DarkwingDuckYo :D02:23
harrisonkIf a system crashes because of a program which log file should I look at?02:26
stlsaintharrisonk: messages02:26
[sleepy]sup people02:27
harrisonk[sleepy]:If a system crashes because of a program which log file should I look at?02:27
stlsaintharrisonk: you said a log right?02:28
[sleepy]im a noob lol02:28
stlsainti suggest messages or messages.102:28
[sleepy]booted ubuntu yesterday lol02:28
stlsaint[sleepy]: lol, welcome mate :D02:28
[sleepy]haha drawingduck sent me here02:28
harrisonkwould that be in /var/log?02:28
stlsaintharrisonk: yep yep02:29
harrisonklooks like syslog02:30
harrisonk*looks like a syslog02:30
harrisonkif X is crashing is there a log for that?02:30
stlsaintharrisonk: hrm, maybe the Xorg.0.log02:34
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duanedesignalso ~/.xsession-errors. For the record, this file usually02:49
duanedesignreceives stderr from X programs which run in the background, so it is02:49
duanedesigna valuable diagnostic tool if something goes wrong.02:49
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stlsaintduanedesign: nice...i never looked at it this way :D02:50
duanedesignstlsaint: usually people don'tnotice it until a buggy program fills the log up with a couple GB of information02:51
duanedesignthat bug might be fixed now. But their was a bug at on point were that file would not get rotated and get huge02:52
stlsainti c02:53
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zkriesseheyllo haywire_03:44
haywire_zkriesse, yeah, man...whazzup?03:44
zkriessehaywire_: Just welcoming you to the channel/saying hi/wazzup03:45
zkriesseand the same to you tieinv03:45
haywire_zkriesse, cool...i'm just lurkin... not having any problems tonite... heh heh... xubuntu behaving itself...03:45
zkriessehaywire_: Very good03:45
haywire_I even solved my firewire problem earlier tonite with help from the forums... now controls my Sony DV cam... I'm crackin' each linux hurdle one at a time...03:47
stlsainthaywire_: i prefer the bundle method...break a bunch of stuff then fix them in budles :D03:47
stlsaint(that gets you alot of FAILS though) LOL03:47
haywire_yeah... sounds like a tangled bundle of a/v cables ...hardy harr...03:48
haywire_The things I just can't overcome are 3 hardware incompatibilities I have run into...03:49
phillwhaywire_: on the plus side, you're learning loads - so do please post answers for thos following you :-)03:51
haywire_phillw, I have one PIII with an incompatible VGA card...screwy graphics on all linux distros I've tried...03:52
haywire_Next prob. is incompatibility to do network printing to an HP all-in-one printer I have served up on a win' machine... that feature is not supported on my model...03:54
haywire_Finally, I would love to use the magic jack phone line interface natively in linux.... I wish they would "get off the pot" and fullfill their plans to support linux in 2010 like they say...03:55
phillwhaywire_: google-fu is your friend, if you're running a PIII, then you may want have a look at lubuntu / xubuntu, they are pretty decent at older kit. (I use lubuntu, but xubuntu has been around a lot longer)03:56
haywire_Now the GOOD NEWS:  I am dual bootin' XP and Xubuntu 9.10 on this machine (a P4 1.7Ghz, 512 ram) running a 32" LCD monitor with its Native resolution of 1360x768 that looks better than windoze is capable of...03:59
haywire_Also running dual drives... and starting to learn my way around linux CLI - I'm an old dos user, and have to "unlearn" most of that to make sense of linux...I am AMAZED already and in awe of the power of the linux command line...04:00
phillwhaywire_: just be in awe of it, as you do not "are you sure <y/n>" with cli on linux04:03
phillw*do not get*04:03
Appl6phillw does not use aptitude (or uses -y).04:03
phillwAppl6: phillw runs development releases, backups are really, really important :p04:04
haywire_phillw, I can appreciate the fact that linux doesn't nag you to death with all of the "are you sure, really, really sure?" crap.. If i tell the os to do something, I'm pretty sure I want it to do it... .heh heh..04:04
