aragood morning all!06:53
* duanedesign waves to ara 06:57
aramorning duanedesign06:57
dholbachgood morning07:11
dholbachgood morning ara, how long did you keep working yesterday?07:11
aramorning dholbach07:12
aranot too long, around 7:30pm07:12
dholbachand you're up working already again07:12
dholbachBeta really wouldn't be out without you :)07:12
* dholbach hugs ara07:12
dholbachhey kim007:57
kim0dholbach: hey there07:58
dholbachhey huats08:01
czajkowskialoha folks09:43
dholbachhola randa! :)10:16
randahi dholbach10:50
nigelbhello community!11:43
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* nigelb notes its recruiting time!13:49
doctormodholbach: Yes, a ground control session would be good to do (and easier since it's in the repositories)14:10
doctormojono and akgra aren't here right now, but I did want to ask if I could do a session entitled: "Tips on interacting with a existing developer community" which would focus more on social and ways to interact and common mistakes. is this an appropriate topic?14:12
doctormoMorning dinda14:58
dindaHowdy there doctormo!14:59
doctormodinda: How is the new job going?15:02
dindadoctormo: very encouraging - the work folks have done is amazing!15:02
doctormodinda: Cool can you give me a link to any of it?15:03
dindadoctormo: yes, posted some links on my blog - which I finally got listed on planet15:03
dholbachdoctormo, yeah, why not15:05
dholbachdoctormo, oh you added a different one already - that one I like too15:05
doctormodholbach: What I'll do is hold off on the second one and then if there are gaps, I'll do the upstream social one.15:05
vishdoctormo: how about titling the session : "The appropriate way to say 'Your work Sucks!'" ;)15:05
dholbachdoctormo, great15:06
paultagmorning guys and gals15:08
dindadoctormo: http://dindafoss.wordpress.com/2010/09/02/ubuntu-in-education/15:08
doctormoHi paultag15:08
paultagdoctormo: morning, how's things?15:08
paultagdoctormo: saw your email to the UBT ML, thanks :)15:09
doctormopaultag: Oh much better, I'm focusing on other things now :-)15:09
paultagIs synaptic still on the default install?15:10
vishpaultag: ^15:14
paultagthanks vish. Any idea when it's going to be removed?15:15
vishpaultag: well, the plan was to remove for lucid itself ;)15:15
vishpaultag: but still SC doesnt have all the synaptic goodies15:16
paultagIs there a timeline somewhere?15:16
paultagor is this being aborted until SC is feature complete?15:16
vishpaultag: so best guess is Natty ;)15:16
paultagvish: roger, thanks :)15:16
paultagvish: Oh, lucid or mav ?15:17
vishpapertigers: lucid, was the plan.. but every cycle we postpone :)15:17
paultagthanks vish :)15:18
vishnp.. :)15:18
duanedesign'lo all15:58
paultaghey duanedesign16:05
duanedesignhello mr tag :)16:13
paultag'lo all16:16
duanedesignnigelb hello!16:29
nigelbheya duanedesign :)16:39
nigelbpaultag: http://www.geekosophical.net/?p=507 :P16:40
nigelbNow, thats the ideal reply16:40
nigelbwow, the planned look and feel for the fedora site is NICE!16:43
paultagnigelb: why do we even waste our time talking about this?16:47
paultagnigelb: some idiot thinks we're out to get him, I really don't even care about it :)16:48
nigelbpaultag: lol, true16:49
nigelbbut I think the reply is appropriate16:49
AlanBelldholbach: just discussing the ubuntu font in #ubuntu+116:57
AlanBellis it going to need a ffe filed to get it in to 10.10? is the plan to get it there?16:57
dholbachAlanBell, I have no idea - I merely packaged bits up16:58
AlanBellany idea where should I file a ffe?16:59
AlanBellbug 62962217:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 629622 in ubuntu "ffe: new Ubuntu font (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62962217:05
nigelbAlanBell: is it available for everyone now?17:07
AlanBellwell no, not yet17:08
AlanBellbut they should probably get the package in, even if empty17:08
dholbachI'm calling it a day - have a great weekend!17:18
AlanBello/ dholbach17:18
dholbachbye AlanBell17:19
duanedesignnigelb: the fedora site is looking nice17:32
duanedesignsome great articles offering experiences and advice on hosting community events http://tinyurl.com/2734qwc18:28
doctormoall: rocking on wallpapers http://blip.tv/file/4079499 yahoo18:41
vishAlanBell: it was brought up in the last release meeting, and iain mentioned it might not be ready..18:44
vishAlanBell: though i dont know if you were asked to file the FFE.. or if there is any new info :)18:44
vishhmm , that was about the fonts^ , just incase , /me has a bad habit of replying out of context :)18:45
AlanBellvish: I raised it in #ubuntu+1 and was advised to file the ffe because nobody there knew of plans to include it18:46
