td123so it doesn't suck?00:00
td123I heard the background looks like vomit00:00
charlie-tcaThere is more than just the wallpaper...00:01
charlie-tcaI hear you can change that with a couple of clicks of the mouse00:01
sebsebsebtd123: no that was the place holder00:01
td123ah ok00:01
td123good to know00:02
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BUGabundoI just saw the wallpaper00:03
BUGabundoand EEWWWWW00:03
sebsebsebBUGabundo: uhmm I am about to download this and vm00:03
charlie-tcaIt is ... , isn't it?00:05
neglesaksthere we go!00:09
ZykoticK9BUGabundo, charlie-tca i PRAY (and i'm not a religious person) that the default wallpaper is changed prior to release (but fear it won't be)00:12
charlie-tcaIt is real easy to change. Don't let it stop you00:12
ZykoticK9charlie-tca, oh changing it isn't an issue - the "image" of ubuntu is, i remember how much "slack" ubuntu used to have with the brown, now are we to be know as the OS with the bad wallpaper ;)00:13
charlie-tcaUbuntu has been for several releases00:14
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: 8.04 background by default was alright, 8.10 is awesome.  9.04 and 9.10 were jokes, 10.04 was ok00:21
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: and versions of Ubuntu before 8.04, ddin't have great backgrounds, but they were ok00:22
charlie-tcaso what is changing with the 10.10 version?00:22
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: not much for the desktop edition really00:22
charlie-tcabad is bad00:22
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: 10.10 gets a new installer00:22
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: a sound menu, and some changes to the software centre, thats about it for 10.10,  well I am on the verge of vm'ing the beta here00:23
charlie-tcabut the wallpaper we are seeing is aweful00:23
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: is it the same one as they were complaining about before?00:23
sebsebsebon omgubuntu and what not00:23
charlie-tcaas far as I know. At least, real close00:24
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: and here it is http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/08/ubuntu-1010-default-wallpaper.html00:25
charlie-tcalooks like what I saw00:25
yofelto make the list complete: bug 62519300:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 625193 in ubuntu-wallpapers (Ubuntu) "Official 10.10 wallpaper is unappealing" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62519300:27
Andre_Gondimwhere are the torrent file to beta?00:30
jpdsBUGabundo / Andre_Gondim: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/download00:37
BUGabundohe asked for the torrent00:38
BUGabundohe can get those from any link I gave him00:38
Andre_Gondimjpds, did you see any torrent there?00:39
jpdsOh my, they're not on http://br.releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/00:42
jpdsOh, no, they're on there now.00:42
jpdshttp://www.rnp.br/ceo/trafego/?tipo_arquivo=1&origem=PR - Hmm.00:43
* BUGabundo slaps jpds with a sleeping pill00:43
Andre_Gondimhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/10.10/beta/ here doesn't have torrent file either00:43
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: ok on the install screen thingey00:44
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: in my vm00:44
sebsebsebcharlie-tca: and yes that is the wallpaper people complained about00:44
sebsebsebwell lets try the live session in my vm00:45
jpdsAndre_Gondim: They're on http://gb.releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/ if you can't find them elsewhere.00:46
Andre_Gondimlet me c00:46
Sary|awayNo announcement on milling list !00:47
Sary|awayNow thats funny , Thaha00:49
jpdsSary|away: There was to ubuntu-announce.00:50
BUGabundohow is vdpau support in 3D nouvaue ? bjsnider00:51
rohandoes ubuntu maverick use hybrid iso?00:53
BUGabundowhat's an hybrid iso??00:54
rohanBUGabundo: which you can just dd onto a usb stick00:54
BUGabundouse usb-creator00:55
rohanyou'v *GOT* to be kidding00:55
BUGabundoor .... what was it called00:55
sebsebsebhrm so the installer for 10.10 in the live session00:55
sebsebsebin my vm00:55
sebsebsebhas crashed it seems00:55
rohanall distros have had hybrid ISOs from around 3-4 release cycles now00:55
BUGabundogreat for them00:56
BUGabundowe have usb-creator00:56
BUGabundohow's that00:56
jpdsrohan: usb-creator is more user-friendly than dd.00:57
BUGabundojpds: what's the other tool name?00:58
BUGabundothe one cross OS? I forgot00:58
BUGabundothat one00:58
BUGabundonite guys00:59
rohanBUGabundo, jpds : usb-creator on 8.04 doesn't work with newer isos00:59
rohanand DD is way faster, and easier, than usb-creator01:00
BUGabundokeep up the good work on the releasee01:00
BUGabundoactually it only depends on your flash drive01:00
BUGabundobut okay01:00
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litropydoes anyone know anything about madwifi?01:31
Josefu8I just upgraded from 10.04 to the 10.10 beta through the update manager, after restaring though ubuntu boots into a command line asking me to login there, it reocgnises my old user/pass but after that no Gnome Desktop , just the command line. Running in dual boot with Win7 if thats relevnat. Any idea what ive done ?01:37
yofelJosefu8: using nvidia by chance?01:39
Josefu8a driver issue ?01:39
bjsniderthis was not the correct time to upgrade01:39
bjsnidernot until the day after the beta freeze ends01:40
yofelJosefu8: if you have a network connection, 'sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'01:40
bjsniderthe new driver will be there in a couple days01:41
Josefu8okay, ill write that down and do it in a few days. thanks a lot.01:42
yofelJosefu8: if you do it in a few days just do a dist-upgrade, you'll only need the ppa if you want the driver now01:42
Josefu8ah okay I see. Great, glad I dont have to do a fresh install.01:43
yofelno, see bug 616023 for the report about this01:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 616023 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu Maverick) "nVidia card : X won't start since 1.9 update, no screens found" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61602301:43
Josefu8cool, I'll just wait for the fix then, Thanks again01:45
avi_hey, I just upgraded my desktop to the beta, and my boot stalls after a bit at plymouth. I'm on the machine right now in Failsafe X which works fine.. where should I look to troubleshoot?01:46
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ChogyDanooo, beta is out01:48
voidmagedivecks: do you have an nvidia card?01:49
divecksvoidmage, Ah I just found the issue01:49
divecksvoidmage, In /var/log/xorg, I find that:01:49
voidmagedivecks: see bug 61602301:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 616023 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu Maverick) "nVidia card : X won't start since 1.9 update, no screens found" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61602301:50
divecksBut.. this is ATI.01:50
yofelno, that's ATI, but fglrx is broken too01:50
divecksfglrx is the propriety ATI driver.01:51
divecksah dear.01:51
voidmagethen fglrx is also broken, and i don't know the bug number for it01:51
voidmagetry IgnoreABI in your xorg.conf01:51
divecksSo obviously I can use the free drivers, right?01:51
yofelthose should work01:51
divecksright. I mean because im in failsafe x now.01:51
divecksthat's a real bummer.01:51
divecksis a fix in progress?01:51
divecksooh this is interesting.01:52
bjsniderfglrx is typically broken until the last week before an ubuntu release01:52
divecksSo I'm using the latest ATI fglrx driver because it fixed a long-standing issue01:52
voidmagebjsnider: heh, ati01:52
bjsniderthere's no more ati01:52
divecksmeaning that i bypassed the Additional Drivers GUI thing01:53
bjsnideramd dropped the brand01:53
divecksand in there I get a new driver i've not seen before01:53
divecks"ATI Fire GL:01:53
diveckshow odd.01:53
divecksno description.01:53
divecksokay so now, how do I install the free drivers?01:54
divecksmy xorg just quit.01:55
diveckskicked me back to login screen.01:55
diveckswhy did I install this beta..01:55
bjsniderfunny, i was just going to ask the same thing01:56
voidmageyou could buy an nvidia card :P01:57
* voidmage hides before they catch me for bad advice01:57
diveckstoo bad I'm using an iMac.01:57
diveckscan't even upgrade the ram hardly.01:57
bjsnideri don't know why he thinks he can improve on the excellent mac osx with linux01:59
Raydiationbjsnider: i want to do that once i got so much money that i dont know what to buy02:02
voidmageso when does beta "unfreeze" for 616023 to be officially released?02:02
Raydiationpissing off the macscientology02:02
bjsnidervoidmage, couple days02:03
Avohey.. it's me again.02:04
Avothe guy with the tempermental X.org.02:04
Avoi'm in a different parition now.02:04
Avoso my question is, how do I install the free drivers?02:05
AvoI can't use the built in hardware driver GUI because I didn't install the drivers in the first place like that..02:05
rohanwtf.. the latest disk images don't have aptitude?!02:05
Avorohan, Yeah I'm pretty sure they said they were dropping that.02:05
rohanis there some place where we can shout out that it's dumb decision? :P02:06
Avorohan, #ubuntu? :)02:06
AvoI see why they removed it.02:06
AvoI mean it takes up SO much space on the CD ^^02:07
voidmagewait they really did remove aptitude from the cd?02:08
Avoyes sir.02:08
