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micahgare bugs not being able to pull status form upstream trackers a known issue?00:22
wgrantmicahg: Which tracker?00:23
wgrantI know of an issue with debbugs.00:23
micahgwgrant: I just saw it for mozilla on bug 569528,but have seen it for gnome and debian00:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 569528 in chiark-tcl (Ubuntu) "Sync chiark-tcl 1.1.0+nmu2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main) (affected: 1, heat: 28)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56952800:23
micahgbug 58859500:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 588595 in Mozilla Firefox "Ubuntu download button renders inccorrectly in Firefox 3.7 (trunk) (affected: 1, heat: 10)" [Unknown,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58859500:24
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brrOne of the PPA build machines got stuck: https://launchpad.net/builders/terranova04:02
d1bOH HAI04:44
d1bquestion why do i see in my bug reports listing duplicates of some bugs?04:44
d1bis this because it is tagged for different distros?04:45
beunod1b, because they have multiple targets, yes04:45
lifelessif you're searching in a context that can have multiple tasks, yes.04:45
lifelessits a feature; the ui can be improved04:45
d1bright and there isn't an option to change that?04:45
beunowell, this is for his personal list I assume04:45
d1byeah :)04:45
lifelessI was chatting with deryck about that a couple weeks back, not on the roadmap immediately04:45
beunoits a bug, just a hard one to solve04:45
d1bbeuno: oh hardly ;)04:45
d1bselect * from bugs where ....04:46
lifelessd1b: its strictly correct, because it shows the *target* column.04:46
lifelessd1b: select DISTINCT is needed, but these results *are* distinct.04:46
lifelesswhat I think would be nice would be to show all the targets as one row04:46
lifelesswith something nice breaking out the status per target04:46
d1blifeless: don't include anything but the bug number for the distrinc ;)04:47
beunoright, its a UI issue rather than technical04:47
d1byeah :)04:47
* beuno has discussed multiple times04:47
lifelessd1b: if we did that, today, it would not show some tasks (because it shows one task per row). That would be worse.04:47
d1bright. why not just put them in a sort of larger row if that is the case04:47
lifelessd1b: isn't that what I just said I would like to see?04:48
d1blifeless: don't nkow what you asid :)04:48
lifelesslook up above04:48
d1boh ah no sort of04:48
beunoone of the problems is that each bugtask can have a different importance04:48
d1bshow the targets sure -but if the status differs show that too04:48
beunoand default sorting isby importance04:48
beunoso it makes it hard to decide where to plate it04:48
d1bgive it the highest importance assigned to the bug number# regardless of target?04:49
lifelessbeuno: move it around as the users eyes cross04:49
lifelessbeuno: different areas of the screen04:49
beunooh, life would get very intersting if we could know where people's eyes are going  :)04:50
lifelessbeuno: appropriately pretty models of the appropriate gender can control that :P04:50
beunoit's amazing when you see the eye-tracking software show you how people's eyes go straight to people's exposed areas on ads, no matter how much people try04:52
d1bso just reuse some of the old ubuntu material then ;)04:52
lifelessbeuno: its how we got here .... really not surprising04:52
beunolifeless, what was surprising is that the first look is *always* at the eyes04:56
d1bbig brother is following you!04:56
d1b http://www.hughsandeman.co.uk/media/blogs/archive/bigbrother.JPG04:57
lifelessbeuno: I wonder if its worth doing a little (v) and (^) on duplicate results04:58
lifelessbeuno: labelled 'next task of this bug'04:58
lifelessbeuno: duplicate results being the wrong thing to say, of course. But you know what I mean.04:58
lifelessbeuno: so with three tasks, the first shown would have04:59
lifelessthe second04:59
lifelessthe third04:59
beunoyeah, the problem always comes back to which one to show first04:59
lifelessbeuno: but this means you don't are04:59
lifelessbeuno: because it wouldn't be grouping them, there is no tension with sorting04:59
lifelesssome query magic needed still to determine next/prev on this page/not on this page.05:00
beunolifeless, you still need to sort it some place one the list though05:00
lifelessbut it at least has a clear behaviour05:00
beunoand choose which one to show first05:00
