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compilerwriterKontact has stopped saving new filters that I create and it no longer saves the changes to old filters I have edited.  Help!00:25
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bbigrasIs there an ubuntu package for krazy2?01:42
DarthFrogbbigras: you can always find out what packages are available to you with this command: apt-cache search | grep <name>01:53
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harmandeepguys , -D option for CHATTR states that " the changes are written synchronously on the  disk " --- what does that means ???02:01
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Assimilatorhey guys has support for 7.04 feisty ended ? just installed it today as in intrim solution and the online repo seems to be not providing any updates ?02:16
Assimilatoranyone awake02:21
bbigrasDarthFrog: thanks02:26
denisbrCan I download the Kubuntu 10.10 beta, how the Ubuntu (with gnome) ??02:28
PricklyPillowWhat packages will get me opengl headers and libraries?02:30
PricklyPillowI installed mesa-dev02:34
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rackITI'm trying to remember the name of a CLI program used to derive various DNS related info from a domain. I used it on a BSD box a fews years back... any ideas what it may be called?03:10
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maple测试下 看谁能看懂我打的是什么  哈哈04:37
MIRV-anyone know of any howto's out there for kmail connection to exchange 2003?04:58
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ses59is there a channel for virtualbox?05:27
duryodhanhi .. just added kubuntu-ppa/backports on my lucid install to get KDC 4.5. Should I be doing dist-upgrade or just upgrade ?05:48
noaXessduryodhan: good morning..05:49
duryodhannoaXess: hi05:49
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noaXessduryodhan: first read this content https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa, specialy this bug https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/+bug/615902 and this one https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/+bug/60153605:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 615902 in Kubuntu PPA "Upgrade to KDE SC 4.5 blocked" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:50
duryodhanI should stay away then ?05:51
duryodhanI really want to use 4.5 .. the number of bugs fixed by KDE developers is really attractive05:52
illunatic!info netselect06:07
ubottuPackage netselect does not exist in lucid06:07
noaXesshey illunatic wasup?  have you upgraded to DKE 4.5.1 too?06:08
illunaticnoaXess: yeah i did06:09
illunatic4.5.0 actually...06:09
illunaticwas 4.5.1 jsut released?06:09
noaXessyes.. watch kubuntu website ;).. or rss06:09
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illunatici'm wanting to reinstall kubuntu but i don't want to wait 5+ hours to downlaod updates again06:09
noaXessillunatic: takes 5 minutes here..06:10
illunaticright now have some frankenstein hybrid of 2 different installs06:10
illunatici'm in san francisco area06:10
illunatici thought maybe netselect would help me find a better mirror06:11
illunaticis there something similar for kubuntu?06:11
illunatici was getting like 70Kb/s last time06:11
illunatici'm using kubuntu 8.10 DVD and then upgrading from there06:12
noaXessillunatic: wow that's slow.. i'm in switzerland. here all is fine06:12
illunaticyeah i don't understand why it's so slow at all06:12
noaXessillunatic: ok.. so some upgrades.. i would prefere to make a fresh install..06:12
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illunaticyeah. any suggestions for finding a mirror that will do more than 70kb?06:13
illunatic5+ hours doesn't seem reasonable, does it?06:13
noaXessillunatic: yeah.. hm...06:14
illunaticlooks like it took 4 hours for this guy http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3110976.006:15
illunaticis that common?06:15
noaXessillunatic: normally not.. i think..06:15
illunaticit would be great if kubuntu used some kind of built in bittorrent protocol for package upgrades. ever single user has the packages already and they could opt-in06:16
skramer_Wanted to update from KDE SC 4.5.0 to 4.5.1. The update wants to remove libqt4-multimedia, because it depends of older versions of libqtcore4 and libqtgui407:07
skramer_is that something wrong with the dependecies or is libqt4-multimedia no longer needed and thus safe to remove this package?07:08
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rackITany scripts around to make 4x behave like 3x (somewhat)? you know, konqueror for the default file browser, drag & drop from the menu, etc.07:21
skramer_rackIT: go to Systemsettings-> Standard Components & you could choose Konqueror for file management07:22
rackITit took me the better part of a working day to get thing "proper". I don't want to spend seveal days on several machines on several logons to make everyone happy.07:23