* voidmage has been using aptitude over apt-get for years because it handled dependencies/autoremove better02:08
Avoquote from article: Update: apparently the reason for this is to free up some 13-14 mb of space from the CD.02:08
jribwell I prefer aptitude too but no point in software that duplicates functionality on the cd, just install it if you like it, like vim :)02:08
Avohard to believe aptitude takes up 15 megs..02:09
RaydiationAvo: i guess its its magic cow powers02:09
Avowell I guess now I have an excuse to go about re-doing my tripleboot from scratch.02:10
AvoHFS+, NTFS, and ext4 do NOT play well together.02:10
Raydiationhm is maverick reacting a bit slow for yall too?02:11
AvoI can't even get OS X reinstall CD to reinstall my OS X partition because the disk partitioner quits whenever it sees a drive with ext4..02:11
RaydiationAvo: apple's love for foss02:11
AvoIt's really really annoying02:11
Raydiationtheir kinda nazi02:11
Avoit's like they built in specific discompatibility for anything linux02:12
Avoif this imac wasn't a gift, and I had known better 2 years ago, I wouldn't be using it today.02:12
Raydiationi came to the same conclusion with my ipod02:13
td123Avo: mac is what m$ was 10 years ago02:13
Raydiationas long as i live i wont buy anthing from fruit again02:13
Avotd123, My thoughts exactly.02:13
AvoI don't think badly about MSFT anymore actually.02:13
AvoThey stay out of people's hair usually..02:13
AvoRaydiation, My hostname is evilfruit :)02:13
td123Avo: m$ is just silently screwing people :)02:14
Raydiationthink different02:14
Raydiationthink evil :D02:14
Avomy wallpaper is actually the BSD daemon with text that says02:14
Raydiationwonderful, beautiful, amazing, wonderful, unbelievable02:14
RaydiationAvo: haha, thats great02:15
Avodidn't know there was a debian one too.02:15
AvoSo I was going to use Clonezilla to back up my ubuntu..02:15
AvoI guess there's no point in doing that now..02:15
Avobah. what a bummer.02:15
Avowell I've gotta go. I've got a disk to clone..02:18
h00kSo, I just want to verify, nvidia drivers are kinda broken yet? I'm unable to "enable visual effects"02:20
bjsnideryofel, what are you going to do with your time when people stop asking these questions?02:23
h00khah! Let me guessed, someone already asked this over 9000 times.02:24
* h00k scrolls up02:24
h00kwell, I'm not referring to bug 61602302:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 616023 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu Maverick) "nVidia card : X won't start since 1.9 update, no screens found" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61602302:25
td123what's the focus on in 10.10? speed?02:34
td123meh, probably crapiness02:37
td123hmm, no response... dead channel02:39
ChogyDanhmmm, anyone know if it is possible to configure the dbus package within a chroot?02:41
DanaGSay, why does this have you set both netconsole= on kernel and "options netconsole" for module?03:46
DanaGThat seems redundant to me!03:46
DanaGARgh, damn gnome-power-manager is trying to give me a siezure.03:48
DanaGGood thing I'm not epileptic.03:48
DanaGIt's flapping back and forth between two brightness levels as quickly as possible.03:48
txwikingeris there a ppa for freenx on maverick?03:53
m3gahi, running maverick in a chroot and procps, udev ad ubuntu-minimal fail to install. Clues?03:55
DanaGSay, anyone know it netconsole can handle ipv6 addresses?04:00
DanaGARGH, stupid netconsole... I'm trying to debug a wlan0 crash, and it quits logging when I unload the driver for my wlan card... even if I'm netconsole logging over eth0!04:07
CycleGeekIs the libgirepository update suppose to try to replace gnome with kde?04:09
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avi_Hey guys.. how can I show my list of PPAs in maverick software center, like I had in Lucid?05:14
albuzHi, I just installed Ubuntu 10.10b... how do I rename my computer? It's something like albuz-desktop05:15
albuzedit /etc/hostname ... sorry I forgot to google that first :$05:17
Andre_GondimMy Ubuntu One doesn't connecting05:38
Andre_GondimI don't have that optoin to add my computer05:40
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bdoggcan some one help me out upgrading to beta 10.1006:19
Andre_Gondimbdogg, update-manager -d06:20
bdogglol yeah i did that06:20
bdoggbut i get an error saying something about unsupported sources06:20
bdoggwhen i try to update i get this error06:29
bdoggCould not calculate the upgrade  An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade: E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.   This can be caused by:  * Upgrading to a pre-release version of Ubuntu  * Running the current pre-release version of Ubuntu  * Unofficial software packages not provided by Ubuntu06:29
* DanaG vomits on the Lucid wallpaper, and calls it art.06:50
DanaGNow THIS is art: http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper_beta/details/1922/oirase_gorge.html06:50
Blue1too scary for me try back in a week - thanks08:05
kindofabuzzsince the b* file system will not be in meercat, i can't think of the name, do i need to reinstall if i used that file system for the alphas?09:42
ikoniakklimonda: what file ystem ?09:57
industrialCan I update to 10.10 beta from synaptic from 10.04?10:00
screen-xHello All, is netbooting known to be broken at the moment?10:02
ikoniaindustrial: are you %100 sure you want to do that10:02
ikoniascreen-x: not that I'm aware of10:02
popeyindustrial: thats broken at the moment10:04
screen-xikonia: thanks. Must be me then, I'm having trouble adding maverick netboot options to a working lucid netboot server.10:04
ikoniascreen-x: I could be wrong, but I've not heard anyone else moan abou tit10:05
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Milos_SDAfter installing and removing network-indicator-applet, my network-manager stoped working. I have internet, but network-manager-gnome shows there is no devices available10:53
Milos_SDHow can I fix that?10:53
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Sarykroson, Ping!11:20
industrial< ikonia> industrial: are you %100 sure you want to do that11:36
industriali see on the news its released11:36
industrialso i want to update11:36
industrialand i ask how thats done11:36
industrialand you ask me if I want to.. why wouldn't people want to RIGHT NOW?11:37
industrialif I cared for stability then I wouldnt have wanted to pdate to da Beta11:37
gnomefreakindustrial: its unstable incuding X among other things. he asked that because if you have to ask normally its not the best idea to upgrade. however do as you please11:38
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:38
industrialaasumptions are awesome11:39
industrialyou also assume i havent been using linux for the last decade11:39
industrialthanks anyway11:39
gnomefreakindustrial: can you fix broken packages or find awork around?11:39
* gnomefreak doesnt understand what using linux for 10 years means. He hasnt been using Ubuntu for 10 years nor debian or he would know how to upgrade11:41
krosongnomefreak: in the installer you have the option to install extra stuff, what codecs does it install actually? restricted extras?11:48
gnomefreaknot sure i havent used the new installer yet11:49
krosonSary: have you tested the new installer?11:49
Sarykroson, how you do :)11:52
SaryYes i did11:52
krosonSary: what does the option to install extra stuff actually installs? restricted extras?11:54
Sarykroson, i didn't select it .11:54
popeykroson: apt-cache show ubuntu-restricted-extras11:54
popeyit will show you the packages it pulls in11:54
SaryBut , it seems like you will be able to download software updates, install support for non-English languages, or install proprietary drivers and applications.11:55
krosonif you have internet11:55
krosonof course11:55
krosonin the installation11:55
SaryExactly ,11:55
krosonin my laptop i only have wireless11:55
Saryme too11:55
krosonwell im going to install the beta now11:59
krosonsee you11:59
SaryGood luck11:59
Yahavhey, does ubuntu 10.10 beta stable enough for daily use?12:29
robin0800Yahav http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/maverick/beta12:34
gnomefreakYahav: there are a few major bugs but beta is a more widely tested than Alpha but you still need to install it on a none daily PC incase you need a PC and your maverick on is broken12:35
Yahavkk got it tnx, this would not be a good solution for my work laptop ..thanks again12:36
gnomefreakhell know. what would even make you think about that12:37
lenardkOn kubuntu chanel told me to ask for help here. I had problem with instlling Nvidia drivers on 10.10 after upgrade? Anyone?13:01
gnomefreaklenardk: James147 see bug 61602313:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 616023 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu Maverick) "nVidia card : X won't start since 1.9 update, no screens found" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61602313:02
James147gnomefreak: Thanks13:02
gnomefreaklenardk: 2nd link is in the topic.13:02
lenardkaha, ok so I will wait for an update than.13:03
MikeChelengetting an error "this server had a video driver ABIlity13:09
gnomefreaklenardk: James147 do not upgrade a daily use PC and back everything up incase it does break if you cant wait for maverick release.13:10
MikeChelenABI version of 8.0 that this driver does not officially support13:10
gnomefreakMikeChelen: the next nvidia upload will fix that or add ignoreabi to your xorg.conf13:10
