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jcgsHi, I think I've found a problem in kopete, more specific than that it crashes all the time01:41
jcgsif you don't have kopete-gcall installed, it still allows you to create an xmpp account, but then complains about missing binaries and advises you to check your installation01:41
jcgsany thoughts?01:49
ryanakcaRiddell: Pong01:57
* ryanakca reboots after upgrading to Maverick, hopefully I'll return :)02:02
jcgsno thoughts?02:19
Koliajcgs: it's 3 am in western europe ;) lots of people sleeping here I guess02:21
jcgsonly 2am in britain02:22
Koliaright, i'm in france ;)02:22
jcgsbut that means it's 9pm in new york and 6pm in san fransisco02:23
jjessemost of the kubuntu developers are in europe ;)02:23
jjesse-netbook_who had the bug/question on kopete?02:39
jjesse-netbook_i can validate it02:39
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jcgsjjesse-netbook: i did, should i report it on kde?02:40
jcgsjjesse-netbook: or on launchpad?02:41
jjesse-netbooki think launchpad as it migth be a way choqok is packaged?02:41
jjesse-netbooksry meant kopete02:41
jcgswill do02:43
txwikingerIt would be helpful if a download link would be added to http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-maverick-meerkat-1010-beta-released02:47
txwikingerryanakca: ^^02:48
Riddelljcgs: yes we need to fix that02:50
Riddelljcgs: do file a bug on launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdenetwork and let me know the number02:50
jcgs629217 sorry, it's filed under kopete atm02:52
ScottKRiddell: As you probably saw in -release, I'm trying to dribble 4.5.1 into the archive in a semi-orderly manner.02:52
RiddellScottK: so I see, thanks02:52
ScottKWasn't it foresightful of me to get cjwatson to leave the queue under my control for the night ....02:52
Riddelldon't let the power go to your head :)02:53
ScottKIf only armel weren't omfg slow we could do this without retries.02:53
* ScottK needs apachelogger to go next door to Italy and counsel lex79 on using build-deps we actuallly have in the archive.02:54
lex79what's wrong?02:55
ScottKlex79: We don't have qt4-x11 rc1 in the archive yet.02:55
* ScottK had to reupload kdebindings.02:56
ScottK(not a huge problem)02:56
Riddellyou can queue up qt4-x11 though02:57
* Riddell snoozes02:57
lex79ScottK: usually we upload qt4-x11 before all packages...well not a huge problem like you said02:57
ScottKlex79: Planning on doing it after kde, since the time between when at finishes building on i386 and when it finishes on other archs any kde package will ftbfs.02:58
ScottKWere is qt4-x11 to upload?02:58
lex79in bzr I think02:58
lex79and in ninja ppa02:58
ScottKWould you please check if there's any stuff in bzr that's not in the PPA?02:59
jcgsRiddell: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kopete/+bug/629217 is that ok?03:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 629217 in kopete (Ubuntu) "incomplete separation of kopete and kopete-gcall" [Undecided,New]03:03
* ScottK gentle taps shadeslayer on the arm and points ^^^03:05
lex79ScottK: in ninja ppa there is a new binary package libqt4-openvg, which is not present in bzr...I think it comes from the merge with debian03:08
ScottKlex79: I think we better leave it for Riddell or apachelogger to sort out in the morning.  I haven't been following it.03:09
ScottKlex79: Thanks for checking.03:09
lex79no problem03:10
lex79I copied 4.5.1 for Lucid in backport ppa, if someone want make the announcement in kubuntu.org03:20
claydohwhat is this veromix option in the systray's extra items section?03:22
claydohnevermind found the info03:23
ScottKryanakca: ^^^^03:25
ScottK(4.5.1 announcement)03:25
ScottKIt's built enough on Maverick that announcing is fine with the usual "packages are still building" caveat.03:25
lex79ScottK: kdeedu and kdeartwork are in queue or we still have to upload them?03:35
ScottKlex79: In queue.03:35
ryanakcaSilly me, I chose to dist upgrade while only part of 4.5.1 was in Maverick03:40
ryanakcalex79: Will do03:40
ScottKRiddell: I'm off to bed.  Assuming slangasek accepts kdeedu an hour from now like I asked on -release and it's built, published, etc, the way ought to be clear for you to accept the balance of KDE stuff.03:51
ScottKRiddell: I'd prefer it if we held off on Qt until we got done building KDE (or at least get the builds started)03:52
ScottKGood night all.03:55
ryanakcaKDE 4.5.1 announcement up04:13
ryanakcatxwikinger: A download link wasn't added directly to the announcement (rather on the instructions linked to from the announcement) to make people work a bit (read instructions) before doing something that could potentially break their system... but if it's an issue and nobody objects, I can do it in the morning04:19
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apacheloggerScottK: I am not sure I computewhat there is to sort out ^^09:17
apacheloggergood morning Kubuntu btw :)09:17
apacheloggerRiddell: is it intentional that you did not set rekonq as default browser in the default apps kcm?09:52
apacheloggerMamarok: does kubuntu-users have a moderation queue?10:11
* apachelogger doesnt really wanna subscribe to post something10:11
apacheloggerulysses: pingypingypingy10:11
apacheloggerdoki doki time!10:13
apacheloggerjussi: update your cache :P10:13
apacheloggerand do not use silly mirrors :P10:13
* jussi changes the mirror........10:13
jussiapachelogger: yeah, was .fi mirror issue, works with main10:15
* jussi slaps mirrors10:15
apacheloggerjussi: since it was a 403 I suppose the mirror locks while syncing with archive (random guess010:16
jussiapachelogger: ahh, that would make sense. thanks!10:17
Mamarokapachelogger: a queue not, we actually do react daily10:19
Mamarokbut I can of course moderate you :)10:19
Mamarokonce I have managed to disable akonadi as it is running wild here, killing doesn't help10:20
Mamarokany hints how I can do that?10:20
Mamarokgoogling is not possible, the system is thrashing like mad10:20
Mamarokit takes 2 minutes from one desktop to another :(10:21
apacheloggerMamarok: depends on what task is running wild10:21
apacheloggerkillall -9 akonadifoo10:21
apacheloggerfoo replaced by the name ^^10:21
Mamarokwell, I would like to stop akonadi and stop it to start itself uèp again permanently10:21
apacheloggeror in ksysguard send terminate or some such to all akonadis10:21
MamarokI aloready tried that, doesn't work10:21
Mamarokand the system settings are such a mess I can't find anything in there anymore10:21
apachelogger-9 should always work10:21
Mamarokwell, it still starts again10:22
apacheloggerthere is a search ;)10:22
apacheloggerI do think you cannot stop it from starting10:22
apacheloggerMamarok: you could try deleting /usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.freedesktop.Akonadi.Control.service10:22
apacheloggerif that fixes it it will however reapppear whenever akonadi-server gets updated10:23
MamarokOK, I restart my KDE, moment, that is getting out of control here10:23
apacheloggerXand3r: lol, my fan club now has a channel :O10:30
Mamarokapachelogger: hey :) where is it?10:33
apacheloggerMamarok: what?10:33
Mamarokthe fanclub channel :)10:34
apacheloggerthe launchpad page says at least10:34
apacheloggerplasma-mobile segfaults on me :(10:34
Mamarokapachelogger: and why are you not in there?10:35
apacheloggerI am not a fan of self love :P10:35
apacheloggeror do you want to worship me ;)10:35
Mamarokof course :)10:36
Mamarokbtw, didn't you ask to have a mail moderated in kubuntu-users?10:37
apacheloggerme kicks plasma-mobile and starts setting up kmail so he can spam again10:37
apacheloggerMamarok: yeah, not now though10:37
apacheloggerwas just a general question whether I need to register to spam ^^10:37
apacheloggerRiddell, ulysses, ryanakca: I think we need to streamline how we refer to versions in publications10:53
apacheloggerif I did not know that "10.10 == Maverick Meerkat" then I would be jolly confused over various things we write from day to day10:54
apacheloggerryanakca: please list the ninjas that have contributed to 4.5.1 (https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/Packaging) instead of just refering to them as ninjas 10:56
apacheloggerryanakca: also please add a picture to the news10:56
Riddellapachelogger: the general rule is we use codenames up to beta and numbers from beta onwards11:15
* apachelogger gets a headache from argument parsing11:40
apacheloggerRiddell: I wonder if that makes sense from a readers POV11:40
ryanakcaapachelogger: Well, if you use both in an announcement title, most should be able to induce... but I may be wrong11:56
apacheloggermaybe, maybe not11:56
apacheloggerit gets especially sick if you mix two series11:57
apacheloggerlike in the august team report11:57
apacheloggerwhere one line goes on abut lucid and maverick and the other talks about 10.1011:57
apacheloggerNightrose: you know, I think the release-script redesign is a fail11:59
apacheloggerI do not seem to see a sane approach on how to integrate option parsing11:59
ryanakcaHmmm... it would be nice if people also put their real name in Kubuntu/Ninjas/Packaging. It reminds me of the big debate when Canonical insisted that all LP beta testers use their full name, presumably because nobody wants to report to a client "Oh, yes, 133tkid_pwnsU2 reported/fixed that bug". Although I can associate most IRC nicks and real names, it's sometimes hard to remember if a name has two 's' or just one, etc.12:06
apacheloggerpersonally I would like to have a macro for that :P12:07
apacheloggerlike @SIG@12:07
ulyssesapachelogger: pongypongypongy12:18
apacheloggerulysses: publish report?12:18
ulysseshere? https://wiki.kubuntu.org/TeamReports/August2010#Kubuntu Team12:19
apacheloggerto groups of interest :P12:19
apacheloggerusers, devs, whoever else12:20
apachelogger+ microblog it12:20
ulyssesflood it everywhere!12:20
apacheloggerexactly ^^12:20
* apachelogger dented12:20
apacheloggerulysses: as long as you are ok with publishing I will send the mails too12:21
apacheloggerdo we want to send it to anyone but users and devs?12:21
Riddellsend it to the ubuntu-news team for sure12:21
ulyssesapachelogger: we can publish it12:21
ulyssesRekonq is default again?12:29
apacheloggerwas it not?12:30
ulyssesrekonq 0.5 crashed „sometimes”, I thought it was replaced with Konqueror12:30