lifelessbeuno: you place them all on the list05:00
lifelessbeuno: exactly as they are today05:00
lifelessbeuno: just add a really small tasteful link to the next/prev tasks of that bug beside the bug target05:01
beunolifeless, I don't follow. You still show all 3 of them?05:02
beunoor you show 1 row, with prev/next05:02
beunoI am looking at: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~beuno05:03
beunothe "In" column is the target05:04
lifelessall hree05:04
lifelessor you could show a + or something with a popup that lists all the tasks (and still show each task as separate rows05:05
beunoI see, just so you could visualize it better?05:05
lifelessbeuno: I'm saying, don't mess with the table. Annotate the rows that have the same bugid in some way to make the duplication self documenting and explicator05:05
lifelessmmm goth05:06
beunoso it wouldn't really solve this dupe-look-a-like issue05:06
beunoit may make it feel worst05:06
beunobut it will explain better what's going on05:06
beunoit's a nice step forward I think05:06
beunolifeless, something else we could fiddle with, is moving the target next to the bug #05:08
beunoso people understand this relatonship better05:09
lifelessperhaps visually group somehow ?05:09
lifelesslike with a slightly darker border athe outer edge of their two rows05:09
beunoyeah, something like that05:10
lifelessbeuno: that would be nice too05:10
lifelesswhere is the bug to write this stuff up in05:10
beunolifeless, bug 1357 no less!05:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 1357 in Launchpad Bugs "Bug listings include reports multiple times for multiple targets (affected: 7, heat: 32)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135705:13
beuno4 digit bug!05:13
lifelessbeuno: would you like the honours ?05:13
beunooh sure, why not05:13
beunohaven't done this in a while, I'm nervous!05:14
* beuno comments05:19
beunolifeless, off to bed. Nice talking UI and Launchpad to you again!05:24
lifelessbeuno: likewise, sleep well!05:24
* beuno waves05:24
nhainesbeuno: good night!  :)05:32
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dobedobedohWhat's the best way of requesting a feature/change to Launchpad?09:10
dobedobedohAt present, Launchpad links to bugs if a comment fits a syntax like bug #xxxxx09:10
pooliedobedobedoh: file a bug in https://launchpad.net/launchpad, or ask here09:10
dobedobedohIt would be quite handy if it also recognised something like (Closes: #xxxxxx)09:11
dobedobedohAs per the debian devleoper reference09:11
pooliei would kind of expect that to also actually close the bug09:11
pooliei think it does match that in commit messages?09:11
poolieactually isn't the debian standard to say "LP: #1", to distinguish it from debbugs?09:12
dobedobedohhaven't seen it match in commit messages yet09:12
wgrant(Closes: #XXXXXX) is Debian-specific.09:12
wgrantThe Launchpad equivalent is LP: #XXXXXX, as poolie says.09:13
wgrant(Closes: #XXXXXX) could perhaps link to the relevant Debian bug.09:13
dobedobedohOkay - fair enough09:13
dobedobedohThere was another question I had - when adding comments, is there any markdown or other syntax highlighting?09:17
dobedobedohOr handy way of posting a log excerpt without having it line wrapped?09:17
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marktheunissenhi all!09:44
marktheunissenhelp! we need to deploy code urgently and launchpad is down. :<09:44
marktheunissenanyone know what the ETA for loggerhead coming back is?09:45
LinuxJedimarktheunissen: see topic :)09:46
marktheunissenah gotcha09:47
* LinuxJedi was trying to look into code on lp to fix some valgrind warnings when it happened ;)09:47
harpreetHi everyone09:48
harpreetIs this correct place for asking questions about vmbuilder on ubuntu.09:49
marktheunissenhmm, seems to be back?09:58
marktheunissenis it safe to user?09:58
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hrwhow can I clean PPA's APT archive from packages?11:26
hrwbumping versions is not possible11:27
bigjoolsI think Ubuntu has a downgrade script somewhere11:27
bigjoolsI've not used it myself11:27
bigjoolstry asking in #ubuntu11:27
hrwUbuntu has ppa-purge but it removes PPA's packages from system. I want to remove packages from APT archive of my PPA.11:29
bigjoolshrw: just delete them11:30
hrwhow much time it takes between "packaged deleted" LP message and getting them removed?11:31
hrwok, done11:32
hrwnow need to reupload my source11:32
bigjoolsit takes up to about 15 minutes sometimes11:32