gnomefreakMikeChelen: not yet. we had to wait for upstream nvidia to build on x 1.913:11
James147gnomefreak: I know... I dont mind living on the edge and I can revover from a broken install easaly :) (I can reinstall at anytime should something go wrong) but I am not planning to upgtrade my desktop just yet13:11
MikeChelenGnomefreak: ah ok will try that, thanks13:11
gnomefreakMikeChelen: see bug 61602313:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 616023 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu Maverick) "nVidia card : X won't start since 1.9 update, no screens found" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61602313:12
gnomefreakMikeChelen: it will give you the workaround if you cant wait a few days maybe a week13:12
lenardkgnomefreak: I just did not know whait is the problem, my configuration or bug. Yeah, is says fix released.13:14
gnomefreakno it doesnt it says fix commited13:15
gnomefreakhold on13:15
gnomefreakah it was just updated13:16
gnomefreakpackage update should be in a few hours13:16
MikeChelenmight have held off upgrading if i knew there would be a showstopper, going to try ubuntu-x-swat ppa13:17
gnomefreakMikeChelen: why just wait a few hours13:19
lenardkFor me it's 256.44, but I'll wait for an update, can Nvidia and open-source driver be installed at same time? Or do I need to remove opne-sorce drivers before installing Nvida? maybe it's stupid question...13:19
gnomefreakit is just out of NEW13:19
MikeChelengnomefreak: don't mind having slightly newer versions of xml server and nvidia driver anyway13:21
MikeChelenand it will let me try a few things tonight before going to sleep13:22
gnomefreakMikeChelen: it will only be newer for a few more hours13:27
gnomefreakmaybe less13:27
gnomefreakMikeChelen: do as you wish thought. i just see it as a waste of time13:27
MikeChel1ngnomefreak: frankly it was easier that seeing where to add the option in xorg.conf13:31
=== MikeChel1n is now known as MikeChelen
gnomefreakadding ignoreabi is fairly easy but i suggest to just wait. im sure you have had the problem since you upgraded so a fe wmore hours shouldnt hurt.13:32
tracy69hi question if i upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 will i lose all my settings? in 10.04 i had to install manually different drivers to get my sound working the same graphic card and what about conky config etc will i need to reinstall everything ? is there any risk ?13:33
ikoniatracy69: it's a different kernel, so things like kernel modules will change13:33
MikeChelenwell i have already upgraded13:34
MikeChelentracy69: most user settings are saved, but idk about drivers13:34
MikeChelenis conky config stored within your home directory?13:34
tracy69ikonia,  i have 2.6.35-19 in lucid lynx13:35
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ikoniatracy69: yes ?13:35
ikoniaMikeChelen: it is yes13:35
tracy69conky is saved in own directory conky.config in etc/conky13:36
ikoniano, it's saved in your home directory13:36
tracy69Linux matrix 2.6.35-19-generic #25~lucid1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Aug 25 04:24:28 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux13:36
ikoniatracy69: you've already told us what kernel you have13:37
MikeChelenconky might have both a default config in /etc and personal one in /home13:39
tracy69so im asking is there any risk if i upgraded to 10.10 ?13:39
MikeChelentracy69: sure something might break, probably conky config will be saved though13:40
MikeChelenwhat sound drivers did you install?13:40
tracy69MikeChelen, hehehehe something might break heheheheh13:40
tracy69i dont like your answer13:40
MikeChelentracy69: haha, its a beta, something could always go wrong ;)13:41
gnomefreakfor some users (not sure how many) maverick is not saving your settings on boot13:41
gnomefreaksound ^^^13:41
tracy69the original sound driver that come with 10.04 didnt work i mean i had sound but just from one speaker i have acl1200 and ati hdmi so i had to install other alsa and many other packages about 200mb download13:41
Sarygnomefreak, i tried to add a keyboard layout , after a while it Disappears13:44
SaryAny clue why ,13:45
gnomefreaki dont know what that means. and im not good with keyboard issues13:45
SaryO' okay13:45
Saryno bug reported for it , should i ask in launch[pad13:46
Saryor just fail a bug13:46
gnomefreakfile a bug13:46
tracy69so guys if i have custom made grub2 i installed also burg the spash screen use playmouth package i have conky netbeans vbox compix conf  if in the future i upgrade to 10.10 i will have again configure everything ?13:49
mcgregI've just tested ubuntu10.10 in qemu (kvm) - it seems to work fine but I cant move the mouse at all - neither when I boot from cd , nor after the installation - any ideas?13:53
mcgregok never mind .. it#s qemu13:56
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=== Sary|afk is now known as Sary
SarySary, see bug 62950314:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 629503 in gnome-applets (Ubuntu) "gnome-keyboard-properties 'Adding keyboard layout disappears" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62950314:27
tarzeauhas anyone tried the beta? it just failed when trying to install on xfs /14:46
tarzeaui also ticked get updates from internet14:46
tarzeauoh and the new photo tool is not great. trying out the sliders, just made it hang badly14:46
jo-erlendI just tried to add facebook to gwibber in m beta, but I'm not able. Is this a known problem?14:52
MikeChelenis there an error?14:52
jo-erlendno. It seems to be working, I'm able to authorize, but it doesn't appear to be added anyway.14:54
SaryLike nothing is showing ..14:55
jo-erlendwell... Actually, I was now able to add it. I don't know what happened before.14:56
MikeChelenthe account addition dialogs are a bit confusing to me sometimes14:58
MikeChelenalso it may take a while for updates to be fetched14:59
jo-erlendyes, not just a little either.14:59
jo-erlendbut it is possible that I used the wrong password the first times, cause I had changed the password and forgotten all about it. If that's the case, then there is a bug. If I remove the account, will it also be unautorized?15:01
SaryWb charlie-tca15:06
tschundeeecan I simply upgrade when 10.10 is out or are the chances pretty good that I will receive a "dirty-upgrade" and my OS will be not as smooth as installing the system from scratch? (e.g. lots of old elements and configuration issues) ???15:07
charlie-tcaHello, Sary15:07
charlie-tcatschundeee: upgrades from the previous version of part of the testing done before the release. If there are issues with it, there are notes in the release notes.15:08
charlie-tcaof part = are part15:08
tschundeeecharlie-tca: so my chances to get a clean 10.10 upgrade from 10.04 are not bad, huh?15:09
charlie-tcacorrect. If there are no issues listed in the release notes, it should be fine15:10
charlie-tcaI did have a system I upgraded from 5.10 to 9.10 before I decided to do a clean install.15:11
jo-erlendwell... I removed the Facebook account and added it again. It's very strange. Everything seems fine, but it's not added.15:13
jo-erlendheh, there are some issues to be resolved before release.15:17
Saryjo-erlend, have ya checked for updates .. there we're some for Gwibber15:20
jo-erlendI'm just running beta off a usb stick.15:21
Saryah , trying , not installed yet ..15:22
SaryI don't no why i got confused with the new installer ..15:22
SaryBut it looks pretty15:23
jo-erlendI haven't checked that out yet. I'm more focused on the live session at the moment. Very happy to see usb-creator.exe on the root.15:29
jo-erlendI hope they'll also make it very visible on ubuntu.com for users to download it when they're downloading the cd-image.15:29
SaryWb gnomefreak Ping !15:33
gnomefreakthanks Sary15:33
Sarygnomefreak, see bug 62950315:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 629503 in gnome-applets (Ubuntu) "gnome-keyboard-properties 'Adding keyboard layout disappears" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62950315:33
Saryyou're most welcome friend15:33
gnomefreakaiting for it to open15:34
* gnomefreak waiting for it to open15:34
gnomefreaki think it is edge <why its slow>15:35
gnomefreakSary: does it work all the time now that you removeed tab15:36
gnomefreakSary: also please run the following command for me15:36
sidneianyone is having trouble with slow scrolling performance on maverick? most noticeable on xchat, with nvidia graphics15:36
gnomefreakapport-collect 62950315:36
SaryI removed it , then Had to add it again , and now it's gone15:37
charlie-tcasidnei: not here15:37
gnomefreaksidnei: might be nvidia or it could be the transition15:37
gnomefreakSary: so same problem after you do that?15:37
gnomefreakcharlie-tca: your here still? go take a nap ;)15:37
charlie-tcaI went and came back15:38
jo-erlendoh... During the one hour I've been testing the live session from the beta image, I've uncovered lots of fairly big bugs. I guess I'll have to spend some time on them tomorrow.15:38
gnomefreakSary: please dont assign yourself to a bug unless you are working on fixing it15:38
gnomefreakcharlie-tca: me too15:38
charlie-tcajo-erlend: download a new daily to try before reporting them. There have already been a lot of changes15:38
gnomefreakjo-erlend: start filing bugs on it so they get fixed15:39
gnomefreakyeah what charlie-tca said15:39
jo-erlendyes, of course.15:39
Sarygnomefreak, of course15:39