apacheloggerno one did it12:32
ulyssesthe new Ubiquity seems good12:33
apachelogger            begin12:35
apachelogger                eval(vcs).new()12:35
apachelogger            rescue NameError12:35
Nightroseapachelogger: :/12:35
apacheloggerNightrose: there is an uncanny difficulty in supporting arguments, on-the-fly-queries and config parsing12:36
Nightrosei see12:37
apacheloggerthough, arguments and config probably are the easiest since they can be cascaded12:37
apacheloggeron-the-fly-queries however can, as the name suggests, be executed at any given point at runtime, meaning they could be before config/args or after them, before other foo is initialized or after...12:38
apacheloggerNightrose: do you think it woul be a great loss if we killed queries?12:38
Nightroseapachelogger: and instead only have a config file?12:39
apacheloggerconfig and args12:39
* apachelogger needs to twist his head to support the legacy create_tarball config ^^12:39
Nightrosewell config and args is ok with me12:40
apacheloggermaybe I can keep querying too12:40
apacheloggerI just need to find a way to make it expectable at what point in a class execution cycle it tries to do stuff12:41
smarterWe don't ship digikam by default anymore?12:44
apacheloggertoo fat12:45
apacheloggeralso it got horrible UX12:45
apacheloggeralso gwenview does most of the regular things anyway12:45
smarteryeah, it's not perfect, but gwenview does not seem to support USB cameras12:46
apacheloggerdolphin should via kamera slave I think12:46
smarterthere's the kamera KIO but it was horribly slow last time I tried it12:46
smarternot installed by default either too12:47
apacheloggergphoto is the lib that would be needed to access some of the prop transfer protocols I think12:47
apacheloggerand gphoto as the g suggests is fat too :P12:47
apacheloggerDescription: gphoto2 digital camera library12:47
apachelogger The gphoto2 library can be used by applications to access various12:47
apachelogger digital camera models, via standard protocols such as USB Mass Storage12:47
apachelogger and PTP, or vendor-specific protocols.12:47
smarterkamera already depends on libgphoto212:48
smarterI guess it's just using it in a really inefficient way12:48
* smarter is going to take a look at the code12:49
* apachelogger kicks the release scritp13:02
ScottKapachelogger: The qt4x-11 in ninjas and in bzr diverge somewhat.  Didn't know what to upload.13:06
Riddellisn't debfx the one to ask about that?13:10
RiddellI also have a patch from agateau to fix global menu in designer so hold off until I get that in13:11
Riddellour backports PPA is full, anyone object to me removing the karmic packages?13:13
debfxScottK: are you sure? there shouldn't be a difference13:14
ScottKdebfx: lex79 said there was when he looked.  He might have been mistaken.13:15
ScottKRiddell: Are the karmic packages all in -backports now?13:15
ScottKRiddell: Nevermind.  You said backports PPA.13:16
ScottKNo objection.13:16
Riddellqt4 in ninjas and in bzr are the same except for the changelog, it's all good13:23
ScottKKDE 4.5.1 is close enough to built (except armel, but that will take approximately forever), that there's no need to wait.13:28
Riddelllet me add in agateau's patch13:29
smarterapachelogger: where are the files that control what shows up in the new peripheral plasmoid stored?13:31
apacheloggersmarter: peripheral plasmoid?13:32
smarterthe one that shows up when you plug a usb key/put a cdrom in the tray13:32
apacheloggersmarter: I take it by show up you mean actions that are available?13:33
apacheloggerthe actual devices are discovered via solid and there via hal13:33
smarteryes, I'm looking for the files that control the available actions13:33
apacheloggeror .kde/share/apps/solid/actions/ for user's13:34
Guest3799kdepim beta 3 up up and away13:35
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smarterapachelogger: thanks!13:35
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apacheloggershadeslayer: is it usable?13:36
shadeslayerapachelogger: havent installed it, but was usable in beta 2, so id guess it should be now as well13:37
shadeslayerdoesnt hurt to try, we have ppa-purge now :P13:37
apacheloggerI am more concerned with my data :P13:37
apacheloggerwhen I tried with b2 akonadi_imap was running wild because I have so many folders and mails13:38
shadeslayersave it first -> install new beta -> remove and restore if you dont like it :P13:38
shadeslayeri guess i only have one gmail account so it didnt affect me 13:38
zanoiawesome new kubuntu website13:40
apacheloggershadeslayer: saving all my shit takes like forever :P13:40
shadeslayerhehe :P13:40
apacheloggershadeslayer: last time I went like OH DEAR DARTH VADER13:40
apacheloggerthen I went to bed 13:40
zanoibut in the feature tour it says "exprienced" instead of "experienced" in one of the headings :)13:40
apacheloggerand in the morning it was done ^^13:40
apacheloggerryanakca: ^ typosite13:41
shadeslayeror ofirk ^13:41
shadeslayerok both kdepim and kdepim-runtime in experimental :)13:42
smarterapachelogger: Okay, there was a typo in the solid_camera.desktop that prevented it from working, I'll fix that as soon as I remember how bzr works and what branch to use :p13:42
apacheloggergood luck with that13:42
* apachelogger got lost in the branches the other day13:42
smarterwe should use git :p13:43
shadeslayerapachelogger: i dont suppose bzr does  : bzr branch : like : git branch : right?13:43
* apachelogger had all of the stuff branched on his old laptop, and now needs to find the branches again ^^13:43
apacheloggersmarter: I do tend to agree13:43
smartershadeslayer: no, you need separate directories13:43
shadeslayerseems i caught the lp builders at the right time13:43
shadeslayersmarter: that is so much fail :/13:43
apacheloggerbzr is made so that bzr can be lazy :P13:43
apacheloggeryou are supposed to have a meta directory in which you branch13:44
smarteryep, git is clever13:44
apacheloggerand then you branch that branch within the meta dr13:44
ScottKsmarter: You don't need separate directories, bzr can do in place switched.13:44
smarteroh? cool!13:44
apacheloggerwhich is not how apachelogger does it, because apachelogger does not stand that sort of pointless nesting :P13:44
* ScottK doesn't recall how, consult #bzr for details.13:44
smarterI'll have to look into that13:44
smarterapachelogger: by the way, I think we should extend the gwenview_importer solid actions so that it works for cameras too, it's rather nice to use and probably a lot less confusing for your average use than drag&dropping13:45
Riddellsmarter: ping agateau about that maybe13:46
apacheloggeragateau: ^13:46
* agateau has a highlight on "gwenview" :)13:46
smarterhaha :)13:46
Riddellqt4 uploading13:46
agateausmarter: sounds like a good idea13:47
agateausmarter: I do not have a usb camera to test, but I'd welcome patches :)13:47
smarterokay, I'll do a patch, put it in our bzr branch and give you the link13:48
agateausmarter: great13:48
* ScottK pokes at Tm_T about powerpc testing.13:49
* smarter is going to have lunch first, though :p13:49
shadeslayersomething happened with freenode right?13:52
shadeslayeras in.. loads of people quit at the same time.. could be a netsplit.. cant tell13:53
shadeslayersheytan: rekonq is ins Feature freeze, and im planning to implement that feature sometime in the next release :P13:55
Tm_TScottK: setting cd up, hopefully session running soonish13:58
ScottKTm_T: Cool.13:58
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shadeslayerkdepim-runtime for 32 bit fails, but 64 bit builds14:19
shadeslayerhelp needed :P14:20
mfraz74Just upgraded from KDE 4.5 to 4.5.1 in 10.04 and for some reason kopete-gcall wasn't installed14:20
shadeslayerhow do you fix something like this ....14:20
shadeslayermfraz74: because it isnt supplied in lucid?14:21
shadeslayeror is it?14:21
mfraz74it is in the PPA14:21
mfraz74as I just installed it14:21
shadeslayereverything just looks so much better in rekonq14:23
mfraz74only tried rekonq once14:23
shadeslayermfraz74: which ppa? i dont see 4.5.1 packages in the backports ppa14:24
shadeslayerapachelogger: haha : look at the drop down list and the "Filter" Button : http://imgur.com/ZUnFi14:25
mfraz74showpkg says 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa2 (/var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.launchpad.net_kubuntu-ppa_backports_ubuntu_dists_lucid_main_binary-i386_Packages14:25
* shadeslayer opens all the ppa's at once 14:26
shadeslayer:O ... i cant find it ...14:26
apacheloggershadeslayer: looks alien, does i not14:27
apacheloggershadeslayer: does your kmail also have super large fonts?14:27
shadeslayerapachelogger: with beta 3?14:27
shadeslayeror just the 4.5.1 one?14:27
apacheloggerthough I also had that in b214:27
apacheloggernot sure where it comes from though14:28
shadeslayerbeta3 is the ftbfs and not fully built14:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/experimental/+builds?build_state=building14:28
shadeslayeryou dont have beta3 yet :P14:29
mfraz74could be part of the kde network package14:29
apacheloggerand I thought I saw green icons in the ppa14:29
apacheloggerI am getting old14:29
shadeslayerapachelogger: till then advise on this : https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/experimental/+build/194532714:29
shadeslayeramd64 builds fine but i386 doesnt14:30
apacheloggerso I do have b3? 14:30
* apachelogger is confused14:30
apachelogger<- amd64 :P14:30
shadeslayerapachelogger: you have kdepim-runtime beta314:30
shadeslayerbut not kdepim 14:30
apacheloggerthat would explain why akonadi_imap is not running wild14:30
apacheloggershadeslayer: so, pimruntime 386 fails?14:31
smarterapachelogger: any difference between astyle-kubuntu and kdescripts' astyle-kde?14:31
apacheloggerand pim fails on both?14:31
shadeslayerPIM is building14:31
shadeslayerpim-runtime fails on 38614:31
apacheloggersmarter: our's obeys the code style spec14:31
apacheloggersmarter: not much difference though14:31
shadeslayerpim seems to be almost built....14:32
smarterI read the spec and I can't see any difference14:32
apacheloggershadeslayer: that error seems very random14:32
smarter(which is good :))14:32
apacheloggersmarter: look closer then :P14:32
apacheloggerin any case the major difference that makes me use astyle-kubuntu is that it is in $PATH :P14:33
