bartjehi all12:13
bartjeI've got a question about inputs, got an onboard sound card, with line in on the back, and a mic in on the front. Alsa mixer shows two seperate sliders for them, does that mean I somehow can use them both for recording with jack two? In pulse audio I can select only 1 input connector though12:20
antagomiri will occasionally use a laptop (HP Elitebook 2540p with 4G SDRAM memory, 1333MHz) to edit DV/HD video material, as a hobby. Otherwise, I will need the laptop for office work (writing reports, web surfing, mail etc)20:50
antagomirI was wondering whether ubuntu studio would be a good choice there.20:51
antagomirany tips? I thought that the studio version might make things easier with video and music stuff, but how it is compatible with other needs.?20:52
holsteinantagomir: hello22:19
holsteinare you using ubuntu 10.04 right now?22:20
antagomirholstein yes i am22:22
holsteini wouldnt install ubuntustudio over ubuntu22:22
holsteinjust add some of the packages you need22:22
holsteinand go for it22:23
holsteinyou can search in synaptic for ubuntustudio22:23
holsteinreally the only one you need is ubuntustudio-video22:23
holsteinmaybe ubuntustudio-audio and ubuntustudio-audio-plugins22:23
holsteinyou can always add them later22:27
holsteingetting rid of them can be a bit trickier22:27
holsteinthe themeing and all that22:27
holsteinthe ubuntustudio themes are really nice though22:27

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