SaryOkay , so now i add the layout .. it's there on the panel15:39
jo-erlendwhat's the point of the "What's new" section in Ubuntu Software Center?15:40
jo-erlendI mean... gnome-terminal and pidgin are hardly new software in Ubuntu?15:41
Sarygnomefreak, that command toke me to a page on launchpad15:42
gnomefreakSary: your bug page15:42
gnomefreakat least it should have15:42
gnomefreakjo-erlend: new no but improvents yes15:42
SaryIt's about applications authorized to access Launchpad on your behalf15:42
gnomefreakSary: let it15:43
SarySo i choice : change anything15:43
gnomefreakSary: yes15:44
gnomefreakit will than add alot of stuff to your bug report. s/alot/some depends on the app15:44
gnomefreakSary: thanks15:44
Sarygnomefreak, Thanks to you15:45
* gnomefreak not a keyboard guy but will still see what i see15:45
gnomefreakSary: np15:45
gnomefreakwell damn15:45
SaryShould i send the Apport data ..15:45
SaryWah !15:45
gnomefreakSary: did you use ubuntu-bug gnome-applets   when you filed the report?15:45
gnomefreakSary: yes send it15:46
gnomefreakthats why i dont see anything15:46
Sarygnomefreak, Yes i did15:46
SaryOkay , i'll do so15:46
gnomefreakdont run ubuntu-bug please15:46
gnomefreakonly when you first file the bug. and it didnt list any of the info it should have like system info15:46
SaryNah  , my bad i didn't actually .. that only works for Apps15:46
gnomefreakSary: gnome-applets is a package15:47
SaryI though i searched for it15:47
SaryYes it's is15:48
gnomefreaki need a smoke ill be back in a few15:48
Sarygnome-applets , The version of the package set to : 2.30.0-3ubuntu215:50
gnomefreakSary: much better thanks15:52
gnomefreaksee what i mean by sometimes little info is added15:52
SaryYeah it's better , my bad Excuse me15:53
gnomefreakSary: what version does apt-cache policy gnome-applets    give15:53
SaryThat got to be my first bug reported15:53
gnomefreakSary: np it happens15:53
Sarylemme see15:53
SaryInstalled: 2.30.0-3ubuntu215:54
gnomefreakSary: what version does canadate give?15:55
SaryCandidate: 2.30.0-3ubuntu215:55
gnomefreakok than typo on your part :)15:55
gnomefreaknp if i can help i try to15:56
SaryOh me , another issue pop-up15:56
gnomefreakwelcome to devel cycle15:57
Sary" update-apt-xapian-index" closed unexpectedly15:57
SaryYeah :)15:57
SaryShould i report that too ..15:58
gnomefreakoh taht15:58
gnomefreakthat even15:58
gnomefreakyofel: if you are around can you help Sary with the xapian. im fairly sure if was you that saw it and worked around it15:59
SaryAww , yofel is around :)15:59
Sarythe problem was already reported16:00
SaryBut not in Maverick16:01
gnomefreakSary: add that it happens in maverick to the bug please16:03
* gnomefreak wonders if it is a different package16:05
Sary  Installed: 0.38ubuntu116:05
Sary  Candidate: 0.38ubuntu116:05
gnomefreakSary: there isa workaround. something that has to do with /etc/apt/sources.list.d IIRC16:06
SaryNice ,16:10
gnomefreakSary: Sary do me one more big favor please. on the bug report (keyboard bug) please list detailed steps that you take to add it i need each step that you take to add it including what you add nad how you add it16:10
gnomefreakSary: once you do that please let me know so i can test here16:11
Sarygnomefreak, okay.16:11
gnomefreakSary: great thanks16:11
Raydiationno irc support for empathy right?16:11
gnomefreakRaydiation: i dont s16:12
gnomefreakee why not even16:12
gnomefreakread them both and just forget the typos16:13
gnomefreaki dont use it so i cant really help16:13
gnomefreakthe people that can are MIA16:14
gnomefreakRaydiation: the empathy support16:14
gnomefreakoh nevermind16:15
* gnomefreak sings "if i only had a brain"16:15
gnomefreakmia == missing in action16:15
gnomefreakand i thought empathy supported IRC16:15
gnomefreaksince it is default it better16:15
Raydiationhm, missing otr anyway16:17
Raydiationso i cant use it16:17
=== geser_ is now known as geser
Sarygnomefreak, see bug 62950316:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 629503 in gnome-applets (Ubuntu) "gnome-keyboard-properties 'Adding keyboard layout disappears" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62950316:19
gnomefreakhttp://www.thewildernessdowntown.com/  << is cool. i warned myself next time i will remove my self16:20
gnomefreakgnomefreak please refrain from sting offtopic links into support channels, thank you16:21
gnomefreaknp gnomefreak sorry16:21
gnomefreakSary: i dont see the steps16:22
gnomefreakSary: i dont understand the steps16:22
gnomefreakwhat language did you add and please be exact on that16:23
SaryWhat you mean , i just updated the description16:23
SaryO' okay , i'll add that too16:23
SaryWhat else ..16:24
lubuntu_userrrWhy the ubuntu font was not included into 10.10 beta 1?16:24
gnomefreakSary: lable each step as 1. step 2. step ect..16:24
gnomefreaklubuntu_userrr: who says it wont be16:24
gnomefreaklabel even16:24
lubuntu_userrrWell, i tested it and the default ui font was Sans16:25
gnomefreaklubuntu_userrr: that does not mean it will not change16:25
gnomefreakbe back in a few16:25
lubuntu_userrrgnomefreak: I still believe that ubuntu font needs to be the default font for 10.10, so I wanted to show it to some friends. It is not the default евен ин тхе рецент даилъ буилдс.16:27
lubuntu_userrrIt is not the default even in the recent daily builds cds.16:27
Sarygnomefreak, see bug 62950316:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 629503 in gnome-applets (Ubuntu) "gnome-keyboard-properties 'Adding keyboard layout disappears" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62950316:29
gnomefreakit is possible it will not be until 11.04. file a bug on it and give me the bug number please ill see what i can do16:30
gnomefreakSary: how many do you have listed in there?16:31
SaryJust one16:31
gnomefreakSary: just the arabic?16:31
SaryWb yofel Ping!16:32
gnomefreakthere is yofel_ welcome to the fun16:32
gnomefreakSary: befarul with ping. if you can try not to do it.16:32
gnomefreakyou can get errors trust me16:32
SaryNow can i feel the hype on the devel cycle16:32
Sarylol, okay. noted16:33
gnomefreakfor example ping gnomefreak will give you a PM16:33
Sarycan i try16:33
gnomefreakSary: can you add USA and see if it does it16:33
gnomefreakyes you can16:33
SaryWell , actually The US keyboard layout was there by default16:34
SaryI just added the Arabic Layout16:34
SaryYou know , i have to switch between theme allot16:35
gnomefreakcan you try adding a different lang. i want to see if you can reproduce it with others. and add the info to the bgu report16:35
lubuntu_userrrgnomefreak: Do you know if it is possible to have a new pull from the openchrome repository for 10.10 until it is released (since it is highly unusual thing at this phase of development)? The main problem is theat X11 is the only option for video renderer.16:35
gnomefreaki typed my reply just beofre you said USA was there already16:35
gnomefreaklubuntu_userrr: not sure16:36
SaryOkay done. seems like i can only add 4 layout16:38
gnomefreakok make sure they have same problem16:39
SaryWait , you know what really happened .. the Keyboard applet disappears16:41
SaryI mean from the panel ..16:41
SarySo i'll add that info to the bug.16:42
gnomefreakSary: thanks16:43
screen-x10.10 UNE is much slower than 10.04 UNR on my eee 701 :(16:43
screen-xis it possible to remove unity and go back to the old netbook launcher?16:43
AlanBellhi all16:45
screen-xo/ AlanBell16:45
AlanBellare we expecting the Ubuntu font to be installed on the CD for Maverick?16:45
SaryWhat that font may be16:46
gnomefreakAlanBell: dont know. file a wishlist bug so it can be looked at and maybe get a FFE16:46
charlie-tcaand let us know the bug number, please?16:47
AlanBellok, where should I file that, in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu or in the font bit?16:47
gnomefreakanyone know of a blog on this. there *has* to be one16:48
charlie-tcaThe only one I have seen is design team16:48
charlie-tcaI would guess launchpad is good, since it is asking for a specific change16:49
gnomefreakwell if anyone finds one please give it to me so i can read it and put in topic if it is ok16:49
AlanBellI just re-read sabdfl's initial post about the font, it doesn't quite say "will be in 10.10"16:49
gnomefreakwell give me link please16:50
gnomefreakAlanBell: thanks16:50
AlanBell"I expect to see that font widely used in 10.10"16:50
AlanBellwhich at the time I took to mean "will be on the CD"16:50
SaryExactly :)16:52
charlie-tcanote the part about "When does everyone get it?"16:52
AlanBell"scheduled to be shipped in Ubuntu 10.10"16:52
SarySo ,  The font is named “UbuntuBeta” and the package name is ubuntu-private-nda-fonts.16:53
Saryhey seb16:53
sebsebsebSary: Hey16:53
sebsebsebuh yeah ty16:54
AlanBellSary: yeah, not sure whether to file an ffe there though16:54
SaryWell , it's isn't on Synaptic ..16:55
AlanBellbother, ubuntu-bug says it is not a genuine ubuntu package16:56
=== gnomefreak changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Official Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat support/discussion | IRC Guidelines: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | Lucid support in #ubuntu | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule | Beta Released : See http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/maverick/beta | Firefox 4.0 will not make 10.10 | The Ubuntu font information can be found http://tinyurl.com/347wdr6.