shadeslayerapachelogger: ill retry it after kdepim is built then ...14:33
apacheloggersmarter: the spec builds up on kdelibs' code style14:33
apacheloggershadeslayer: I did not say there is no cause :P14:33
shadeslayerapachelogger: tell me the cause :P14:34
apacheloggerwell, I do not know yet14:34
apacheloggerthe fuck14:34
apacheloggerkmail made all KDE fonts big as a monster14:34
apacheloggerholy cow14:34
apacheloggershadeslayer: you know14:35
apacheloggershadeslayer: it would be good to testbuild?!14:36
shadeslayeri did!14:36
shadeslayerbut for amd6414:36
shadeslayerand look! it built fine for amd6414:36
shadeslayeroh that ftbfs14:37
shadeslayerim working on that right now14:37
smarterapachelogger: okay, so you added add-brackets to put brackets around one line blocks(which is part of the kdelibs spec too afaik), namespace indentation(which I really don't care about :p) and made sure lines had unix ending character, that's fine :)14:40
apacheloggerof course it is fine, do not question the hoff!14:41
apacheloggerthe apachelogger!14:41
shadeslayerapachelogger: you retried the build? :P14:46
shadeslayeritll start in 1 hour ....14:48
nonickname2i've found some typos on maverick's german installer slides - shall i just fix them at https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu or is there something else/other to do in this case?14:49
Riddellhi nonickname2, thanks for checking14:51
RiddellI think you can just fix them14:51
Riddellyou may need to be part of a translator team first though14:51
Riddellhmm, no dpm around to ask14:51
ScottKRiddell: We have a bit of a problem with kwin, plasma-netbook, and plasma-widget-networkmanagement.  http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2010/09/driver-dilemma-in-kde-workspaces-4-5/ is background material if you didn't read it.14:53
ScottKEven with a fixed mesa we'll probably have for -release, the blur effect causes effects to get suspended if it is trying to blur a large area.14:54
ScottKThe size of the p-w-nm wifi connect pop-up (which gets blurred) is ~ 1/4 of the screen on a netbook.14:54
nonickname2ok, i'll try to edit them later today - thanks14:54
ScottKIt takes ~forever to render and then once it's rendered, effects get suspended because it was too slow.14:55
ScottKPlasma-netbook really depends on effects for window switching so it's not particularly optional.14:55
ScottKIdeally we'd lock mgraesslin, notmart, and sebas/wstephenson in a room until it all worked nicely, but that's unlikely to happen before release.14:56
ScottKagateau: ^^^ I'd be interested in your input too.14:56
* agateau reads14:57
ScottKI've filed Bug #628930 to track the issue.14:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 628930 in kdebase-workspace (Ubuntu Maverick) "Desktop effects not active by default" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62893014:57
agateauScottK: I approvs locking said people in a room14:57
apacheloggeritnewstoday \o/14:58
ScottKGenerally that's the ultimate solution to most problems.14:58
apacheloggerthat jeremy character writes so uneducated junk that one could go sue him 14:58
agateauScottK: I would suggest asking mgraesslin about what is needed to disable blurring14:58
agateauScottK: afaik you can have desktop effects without blur if you want14:58
ScottKYou can, but 4.5 doesn't look so great without it.14:59
apacheloggershadeslayer: yus, if it does not work hunt down tokoe or poke someone really hard in #kontact (or #akonadi for that matter)14:59
ScottKThere's a fixed mesa coming that works much better, but still can't handle the huge pw-nm window.14:59
apacheloggershadeslayer: I do not even see where it gets that NIE namespace access from, my mocs do not have that15:00
ScottKagateau: I was thinking maybe we could see if the pw-nm people would be willing to support a smaller/simpler connect window.15:00
shadeslayerapachelogger: i say get rid of i386 :P15:00
agateauScottK: oh. I would like this as well15:00
agateauScottK: the current one is quite huge15:01
agateauScottK: but it's too late for maverick isn't it?15:01
ScottKagateau: Depends on how fast I can find someone who knows how to write something.15:01
ScottKOh. Say ....15:01
RiddellI would think turning off blur would be the easiest and most reliable way to go15:02
smarterapachelogger: do we have a wiki page which explain how to work with our branches, bzr builddeb and quilt? Or will I have to try to remember everything? :p15:05
ScottKRiddell: With blur off the pw-nm window renders reasonably quickly (with the new mesa).15:06
ScottKRiddell: Can we disable blur in kubuntu-netbook-default-settings to it's just disabled by default in netbook?15:07
ScottKThis will affect pretty much all netbooks.15:07
Koliado you know if the fix of this bug went in KDE 4.5.1: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=246689  ?15:10
ubottuKDE bug 246689 in general "nepomuk search in krunner, results in (Resource)" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]15:10
Koliabecause i just upgraded to 4.5.1 and still experiencing the bug15:10
apacheloggersmarter: what would you want to read there?15:13
apacheloggerthere is https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/QuiltMagic on quilt foo15:13
smarterthanks, that's pretty much what I was looking for :)15:14
smarterwell that and getting from the bzr branch to something where I can use quilt(so bzr bd without actually building anything)15:15
apacheloggerbzr builddeb help?15:17
apacheloggerbzr builddeb -e is what you want15:17
apacheloggerthat will create ../build-area/nameofpackage-version15:17
apacheloggerwhich is a merge of upstream source and the branch15:18
apachelogger(if the branch is a packaging-only branch AND the appropriate config was around, to indicate that it needs merging)15:18
smarteryes, and --dont-purge seems to be needed too15:18
apacheloggerotherwise you would need something like bzr builddeb -e --merge15:18
smarteryes merge = True, I remember that :)15:18
apacheloggersmarter: no15:18
apacheloggeras long as bzr builddeb has the means to get the source you do not need dont-purge15:19
apacheloggerI would argue that dont-purge is evil unless you really need to not purge (which is like never ever the case)15:19
smarterso purge means debian/rules clean?15:21
apacheloggerpurge means that build-area/packagename-version will be removed15:22
apacheloggerwhich is essential to maintain a clean package15:22
apacheloggerso by default bzr builddeb will go and say ah, oh, there already is a source package in the build-area, ah it surely is crap , lets remove it15:23
apacheloggerthen it will do a new merge15:23
smarterokay, I see15:23
apacheloggerif you pass --dont-purge it will basically cp -rf the branch content15:23
apacheloggerso if you had a polluted source in the build-area it will still be polluted15:23
apacheloggersweet baby jesus15:24
apacheloggersteveire: kjot's default toolbar is quite... ehm.. filled up...15:24
apacheloggeroh noes, akonadi_imap_resource segfault15:25
steveireapachelogger: Erm, yeah I should handle that I guess15:26
apacheloggeryeah ;)15:27
smarterapachelogger: the wiki page mentions quilt-edit-patch but I can't seem to find it anywhere15:27
apacheloggersmarter: it is very legacy15:28
smarterso, I should just use quilt new/add ?15:28
apacheloggerquilt-edit-patch just copied your source tree to tmp and dropped you in a bash with pwd in that dir, so that you do not accidently mess up you source15:29
apacheloggerwhich is now prevented by packaging-only branches anyway15:29
smarterI remember cdbs-edit-patch doing that, yes :)15:29
apacheloggerwell, for that beast it was essential because of its inferior way of patch handling :P15:30
apacheloggersteveire: while I have your attention, do you happen to know why kmail has super sized fonts in mail headers?15:31
steveireStrange. 4.5 branch?15:32
apacheloggersteveire: b315:33
apacheloggerthat is if it really is b3 because the about dialog says b1 ^^15:33
apacheloggershadeslayer: ^15:33
steveireI think I have that built too. But I'm working on windows atn15:33
apacheloggersteveire: ok15:34
apacheloggershadeslayer: does yours say b3?15:34
Riddellanyone want to do a talk for this thing? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek15:34
shadeslayeri havent installed yet -.-15:34
shadeslayerwas creating pbuilder for lucid15:34
shadeslayerand rekonq hacking .. getting build log support in15:34
apacheloggerRiddell: yet another week?15:35
apacheloggerRiddell: are you going to do qml?15:35
shadeslayerhm.... someone asked me to give a talk in october/september... i cant remember who ...15:36
* apachelogger could do plasmoids and/or general kde and/or akonadi resources and/or dbus lovelyeness in Qt and/or kcm lovelyness and/or json lovelyness in qt...15:36
apacheloggermake your choice(s) ;)15:36
steveireRiddell: If there's someone going to talk about Django again I can do a Grantlee talk15:36
apacheloggeror maybe something ruby15:36
steveireI think I was supposed to do one the last time but it sort of conflicted with Akademy15:37
apacheloggerwhat do we have ... ruby scripting and/or rails love and/or rubykde15:37
shadeslayerapachelogger: upgrading to PIM beta315:37
Riddellapachelogger: dunno, I did qml at whatever the last week was15:38
Riddellsteveire: I don't know if anyone is doing a django talk but a grantlee talk would be great15:39
apacheloggerwordpress admin page is all amounts of broken in rekonq15:41
Riddellmy wordpress admin page works fine, I think rekonq just doesn't like you15:42
apacheloggerwell no15:42
apacheloggerI am now on a git snapshot15:42
Riddellonly problem I have with rekonq currently is posting comments on launchpad bugs15:43
apacheloggerbecause it was horribly broken before15:43
apacheloggernow it is at least partially usable 15:43
shadeslayerapachelogger: says beta 1 here as well .... :|15:45
shadeslayerbut i did download the 4.9.93 tarballs15:45
* shadeslayer runks to #akonadi15:46
apacheloggerrekonq git is all broken with regards to wordpress15:46
apacheloggermy oh my15:46
apacheloggerwhat should I be talking about?15:47
apacheloggerplasmoids again?15:47
shadeslayerapachelogger: what happened?15:47
shadeslayerbookmarks are definitely broken for now15:47
steveireRiddell: Added15:47
