meebeykenvandine: \o/ https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/smuxi/+bug/62915900:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 629159 in smuxi (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Sync smuxi 0.8-1 (Universe) from Debian experimental (main) (affected: 2, heat: 14)" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:59
meebeykenvandine: working oauth :)01:00
meebeykenvandine: and ayatana awesomeness01:00
RAOFmeebey: Ooooh, yes please!01:43
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bilalakhtarvish: You got a 'Thank You' from sabdfl! congrats! :D08:55
vishbilalakhtar: hmm,k.. ;)09:01
Cimiiainfarrell: please change "thirteen heads are better than one" :D11:22
Cimithey change everyday :D11:22
Cimihow they are eleven11:22
Cimiiainfarrell: MacSlow: yesterday I went with my motorcycle on the hills near my city, amazing lovin' the sense of liberty!11:43
MacSlowCimi, iainfarrell: I did my first clutch-up and power-wheelies on my Duc yesterday evening *evil.grin*11:45
iainfarrellheh Cimi you'll be addicted in no time11:45
iainfarrellit's amazing fun11:45
iainfarrellCimi: tomorrow I test ride this http://www.bestmotorcyclepictures.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/2009-bmw-k1300r-wallpaper.jpg11:45
Cimiso powerful11:46
Cimiomg :D11:46
MacSlowiainfarrell, interesting... but looks very bulky11:48
MacSlowCimi, iainfarrell: tried this http://tinyurl.com/2f9qywy some weeks ago... nice trouble-maker (has the potential to get you into trouble with the cops easily :)11:50
iainfarrellheh, yeah MacSlow I would really like to try one11:50
MacSlowiainfarrell, but I would go with the small one (796) because the 1100 evo sp is even taller than my 84811:51
iainfarrellMacSlow: yeah11:51
MacSlowiainfarrell, in terms of agility (in the city) and nimbleness, it can't get better than supermoto11:52
iainfarrellMacSlow: quite :)11:53
iainfarrellMacSlow: but I need/ want to tour on mine11:53
iainfarrellso supermoto is out11:53
MacSlowyeah... certainly not good for going long distances11:54
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faganI wonder when mpt will be about13:38
* fagan wants some attention for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/62641413:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 626414 in software-center (Ubuntu) "FPS sub genre in games (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]13:38
faganI wonder is mpt on holidays16:01
kklimondaare nvidia drivers really that bad that just using unity heats up my laptop?19:54
fagankklimonda: well it depends on how old your card is19:56
faganive run it on an absolutely horrible computer and it was fine19:56
kklimondafagan: g84 with 128MB of ram19:56
faganthats old enough kklimonda19:56
kklimondafagan: seriously?19:56
kklimondathat's g84 i.e. 8400M19:56
faganoh ok19:57
kklimondawell, actually a quadro 140m which is 8400M based ;)19:57
faganhttp://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/1028703/nvidia-g84-g86-bad :D19:57
kklimondafagan: yes, that ine19:57
faganwell unity is supposed to be really light19:58
faganso I presume its you not it19:58
kklimondaexactly why I'm wondering if there is something in clutter that is terrible ineffective with nvidia binary blob19:58
faganwell nvidia drivers are great in most cases19:58
faganprobably something isnt quite implemented great yet in the drivers19:59
fagansince unity is made to run on small computers it needs to be light19:59
kklimondaI love how I can almost see my card redrawing appmenu-gtk ;)20:01
faganintel have bad drivers and this card is bad but still this computer is able to run unity with no problems20:02
faganso weird20:02
kklimondait got better after either restart or restart and update20:14
kklimondaI wonder if it's the good idea to push just about everything through dbus - at some point it will simply become a bottleneck..20:15
faganwell the dbus gets a lot of traffic but the computers can handle it20:17
faganand its a lot faster now anyway20:17
kklimondacan they?20:17
faganwell im on the minimum requirements machine at the moment and its fine20:17
kklimondacan you click on File position in app menu and start moving mouse fast from left to right?20:18
faganim not on unity at the moment20:18
kklimondaI've started seeing a "loading" animation after few seconds of doing that ;)20:18
faganseif: having computer issues?20:20
seiffagan, yes20:20
vishkklimonda: me testing unity now as well , let me try that..20:26
vish +/20:27
vishkklimonda: yup, i see that too , but for a very brief moment :)20:28
vishkklimonda: and this is on an intel , so might be why it is shorter here...20:29

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