rackITcan I copy ~/.kde and ~/.kde4 from the machine that is "good" to the other 4x installs?07:24
skramer_at least you could try ;-)07:25
rackITskramer_: I'll have to let you know. Not tonight though! :)07:26
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skramer_Riddell: libqt4-multimedia 4.7.0~beta2~ubuntu3~lucid1~ppa6 depends on same versions of libqtcore4 & libqtgui4, but upgrading KDE to 4.5.1 will install libqtcore & libqtgui4 4.7.0~ rc1~ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa107:47
skramer_Riddell: thus libqt4-multimedia would be removed whilst upgrading. Would that be okay or should I wait for an updated libqt4-multimedia?07:48
tweakedehHello, Iim trying to install keypas and I have a deb, when I run it I get Dependency is not satisgiable: plasmoid-keypas, so I try to instll that package in the terminal and I get no luck, What do I try next?08:32
tweakedehkepas* sorry08:33
FlashDeluxeHi! How can i copy the whole content of two disks on one other disk?08:36
cato37hello. what does it mean when there are 200 blocked updates in the kpackagekit?09:07
X-2Mornin everyone (:09:12
cato37g'morning x-209:14
X-2how are you doing? :)09:15
maplemornin !09:15
cato37i am doing better. college classes. lots of late night homework. woohoo. in kpackage there are 200 blocked updates. is that normal?09:15
X-2I don't have that many blocked updates at least09:15
X-2I never use kpackage tbh, I prefer using terminal :p kpackage is bit weird sometimes..09:17
cato37ic. apt-get?09:18
X-2apt-get upgrade and dist-upgrade09:18
seraphim1hello ... where is 4.5.109:21
cato37interesting. after running kpackage, the dist upgrade in apt-get adds 3 more packages, and removes one. :)09:21
X-2seraphim1: Just follow the link I provided :)09:23
X-2cato37: Yeah a friend of mine also recommended me using apt-get over kpackage :p09:25
cato37X-2:  apt-get seems a bit more intuitive. and the command line is better for the memory than point-click interfacing.09:27
cato37and apt-get just added almost a gig of progs--mostly kde stuff.09:29
seraphim1nice... what sources i have to include in /etc/apt/sources.list ?09:29
seraphim1for 4.5.109:29
seraphim1deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu lucid main09:29
seraphim1i have this09:29
azfki was wondering if anyone could help with fixing a dual-boot set-up09:30
X-2seraphim1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu --> add: ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports09:30
seraphim1what the hell.... i'm a commandline junky, so i dont like add remove software with graph tool ... bäh09:35
cato37keen. upgrade finished. some of my desktop went monochrome--brb. rebootinng.09:35
seraphim1what is the the souce for /etc/apt/sources.list ?09:35
seraphim1what you guy's think about 4.5.1 ?09:36
greenmang0seraphim1: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu lucid main09:36
X-2Don't really feel any difference but hey, it was only bugfixes :)09:36
X-2(I think.)09:37
seraphim1i like some more bugfixes09:38
azfkcan anyone help with fixing a dual-boot09:38
seraphim1if i have a pictureframe plasma, startup is very slow....09:38
seraphim1thanks greenmang009:40
cato37keen. i like the frosted oxygen.09:44
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torotilhi, what's the easiest way to find out with which configure options a package was built? (ie. packages from the kubuntu-ppa)10:23
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skramer_is it safe to let aptitude remove libqt4-multimedia during upgrade to KDE SC 4.5.1, what is this package for and why is it still only as beta2 available, not as rc1?10:37
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enderw99kmail cannot create a connection. latest beta from ubuntu repositories.11:04
Riddellskramer_: hmm11:17
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BluesKaj'Morning folks12:20
skramer_Riddell: Seems somebody already reported a bug on Launchpad (#629349). Btw. I'm also on amd64 same as this guy...12:24
Riddellskramer_: libqt4-multimedia has been removed by upstream, so the question is why apt thinks it's still needed12:31
skramer_Riddell: no, it suggests removal which would be fine, then. I just was not sure if it can be safely removed ;-)12:32
Riddellskramer_: the problem seems to be python-qt4-dbg still depends on it12:33
lenardkCan someone help me with installing NVIdia drivers? I want to know, should I remove xserver-xorg-video-nv befeore installing Nvidia drivers?12:36
skramer_Riddell: I don't seem to have python-qt4-dbg installed, so for me it should be okay to upgrade. Not sure about other people who need python-qt4-dbg, though.12:37
Riddelllenardk: no don't remove that12:41
lenardkRiddell: I have issues with it. I had to do clean install. I could not make Nvidia driver work... So I am not sure what to do now.12:42