apacheloggershadeslayer: bug 62921715:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 629217 in kdenetwork (Ubuntu Maverick) "incomplete separation of kopete and kopete-gcall" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62921715:47
ScottKRiddell: They probably don't want the presentation I would give.15:47
apacheloggerScottK: opportunistic development done right? :P15:48
ScottKapachelogger: Don't develop for Ubuntu, develop for the whole FOSS ecosystem.15:48
apacheloggerScottK: may I sign you up for a slot? ^^15:49
shadeslayerapachelogger: i have to patch it with the install google talk via knh15:49
ScottKThat said, you'd be a great person to give a talk on the wonderfulness of Qt as a development environment.15:49
apacheloggerhow so?15:49
apacheloggershadeslayer: no15:50
apacheloggershadeslayer: primarily you need to remove the errors15:50
apacheloggersecondarily you need to integrate it in knh15:50
shadeslayerand i have HUGE fonts too15:50
ScottKapachelogger: You know how to do it, you're very enthusiastic, and have a good sense of humor.  What else is needed.15:50
shadeslayerthis is bad : http://imgur.com/4mMTw15:50
apacheloggerbecause even if you have integrated it with knh the user will still get the error unless he obeys knh15:50
apacheloggerScottK: point taken15:50
apacheloggergeneral Qt talk it is15:50
shadeslayerapachelogger: ill need your help, i have no idea what to do15:51
apachelogger"Unicorn sparkles with Qt/KDE development"15:53
apacheloggerhow do we like that title?15:53
ScottKapachelogger: I'd just do Qt for a short talk.  Adding KDE will confuse.15:54
shadeslayerapachelogger: haha : #define KDEPIM_VERSION "4.5 beta1" << thats upstream's fault :D15:55
ScottKThen you also get to say "Write once, deploy everywhere".15:55
apacheloggershadeslayer: well, technically also ours because it obviously is there since beta115:56
apacheloggerand we did not notice15:56
apachelogger"Unicorn sparkles with Qt development" 15:56
shadeslayeryeah.. we didnt inform them :P15:56
shadeslayerhow do you get pbuilder-dist to save info ....15:57
Tm_TScottK: all seems to work ok16:00
ScottKTm_T: Thanks.16:00
shadeslayerapachelogger: i cant test build for lucid... pbuilder-dist wont let me add the ppa .....16:05
* apachelogger giggles16:06
Tm_Thuh, where did libqt4-multimedia go?16:08
ScottKapachelogger: Any bugs you want me to point out to the U1 devs you need fixed.16:11
apacheloggerTm_T: outsourced16:11
apacheloggerTm_T: they decided compability was not worth keeping the brisbane crap around it seemss :P16:12
apacheloggerScottK: I do not need fixing no more16:12
* apachelogger officially stepped down from development16:12
Tm_Tapachelogger: hmmm, we're going to package it still or?16:13
apacheloggerwell, it is16:13
apacheloggerqtmultimediakit or some such16:13
Tm_TI see16:14
apacheloggerthough IIRC it is also api-wise not compatible with the old thing16:14
apacheloggernot naming wise anyway16:14
Tm_Tapachelogger: hmm, k3b seems to be depending on it16:14
apacheloggerwhut? :O16:14
apacheloggerRiddell: ^16:14
apacheloggerlook at my fancy new page16:15
Tm_Tapachelogger: atleast that's what prevents me from building it currently16:15
apacheloggerI removed like 90% of the content \o/16:15
shadeslayer!info pbuilder-dist 16:16
ubottuPackage pbuilder-dist does not exist in lucid16:16
shadeslayerapachelogger: how do you create tarballs for 2 releases then?16:17
apacheloggerI am sure I described my pattern somewhere16:17
shadeslayer( pbuilder tarballs )16:17
ScottKRiddell: Are you planning on covering the release meeting?16:17
apacheloggersee pbuilder16:18
Tm_Tapachelogger: I fail to find this new qt multimedia package (;)16:18
apacheloggeryou are not listening16:18
apacheloggerlibqtmultimediakit1 - Qt Mobility MultimediaKit module16:18
shadeslayerapachelogger: oi! you free tonight? 16:19
apacheloggershadeslayer: I am free every night, Nightrose is so far away16:19
shadeslayerneed some help with the rekonq ...16:19
shadeslayerhehe :P16:19
apacheloggerI am surely going to party tonight in her absense16:19
Tm_Tapachelogger: yes, and I search "qt multimedia" and it doesn't return that, actually it isn't in any sources I'm using...16:20
apacheloggerwhat is wrong with the rekonq is it still kurl comparing the cores out of the cpu?16:20
ScottKTm_T: We're releasing the beta live image on powerpc now thanks to your testing.16:20
Tm_TScottK: glad to be help16:20
apacheloggerTm_T: it is coming from the qtmobility source on maverick16:20
apacheloggerwhere it resides in universe16:20
apacheloggerdid my mail to kubuntu-devel actually get through?16:21
* apachelogger has delivery failures in his inbox sitting16:21
Tm_Tapachelogger: hmmm, that isn't in lucid backports? hrr I wonder what I should do with k3b (:)16:21
apacheloggerTm_T: tell upstream to use flipping phonon :P16:22
apacheloggerTm_T: I suppose no one bothered to backport qtmobility16:22
apacheloggeralso as I said16:22
apacheloggerit would not build anyway16:22
apacheloggerbecause all sorts of names are fiddled around16:22
Tm_Tapachelogger: that would be fixable though (:16:23
apacheloggerI doubt the effort justifies it :P16:23
Tm_Tme too16:23
apacheloggeralso I would not bet on it being all that fixable16:23
RiddellScottK: the release meeting that got cancelled?  then replaced with another meeting but now seems to be a release meeting again?16:23
apacheloggergod knows what the did to their interfaces16:23
ScottKRiddell: Yes.  That one.  I can cover it.16:24
apacheloggerRiddell: haha :D16:24
shadeslayerapachelogger: so if i create a base tarball of lucid named base_lucid and then invoke pbuilder on a lucid .dsc, pbuilder will automatically switch to lucid pbuilder?16:24
apacheloggershadeslayer: where did you get that idea from?16:24
shadeslayerim asking :P16:24
apacheloggerthough it would certainly be fancy16:24
apacheloggereasily scriptable too I suppose16:24
shadeslayerwould be a nice feature :D16:25
shadeslayerbut anyways.. how do i tell it to use lucid then?16:25
shadeslayer--distribution lucid : during the build command? 16:25
apacheloggerthat depends on how you try to use multiple tars16:26
apachelogger--distribution lucid will only switch the target distro, that will still overwrite your base.tgz16:26
apacheloggerso you would at least need to specify distribution AND another tar name16:26
apacheloggerdid my mail to kubuntu-devel get through?16:27
apacheloggerI wonder why16:27
* shadeslayer activates priority inbox in gmail..16:28
apacheloggerwhat is that?16:29
apacheloggerdo I get my amazon ads faster that way?16:29
shadeslayerno .. :P16:29
shadeslayerall your important mail comes on top16:30
shadeslayerand then all the not so important stuff goes to the bottomg16:30
shadeslayerim not that impressed tho.. : http://imgur.com/nuXIk16:30
apacheloggerand how does it know what is important?16:30
apacheloggerdo amazon coupons go to priority?16:30
shadeslayeryou tell it whats important.. and it guesses the rest16:31
apacheloggershadeslayer: why does it think a bug report is unimportant?16:31
apacheloggersilly craps16:31
shadeslayerapachelogger: where? :D16:31
apacheloggerkmail shall be supreme16:31
apacheloggeronce nepomuk does useful16:31
shadeslayerapachelogger: it shows all the bug mail as important16:32
apacheloggershadeslayer: 5th mail in everything else16:32
apacheloggerdid my mail get through yet?16:32
shadeslayerbecause thats not labeled under kubuntu-bugs label16:32
apacheloggerthat does not make no sense but oh well16:33
apacheloggershadeslayer: are we friends on opendesktop already?16:33
shadeslayeri dont think so :P16:33
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://imgur.com/sJBpD16:33
shadeslayeranyways its quite the fail like buzz16:33
apacheloggerlook into my buzz16:34
* apachelogger has quite the lewis black feelings recently16:34
apacheloggerkubuntu still holds supremacy16:34
shadeslayeryeah :D16:35
shadeslayerapachelogger: mail got through16:35
apacheloggerI can spam again16:35
apacheloggerMamarok: ^ mail should be in moderation queue16:35
shadeslayerapachelogger: note the first 2 comments16:36
shadeslayerWhere is Slackwhere -> Its where Sidux is ... hahhaa :D16:37
=== dantti_work is now known as dantti_work_lunc
* apachelogger always has a good laugh over sidux16:37
ScottKWhy is this?16:37
* apachelogger is more of a suse fanboi anyway16:38
apacheloggerScottK: bogus concept, like chakra16:38
shadeslayerapachelogger: same here...16:38
shadeslayersuse is amazing in terms of KDE .....16:38
* shadeslayer keeps hitting "Check Mail" in kmail with no effect16:39
apacheloggerask wstephenson I used to rave about the beauty of suse when people where all hyping kubuntu16:39
apacheloggeroh, wrong channel...16:39
apacheloggerwhat I find odd about that poll is that *bsd only got 1%16:40
* apachelogger is not sure what to think of that16:40
shadeslayerapachelogger: kmail aint downloading my mail...16:55
bulldog98shadeslayer: kmail claims to be beta1 not 3 as the package claims17:04
apacheloggerbulldog98: we already noticed that, upstreams fault17:05
apacheloggershadeslayer: does here, indication of it doing something seems a bit unreliable though17:05
apacheloggershadeslayer: time to report a bug I suppose... ;)17:05
bulldog98apachelogger: did you informed upstream?17:05
apacheloggershadeslayer is the packag0r17:06
ScottKRiddell: From #ubuntu-x earlier today - "<Sarvatt> KDE 4.6 is going to be even worse no doubt since it's going opengl 3 that no free drivers implement and backwards compatability isn't planned until 4.7? wow"17:09
ScottKRiddell: Could you have a chat with mgraesslin perhaps and find out what the story is for 4.6?17:10
shadeslayerbulldog98: yes, notified upstream about it17:10
ScottKHaving a natty release that only works with proprietary drivers would not be good.17:10
mgraesslinScottK: plain simple: that's bullshit17:10
bulldog98shadeslayer: so I hope they fixed it :P17:10
ScottKmgraesslin: Ah.  You're here.  You weren't earlier when I looked.17:10
ScottKmgraesslin: Glad to hear it.17:11
mgraesslinwe won't remove the backward compatability17:11
shadeslayerbulldog98: they did17:11
mgraesslinand OpenGL 3 is planned for 4.7 not 4.617:12
ScottKmgraesslin: For 4.5 + common netbook hardware, we are not in good shape at the moment.17:12
ScottKDo you have anything planned for 4.5.2 that might help?17:12
mgraesslinI plan to update the blacklist17:13