gnomefreakthere now it is in /topic16:56
SaryNice Step :)16:57
gnomefreakplease send people there about the font16:57
SaryThanks G16:57
SaryOh , only Ubuntu member may get it !16:58
sebsebsebSary: yep16:58
charlie-tcaAlanBell: Forgot about that. It is still a PPA, so it is not an ubuntu package yet16:58
sebsebsebSary: a closed source kind of way, of doing it16:58
sebsebsebSary: Plus its made on Macs16:58
sebsebsebSary: I guess the Canonical design team don't know how to use open source graphics design programs properly, so yeah16:59
gnomefreakkeep in mind there are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed first16:59
AlanBellit isn't being done by the design team16:59
sebsebsebAlanBell: Oh who is making it then?17:00
AlanBellit is being commissioned by canonical and desinged by Dalton Maag17:00
sebsebsebAlanBell: right so they are paying another company to make it?17:00
gnomefreakgo figure i thought it was design team. is Dalton part of the design team?17:00
AlanBelland as I understand it, the odd release process is related to the way it is being purchased17:01
gnomefreakok only 6000 more emails for tomorrow plus the others i get :(17:02
gnomefreakbe back17:02
Awsoonnhi all, I upgraded to 10.10 this morning and found the nvidia driver has an ABI mis match which caused X to not load. Should I report this?17:05
AlanBellbug 62962217:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 629622 in Ubuntu "ffe: new Ubuntu font" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62962217:05
charlie-tcaThanks, AlanBell17:06
charlie-tcaAwsoonn: already been reported17:06
Awsoonncharlie-tca: I figured as much, can I get a link to the bug, or a hint at the package it's in?17:06
ryanakcaHow do I get pulse to recognize my hardware sound card? It's pavucontrol only shows a Dummy Output under Virtual Output Devices and nothing under Hardware Output Devices...17:07
gnomefreakAwsoonn: should be fixed with next nvidia-current upload17:07
AlanBellcan someone check I have done the right stuff on the ffe, not done one before17:07
gnomefreakAndre_Gondim: no need17:07
charlie-tcabug 61602317:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 616023 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu Maverick) "nVidia card : X won't start since 1.9 update, no screens found" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61602317:07
koudhello, I am trying to make a live usb using unetbootin17:08
koudbut i get no init found17:08
koudwhen I try to boot17:09
koudis there a known fix for that?17:09
charlie-tcakoud: are you creating in maverick for maverick?17:09
gnomefreakAlanBell: its fine i added my comment to it17:09
koudno I am using 10.04 to create live usb for 10.1017:10
gnomefreakkoud: its broken it is known see the link in the topic for the beta release17:10
koudgnomefreak: it only mentions ubuntu live usb tool, I am not using that17:10
gnomefreakthat might not be the same than but look anyway. there is a bug # attached to the comment on that page17:10
charlie-tcaversions have to match17:10
gnomefreakoh ok not the same than'17:10
koudI use unetbootin17:11
charlie-tcaCreating lucid live on usb using maverick/creating maverick live on usb using lucid both fail17:11
Sarykoud, try to chose to boot from USB from the boot option17:12
Sarycharlie-tca, indeed17:12
Sarybut i did install it for usb last night17:13
koudSary: yes ofcourse I have done that :P it boots the bootloader but then it get stuck becuase missing init file17:13
AlanBellgnomefreak: charlie-tca thanks for your help, I certainly didn't expect to end up filing an ffe for it when I asked about the font!17:13
Sarykroson, Wb17:13
charlie-tcaAlanBell: You are welcome17:13
gnomefreakAlanBell: may not be needed but your welcome i made adjustments to bug report and commented on it17:13
Sarykoud, do you get some error .17:15
koudno init found17:15
koudI think just ubuntu has changed some files, making it incompatible with unetbootin17:15
koudI was just wondering if someone had found a workaround17:16
Saryhave ya checked the MD5SUM for the iso17:16
sanna_Hi, I was just installing 10.10, but the bootloader was installed on my usb when I used the advanced option in order to set partitions. It was defaulted at the usb, was it the same for you?17:17
gnomefreakok i think i am done filing bugs for this week17:18
Sarygnomefreak, Well done. Slut ya17:19
koudSary: no problme there, I am not alone17:19
koud alot of people who have this problem17:19
koudbut seems no one has acknowledged yet17:19
koudthere is already bugreport on launchpad17:19
koudsince the alphas17:19
Sarykoud, okay .. i am looking in to something | hold on17:19
sanna_could someone confirm if by installing through usb and picking advanced option the bootloader defaults to usb? that would be a pretty simple fix I assume17:21
Sarysanna_, i did17:22
sanna_Sary, the same happened to you?17:23
sanna_I'm a noob, so I wasn't sure why it seemed to point to the usb, but I assumed it was correct sine it obviously did. Has there been a bug reported for it?17:24
Sarykoud, have ya tried burning the iso with Start up disk creator17:26
koudyou mean like to a cd?17:27
koudI dont have any computers that uses cd or dvd :P17:27
SaryTo the USB17:27
koudI am getting a updated version of live usb17:27
SaryThats what i did17:27
koudit is supposed to work17:28
Sarysanna_, i am searching if there is bug about that17:28
Sarykoud, what you mean .. witch iso did ya download17:29
koudi386 10.10 beta17:30
koudSary: I mean I am getting a new version of the live usb creating tool  for ubuntu17:31
koudso I can make a 10.10 bootable usb17:31
SaryAha , nice .. hope that goes well17:32
Raydiationnouveau crashes x17:32
sanna_Sary, thank you.17:32
koudSary: no problem, I just came here to ask if there was anyone who know workaround for the unetbootin problem :P17:32
koudI am pretty experienced computer user so I am sure I will find a way :P17:33
Sarykoud, sanna_ Welcome17:33
Sarya geek :)17:34
killer999gwibber is not showing any tweets in the timeline...I upgraded to the latest version already17:34
koudSary: you could say that17:35
emveexorg is using up the cpu like crazy for no apparent reason sometimes, that normal?17:35
gnomefreakkiller999: check for the bug. i do recall seeing a few liek that one17:35
koudemvee: I dont think that is supposed to be usual no :P17:35
Sarykiller999, same here ..no tweet update nothing showing17:35
sidneiemvee, im having a similar issue, thought it could be the nvidia driver. what video card you have?17:36
killer999Sary, never got gwibber working since Lucid Beta....don't know how can they ship this17:36
emveeits normally low but goes up to 50% wout much cause sometimes17:36
emveei don't know i just got this laptop from my sister17:37
emveewhat is the cmmand to check17:37
Sarykiller999, when i was on Lucid it worked just fine17:37
koudSary: got it working now =)17:38
Sarykoud, Yey .. thats whats Geek :)17:39
SaryWhats up*17:39
Sarysanna_, Witch iso did you download to install maverick beta17:40
killer999Sary, it never worked for my out of I don't know how many attempts....Earlier I used Pino but It does not have OAuth support now....so I went back again to Gwibber...17:40
emveeit could be bitchx in the terminal itself making xorg chew the cpu17:40
emveeit's about 30 usage now but goes up to over 50 just making the window full screen17:41
emveewhen i changed to the second workspace after a time it lwered back to normal so suspect it's the bitchx terminal17:41
sanna_Sary, ubuntu-10.10-beta-desktop-amd64.iso made on the first of sep which is now the deafult 64-bit version of maverick beta17:42
Sarykiller999, don't know why it didn't work for ya .. have tried another program17:43
Sarysanna_, OKay. just checking to make it sure17:43
emveebb after i check how it goes log out of irc17:44
ryanakcaHow do I get pulse to recognize my hardware sound card? It's pavucontrol only shows a Dummy Output under Virtual Output Devices and nothing under Hardware Output Devices...17:47
mvdefinitely bitchx making xorg kind of hay wire i think17:47
mvsimple program though. ug, now everything is jolting. wnder if ur right about the videocard sidnei17:48
killer999Sary, I used Pino but it does not support OAuth.17:48
kklimondaryanakca: if it's happening just after installation (as opposed to after you have tinkered with your system) report it17:49
ryanakcakklimonda: Dist upgrade from lucid17:49
ryanakca(meaning I went from pulse-free to pulse)17:49
kklimondaryanakca: oh, no idea then - make sure you have all packages installed.17:49
Awsoonnis there a known issue with firfox on 10.10? Immeadiatly craches when I try to run it.17:50
hikuAwsoonn: do you get any errors?17:50
Awsoonnfirefox crash reporter opens up but hasn't anything that looks useful for debugging. Nothing in terminal either.17:51
hikuAwsoonn: odd. run strace?17:51
Raydiationthe nouveau driver crashes x17:52
Raydiationand the nvidia driver causes the theme engine to fail17:52
blendmaster1024what?? we're still using nouveau?17:53
blendmaster1024who's dumb idea was that?17:53
blendmaster1024can't we just use vesa on nvidia cards, with a highly recommended option to install nouveau or nvidia?17:54
hikublendmaster1024: agreeded17:54
blendmaster1024'cause nouveau causes huge problems for some nvidia cards17:54
hikuwoot 26 more mins until I blow up my comp I guess17:55
blendmaster1024though admittedly it Just Works®17:55
blendmaster1024on some cards ...17:55
Awsoonnhiku: how do I get strace to save output to a file? i tired ' strace firefox -o strace.txt17:57
martez89I upgraded to 10.10 today, but when I try to start evolution nothing happens. When I put sudo apt-get install evolution in terminal I get this: The following packages have unmet dependencies: evolution : Depends: evolution-data-server (>= 2.30.2) but it is not going to be installed Depends: evolution-data-server (< 2.31) but it is not going to be installed E: Broken packages17:57