lenardkWhat about xserver-xorg-video-nouveau? I want to install proprietary drivers.12:44
BluesKajlenardk,  you have to stop X in order to install a new driver, http://pastebin.com/nk0JGive12:45
BluesKajlenardk, that tutorial is for mosyt newer nvidia cards , within the last 3 yrs or so12:46
BluesKajand proprietary drivers aren't any better , in some cases worse than the kernel source . lenardk12:47
lenardkBluesKaj: Can I use Additional drivers to that? Or do I really need to what you said.12:47
BluesKajok lenardk , which nvidia card do you have?12:48
BluesKajlenardk, lspci | grep VGA , in the terminal12:49
lenardknVidia Corporation G73 [GeForce 7300 GT], before upgred from Lucid to 10.10 I never had any problems with it.12:50
markithi, 10.04, I've upgraded kde to 4.5.1, but now after login I have a black screen and the mouse cursor alone :( Any idea?12:51
BluesKajlenardk, ok you should be asking in #ubuntu+1 for 10.10 support , but I would try the tutorial that pastebinned above with the 7300gt , it should work12:53
gnomefreaknvidia is broken on Maverick the fix was commited but not pushed.12:54
lenardkOk, I'll see what I can do.12:55
gnomefreakthe X-swat PPA should help most problems with it12:55
lenardkgnomefreak, so I should wait for an update?12:55
gnomefreaklenardk: yes12:55
lenardkX-swat ppa, shoud I use that?12:56
gnomefreakyou need lenardk you can but i cant promise it will help you. you need to wait until nvidia-current version  256.5212:57
James147BluesKaj: hey, could you link that tutorial again (just joined) want to see who my systems gona break when i upgrade :)12:57
BluesKajlenardk, aha so you should be asking in #ubuntu+112:57
gnomefreakif it is nvidia you should wait12:57
BluesKajJames147, upgrading to ?12:57
gnomefreakgive me a couple of minutes i will have things you will want12:58
James147BluesKaj: eventually maverick... but not just yet (still want to know anyproblems that might appear with that card though)12:58
gnomefreakand yes move to #ubuntu+112:58
BluesKajJames147, that tutorial is for lucid , dunno if it works on maverick12:58
James147ahh, then nevermind :) working fine atm12:58
gnomefreakJames147: join #ubuntu+1 same for lenardk12:58
lenardkgnomefreak: Ok I'll ask for help in ubuntu+1, I never had problems with this. If nvidia does not work with 10.10 there is nothing we can do I guess. Thanks12:59
James147gnomefreak: I know, was just courious about teh link :)12:59
BluesKajI tried maverick , couldn't rely on it ...was crashing alot , that was early days tho...a month ago or so13:00
gnomefreakJames147: i have 2 links one is in the topic of #ubuntu+113:00
BluesKajdidn't try it with my server which has the nvidia graphics tho13:01
markitlet's say I'm desperate and want to reinstall all kde desktop, what package do I have to remove and reinstall?13:02
BluesKajmarkit, try the pervious kernel in grub , maybe you'll get a bash prompt at least so you continue the dist-upgrade in kde, it needs at least a couple of them to bring everything in.13:05
James147markit: generally doing a reinstall of kubuntu-desktop should be enough... if not and your fine with command line I would drop to a vertiual terminal and start removing the kde packages (once the base packages are removed allot of things that depend on them will also be removed) you can then install kubuntu-desktop again to get them back13:05
markitBluesKaj: I can login in console no problem for that13:05
James147markit: but before that your problem is probally fixable :)13:06
markitJames147: I've tried re-adding owner and group to all files in /home/myuser13:06
markitnow I try to aptitude reinstall kubuntu-desktop13:06
James147markit: when loged in can you launch krunner? (alt+f2)13:06
BluesKajmarkit, then continue with the upgrade , I had to run it at least 3 times to get all the depends work13:07
markitbtw, I've no "kubuntu-desktop" package installed13:07
James147markit: install it13:07
markitmm it brings with it network-manager, I fear will mess up my networking config13:08
markitlet's try anyway13:08
James147markit: what do you have instead of network-manager?13:08
markitBluesKaj: me too when upgraded to 4.5. This pc upgraded from 4.4 to 4.5.1 and proceeded smootly13:09
BluesKajNM will just show an unmnanaged state . markit13:09
markitJames147: manually edited interfaces and resolv.conf13:09
James147markit: dont think it will interfere with them... if it does just uninstall it again :013:09
markitkdebase-workspace-bin was not installed... I thing I'm on the right way with your suggestions13:10
JohnHeikkilaHey, I need help with language-pack-en dependency problems13:11
markitJames147: , BluesKaj thanks A LOT13:11
BluesKajwho uses konversation here? if so how do I get rid of this annoying OSD preview tag that keeps popping up ...searched and searched and found nothing to rid me of it.13:11