ScottKIt looks like a mesa git snapshot + no blur is not too bad.17:13
ScottKThis is on Intel 945gme.17:13
mgraesslinwe have one performance issue with blur we cannot fix before 4.6 but that should not affect Netbooks if blur is not enabled17:14
mgraesslinwhat you can do is force indirect rendering17:14
mgraesslinbut then you have to ensure that blur is disabled17:14
apacheloggerrekonq crash17:14
apacheloggerin the name of python17:14
ScottKIt seems to work OK with direct as long as blur is off.17:14
ScottK(and I have the mesa snapshot) 17:15
ScottKThe current mesa release with 4.5 is not fun at all.17:15
apacheloggershadeslayer: remember that weird facebook crashness? I now get it with ubuntu17:15
mgraesslinso just add the driver on the blacklist - just requires a kconf update script or can be done with your default kwinrc17:15
shadeslayerapachelogger: eh? which weird fb crashes? :P17:16
apacheloggershadeslayer: where I could not get to facebook because rekonq was goind down when I started typing17:16
ScottKmgraesslin: I see where to add it.17:16
ScottKmgraesslin: How do I get the formulation to describe the video card in the blacklist?17:18
mgraesslinScottK: http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2010/07/blacklisting-drivers-for-some-kwin-effects/17:18
ScottKmgraesslin: Thanks.17:19
shadeslayerapachelogger: no idea what crashes it, adjam is on #rekonq right noq17:19
shadeslayerwell.. he just pinged out :P17:19
apacheloggerI reported that anyway17:19
apacheloggerthe thing is, it is 100% random17:20
* apachelogger is waiting for the Qt update and if that does not fix it start whining again17:20
apacheloggerwhat could we be hacking up at appdevweek?17:20
apacheloggera spaceship with integrated browser to post video previews to identica that were uploaded to some ftp server?17:21
apacheloggerwith spinning troll face of course17:21
Riddellagateau: - Show desktop menu when no window is selected   what desktop menu is that?17:22
bulldog98apachelogger: you forgot the unicorn making everything working17:22
agateauRiddell: plasma desktop (the one you get when you right click the desktop)17:22
apacheloggernext backend controller-type class I write will be UnicornOperator17:22
Riddellagateau: works with plasma netbook too?17:23
agateauRiddell: it should17:23
RiddellRiddell_: ping17:28
Riddellagateau: new icon looks good17:28
Riddellwho did that?17:28
agateauRiddell: that would be me17:29
agateauI like drawing17:29
Riddella man of many talents17:30
agateauthanks :)17:30
Riddellnow if only amarok would follow the new icon style we'd have a consistent panel, /me looks at Nightrose 17:30
Riddellwell, printer applet too, /me looks at self17:31
=== bladernr_ is now known as fader__
=== fader__ is now known as bladernr_
* apachelogger goes trying kdevelop417:36
apparleguys is there going to be backport update for rekonq kubuntu 10.04 flash crashing issue?17:36
apacheloggershadeslayer: ^17:37
shadeslayerapachelogger: ill put it in beta backports?17:37
shadeslayeror lucid-backports?17:37
shadeslayercant go in lucid backports17:38
* apachelogger did not notice that kdevelop was doing something17:38
apparleshadeslayer: no use of beta-backports (at least for me) else I would have have enabled the daily rekonq ppa17:38
apacheloggerthat progressbar in the lower right is not exactly ... suitable17:38
apacheloggernot if one hand had anything open at least17:38
shadeslayerapparle: cant go into lucid-backports since it deps on kde 4.517:39
apacheloggeroh dear17:39
apparleshadeslayer: and what about beta-backports... they are also 4.5 right?17:39
shadeslayerapparle: yes, beta backports has 4.5.117:40
apparleso isn't there anyway to use rekonq with latest flash on kde 4.4 :(17:40
apacheloggermilian: I just broke my kdevelop :(17:40
shadeslayernot really...17:40
shadeslayerapachelogger: kdevelop is already broken17:40
shadeslayersomething to do with kdelibs17:40
* apachelogger waits for milian to give shadeslayer a beating :P17:41
apparleshadeslayer: I don't find it broken... works fine for me17:41
shadeslayerapparle: your on lucid right?17:41
* apachelogger xkills and tries to import kopete17:41
shadeslayerthats precisely why17:41
apacheloggeralso wasnt there some kdevelop release :P17:42
apacheloggerthere is so much stuff that needs packaging17:42
* apachelogger mehs17:42
apparleahh... you all are on 10.1017:42
shadeslayeryep :)17:42
smarteragateau: ping17:42
agateausmarter: pong17:42
apparleI thought this time, wait till the final release, and see how much it impresses me :)17:42
apacheloggereither kdevelop is real slow at initial import or something is broken17:44
apacheloggerjust real slow17:44
smarteragateau: I was wondering if we could add a (command line) option to recursively list the content of all folders in gwenview_importer, because when you import photos from your camera, the folder hierarchy(which is something like camera:/$cameraname/store_00010010/DCIM/CASIO101/) is completely irrelevant and just add confusion17:44
apacheloggernow it started parsing :S17:44
apacheloggerand that is also REAL slow17:44
apparleshadeslayer: so anyway to port the flash update back..? can't you do it in unsupported updates or prereleased etc.17:44
smarteragateau: digikam does that when you import photos with it17:44
shadeslayerapparle: not without moving the whole of KDE 4.5.1 into those17:45
agateausmarter: right now gwenview_importer tries to be smart but not too much17:45
agateausmarter: it automatically opens folders as long as they are alone17:45
apparleshadeslayer: why so.. just fix the flash issue in rekonq. I think it is because GTK not being initialized. Isn't it?17:46
agateausmarter: if your camera store things in /dcim/model/ and there is nothing else in / and nothing else in /dcim, it will open /dcim/model automatically17:46
smarterah, nice, but the camera:/ KIO contains some irrelevant files at the root (about.txt, summary.txt)17:46
shadeslayerapachelogger: i give up trying to make a pbuilder for lucid, im uploading to my ppa to testbuild ....17:47
agateausmarter: I am a bit reluctant to do a recursive scan because people can get the importer opened when they plug their 1TB usb hard drive17:47
apacheloggershadeslayer: did you not read the page I linked to :P17:47
agateausmarter: ah, maybe we can add an exceptions for well known folders or files17:47
shadeslayeri did17:47
agateausmarter: actually any .txt should be irrelevant17:47
smarterand any directory which doesn't (recursively) contains any picture17:47
smarterI see a DCIM/MISC on my camera for example17:48
apparlehey guys... GART size means the video memory size. Isn't it? Or is it any different.17:48
smarteractually, MISC is at the same level than DCIM, not inside17:48
agateausmarter: another idea would be to remember the last import folder for each device17:48
smarteragateau: that might work :)17:49
shadeslayerapparle: gah... lucid has 0.4 no?17:49
shadeslayernot even 0.5 ....17:49
apparleshadeslayer: yes.. ?17:49
shadeslayerdoesnt the flash issue just affect 0.5?17:50
apacheloggershadeslayer: you know, you should have created that knh stuff for kopete way back17:50
apparleshadeslayer: but there was a proposed patch, a month ago I suppose17:50
shadeslayerapparle: for 0.517:50
shadeslayerapachelogger: EXAMS dude!!!17:50
shadeslayerim free for 3 days now17:50
smarteragateau: but people would still be left with stuff like 101CANON 102HPAIO 103CANON when they first plug in their camera17:50
apacheloggershadeslayer: you know, you should have created that knh stuff for kopete way back17:50
shadeslayerso a) mentor me, b) ask me for patch :P17:51
apparleshadeslayer: no, it is actually GTK not being initialized by Qtwebkit, so it is not version specific17:51
apacheloggerQMessageBox error(QMessageBox::Critical, "Jabber Protocol", i18n("Cannot start process %1. Check your installation of Kopete", QString(callExe)));17:51
agateausmarter: indeed17:51
apacheloggerlike seriously17:51
apacheloggerthat message is as useless as it gets17:51
agateausmarter: but both approach can be combined17:51
shadeslayerok one thing at a time17:51
apparlehow can I check how much is my video memory.?17:51
shadeslayerapparle: ill look into it, 0.5 actually had the gtk init calls patched out in our package17:52
shadeslayerapachelogger: ill look into the kopete thingy today .. gimme a few hours :)17:52
apacheloggershadeslayer: nvm17:53
apparleshadeslayer: you mean the 0.4? I think you fixed it in the dailyppa.17:53
apacheloggerkdevelop is really heavy on the painting while building :S17:53
smarteragateau: discarding empty folders and remembering last folders? That doesn't help with multiple folders containing images when the memory card was used in several devices17:53
shadeslayerapparle: i mean 0.5 in maverick17:53
smarteror do you mean recursively listing folders which contain images?17:53
apparleshadeslayer: oh, try it if you get time, else mail/link me the patch, i'll compile it for myself...17:54
agateausmarter: several devices sharing a card is a bit of a corner case I think17:54
ryanakcaHmm. Anybody else experienced issues with pulse / sound after upgrading from Lucid?17:54
shadeslayerapparle: hold on one sec17:54
apparleshadeslayer: although many of my friends are facing that issue, so a update would be cool :D17:55
shadeslayerapparle: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rekonq/0.5.0-1ubuntu117:55
shadeslayerapparle: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/51597939/rekonq_0.4.95-0ubuntu3_0.5.0-0ubuntu1.diff.gz << the diff which has the patch17:55
smarteragateau: maybe, so we can assume they're smart enough to open the right folder? :p17:55
agateausmarter: yes, I always expect my users to be smart, much easier this way :)17:56
agateausometimes I am disappointed, unfortunately17:56
smarteragateau: well if we implement the two other ideas we'll already have made things much more userfriendly :)17:58
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/487900/17:58
agateausmarter: indeed17:58
apacheloggerThe following packages have unmet dependencies:17:59
apachelogger  pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy: Depends: libgrantlee-dev which is a virtual package.17:59
apacheloggeryou are missing grantlee17:59
apacheloggertada \o/17:59
shadeslayerwhich means only one thing17:59
* apachelogger is eager to hear what that thing is18:00