bigjoolsyou can't re-upload the same version11:33
bigjoolsyou must bump it11:33
hrweven when I deleted it from LP?11:33
bigjoolsI see what you mean in your original question now11:33
bigjoolsyes, even when you delete it11:33
hrwok, will bump then11:33
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Odd_BlokeI'm having yet more problems related to my emails.  The latest commit at https://code.launchpad.net/~daniel-watkins-credativ/openobject-addons/crm_max_fix is by "Daniel Watkins <daniel.watkins@credativ.co.uk>", which is related to ~daniel-watkins-credativ.  However, the link on that page points to ~daniel-thewatkins, which is no longer associated with the email.12:21
Odd_BlokeIs there anyone available to have a poke and work out what's going on?12:21
LinuxJediOdd_Bloke: who are you logged in as in "bzr launchpad-login"?12:37
LinuxJedi(executing that will show you)12:38
Odd_BlokeLinuxJedi: daniel-watkins-credativ12:44
LinuxJediOdd_Bloke: hmm... really odd, maybe its something to do with the ssh keys used12:48
wgrantOdd_Bloke: Commit authors are tracked as a separate mapping from email addresses to users.13:03
wgrantI don't know of a way to get them moved across.13:03
Odd_BlokeShall I file a bug/question or something?13:04
wgrantA question, perhaps.13:05
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dholbachcould I interest anybody in sharing their wisdom about using bzr, launchpad, code reviews, launchpadlib, hacking in a nice way or any other app development related topic at Ubuntu App Developer Week? :-)13:09
Odd_Blokehttps://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+question/123948 filed.13:11
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hrwhttp://launchpadlibrarian.net/54867642/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-amd64.armel-cross-toolchain_1.28_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz shows that libc6-armel-cross is not available. But this package is present in this PPA APT archive... what is wrong?14:26
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bigjoolshrw: remind me of your PPA url again?14:28
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bigjoolshrw: libc6-armel-cross might not be installable for some reason, does it have all its dependencies available?14:31
hrwrechecking now14:31
hrwinstalled fine14:34
hrwdirectly from ppa14:34
bigjoolscan you retry the build please14:35
bigjoolsit may not have been published in time14:35
thopiekaris it possible to comment out a line in a recipe?14:35
hrwbigjools: same14:58
bigjoolshrw: the queue is quite big, your build won't have finished yet?15:02
hrwit failed already15:02
bigjoolsyou uploaded a new version?15:04
bigjoolsyou can just retry the original if it failed15:06
hrwnew ver is same just version bumped15:06
bigjoolsI realise - I'm just saying you don't need to do that to retry a failed build15:07
hrwah, did not know15:07
bigjoolsI am doing a test installation here15:13
bigjoolshrw: ok so libc6-armel-cross depends on libgcc1-armel-cross which depends on gcc-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabi-base which does not exist15:16
bigjoolsyou can use the "chdist" tool to work this out BTW15:16
hrwsorry then15:18
hrwtoo much builds of the same15:18
hrwok, another 1.5h of builds to wait (+ queue)15:22
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hrwI have 1.35 in PPA which just started building and 1.36 freshly uplaoded which fix bug in 1.35. will 1.35 build be killed with new upload or not?16:35
bigjoolshrw: if it already started, no16:36
bigjoolshrw: can I suggest that you use pbuilder locally to test your builds16:37
bigjoolsPPAs are not a build testing service16:37
hrwI do also in pbuilder - just it passed in it as it builds arch+all16:38
hrwthanks for all help bigjools and have a nice weekend16:43
bigjoolshrw: no problem16:43
bigjoolsand thanks16:43
nessitaabentley: ping16:44
abentleynessita, hi.16:44
nessitaabentley: good morning! would you have some minutes to talk about a possible issue with lp:ubuntuone-client code? beuno suggested that you may help us16:44
nessitaabentley: basicaly, https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client is reporting that latest version of trunk is 62716:45
nessitaabentley: and in our local copies of trunk we have upto revno 67116:45
nessitaabentley: revno 627 was landed on 2010-08-1116:45
abentleynessita, actually, I see 627 just landed.16:46
nessitaabentley: LP is sayins "21 hours ago" for revno 62716:46
