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DanaGHmm, this new 1-pixel border on Maverick is damn near impossible to grab.  You ever try hitting something 0.1728mm wide?20:03
DanaGThat's literally how wide it is on my screen.20:04
DanaG(And frankly, the new wallpaper looks like somebody spilled baby food (to use a less gross analogy) on the Lucid wallpaper.20:05
DanaGoops, mismatched my parentheses.20:05
doctormoDanaG: Did you see my blog entry today?20:06
DanaGNot sure... which blog is it?20:07
DanaGCorrection: it's 1px everywhere except at the corners, where there's a 2px by 2px block.20:07
DanaGThankfully, I know to alt+middledrag.20:08
DanaGDoes GTK let you use "em" or "points" or other such relative measurements?20:08
DanaGah, the canonical design one?20:09
vishDanaG: bug 16031120:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 160311 in metacity (Ubuntu) (and 5 other projects) "Resizing windows by grabbing window borders is difficult (affects: 216) (dups: 5) (heat: 1088)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16031120:11
doctormoDanaG: http://doctormo.org/2010/09/03/random-genetic-wallpaper/20:11
DanaGNifty idea, those random variations... but needs some nicer source to work with (not just splotches).  Or rather, even "splotches" would look nicer than the faded blobs.20:12
DanaGSomething like this would be nice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ajsOZ0dtxo20:13
DanaGSnapshots of random shapes.20:13
DanaGBut with less-harsh colors.20:14
doctormoDanaG: Do you have any experience with svg?20:14
DanaGNot really.20:14
DanaGer, rather, not at all.20:15
doctormoDanaG: What you've shown me is easy enough to do and if there was money in making it (or if it was my job) I'd love to make it happen.20:15
DanaGI'll bet if you link there on the blog post, somebody could implement it.20:17
DanaGThe thing also lets you use squares and question-marks and such.20:18
vishDanaG: i guess you dont really know the famous doctormo :)20:19
DanaGNot really.20:19
DanaGI just posted a comment on the Canonical one.20:28

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