shadeslayeri need to backport grantlee as well18:00
apacheloggertada \o/18:00
* apachelogger was expecting a unicorn :(18:00
* shadeslayer takes out unicorn out of har18:00
smarteragateau: I'll look into it and let you know if I get something that works, do you know how to build gwenview without building the whole of kdegraphics?18:00
agateausmarter: great!18:01
agateausmarter: basically, checkout kdegraphics, run cmake for kdegraphics, then cd gwenview, and run make from there18:01
smarterokay :)18:01
agateausmarter: but kdegraphics is quite fast to build anyway18:01
CIA-116[kopete] sitter * 1171388 * trunk/KDE/kdenetwork/kopete/protocols/jabber/googletalk/googletalk.cpp sentences end with periods most of the time...18:01
* bulldog98 has an unicorn in his clock ^^18:02
* apachelogger read that other word with c and was shocked18:02
agateausmarter: feel free to ask if you have trouble finding your way inside gwenview code18:02
apparleis there any specific channel to discuss video issues in ubuntu18:02
smarteragateau: I will :p18:02
apacheloggerapparle: ubuntu-x18:02
=== dantti_work_lunc is now known as dantti_work
shadeslayerapachelogger: wth.. we do have libgrantlee-dev ... why does it fail then?18:20
apparleshadeslayer: the patch contains only gtk fix or many other things as well because it is big. really big18:20
apacheloggershadeslayer: because your pbuilderrc is bogus?18:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: some other stuff as well, but if you look closely you can see the gtk patch, also the patch is in the rekonq ML somewhere18:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: cant be.. :P18:21
lex79debfx: you added libqt4-openvg binary in ninja which is not present in bzr18:21
apacheloggerI bet the kopete patch you are supposed to do that it is bogus18:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/487915/18:21
apparleshadeslayer: okay, thanks, when I isolate the patch, I'll mail it to you, can you put it in the kubuntu repos?18:22
apparleshadeslayer: or is there any procedure I should follow?18:22
debfxlex79: yes, but I removed it in ~ppa218:22
shadeslayerone sec18:23
lex79debfx: ok I downloaded the ppa1 then18:23
apacheloggershadeslayer: where did you specify the ppa?18:23
shadeslayerapachelogger: its in the sources.list ...18:23
shadeslayeri logged in and added the backports ppa into sources18:24
apacheloggerthis is sparta18:24
apacheloggerbackports you say, eh?18:24
shadeslayerapparle: http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/rekonq/2010-June/001495.html18:24
apacheloggerI wonder what for18:25
apparleshadeslayer: ok thanks18:25
shadeslayerapparle: kde 4.5.118:25
shadeslayerapachelogger: ^18:25
JontheEchidnaThis is something to watch: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/gtk-oxygen-engine?content=12971518:25
apparleshadeslayer: :( anyways.. will see later bye18:26
apacheloggershadeslayer: what does your sources.list look like?18:26
shadeslayerone sec18:27
shadeslayerapachelogger: deb http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu lucid main restricted universe multiverse18:28
shadeslayer#deb-src http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu lucid main restricted universe multiverse18:28
shadeslayerdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu lucid main 18:28
apacheloggerit strikes me as odd18:28
apacheloggerapt-cache policy libgrantlee-dev18:29
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: pingly18:31
shadeslayerW: Unable to locate package libgrantlee-dev18:31
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: can we haz gtalk stuffs in knh?18:31
apacheloggerpretty plz18:31
JontheEchidnasure, which package?18:31
apacheloggerI dunno18:31
shadeslayerkdenetwork id guess18:31
Riddellit should also be added to kubuntu-restricted-addons18:31
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: kopete-gcall18:31
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: thanks18:32
apacheloggerthank you18:32
apacheloggershadeslayer: maybe the indian mirror does not contain universe of lucid? *shrug*18:32
* shadeslayer is horrified at that thought18:32
JontheEchidnabtw, it might be nice to for 11.04 make it so that you don't get all the extra k3b crap suggested when installing flash18:33
* JontheEchidna puts it on the todo list18:33
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: IMHO we should put that stuff into desktop files anyway18:33
apacheloggerthen have categories like systemsettings18:33
apacheloggerand apps can either request a particular app or a whole category18:34
JontheEchidnasounds good. I think I know how I'd code it, too18:34
apachelogger(if app is requested knh can of course still hint the user to install all the other foo of that category or all categories for that matter)18:34
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: brilliant!18:34
JontheEchidnaI'd use a KConfigGroup to load the .desktop file18:35
apacheloggerkservice might be faster, not?18:35
apacheloggerkservice custom query that is18:35
apacheloggersince they are in the sycoca anyway (if installed in an appropriate dir)18:35
JontheEchidnadunno, haven't looked18:35
shadeslayerapachelogger: dude same thing with main mirror18:35
apacheloggershadeslayer: grantlee is only in backports :P18:36
apacheloggerI knew there was something fishy about this18:36
shadeslayerdamn damn damn18:36
apacheloggerbut oh well18:36
apacheloggerit wasnt your config I suppose18:36
* apachelogger does that darn kopete patch18:36
apacheloggernow that kdevelop is done parsing and importing and building ^^18:36
shadeslayerapachelogger: so should i put grantlee in experimental ppa as well?18:38
shadeslayeror leave as such18:38
shadeslayerand make ppa depend on backports18:38
shadeslayer( it probably depends on it )18:38
apacheloggerthat name is awesome \o/18:38
apacheloggershadeslayer: no depends18:38
apacheloggercopy grantlee to ppa18:39
shadeslayeras in its only a build depends?18:39
CIA-116[kubuntu-notification-helper] Jonathan Thomas <echidnaman@kubuntu.org> * echidnaman@kubuntu.org-20100903174104-vseld2riezskrgsk * src/daemon/installevent/ (installevent.cpp installgui.cpp) Style fixes18:41
shadeslayerapachelogger: erm.. copy grantlee from main archives to ppa? 18:45
shadeslayerhow does one do that18:45
apacheloggerask Riddell if he can do that and if not just dget and upload with ~ppa1 version suffix18:46
CIA-116[kubuntu-notification-helper] Jonathan Thomas <echidnaman@kubuntu.org> * echidnaman@kubuntu.org-20100903174644-9yyddrace8qkyavm * src/daemon/installevent/ (installevent.cpp installevent.h installgui.cpp) Add support for kopete-gcall, as it depends on nonfree components18:46
lex79JontheEchidna: can you upload kmess from my ppa? https://launchpad.net/~alessandro-ghersi/+archive/ppa/18:46
shadeslayerRiddell: ^18:47
JontheEchidnalex79: in a bit, yeah18:47
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: ^18:47
lex79JontheEchidna: no hurry18:47
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: are you going to upload that right away, regarding translations and such?18:48
JontheEchidnaI'll do it today, definitely18:49
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: thank you very much :)18:49
shadeslayerapachelogger: btw if your notification patch is done, we can kill a few bugs with that ...18:51
apacheloggera few?18:51
* apachelogger only needs to do QA18:52
shadeslayerone sec18:52
shadeslayermm.. im sure there were some bugs related to this18:55
shadeslayerbug 62921718:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 629217 in kdenetwork (Ubuntu Maverick) "incomplete separation of kopete and kopete-gcall" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62921718:56
apacheloggerI am awesum18:56
JontheEchidnait works~18:58
shadeslayerapachelogger: pastebin the patch :P18:58
apacheloggernah :P18:58
* shadeslayer ssh's into apachelogger's pc and steals patch18:59
* apachelogger forgot to patch something away19:00
CIA-116[kubuntu-notification-helper] Jonathan Thomas <echidnaman@kubuntu.org> * echidnaman@kubuntu.org-20100903180137-rxrlaid17syvqbov * debian/changelog * Code style fixes * Add support for kopete-gcall to InstallEvent, since kopete-gcall depends on nonfree libs19:01
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
JontheEchidnarunning final QA pbuild now19:03
apacheloggershadeslayer: so, which few bugs do I close?19:03
shadeslayerapachelogger: just posted it above19:03
apacheloggeryou said a few :P19:04
shadeslayerand one more one sec19:04
apacheloggerthat one I even triaged myself :P19:04
=== jjesse is now known as ohzone
shadeslayerbug 50977219:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 509772 in kdenetwork (Ubuntu) "Build Kopete with Google Talk voice call support" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50977219:04
Riddellshadeslayer: what's this about copying grantlee?19:04
=== ohzone is now known as jjesse
shadeslayerapachelogger: thats it19:05
shadeslayerRiddell: please copy grantlee into experimental ppa19:05
shadeslayerneed it for kdepim19:05
Riddellshadeslayer: from maverick to lucid?19:05
lex79apachelogger: they dropped German translation in the new version of kdevplatform :/19:06
apacheloggerI know19:06
shadeslayerRiddell: nah, theres no version specified in control file, lucid one should work imo19:06
lex79apachelogger: so?19:06
apacheloggerit did not match their completion requirement19:06
shadeslayerso lucid backports -> experimental ppa19:06
apacheloggersilly germans do not care about dev stuff19:06
apacheloggerI shall make de_AT :P19:06
lex79apachelogger: shoul I upload without the translations?19:07
ScottKYou couldn't properly cover Germany in less than four or five language codes anyway.19:07
=== jjesse is now known as ghost
=== ghost is now known as jjesse
bulldog98apachelogger: contribute in de and it will become better :P19:08
apacheloggerlex79: of course19:08
apacheloggerI tried19:08
* apachelogger is not made for translations19:08
apacheloggershadeslayer: a lot of bugs those were :P19:08
ScottKapachelogger is confusing enough just in one language.19:08
shadeslayerapachelogger: close bug 1 as well with it :P19:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119:09
CIA-116[kdenetwork] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100903180941-e4s1h1zigiqov2dy * debian/ (3 files in 2 dirs) (log message trimmed)19:09
