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nisshhgodbyk: ping07:31
godbyknigelb: pong07:32
godbyknisshh: err.. pong07:32
godbyknigelb: sorry. IGNORE ME!  :)07:32
* godbyk damns xchat's nick-completion.07:32
godbykUsually 'ni' is enough to get 'nisshh', but not today. :)07:33
nisshhgodbyk: i just noticed that the multicol command, when used, has a fixed verticle height07:33
nisshhis there a way of changing it?07:34
godbykIt's not a fixed vertical height -- it just balances the columns so they're all the same height (or as close as is possible).07:35
nisshhthat is seriously annoying07:35
nisshhgodbyk: is there a way of making it not do that?07:35
godbykCan you show me the output you have currently and explain what you'd like to see instead?07:37
godbykThere are parameters you can adjust, but it depends on what you want.07:37
godbykthat'll work07:37
nisshhok one sec07:38
nisshhgodbyk: http://imagebin.org/11249007:40
nisshheach column carries over to the next, which is not what i want07:41
nisshhbecause of the "keep them the same height" rule07:41
godbyknisshh: Ah, I see what you're trying to do.07:44
godbykOkay, multicols probably isn't the best way to accomplish what you want, but I think it can be made to work.07:44
godbykfirst, use \begin{multicols*} instead of \begin{multicols}.07:44
godbykthat'll tell it not to balance the columns.07:44
godbykNext, use \columnbreak to start a new column.07:45
godbykSee if that gives you the desired result.07:45
godbykIf not, there are a couple other parameters we can toy with.07:45
nisshhgodbyk: do i use \end{multicols*} as well?07:46
godbyk\begin and \end must always match.07:46
godbykOtherwise LaTeX will freak out on ya.07:46
nisshhgodbyk: ok, that works pretty well, but now the code underneath the headings gets indented07:51
godbykThe code underneath the headings?07:52
nisshh      code here07:53
godbykDo have a blank line between "Addition:" and \begin{terminal}?07:53
godbykis it only the first line that is indented?07:54
nisshhwhole lot07:55
nisshhhang on, ill get another screenie07:55
nisshhgodbyk: http://imagebin.org/11249107:57
godbykOkay, so the code below Addition *isn't* indented, but all th other code is.07:58
godbykIn the source code, is there any blank lines between Subtraction: and the \begin{terminal} lines?07:58
nisshhthe whole lot is there with no blank lines07:59
godbyktry putting \noindent directly in front of the \begin{terminal} lines.  see what effect that has (if any).07:59
nisshhin front of?08:00
nisshhyou mean before or after?08:00
godbykLike: \noindent\begin{terminal}08:00
nisshhah ok08:01
godbykdid that do anything?08:01
nisshhhang on08:03
nisshhgodbyk: my computer is slow, takes a good 30-40 seconds to compile the manual08:03
nisshhthe noindent command does nothing08:04
nisshhgodbyk: ^^^08:05
godbykcan you send me your .tex file? (Or point me to the repository?)08:06
godbykI'll take a look at it and try a few things.08:07
nisshhok, one sec ill push08:07
godbykIf you're going to be using examples like this often, it might be good to have an examples environment (like \begin{examples}..)08:07
nisshhgodbyk: yea, that would be good08:08
nisshhgodbyk: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-developer-manual/ubuntu-developer-manual/trunk08:09
nisshhits all in there08:09
nisshhthe file with the code we were just working on is, python-crash-course/python-crash-course.tex08:10
godbyknisshh: Okay. Let me take a look.08:14
godbyknisshh: How's the manual coming along otherwise?08:15
nisshhgodbyk: not too bad, me and Rick are in the process of shortening this chapter, other than that i have to catch up with jenkins and the other authors and see where they are at08:16
nisshhgodbyk: i dont think we will get a maverick release out though, if we do, it will be so so close08:16
godbykat this point, I'm wondering if the getting started guide will be released at the same time as maverick. :-)08:18
godbykI haven't seen much activity in bzr yet.08:18
nisshhgodbyk: iv fixed all the outstanding bugs for maverick08:18
nisshhsometime im going to go through and update some of the sections08:19
nisshhsomeone has to do it soon right?08:19
nisshhotherwise there is no hope with bens crazy schedule08:19