martez89* pyTopher has quit (Client Quit)17:57
martez89what can I do to solve this?17:57
martez89also I have this problem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/61936517:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 619365 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "Screen corruption when X starts" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:59
martez89I need to restart my notebook several time to get it to work18:00
charlie-tcaAwsoonn: usually have to use "tee" as this shows - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Backtrace18:01
Awsoonn strace firefox -o strace.txt18:02
Awsoonn strace firefox -o strace.txt18:02
Awsoonnoh, sorry about the above~18:03
charlie-tcaThis one for 3.5 should also work for the latest firefox - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Bugs?action=show&redirect=DebuggingFirefox#Firefox-3.518:03
charlie-tcahere is the one to tee strace - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Strace18:04
killer999this is the worst bug ever...gwibber only works if english (united states) is selected as default language...does not work with english(u.k). english (India) or any other english language18:06
charlie-tcaAwsoonn: sorry, should have given you the strace thing first18:06
Sarykiller999, have ya update lately ..18:09
* Sary welcoming charlie-tca to Deviant ART18:10
Sarykiller999, Wb18:10
Saryhave ya checked for update's18:11
killer999Sary, what?18:11
SaryWb = Welcome Back18:11
killer999Sary, thanx....i googled and found it only works if english u.s. is default language18:12
killer999Sary, yeah i updated it to the latest version with OAuth support18:13
Awsoonncharlie-tca: that's fine, I should know this stuff by now anyways. :P which is better usine strace or gdb?18:13
Sarycharlie-tca, killer999 see bug 62950318:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 629503 in gnome-applets (Ubuntu) "gnome-keyboard-properties 'Adding keyboard layout disappears" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62950318:14
killer999at least I got something....Gwibber only show DMs after I changed the langauge to english (u.s)...nothing else...no timeline....18:17
sidneii've reverted to the nv driver (instead of nvidia) and now X is running more smoothly18:25
Awsoonnthank you all, my 10.10 system is working great now! What do ye reccomenmed I try out?18:34
SaryAwsoonn, Mine also Flawless, i may try out Compiz fusion as soon as the updates is over18:41
SaryPlayOnLinx for games , Vuze for torrents ..18:42
AwsoonnSary: have you tried playOnLinux? I'm tempted to give it a whirl~19:01
yofel_Sary: pong (was in town)19:03
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
yofelnvidia 256.53 and qt4.7-rc1 uploaded, nice :D19:07
=== uRock is now known as Need4Feed
charlie-tcaAwsoonn: depends on the app you need traced. Not all applications can be gdb traced19:24
charlie-tcaand some developers prefer that strace instead.19:25
Awsoonncharlie-tca: I found the problem was in IcedTea , removing it solved mah issues :)19:28
charlie-tcaGreat! Kind of annoying to find that kind of issue, though19:28
charlie-tcakoud, Sary : might want a look at bug 608382, comment 2019:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 608382 in usb-creator (Ubuntu) "Maverick images burned to usb key on lucid fail to boot - different syslinux version" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60838219:31
koudcharlie-tca: my problem was with unetbootin19:32
charlie-tcaoh, sorry19:32
koudcharlie-tca: I got a working usb by getting the pre released version for lucid of usbcreator19:33
koudcharlie-tca: as mentioned in comment 3519:33
charlie-tcaOh, good!19:33
switz_after upgrading I can't start x anymore19:46
yofelswitz_: ati?19:50
tgpraveenhey please help just installed meerkat beta. now am lacking visual effects and in proprietary emnu its showing no additional drivers available. i am using ati radeon 5670hd19:50
tgpraveenwhat should i do? this is my first time with ubuntu+ati cards. is this normal or this is a beta issue?19:51
kklimondaerm, why is appmenu-gtk so slow? o.O19:51
kklimondahmm, not in every application19:51
yofeltgpraveen: ati drivers arrive usually pretty late in the release, so that's pretty usualy19:52
=== Need4Feed is now known as uRock
tgpraveenyofel: but then i should get the option of lucid's ati drivers or something19:52
yofel(I'm an nvidia person, so please don't ask me *when* it's going to be there)19:52
yofeltgpraveen: that doesn't work since maverick has a newer X19:52
tgpraveensomebody with ati drivers tell me how to get it. right now i dont even have window borders19:53
reigI'm trying to test the maverick but at boot time error messages just flash on the screen and then it goes blank. How can I get those messages?n19:53
=== duffy is now known as duffydack
DanaGHmm, this 1px window border nearly impossible to grab.20:01
DanaGIt's literally 0.1728 millimeters.20:03
DanaGer, lost an 'is', there.20:03
duffydackyup :)20:05
charlie-tcareig: remove "quiet splash" from the boot line in the grub menu20:06
reigcharlie-tca: thanks, I will try that now20:07
duffydackb43 driver still fails to install.. meh.20:40
IdleOne113 updates! can't wait to see what breaks20:43
duffydackam I the only one who cant get the b43 driver to install.  just goes thru it like its installing then errors.  STA does fine.20:43
IdleOnewhat's the error?20:44
IdleOneI don't use b43 mind you20:44
duffydackwith jockey20:45
duffydackI dont usually use it but I`m just trying it out, as its been junk in the past for me..20:45
bhundvenhello. a while back I swapped caps lock and ctrl using the keyboard preferences pane in gnome. Now I want to switch back, but when I set it back to defaults the setting doesn't stick.20:46
bhundvenWhen I did this, I also clicked "Apply System-Wide"20:47
bhundvenI forgot about ubuntu+1, and someone said to try turnning off Seperate layouts for each window, but that didn't help at all.20:47
duffydackIdleOne,  just says installation of the driver failed, see log.  The package is installed tho according to apt.   Just wont enable the driver I guess.  Tried with 2 broadcom adpaters20:50
IdleOneinstalled and configured properly are two different things20:50
IdleOneyou tried dpkg -configure -a ?20:51
murielgodoiHi guys, my netbook stopped while doing a "update-manager -d" How should I proceed?20:53
billybigriggeranyone else here recently loose their ambiance-maverick-beta theme?21:03
mvomurielgodoi: stoped in what way? froze solid?21:06
Sarycharlie-tca, I sow the bug 608382 .. will keep it noted for sharing21:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 608382 in usb-creator (Ubuntu) "Maverick images burned to usb key on lucid fail to boot - different syslinux version" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60838221:06
duffydackIdleOne, removed it, and installed from shell, installed ok but I needed to modprobe b43 to get anything in NM to show up, which the only it did show was greyed out wireless (device not ready no firmware)21:06
Sarycharlie-tca, Thanks , have seen my bug21:07
murielgodoimvo: Seens that grub config dialog openned in background but i could't access that due to metacity crash21:07
Sarycharlie-tca, see bug 62950321:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 629503 in gnome-applets (Ubuntu) "gnome-keyboard-properties 'Adding keyboard layout disappears" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62950321:07
murielgodoimvo: I tried a metacoty -- replace, but metacity didn't load back21:10
murielgodoimvo: so I restarted in tty1 and now running a sudo dpkg --configure -a21:11
mvomurielgodoi: ok21:14
murielgodoimvo: should I fill a bug?21:14
mvomurielgodoi: about the metacity crash please21:15
murielgodoimvo: How can I get the metacity crash logs after the complete instalation?21:15
mvomurielgodoi: it should be in /var/crash21:18
murielgodoimvo: cool.. i will check that21:18
* murielgodoi thanks mvo21:19
Awsoonnbug 614067 /joing ubuntu-motu21:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 614067 in lincity-ng (Ubuntu) "lincity-ng links against uninstallable libphysfs-1.0.so.0" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61406721:20
Awsoonnsorry about that... :(21:20
charlie-tcaSary: hope it helps21:25
charlie-tcathere should be another bug about that keyboard applet too. I will see if I can find it21:26
charlie-tcaSary: bug 592989 for xfce21:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 592989 in menu (Ubuntu) "non us keyboard settings lost after install menu 2.1.41ubuntu1" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59298921:27
DanaGSay, how do I get filelight to stop scanning across filesystem boundaries?21:29
zniavregood evening21:35
zniavrei saw nvidia 256.xx updated this night, how long do you think the:173.14.xx legacy driver will be updated too ?21:36
zniavre(i hope the 256.xx is usable now if it supports 1.9 xserver21:37
sidnei_it wasnt for me, very sluggish scrolling21:38
voidmageokay, 256.53 hit maverick restricted21:38
voidmagetime to beta it up21:38
Sarycharlie-tca, Wow ! isn't that something  .. and i lost the Keyboard applet again ! not again :(21:38
zniavresidnei_,  did you use the "ignoreABI" stuff?21:38
charlie-tcaSary: Seems like a bug ;-(21:39
quidnuncI have "deb http://gpl.savoirfairelinux.net/pub/mirrors/ubuntu/ meerkat main multiverse restricted universe" in my sources.list but I keep getting "404 Not Found" with "aptitude update". Browsing the mirror via HTTP makes it seem that the files are there. Anyone know what the problem could be?21:39
sidnei_zniavre, wasn't needed apparently, but would that cause a performance issue?21:39
zniavresidnei_,  i do not know21:39
Sarycharlie-tca, Yeah.21:39
yofelquidnunc: that should be 'maverick' , not 'meerkat'21:40
