AnAntLP #62579014:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 625790 in openjdk-6 (Ubuntu) "OpenJDK needs to add gain control support (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 14)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62579014:27
mr_lucsun-java6-jre is showing me a license screen from sun in the shell, and ... I can't accept, can't confirm, can't seem to do anything.20:46
mr_lucIt has an <Ok> button, I try typing enter, O, Y for yes, etc etc etc ...20:47
nthykiermr_luc: http://www.davidpashley.com/blog/debian/java-license20:51
nthykiertry that as an alternative20:51
nthykierthat should do as a work around; though you should file a bug against sun-java6-jre so the maintainers will have a look at it20:52
mr_lucthat does work! filing bug anyway ... I don't know why I can't accept via the normal way. I'm on a virtualbox install of ubuntu ... maybe there's a bug in input handling w/virtualbox? doesn't seem likely.21:00
nthykierwell, so far you are the first I have heard of who had a problem accepting the licensing in interactive setting21:10
nthykierIt would be sure to mention the part with the virtual box just in case21:11

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