jtragis anyone available to help me with something quick?03:26
jtragi just need the console command to install edubuntu on regular ubuntu03:26
jtragi know it's a short command line, but I can't find it again03:27
HedgeMageiirc, it's "apt-get install edubuntu-desktop"03:30
HedgeMagejtrag: ^^^^03:32
jtragi got it04:01
jtragI actually had to type sudo su, then apt-get install edubuntu-*04:02
jtragnow it's installing everything edubuntu LOL04:02
jtragThanks for the help :)04:02
HedgeMageI forgot the "sudo"...I often forget that ubuntu has the root login disabled by default.  I'm too used to distros that use it.04:03
jtragfor some reason, none of the old command lines to install edubuntu work anymore04:03
jtragwell, I found a bunch of sites with command lines to install it, but not one single one of them worked04:04
HedgeMageI'm pretty sure it's always been that one meta-package...at least as long as I can rememer04:04
jtragso I decided to use the beginning of the filename (edubuntu-) with a wildcard *04:04
HedgeMagelol, that could be a lot of stuff04:04
jtragI have all repositories enabled on 10.04 Kubuntu04:05
jtragand  was trying to install edubuntu from Kubuntu04:05
jtragthat's probably why04:05
HedgeMagenot sure04:05
jtragthey have a special package for Kubuntu to convert it to or install edubuntu04:06
jtragit's different than the rest04:06
jtragbecause edubuntu relies on some apps that don't work on KDE04:06
HedgeMageI didn't know about that, I'm not a kde fan04:06
jtragYeah me either04:06
jtragit sux on Ubuntu04:06
HedgeMage(not a gnome fan, for that matter...freaking bloated WMs)04:06
jtragI run openSUSE  10.3 x86_64 with KDE because it's the best there is in my opinion04:07
jtragUbuntu I rank #204:07
jtragor pretty much it's a tie, except when you look at it from a power-user's point of view04:08
jtragthat's where Ubuntu starts to lack in abilities/features04:08
jtragI have Compiz Fusion installed and everything and this computer is extremely fast04:09
jtragbut I have a Core i7 920 D0 overclocked @ 4.01 GHz and 12GB Corsair DDR3 Tri-Channel RAM lol04:10
jtragand my graphics card is a temp one for now, but that's a GTX 260 216 Core Edition04:11
jtragnot a bad  card04:11
jtragnice upgrade from my 8800 GTS 640MB I had04:11
HedgeMageUbuntu works hard to be the perfect distro for newbies.  No one can serve every demographic well.04:12
HedgeMageI run Debian on my servers, and ubuntu and funtoo on my other machines04:13
* HedgeMage == control freak04:13
HedgeMageI prefer source-based whenever possible04:13
jtragwhich channel on this server is the official Ubuntu one?04:41
jtragokay cool, thanks man04:42
jtragI'm actually doing this through the edubuntu website java chat LOL04:42
Studenhello anyone here,where can i fine described detailed of Ubuntu Thin Clinet11:08
Dmohello anybody is open to chat ?12:26
NokioHi all any wiki page or something about edubuntu and ltsp in 10.04?15:00
alkisgNokio: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/15:04
Nokiothanks alkisg15:05
wolfravenousHas anyone built an AMD64 machine that they are running an Edubuntu LTS on that when they installed it everything just worked (or almost) and that can handle a lab of 20 thin clients without a glitch that would like the share their hardware specs??? or if you have a link to a suggested hardware configuration??? I am going to have to build a server for lab soon and I want as few issues to deal with as possible.15:11
* alkisg is using i386 setups for simplicity, with -pae kernel to access more than 3 GB RAM...15:13
alkisgWhat are the client specs? CPU, RAM, NICs?15:13
wolfravenouswe were donated some dell laptops that are going to be used as clients:  I honestly don't know the specs, they are in at a parents house right now, but they were running Win XP as standalone machines before they were removed from service at the company, so they should serve just fine for thin clients.15:17
wolfravenousalkisg:  I am an irc newb, how do you do that action thing you just did???15:19
alkisgWhat action?15:19
* alkisg this one?15:19
alkisgThat's with "/me" in front of the line15:20
wolfravenousok thanks15:20
* wolfravenous bows in gratitude15:20
alkisgWell, the ltsp docs have a paragraph about server sizing15:20
alkisgOther than that, 20 clients is a small setup, if you have gigabit network from server to switch it should be ok15:21