SaryAnd that got to be my first bug to report Thaha21:40
Sarykroson, Wb21:40
krosonhi there Sary21:40
yofelzniavre: ignoreABI isn't needed with 256.53 anymore21:41
Saryhe kroson friend :)21:41
quidnuncyofel: That was silly of me. Thanks21:41
Sarykiller999, Wb21:41
killer999Sary, xD21:41
voidmagemy connection is so slow~21:42
voidmagei get antsy when i'm waiting on the big upgrades21:42
DanaGJust be glad you don't have hardware that needs 96 drivers... those have been dead for like 3-4 years.  Glad I got rid of my last thing that used that garbage.21:43
voidmageand "you have held broken packages"21:43
SarySalutation Maverick's :D21:48
voidmagefirst have to grab 600MB of texlive packages21:49
voidmageTHEN the 1.2GB or however many of maverick packages21:49
SaryYou need some speed up :)21:50
voidmage3 meg dsl21:50
voidmagei refuse to give comcast my money, and uverse will never happen in my neighborhood21:50
Sary3 meg , sounds good21:55
* charlie-tca thinks fast compared to the 1.2MB/s max here21:55
=== mv_ is now known as glich
SaryAT&T , whats up with that21:56
Sarycharlie-tca, i am close to yours :)21:56
charlie-tcaQwest here21:56
charlie-tca4 hours to d/l a dvd image21:56
charlie-tcaand it was only 1.8GB21:57
voidmageyay at&t 8D21:57
voidmagesurprisingly my line is faster when i pay for 3 meg service than 6 meg21:57
voidmageSNR gets too high at 6 meg21:57
charlie-tcaMaybe they are changing the server then. If they switch you to an overloaded system, it slows down a lot21:58
voidmagenah it was a line problem21:58
voidmagein the copper21:58
charlie-tcayeah, that does it too21:58
tuga3dhi all, just testing 10.10 beta. i'm using Empathy and i cant see the users in the irc.21:59
Saryhey tuga3d21:59
=== glich is now known as emvee
tuga3dSary, are you on 10.10 beta?22:00
tuga3dare you using emphaty to access irc?22:01
SaryI will do now22:01
tuga3dSary: thnks :)22:01
Maverick-Btuga3d: You are right .. the user list is empty22:02
tuga3d:) i've never post a bug, do you post or do i?22:03
SaryWell ,i reported my first bug just early today22:04
charlie-tcayou can post it using ubuntu-bug empathy  in a terminal22:04
tuga3dgonna try it22:04
SaryYeah , thats easy and simple22:05
Maverick-BMaybe if i change the theme  , the list will show up lol22:06
Maverick-BI am out22:06
Sarytuga3d, see bug 62268422:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 622684 in empathy (Ubuntu) "Empathy shows empty member list on IRC channels" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62268422:10
tuga3dSary, ok22:10
billybigriggeranyone here familiar with rebuilding nvidia kernel modules with dkms?22:11
tuga3dSary, that's it :)22:12
billybigriggernvidia-current, 256.53, 2.6.35-19-generic, x86_64: installed22:12
DanaGWeird... my gwibber is entirely empty.22:12
billybigriggerdkms states i have 256.33 installed, but nvidia-xsetttings reports xxx.44 which is preventing me from launching starcraft 2, i get this error message22:12
tuga3dSary, i'm going to update. i think it's fixed22:13
billybigriggerany suggestions on how to correct this API mismatch error22:13
Sarytuga3d, Yeah .. look at comment #6 .. i got the -
SaryDanaG, same here .. so far22:13
tuga3dSary, upgrading now22:14
bjsniderbillybigrigger, have you restarted since you updated nvidia-current?22:14
bjsniderif not, you need to22:14
billybigriggeryes i have22:14
billybigriggeri noticed no plymouth on boot-up which was my first guess something nvidia-related was broken22:14
billybigriggerholy smokes!22:15
voidmagebillybigrigger: try dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-current22:15
voidmagethat usually forced a rebuild22:15
billybigriggerwill do22:15
billybigriggereven though dkms status reports nvidia-current, 256.53, 2.6.35-19-generic, x86_64: installed22:15
bjsnideris that the kernel you're booting?22:16
billybigriggerLinux cabo 2.6.35-19-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Sun Aug 29 06:34:38 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux22:16
billybigriggeri'll try another reboot i guess22:17
bjsniderdo a flea power reboot22:17
billybigriggerlet's see if that worked22:19
billybigriggerstill no plymouth22:19
billybigriggernvidia x server settings reports xxx.53 now though, which is good :P22:19
bjsniderif this doesn't work:22:19
bjsniderif this doesn't work:22:19
bjsniderdo a flea power reboot22:19
voidmagehas nvidia ever worked with plymouth?22:20
billybigriggervoidmage, yes22:20
billybigriggerbjsnider, call me stupid, but i've never heard of a flea power reboot22:21
billybigriggerbut SC2 launches now, now i'm getting crashes when exiting, but i don't plan on exiting again now for a few hours :P22:21
bjsniderwell, that was the problem though22:21
bjsniderdata stuck in memory that survives a reboot22:22
voidmagebillybigrigger: is this new with 10.10? i could never get it to do more than the ugly low-res thing in 10.0422:22
billybigriggervoidmage, now you have me wondering if it ever did work22:22
bjsnideryou have to power off, unplug it, and drain the power out of the ram by pressing the power switch for 30-45 seconds.22:22
billybigriggermy laptop used to run 10.10 but it had an ati card, maybe that's where i'm seeing plymouth22:23
reya2276Wow the Unity UI is complicated there is no way to close an open tab22:23
reya2276like how do you close the applications tab22:23
reya2276or how do you add another user to the system?22:23
billybigriggerbjsnider, right, my desktop is never powered off :P22:23
billybigriggerthanks for the help though guys, off to play some sc for a few......hours :P22:24
reya2276is there a Manual for the Unity Netbook UI?22:26
yofelvoidmage: I got low-res and low-color-depth in lucid, in maverick I still get low-res plymouth, but at least the color depth looks better (didn't try with 256.53 yet though)22:27
ethana3anybody here using ARGB translucency?22:29
tuga3dSary: perfect :)22:29
kim0Hi folks .. I'm on Maverick up2date, using the closed nvidia driver. Is it normal to have Xorg using 12% CPU while doing nothing (starring at top) ?22:33
voidmagei still can't upgrade to beta, saying i have held broken packages22:35
voidmagejust ran apt-get -f install22:35
yofelvoidmage: something like bug 614993?22:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 614993 in apt (Ubuntu) "10.04 -> 10.10 upgrade fails: pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks: xserver-xorg-video-v4l demoted to universe" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61499322:35
voidmagenot sure,m but i do have that package installed22:36
yofelcan you check the logs?22:36
voidmagewhere are the logs?22:37
yofelgood question, somewhere in /var/log I think22:38
voidmageokay mine looks like it's broken on libgdk-pixbuf2.0-022:38
voidmagelet me paste th is22:39
Raydiationkroson: hehe, i figured out the cause of the theme engine problems22:39
Raydiationits the nvidia driver22:39
Raydiationit deactivates all gtk themes and activates stupid standard sounds22:39
voidmageokay it's deeper than that maybe22:39
voidmageeverything is broken it looks like22:40
sburwoodShould Maverick work on an EEE PC and or on a Pentium 4 at 2.4 Ghz?22:40
Raydiationthis is the most bugged beta ive ever tried22:40
sburwoodand how could I test it before installing it definively?22:40
yofellive disk/usb?22:41
charlie-tcasburwood: download the desktop cd and use "try before installing"22:41
ethana3sburwood: given 640+ MB of RAM, you should be able to run a liveUSB or liveCD of 10.10 to test22:42
yofelvoidmage: actually, dist-upgrade here errors out on libgtk2.0-bin - which sounds like your problem22:42
yofelshould be resolved in a few hours22:42
BUGabundoso guys, how did the release go?22:42
BUGabundoseeing a lot of KDE files still waiting to be built22:42
yofelBUGabundo: suddenly everyone is complaining that it's broken :P22:43
yofelright, that would be KDE 4.5.122:43
voidmagebeen trying to upgrade the minute 256.53 was available22:43
Raydiationanyone using the proprietary nvidia driver?22:43
Raydiationthe current one is messed up22:43
Raydiationslow performance and theme problems22:43
ChogyDanRaydiation: it boots now?22:44
BUGabundoyofel: they should know better: NEVER upgrade22:44
RaydiationChogyDan: ?22:44
BUGabundoRaydiation: LONG LIVE nouveau22:44
BUGabundoit even has 3D now22:44
ChogyDanRaydiation: yesterday, it didn't boot, haven't tried it today22:44
RaydiationBUGabundo: nouveau causes X freezes22:44
yofelnvidia is pretty fine here, feels a bit slower with new X, but 3D nouveau feels even slower here22:45
BUGabundoRaydiation: WFM22:45
voidmage[ ]libgtk2.0-bin_2.21.7-1ubuntu1_all.deb03-Sep-2010 13:06  40K22:45
DanaGwfm = "works for me"22:45
BUGabundowhat he said22:45
yofelvoidmage: right, here it's holding it back at 2.21.6-1ubuntu322:46
RaydiationBUGabundo: after some time everything except mouse and sound freezes22:46
Raydiationi cant restart X nor ctrl alt f122:46
Raydiationso nouveau is even more messed up22:46
yofelRaydiation: I saw that too, but not recently22:46
yofelant with nvidia that is22:46
Raydiationgtx 27522:46
Raydiationexperienced it 2 times today22:47
yofelnouveau gives me a black screen after a while22:47
Raydiationwhen watching video22:47
yofelRaydiation: freeze with nvidia or nouveau?22:47
Raydiationi filed a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/62986822:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 629868 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "Activating proprietary nvidia driver deactivates theme engine" [Undecided,New]22:47
voidmageokay i see it now22:48
voidmageactually checked packages.gz22:48
Raydiationplus dont ask me why: nvidia activates stupid standard sounds22:48
Raydiationmaybe the installation or activation messes up gconf22:49
jesse2Hello.  Has anyone know if Ubuntu Tweak (latest version... 0.5.6) works with Ubuntu 10.10 beta?22:49
