybe he's an immigrant? Or young? Or both?. Whatever. I gotta shower this grime offa me.22:22
scott-workoh, just putting the hammer down on him, what i found funny was you saying that I'm the only one who said I wouldn't cut ;)22:22
ckontrosWell, I said you because, well, you drew it and you're the boss. :)22:23
ckontrosscott-work: But all this is kinda why I mentioned shooting for next release. Gives time to better define audience and thematic elements. Doing it all now, is just forced.22:25
ckontrosOk. Later. PM if needed.22:35

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