markitBluesKaj: I've the same problem with it13:12
BluesKajok markit , so it sould be abug then ...good to know13:12
markitI mean, should appear only when I'm not with konversation active (focused)13:12
ddavidshi all, pls i have no shutdown or restart option under the leave icon, how do i add them pls?13:12
markitBluesKaj: I've the bad feeling that is a "feature"13:12
BluesKajyeah markit , anothere useless feature :)13:13
James147ddavids: logined in from a vertial terminal or from kdm?13:13
BluesKajddavids, you have to logout then quit ..logged in wuth the terminal probly13:14
markitBluesKaj: do you want to disable completely? is on the notification setup13:16
ddavidsi logged in frm kdm13:16
markitBluesKaj: I instead would love to have work only when konversation is not focused13:16
markitBluesKaj: in the notification setup the items with a blue circle with "i" will go to temporary popup window13:16
ddavidsJames147: i looged in frm kdm13:17
BluesKajmarkit, ok thanks , looking13:17
BluesKajmarkit, strange ,disappeared as soon as I clicked on it the blue "i"13:20
jtheuerdid anyone successful upgrade to kde 4.5 (with kubuntu lucid)13:22
James147jtheuer: along time ago :)13:22
markitmm here I have to select the item, then uncheck the "i" in the bottom part of the dialog13:22
James147although just about to up to 4.5.113:22
BluesKajjtheuer, yes , I just upgraded to 4.5.1 as well, without incident13:23
James147ddavids: could you try creating a new user and see if they have the same problem13:25
BluesKajI'm amazed that I'm not crashing as much as last week on this old pc . with the crappy graphics card I'm running :)13:25
BluesKajddavids, what graphics card /13:26
X-2heh, /sysinfo ?13:26
James147X-2: ?13:27
Baimhai all13:27
Baimnewcomer... ^_^13:27
BluesKajX-2, lspci perhaps13:27
BaimHappy Ramadhan For all Muslim ...13:28
James147!hi | Baim13:28
ubottuBaim: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!13:28
Baimhi james13:28
X-2BluesKaj: oh my irc client gives all info when I type /sysinfo :)13:29
BluesKajX-2, then do it in the server textbox13:30
jtheuerBluesKaj: good to hear. so just add the backports and calling dist-upgrade should do the trick, right?13:33
James147jtheuer: adding the backports ppa, then "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"13:34
BluesKajjtheuer, yes, run this in the terminal , the dist-upgrade, sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports13:34
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BluesKajthen sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:34
James147jtheuer: and if you feel like being extra safe "sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop" after :) but that should be uneeded13:34
jtheuerBluesKaj: thanks, didn't know add-repo until now... nice feature13:37
BluesKajjtheuer, I forgot to mention , sudo apt-get update first then dist-upgrade13:38
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BluesKajJames147, had the right sequence ...din't mean to confuse13:39
amichairis there some way to configure sync to vblank in kdm effects thingy?13:40
James147BluesKaj: we managed to get it all between us :D13:41
amichairI get terrible tearing on second display with effects on, and it goes away with effects off, and I read there is such a setting in compiz... how do I do it in kdm?13:41
BluesKajhehe , I hope so :)13:41
BluesKajsystem settings/desktop effects , amichair ...I have to state the obvious13:42
James147amichair: there is a "Use VSync" on the opengl options on the advanced tab of the desktop effects config window13:42
amichairI don't see a way to specify which monitor to sync to...13:44
James147amichair: there isnt one...13:44
amichairtoo bad :-(13:45
amichairin nvidia-settings and compiz settings there is such an option, and I read it fixes things13:45
amichairfor kdm I guess I'll have to turn off effects whenever I want to watch a video13:45
James147amichair: do you have an nvidia card?13:45
James147amichair: then why not use nvidia settings?13:46
James147(assuming your using the nvidia drivers)13:46
amichairJames147: it needs to be set both in nvidia settings and compositing engine13:46
amichairI found instructions for compiz, and looking for equivalent in kdm13:46
James147(and i take it you ahve already set it in nvidia settings then?)13:47
BluesKajoops, enabling desktop effects , effectively crashed my desktop :)13:47
amichairBluesKaj: then I guess I should be thankful it works at all :-)13:47
amichairbtw do opengl options affect video playback (e.g. VLC)?13:48
James147amichair: there is a toggle effects plasmoid if your not already using it :)13:48
BluesKajamichair, my graphics card is an elcheapo onboard ati x200m ... can't handle the load13:49
BluesKajthis pc needs to run cpu at full bore, ondemand is too slow to respond13:50
amichairJames147: where do I find the plasmoid?13:50