Raydiationor the db where usersettings are stored22:49
C-S-Burgh, meerkat upgrade is horribly broken, no gnome panel and missing dependencies22:50
killer999gwibber is not even starting....can someone take a look at this...http://pastebin.com/PJhbLCFV22:50
Raydiationmost broken beta ever imho22:50
Raydiationstupid release date22:50
Raydiationinstaller is great btw22:50
charlie-tcaand I was thinking everything is actually working this time22:51
Raydiationkiller999: twitter is broken iirc22:51
voidmagewhy would the version be stuck if the package is uploaded in the archives?22:51
yofeljesse2: not sure, but it should work mostly (but we don't support ubuntu-tweak here as it's 3rd party software)22:51
ChogyDanvoidmage: try apt-get installing the packages22:52
yofelvoidmage: not sure, maybe the arch-independent part didn't yet build on LP and now the deps are broken22:52
voidmagedon't think i can, this is for a dist-upgrade22:52
killer999Raydiation, what u mean?22:52
voidmageyofel: it looks like it's an amd64 only problem22:52
voidmagethe version is right on 32 bit22:52
Raydiationkiller999: gwibber is broken atm due to twitter api change iirc22:52
ChogyDanvoidmage: apt-get install will sometimes tell more info on why a package is help back22:53
yofelvoidmage: right, arch-independent is built on i386, probably the amd64 builds are out of sync22:53
voidmageChogyDan: but i can't because i'm still on 10.04 trying to upgrade22:53
C-S-Bthink Im subject of a partial upgrade22:53
C-S-Bbest to wait till the packages sync again?22:54
ChogyDanvoidmage: I know, but apt-get install will process an upgrade:  apt-get install <package to upgrade>22:54
killer999Raydiation, but it should start at least.....its not even launching....nothing happens when i click on gwiiber22:54
voidmageyes, nothing happens22:54
voidmagebecause i'm still on lucid22:54
jesse2yofel: thanks22:54
yofelC-S-B: you could try apt-get install -f, but check what it wants to do first before applying22:54
C-S-Byofel, ive tried22:55
Raydiationkiller999: it starts here22:55
Raydiationkiller999: try removing any config files in your home dir22:55
voidmageokay it looks like the amd64 build was fixed an hour ago, so next time the publisher runs22:55
voidmagehow often is that?22:55
Raydiation.gwibber if there is such22:55
yofelvoidmage: publisher every 10-15min iirc, mirrors get synced every few hours22:56
DanaGSay, my gwibber is completely empty -- no messages.22:56
killer999Raydiation, no .gwibber file22:56
DanaGIt's pointed only at facebook.22:56
Raydiationkiller999: .config/gwibber?22:56
C-S-Byofel, looks like even gnome isnt intalled ?22:57
yofelC-S-B: wait a while then, I have held packages too here22:57
yofelC-S-B: try to install ubuntu-desktop22:57
killer999Raydiation, ok i delete the folder or what is inside22:57
C-S-Byofel, fails22:58
DanaGHmm, there's also .config/desktop-couch22:58
DanaGand .cache/desktop-couch22:58
yofelC-S-B: then try again in an hour or two22:58
C-S-Byofel, i have no panel, icons, window frames22:58
quidnuncWhat is new in Meerkat. I can't find a summary besides the bug list22:58
DanaGGreat, it lets me authorize, but there's no way to "add"/22:59
yofelubuntu-desktop should take care of installing everything you need22:59
Raydiationquidnunc: bugged as hell22:59
voidmageokay there we go23:00
voidmagepackage got published, upgrade's on the way23:00
ChogyDanquidnunc: there is a link in the /topic23:00
voidmagewhat the, why does it want to remove evolution23:00
voidmagei find that weird23:00
reya2276is there a way to change themes in Unity?23:01
quidnuncChogyDan: Which one of those links has a feature list that does not just link to a list of bugs (i.e. "the blueprint list")23:01
ChogyDanquidnunc: the beta release notes23:01
quidnuncChogyDan: Where is that?23:02
killer999Raydiation, hey u have solved all my problems in gwibber....gr8 man23:02
quidnuncChogyDan: The section "Ubuntu desktop edition"?23:02
Raydiationkiller999:  :)23:02
Raydiationquidnunc: i didnt see much changes. big change is the new installer which is really awesome. basically just a new software release23:02
yofelquidnunc: type '/topic' into the reply field, click on the link after 'Beta released'23:02
quidnuncRaydiation: Thanks, that answers my question.23:03
Raydiationquidnunc: all in all stay with lucid if you dont depend on any new software23:03
Raydiationthis one will get very ugly :)23:03
quidnuncRaydiation: Too late. The wheels are in motion.23:04
killer999quidnunc, go here http://ubuntu-vibes.blogspot.com/23:04
voidmagewoah, somehow closed this tab23:04
=== Sary is now known as Sary|a
DanaGMy gwibber gives me no way to actually ADD a facebook account.23:08
killer999Raydiation, waht database gwibber uses?23:08
DanaGIt lets me authorize, and that's it!23:08
Raydiationkiller999: they changed to sqlite23:08
DanaGIf it was a "success", then where the heck is my ADD button?23:10
DanaGAll it does is make the window bigger and bigger, with useless textboxes saying "success"!23:10
DanaGsuccess.  success.  success.  success.  success.  success.  success.  success.  success.  success.23:10
DanaGAnd I can't tab from the "account type" dropbdown to the "add" button.23:11
duffydackgwibber aint bad but when I actually try to do something it wants me to use a browser so, eh.23:12
killer999DanaG, I got the same problem with twitter....i logged out n came back....and I was able to add new account after authorization/success23:13
DanaGah, I had to actually purge and reinstall gwibber!23:19
tuga3dwill inkscape be upgraded? (0.48)?23:19
yofeltuga3d: unless there is a very good reason to, no23:21
yofel(requires a Feature Freeze Exception)23:21
DanaGERROR:dbus.proxies:Introspect error on com.Gwibber.Searches:/com/gwibber/Searches: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name com.Gwibber.Searches was not provided by any .service files23:21
tuga3dyofel: not a very good reason, just some some new cool stuff :)23:21
yofeltuga3d: then probably not, best chance to get it is to request a backport once it's in natty23:22
mininessieany good playstion 1 emulators for maverick meerkat23:22
tuga3dyofel: ok, thanks for the info23:22
mininessieany good playstion 1 emulators for maverick meerkat23:23
killer999DanaG, Raydiation's hint worked for me...may be you should try that....delete files from home>.config>gwibber.....restart gwibber23:24
mininessieany good playstion 1 emulators for maverick meerkat23:25
DanaGGreat, all it gives me is bubbles with "Links" "Pages" "News Feed"23:27
jesse2Whenever i download a .deb file in firefox, it tries to open it with the archive manager.  how can i change this to something like the ubuntu software center?23:27
DanaGIt let me add the account now... but all it gives me is names of channels, not the content OF those channels!23:27
killer999DanaG, did u delete the files from gwibber folder?23:27
DanaGOh, I see... I had to hit F5 for each.23:27
mininessieany good playstion 1 emulators for maverick meerkat23:28
DanaGDid previously, yes.23:28
DanaGApparently they don't think it's a good idea to get the list of items in a channel when you open that channel.  How stupid.23:28
DanaGGwibber Dispatcher: INFO     Facebook error 4 - Application request limit reached23:29
killer999DanaG, lol I give up....but everything is working fine for me after ideleted the files...w8 i try with a fb account23:30
DanaGtry pkill -f gwibber (to kill both it and the -service), and then gwibber-service -do23:31
killer999DanaG, whoa gwibber is not allowing me to add fb account....23:36
DanaGFacebook error 4 - Application request limit reached23:36
C-S-BIs there a login bug? after login it restarts gdm and requests you login again23:38
killer999how to kill monkey face icon in twitter stream?23:40
mininessieany good playstion 1 emulators for maverick meerkat23:40
Raydiationk, lucid got a kernel bug which wont be fixed and maverick is hell, fedora is buggy plus selinux, i dont want to waste time with gentoo config :// ill be going arch linux again (despite that i hate pacman=23:48
crimsun_Raydiation: why not use a custom kernel with a Debian derivative, then?23:50
Raydiationcrimsun_: tried that already, wont work with nvidia driver23:51
Raydiationproblem is i need a newer kernel than 2.6.3223:51
reya276Can Anyone tell me how I can run the Appearance Application in Ubuntu Netbook 10.10?23:51
crimsun_Raydiation: and you aren't using the maverick backport to lucid lts?23:52
reya276It does not seem to be install, so I can't change the font size or change the background wallpaper or the theme nothing at all23:53
Raydiationcrimsun_: vanilla kernels wont work with nvidia23:53
voidmagehey did those thrashing performance patches ever make it in for maverick, or do i have to wait for natty?23:53
Raydiationno, no backports23:53
crimsun_Raydiation: no, I mean the backport of the maverick kernel to lucid lts23:54
crimsun_Raydiation: meaning, linux-image-generic-lts-backport-maverick23:54
Raydiationcrimsun_: i have a slight feeling that ill inherit the nvidia/nouveau issues with it23:55
litropyHi, peeps. I've got an issue with spoofing my Atheros wireless card running ath9k. See here, and thanks in advance: http://pastebin.com/jjKM1XD123:57
BUGabundokklimonda: ping23:57
kklimondaBUGabundo: pong23:58
BUGabundokklimonda: you had a GAFYD didn't you ?23:58
kklimondaBUGabundo: yeah23:58
BUGabundoyou can now convert that to a real google account23:58
kklimondaBUGabundo: I've ran away from Google23:59
BUGabundoI just did it on mine23:59
BUGabundookay then23:59
BUGabundomove along23:59
crimsun_litropy: the switch is an rfkill switch; it doesn't unload then reload the driver.23:59
kklimondaBUGabundo: but thats greate news actually23:59
BUGabundoit is23:59
crimsun_litropy: that said, it is possible that there is a bug in your wifi chipset's driver23:59

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