godbykdefinitely soon, I hope.08:22
godbykI know.08:22
godbykOkay, to fix your problem, put blank lines around the \columnbreak command.08:22
godbykSo it should be like:08:23
godbyk  08:23
godbyk  08:23
godbykNext heading:08:23
godbykdid that work?08:25
nisshhgodbyk: yep, did the trick08:26
nisshhgodbyk: there are craploads of examples in that chapter alone, what were you saying about having its own environment?08:28
godbyknisshh: Well, if you're having to use some commands over and over again, it's handy to bundle them together with a new command.08:51
nisshhgodbyk: yea08:52
nisshhjenkins: hey09:56
jenkinshey nisshh09:58
nisshhjenkins: would you be interested in giving a session at Ubuntu App Dev Week?09:59
nisshhjenkins: i just added myself and then i thought of quickshot :)09:59
nisshhyou could do a showcase on quickshot10:00
jenkinsI don't think I have time atm I am afraid, I am usually at work in the day and I am unsure I have the knowledge10:00
jenkinswhen is it?10:00
nisshhend of this month10:00
jenkinshmm, thanks for the thought but I don't think i can commit at the moment10:01
nisshhsessions are between 1500 and 1900 UTC10:01
nisshhhmm, thats too bad10:01
jenkinsI will keep it in mind10:01
nisshhjenkins: cool10:02
jenkinsit just I have a commute every day and I get very worn out with work :(10:02
nisshhfair enough10:03
nisshhlet me know if you change your mind10:03
jenkinswill do10:03
jenkinsquickshot is on revison 30010:09
flannisshh, can you link to this App Dev Week thing?15:23
flanI'm not sure I'm willing to participate, but it sounds interesting, from its title.15:23
nisshhflan: hang on a sec15:29
nisshhflan: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek there15:31
flanHow do you plan to present Pytask?15:34
nisshhflan: well, Pytask is my app that i developed, so i plan to show how i found quickly and quickly-widgets and how Pytask uses all these API's and such and just how easy it was to put together15:35
* flan dislikes Quickly.15:36
nisshhso sort of, here is my app, here is what i used, any questions?15:36
nisshhthat kind of thing15:36
flanI kinda doubt Quickshot would work well for a crash-course-style introduction. Explaining the Pylons model would take quite a while. :(15:36
nisshhflan: its still pretty new, but extremely easy to use15:36
flanI mean I dislike it because I'm a control-freak.15:37
nisshhah ok15:37
flanI admire what it's trying to do, in the same way that I admire Ubuntu for the role it plays in introducing people to a stable, friendly Linux-based environment.15:37
flanI'll always go back to doing things with Debian and tools I've picked myself in the end, however.15:38
nisshhflan: yea, i mainly use quickly because it makes it easy to release and package stuff15:38
nisshhother than that, it holds my app together, and for that its great15:39
* flan feels that things like Quickly and IDEs form bad habits and introduce crutches that'll ultimately hold some people back.15:39
nisshhflan: i use vim, not an IDE :)15:39
flanNot all people, of course. Some wouldn't get very far without such things.15:39
nisshhi hate IDE's15:39
flanI've found myself using gedit more and more.15:40
flanI used to use Bluefish almost exclusively.15:40
nisshhgedit is great15:40
flanI'm a nono person, though.15:40
flanI'm comfortable with vi/vim, but switching between the two modes still just doesn't feel natural to me.15:40
flanYes, nano.15:40
nisshhflan: once you use it for long enough and watch a pro vim user use it, you will never want to use another editor ever again15:41
flanIf vi had a hold-ctrl-to-temporarily-engage-command-mode, with interactive mode being the default at all other times, I'd probably use it more.15:41
flanOh, I know how powerful it can be.15:41
flanIt's just not compatible with the way I think.15:41
nisshhi dont like emacs or nano very much15:42
dakergodbyk, ping16:19
flannisshh, do you see any value in, perhaps, having me prepare a session related to Quickshot (or something else I've built) over polishing it for release alongside the manual?16:54
nisshhflan: yea, if it has anything to do with app development, or is an app like Pytask or quickshot, go for it16:59