James147amichair: "sudo aptitude install plasma-widget-toggle-compositin"13:51
* James147 restart x quickly...13:51
* BluesKaj attempts to enable desktop effects without crashing ...here goes13:53
amichairJames147: that ought to make it convenient enough - thanks13:55
BluesKajdarn, lost the toolbars and panel13:57
James147amichair: there is also a dbus command that and toggle the effects, (and a few scripts that allow you to stop/start it online using dbus as well as wrapers for stopping/starting it around programs)13:57
James147BluesKaj: bah, you dont need them :D13:57
BluesKajcan't move anything , no exit/close options13:58
James147BluesKaj: kwin died? now you need that13:58
James147Thourght you ment plasma13:58
James147BluesKaj: good luck getting it back :) not the easiest thing to do when you cannot control your windows...13:59
* James147 wonders if "kwin --replace" works from a vertual terminal... doupts it14:00
* James147 goes off to try14:00
BluesKajwhoa fonts are broken and unreadable14:00
booklethello i try to install ubunto 10.04 on a nokia booklet everything is fine except the screen withe a poor 800x600 resolution = any solution ?14:11
James147booklet: ubuntu or kubuntu? (head to #ubuntu if your on ubuntu)14:12
bookletthanks ;)14:13
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BluesKajthis ondemand cpu state isn't cutting it and the performance setting only holds for one session ... need a startup or init.d script to make the cpu run in the performance mode permanently14:24
rek1 hour and 9 minutes for 15 gb is it too much? eth to eth ?14:25
inawarministerHello! ~14:36
inawarministerI want to ask something;14:36
inawarministerIs it possible to only display one desktop-worth of windows in the task manager?14:37
inawarministerSo... If I am using the Desktop 1, only applications there showed up in the Task manager14:37
inawarministerIf Desktop 2, the desktop 1's applications are hidden.14:38
inawarministerIs this possible in KDE?14:38
James147inawarminister: yes... you can do that by right clicking (an empty part) of the task manager widget > Task Manager settings14:38
inawarministerThanks, james147! Will try it!14:39
inawarministerAm going to*14:39
inawarministerThank you very much~14:39
wiqinpls how can i install tar.bz2? im not understand installation instructions14:43
inawarministerWiqin: Ehm, building from source?14:43
inawarministerAuuh... Open Office is stuck :<14:44
James147wiqin: tar.bz2 is a compressed archive (some what like zip is in window)14:44
inawarministerHow could I kill a process in KDE?14:44
inawarministerI mean, force-kill14:44
James147inawarminister: "killall <processname>14:44
inawarministerIs there are no Windows-style Task Manager?14:45
James147inawarminister: "Ctrl+Esc"14:45
James147^^ I just find it quicker to use killall :)14:45
inawarministerUoh thank you very much!14:45
inawarministerOne more question: Is there any less-intensive Office programs?14:47
inawarministerOther than OO.org? -_- it hangs my -- sucky-- computer :<14:47
James147inawarminister: not really... you could try koffice (although I found it lagged alittle on a very large document)14:47
James147inawarminister: otherwise textfiles are very handy and light :)14:48
inawarministerHuhuh, shame ppt is such a large bag of suckness14:48
inawarminister... James147, what is usually the reason for slowness?14:49
inawarministerSlow HDD, or Slow RAM?14:49
James147inawarminister: in OO.org... I blame java personally....14:49
inawarminister(I know that 2.0 GHz P4 ^should^ be adequate enough, no?)14:49
James147should be :)14:49
inawarministerJava -_-14:50
James147inawarminister: how big is the document?14:50
inawarministerOnly 23.4 MB14:50
inawarministerWait, MiB14:50
inawarministerBut there are many linked pictures and VIDEOS14:50
James147inawarminister: that might do it... not sure waht oo is doing with all the links :)14:51
James147inawarminister: give koffice a try, see if its any better14:51
inawarministerHaha, thank you very much14:51
inawarministerKoffice is programmed in Qt, no?14:51
James147kde ^^ which is built on qt14:52
inawarministerThank you very much!14:52
James147inawarminister: or for a really light weight approch you can code it in latex using the beamer class :)  (can probude a pdf of the slides... although without animation)14:53
inawarministerAh, well, thanks. But I'll just try Koffice first14:53
inawarministerAh, one more question: Is there any plan of 2007 clone?14:54
James147inawarminister: clone?14:54
inawarministerErr... As in, the ribbon and all that14:54
inawarministerOffice 200714:54
inawarministerBecause I'm really, really productive with it when compared to OO and Koffice --14:55
James147inawarminister: not as far as I know in oo, or koffice (although I did see an intresting screen shot of koffice with something similar but havent actually seen it)14:55