CIA-116* Add kubuntu_04_googletalk_no_errormsg_and_knh_support.patch to: + Not throw19:09
CIA-116silly error messages when googletalk-gcall binary is not installed + Send dbus19:09
apacheloggerI hit the wrong keys19:10
apacheloggershadeslayer: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kdenetwork/ubuntu/annotate/head:/debian/changelog19:10
Riddellshadeslayer: well if it's in lucid why does it need copied to the PPA?19:10
apacheloggerquick patch review please19:11
shadeslayerRiddell: apachelogger wont let me change the ppa build deps :D19:11
apacheloggerinter-archive dependencies are full of socks19:11
* apachelogger reported this as bug and has yet to see a fix19:11
apacheloggerand FTR... the opensuse build service does seem to have grown a fix for that already...19:12
bulldog98!karma apachelogger19:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about karma apachelogger19:12
shadeslayerwe should switch to OBS19:12
apacheloggernow may I please get some patch review?19:12
bulldog98~karma apachelogger19:12
shadeslayerbuilding ubuntu on suse .... not bad... :D19:12
shadeslayerbulldog98: no kubotu19:13
* shadeslayer cries and goes to apachelogger19:13
yofelbulldog98: jussi stole the bot19:13
apacheloggerjussi: you made a minion cry, how dare you!!!!19:13
shadeslayeryofel: more like killed him19:13
Riddellshadeslayer: I don't understand19:13
* shadeslayer starts crying even more19:13
Riddellwhat ppa build deps?19:13
shadeslayerapachelogger: ^ explain ....19:13
* bulldog98 is realy upset because he can‘t get a better karma19:13
apacheloggerRiddell: with PPAs you can configure that PPA foo depends on PPA bar in which case PPA foo will try to resolve build-deps also using packages from PPA bar19:14
shadeslayerRiddell: apachelogger wont let me change the deps of the experimental ppa to include lucid backports19:14
apachelogger...it does however not copy or link or do anything to make the packages present in its own package list so that the user could install it, which essentially causes usage headache19:15
Riddelloh, it's in lucid-backports, that's the missing element19:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 373197 in Soyuz "Virtual PPA" [Low,Triaged]19:16
apacheloggerthat is the bug report about that foo btw19:16
apachelogger... I still need a review on http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kdenetwork/ubuntu/annotate/head:/debian/patches/kubuntu_04_googletalk_no_errormsg_and_knh_support.patch :P19:17
shadeslayerapachelogger: haha Reported by Project Neon on 2009-05-07 <<19:17
Riddellshadeslayer: copied19:17
shadeslayerRiddell: thanks :D19:18
lex79Riddell: did you see my sync requests?19:19
Riddelllex79: nope, what do you have?19:20
shadeslayerafaik soprano right?19:20
lex79the first four19:21
shadeslayerhehe 19:23
CIA-116[kdenetwork] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100903182317-6eabdadjsizb433m * debian/patches/kubuntu_04_googletalk_no_errormsg_and_knh_support.patch remove pointless comment19:23
CIA-116[kdenetwork] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20100903182503-tmqb5hiq2ab44i1n * debian/changelog Fix LP: #62921719:25
apacheloggerfix deployed19:25
ScottKWho can tell me what's wrong with this picture: http://kitterman.com/kubuntu/bad_rekonq.png19:32
ScottKshadeslayer: ^^^19:32
* shadeslayer looks19:32
shadeslayerno idea :(19:32
JontheEchidnano favicons?19:33
shadeslayerfavicons are fixed :P19:33
shadeslayer( in git btw )19:33
lex79a button minimize is missing19:34
ScottKThis is on plasma-netbook.  That top strip in the rekonq window shouldn't be there.19:34
shadeslayerlex79: that would be kwin19:34
shadeslayerScottK: doesnt kwin handle that?19:34
ScottKshadeslayer: Not if the app doesn't play nice.19:34
JontheEchidnarekonq was made with about 0 of the reusable K classes for mainwindow-ish things19:35
JontheEchidna...and its config dialog is quite custom too19:35
ScottKshadeslayer: Needs to be fixed.  19:36
lex79ScottK: qt4-x11 is in binary New19:36
ScottKlex79: I saw.  I may get to it later today.  Not sure.19:36
shadeslayerScottK: how does one fix that? i have no idea19:36
shadeslayerim already grappling with the build log issue19:36
ScottKshadeslayer: No idea, but ~every other KDE app works fine.19:36
shadeslayerScottK: can you post a screenshot of a app that works?19:37
shadeslayeri have no idea what its supposed to look like19:37
ScottKshadeslayer: lskat with appmenu: http://skitterman.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/appmenu1.jpeg19:38
shadeslayeri dont think that appmenu will be easy to integrate19:39
shadeslayerapart from that i think the windeco  can be fixed19:39
ScottKThat's the main thing19:39
shadeslayerScottK: write a mail to rekonq@kde.org id say19:39
ScottKshadeslayer: You're the packager.  Please take care of it.19:39
shadeslayeralright :)19:40
* ScottK would solve it by going back to konqueror.19:40
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: well, what do you expect, rekonq does not even obey the implicit KDE HIG... why would it use KDE classes that make it obey the HIG to a ceratain degree...19:51
apacheloggerstupid rekonq19:51
* apachelogger mumbles and grumps away19:51
JontheEchidnaeven so, they could have use a KMainWindow. It's pretty customizable19:51
JontheEchidnaor at least a standard config dialog19:51
JontheEchidnaor at least a standard toolbar (Ok, they're doing that now)19:51
JontheEchidnaa bunch of bugs due to rolling their own when shared code could have been used19:52
apacheloggerI gather the main author does not like reading documentation, he is also using a wrong function for saveas :P19:52
JontheEchidnastd::list sucks compared to QList. No .at() function, no [ ] operator19:53
JontheEchidnaprepend and append are push_front and push_back19:54
JontheEchidnajust a bunch of not-as-nice-as-Qt-ness19:54
JontheEchidnaplus Qt containers are just as efficient (more in some cases) than std ones19:54
apacheloggerstd::list is a sequence container19:55
lex79apachelogger: did you upload qtwebkit from ninja? 19:55
=== hunger_ is now known as hunger
apacheloggerif you need to use an at on a sequence container you chose the wrong class19:55
apacheloggerlex79: I dunno, I left the Qt foo for ScottK19:55
JontheEchidnaI suppose I could have used std::vector19:55
ScottKRiddell was uploading Qt.19:56
RiddellI didn't look at qtwebkit19:56
Riddellcan do so now19:56
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: vectors are also sequence containers :P19:56
apacheloggeryou should not at(anything) on sequence containers19:56
lex79Riddell: from ninja19:56
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: why do you want to access an element while not itering?19:58
JontheEchidnaI don't, I use at(i) while itering19:59
JontheEchidnawell, I wanted to19:59
apacheloggerwell no, but why use at at all :P19:59
JontheEchidnabut I used list<double>::const_iterator in theend19:59
JontheEchidnaI'll rethink my class usage, but it's not a big deal in this case.20:00
JontheEchidnabut, anyways, g2g catch my ride home20:00
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: judging from that recent blog post about qlist performance one probably should not use a qlist anyway, but a vecotr :)20:00
JontheEchidnawill try to find it later, bbl20:01
Quintasanhttp://ツ.tv/4c who was bored so much? :D20:02
ScottKRiddell: sarvatt did up a proposed kwin blacklist in the format needed by kwinrc (as mgraesslin suggested).  Would it be better to put this in KDS or patch kdebase-workspace directly?  http://sarvatt.com/downloads/kdeblacklist.txt20:02
mgraesslinScottK: that one is wrong20:03
RiddellScottK: better to patch k-d-s, that's easier to do a SRU if needed, and I doubt many people use kwin without k-d-s20:03
mgraesslinyou only have one Intel and you do not need to blacklist each driver20:03
mgraesslinand just upstream it and it will be in 4.5.2 :-)20:03
ScottKmgraesslin: Could you join #ubuntu-x so we can discuss what should be blacklisted.  I know little about this part of the stack and so me passing messages back and forth probably isn't the best way to do it.20:04
mgraesslinjoined, but I seriously need a shower :-)20:05
apacheloggerQuintasan: what is wrong with the todo?20:06
Quintasanjust nice url :D20:07
shadeslayerapachelogger: hah... seems kdepim builds now :P20:08
apacheloggerthere is a build in the box20:08
apacheloggershadeslayer: what about kdepim-runtime on mav?20:08
shadeslayereverything built20:08
shadeslayerno failiures20:09
ScottKmgraesslin: Thanks.20:10
shadeslayerMagiK :P20:10
ryanakcaRiddell: arts (for kdepim-enterprise) is building20:28
* apachelogger falls over20:28
ScottKryanakca: That'll take a special version of kdelibs too then.20:28
Riddellmm, we don't want arts20:29
ScottKMaybe we can do without the beeps.20:29
ryanakcaScottK: Yes, and of dirmng, kdebase, etc.20:29
* apachelogger needs valium20:29
Riddellpackage should be built with --no-arts or whatever the flag is20:29
* ryanakca grumbles and scraps his package20:29
* apachelogger just had a nervous break down20:30
ryanakcaapachelogger: Builds character :)20:31
apacheloggerI blame it all on shadeslayer20:31
ScottKapachelogger: How is that different than any other Friday?20:31
apacheloggerScottK: that is not the point20:32
lex79apachelogger: can you upload this stuff? https://launchpad.net/~alessandro-ghersi/+archive/ppa/+packages20:32
lex79thanks :-*20:32
apacheloggerI am on valium now20:32
apacheloggerI should have gone out partying -.-20:33
* shadeslayer gives apachelogger vicodin20:33
lex79like Doctor House20:33
apacheloggerlex79: you want both uploaded?20:33
apacheloggerare you not moto or motu?20:33
lex79not motu yet :D20:33
apacheloggerapply for moto then, it is easier to get ... even neversfelde became moto :P20:34
lex79too lazy, I'll do20:34
shadeslayeri still dont know the full form of moto20:34
apacheloggerlex79: dude! it is not even the built...20:34
apacheloggerlex79: pman does not require FFe?20:34
lex79apachelogger: doesn't matter it builds fine here, trust me :)20:34
apacheloggerI am only trusting motos :P20:35
apacheloggeryou silly kubuntu devs always pull off some crazy stuff20:35
lex79it's a bugfix relese20:35
ryanakcaWhile I'm working on it, any reason why we aren't using KDEPIM Enterprise 4.5?20:36
lex79well, it seems, from the changelog20:36