flanI meant, like, would it benefit others more than the cost to the project itself.17:00
nisshhflan: although, im not going to present the session for you, you will have to do that17:00
flanAww... =P17:00
flanYeah, I know.17:00
nisshhcost to the project itself?17:00
flanI'm just not sure I can present effectively in a group setting.17:00
flanLess time to document, refine, and polish it for release alongside the manual.17:01
nisshhflan: your presenting to a bunch of dev noobs, they wont criticize you :)17:01
nisshhflan: its a one hour session thats happening in just under 3 weeks, and it only happens once each cycle17:02
nisshhits not going to cost the project mucyh time17:02
nisshhshoudnt take you long to figure out the session content17:02
flanI'd probably need jenkins with me... I have a tendency to be condescending, even though I don't often mean to act that way. :(17:02
nisshhjenkins said he will be too busy17:03
nisshhflan: if you prepare the session, id be happy to co-lead it with you17:03
nisshhi just dont want to present it FOR you17:03
flanjenkins seemed to imply he wouldn't be able to prepare for it.17:06
flanI'll speak with him.17:06
flanI don't mind putting together materials and a plan.17:06
flanI'm just not sure I can lead a discussion if nobody's asking questions.17:07
nisshhflan: bah!, youll be fine! :)17:08
nisshhflan: its not a discussion, you teach them, and they ask questions if they want17:08
flanThat's what I'm afraid of. =P17:08
flanI'll look into tentatively taking one of the Friday slots.17:09
nisshhfair enough17:09
flanI work best when people are engaging me.17:09
nisshhah, ok17:09
nisshhflan: whatever the case, it wont be as bad as you think :)17:09
flanWho would I speak to about claiming a slot?17:10
flanOr do we just edit the wiki?17:13
nisshhflan: just edit the timetable on the wiki17:19
nisshhflan: if you want to know more get in touch with dholbach17:20
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jenkinshey all20:01
jenkinsflan: ping20:01
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ChrisWoollardgodbyk: Thanks for the wiki comment.21:04
ChrisWoollardThat doesn't matter. Anything is ok. A couple of lines would be good.21:05
ChrisWoollardI have the membership meeting next week, so I am trying to collect them together.21:05
ChrisWoollardIt you don't have time, that is ok.21:06
ChrisWoollardDoh, wrong window.21:09
dutchiedaker: pong21:09
dakeri need your help21:10
dutchiefor what?21:10
dakerdutchie, i have this dict21:11
dakerif you want to run the website21:12
dutchiewhat do you want to do with that?21:12
dakerso this list of languages should replace the default one21:12
dakeri can render it but i want to make in table of 2 or 3 columns21:13
dakeryou see the result by running the website21:14
daker$ bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual-website umpwebsite21:14
daker$ cd umpwebsite21:14
daker$ ./manage runserver21:15
dutchieImportError: No module named umpwebsite.urls21:15
dutchieah, nvm21:16
dakerwhat ?21:17
dutchiei branched it to ubuntu-manual-website21:17
dakerdutchie, have you understand what i mean ?21:20
dutchieone moment21:21
dutchiesurely that's not really a django problem21:22
dutchie(not having looked at the source)21:22
dakerinstead of have only one column, i want to list them in 2 column21:22
dutchiei have 2 columns21:22
dakeractual on is just a test21:23
dutchiei'm not sure what you mean21:27
dakeroki give me a moment21:28
dutchiei'm going out in a bit21:31
dutchiecan't you just use more columns?21:33
dakeri want something like it21:35
dakerthe languages dict should rendered in 3 columns21:36
dutchiecan you do that in CSSS?21:36
dutchieor CSS21:37
dakerhere is the languages.py21:37
dakerit's passe to the template here21:38
dakernormaly the "languages" dict should be displayed like this21:40
daker{% for code, lang in langues.items %}21:40
dutchieyes, i've followed the cod eok21:40
dakerhave you understand what i want to explain ?21:41
dakerexplain :D21:42
dakerso i'll be sure you understand21:42
dutchiei don't think it's really something that you need to understand django for21:43
dutchiegoing out now, sorry i couldn't really help21:46
dakeroki nop21:46
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