Appl6[y/n] is nice for dangerous operations.  And most utilities that do dangerous things give you [y/n].04:04
haywire_Oh I have had some pretty good disasters with my aforementioned philosophy.... ;-)04:05
phillwhaywire_:  and Appl6 do take the time to read http://ubuntuforums.org/announcement.php?f=32604:06
phillwIf in doubt, do check. There are some times you need root privalidges, but they should be exceptions as opposed to the rule. Always double check :-)04:08
Appl6phillw: What?  I didn't give any commands.  Unless you were telling me that "aptitude -y" is a dangerous command?04:08
phillwaptitude requires a sudo before it to work, that grants temporary root privalideges04:09
phillwwhere ever possible, use Synaptics Package Mananger and Update Manager04:10
haywire_Yep..point taken, especially for a newbie like myself... all that power can really get you in trouble if you "aim for an oak tree"....04:11
haywire_phillw, Thanks for the tip.  I think my favorite feature in linux just may be the tab-auto complete... I don't remember anything that useful in Dos...04:13
stlsaintduanedesign: ping04:13
* phillw is and apt person, not aptitude. The differences for apt can be found at the bottom of http://forum.phillw.net/viewforum.php?f=4 (the guys helped write them)04:13
duanedesignyeah. I use apt first, and then aptitude if apt doesn't work04:14
phillwhttp://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=57  apllies to the ubuntu forum area also. Linux give you complete control - mess it up & you kill it04:15
duanedesignstlsaint: hello04:15
phillwduanedesign: it's still wierd when apt will do a job where aptitude can not & vice - versa... be much easier if they settled the differences and we had just one :p04:16
stlsaintduanedesign: how can i get dcc messages in irssi? do i need to load a script04:17
haywire_getting late - cy'all04:19
stlsaintnhandler_: ping04:39
stlsaintaw shucks hes gone04:39
zkriesseHello Appl604:39
zkriesseah stlsaint you came to youth and then left?04:40
Appl6zkriesse: Hello.  Did this channel explode for everyone or just me?04:40
stlsaintzkriesse: thats cause no one said HI to me!!! >:|04:40
zkriesseAppl6: Ah I haven't left....yet04:40
stlsaintAppl6: just you04:40
zkriessestlsaint: ok HI!04:40
stlsaint03:29 -!- Netsplit *.net <-> *.split quits: Appl604:40
stlsaint03:38 -!- Netsplit over, joins: Appl604:40
Appl6stlsaint: I see, thanks.04:41
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sabqat9can't get my laptop with ubuntu 10.04 to recognize or use my internet connection (this is a new problem) (i have been using the system normally for about two months with no problems)14:23
sabqat9is this an appropriate place to ask questions like this?14:23
stlsaintsabqat9: sure14:50
stlsaintsabqat9: does your system pick up and wireless broadcast?14:50
sabqat9sorry for the long delay - i didn't think anyone was listening - are you still there?15:11
sabqat9before i went and fooled around with too much - i went and did a restart (several times) - finally after about the fourth restart - ubuntu is working properly again15:12
duanedesign'lo all15:59
paultaghey duanedesign16:06
paultaghey Silver_Fox_16:06
Silver_Fox_Hello paultag .16:07
paultagSilver_Fox_: How goes?16:07
Silver_Fox_I live.16:07
Silver_Fox_How is paultag  ?16:08
paultagSilver_Fox_: Just chillaxing. Reviewing some Whube stuff. Check out the nifty graph! -- http://github.com/whube/whube/network16:08
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sebsebsebSilver_Fox_: Hello17:03
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duanedesignSilver_Fox_: hello17:29
Silver_Fox_Hello duanedesign .17:29
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bdogghey can someone help me with a problem i had after updating to 10.1018:15
bdoggjoin #ubuntu+118:20
zkriessebdogg: it's /join #ubuntu18:27
AndrewMCzkriesse: +1 is for devlopment releaces18:34
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HungBatwx-config not found...(cached) error: no result19:36
HungBathow to fix?19:36
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