inawarministerEh, James147, what should I do if my external HDD is not automatically mounted -- nor available in device plugged in notification?14:56
James147+koffice has lots of docks which make it some what better14:56
James147inawarminister: can you mount it manually?14:56
inawarministerHow'so? I'm afraid I'm still very much a n00b. -_-14:56
James147inawarminister: can you pastebin the output of "sudo blkid -c /dev/null"14:57
inawarminister/dev/sda1: UUID="cbeb19d2-fee1-413b-b567-7d3a957d5b12" TYPE="ext4"14:58
inawarminister/dev/sda5: UUID="bde9c684-677c-4d39-b751-b9e2d93bee57" TYPE="swap"14:58
inawarministerUuuh... Damnit14:58
inawarministerIf I'm not wrong, the HDD was formatted in NTFS14:58
James147inawarminister: can you pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l"14:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:59
James147inawarminister: looks like you only have one hdd :)15:00
inawarministerPerhaps the USB hub is at fault? hmm15:01
James147inawarminister: was it on a seperate hdd or just a partition?15:01
inawarministerIt's an EXTERNAL HDD... >.<15:01
James147inawarminister: yeah... check all the cables and hardware connections :)15:01
inawarministerAh, yeah, the hub was at fault15:02
inawarministerIt works now! Mounted! Yaaay! Thanks James147!15:02
inawarministerI thought it was a compat. problem, but seems not, eh>15:02
James147inawarminister: looked like a hardware problem :)15:02
inawarministerNo, it's all fixed and up now. Mounted!15:03
James147inawarminister: it was a hardware problem :) which is now fixed15:03
inawarministerOh yeah, damnit, I forgot I installed a Ubuntu 8.10 a year ago in this HDD :~15:03
inawarministerSo that's why it's full as hell :|15:04
James147inawarminister:  :) well dont think yo uneed 8.10 anymore :)15:05
inawarministerYes, I'm going to delete the formation, then.15:05
* James147 is sure thatone is past its end of life15:05
* inawarminister agrees15:05
inawarministerThat makes it a wasted 10 GB! Recovering it! ... After sleep, tomorrow, then15:06
inawarministerThanks very much for the help, james147!15:06
BluesKaj!cookie | James14715:07
ubottuJames147: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!15:07
* James147 eats the cookie 15:07
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BluesKajstill trying to defeat the default cpu state 'ondemand" ...it's too slow to respond to loading15:09
James147BluesKaj: then I take it changing it in power magament isnt working?15:09
BluesKajsooner use some extra energy to keep the system running better, even if it draws more power15:10
BluesKajpower management sucks , James147 , never really seen that work properlu for desktops , laptops benefit but not pcs15:10
BluesKajcpu is still not holding it's settings , even after editing /etc/default/cpufrequtils and frequtils in /etc/init.d ... this has to be a bug or is it to prevent ppl from burning up their mobo/cpus ?  :)15:26
BluesKaj"sudo /usr/bin/cpufreq-set -g performance", will set the cpu to performance for the session but there doesn't seem to be apermanent setting for the performance state15:28
xorgpisserUbum2 - bloated build of LIzards' New UniX, designed for schools. K prefix stands for Kamikaze Desktop Enviromment15:42
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clicmanhi all16:17
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ubuntufreakAnyone know about a working desktop client for microblogging Kubuntu 10.04 ?17:31
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gobnutsubuntufreak: chokoq17:32
ubuntufreakgobnuts: chokoq doesn't work for me it is not retrieving any messages17:33
gobnutson twitter?17:33
gobnutstwitter switched to OAuth, you need to upgrade to chokoq beta 2 or beta 317:34
gobnutsbeta 2 is available through a ppa17:34
ubuntufreakoh ok mine is beta 1 will switch to beta 3 and try17:35
gobnutsshould work17:35
gobnutsafter install, remove your twitter account and add it again, it'll be self-explanatory from there17:36
ubuntufreakgobnuts: would be helpful if you could point me to the right ppa link17:36
gobnutshold on17:36
James147!info blogilo17:37
ubottublogilo (source: kdepim): KDE SC blogging client. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu5 (lucid), package size 318 kB, installed size 1044 kB17:37
gobnutsI use the beta 2 from this ppa: https://launchpad.net/~adilson/+archive/experimental17:41
gobnutscouldn't find a beta 3 from a ppa either17:41
simulacrum!info chokoq17:41
ubottuPackage chokoq does not exist in lucid17:41
ubuntufreakgobnuts: thanks will try to compile from the source17:42
gobnutsoh, and looks like the beta 3 is currently building in the ppa17:42
gobnutsshould be coming soon then17:42
gobnutsthat's always an option17:43
ubuntufreakgobnuts: yeah but it would be easy to install from the ppa once its live17:43
gobnutswell, beta 2 (works with twitter oauth) is in that repo, beta 3 seems to be building and will get updated once it's done17:44