abentleynessita, Sorry, meant to type 628.16:47
abentleynessita, which landed 10 minutes ago.16:48
nessitaabentley: yes, that was tarmac that is running in a cron job16:48
nessitaabentley: we already disabled16:48
nessitaabentley: the problem is that upto yesterday trunk had 671 revnos16:49
nessitaabentley: and today only to 62716:49
nessitaabentley: and besides the revno numbers mismatch, the code for those revnos is gone as well (I know we can recover that, but we'd like to diagnose what happened)16:49
abentleynessita, what do you see if you do "bzr missing" with a local copy against trunk?16:49
nessitaabentley: running the command right now16:50
nessitaabentley: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/16:51
abentleynessita, it looks like facundo@taniquetil.com.ar had revno 627, merged 671, committed and pushed.16:53
nessitaabentley: that's for revno 628 right?16:54
abentleynessita, yes.  But actually that was committed and pushed by tarmac?16:55
nessitaabentley: we should avoid looking at thta revno, it landed when trunk was already messed up16:55
nessitaabentley: yes, we mostly land branches using tarmac16:55
nessitaabentley: see this: https://pastebin.canonical.com/36736/ is the output of16:55
nessita bzr log -r627..671 --show-ids16:55
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nessitaabentley: as you can see, there are all the missing revnos16:56
abentleyhmm.  So it seems like the new revno 628 does include everything up to 671, or else bzr missing would have shown more.16:57
nessitaabentley: maybe, I can do a recursive diff to check16:58
abentleynessita, I'm not aware of any way the revisions can be accidentally removed from the timeline.  It should only happen if you uncommit or push --overwrite.16:58
nessitaabentley: I see. Can we know if that actually happened? because as far as we know we haven't pushed with --overwrite17:00
nessitaabentley: we're really worried about this, and it would be very important to understand what happened17:00
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abentleynessita, no, our server doesn't know what command is being run when a branch is changed.17:01
abentleynessita, rick mcbride is subscribed to revision notifications, so he should have been emailed when this happened.  Looks like no one else is subscribed.17:01
nessitaabentley: I'll ask him, thanks. Just to be sure I understand, is there any chance that today's maintenance had something to do with this?17:02
nessitaabentley: we land all the branches using tarmac, except for tags that we push "by hand"17:02
abentleynessita, I can't think of a way that it would be implicated.17:03
nessitais very, very unlikely that someone ran push --overwrite :-/17:03
nessitaabentley: anyways, thanks a lot for your help, I'll try to find more info from rmcbride17:04
rmcbridenessita: just got back from retrieving lunch. I'll dig through the rev notifications17:14
nessitarmcbride: thanks!17:15
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nessitaabentley: so, can we disable the ability to do push --overwrite to a given project? or can we log that somehow? or at least what can we do today to be able to debug it tomorrow?17:23
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nessitaabentley: still around?17:30
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lucidfoxWhat's the bzr equivalent of "git remote add origin"?18:09
james_w`lucidfox: it might be bzr pull --remember18:11
james_w`though I don't really know what the effect of that git command would be18:11
dob_hello, i created a new ppa and uploaded my sources, the upload was successful, even as i did not add my pgp key to my profile. Then i added my key and dput tells me: Package has already been uploaded to ppa on ppa.launchpad.net. But nothing happens, i am waiting for about an hour..... Any ideas?18:12
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james_w`dob_: run with --force18:14
dob_upload was successful18:14
dob_how long will i have to wait for the status information in my repo?18:15
dob_ah okay18:16
dob_now i got a email18:16
dob_that it's accepted18:16
lucidfoxjames_w`> ah right, bzr help push clarified the matters18:17
dob_hi thank you very much18:17
dob_It's now in my repository18:17
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abentleynessita, back.18:24
nessitaabentley: hello again!18:29
nessitaabentley: my team and I were wondering, can we disable the ability to do push --overwrite to a given project? or can we log that somehow? or at least what can we do today to be able to debug it tomorrow?18:30