wolfravenousI want to run a 64 bit platform because I want to run a SAGE server on the machine also (sage is a computer algebra system w/ a web interface) and the development of SAGE is focused more toward 64 now than 32 bit15:22
alkisgAh, ok, good reason15:22
wolfravenousI will check the ltsp docs again, for that paragraph, but I am hoping to find a hardware config someone has already built that has proven success... I am comfortable assembling the pieces... just nervous about picking them, :)15:23
wolfravenousmy luck i would choose the one model of SAS or SATA harddrive that the Edubuntu 10.04 distro has hic-ups with, heehe15:25
NokioHi again, i have the dvd of edubuntu. can i install edubuntu as a raid1 ?16:26
wolfravenousNokio:  Here are the instructions for raid setup using Ubuntu, I would assume they are very similar for Edubun.... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=40846117:57
Nokiowolfravenous there is no edubuntu alternate cd so i guess ill install the ubuntu alternate cd18:03
Nokioand then convert to edubuntu18:03
Nokiowent i convert tu edubuntu using apt-get install edubuntu-desktop.. when i reboot i truly have a edubuntu the same way i would have if installed directly via edubuntu cd?18:03
wolfravenousthat seems to be the process... but I have never tried it that way... I don't have a software raid config...18:05
wolfravenousany preference on SAS vs. SATA for harddrive storage???  I keep getting conflicting arguements on the web with no specific reason that one is better than the other... but maybe for Edubuntu, there is one that is preferable18:23
Nokioactualy i dont know about that i dont have any real information too.... the serveur that i use has sata in it18:23
Nokioill try that out and come back to give info if need be !18:25
wolfravenousNokio: Looks like I am going to go with SATA for my server build just to save money, because any performance gains (if they are any, conflicting info out there) won't be worth the extra cost of SAS.18:28
Nokiothat is what im thinking right now18:29
Nokiosata is just good enough18:29
Nokioof course if i read or see any real info i might consider !18:29
Nokiobtw im almost done with the installation of ubuntu using the alternate cd. I did a raid1 and i used LVM too during the installation its working just fine !18:30
Nokionow let see when i add edubuntu if i turn the system into a real edubuntu the same way i would have if i did the installation using edubuntu cd18:30
wolfravenousNokio:  were you able to configure LTSP at the same time when you installed from the alt cd or will you have to add it after the fact, like the edubun desktop???18:33
Nokioi could have done it from the alternate cd18:36
Nokiobut i did not18:36
Nokioi will done it once im with edubuntu18:36
vmlintuwolfravenous: Personally I'd say that if you have a good hardware raid controller, SAS/SATA doesn't make much difference..18:39
wolfravenousNokio:  thanks, was just curios if it were possible to setup LTSP on the initial install18:39
Nokiovmlintu, do you know if installation edubuntu-desktop on ubuntu will convert my ubuntu to a real edubuntu? (by real i mean a edubuntu the same way that if i had installed it using the edubuntu dvd?)18:41
vmlintuNokio: I've never used the edubuntu install-cd, so I don't know what it installs..18:42
Nokiovmlintu, ok you always used ubuntu and then installed edubuntu-desktop? So i guess i will be okay then ! lol18:45
wolfravenousNokio:  I would say you are going to be just fine using the after the fact install of the edubuntu, because earlier in edubuntu 9.something you had to install ubuntu and then install the edubun stuff after the fact if you wanted an LTSP server.  So I think it will work just fine... but please let me know if not... I plan to follow your process if you succeed18:46
Nokioahah ok perfect !18:46
vmlintuNokio: I'm actually installing individual packages instead of edubuntu-desktop18:46
NokioMy server is a poweregde t110 for your information !18:46
Nokiogrub install just fine on both hd so thats good !18:58
Nokioim doing my first boot18:58
Nokioeverything is just fine md0 as swap md1 as boot (ext3) and md2 as lvm19:01
Nokiolvm has 2 partition so far / and /home19:01
Nokioall work fine ill upgrade to edubuntu live19:01
wolfravenousNokio: Congrats on s smooth install :)19:02
litercolaI have set up an ltsp-server and I am having the hardest time trying to figure out how to use gconf-editor to lock down my users but not for myself.  Can someone please enlighten me?19:09

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