gobnutsso, this would be the easiest way I guess17:45
ubuntufreakwill try the beta 2 from the ppa then, thanks for the help !17:46
tasslehoffI've installed 64-bit K+Ubuntu and have / and /home partitions in an encrypted partition. Is it possible with the alternate installer to reinstall 32-bit K+Ubuntu on / and keep the contents of /home?17:48
James147tasslehoff: should be... although I havnt used encryption before17:49
James147tasslehoff: (at least I assume you mean you have / on one partition and /home in a different partition)17:50
tasslehoffJames147: yep, but both inside the encrypted lvm volume17:52
tasslehoffJames147: found a highly relevant post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=823929 :)17:52
Riddelltasslehoff: yes that's fine if / and /home are on separate partitions17:52
ubuntufreakgobnuts: the beta 2 works fine with twitter, thanks again !17:56
gobnutsubuntufreak: good to hear!17:56
tasslehoffRiddell: great,18:02
tasslehoffgtg :)18:02
bb__Where can I get help to specific grafical issues in Ubuntu?18:07
simulacrumgraphical means driver/video card issues or problems with specific graphical software?18:10
bb__simulacrum: my screen is not working (blank or flickers, depending on the monitor it is connected to)18:11
bb__simulacrum:  ubuntu (for the moment) is installed - a friend got his monitor somehow working and installed it, but it does not work for me18:12
simulacrumThis channel is for Kubuntu support, for Ubuntu see #ubuntu, if that the one you're using18:13
bb__simulacrum: this problem is unspecific to *Ubuntu - i can install remotely Kubuntu desktop if you like - just wondering where to find the *Ubuntu grafic-issues-folks for support...18:14
simulacrumfrom what I know there is no such channel, you can go to UbuntuForums.org and there should be a section18:15
simulacrumbb__: also if you have Ubuntu you should ask in #ubuntu, if you have Kubuntu you should ask in #kubuntu18:16
simulacrumeven if it's not specific.. that's why there are 2 channels18:16
bb__ok - thx18:17
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gamer_wher i can get softwares for kubuntu?18:27
James147gamer_: kpackagekit can download and install programs... otherwise yo need to be more specific18:28
gamer_yes programs18:29
gamer_does there is a site for programs18:33
James147!software | gamer_18:34
ubottugamer_: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents18:34
gamer_thank you18:35
kaddiHi :) I need help with firefox. When I open a text file from the downloads-window it is always opened with notepad in wine. How can I change that to open with kate?18:46
kaddiI have already set the application for txt to kate18:47
James147kaddi: in firefoxes prefences or kdes settings?18:49
kaddiin firefox preferences18:49
kaddishould be set that way in kde as well, lemme check18:49
kaddiJames147: first is always kate and I moved notepad to last on all the text-related file associations18:51
James147kaddi: I take it that they open in kate if clicked in dolphin? (if so then I would think its a problem in firefox)18:52
kaddiyes, actually I think I know it is, James147. KDE and Gnome don't have the same way of defining file association, which breaks firefox and kde related communication with every other update from kde or firefox. I was just hoping someone in here might now a fix18:54
kaddicause i frequently download text files and it's always a pain to wait till wine and notepad get going18:54
kaddinot to mention the pain to look at that notepad18:54
nickelrewritten mbr....how to get to load kde? is it possible  through the use of EasyBCD? I'm using vista18:55
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simulacrumnickel: maybe, you should try and see, if not use boot in LiveCD and install Grub to MBR19:00
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MatisseI thought that vmware and stuff like that is supposed to run a different OS which is already installed, but with that I wrong, right?19:03
Matisseand if I'm wrong, is there a non-harmful way to install a windows xp on my linux pc? It has already a ntfs partition (first partition on the first hd)19:05
James147Matisse: virtual mechiene software is ment to run a os inside another os... most dont run preexisting installs but instead set up a virtual computer inwhich you can install an os to19:05
MatisseJames147, thats great, i can install one...19:05
Matissei'll try that way. dont wanna destroy my grub19:06
James147Matisse: you might also want to look at virtualbox... i found that easier to workwith then vmware :)19:06
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Matisseactually i was trying qemu19:07
alacervirtualbox is awesome19:08
MatisseI'll have a look at that one too :)19:09
kaddiJames147: I asked the mozillateam and it turns out that there is a package called kmozillahelper that will fix the file association issues (and prolly other things). It gets installed when you use firefox-kubuntu-installer but not if you install firefox directly19:16