nessitaabentley: rmcbride received an email, this morning saying that "44 revisions were removed from the branch."18:31
abentleynessita, that suggests it was a user-driven change, not a bug in the hosting code.18:31
abentleynessita, I don't think you can disable push --overwrite.  bzr generally trusts its user.18:32
abentleynessita, since you already have a bot managing the branch, why not make the bot the only one who can write to it?18:32
abentleynessita, this is what we do in Launchpad.18:33
nessitaabentley: yes, we'll try that. Biut we al18:33
nessitaoops, wrong enter18:33
nessitaabentley: but we also need some sort of logging... can we do that? at least for pushes --overwrite? or to what command was used to push?18:34
abentleynessita, there is logging on the user side that would show this.  On the server side, we deal with lower-level primitives.18:35
abentleynessita, e.g. we know that a branch has changed from one revision-id to another, not that push was issued.18:36
abentleynessita, and if sftp is used, we don't even know that.18:37
nessitaabentley: ok then, thanks for your time18:38
deryckadeuring, you disappeared again18:40
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EdwinGrubbsdoes anybody know how long it will be before staging is up? It seems like it has been updating the code for the last four hours.19:08
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kirklandjust checking ... are you guys aware that the Google Maps API is busted?19:45
kirklandlooks like the key is expired19:45
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deryckhi kirkland.  yeah, we're aware.  Not sure what the state of our fix is, though I thought we had disabled the maps on edge now.19:47
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deryckI think it's actually a change in Google's SSL support, not the key though.19:50
derycksinzui knows all, I believe.19:50
sinzuiI know nothing about a 10,000 SSL fee19:52
sinzuiI am an engineer19:52
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yofeljelmer: anything needed for https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~neon/project-neon/ontologies to be approved? I'm not too familiar with setting up imports20:43
jelmeryofel, hi20:55
jelmeryofel, mainly for somebody in the vcs-imports team to approve the import20:55
yofelk, will wait then20:56
jelmeryofel: Looking at that import, I think it should be under the ontologies project on launchpad though20:56
jelmerrather than under project-neon20:56
yofelI don't think we have a project for that20:57
smoserhow do i create a new spec (blueprint ) ?21:02
smoseri'm looking https://blueprints.launchpad.net/~smoser and i can't figure out how to add a new one.21:02
annodominiIs there a sample or sandbox project on Launchpad, that I could use for playing around with without spamming a real project?21:09
smoseri figured out my issue above.21:17
popeyhttp://popey.com/~alan/aaaaaaargh.png etc22:03
popeytrying to file a bug with apport on lucid, i get that.. is this a launchpad issue?22:03
popey(note: I can browser to lp on that machine fine)22:03
lifelesspopey: that would appear to be a local issue; *or* something is buggered :P22:17
lifelesspopey: can you see what name its trying to lookup (strace or something might help there)22:17
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popeylifeless: http://popey.com/~alan/apport_trace.log22:24
lifelesspopey: its firing off /usr/share/apport/apport-gtk22:25
lifelessyou'll want follow-fork, and you can look in ityourself ;P22:26
lifelessjust for for resolver calls22:26
popeymessage understood :D22:26
* popey is not an strace expert22:26
popeythanks though :)22:26
lifelesspopey: I have a few things to do here like checking for earthquake damage ;P22:28
lifelessor I would be willing to read through the MB's of data you'll be generating.22:28
lifelesswe're in rangiora http://www.geonet.org.nz/earthquake/quakes/3366241g-maps.html22:30
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mlacihi guys! can i hope that the timeout error goes away from this page anytime soon? - https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=&field.series_filter=23:28
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lifelessmlaci: what OOPS ID did you get23:50
ubot5An OOPS is a system error in launchpad, please see https://help.launchpad.net/Oops23:50

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