vishAlanBell: yeah, i see you've subscribed iain to the bug , he should probably reply.. but i'm just repeating what happened in the meeting.. :)  they discussed this and it was mentioned that mark was not yet fully satisfied or something of the sort.. so they are not yet sure18:48
vishand they dint want to commit about the font status yet..18:48
AlanBellreading it now http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/08/27/%23ubuntu-meeting.html18:50
vish also to note is that Canonical dont own the fonts yet until its 1.0 , the fonts are still dalton mags property for now..19:03
AlanBellvish: yeah, I know about that19:05
vishAlanBell: yeah guessed so :) ,just mentioned since sladen changed the bug title :)19:06
AlanBellI think the issue is an open public release rather than the specific version number, although open release and 1.0 tend to mean the same thing19:08
AlanBelljust to be on the final spin it kind of needs to get there somewhat in advance19:09
doctormothanks for the awesome comment AlanBell19:11
AlanBellit was such a good idea, can't think why they didn't actually just do it and get it in to Maverick if they wanted to19:12
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vishdoctormo: odd, i cant reach your blog!19:27
vishdoctormo: but saw the vid and wow! :)19:27
vishcould get to blip.tv from liferea...19:28
doctormovish: :-) It's kinda cute for a demonstration, much more could be done.19:28
vishyeah... JUST IMAGINE!  :D19:28
AlanBelldoctormo: what resolution does it render the svg to?19:32
doctormoAlanBell: Anything, I tested it at 640x480, 800x600 and 1250x800, gnome seems to be doing a good job of it.19:33
doctormoAlanBell: But the size of the original svg is 1650x105019:36
AlanBellyeah, I tried with some svgs which had a small size specified, I think it renders the svg to the pixel size specified in the document properties then stretches that to your screen size19:44
AlanBellso my small logo svg looked rubbish scaled from 100px to 2048px even though it is a scaleable graphic in theory19:45
doctormoAlanBell: It's quite easy to pop the svg headers and apply a transform, something that could be done in the gnome wallpaper loading code.19:49
nigelbczajkowski: like that ubuntu logo on your twitter pic (I must be blind, why didn't I see it before!)20:37
czajkowskionly about a week old I think20:38
czajkowskinixternal was tweeting them recently20:38
nigelbAh, I'm not *that* blind then :D20:44
czajkowskinigelb: see todays pics of wee cousins then20:50
nigelbczajkowski: omg! cute :)20:51
czajkowskishe'll be 1 year old in 13 days20:52
czajkowskihttp://twitpic.com/2kucup  My goddaughter20:52
nigelbpretty :)20:54
czajkowski6 weeks off her 16th bday20:54
czajkowskithere are 19 year old boys chatting her up at basketball20:54
czajkowskiher father is less than impressed20:54
nigelbshe's only 16... wow20:55
* nigelb feels old20:55
czajkowski15 years between the of us20:55
nigelbI just merged blogs20:59
nigelbI was having one for web development stuff and one for ubuntu, now its just one :)21:00
TechnovikingLater all, off for the long weekend.21:19
czajkowski<--- Sleep21:19
* nigelb heads to bed too21:19
nigelbnight czajkowski21:19
doctormopaultag: How do beginners apply for mentors?22:15
pleia2doctormo: add your name to the BT wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Structure#Mentoring22:39
pleia2there is a "Seeking Mentor" table down a bit22:39
nigelbdoctormo in BT o.O22:39
* nigelb has an out of whack sleep cycle22:39
duanedesignnigelb: me too. Been staying up too late working on projects22:42
doctormonigelb: Mine was like that, I'm only just getting things straight.22:42
doctormonigelb: Like my new wallpaper? I'm trying to make some other ones, see if I can art it up a bit.22:43
nigelbdoctormo: I worked the night yesterday.  Slept all morning and went back to work evening.22:43
nigelbNow i should be sleeping, but I'm wide awake22:43
nigelbduanedesign: I feel ya22:43
nigelbdoctormo: out of sync with planet, need to catch up22:45
nigelbdoctormo: SWEEET!22:47
nigelbwonder if we can have a star studded sky that keeps moving :)22:47
doctormonigelb: Why not, as long as the movements are infrequent enough22:48
nigelbdoctormo: the problem is, it should change, but the change should be apparent22:49
nigelbbut then I'm probabl thinking of webshots like application22:49
doctormohow should it change?22:49
nigelbI dunno22:49
nigelbWarning: I may sound incoherent right now, 3 am isn't best of times22:49
AlanBellnigelb: http://xkcd.com/320/22:50
nigelbAlanBell: \o/22:50
nigelbAlanBell: Totally totally agree with small print there22:52
duanedesignAlanBell: thats great. The beauty of being able to make your own schedule23:18
AlanBellit is very tempting23:18

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