James147kaddi: hmm, intresting to note :)19:19
phoenix_hello everyone19:22
Peace-hi phoenix_19:22
phoenix_hello Peace19:22
phoenix_i want to disable the pop up notifications while using kopete. it is very annoying while in yahoo chat rooms19:25
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Matissecan someone tell where I find the "bash init" files  (3rd sentence here: http://blog.macromates.com/2008/working-with-history-in-bash/ )19:40
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal19:43
kaddilooks like that should be in ~/.bashrc? I got half the lines he mentions in there by default19:44
Matissekaddi, hopefully it might work for me too19:51
ChicanoHi everyone20:01
Chicanois anybody having trouble with updating to kde 4.5.1? Over here most packages are blockes20:02
James147Chicano: you cannot do it in kpackagekit, in a terminal run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"20:03
alacerdoes kde 4.5.1 support multiple monitors?20:04
Chicanowhy is the dist-upgrade necessary? why doesn't an upgrade work?20:04
James147Chicano: because it allows packages to beinstalled/removed on an upgrade (it is not upgrading your distro version... despite what its called)20:06
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James147alacer: most kde 4.x version supported multiple monitors if i remember right (4.4 and later defently do)20:07
ChicanoJames147: It's upgrading now. Thanks for the explanation and the help :)20:08
alacercogitatusmy 4.4.2 kde does not.....20:20
James147alacercogitatus: what graphics card do you have/driver are you using?20:22
alacercogitatusJames147, I have a Nvidia Quadro NVS 450, and I am using the proprietary driver.20:23
James147alacercogitatus: nvidia-settings should beable to setup dual screen then20:24
alacercogitatusBut what is weird is that it works in gnome with my xorg.conf as is.....20:24
James147(run as root: "kdesudo nvidia-settings")20:24
alacercogitatusshould use same xorg.conf right?20:24
James147alacercogitatus: should... not sure why it wouldnt work though... its working fine here20:25
alacercogitatusodd. I tried setting up multiple monitors using the kde control panel, but it says that its not supported.... :( I like some of the features of kde, but have to use gnome.20:26
James147alacercogitatus: are you using twinview?20:27
alacercogitatusKinda, the NVS 450 is a 4-head with hdmi. It shows itself as 2 dual-heads.20:28
alacercogitatusI have it set for 4 seperate x screens. No drag between monitors :( I tried using xinerama, but it kept crashing my system20:29
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James147alacercogitatus: well, the "multiple monitors" dialog in kde is used for things like twinview when the drivers strech onedesktop over all the monitors... (it isnt needed if your using seperate screens)20:34
James147alacercogitatus: you might beable to enable/disable the seperate monitors in the size&orientation tab of the display settings though (although it might be called something different in 4.4.x)20:35
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alacercogitatusok, let me give that a try.20:36
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alacerwell, that didn't work. it doesn't detect anything other than the first monitor.20:45
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alvinCan anyone confirm that the NFS kioslave on KDE 4.5.1 is more broken than ever? (doesn't work at all now)21:30
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Eeyore-Jri upgraded last week my 9.10 installation to 10.04 using the cd.  it failed22:06
Eeyore-Jri tried to use ubuntu with a new install, preserving my /home partition and it fails to log in22:06
Eeyore-Jrbooting to a live kubuntu cd, and mounting each partition, i see the /home partition on /dev/sda522:06
Eeyore-Jrattempting to cd into that directory and save the information from it, i get an permissions error22:07
Eeyore-Jrafter reviewing the directory contents, i see that it's an encrpyted partition (set in 9.10)22:07
Eeyore-Jrcan i re-install kubuntu, using the same password as before for my home partition and get access to the partition again to save my data ?22:08
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apparleguys please help me compile a package I have downloaded from the repositories22:19
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Peace-apparle: ??22:48
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apparlePeace-: nevermind.... done22:48
Walzmynever since I made the 4.5 upgrade, Kaffeine won't play a video - just does sound.23:08
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phil____how do i revert back to ubuntu repos for packages from a ppa?23:58

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