apacheloggerryanakca: becase we are not using kdepim 4.520:36
apacheloggeru are my sunshine *shing*20:36
apacheloggerthat valium does not have good influence on me20:36
apacheloggeroh dear oh dear20:36
apacheloggeranyone knows my gpg key id?20:37
apacheloggerI keep forgetting it20:37
Riddelllex79: syncs done but not soprano, needs fake sync20:37
Riddellqtwebkit uploaded20:37
lex79ok Riddell20:38
apacheloggerlex79: does funnytasks need a FFe?20:38
* apachelogger is become kde on windows dev \\o/20:39
apacheloggerlex79: windows has no dput, cannot upload :(20:40
Riddelllex79: also ['[Nothing to update (Modified)] phonon_4:4.7.0really4.4.2-0ubuntu1 (vs 4:4.6.0really4.4.2-1)\n']20:41
lex79oh, ok :)20:42
lex79apachelogger: thanks :-*20:42
* apachelogger falls over20:42
apacheloggerno blings while I am watching the movies20:42
apacheloggersounds is too loud20:42
apacheloggerknotify4 might damage my hearing20:42
apacheloggerstupid knotify420:42
lex79apachelogger: thanks, I will not bling you again then20:43
* apachelogger needs more valium20:44
lex79Riddell: bug 62975820:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 629758 in plasma-widget-cwp (Ubuntu) "Please sync plasma-widget-cwp 1.2.1with Debian experimental" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62975820:45
ScottKRiddell: 4.5.1 seems to be working well here on my netbook (modulo the compositing issues we've been discussing in the channel)21:19
seeleis there a kde dev package?21:36
seeleor sources package21:36
ScottKseele: There are many.21:39
seeleScottK: is there a tutorial somewhere?21:40
ScottKseele: What are you trying to do?21:41
seeleScottK: be able to compile kde stuff living in launchpad and gitorious21:41
ScottKThe usual way to get a tutorial is ask apachelogger and he's verbose enough that by the time he runs out of steam, you have a tutorial.21:42
ScottKI don't know of one that's focused on KDE stuff on Ubuntu though.21:42
ScottKlex79: Still around?21:42
ScottKWe seem to be low on people to help out at the moment (I'm just about to leave for a while)21:43
seeleoh well, i can come back after the weekend and see if someone can help21:44
seeleit's really becoming a problem that i have to get packages made in order to test software, i should be able to compile it myself21:45
ScottKMost of the likely candidates to help are in Europe and it's getting a little late there.21:55
apparleshadeslayer: ping22:04
Quintasanseele: sup, what do you want to compile?22:25
apparlehey guys, I am not used to cmake. I have downloaded rekonq source from repos and applied a patch. How to compile it?22:25
Quintasanapparle: mkdir build && cd build && cmake ..22:26
Quintasanand sudo make install22:26
Quintasanor sudo checkinstall22:26
Quintasandepends on what you want to do22:26
Quintasancheckinstall generates a deb package from files you compiled22:26
apparleseele: I think you might be looking for the package kde-devel22:26
Quintasanapparle: remember the dots on the cmake ..22:26
apparleQuintasan: ahh, so its plain old way, I thought it was different. thanks22:27
Quintasanapparle: well, it will pull TONS of dev things, I'm not sure seele needs everything there22:27
Quintasanbut it won't hurt if you are not short on space22:27
apparleQuintasan: I was trying to learn the basics of kde development, and everytime looking for package is irritating, install that once for all :)22:28
Groohi/2 all22:32
Grooapachelogger: ping22:32
Grooany devs alive?22:32
apparleQuintasan: shoulld I do checkinstall or sudo checkinstall?22:32
Groosome missing packages in kubuntu lucid 4.5.1 release22:32
Groohey Quintasan :)22:33
Grookde-utils is missing, and qt4 is broken, is missing libqt4-multimedia (used for k3b for ex)22:33
apparleQuintasan: nevermind22:34
Groois anyone checking qt? i have working builds from last week git, so i can adapt them to rc1 if needed22:35
Groohi/2 all again23:17
GrooJontheEchidna: ping23:18
=== Groo_ is now known as _Groo_
_Groo_JontheEchidna: ping23:22
_Groo_neversfelde: ping23:22
_Groo_nixternal: ping23:22
_Groo_anyone alive?23:22
yofeldevs taking a break I guess23:24
lex79_Groo_: what happens?23:25
_Groo_lex79: hey lex23:27
_Groo_lex79: the 4.5.1 backport is currently broken in several places23:27
_Groo_lex79: libqt4 is missing libqt4-multimedia23:27
_Groo_lex79: which brakes k3b 23:27
lex79ok, I have to check23:27
_Groo_lex79: and kdeutils is not built, dont know is its MIA23:28
_Groo_Missing in Action :D23:28
Tm_T_Groo_: problem is, qt-multimedia isn't part of Qt anymore, nor it is qt-multimedia either23:28
_Groo_Tm_T: well it was till last week, my last build from git23:28
lex79I'm going to upload kdeutils23:29
_Groo_Tm_T: so wheres qaudio.h and such that k3b needs to build, then?23:29
_Groo_lex79: tks lex :)23:29
lex79in qtmobility-dev23:30
_Groo_lex79: ahhh let me check..23:30
lex79it needs backport to lucid23:30
_Groo_lex79: ah that figures why i couldnt find it23:30
Tm_Tlex79: there's no such package in lucid?23:30
lex79no yet23:30
_Groo_Tm_T: nope23:30
_Groo_lex79: are you gonna do that too lex?23:31
lex79can do23:31
_Groo_lex79: tks a bunch :)23:31
lex79no problem :)23:31
Tm_T_Groo_: I was actually making noise of the very same thing some hours ago (:)23:31
_Groo_lex79: unfortunatelly nepomuk (in other news) is still buggy as hell23:31
_Groo_Tm_T: really? well nice to know im not the only one23:32
Tm_T_Groo_: as I cannot build k3b either23:32
lex79what's the problem with nepomuk?23:32
_Groo_lex79: im compiling k3b with the latest patch to make k3b NOT crash when using settings menu, want me to backport it to lucid and try to make it to backports?23:32
_Groo_lex79: dolphin search is broken since 4.5 rc23:33
lex79do you have strigi enabled?23:33
_Groo_lex79: it doesnt find anything, it can only find items if i do a tag: without anything else, then it shows me all items, something changed the API that virtuoso understands23:33
_Groo_lex79: yeah yeah, its all fine, its an internal problem, not a config one23:34
_Groo_aparently they now use encoded when searching, dont know if can be it23:34
lex79I can try to backport virtuoso but dunno if can work23:35
_Groo_if i use the command line WITHOUT encoded it works, if i use dolphin with default search (aka i dont change the search string) it doesnt23:35
_Groo_lex79: it might be better to talk to trueg or anyone whos working with it to be sure its a virtuoso thing23:36
_Groo_lex79: since you are a "oficial" member sort to speak23:36
lex79well, in maverick works I think23:36
_Groo_lex79: but im pretty sure its broken23:36
_Groo_lex79: do you have nepomuk activated?23:36
_Groo_lex79: another thing, in your system the nepomuk filesystemsearch kicks in in every login? cause its doing this behaviour in lucid too23:37
_Groo_lex79: my disk I/O goes over the roof in every login23:37
_Groo_lex79: again, might be API related23:37
lex79ok, let me do the other things now :)23:38
_Groo_lex79: aparently the searched the entire home instead of incrementing it23:38
_Groo_lex79: k :)23:38
yofel_Groo_: I think I saw that too here on maverick23:38
_Groo_lex79: just a quick test? if you search for anything in dolphin, does it work?23:38
yofelwondered what was using so much disk IO after login, turns out nepomuk did something23:39
_Groo_yofel: yeah, just run iotop23:39
yofelthat's what I did ;)23:39
_Groo_yofel: youll see nepomukfielsearch (not to confuse with strigi service) eats the entire I/O...23:39
_Groo_yofel: it was suposed to increment not to remake search each login23:39
yofelworks as you described, tag lists everything, searching for other things returns nothing23:40
_Groo_if this also happens in maverick it needs to be fixed before release.. since its only used in timeline:/ it can be disabled in nepomuk services in /usr/share/kde423:40
yofelnote: I don't have strigi on23:41
_Groo_yofel: yeah, do you see the encoded string just after nepomuk:/ ? it wasnt before rc1.23:41
lex79_Groo_: it works here on maverick23:41
_Groo_lex79: what virtuoso version?23:41
_Groo_lex79: im using ii  virtuoso-nepomuk                                                     6.1.0-0ubuntu3.123:42
lex79well, I will backport virtuoso then23:42
_Groo_lex79: from what i gather we dont need the all chebang, only this package correct?23:42
lex79I uploaded kdeutils  to backport ppa23:42
yofel6.1.2+dfsg1-1ubuntu4 - but I haven't rebooted for a while, will do so later23:42
lex79_Groo_: yes23:43
_Groo_lex79: tks lex, but dont forget the qaudio.h pls.. it breaks a couple packages for me, k3b being the most important23:43
lex79I'm doing ;)23:43
_Groo_yofel: are you on lucid?23:43
yofelnope, mav23:43
_Groo_yofel: wait you have same behaviour even in maverick?23:43
_Groo_yofel: you can restart the service without rebooting, or even reloging23:44
_Groo_yofel: let me get the dbus call, i always forget23:44
yofellike I said, I didn't reboot in a while, so I might have some stale libs loaded23:44
_Groo_yofel: qdbus org.kde.NepomukServer /nepomukserver org.kde.NepomukServer.quit23:44
_Groo_this should disable entire nepomuk23:44
lex79I uploaded qtmobility in backport ppa23:44
_Groo_yofel: then kill the nepomukstorage process23:44
_Groo_lex79: TKS lex23:44
_Groo_yofel: then just open systej settings, reclick nepomuk and apply, should restart all services , including the new virtuoso23:45
_Groo_check with ps xa|grep nepomuk23:45
_Groo_now, wait for strigi (if using), or just search if no new activity23:45
_Groo_should work now... if it doesnt.. well... more study needed23:46
lex79virtuoso in lucid backport23:48
lex79bbl ;)23:48
_Groo__did it work?23:48
_Groo__it dc here23:48
yofelnow I don't even have a nepomukstorage service running and tagging something in gwenview does nothing... or rather creates an empty field o.O23:49
_Groo__yofel: did it work? :)23:49
yofelwell, it gave me a nepomukfilewatch that consumes my I/O, but not much changed otherwise23:50
_Groo__yofel: :P23:55
_Groo__yofel: very strange behaviour indeed23:55
_Groo__yofel: bug trueg in the npomuk channel :D i need to get home now.. tks for the help23:55
_Groo__lex79: and tks for the quick uploads, im gonna update when i get home if they are availanle :D23:56
_Groo__yofel: if you want to maintain nepomuk (not much point since its broken), but disable the filesearch, just remove the file from /usr/share/kde4/ something :D23:56

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